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Other very important pages that prove I am being endlessly set up

This Corrupt R.C.M.P. Officer provoked a fist fight  

 See June 29th 2011 today's Criminal harassment story  here.

Lharmen - This was the claim of attempted Murder I files back in 2002/2003. Note here is that the name Glenn Elliot was not included and when I confronted the then Donna Horton about why she did not include his name she simply said because "I didn't". I told her she handed my claim to Brian Ketel the exact Mason cop they all work for. She said she had no choice. This is why they closed this branch down the public had lost trust in it = RCMP oversight agency closes B.C. office in Surrey - July 29 2015  They Lost trust because they hand the investigations to the corrupt cops themselves that's why. Mason cops hate Christians. They worship Jesus the son of Lucifer the beast or Revelation. Jesus enemy.

This is clear proof I have documented over 37 years of Drug cop criminal Harassment and endlessly being framed by them. I have documented massive Drug war crimes see the proof below.

Multi Billion Dollar crime against the Canadian Satellite Industry

disguised as 1 billion Dollar crime against the U.S. Satellite Industry.

Look below for =

This was the estimated Damage Allen Menart was supposed to have done to the Company of Echo star.

1 billion dollars

I just added Sept 15 2013 - more at the bottom about the Londonderry mall and the crimes against me ongoing by staff here. Jesus loves you pray for my safety and those good people here. There are a few who could find God here.

This was a crime done for and on the orders of Rupert Murdock . Jean Chrétien was the acting prime minister canada of Canada when about 1996 he enacted into Law the banning of any U.S. Satellite companies into Canada from the U.S. . Rupert Murdock created a crisis through David Dawson here in Edmonton. David Dawson was cloning Satellite cards at this time. I Lawrence Harmen was (So I thought ) Best friends with Allen Menard during this time period. Allen Menard turned out to be an under cover officer working for My Father Lawrence Harmen (Under cover Officer who created Allen Menart) in Regina Saskatchewan Where Both Allen And Myself are originally from. During a 180,000 dollar Lawsuit Allen Brought against me I discovered Allen's real name was Allen Menart With a T instead of a D at the end . Allen Menart is the Person who was responsible for the release of the EchoStar source Codes on the Internet that allowed for over 500-600 thousand U.S. Satellite Black Boxes to be sold into Canada effectively circumventing the Laws Jean Chrétien had enacted. I Lawrence Harmen had watched many times as Allen was doing his Web site work and I saw many times that he was supposed to have been gaining his info from some Guy at NDS (A Rupert Murdock Owned Company) named Christ Tarvsnovsky. I, being forced to defend myself against this massive Lawsuit, Met with J.J. Gees of Nagrastar and Allen Guggenheim of EchoStar in a Calgary Hotel only to have both of them tell me I had no other info than they already had (Which was impossible if it were not an inside job with many participants). While I was leaving the Hotel room J.J. Gees Handed Me his Hush mail address. This Address was the Exact Address Allen was in continuous contact with while he was getting his Card hacking lessons. It was at that time I knew Allen was an under cover cop and he was working hand in hand with EchoStar and Nagrastar as this was the address Allen gained his info for the cards from.  J.J. Gees was the man who has their Codes as he was the chief security officer for the Card company Nagrastar Echo stars Card security company. I even met with Dave Dawson  here in Edmonton at a Restaurant and I told him he was a creation of the C.I.A. and that Allen Menart was an under cover cop. He looked me start in the eyes and said "I know" . He said I know to the fact he was a C.I.A. creation. I meant it as if he was online groomed and he meant it as he was a C.I.A. asset. That was when I knew with all certainty this was a multibillion dollar crime not against the U.S. satellite Industry but against the CANADIAN Satellite Industry. It hurt our stocks and just doing some simple Math we can see at $50.00 a Month X 500,000 boxes (This number is in the Law suit listed below) and you can see a Multibillion Dollar crime was committed against Canada disguise by design as a crime against the U.S. Satellite Industry. Add to this the Lose of Share Value over the entire Time Period and we can see how much this crime was worth to the Mason Mafia. My Father Lawrence Benjamin is an under cover War on drugs Cop and he is a Mason at the Home of the R.C.M.P. Depot in Regina Saskatchewan.  My Family told me all My childhood "In this Family we do not Rat " I was even told this by My Grandmother Herself repeatedly . Ask your self this if the War on drugs operations create the Illusion of a Greek Hell's Angels Mafia acting in an undercover capacity are not just simple a Mafia then why teach your Family not to tell on people . Would not you tell your Family to tell on people??? The British Masons are nothing but a Mafia and through the War on drugs operations they are committing Crimes with absolute immunity to Arrest. My Father is One of the Most powerful Mafia figure In Regina and Allen Menart was trained by him and another Officer I had contact with Named Brian Ketel. Brian Ketel is in control of the Under cover Hell's Angels (War on drugs ) Operations her in Edmonton Alberta Canada. After I tried to expose this crime I had many attempts on my life and One just recently Dec 22 2011 that was witnessed by many people as I was trashed off the hood of a White Van who was clearly trying to kill me right as I was crossing to go to Wal-Mart in East Edmonton. This wicked Crime Family has to be shut down. Thank you for you time. Lawrence Michael Harmen. Jesus loves you

Multi Billion Dollar crime against the Canadian Satellite Industry

disguised as 1 billion Dollar crime against the U.S. Satellite Industry.

Here at the Londonderry Mall The screen name that comes up for internet security is "Agent Smith" and this guy "Mike Smith"  Who has now been exposed as Michael Laskawiski was an illuminati Agent working hand in hand with Allen Manart when this massive crime occurred. I have had 5 hours worth of work dumped by someone moving my mouse and then again 2 hours of my work dumped by someone who took over my Mouse and clicked no instead of yes when saving my work in FrontPage recently says Mike Smith has been character assassinating me here at the Mall for the past 3 years this added Mar 6 2013 . Proof Mike Smith is endlessly criminally harassing me at the bottom of this page. This Londonderry mall has NSA MK Ultra project written all over it as none of the Library computers every get virus spells Government software we can not get our hands on.

Take Note That Both John Norris and Jay Jay Gee are both Special Project managers at two different Satellite Companies and both are connected at the Hip through out all this . John Norris Talked With Me as well and literally belittled me during the conversation as if I was a little child in a clear message to go away.

Nagrastar is the Card Company For Echo Star the Company the Codes were supposedly comprised and sent through the world . They were sent through out the world but the Compromised part is a fraud. J.J. Gees Gave Allen the Code himself and N.D.S. Just provided the cover for the entire operation as if it were a Natural event when it was not.

You will see below I had dealing with these people on many occasions only to figure out that even my Lawyer  Michael Chwok was in on helping to terrorize my life for these crooked Cops.

This was the estimated Damage Allen Menart was supposed to have done to the Company of Echo star.

1 billion dollars




This connects me to Alan Guggenheim and Nagra star Echo starts Cards Code Security company.

1995 or 1996 the Prime minister Jean Chrétien said in Parliament that their will be no U.S. Satellite allowed to be sold in Canada as we are going to stay strictly Canadian content and as you will read below this took off in 1996. Dave Dawson was already created for this purpose by Brian Ketel or the owner of Coliseum Pizza What ever his real name is here in Edmonton well know as one of the head of the Hell's Angels . I never had any dealing with any one called Mr. Big or a Hell's Angels knowingly or taking part in this then not illegal activity.

I brought a Claim against the R.C.M.P. for the many attempts on my life.

As Glen Elliott a senior Hell's Angel told me ."Lawrence have you ever noticed how you can't kill a rat . You can try and try and try to kill them but they just won't die. He did this as he was punching his right hand into his left . He was clearly behind the Attempt on my life when I was forced off a cliff at lake Louse Skiing. I told Donna Horton of Surry B.C.'S public complaints against the R.C.M.P. department Glenn Elliot's name but when I received This in the mail His name was not on it. He has been the most involved in destroying my life ..

This claim of attempted Murder was against Wayne Huzina / Glen Elliotte / and Ron Roberson.

ONLY It came with out Glen Elliotte's Name in it.

That's probably Because he is Brian Ketel's Son. Just A Guess!

Brian Ketel was in control of  Allen Menart when he released these Sources Codes For Echo Star's Satellite Cards.

He did it from a Down Town Edmonton Apartment Building .I was there the day he did it.


Here below is a blatantly ridiculous offer they made me to testify as I never at any time broke the law or was evolved in the sale of these card illegally.

It wasn't illegal to sell at the time I bought one for my girl friends brother. Colleen Fitzpatrick a professional informant installed into my life. She is the Mother of my daughter and has since , as you can read below, taken my daughter away from me now for over 10 years as a part of this ongoing Collective punishment.

You will see below What she did to me when I tried to start to expose this Hell's Angels Crime. They had me Charged with Criminal Harassment which no one has ever been able to explain what the Harassment was. Take Note = How would they protect my information Allen already knew I was going to expose him he was working hand in hand with J.J. Gee as I watched Allen at least a hundred times email

I have corrected his email address as I wrote it from memory after 7 1/2 years it was Cipher 06 when in fact is is 03 which was an address given to me by J.J. Gee himself in a Calgary meeting which was told to me by Allen the entire time it was Chris Tarnovsky of N.D.S. .

Total fraud in every way. right in the top line

Here is what J.J. GEE handed me in the Hotel in Calgary himself which is the address Allen was suppose to have been talking to the Chris guy from N.D.S. from.



I was thrown into jail while Alan Menard had his Law suit against me costing me over $20,000 dollars and this below also cost me thousands of Dollars.

Bankrupted me ! And now has forced me to live life out of my Half ton for over a year. Every time I move into or stay in an Apartment The Military Hell's Angels goons that hunt my every foot step use Microwave weapons on me . I have complained numerous time to the Police but even as you can see today it has done nothing . I now live out of the Bushes North East Of  Edmonton 10 years later as this was posted on now for years. Today Jan 25 2012

Lawless time are here.

Take note here Colleen's Claim comes after the 2002 Law suit By Allen Menard real name exposed Allen Menart.


See here EchoStar had 7 million Subscribers and were able to move 600,000 black boxes into Canada through this scheme involving, as always, the Hell's Angels (under cover Military officers =)  War on Drugs cops.


There Lawyers name



There lawyers Name connected to my Corrupt Hell's Angels Lawyer Michael Chwok


Allen Menart's Law suit against me that forced me to defend myself trying to expose his involvement in the billion dollar fraud between Echo star and companies and N.D.S.. At least that's hat It looked Like at the start until I realized the truth.


His under cover name is Allen Menard but has been exposed here in the main Echo Star Law suit as Allen Menart .

I was told that when I was about 16 years old his real name was Allen Menart .


This was a part of a draft of what I knew. See how all this came to pass directly after negotiations with Canada to allow Major U.S.  Satellite companies into our country. I believe it to be 1996 or it may have even been 1995 the or Prime Minister stated and made it Law that no U.S. satellite was to be sold here in Canada. Gang Unit Hell's Angels Cop Brian Ketel, or Vern Warwick as he was presented to me a second time, fixed that for the American/British Freemason mafia Member Rupert Murdock ripping off the Canadian Satellite Industry in the process.


This picture connects me to Allen Menart and the N.D.S Lawsuit and Allen's Law suit against me .


This is My Facebook Page!/abbas.watchman

This is a Goggle Map to where I have been forced to live today.

Type in

This is My Son they have used as a weapon against me because I tried to expose this massive crime as his Mother is an under cover professional informant Jennifer MuirHead.

Chase list his Father as David Hawley instead of me . David and his father are a party to these crimes as he is a Mason himself.

This is My Daughter Kayla whose Mother also corruptly took her away from me because I tried to expose this crime against the Mason under cover cops she works for .

Proof Mike Smith is endlessly criminally harassing me

click to enlarge

Screen shot of my email today April 23 2013

Click to enlarge and take note of the endless name changes but still it is a Smith and DR7 was Allen Menart's (He was FBI trained and Mike Smith's puppet) Web site that he released the EchoStar source codes from that did the multibillion dollar crime from.

It says DR7 it right in the multi billion dollar Lawsuit. The man is a satanic freak who endlessly terrorizes me for trauma based mind control projects MK Ultra and the military Mason mafia that controls Edmonton through the Hell's Angels war on drugs cops. Many people are involved like David Hawley and his Military Father and the Roberson's = Hell's Angels and the Thompson's also a Hell's Angles Family of undercover narks police officers here in Edmonton. They work hand in hand with my illuminati Family of Harmen's Lawrence Benjamin and David Harmen who poses as David Thompson as really old illuminati member probably the most powerful here in Edmonton due to his age and his serving in the British army.

(Added March 3 2016 = Jan 18th a I had a Native Guy try again to provoke a fist fight with me. He was clearly an Agent for Jennifer Thompson a Staff member here in the Claireview Library. She moved here 6 months after I moved here from the Londonderry library. Her family has been setting me up for over 30 years now documented on this page . My claim of attempted murder date back 25 years from  2003 = 37 years of Drug cops/Mason harassment. They endlessly frame us. Jennifer used a Fake Mason Christian (<- again) Biker ) to bare false witness. When I left my account of the events it was not true but proof I am insane Framed by his lies. It was a set up as both Catherine's were standing at the front of the library when this man screamed at the top of his lungs I will f___en kill you 5 times real load and they did nothing at all until I went to them and told them to call the Police. It was a drug war set up as always they frame us as if we suffer from schizophrenia and we need to be sprayed with medication because we will not willingly take it. It has been exposed as a Heavy metals laced vaccine used on MK Ultra victims. I do not guess they are spraying us I have caught them many times)

Click to enlarge all these pictures of solid proof Mike Laskawiski/Mike Smith has illegally intercepted all my electronic communications to Law enforcement for the last 12 years now. Just as Snowden has exposed the as not just looking but actually intercepting our communications and that explains the lack of Law enforcement here in Canada - Lharmen


These first three may not be in order. But it was the drug crimes of the Hell's Angle's, Mike And Allen Menart were working for, that I tried first to expose and then the Multibillion dollar crime as well as their on going genocide of the Native people here in Edmonton See my Hell's Angels Link for that proof in 2006 I told the Prostitutes here in Edmonton to stay away from the Hell's Angels but it went no where. See below how they want me to believe over 100 R.C.M.P. and other Canadian Government staff do not answer their emails but leave an "out of office" instead. I can see they are criminals with exceptional powers today.

Click all to enlarge them so you can read them and save them and sent them off yourself if you can.


Solid proof they are intercepting my

Electronic communication to Law enforcement!

Here were some of the over 60 emails that I emailed to RCMP addresses and they all came

 back with out of the office or contact this other person proving they were intercepted. The

NSA system of spying is not just reading but actually intercepting our communications which is

a federal crime in Canada. Save all these and show everyone you know - Lharmen



Know this that there are people here at the Londonderry Mall Library who are working for and hand in hand with Michael Laskawiski/ Smith Whose farm I have been forced to live on for years= Former Muti-million dollar former Government property. See my donations page for this solid proof. The Same Michael Laskawiski is the Agent Smith that appears on our computers here when an Agent is helping with the internet. The 2 I know of that endlessly character assassinate me are a tall guy named Jason who wears a skull and bones shirt lots (Skull worshippers Killed Jesus in Golgotha = a Place of a skull = Antichrist they believe Jesus only came in the spirit. We believe Jesus came in the Flesh. Jesus said test all spirits by this question to know your enemies) and a tall Lady named Heather (Not Christina I had her name wrong) Both are direct blood relatives to Michael Laskawiski. These 2 are partly responsible for the interception of my electronic communications (see solid proof of this at the bottom) to Law enforcement /They are both Illuminati. Their is also a lady named Susan who told me she wanted to talk about mind control but when every I bring it up she does not engage in the conversation = Antichrist/ Illuminati. God said they hunt our every foot step and encompass us with Lies. This Mall is Mind control projects MK Ultra = Many people have lots their looks and can not sleep. On my web site I talk about being a victim of this and I could only have a personality like I do today because I avoid heavy metals like Fluoride in the water and Corn and Soy products in their may names = GMO to become Mercury = MK Ultra. Mind control projects were fully exposed for this Heavy metals loading to create the antenna out of our Muscles especially our Brains as it is a muscle in the early 1970's all across the U.S. and parts of Canada. They were exposed for wiping a Winnipeg women's mind of her memories and uploading a new personality . She had sued and won and again today she is suing for Cameron's Canadian Government and Canadian Military controlled sleep room experiments. See this proof on my World news page just above and to the right from where my World news start.

See this picture of My daughter's friend is into Witchcraft this is the same Girl on My Face book page who was first used to contact me for Kayla = Catholics and Witchcraft go hand in hand .

Click to enlarge the proof is in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

The City of Edmonton is filled with Mind control sex toys all of them think God is talking to them. Ragan said people are most easily mind controlled through their inner voice through their fear of God. This also explains why we will not deliver our children but ourselves alone in the day of the Lord. = Unclean Witchcraft using children. It is not God talking to them they are chipped and the person who is doing the talking is also chipped through their inner voice = Military War on drugs cops = MK Ultra Handlers.