Possible Haarp like sites around the World



Here Below are the picture I just took today Oct 21 2011

As I was on Manning Freeway just North east of Edmonton by the Edmonton Max Jail I was stopped by a man who stepped out of his Black car that had B.C. plates and was asked if I was the guy they saw days ago crossing the field by the Edmonton max as he spoke these words he pointed behind him. The Edmonton max was in front of him about 1 mile.

I laughed knowing that I could not take all these picture of a Canadian Military facility as powerful as this one is and not have my picture take doing it. What surprised me was the fact this man was shaking in his tracks while he was talking to me and that he had to lie about where he worked. Why did he not just get to the point and ask me why I just took these pictures ??? Makes me go hummmmmmmmmmm. I did not take a picture of him or I would have for certain had my camera taken and the pictures scrubbed . I was not trying to provoke just document this wicked facility that caused the 1987 tornado I was in. I guessed that is had to be Military as it was clearly the frequency weapon Systems Haarp is a part of . But I had to laughed when I found myself standing right in front of this sign and then I knew for sure I was going to be greeted somewhere in my travels and I was.





Click picture to enlarge


This where I was just finishing my Picture taking tour when the back car drove up right beside the Blue sign.

This is my bike I use to keep me alive recycling alone this highway. The black car looked something like this white one only it had only 2 doors.



This was also a tower in their yard right beside the road.

All clearly seen from the road way in this fenced area beside this Power unit.

Here is the exact address of this facility!





Here are pictures of what the demon KKK/Masons have left me live like for over 1 1/2 years as if they could break me to become a pedophile member like they are... never. I love Jesus and I expose the truth without fear of these wicked beasts.

This is my Bike that gets me to and from the library to accomplish AbbasWatchman almost daily with exception of most Saturdays as it is the Sabbath.






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