Today June 29 2011 while I was working on Abbaswatchman at the Library at the Londonderry Mall the man who spayed me in the face (I nearly died 1 hour later from what I believe was Swine Flu mist form See my story here Swine flue page) nearly 2 years ago walked in and I was able to get his picture. He is working hand in hand with this native guy from Ever green Mobile Home park . I described him on my World news page  at the top and on my home page near the top. The native guy showed me a laptop and a Tim Horton's card and led the conversation to expose that Tim Horton's here in Edmonton has WIFI for free. This is how they set us up ( My camera failed to get his picture). I will not be going to Tim Horton's to use the internet except as last resort.  


Click to enlarge these pictures .

This man was able to get ahead of me and was at other places on white avenue while I was working on my internet before he set me up and without witnesses sprayed me in the face, not once but twice, as I exposed here on my Swine flue page . He did this as I was warning him not to take this flu shot willingly it is a BIO Weapon to be release upon the World at a late date . I have noticed that his health is deteriorating and this is what is needed to create a Manchurian candidate = total human puppet. If this guy goes to jail the person who sent him will not. 


Brian Ketel / Glen Elliot (Edmonton Biker / under cover C.I.A. Gang unit Cop ) and or Wayne Huzina my mothers brother are controlling this man. I notice Brian Ketel's son are all Edmonton Police officers and after being terrorised by this man I went to the South side Police station only to see on the Wall the Illuminati pyramid with Brian's Sons picture second from the top. He was the attending officer when I call in my complaint. Another of Brian's Son was also one of 4 cops who falsely arrested me and charged me with Criminal Harassment in 2001 Dec 31 and I lost the rights to my daughter and since then I have not seen her. She was 4 1/2 then.  Brian Ketel owned a restaurant in Regina and Coliseum pizza here In Edmonton today and clearly he took over the Home and training depot for the R.C.M.P. Regina Saskatchewan while he was there (through Mind control technologies). Michael Smith and Darrel Smith are also his sons all these people have had direct interaction in my life all while I was being terrorized continuously as I am today = Microwave Mind Control. <This woman has some very unchristian (Antichrist) views that I must condemn. I agree with the Mind control she exposes and the proof is all over the web to be found.


This is how mind control works they send in the message = Tim Horton's and WIFI and then they cause us to fear = The man who tried to take my life comes walking into where I work on my Internet. The Hypnosis is executed upon the fear.


I have no fear I love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and true love casts out fear.


Understand this that many people are being trained to surreptitiously medicate people and here in this next story is actually what they are doing to people Remember Wiccan Witches Poison people they do not medicate them. Wiccan Witchcraft infests Edmonton.

Heavy metal poisoning blamed in killing | Edmonton | News

An Edmonton man who killed his wife while in a “state of delirium” caused by heavy metal poisoning should not be held accountable for the...

I see this everywhere here in Edmonton today = people talking to themselves = they are being poisoned with heavy metals as I myself Lawrence Harmen have and am being poisoned with this in my water/food/shampoos (I heard Bob Winter's son drop the cap into my tub while this was being done to me so I know how this is done I did not just read it and believe it...I am living it. Even Saturday in Star bucks I was sprayed from behind with What smelled like cologne .This has happened at the Library last winter as well .. exact same smell. These Heavy Metals cause us to talk our thoughts because they have lowered our immune system and through EEG (Thought frequency mapping studies) they can control an enormous portion of our actions even to make a person kill their own children (Remember the lady in the U.S. who drove here children into the lake and then called for help to find them = Mind control.) Every where they use people who stand up against them as if we are "serial Killers" or "violent people" any thing to cause fear.. the scarier the better. Hypnosis works through fear. This is everywhere today. As I have warned before these mason Mind control victims can listen to our thoughts and I proved this Friday July 1st while walking into the Londonderry mall I said, loudly, inside my head "thank you" to a man after he had opened the door for me. But I did not speak it out load and he turned and said "your welcome". He very very clearly heard me. Speech recognition technologies have been around since Hitler's days and we speak (inner Voice) to our selves . We either say it out loud of we speak it to ourselves inside our heads. We do this all day long and because we are chipped  ( , these deceived people who thing they have the Holy Spirit of God giving them this power to hear our thoughts and to have their prayers answered in an instant ,(think Bruce almighty the movie <they always expose what they can do to us through movies) these people do not realise they are victims of mind control technologies and they are hunting us through Ciaos comes order = Illuminati/Freemasonry . They are terrorising us thinking it will bring good things for the people who go through this . This is the methods of the Hell's Angels War on drugs Harlot religion today (Gang Unit cops/Green team cops) for mass mind controlling people. God warned he would destroy all people who do evil thinking good will come from it.


I tried to warn another Girl who I at first wrote off as one of these wicked demons but later God exposed that she was not working with these mind control handling MK Ultra War on drugs Gang unit (Green team) cops. Her name was Carolyn and as I was warning her I took notice of the pretty boy who was clearly sent in to Debar internet café on White Ave where she was working to so called protect her, as always from the truth about what is happening to her, in this clearly mason run business (The Witchcraft embedded rug and signs gave that away see my Sun symbols page to gain a better understanding of that.) As I called her over to me I took note that she was not coming unless her security came with her. I called on the Lord to help me warn her to stay away from this man named Bob who was in the café at the time. I called Carolyn over and this man as well and I told her I just had an attempt on my life by this man so be careful around him he sprayed me in the Face. I explained that one hour after he sprayed my in the face I almost died as my heart stopped beating . I called on Jesus over and over again while this was happening ( I nearly fainted) and it began beating again but I was sick from the point I was sprayed in the face on for about 2 weeks with symptoms that duplicated the Swine flu. As I explained to Carolyn that my heart stopped beating this man looked at her with a little smile then he and Carolyn started speaking the exact same words at the exact same time. His physical actions and her physical actions matched perfectly. He was controlling her actions = Mason Mind control handler. What they both said at the same time was "Why didn't you go to the hospital" I had no answer that she would have understood but that Christians are going to the hospitals healthy or sick and coming out in body bags and that these Masons own and control the Hospitals in Edmonton. That was when I remembered that another good looking girl who also worked there has said she was being stocked which is what they have done to me but only after I was told that her and another waitress named Marcy had this evil happening to them = Fear based mind control. Read this article to see that this is how it is done to all of us who are chipped. Yet another Debar Waitress Asked her girl friend, that was working on the Internet beside me, "Have you ever left you house knowing you were wearing a pare of pants and half way to work you realise you are wearing a skirt ???" Mind control . While she was telling this story I could see that her skirt was to short and was exposing her crotch area where her nylons were ripped on the outer edges as if maybe someone had engaged in intercourse with her through these holes but she did not notice until her girl fiend told her.

Supercomputers in Maryland, Israel and elsewhere with a speed of over
20 BILLION bits/sec can monitor millions of people simultaneously.  In
fact, the whole world population can be totally controlled by these
secret brain-computer interactions, however unbelievable it sounds for
the uninformed.

Human thought has a speed of 5,000 bits/sec and everyone understands
that our brain cannot compete with supercomputers acting via satellites,
implants, local facilities, scalar orother forms of biotelemetry.

     Mind control is real and I Lawrence Harmen Abbaswatchman's writer  have and am living it today. I had discovered an device that went from one side of my upper jaw to the other (Isaiah 30:28) about  5/6 years ago and since then I have studied in great depth MK Ultra Microwave mind control. I had seen pictures of these devices that had been taken out of others and they were clearly the same as what is in my upper Jaw.


When Carolyn told me she worked at Safeway and then defended the company as a good place to Work I wrote her off as the enemy. Safeway is up to their ears in Mind control here in Canada . But while I was working on my Web site Some time later through Wireless that she could not see as I had my own Wireless, I just used their power, as I was talking with her she said  "its nice to talk with someone who is normal" I stopped in my tracks and asked her " What did you just say" She repeated this again . When she did this I knew with all certainty ( God does nothing with out reason) that she would never have said that from her heart as these professional terrorists/informants are well trained that we have mental illnesses and are in need of medication (Heavy metals) they surreptitiously put into Coffee at places like Tim Horton's/Second cup Just to name a few, our shampoos, our foods, so as to weaken our immune system to control us. Microwave mind control does not work on people who's Immune systems are strong. Carolyn did say she used to work out lots even excessively she said. Yes they found a way to stop her from exercising so they could control her. They always create a crisis and then pose as our saviours.


I tell you this because these wicked people are again setting me up just as I have documented for years they are continuously doing.

They want to prove to their Mason Harlot religious army that we are going to do evil. Keep medicating people until we can not think straight and then through these chips move people to do evil is not science it is Witchcraft.

I had a person who went by the name mark Buy me a chocolate bar then after I had eaten it he called me like a little child to come stand on the scale to help him bump the load while we were moving furniture . I will never forget how I could not even call on the Lord neither could I stop myself from moving onto the scale . When I did this I was breaking the law as bumping a load it stealing from a customer. I knew from then on this man who worked at Premier Van lines (Hell's Angels owned) and Jays moving (Also Hell's Angels owned) was a Catholic professional informant.

It is Witchcraft to take control of other peoples minds and bodies. God said in scripture they sell whole families through Witchcraft.


Pray for my safety Jesus Loves you.

I really do need your donations as these people have made me very poor and it costs at least $5.00 a day to live They have me living in a tent in North Edmonton Just east across from the End of the new Anthony Henday hi-way construction. They have corruptly taken my truck from me last year and I have lived there ever since. Pray for my safety.

I will pray for yours.

Watch all of this Video and know this is exactly how it is done.

This same lady is seen here preaching the Antichrist Illuminati or Illuminated ones religion of Freemasonry. She is preparing the World for and is a part of the unfolding script of Project Blue Beam.

She is a clear victim of mind control, just as Mark Philips and Cathy O'Brian are still victims of this wicked Witchcraft.

2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
The Freemasons have clearly taken over all the churches here in Edmonton = those who were bidden to the Wedding were not found worthy.




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