JUNE 8 2005


 Bilderberg conference is the world elite (illuminate) in decision making that concerns all of us .

Remember this that Iran does not get attacked but Damascus does then the sneak attack

on the city that rules the world happens which will involve the entire world .

*** Note that the attack on Iran was to happen this month (June) but has been pushed off ***

*** Iran will have to attack the U.S. as prophecy has it or they would be attacked ***


Here are clips from the article that I feel are important *** in order of importance***


clips from the article



The presence of a top US general, James L. Jones, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and retired US Army General John M. Keane at the Bilderberg meeting in Germany suggested to us that the next stage of the conquest is about to begin.


Tempers boiled over momentarily when a French Bilderberger raising his voice told Kissinger that "an attack on Iran will escalate out of control." According to sources working for the CIA and the special unit of the US Army charged with protecting the US delegation at Rottach-Egern, both the CIA and the FBI are in open revolt against the Bush White House.

A member of the Greek Parliament asked Eival Gilady, strategic adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "What would happen if Iran were to retaliate?" Someone pointed out that even if the United States or Israel were to show restraint in their use of tactical nuclear weapons, an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would surely not only engulf neighbour state,s raising the likelihood of a broader war, but also would succeed in creating a nuclear disaster through nuclear radiation spilling over a wide area. As a follow up question, someone asked, "How much of this war has to do with America doing its utmost to prevent Iran from becoming a regional power?"

A French Bilderberger wished to know if the impending attack on Iran would involve the United States and Israel working in tandem or "would it be a NATO operation?" The question was directed at NATO´s Secretary General Jaap G. de Hoop Scheffer. Another European Bilderberger wanted to know how the US was planning to cope with three wars simultaneously, referring to Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran. The reader should be reminded that there are now 150,000 US troops deployed in Iraq who are unable to move to another theatre of operations because of effective resistance tactics.

The Israeli delegation was pressed to answer if they were prepared to use nuclear weapons against Iran. The answer was incoherent.

What is so terrifying about the Iran theatre of operations is that according to our deep sources, both of whom belong to the Bilderberg Group, there are two alternative dates set for the invasion. The earliest possible date would be the "deadest of summer" sometime in August and the other alternative is the late fall campaign. It substantially confirms the information provided by Scott Ritter, the ex-Marine turned UNSCOM weapons inspector, who stated that "George W. Bush has `signed off´ on plans to bomb Iran in June 2005." Ritter goes on to say that the June date suggests that the US and Israel are "in a state of readiness."




A French Bilderberger pointedly asked Henry Kissinger if the US government's sabre- rattling against Iran means the beginning of new hostilities. Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), asking for his turn to speak, dismissed the notion of an Iran invasion as unrealistic due to the sheer physical size of the country and its population size, not to mention billions involved in getting the operation off the ground. Up to the eyeballs in the Iraq quagmire, the United States military is wary of any new adventures in the hostile terrain against a much healthier enemy, both better prepared and organised. A Swiss Bilderberger asked if a hypothetical attack on Iran would involve a preemptive strike against its nuclear sites. Richard Haass replied that such an attack would prove to be counterproductive because Teheran's counterattack options could range from "unleashing terrorism and promoting instability in Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, to triggering oil price increases that could trigger a global economic crisis".

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A US general commented that the China-Iran-Russia alliance is changing the geopolitical situation in the area. Rapprochement between Russia and China is viewed by the Bilderbergers as a significant event not to be taken lightly, even though it has received little media attention in the west. A secret US government report was cited wherein, according to sources, the Chinese have spent upwards of several billion dollars in acquiring Russia's latest and most sophisticated weapons technology. Someone pointed out that the Sino-Russian alliance is not limited to military trade and that the non-military exchange of goods has grown 100 percent since the beginning of the Bush presidency. A delegate at the conference, believed to be, but not positively identified by the secret service sources, Anatoliy Sharansky, Israeli former minister for Jerusalem & Diaspora Affairs, stated categorically during a Friday night cocktail party that the counterweight to the Moscow-Beijing-Teheran axis is the US-Israeli-Turkey alliance.

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A financial expert from a European nation intervened by stating that Russia financially is much better off today than four years ago because tax revenues, generated by fuel and arms production and exports as a result of heavy emphasis on military production, have financed strong growth of wages and pension incomes, boosting private consumption. A German Bilderberger pointedly asked Richard Perle if the "war on terrorism" will intensify over the second term of the Bush presidency.


The feeling of enough-is-enough wasn't limited to the European Bilderbergers wary of Bush's Hitler-like delirious proclamations of regime changes worldwide. Haass had pointedly told Richard Perle during a Saturday night cocktail party that the Bush administration has over-estimated its ability to change the world. Haass, according to several sources at the conference is reported to have stated that regime change can be attractive because it "is less distasteful than diplomacy and less dangerous than living with new nuclear states." However, he noted, "There is only one problem, it is highly unlikely to have the desired effect soon enough."



The discussion began with a European expert on international relations pointing out that over the next several years Russia is poised to assert itself and to increasingly challenge the Bush administration's foreign policy goals. Someone openly asked the committee if the world is safer today than in 2001 and will it be safer in four years time? A Dutchman responded by saying there is little doubt that the hand of international terrorism has been substantially strengthened by the US and its heavy-handed policy in the Middle East. A Danish Bilderberger wondered out loud what happened to the US promise to take a lower key approach in Iraq, referring to the heavy-handed tactics employed by the American troops in the siege of Fallujah, which played an important role in alienating a large cross-section of moderate Arab states. Additionally, pointed out the Dutchman, terrorism hasn't been confined to the Iraq theatre of operations, but has escalated across Asia, Africa and most of the Middle East.

A blond woman believed to be Thérèse Delpech, director for Strategic Affairs for the Atomic Energy Commission, said that unilateralist policy actions by the US will only succeed in alienating friendly nations and emboldening enemy combatants. "US is not all-powerful. It must coordinate its policy with other great powers to achieve its ends."




Journalistic Whores

One of the best kept secrets is the degree to which a handful of giant conglomerates all belonging to the secret Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, the Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission control the flow of information in the world and determine what we see on television, hear on the radio and read in newspapers, magazines, or books.



China and Textiles

An American Bilderberger noted that China in 2005 is one of the leading world economic powers whose actions influence the world economy. Another American believed to be, but not positively identified as, Michael A. Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute said that if China doesn't revalue the yuan it would cause the entire world trade system to go out of whack



Peak Oil

A US general noted that war spending helps jump start the economy, noting that the trick to keeping the opposition at bay is to limit collateral damage to foreign soil.



Nobel Peace Prize

Some of this year's other nominees are George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair for supposedly protecting world peace; the European Union; French President Jacques Chirac, former Czech President Vaclav Havel; Pope John Paul II; Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya; and U.S. Senator Richard Lugar and former Senator Sam Nunn for their Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, which is intended to dismantle nuclear weapons left over from the Soviet Union.



Through lies and obfuscations, Bilderbergers are desperately trying to foist onto the unwilling world population a totalitarian, one-world government, a single global currency and a syncretic universal religion.

Those of us who care deeply about the future of politics, domestic and international, cannot afford to ignore the fact that the grimly political One World Government is no longer merely a shadow subculture. It has, in fact, emerged as the dominant force in world affairs.








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