The Proof I witnessed a

Multi Billion Dollar crime against the Canadian Satellite Industry

disguised as 1 billion Dollar crime against the U.S. Satellite Industry below.

Proof the Hell's Angels are a division of the U.S. Military below as well.


Blogger Who Said Judges Deserve to Die Was Trained by FBI to Incite Others, Attorney Says Aug 19/09

Trained by Hell's Angels War on drugs cops to terrorize.

A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges had training from the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.

Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said.


He was taught by the HELL'S ANGELS Under cover Cop What to do Just as the freemason below was taught to do to me but he clearly crossed the Line to Criminal Harassment with no Help from the Edmonton Police Service Because these People control our Police Service.


Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.



See massive crime against the Canadian Satellite Industry below after this and you will start to get the picture as to how I know so much about these topics.

More Hell's Angels Multi Billion Dollar crime against the Canadian Satellite Industry I was a witness to Pics here


They are and always have been a division of the U.S. Military = The biggest drug dealers controlling the War on drugs.

Catholic mafia and Greek Mafia's control all of our Military in the western world and they worship death and believe the Pope is god.

Satan is death and Jesus is Life

Stand against the War on Drugs and stand with Life = Jesus Join the War on drugs and service Death Satan... your choices in life.

See more proof those Who hate me Love death.



The above link is why I knew this man was an under cover Hell's Angels cop provoking a fight.

 Again today Friday the 14 th Aug/09 this same man walks into the West mount Mall right beside me wearing the Same shirt he had on yesterday. I called the Police then within fifteen minutes I received a call back and it was from a So called Cop (NSA/ CSIS = Canadian Security Intelligence Service) Saying we received a report you are harassing a gentleman in the Westmount mall paring lot (no Name No Number). How did they get my name and why did they call me back so quickly when I never received a call back from the Cops I phoned? I have him today on video and I will try to post it soon but I have trouble encoding these Sony files. See they threatened me and now I am getting close to the unfolding of Project blue beam they are terrorising me hoping I will swing at one of them or break the Law on camera as always again a setup. These cops were so busy they asked if I could call back with this file number Event # 09351966 reopen Call. But they phoned me for him within minutes ! He is a Nark....He is a Hell's Angel Nark.

Twice now he has been used to terrorize me = two days in a row.

They have had three Gay guys hit on me with in the past two months all to discredit every thing I say. I Love Women Only I do not want one until the Lord fixes the World.


This man pictured below entered a conversation that I was having with a so called Christian man by telling us both that God does not exist that we should go on with our lives that the invisible man does not exist. I left him alone and did not say anything except softly "he does". 

Then after the other man I was talking to left this man pictured below came right over to where I was moments later to get right in my face and started to berate me using Einstein as the foundation for a Man who could figure out the Universe but could not figure out why men were stuck on Fables... His Body language was threatening when he was doing this he was clearly trying to start a fight . I am not a small man and I am very well built so I was not afraid of having to fight him I was calling on the Lord to protect me. I tried to tell him nicely that the scripture are coming to pass involving the drying up of the great river Euphrates for the kings of the east as it was China in 2008 who called on Syria and Turkey to shut the dam water off so they can come to Iran and Syria's aid if the U.S. and Israel should attack them. He got even more vile and and angry when I said this ( I can not remember exactly what he was yelling at me because I was realising this again was a setup as I have been telling the people on my site this happens to me all the time )and So I began raising my voice louder than his telling him he was an under cover Hell's Angels War on drugs Cop. He then started to yell "oh your going to get violent now ". I told him to stop putting words in my mouth to make me look bad. I again yelled the Hell's Angels were and under cover operation he worked for at the top of my lungs and I can yell. When I did this I announced to all in this very big pool that he was turning red and that he was guilty... but he would not stop trying to goad me into a fight until I yelled at him he was a pedophile freemason. Then again I yelled you are a pedophile freemason ... you rape little children . Then he stopped completely trying to start a fight with me and walked in the steam room. I Walked into the steam room and told him I have a legal right to freely speek in this country and that he has no right to provoke a fight so I am going to get a picture of you and post it on the net.


For certain he is a freemason under cover Hell's Angels War on drugs Nark. He could not get me to swing but he can get me to announce at the top of my lungs that he was a freemason under cover war on drugs cop. I made an issue out of this and brought the so called Christian man and the manager together and explained the full story and the manager is clearly a part of this as all City facilities are a part of the this Hitler style death cult worshipping war on drugs Hell's Angels operations . I did this to make sure it would be very hard for them to deny this event ever happened if Justice ever prevails. I then went to my truck and brought the proof I witnessed a Multi Million dollar crime against the Canadian Satellite industry disguised as a Billion dollar crime against the U.S. Satellite Industry (see proof below in pictures.) and told him this was collective punishment. This has happen so many times I have lost count it is between fifty and one hundred times I have been harassed like this but this time They crossed the legal line to far. Their own HATE CRIMES LAWS should have protected me from them using my religious beliefs to goad me into a fight ass it is illegal to bash anyone's beliefs even gay people so thy broke the Laws they say they are trying to uphold.



Leads to Top Levels of Church, Government - Mar 18/10

As the sexual abuse cases in the Catholic church now reach even to the pope, one documentary stands out. Conspiracy of Silence is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a U.S. child sex abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, Conspiracy of Silence reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child sex abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.



Illuminati Freemason secret society the Man Above is Cleary a part of as he would not stop escalating the event until I called him a pedophile freemason who raped little children from then on he stopped completely tying to start a fight....Guilty.... his body language gave him away completely. They rape their own children thinking they are doing God's services .... how vile can a person get to rape a child 4,5,6, years old for trauma based mind control projects the U.S. military have been exposed for here in Canada in the early 1970's. Cathy O'Brian and mark Philips have also exposed this is what is happening and they exposed it is being done on the Pope's orders.





After the Second World War the Hell's Angels 303 division of the U.S. Air force were bored so they started an under cover operation teaching woman to use sex as a weapon to gain trust. They named it the War on drugs to get every one behind it. The largest drug dealing organisation in the world took the operations over = the C.I.A. and the wicked Freemason religious mafia pushed this wicked war around the world .

All these death worshippers are now out hunting heretics for the Catholic Pope. A High Ranking Jesuit General warned us before he died that these wicked Jesuits are pushing Catholics into all of our lives. This rings very true with my own life. The seed of the Catholics Are the seed of Esau who Gave up his birth right and his family became a Church. All red heads being catholic give it away they are the Seed of Esue and God warned us in scripture that Esau or Edom or Edomites children are strange from the house of God so to be with them (as King Solomon found out) they will lead you to their god = the Pope. Our families have a perpetual covenant not to take for our sons or daughter the people of strange families. These People again are doing the high roman priest serviced on the Road to Damascus destruction as we will see see come to pass.


Remember the lessons of the Past or you are doomed to repeat them. Saul was on the Road to Damascus doing the high roman priests services when God stopped him and showed him he was killing his children . He Asked him "Why art thou persecuting me". The High Roman Priest was Satan and Now today is the Pope and Again he has his Army hunting God's Children = Hell's angels worshippers of Death with wings.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Satan is the Spirit of death all are born with as When Adam and eve transgress God gave their bodies over to death as only their spirit died when the Lord warned surly you will die if you east of the forbidden fruit. Ask Jesus forgiveness of you sins and ask the Spirit of life into your hearts and live eternal with the real God = Life







Multi Billion Dollar crime against the Canadian Satellite Industry

disguised as 1 billion Dollar crime against the U.S. Satellite Industry.

Take Note That Both John Norris and Jay Jay Gee are both Special Project managers at to Satellite Companies and both are connected at the Hip through out all this .

Nagrastar is the Card Company (the satellite Access security firm) For Echo Star the Codes were supposedly Compromised and sent through the world by my friend Allen Menart to have done this fraudulent crime . They were sent through out the world but the Compromised part is a fraud.

You will see below I had dealing with these people on many occasions only to figure out that even my Lawyer  Michael Chwok was in on helping to terrorize my life for the Mind control Projects these wicked Hell's Angels Freemason had me in the grips of all desguised as the War on drugs because at the time I smoked pot.


This was the estimated Damage Allen Menart was supposed to have done to the Company of Echo star.

1 billion dollars




This connects me to Alan Guggenheim and Nagra star Echo starts Cards Code Security company.

1995 or 1996 the Prime minister Jean Chechen said in Parliament that their will be no U.S. Satellite allowed to be sold in Canada as we are going to stay strictly Canadian content and as you will read below this took off in 1996. Dave Dawson was already created for this purpose by Brian Ketel or the owner of Coliseum Pizza What ever his real name is here in Edmonton well know as the head of the Hell's Angels Western Canada  . I never had any dealing with any one called Mr. Big or a Hell's Angels knowingly or taking part in this then not illegal activity.


I brought a Claim against the R.C.M.P. for the many attempts on my life.

As Glen Elliott a senior Hell's Angel told me ."Lawrence have you ever noticed how you can't kill a rat . You can try and try and try to kill them but they just won't die. He did this as he was punching his right hand into his left . He was clearly behind the Attempt on my life when I was forced off a cliff at lake Louse Skiing. I told Donna Horton of Surry B.C.'S public complaints against the R.C.M.P. department Glenn Elliot's name but when I received This in the mail His name was not on it. He has been the most involved in destroying my life through Mind control Projects M.K.Utra.







Here below is a blatantly ridiculous offer they made me to testify as I never at any time broke the law or was evolved in the sale of these.

It wasn't illegal to sell at the time I bought one for my girl friends brother. Colleen Fitzpatrick a professional informant installed into my life. She is the Mother of my daughter and has since , as you can read below, taken my daughter away from me now for over 8 and 1/2 years as a part of this ongoing Collective punishment.

You will see below What she did to me when I tried to start to expose this Hell's Angels Crime. The had me Charged with criminal harrasment with no proof at all. Take Note = How would they protect my information Allen already knew I was going to expose him he was working hand in hand with J.J. Gee as I watched Allen at least a hundred times email

I have corrected his email address as I wrote it from memory after 7 1/2 years it was Cipher 06 when in fact is is 03 which was an address given to me by J.J. Gee himself in a Calgary meeting which was told to me by Allen the entire time it was Chris Tarnovsky of N.D.S. .

Total fraud in every way. right in the top line

Here is what J.J. GEE handed me in the Hotel in Calgary himself which is the address Allen was suppose to have been talking to the Chis Tarnovsky guy from N.D.S. from.



I was thrown into jail at the same time as Alan Menart had his Law suit against me costing me over $20,000 dollars with out any income coming in as I was incarcerated and this below also cost me thousands of Dollars.

Bankrupted me ! And now has forced me to live life out of my Half ton for over a year. Every time I move into or stay in an Apartment The Military Hell's Angels goons that hunt my every foot step (Death Pope Worshippers) use Microwave weapons on me . I have complained numerous time to the Police but even as you can see today it has done nothing .

Lawless time are here.

Take note here Colleen's Claim comes after the 2002 Law suit By Allen Menard real name exposed Allen Menart.


See here they had 7 million Subscribers and were able to move 1 million black boxes into Canada through this scheme involving, as always, the Hell's Angels under cover Military officers =  War on Drugs cops.


There Lawyers name



There lawyers Name connected to my Corrupt Hell's Angels Lawyer Michael Chwok


Allen Menart's Law suit against me that forced me to defend myself trying to expose his involvement in the billion dollar fraud between Echo star and companies and N.D.S.


His under cover name is Allen Menard but has been exposed here in the main Echo Star Law suit as Allen Menart .

I was told that when I was about 16 years old his real name was Allen Menart .


This was a part of a draft of what I knew. See how all this came to pass directly after negotiations with Canada to allow Major U.S.  Satellite companies into our country. I believe it to be 1996 or it may have even been 1995 the or Prime Minister stated and made it Law that no U.S. satellite was to be sold here in Canada. Gang Unit Hell's Angels Cop Brian Ketel, or Vern Warwick as he was presented to me, fixed that for the American Freemason mafia (Through the above fraud as he was C.I.A. trained) ripping off the Canadian Freemason mafia in the process.



This picture connects me to Allen Menart and the N.D.S Lawsuit and Allen's Law suit against me .



You see If you ask Jesus into your Heart you can live through anything as many time these vile Death worshippers have tried to take my life but here I am. The Last attempt was Just about three weeks ago when a man who goes by the name of Bob and hangs around Debar Internet Cafe had been getting ahead of me by going to other internet Cafe's down the street on White Ave in Edmonton and Libraries in Edmonton.


I ran into him at a West end Meadowlark library and he sprayed me in the face twice with some substance I truly believe is Tamiflu Vaccine Mist form for this Swine flu as my heart almost stop and I Almost hit the ground an hour after catching him doing this to me. I knew in my Heart that this man was a Hell's Angels and was not getting in front of me by accident. I can feel the Micro computer in my upper Jaw so I know they can read my thoughts and plants their thought into our head M.K. Ultra Projects expose here in Canada in the early 1970's . This understanding comes from years of research and it is mostly shown under the N. World order link you can get to from my home page. That is also why I was allowed so close to this under cover operation. It is easy today to keep tabs on Mind control victim through these devices.


Jesus loves you !


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