Never forget that Haarp can be used to fake all these Flares. As The Aurora Borealis is the finger print of Haarp. See more proof below this.

Keep up with this site daily for the Massive Solar Flares that precede our Lords coming or the Antichrists faked signs and lying wonders to bring him to power. Hint we Sheep do not worship the beast = Goat. Bush was reading My Pet Goat at the school 9 11.



God said his fury will rise in his face


Massive Solar Flare Earth directed Mar 7 2012

The charged particles are expected to hit Earth at 4,000,000 mph (6,400,000 km/h), and Noaa predicts the storm will last until Friday morning.

Incoming Full Halo-CME / Geo+Radiation Storm
X5.4 Solar Flare

This one is Earth directed and is the largest in about 4 years

Incoming Full-Halo CME
Incoming! The new WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction is calling for a direct CME impact during the middle of tomorrow (March 8). The solar wind is expected to increase to over 800 km/s and Strong Geomagnetic Storming will be possible. This plasma cloud is the result of the X5.4 and X1.3 Solar Flare event very early this morning. In the new movie below, you can see that the plasma cloud is Full-Halo and heading this way. Click HERE to watch the latest model run.

ALERT: Type II Radio Emission
Begin Time: 2012 Mar 07 0017 UTC
Estimated Velocity: 2273 km/s

Radiation Blast from Big Solar Flare May Threaten Satellites - Mar 7




Feb 6 2012

M-Class Solar Flare
Sunspot 1410 located in the northwest quadrant, just produced a moderate solar flare, reaching M1.0 at 20:00 UTC Monday afternoon. The flare was about an hour long in duration. Presentation below. Stay Tuned for more updates.


I have taken notice that even these Solar flares at time look to be fake. The devil comes with great signs and lying wonders.

- Lharmen


Jan 27 2012



Major Solar Flare / S2 Radiation Storm
Sunspot 1402 located on the northwest limb, just produced a major X1.7 Solar Flare at 18:37 UTC. An R3 Level Radio Blackout resulted ,which led to the fading of HF signals on the sunlit side of Earth. Signals have since recovered. The proton levels are on the rise again and the Moderate S2 level Radiation Storm threshold has been reached. A movie of the solar flare is listed below.

This event generated Type II and Type IV sweep frequency events. A 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) lasting 37 minutes was observed and measured 810 pfu.



Jan 23 2012

Strong M8.7 Event: A strong solar flare reaching M8.7 was generated by Sunspot 1402 in the northern hemisphere [Movie]. The flare peaked at 03:59 UTC Monday morning and started off an a long duration M1.0 event (LDE) before eventually rising again to its maximum. An R2 Radio Blackout resulted. A 19 minute long, 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) was detected as well. This event did produce a Full-Halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), and is partially Earth directed. Just like the previous event on Jan 19, most of the plasma cloud appears to be directed north. The speed of the expanding cloud however, is more substantial (2000+ km/s). Stay tuned to SolarHam.com for all the latest information. Video presentation is below.


IA.  Analysis of Solar Active Regions and Activity from  22/2100Z to 23/2100Z:  Solar activity reached high levels.  Region 1402 (N28W36) produced a long-duration M8/2b flare at 23/0359Z. Associated with this event were multi-frequency radio emissions spanning 25 MHz through 15.4 GHz including a 5100 sfu Tenflare. SOHO/LASCO observed an asymmetric, full-halo CME, first observed in C2 imagery at 27/0412Z as a bright halo over the northern hemisphere.  Model output suggests potential Earth impact midday on 24 January.  Region 1402 showed some umbral separation in the large leader spot.  Region 1401 (N16W39) produced a C1/Sf at 23/2011Z. The remainder of the disk was quiet and stable.

Jan 19 2012

Sunspot 1402 Eruption: A large eruption starting at 14:30 UTC Thursday took place around Sunspot 1402. This long duration event (LDE) peaked at M3.2. A large Two-Wave (CME) was observed in STEREO imagery, a portion of which appears to be Earth directed. The major bulk of the plasma cloud was directed north. Nonetheless, an impact is expected within 48-72 hours. Geomagnetic Storming will be possible once it arrives.


Another M-Class Flare:
A low level M-Class flare at 22:35 UTC peaked at M1.1 and was centered around Sunspot 1348 off the northwest limb. This is the 3rd M-Class flare of the day, and the second around this region.


God is not the Sun but the Spirit of light that covers the Sun like a coat.

Click to enlarge

1339 which in days will face Earth and is Huge. Today Nov 3 2011.

Strong X1.9 Solar Flare:
Sunspot 1339 produced a major X1.9 Solar Flare at 20:46 UTC Thursday evening. An R3 Level Radio Blackout and a 10cm Radio Burst resulted. More to follow.  http://www.solarham.com/


Sunspot 1339 Flare Activity Update: Solar activity increased to moderate levels Monday with three M-Class flares taking place around a big new Sunspot numbered 1339. This region continues to rotate fully into view on the northeast limb. You can click HERE to watch a movie of the first M-Class flare which registered M1.1. This initial flare was followed a few hours later by a C8.2, M1.4 and M1.2. You can watch a movie below of those 3 events. So far on Tuesday only C-Class flares have been detected. Stay tuned to SolarHam.com for all of the latest updates.


Thursday Oct 20


Solar Update + New Spots:
Solar activity increased somewhat with an M1.6 Solar Flare taking place off the western limb early Thursday morning. Sunspot 1324 is currently the largest visible sunspot cluster, but has only produced C-Class flares thus far.

Numerous small sunspots are popping up on the visible solar disk on Thursday.

Sunspots 1324 and 1325 (Early Thursday) - SDO




Solar Update: Sunspot 1313 expanded in size and developed new spots towards the center of the group. It has been producing numerous C-Class flares over the past 12 hours. Keep an eye on this region for further development.


Jesus said we would see his anger rise up in his face before the attack came and the Bible tells us the devil comes to power with "ALL Gods signs and lying wonders".


Project blue beam has satellites around the Sun and they could be projecting these Solar flares just like the Jets on 9 11 were Holographic tests pre Project Blue Beam.

13 is the number the devil's Luciferian KKK/Freemasons saying these are to the bloodlines of their jesus/Lucifer.

There is 12 bloodlines of Jacob read the King James Bible and live.


God said his fury will rise in his face

The Devils children become apostles of christ and they worship a Black jesus = Obama

Can you see the Black Face.. in the Sun spot 1313.

This looks to be the Holographic light show producing these all for deceptive purposes.


Keep watching for this Sun Spot for more activity especially around the 11 dates. 11 is destruction in Numerology.





New Active Sunspot: A near M-Class solar flare reaching C9.2 took place at 12:42 UTC Wednesday morning and was centered around a new Sunspot region that rotated into view in the southeast quadrant. This region should be numbered 1313 later today. Click HERE for an SDO movie of this Sunspot in action. http://www.solarham.com/



Tuesdays Massive Back side Coronal Mass Ejection.


Solar Update: A long duration C7.3 Solar Flare took place around Sunspot 1302 at 09:23 UTC Tuesday morning. This region is now rotating onto the western limb and any explosions at this point will not be earth directed.

An aurora watch will be in effect within the next 24-48 hours due to the expected arrival of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) caused by a long duration M1.2 solar flare around Sunspot 1305 on Saturday morning. Minor geomagnetic storming may be possible at high latitudes. http://www.solarham.com/



Never forget that Haarp can be used to fake all these Flare. As The Aurora Borealis is the finger print of Haarp.

Click to enlarge

The Satellites were exposed years ago around the Suns surface that could fake these Solar flares today.

See the Satellites have even been exposed in the Main street news See Videos = Sun Orbs "UFO"

Always sold as Alien or UFO'S they are all a part of Project Blue Beam






1302 Wakes Up: An M1.3 Solar Flare has just taken place at 17:23 UTC Sunday afternoon and was centered around Sunspot 1302 which has been much quieter as of late. The flare was impulsive and not long in duration.


M3.9 Flare: Sunspot 1305 continues to grow and at 00:50 UTC Sunday morning, an M3.9 Solar Flare took place. A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) resulted, however the blast from the earlier M1.2 Solar Flare appears to be more geoeffective. Watch the new movie below showing Three CME's and a sundiving comet plunging into the Sun.



Sept 23 2011

X class flares and the beginning of the global melt down. another X and long Duration M class Sept 24

A long duration X-Class Solar Flare reaching X1.4 took place around the new Sunspot rotating into view on the eastern limb - Sept 23


M7.4 Solar Flare - Sept 25

Solar Update: Sept 26/2011 The solar X-Rays have begun to quiet down on Monday in comparison to the previous couple of days, however there will remain the chance for M-Class flares and perhaps lesser risk for another X-Class event around big Sunspot 1302. This region is now in great position for earth directed explosions. http://www.solarham.com/



X-Class Flare:

A long duration X-Class Solar Flare reaching X1.4 took place around the new Sunspot rotating into view on the eastern limb. This event caused a radio blackout reaching the R3 level which effected areas located on the sunlit side of earth. A Type II and Type IV radio sweep frequency event resulted as well as a TenFlare. A bright CME is seen in the latest STEREO Ahead COR2 images, but will most likely not be earth directed because of the sunspots position.



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