JUNE 1 2010



Moira tourkikou the Navy, consisting of four frigates previously participated in an exercise to the west and south of Crete and had been subsequently for the port of Alexandria, arrived yesterday morning at the port of Cartagena in Spain and is expected to leave for the Eastern Mediterranean.


Erotima is whether it will pass from Taranto or sail request / reservation directly. In the frenzy of new-othomanismou, Turkey came to be threatened by new ships with humanitarian aid will be sent to the Gaza Strip, have naval escorts Turkish Navy Ships!

The squadron consisting of two frigates MEKO-200T, two OHPerry (TCG Kemalreis, TCG Turgutreis, TCG Gaziantep, TCG Giresun) and the oil tanker "Akar" belonging to the Turkish power task force, Mediterranean Sield. Turk O Commander of the force.  (Ο.Η.Perry), . Mücahit Şişli said in an interview on the frigate Gaziantep (O. H. Perry), Spanish media yesterday, said: "We are following very closely the events and will act accordingly."

This is obviously a way to totally unforeseen consequences.

Natural Ankara would not dare beyond verbosity proceed to do so unless they decide to sacrifice over 10 to 20 Islamist militants, as happened yesterday, and several frigates. Israel has demonstrated that he means what he says.

Details from Tel Aviv say they have "frozen" all defense cooperation programs between the two countries is a matter of continuing supply systems.

The fact that all the dead, whether alone peaceful activists were, of Turkish origin and was aboard the Turkish ship, has alarmed the Turkish public opinion.

As we know from yesterday that Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv, and the threat of outside support for the next ship, and threatened to "unprecedented immense reprisals.

At least the vice president of the Turkish Government stated Bulent Arintz told TRT television network "can not declare war - it would not be right."  Course and wanted to go to war because they could not share a border and a "war" would be limited to aeronautical incidents known to the outcome of the fate of the Turkish Air Force in advance ...

At the same time the Armed Forces of Israel declared a state of alert in anticipation of possible missile attacks from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Arab League has convened an urgent meeting on Tuesday to settle on a common policy towards Israel.

Egypt is under pressure to end its own blockade of Gaza, and as everyone knows, our country stopped yesterday the common pursuit of Minos ellinoisrailini 2010.

At present, there is no official reaction from the U.S. that are the closest ally of Israel.




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