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Pastor John / The Canadian | April 13 2006

Reuters reports that The U.S. administration is stepping up plans for a possible air strike on Iran, despite publicly pushing for a diplomatic solution to a dispute over its nuclear ambitions, according to a report by influential investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.


According to Hersh's representation of an unidentified senior Pentagon adviser on the war on terror "This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war." The White House, without denying the report, reiterated that it was pursuing a diplomatic solution.


"We are not going to discuss military planning," said spokesman Blair Jones.


Seymour Hersh wars of the spectre of nuclear war under the U.S. Bush administration


Hersh's report also said the administration is seriously considering using "bunker buster" tactical nuclear weapons against Iran to ensure the destruction of Iran's main centrifuge plant at Natanz.


The same senior unnamed Pentagon adviser is quoted by Hersh as saying that "this White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war."


The former intelligence officials depicts planning as "enormous," "hectic" and "operational," Hersh indicates.


One former defence official said the military planning was premised on a belief that "a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government," pursuant to Hersh's representation.


And of course, the world is also to believe that the armies of Russia, Pakistan, India, and China, that are all nuclear powers, will not become significantly agitated by historical precedence of American using nuclear weapons for the first time since World War II. And also of course the millions of innocent lives that will affected by the resulting nuclear-uranium related contamination, not to mention the resulting further creation of regional chaos, is supposed to somehow affirm the goals of "international security" and the "spread of democracy".



The Pentagon adviser is quoted as saying, some senior officers and officials who have become extremely alarmed were considering quitting over the plans to use nuclear weapons.


Hersh won a Pulitzer prize in 1970 for uncovering the infamous My Lai massacre by U.S. troops in Vietnam, and his reporting on abuses by American troops at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, helped expose one of the worst scandals to hit the Bush administration.


Enough is enough

Responsible Americans can agree the 9/11 was a horrific tragedy. Further to that appreciation by Americans, all members of the United Nations can agree that all individuals who were responsible for this horrific tragedy should be prosecuted to the full extent of international law. However, enough is enough.


It is apparent that this horrific tragedy is being exploited to justify the ideological destruction of America itself. Just like how America's neo-conservative ideologues view use of the sick as an opportunity for commercial profit, in their apparent prism, 9/11 also presents an "opportunity" that must be exploited.


Apparent Neo-conservative strategy


The "War against Terrorism" appears to be constructed around a cynical context of creating chaos, and then using that chaos to justify eroding the characteristics of what defines America.


These include a basic respect for human rights; the rule of international law; along with the pursuit of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Indeed, these are the ideals of great American leaders from Benjamin Franklin to former Presidents James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, to Franklin D. Roosevelt (whose wife championed the United Nations Universal Human Rights Charter), to Dwight D. Eisenhower, to John F. Kennedy, to Jimmy Carter, and many ordinary Americans.


These principles remain to be the ideals of a great majority of Americans. However, these are apparently not the ideals of a prevailing neo-conservative leadership, which is taking America, and the world along with it, closer, and ever closer, into chaos followed by brink of total nuclear self-destruction.


Eisenhower warned Americans about the evils of the military-industrial-complex


It was former U.S. President General Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his closing presidential address to Americans, who warned Americans against the advent of the "military-industrial complex". Eisenhower warned that the fusion of "military" with "industrial" interests in the development of America as Superpower, would in itself, constitute a threat to the liberty and freedoms of all Americans.


Despite that warning, it appears now that the fusion of these interests has created a scenario in which the maintaining of the "commercial profit margins" of certain industrial interests linked to war manufacturing related industries, can only now be maintained by perpetuating conditions for war (in a parasitic manner like a fungus that lives off living tissue).


The military-industrial complex is a "cancerous" stage of capitalism, where "market growth" is linked to the expansion of a 'Never Ending War'.


A Cult-inspired "Never Ending War" scenario deprives vital human rights and social justice


The so-called "War on Terrorism" now appears to have become that "Never Ending War". In the apparent advent of this 'War' ordinary Americans, are denied access to healthcare services, and other vital social assistance, like what happened to Katrina refugees, in favour of diverting resources into war as a commercially profitable economic "investment".


Neo-conservative script 'villains' in their plot against America

The "War of Terrorism" has been based on the represented need for America to target 'villains' who have been dubiously created by neo-conservative military agendas, that have been well-documented in the U.S. mass-media.


Having created these 'villains', the complementary policy of the Bush administration appears that America ought to cynically deny human rights, and social justice considerations to various population groups globally, in a apparent self-serving manner, that can 'exploit' the "profit" opportunity presented by the designation of these 'villains'. This operation will in turn gain a greater following for these villains.


That is the prism of the prevailing capitalism. It is not about people helping people. Rather, the prevailing capitalism under a military-industrial complex of the current U.S. administration is about using resources, including "human resources" for "profit" by elite 'owners of capital".


The agitated followers of these villains, of course, will want to retaliate and seek arms for themselves.


This anticipated occurrence will lead to a neo-conservative sought military bombardment against the agitated populations abroad, and henceforth, the creation of an instrumental "Police State" at home in America, under a legitimacy of a so-called "Patriot" Act, and "Homeland" security.


America will then need to enforce these "security" measures by abandoning constitutional values in order deal with these "insurgents", and other "terrorists".


By destroying the neo-conservative viewed "inconvenience" of American constitutional values, wealthy elites who have made themselves successful by "abiding by G-d's apparent law of the survival of the fittest" can repress the "masses" who dare challenge the G-d given rights" of neo-conservatives "to rule the Earth by G-d's laws".


Neo-conservatives worship the 'gods of Greed and Exploitation', and not the G-d of Jesus

Now I ask you, what G-d is this? Furthermore, what American would be content with a foreign power coming into their country, with an occupying military presence, which has perpetrated hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties?


Would Americans ignore that, or would they seek to rebel against such a malevolent foreign military presence?


Americans would rebel against such a foreign military presence, perhaps not with suicidal bombers, but through other armed resistance. When America rebelled against the British during the American Revolution, where these Americans "terrorists"?


Americans who are inspired by Biblical messages of social justice and peace, champion liberation for the on-going plight of innocent Muslims and other civilians, under U.S.-led military oppression


This kind of reaction is exactly what many Muslims (who have been seen their the lives of their friends, and families senselessly destroyed, along with their cities) have been doing.


Yet, rather than empathising with these people in such a context, in the spirit of the Bible, these Iraqis and others who had nothing to do with 9/11, are all being labelled as "terrorists" by manipulative neo-conservatives, as a convenient apparent label toward executing gingoistic demonization.


This is not America

The America sought by neo-conservatives is not the America embraced by the overwhelming majority of Americans, that view America as a "beacon of democracy", that inspires of nations to follow in her glory, from the example of lofty ideals.


The America sought by neo-conservatives in a society that inspires not by example. Instead, neo-conservatives seek to rule from the exploitation of fear, that can be used by elites to legitimate atrocious acts of cruelty, and barbarity, in the pursuit of power.


The American spirit inherently embraces generosity.


However, these neo-conservative ideologies view that generosity as a "weakness". The basic bigotry and mean-spiritedness of this neo-conservative clique can be viewed in their obsessiveness about sexual expressiveness, which are viewed to undermine their desire to execute an Orwellian-like social control. The so-called "War on Terrorism" is a contrived "political theatre of fear".


This apparent "theatre" which sadistically ignores the cries of humanity, has not been inspired by any group that can credibly call themselves as 'Christians'.


Neo-conservatives are not "political disciples" of Jesus


Neo-conservatives frequently present themselves as devout 'Christians', who revere Jesus and the Bible.


However, if one reads the teachings of Jesus, and if one appreciates the spirit of the Bible, one can discern explicit messages of peace, lovingkindness, and social ethical indignation against oppression, along with a vital concern for the plight of the poor.


It is well established that Jesus, for example, sought to heal the sick, without consideration for any financial compensation, which was available to be demanded during his era. And Jesus in the context that was presented in the spirit of the Bible expressed the need to "love your enemy", as well as other vital sentiments outlined in the book entitled Capitalism is Not Democracy, Part II by R. Samuels.


It is apparent from critically appreciating the philosophies of Jesus, who had religiously diverse influences, (which apparently included Eastern religions like Hinduism), that neo-conservatives as they present themselves, are not the "political disciples" of Jesus and the Bible.


Neo-conservatives exposed as apparent emissaries of the "Anti-Christ"


According to the Bible, G-d created the Universe, the Heavens, Earth, including all its living creatures. Now, think for a minute. How much of our environment from the rainforest, to the oceans, to the air we breathe supposedly all created by G-d, is being pillaged and destroyed by policies under the prevailing leadership of neo-conservatives?


How much respect have you seen for "G-d's creatures" in the War against Terrorism? It has been well-documented, for example, the over 250,000 innocent civilians in Iraq have lost their lives to an American pre-emptive military strikes, that have been executed in a context of mass-deceit. This mass-deceit has been correspondingly well-documented.


U.S. now verifiably responsible for more civilian deaths in Iraq than Saddam Hussein

Indeed, the U.S. has now been responsible for more loss of life in Iraq, than can be directly so far attributed t the villainous Saddam Hussein. And more loss of lives is continuing now on a daily basis under the direction of neo-conservative policies that cynically exploit chaos.


No group that sincerely viewed G-d as a supreme Deity, would pre-meditatedly destroy that which has been created by G-d, and take the world apparently on the brink of nuclear self-annihilation.


Neo-conservatives are infatuated by "Christians ceremonies and rituals", and ignore the vital messages of the Bible

The pseudo-religious prism of neo-conservatives neither appears to pivot on any substantive respect for the teaching of Jesus, nor on the spirit of the Bible.


It is apparent that neo-conservatives (like the Emperors of Rome), have become infatuated with rituals and ceremonies that are associated with 'Christianity'. Indeed, these rituals and ceremonies can be used to legitimate the power and authority of a neo-conservative Establishment through the 'institution of the Church'.


However, what Americans and other peoples see through such a 'neo-conservatized' "Church" is neither the messages of Jesus nor the spirit of the Bible. Instead Americans and other peoples view impressive hallow shells of ritualism that operate in disguise as a 'Cult of Mammon'.


White Neo-conservative elites prevail over the Genocide of alleged "inferior races" today, as self-designated Cult members of a self-designated "superior master race"


Members of this Cult do not worship G-d in their treatment of other human beings, and of the Earth, as being created by G-d. Instead, neo-conservative ideologues believe that they are themselves some kind of "master race".


Neo-conservative ideologues appear to view themselves to be the very incarnation of 'gods', who are not of the Bible. These neo-conservatives apparently believe, like the 'self-designated "Aryan" worshippers' of Nazi Germany, that they are a superior kind of human being. As "superior beings" the elite followers of neo-conservative ideology consider themselves as having been 'put on Earth' to subject its 'New World Order'.


The installation of a 'New World Order' was also the goal of Adolf Hitler, who also sought the use of pre-emptive military strikes against "Germany's enemies", irrespective of civilian casualties. "Globalization" together with a "War against Terrorism" is the process that neo-conservative are pursuing to achieve a New World Order, under their self-perceived "infinitely wise leadership", as capitalists.


With such an apparent racist ideological prism, neo-conservative have used the mass-media to implicitly demonize Muslims, as some kind of "un-American" sub-human group. In so doing, their loss of the lives of "inferior peoples" will seem less significant to Americans; sort of like killing rats or another animal.


The expressions of a frustrated Christian

As a Christian I believe that G-d created the Universe, the Heavens, the Earth and all its creatures. Consistent with that context, I believe that the destiny of humans as guided by the spirit of the Bible, is to be responsible protectors of the Earth, and each other as human beings, guided by peace, lovingkindness for each other, and by social justice.


This is a spirit which is shared by the religious texts associated with the world's major religions, and by the spirituality of many indigenous peoples. Furthermore, as some who is specifically inspired by the pan-religious teachings of Jesus, I consider myself to be a "Jesustian", if I may use that coinage.


I must therefore speak out against these neo-conservatives who take the name of the Lord in vain to perpetrate their pursuit of greed and exploitation. Many Americans and other peoples have received a totally false, dissembled, and manipulated version of Christianity, based upon the expression of neo-conservative pseudo-religious ideology.


Jesus sought liberation for all of humankind in a context of social responsibility, against the oppressive mantra expressed by neo-conservative cult ideologies.


Stop the sham of this so-called "War on Terrorism"


The Bible advocates resistance to oppression, and was not meant to be used as an ideological device for oppressors. As a Christian, I call on the current U.S. administration to "cease and desist" its mis-guided and cynical "War on Terrorism", that has apparently brought the Middle East, and the world to the brink of nuclear devastation.


This includes the withdrawal of a de-stabilizing and belligerent U.S. -led military presence in Iraq. America's leaders who are substantively guided by Biblical Christianity must show leadership in dismantling the prism of exploited Fear in the so-called "War on Terrorism.


America's leaders who are inspired by the philosophies Jesus will work to ensure a United Nations peace-making presence.


After all, the Bible, in association with the religious texts of other world religions, bring messages of peace, and not that of war (that motivate the apparent neo-conservative quest for 'power').


Such a United Nations peace-making presence supported by any U.N. requested non-military assistance, would ensure that the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare are provided to all Iraqis, irrespective of personal access to financial resources. After all, Christianity is a religion of executed deeds associated with lovingkindness, and not a religion of hypocritical words, ritualistic ceremonies, and legitimated oppression.


An America which provides such enlightened leadership, would restore a climate for peace and human security in Iraq, Iran, the Middle East, and for America in the world. As disciples of the philosophies of Jesus, we must expose the "wolves in sheep's clothing" who disguise themselves in 'faith' to execute their greed-driven mis-deeds.


Neo-conservative pivot on cult-worship of "Mammon"

Neo-conservatism pivots on a 'Cult of Mammon', where the insatiable pursuit of commercial profit, status, and power, overrides any concern for the kind of social responsibility context inspired by Jesus specifically; and by the Bible. In the doctrine of neo-conservatism, irrespective of social costs, the acquisition and control of 'Oil' is central to maintaining their pursuit of commercial profit, status, and power.


In the neo-conservative pseudo religious prism, the commercially wealthy in America have proven themselves worthy of the "gods of Mammon", in their achieving of commercial success irrespective of how many people they exploited and how much of the environment they destroyed along the way to their "success".


Having proven themselves, these "hard working Christians" can now "have their own way" against other Americans, and even more so, against "non-believers", including those "inferior" races of people. These perceived "inferior races" include other Americans, and other peoples; and "non-believers" elsewhere, who are good for, (at the most), 'cheap labour'.


Zealot Neo-conservatives 'drunken with power' and the technology of nuclear warfare are the ultimate threat to America and the world

In the prism of neo-conservatism, 'no price', including nuclear war, is too high to pay for the control of oil reserves.


Also in the apparent reported prism of leading U.S. neo-conservatives, their in "no point in having nuclear weapons, and not using it."


And if everyone is destroyed in the process that renders the Earth like Mars, then that is fine too, because all "good Americans" who embrace the Cult of Mammon, will be saved as the cult followers of David Koresh, and also at Jonestown believed.


America at a crossroads of world leadership that is either based upon America's spiritually-inspired values, or neo-conservative cult-led nuclear self-annihilation America and the world, is at a critical crossroads. America can re-galvanize itself in a manner that was embraced by substantive Christians in America.


These apparent substantive Christians are historically represented by leaders like Robert F. Kennedy, and Dr. Revered Martin Luther King Jr., who championed for human rights and social justice in the context of American ideals.


Or, alternatively, Americans along with other peoples can make themselves spectators to the apparent fatalistic, megalomaniacal and self-destructive cult mentalities of greed and exploitation which, have seized America. G-d bless America.





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