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Edible Wild foods in Canada = http://northernbushcraft.com

In Canada you will want to save these pictures and descriptions to a word pad like document and print

them they will be more valuable to you than Gold or Silver after this Global War. 2 years we eat that that

grows of itself then in the 3rd we sow and reap that that we have sown. So nearly 3 years we eat what grows of itself!


Mind control chips are every where today! One chip is all that is needed in your upper jaw - Nov 8 2011

Mind control experiment lets users wag a rat's tail just using brain power with no chip needed - April 8 2013







                                                      IN THE SOON TO COME NUCLEAR DAY OF THE LORD'S WRATH


Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Then we see Project Blue Beam which is a false holographic second coming of Jesus that could only be the signs that could almost deceive the very elect like 911.

Isaiah 17 :3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.                

Isaiah 17 :4 And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean

Isaiah 17 :7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

We see this day coming but first the Antichrist has to stand up and say he is God in Jerusalem.







This list has George H W Bush as a Mason. I know he controls the Hell's Angels.  

They rule out of New York city, Jerusalem, and London England today!


The CIA connection to the Hell's Angel's and the Zionist Herbert Walker Bush.
Herber Walker Bush Zionist - June 19


Zionists are responsible for the Global Chaos today because they Worship Lucifer/Devil who thinks he is god and as god warned us not to be like them =

they have a saying "out of chaos comes order" God's scriptural warnings that you have never know our Father to take part in this

Global Harlot Witchcraft to cause tribulation to us thinking good will come from it = 

Romans 3:8 And not rather, (as we be slanderously reported, and as some affirm that we say,) Let us do evil, that good may come? whose damnation is just.

They cause Chaos believing good will come as their saying goes "out of Chaos comes order" = they are blind guides to the blind.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

They call themselves the Illuminated ones or illuminati they put darkness as Light and they see us who are illuminated with the Love of God

 as evil people and they continuously hunt our every footstep and every word. They are a Catholic Jesuit creation. Just another arm of the Octopus of Evil Church that for

605 years openly hunted Christians = Spanish Inquisition Video. 100 Million died while they told them to denounce your faith in Jesus = they are Antichrist and always have been they are Pagan Pagan Sun god Worshippers .

 Saturday is the 7th day of the Week and they are deceiving the World into Worshipping Lucifer their father on Sun God day or Sunday.

If they can not get you away from God with one religion they control then they will try with another and they will not stop until they control you.

Hold fast to the King James Bible as all other English works have been altered . Stay instant in prayer and hold fast to faith and our father will come and save us when our test are accomplished.

Jeremiah 4:22 For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

Malachi 2:17 Ye have wearied the LORD with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God of judgment?

3 John 1:11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

Jesus Christ Loves you !





                                                                              Buy bulk food now!

                           What Preparations Can I Make for a Nuclear Emergency?



Luke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Luke 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  


Project Blue Beam could happen during Damascus destruction then we see God coming in the cloud of the Global nuclear war

when Russia and China

attack some time after. The next day or 3 1/2 year as the He Goat/Beast waxes very great first then the Global nuclear war happens




  The Pope is the Sun god and the false jesus christ God warned Satan would become.  

2 Corinthians 11:4  For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

The Pope is Lucifer the Babylonian Sun god He goes to hell because he deceiveth the whole world. Sunday worship is the Worship of Lucifer not Jesus. Pagan Christianity is everywhere as the great falling away has happened and had to happen before Jesus return.


Modern Sun GOD Symbols





The following is an exact translation of the doctrine of the Church of Rome as taught today in all Roman Catholic seminaries,

colleges and universities, through the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, vol. iv., p. 90:

"Though heretics (Protestants) must not be tolerated because they deserve it, we must bear with them till, by the second admonition,

they may be brought back to the faith of the church.  But those who, after a second admonition, remain obstinate to their errors,

must not only be excommunicated, but they must be delivered to the secular power to be EXTERMINATED."

The Death Worshipping Hell's Angels U.S. Army are the exterminators today.


Brought back ... I have never and will never worship Death I worship Life = the real Jesus.








This Hell's Angels unit was exposed here in Canada and the U.S. for mind control projects involving 70 universities back in early 70's

 so clearly they have never stopped. God warned us in Isaiah 30:28 that we would have bridles in our Jaws causing us to err.

And this is Satan's powers today. Mark Philips who is clearly a illuminati himself said the Pope called for Global mind control as

the only way to world peace over 30 years ago. It was already well under way. They fully control Canada today.

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.

Death head is the main symbol for the Hell's Angels. Satan is death. He is and always has been worshipped as the Sun God.

See the Hell's Angels Zionist and Mason Sun God worship symbols in Major business today here = Sun God is Lucifer

Psalms 78:49 He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.

Death worshippers killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a Scull. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

See June 8 th news right side for solid proof we are being hunted today by the Evil Hell's Angles. 

Special note = the founder of this Illuminati religion that has taken control of almost all the church today (if not all) is Albert Pike the same man who founded the Ku Klux Klan see the proof here Those who were bidden to the wedding were not found worthy = the church !


Special note = the V being used by many false Christians but it is a Satanic Luciferian Symbol see the proof

here = http://www.whale.to/b/v_s.html Alex Jones is using it and Pastor John Hagee is using

 it just to name a few Zionist illuminati that have infiltrated the church or truth movement.


                CURRENT WORLD NEWS Starts below this important information.


This Iran/Syria attack will happen and when it does Damascus Syria will get completely destroyed. To fulfill Isaiah 17:1 to be used to bring the Pope= False prophet and Obama to Power as if he is god through Project Blue Beam. All these signs we are seeing are man made signs as Lucifer comes with all God's signs and lying wonders.

1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Donations - June Kevin Wood $100.00 David W $50.00

See my Donations page to see why I need your help.


Matthew 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

Luke 12:40 Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.


Could an alien invasion really save the US economy - Aug 16

Economist Paul Krugman posits a faked alien invasion as a way to create fiscal stimulus.

Fake Alien Invasion Hype Kicks Into High Gear As CNN Admits It Would be FAKE! - Aug 14

CNN Hypes Alien Invasion As Tool To Improve The Economy – And Admits It Would Be Fake - Aug 15

Devil Luciferian Masons always warn you before the evil comes and every where in today's news we can see constant talk about a fake Alien Invasion = Project Blue Beam


A Danish man has filed a writ against A Alexandra Hospital for secretly implanting a microchip inside of his body

during a 1988 operation, which he says later caused him to hear voices.

This is why all the Masons see themselves as God they can listen to other people inner voice and can manipulate them just like the show Bruce almighty.

This is what the devils Numerologists teach today behind the scenes = "Numerologists call

11 a master number," he said. "It's a day when you should pay attention to your intuition, to your inner voice. And then you have to trust that intuition, which is where the process usually breaks down. They are chipping and speaking into the heads of a huge swath of our society today especially

the Police/Mason Mafia cops I call them. They are being told they have received the Holy Spirit and are now Soldiers for god . Now be good little Whores and use sex as a weapon on all of Society (COINTELPRO) as people will spill everything to you when you have slept with them.

I was in 4 tornadoes in My Life and this one was bad here in Regina Saskatchewan as it ripped roofs off of Houses

I was looking out the Window of our House and I saw perfect Blue skies then all of a sudden the Monster Sears Building literally disappeared.

I kept staring at where it was supposed to be and the next row of Houses I could see in the distance also disappeared.

Then another and then another and finally I could see the massive debris Field come at us and I yell at my Father and when he and I saw it we Both yelled Run. We no sooner turned the corner of the Kitchen to go down stairs and the Windows blew out.

The Other was MY First trip to Edmonton in 1987 . When the trailer Park was destroyed and over 30 people Died. I live 4 kms West of this Park today. This was no accident as Glen Elliott was in control of this park and he was in Regina when I lived there he is also a Part to these crimes

against me as well as Brian Ketel. These were Haarp created = by design. That's how I know how Powerful My Father is He was also clearly behind them all.


Michael Jackson took on the Image of the devil = Death.

That was why he had his face dyed White! He had his cheeks sculpted to look like a scull as did he have his nose shortened as well.

Death worshippers killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a Scull. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Solomon wrote proverbs and he said : Proverbs 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

Today the Hell's Angels Worship Death. The scull on their Jacket is called the Death head.

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Luke 21:20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.


God's Spirit covers all stars in heaven and we will see his anger show in his face prior to Russia attacking = keep watching the God's Fury page

Electronic skin tattoo has medical, gaming, spy uses - Aug 11 2011 = http://www.breitbart.com

This kind of technology has been surreptitiously implanted into nearly

the entire populations of our western world today. This gives people the power to hear your inner voice

(Speech recognition technologies). They are being told through freemasonry that they have the holy Spirit talking to them when in fact they have been chipped.

John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

If you have been told to follow your conscience it is God talking to you and or you have been taught to use sex as a weapon

 (War on drugs we need you help because everyone is a serial killer/terrorist to cause you to fear) = you have been chipped.


10 years before Sept 11/ 1991 on Sept 11th Bush Senior

called for the New World Order. Sept 11 2001 we saw the towers implode.

Sept 11 2012 will be the 11th anniversary of the World trade center implosions.

<--Click to enlarge picture.

11 in Numerology is destruction.

Keep Watching.

 1991 Sept 11th watch to the end!‏ - YouTube <-Language Warning at the very beginning.


Romney is Herbert Walker Bush in disguise

See Oct 29 News below for more clear cut evidence.

Look at the shape of the indented left cheek it is the same. Their chins are the exact same!

The Hair is the exact same colour and style. The chin is a dead give away!

The C.I.A. are know World wide for altering people's appearance.

John F Kennedy became John MC Cain.


The Lazy eye is a dead give away it is the same guy!

See more proof of this News below for Nov 4th 2013


Can you see the staged Picture with the V sign giving protestor showing this to be the

Works of the Luciferian Pagan Zionist protest.

See the Clearer proof here "V" signs here .

They are hunting protestors and here we see a staged picture promoting protests with the V sign giver front and center.


See the V for Victory campaign of John Hagee and Alex Jones clearly proves they are preaching Lucifer and not Jesus Christ.



Few people see what is really in this picture = a black hooded reaper + Satan/Lucifer their god = G  + his victory = V ("V" signs here) + is all encompassing = Compass. The V is also the 5 in Roman Numerals = Roman Jesuit Catholics created freemasonry. God said they hunt our every footstep. Catholic Jesuit created Freemasons are the Army the Catholic's have created to exterminate all who will not worship Lucifer the Pope. The above picture tells you who the Catholic Pope is ... death. The Pope is the all seeing eye = Horus The Sun god as he is the holy see.

Jesus Angels wear White !!!

The Anti camp wear Black !!! And usually we see them with a Skull in the face of the reapers = The Angel of death. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

God put two different roads before us = Life and Good and death and evil and the Catholic Church has always chosen Death and has done great evil to the Body of Christ - Lharmen

Pope prays in front of skeleton dressed up as a nun June 25

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.

The Catholics secretly Worship the Skull which is the worship of death = Lucifer the Angel of Death. They killed Jesus is a place where they worshipped the skull = Matthew 27:33 And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a skull,

Mark 15:22 And they bring him unto the place Golgotha, which is, being interpreted, The place of a skull.

John 19:17 And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha:


1 John 4:2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

1 John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist,
whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

Benjamin Netanyahu warns future of world at stake over Iran's nuclear programme - Sept 28

When the Cuban missile crisis occurred the US took photos of

Russian missiles into the UN as proof. In today's hi-tech world

 it seems a cartoon picture of a bomb is deemed sufficient.

Child like bomb drawing is used by Netanyahu ???? Why not use a real drawing of a real bomb the Iranians

have ... probably because one does not exist today. This is all about drawing red lines like a child would = Masons

Iran has already been accused of heading for the 90% enrichment/grade line so

to push for this as the attack criteria would allow an attack soon and that is why Netanyahu has done this - Lharmen

Netanyahu at 28 years old

In a remarkable video from 1978, 28 year old MIT grad Benjamin Netanyahu debates whether there should be a Palestinian state

created on the West Bank and Gaza.Wow look at the Dragon speak - Lharmen

Netanyahu giving Obama speech saying peace continually

By Peace the devil destroys many ! - Lharmen

7,500 US officials serve Israel interest, Tel Aviv biggest threat to US - Oct 2


Lharmen - I can be contacted at my Face book page under

Abbas Watchman or at 12160 <-(Suspended with out reason) under Lawrence Harmen.

 I can only imagine that I will be unable to update and what I have will be still up but frozen

 as long as I still have funds in my pay pal account to cover the $20.00 a month I need for

my server and stats. Thanks to all who have helped me stay up for the past 10 years now.

Jesus coming is as the brightness and the devils son the Antichrist's coming is as a

he goat across the entire world from the west = Daniel 8

Habakkuk 3:4 And his brightness was as the light; he had horns coming

 out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power.


See what the Illuminati Are doing to me/Lharmen today Nov 15 2011


The following is an exact translation of the doctrine of the Church of Rome as taught today in all Roman Catholic seminaries,

colleges and universities, through the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, vol. iv., p. 90:

"Though heretics (Protestants) must not be tolerated because they deserve it, we must bear with them till, by the second admonition,

they may be brought back to the faith of the church.  But those who, after a second admonition, remain obstinate to their errors,

must not only be excommunicated, but they must be delivered to the secular power to be EXTERMINATED."


The Death Worshipping Hell's Angels = 303 RD HELLS ANGELS  = Devils Army

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.


We need to understand why Damascus destruction is so important to us all =

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Then we see Project Blue Beam which is a false holographic second coming of Jesus that could only be the signs that could almost deceive the very elect like 911. - Lharmen

Isaiah 17 :3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.

A fortress has Walls and towers = Israel today has them both - Lharmen

Isaiah 17 :4 And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean

Isaiah 17 :7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

First the Antichrist/He Goat will stand up and say he is god then we see our Maker = this is what is holding God back from coming.

First bind the strong man then plunder his house  - Lharmen


First the Lord comes for the church

then the Lord comes back with the Church .



Donations - June Kevin Wood $100.00 David W $50.00

Very important Proof Israel is Modern Babylon - Lharmen
Netanyahu was wrong about Iraq having nuclear weapons - Sept 28

What I see here is the exact same language that Netanyahu is using today against Iran! We can see by this Video that Israel has been the steering wheel that has Guides the U.S. war policy for a long time . That is how Jerusalem is Babylon and Not New York which is controlled by Netanyahu's policies. We need to keep alert for any eventuality when it comes to the timing of this war as Netanyahu has openly sided against OBAMA and he will pay dearly for it if Obama is re-elected Nov 6th. Netanyahu will push very very hard for war before Nov 6th - Lharmen - Lharmen

Read what this article says about where Iran is headed and why =

Iran's Statements on 90% Uranium Enrichment Exposed - Sept 28

Add this very short news clip where Obama says he answers to Netanyahu daily.


Huge Mind control research page.


Way back machine had a back up as it went down again.

Zionist mind control = chipped people can have their

inner voice listen to and talked to all the way back to before WW2 .

Mind control/Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice - Oct 31
Lharmen - Hitler chipped his entire army and told them God was talking to them
 it was called "God speak" and it was not God but their captains talking to their inner voices .

 this is everywhere across the Global today = war on drugs religion.

Where ever you find the Hell's Angels

you find Mind control through this deceptive technology!

It's Now Possible for One Person's Brain to Control Another Person's Movements - Nov 7

Lharmen - exactly what I have been saying all illuminati an do to all people who are chipped today. They can control them via their own thoughts. One Veri-Chip installed under the cover of the vaccines all cops must take and you can become a puppet. They load the body with heavy metals like flouride (=Water, vaccines.) and or Mercury (Vaccines, Psychotropic drugs). The heavy metals create the antenna required for total control . 70 cops in Alberta were caught masturbating to images of children and another 60 just recently all in about the past 10+ years. All these cops are victims of mind control = Good cops removed from the police force through mind control technologies.


This is exactly what happened to me Lharmen Abbaswatchman's writer.

New York Officer reports systematic corruption and is forced to go

to a Mental health facility by fellow officers - Mar 11

It's all about forcing him to take the EEG.

NYPD officer thrown in psych ward by his superior Officers for exposing them - Mar 11 2012

Adrian Schoolcraft of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 81st precinct in Brooklyn

noticed some disturbing trends within the department and in response to his brave move

to step forward, his superiors had him thrown in a psychiatric ward.

(His Masonic Mafia cops superiors - Lharmen)
Schoolcraft realized that there was a pattern of the victims of crimes being caught up in

bureaucratic hurdles which he thinks were deliberately put in place in order to make it

harder to report serious crimes.

Mind control forums found

I found a backed up version of the victims of Mind control forums (Implants).


My Story was hosted here until this site was taken down in Jan 2010.

Does anyone know what happened to this site

email mail me abbaswatchman.com@google.com'

This web site used to hold a huge resource of Mind control victims stories

and explained how mind control is everywhere across our Western Nations today.



This was the index page for it!

With implant pictures front and center.

Janine Jones' account includes images which include the brain implants

she received as a baby in 1949, and radiation patterns on her window.

A petition against the Crown of New Zealand details her struggle since the

implants have been activated, destroying her professional and personal lives.

Just as God warned us we will all have when he comes = Isaiah 30:28

Bridles in our Jaws causing us to err.


They can and do burn our entire bodies with these things as this is

what they have put into my body in the center of my chest as I can feel it and

 where the frequencies are originating from -Lharmen.


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


America is the nation Israel will not have to protect them in the coming war =

Lamentations 4:17 As for us, our eyes as yet failed for our vain help: in our watching we have watched for a nation that could not save us.

Ask Jesus forgiveness of your sins soon!

All who do will escape harm!


Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;

and they shall walk, and not faint.

Revelation 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle,

that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished

for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Catching away is drawing near - March 15



We are very precious in God's Site !

Repent and change your ways the kingdom of heaven is at hand - Lharmen

10 Commandments click to enlarge

10 simple commandments we can all easily live by and then the World will become a better place.


Watch this Video = Christ lives in you ! It starts out amateurish but it has an awesome message!

Christ lives in you!

2 Guys on the cross with Jesus they both trashed him an Innocent man. The one on the Right

changed his wicked ways and told the Other = "Do you not fear God for we are here for what

we have done but this man is Innocent" = He repented of his persecution of the Innocent man

Jesusand stood up for the very man he trashed.

Which guy on the cross are you?

Repent and change your ways! Stop persecuting and become the persecuted as we are tried by

tribulations that come when we stand up for innocent people and for what is right and suffer for it.

Psalms 37:34 Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land:

when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.


Boston Bombing was fraud / Hoax nothing but a drill - Page


US was so sure it was striking Syria it made ‘warning calls’ to Israel’s leaders - Oct 6

Sept 10th - Russia and China have stopped the war and scripture says the East and the North trouble him then he goes out to destroy many but he comes to his end and no one helps him. Today everyone even his own Nation is against his striking Syria which is coming and looks to be during the fake One week peace deal. = keep watching.


Syria peace talks set for January 22 in Geneva | Reuters

The devils and there number 22 see more proof ->

By peace he destroys many - Lharmen

Ukraine crisis begin Feb 22 with the overthrow

of their Russian puppet president.

9/11 2013 would be the 22 year since Herbert

Walker Bush called for New World Order in 1991.

Morsi was elected Nov 22 and Netanyahu was

elected Jan 22 and then again on 3/22 they gave

a 3 month extension to the war that is coming.

The Illuminati worship Goddess Diana of the Ephesians of

 old and they say she ascended 322 so they use numerology

and at the same time they honour other Greek gods = God's

other than Jesus Christ of the Bible who came in the flesh.


 Lharmen. Do not forget President Kennedy was Fake assassinated on the
22nd of November, See what he warned us --->

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot
to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight." 

-President Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November, 1963 ten days after he
made this speech to Columbia University on Nov 12, 1963.

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Lawrence Harmen

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Project Blue Beam and the modern technologies that will be used.

How the Elites will fake an Alien invasion

video - Feb 10 2015

Roelof see the solid proof the CIA Agents = Drug cops are intercepting your Donation to me. Nov 19 2014

Roelof I have not received the photo copy for the past 5 months now but I have been forced to talk with these crooks in order to get the numbers = illegal activity continually. It says CIA right in the letter.

See how they send the Money transfer number but no amount which makes it impossible to receive it unless I call them so they can terrorize me some more = MK Ultra mind control or better said fear based mind control. God said they trust in oppression and perversion. You can not miss the oppression. Lharmen.

 Pray our Lord protects my money I am getting very low again as they endlessly steal it.




Current News

Starts here


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Pray for my safety the devils illuminati have been spraying me every few weeks for months now and today they had a white camper van running me off the road purposely to enrage me . they are always testing to see of we are evil after they create the perfect environment to say we are! Any human being living under constant attack is going to flip out and today I did . Pray the devils get shut down soon from terrorizing me. Pray for my safety Feb 4 2015. I again need you donations David Thompson/Harmen is clearly blocking my Donations. He is my relative and the head of the Hell's Angels war on drugs operations = Patricia light infantry = Military Mafia CIA created and controlled.
June 30 - Turkey and now Jordan are preparing to go into Syria with news Israel is preparing to go as well. If we see the 2 state deal added to the Iran deal in days then all things will be set for war with in the first week deal phase. Israel will go to their borders to enforce this coming deal militarily and war will come in the midst of the week. No fly zone unfolding spells all out war soon as it always starts with the all out destruction of the nations airfields it is being imposed upon = Isaiah 17:1-7. Luke 21 is about to begin means our redemption draws near.


Jordan is mulling a significant military intervention in southern Syria - June 30

Israel has also signalled that it could be willing to intervene in southern Syria.....

Lharmen - We watch for the Israeli army to Gathers on their borders ahead of the coming World War.


PressTV-Turkey tanks line Syria border: Video - June 30

Jordan to set up buffer zone in southern Syria - June 30


Turkey and Jordan said preparing buffer zones inside Syria. Israeli air support mooted. Putin issues warning - June 30

The Turkish and Jordanian armies were reported on June 30 to be getting ready to cross into Syria for the first time since war engulfed that country in 2011, and set up security buffer zones. Both are impelled to fight ISIS, oppose the Assad regime and anxious to stem the flow of refugees, but there are also differences in their objectives and it is not clear if they are coordinated.
Turkey has prepared 18,000 troops to carve out a buffer zone in northern Syria and use its air force to impose a no-fly zone against Syrian flights. Middle East sources report that the Jordanian army is also on the ready to cross into southern Syria. Jordan and Israel are reported to be planning joint air cover and the creation of a parallel no-fly zone in the south.
These preparations prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to pledge his support for the Assad regime .On Monday, June 29, Putin summoned Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem to his Kremlin office from a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to tell him that Russia’s "policy to support Syria, the Syrian leadership and the Syrian people remains unchanged."
Putin has repeatedly warned Western governments against military intervention in the Syrian war or any attempt to oust Bashar Assad, warning that if foreign troops go into Syria, Moscow will respond in kind.
The Russians have not spelled out what action is contemplated, but they have options: they maintain naval and marine forces in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions able to reach Syria at short notice. South Russian air force bases are also close enough to interfere with no-fly zones being setup over Syria.
Sources in Ankara claim that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already given Turkish units their orders to go into Syria, although this is not confirmed. Others use the term “Western intervention” - suggesting that US and NATO are involved in the Turkish initiative. This may refer to US Air Force squadrons based in southern Turkey possibly providing air cover.
Western and Middle East sources report that the Jordanian plan entails a joint operation with Syrian rebel forces to carve out a security zone in southern Syria running from Jabal Druze and Suwayda in the east running west through the town of Deraa and up to the intersection of the Jordanian-Syrian-Israeli borders.
Fierce fighting has been raging in this part of Syria in recent days as the rebels battle Syrian-Hizballah forces in an attempt to push them out and capture southern Syria. So far they have not made it.

Lharmen - a nofly zone starts with the all out destruction of the nations airfields it is being imposed upon = It is an all out war declaration.


Interview From Flotilla Boat That Did Not Make It To Gaza - Martin Lejeune - June 30



US prepares for 'staggeringly consequential' Iran deal - June 30

The document is largely written, but the toughest negotiations come down to the wording of key annexes. The deal at hand with Iran over its nuclear program will be a single, comprehensive text, annexes and all, in English and in Farsi, with “staggeringly consequential” effects on the security of the world, a senior US official said on Monday.
But the American team hopes to adopt a final text within days – formally achieving agreement on a Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action.
The entire US team, already here in Vienna, is preparing for the adoption of the text in two ways. First and foremost, they say, they are inspecting each provision with intricate care.
Each of those provisions, one official said, includes “a hundred details,” from the fate of heavy water in Iran’s plutonium facility in Arak to the precise language of a United Nations Security Council resolution that will codify the deal. He is to meet Tuesday with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who traveled to Tehran on Monday to consult on the deal’s final stage with the country’s supreme leader. Zarif plans to return from Iran early on Tuesday morning.

Also scheduled to arrive on Tuesday is Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who is to meet with Kerry at some point in the afternoon.
Over the weekend, one Chinese official said they expect the document to be “finalized on schedule, or maybe within a week.”


Iran, Global Powers Extend Nuclear Talks Deadline - June 30

Iran and the six power group it is negotiating with over Tehran’s nuclear program effectively extended the deadline for the talks by a week on Tuesday in an effort to reach a final nuclear agreement, the U.S. State Department said.
The decision gives the two sides until July 7 to finalize a landmark nuclear agreement. The original deadline was this Tuesday but it has been clear for days that talks would run past June 30.
If the two sides meet the July 7 deadline, it would mean Congress only gets 30 days to review an agreement.


As default looms, Merkel rules out more negotiations with Greece - June 30

If no agreement is reached, Greece will default on a loan to the International Monetary Fund, setting it potentially on a path out of the euro with unforeseeable consequences for both the EU's grand currency project and the global economy.


16 Facts About The Tremendous Financial Devastation That We Are Seeing All Over The World - June 30

As we enter the second half of 2015, financial panic has gripped most of the globe. Stock prices are crashing in China, in Europe and in the United States. Greece is on the verge of a historic default, and now Puerto Rico and Ukraine are both threatening to default on their debts if they do not receive concessions from their creditors. Not since the financial crisis of 2008 has so much financial chaos been unleashed all at once. Could it be possible that the great financial crisis of 2015 has begun?
Lharmen - Luke 21 Nations in distress with perplexity = getting worse and worse ahead of the World war. Nations look prepared to rise against Nation any day now.


'Americans never presented Israel with full security plan for West Bank withdrawal' - June 30

Lharmen - they are talking 2 states at the same time as the Iran deal . Watch for the Israeli army to Gather on their borders ahead of the coming wars as Turkey and Jordan are preparing to go in to Syria any day now = Luke 21 is about to begin = Nation shall rise against nation then Kingdom against Kingdom and when these things begin to come to pass we then lift our heads as our redemption draws near.


Muslims Issue A Bulletin Throughout The City Of Jerusalem Calling On Muslims To Massacre All Of The Christians In Jerusalem By The End Of Ramadan - June 30

Lharmen - the time of the Gentiles is fast approaching. 3 1/2 years we are given rest in the Wilderness during this evil time period. All white people will be hunted with the exception of a few God will hold back from the sword.


US says no evidence Jordan, Turkey considering Syria buffer zones - June 30

Lharmen - pretty hard to deny the video and picture evidence.

Greece could face social unrest soon: Wilbur Ross - June 30


The Use Of Fluoridation For Mass Mind Control - June 30

Lharmen - It creates a liquid Metal antenna out of the bodies Muscular skeleton and the brain is the target. They can then radiate it to lower the immune system and keep it there for total mind control through micro chipping today.

Clip from Article: This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place. ...
"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient light lobotomy]....
"When the Nazis under Hitler decided to go into Poland, both the German General Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans, and personnel, and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian Communists because it fitted ideally into their plan to communize the world.

Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows - June 30


Mount Hakone erupts Ash in Japan near Tokyo -- Hasn't Erupted in 800 years - June 30

Lharmen - Jesus will darken the Whole World in the clear day when the Day of the Lords return happens.



June 29 - Greece banks close until July 6 . Global markets crash.

Turkish Army heads to their border this time with orders from Erdogan to enter Syrian conflict. We are watching for the Israeli army to head to their borders ahead of the coming war. The first Gaza flotilla ship has been seized and the other 3 turned back. We watch for many more in the coming days ahead of the World war. Watch for the fake week 2 state deal to be lumped into the Iran deal any day.  Luke 21 Nation shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom.


Turkey scrambles tanks to create ‘buffer zone’ on Syria border - June 29

Amid talk of a potential Turkish military intervention in Syria, the Turkish military is deploying tanks to the common border to create a “military buffer zone” there.
On Monday, Turkish armed forces began amassing near the Turkish border city of Sanliurfa, AFP reported.
The agency said Turkish officials were also discussing the potential intervention.
The planned buffer zone stretches 110 kilometers (68 miles) long and 28 kilometers (17 miles) wide between the southern Turkish towns of Karkamis and Oncupinar.
The forces are deploying opposite the border town of Kobani, AFP said.


Turkey Plans to Invade Syria to Fight Kurds - June 29

..reports are emerging that Erdogan has ordered the Turkish military to send troops into Syria to fight against the Kurds.


Greece's Debt Crisis Sends Stocks Falling Around Globe - June 29

Lharmen - Plunge comes ahead of the war = days away or war in Sept with our redemption days away! War will come in days if the Israeli army Gathers on their border with a fake week deal signed = 2 states + Gaza demilitarization.


A Grexit would be disastrous and could signal disintegration of euro - June 29


Greeks hit by closed banks, warnings from eurozone - June 29

Anxious pensioners swarmed closed bank branches Monday and long lines snaked outside ATMs as Greeks endured the first day of serious controls on their daily economic lives ahead of a July 5 referendum that could determine whether the country has to ditch the euro currency and return to the drachma.


On eve of Iran deal, US retreats on inspections of nuclear past, speeds up sanctions relief - June 29

All remaining sanctions will be lifted when implementation of the accord begins.

Lharmen - Over Supply crisis = this will weigh heavily on an already crashing market = Market plunge before war coverage.


Deadline likely missed in nuclear deal - Hayden says Iran has 'upper hand' - June 29

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said Sunday that the United States has lost its edge going into the final days of a nuclear negotiation with Iran.
On Sunday, U.S. officials confirmed to Fox News that world powers meeting in Vienna to hammer out the nuclear deal will miss their June 30 deadline.






Hamas leader confirms rumors of indirect talks with Israel - June 29

Speaking to Channel 1 on Sunday, he warned that the situation between Israel and Gaza could erupt once again if the Strip is not quickly rebuilt.
Lharmen - The peace deal is being made and it will start with the week deal Netanyahu has demanded in exchange for the missiles locations within the week phase so then Gaza can be rebuilt.


Gaza-bound flotilla vessel seized by Israeli navy - June 29

In a statement the Israeli army said on Monday that it did not use force in redirecting

 the main boat Marianne to the Israeli city of Ashdod.
Petros Stergiou, a spokesperson for the flotilla, told Al Jazeera that organisers lost

 contact with the Marianne at around 2am local time on Monday morning, as three

military boats approached.

Lharmen - Like I have said it takes 3-5 Military ships to escort just one flotilla ship

= trap coming during the war they will just keep coming in tying up the Israeli Navy.


Israel Intercepts Gaza Flotilla - June 29

Two additional boats making their way to the Gaza coast turned back after the interception. It was not clear whether they were returning to their ports in Greece or if they planned to resume their sail to Gaza at a later time.


EU leaders urge Greeks to vote 'yes' to stay in euro - June 29


Greece confirms banks to close until July 6 - Posted June 29


House Homeland Security Chair warns Americans to 'remain vigilant' ahead of July 4th - Posted June 29

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th


Ministers depart, but US says current talks are final round for a nuclear deal - June 29

Zarif planned his return from Tehran on Sunday, his team said. US Secretary of State John Kerry will remain in Vienna until the talks recess.
And that recess, the US official said, will not come without conclusion: The US will not agree to extend them for a long period, and will not leave Vienna without clarity on the path forward, with or without a deal.


Greece Will Default To IMF Tomorrow, Government Official Says - June 29

So did this latest antagonism change the Greek mind? According to a flash headline by the WSJ released moments ago, not all. In fact, Greece just made it official that it would default to the IMF in just over 24 hours.

Merkel Warns of Europe's Collapse: 'If Euro Fails, So Will the Idea of European Union' - June 29

Euro sharply down as Greece crisis deepens, default looms - June 29


The world is defenceless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS - June 29



June 26 / 27 / 28 - Greek banks will be close tomorrow with an imminent default days away = June 30th says the markets will plunge in the coming days if not tomorrow.
War is nearing on the Israeli borders and some of the Gaza flotilla are supposed to arrive tomorrow with the Iran deal being now extended a few more days. Daniel 8 war looks very near. We watch for the Israeli army to Gather on their borders ahead of the coming war.


Syria, Hizballah torpedo understanding between Druze and Syrian rebel Nusra Front near Israeli border - June 28

Syrian ruler Bashar Assad and Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah have gone all out to stir up adversity between the Druze communitys of the Golan and Israel, and the Syrian rebel Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.
To torpedo the armistice deal brokered between them earlier this month by the US, Jordan and Israel, 200 Syrian and Hizballah troops were pumped into the Druze village of Khader on the Syrian Golan, 3 km from the Israeli border. Since Friday, June 26, these troops have been attacking Nusra and the other Syrian rebel groups fighting to capture the Golan town of Quneitra. This has stalled the rebel operation for taking control of the highway to Damascus. Rockets from this battle strayed over to the Israeli side of Golan Sunday.
Lharmen - Daniel 8 tells us Media/Syria and Persia/Iran will be pushing in 3 directions when the great war starts.
Another clip: The fighting is so far low key between the Syrian and Hizballah troops ocupying the Druze village of Khadar and the Nusra Front fighters. But it is estimated by Israeli watchers that an escalation is not far off and, when it happens, the rebel Islamic group will make good on its threat of retribution against the Druze villagers of Skaska.
And then, yet another sensitive corner of the Syrian conflict may go up in flames, possibly putting Israel on the spot again.
Lharmen - We watch for the Israeli army to gather on all their borders ahead of the coming war.


Iran Nuclear-Deal Negotiators to Stay in Vienna Past Deadline - June 28

The U.S. and its partners are planning to stay in Vienna past the June 30 deadline to try to seal a final nuclear deal with Iran, a senior U.S. official said Sunday, as others warned there were still a few tough issues to resolve.
A senior Iranian official said that Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was planning to fly back to Tehran Sunday evening for consultations at home and that he will likely return on Tuesday morning.
Ms. Mogherini, who chairs the six-power group that negotiates with Iran, also said there is “flexibility” around the June 30 deadline if the two sides are closing in on a deal.


Greek banks to remain closed, withdrawals to be restricted - June 28

Greek banks will remain shut for an unspecified time and the country is imposing restrictions on bank withdrawals following a recommendation by the Bank of Greece, the country's prime minister said Sunday.
This comes after the European Central Bank didn't increase the amount of emergency liquidity the lenders can access from the central bank.
Sunday's move comes after two days of long lines forming at ATMs across the country, following Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' decision to call a referendum on creditor proposals for Greek reforms in return for vital bailout funds. While some machines were running out of cash, others were being replenished.
Tsipras gave no details of how long banks will remain closed or what restrictions will be placed on transactions. Banking officials said lenders would remain shut for at least a day, with some media reporting the institutions would remain closed for at least a week.
Tspiras says he has also renewed a request for an extension of a few days for the bailout, which is to end Tuesday.
Lharmen - the extension could line up with the Iran deal unfolding maybe June 9th max. Watch for the timing of these events being right before the war = days all the way through Sept. ISIS attacks are already being used to round up dissidents or people on the terror watch list. All Like myself who warn of the 3rd WW are terror suspects = as in scaring people = terrorizing. Jesus warned us not to be mockers lest our bands be made secure says could be arrested and when Jesus comes his Angels will free us. The crash comes ahead of the war. How much ahead???? that is the question ..no man knows the exact day but we will see it coming within one day of the date.... Now or Sept.
Another clip: The European Central Bank announced it is maintaining emergency credit to Greek banks at its current level, a day after the country's parliament approved holding a referendum next week on whether to accept creditors' financial proposals in return for bailout loans.
The ECB's decision keeps a key financial lifeline open but does not provide further credit to Greece's banks.
The ECB had said it was considering tightening assistance to the banks, but on Sunday said it was still working closely with the Bank of Greece to maintain financial stability and added it could reconsider its decision on credit levels.


FX Brokerages Move To "Close Only" Ahead Of Monday Open - June 28


Eurozone Rejects Greek Bailout Extension: All Bailout Programs Expire On June 30, Referendum Moot - June 28

Parliament approves referendum as Greece's future hangs in the balance - June 28


International flotilla sets sail with Canadians on board to break Israel's economic siege on Gaza - June 28

Today, June 27th 2015 (4 am in Gaza), four boats of the 2015 the Freedom Flotilla III set sail from their final European points of departure. Through nonviolent resistance they will challenge the illegal blockade of the Palestinian Gaza strip, which is running on its 9th year, sailing as always from international waters directly into Palestinian waters.
The Flotilla is due to reach Gaza in just a few days. Participants on board include 48 people, among them human rights activists, journalists, artists, and political figures representing 17 countries. This is the third Freedom Flotilla to sail, in addition to nine single boats that have undertaken to sail to Gaza, beginning in 2008 when several voyages reached Gaza City harbour and returned to Europe from their mission of bringing supplies and solidarity to the people of Gaza.


Gaza Freedom Flotilla Mission Live Interview On Ship - Martin Lejeune - June 28


Swedish boat sets sail in bid to break Gaza blockade June 28


New Zealand FM pushes for renewed peace talks - June 28


Bennett: 'If Hamas gives up arms, Israel will lead global effort to rebuild Gaza. - June 28

Lharmen - The U.N resolution will bring the week deal to demilitarized Gaza and the deal is being endlessly talked about. One time period the week deal could happen and one time period it might not happen just straight to war.
Clip from article:
Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett expressed surprising support on Saturday for a deal in which Israel would enable the economic development of the Gaza Strip in return for a promise of a long-term cease-fire from Hamas.


Washington stretches Iranian nuclear pact deadline to July 9 - Posted June 28

... the deadline for a final nuclear accord moved from next Tuesday to July 9. The administration doesn't want to give the Congress 60 days to review the deal and thereby further delay its implementation. If it is submitted by July 9, Congress will have to vote its approval or disapproval before leaving town for its August recess. If the deal comes in after July 9, the vote as well as the subsequent potential veto and veto override attempts would be delayed until September.


P5+1 and Iran Have Settled Framework for Sanctions Relief Timing, Says Iranian Sources - June 28

Contrary to public posturing on the timing and pace of sanctions relief, a framework for handling this critical matter of the nuclear deal has been resolved, according to Iranian sources.

Iranian officials have on numerous occasions insisted that sanctions relief must come immediately upon the signing of an agreement. This has been at direct odds with the position of the U.S. government and its allies, who insist that relief only can come after Iran has taken numerous steps limiting its nuclear activities.
As often times is the case in diplomacy, the solution was found in a combination of a play with words and practical measures.
This is exactly what the diplomats did to reconcile the Iranian insistence on front loaded sanctions relief and the Western position of relief being provided only after the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified Iranian steps to curtail its nuclear program.
According to Iranian sources, the agreement is divided into three phases. The initial phase -- called "adoption of agreement" -- takes places as the two sides agree on a final deal. This phase will kick in in the next few days -- if a deal is reached.

The next phase -- the operationalization of the agreement -- will begin once the domestic political processes of various parties have conclusively approved the agreement. This phase has been added primarily as a result of the US Congress passing the Corker bill, in which the American legislature gave itself the right to review and vote on the nuclear deal.

The timing of the second phase is directly related to the duration of the Congressional review process. If the two sides come to an agreement prior to July 10, the review process is set at 30 calendar days, in addition to 22 calendar days for Congress to pass a resolution to accept or reject the deal and for the President to use his veto, if need be. If the two sides fail to reach a deal by July 10, the Congressional review process increases to 60 calendar days.

Poroshenko inks permission for foreign troops in Ukraine - June 26

The Ukrainian president has sealed amendments to the law that allow foreign troops to be present in Ukraine as part of an international peacekeeping force. The legislation also potentially allows the presence of weapons of mass destruction in the country.


Greek banks will not be open on Monday - June 28

Greek banks will not be open on Monday, June 29. The decision was made to avoid the financial crisis.
Banks will not open until at least July 5 — the day of the referendum, where the citizens of Greece should speak about the offerings of creditors, according to the newspaper Kathemerini, with reference to its sources.


ECB Says "Greek Bank Holiday Now Necessary" - June 28

Earlier this morning we noted that the ECB has now frozen the ELA cap for Greek banks in the wake of PM Alexis Tsipras' move to call for a euro referendum and the Greek parliament's vote to allow the poll to go ahead.




100 Groups From Around the World to UN: Demand Accountability for CIA Torture - June 26

C.I.A. = Catholic Inquisition Agency <- They always torture people. - Lharmen


Turkey confirms negotiations on reconciliation with Israel - June 26


The China Bubble Is Going to Burst - June 26

Lharmen - Again today June 26th China's market crashed 7 percent.

 What's up for Monday = Plunge????


US says Iran nuclear deal deadline may 'slip' - June 26


Billions of Dollars of Gold Discovered Under Eilat Mountains to be Used to Rebuild Third Jewish Temple - June 26


FBI Rounding Up Islamic State Suspects - June 26

Lharmen - all believers in God could soon be labelled suspects supporters of ISIS or ISIL.


California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation - June 26


As in the Days of Noah: US Supreme Court Votes in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage 5-4 - June 26


Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine,' backs two-state solution - June 26

The Vatican signed its first treaty with the "State of Palestine" on Friday, calling for "courageous decisions" to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a two-state solution.
Both parties, according to the statement, “agreed that the work of the Commission on the text of the Agreement has been concluded, and that the agreement will be submitted to the respective authorities for approval ahead of setting a date in the
near future for the signing.”


FLASHBACK - British Special Forces Caught In IRAQ posing as Arabs - June 26

Lharmen - The U.S. Hell's Angels always frame their enemies.



Lharmen - the devil wants a One World Government = the Pope.


Christian Pastors Are Being Prosecuted for Preaching the Gospel, While Atheists Like Richard Dawkins Have Freedom to Make 'Horrorific Remarks,' Says UK Politician - June 28

Lharmen - God is about to draw the sword out after all Jews / Christians World wide after the 3rd WW. Only those God has reserved from his judgement will be saved.


Australian Government Contractors Will Now Go to Jail for Reporting Child Abuse in Detention Centers - June 28

Lharmen - Lawless times = we are living in them just before Our lord comes.




June 25 - I take  it again to be a fake email as My web site would have gone down June 24th. See yesterdays picture proof right below. 

Luke 21 = All is coming together for the first week of July = the Greek default starts July 1st for certain and the deal with Iran could happen that day or July 2nd. If that deal is made watch for it to be for the fake week = 2 state France resolution as well all to be lumped together For July 1st/2nd and the war then will be July 4th independence day = Project Blue Beam. If the deal with Israel and the Palestinians does not happen first days of July then it could be pegged for Sept and our redemption draws near when the crash begins = Luke 21


Senior US Official: Iran Nuclear Talks May Miss Deadline - June 25

A senior U.S. administration official says Iran nuclear negotiators may not make a June 30 deadline for a final agreement.
The official said negotiators are expected to be “close” to an agreement on June 30, if they “can get there at all.”
The official commented in a briefing on Thursday, a day before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry travels to Vienna, Austria, where talks have been underway.
The senior administration official said negotiators remained “committed” to the June 30 deadline but may “miss it by a short bit.” The official added that all of the parties involved in the talks wanted to ensure that the content of an agreement was right.
Lharmen - I see this agreement being made on July 2nd by design = 3 month since the frame work deal April 2nd. Watch for the fake week deal to all be lumped together with the France 2 state resolution July 2 then we know the flotilla will, by design, reach the Gaza shores for July 4th war. If the 2 state deal is not a part of the Iran deal then look to Sept 11th for it but our redemption will draw near at the coming Market plunge = Luke 21


Kerry heads to Vienna on Friday for final Iran nuclear talks - June 25





PA set to submit report at The Hague; Israel hopes ICC won't 'fall into trap' - June 25

The Palestinian Authority plans to submit to the International Criminal Court at The Hague on Thursday a detailed report of alleged war crimes by Israel and its leadership against the Palestinian people.
“The delivery of this information is considered a fundamental step in the process of ending Israeli impunity and bringing justice to the Palestinian people,” the Palestine Liberation Organization said in a statement it released about the move.
“The files to be presented to the court refer to war crimes and crimes committed by individuals of the Israeli leadership,” it said.


Israel sabotaged Gaza flotilla ship at Greek port, activist suggests - June 25

“We don’t know who it is,” Feiler said. “But that person went deep underwater and sabotaged the propeller, so we had to find a different boat.”


Eurogroup meeting ends, Greece deal still far off - June 25


Greek crisis: deal unravels as both sides reject proposals and Tsipras is summoned to late night talks - June 25


Greece banks receive fresh ECB funds: source - June 25

The European Central Bank (ECB) on Wednesday increased for the fifth time in 8 days emergency liquidity funds for Greece's banks, a Greek banking source said.
The size of the latest increase of the ECB's Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) was not specified by the source, who declined to be named, and came as Greeks continued to withdraw deposits in large volumes from the nation's stricken banks.

Lharmen - The ECB stops the financial life blood when one payment is missed = June 30th = they will default July 1st.


Satanic Temple to unveil Pagan goat-headed statue in Detroit - June 25

Lharmen - this image is of the beast written in Revelation = Mark of the beast and this is also the Jesus the son of Lucifer the devil.  The Jesus the Catholics Worship = the He goat of Daniel 8 that will shown himself to the World through Project Blue Beam at the 3rd WW.
It is called the Baphomet the highest symbol in Witchcraft today it is their god.


Ebola cases reported in Guinea as people travel, worries increase with election campaigns - June 25

Lharmen - If this war is close then next week we will see Ebola start to span the globe. Do not take the coming Vaccines.


U.S. Marines practice for mass casualty event in California as Jade Helm buildup continues - June 25




June 24 - My web site is still up but they have not moved it over yet as it would says 11s version 7 and it is still at 6.

This is one of the messages I have been receiving lately.

News Today:


U.S. Encircles Russia With Heavy Weaponry As Sabre Rattling Intensifies - June 24


Israel preparing to ‘stop flotilla from reaching Gaza’- June 24

Lharmen - I do not think they will try anything until the first week of July . Keep watching even if my web site goes down.


Russia to send 31st humanitarian aid convoy to Donbas - June 24


Breaking the Siege: Ships on the way to Gaza! - June 24

[Canada] Canadian Boat to Gaza
[Greece] Ship to Gaza
[Italy] Freedom Flotilla Italia
[Norway] Ship to Gaza
[South Africa] Palestine Solidarity Alliance
[Spain] Rumbo a Gaza
[Sweden] Ship to Gaza
[Turkey] IHH
[United States] US Boat to Gaza
European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza
International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza

MORE : https://freedomflotilla.org/

Lharmen - I warned there will be far more than 3 ships when they reach Gaza's waters more like 30+



UN report gives Hezbollah the green light - June 24

Report: Syrian Islamists led by Nusra Front unite near Israel's border - June 24

According to a report on the website Alsouria.net over the weekend, eight Islamist factions announced the formation of Jaish al-Fatah, or the Army of Conquest, in southern Syria in order to face the Syrian regime.


US military moving tanks, other equipment to allied nations near Russian border - June 24


Northern Lights Surge as Huge Solar Storm Reaches Earth - June 24

Lharmen - This is what will break all of God's children free when the Luke 21 and Mark 13 signs begin to come to pass = Solar flare.


Austrian Campaigners Start Collecting Signatures in Support of EU Exit - June 24


Scientists Have Invented New Silicon Chips That Can Replace Human Organs - June 24


Samsung's 'see-through' trucks aim to reduce risk of passing on highway - June 24


NO DEAL! Creditors REJECT Greek Gov't "Reforms" will NOT release more bailout $. DEFAULT ON JUNE 30! Athex Banking index drops ->7% - June 24



June 23 - This is the last day my web site will work. I need to upgrade to a newer software and or a different server that sill has front page extensions. Without the extensions my Web site will not work. June 24th is the day they will move my web site to a new server. Keep up with my face book page as that is all I will have left until I can figure out how to fix this. Sent donations to Paypal  
. News today: We are only days away from the Iran sanctions being lifted. This will with all certainly weigh heavily on the Oil Markets. We are days away from the Greek default news. We are days away from the Gaza Flotilla's arrival. One of the 3 ships has made it near Crete. Crete is on the Greek Island not far from Israel = days by boat. All things are set to unfold for the end of June or early July maybe the 4th. They always show us in the movies or books what they plan to do ahead of the disasters and the Independence day movie is an Alien attack on the World = Project Blue Beam is an alien attack on the World. The Crash come ahead of the war. We might have one more hurdle and that is the U.S. congress still has to approve the Iran deal in the coming days. Turkey and Israel just met the Pope to fix their nations ties. Turkey will betray Israel in the coming war so to have their ties repaired ahead of the war is a no brainier. It has to happen or no Israeli trust when it comes to Turkey manning their Israeli border systems.


Iran deal may usher a quick return to $50 U.S. oil prices- June 23

The oil market’s mostly focused on U.S. supply data this week, but next week should be all about Iran and the deadline for a final agreement over its nuclear program.
If a deal between Iran and six world powers is reached by the June 30 deadline, Iran could soon start dumping millions of barrels of oil into the global market, ushering a quick return of $50 oil prices.
“Iran has at least 34 large tankers full of oil — about 50 million barrels or more — ready to “sell and sail” if sanctions are lifted, said Byron King, editor of investment newsletter Outstanding Investments.
He said some of that may have been pre-sold or deals may have already been wired, but “that’s a massive distortion waiting to hit markets as soon as it’s legal.”
Analysts debate over just how much oil Iran has in floating storage, but all agree that the oil can have an immediate impact on the global market.
Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research, said the amount may be more like 30 million to 40 million in storage, but it “could hit the market very quickly.”


SEA CHANGE: $140 Billion Bond Fund Goes To CASH As It “Braces For Bond-Market Collapse" - June 23

Lharmen - all triggers are in place for the planned market plunge ahead of the war.


Historic Iran talks in final act - June 23

US willing to extend talks by a few days, but by no more; Iran parliament passes critical bill limiting possible concessions; political and technical gaps remain.
After two years of historic negotiations, and over two months since agreeing upon a framework for a nuclear deal, negotiators are preparing to converge on Vienna for one final push this weekend. They seek a final multilateral agreement that will cap, restrict, monitor and partially roll back Tehran's vast nuclear program for a limited period in exchange for sanctions relief.
There are also practical considerations. The talks are likely to end— deal or no deal— by July 9, the administration official said, when Congress returns from its Independence Day recess.
A bill recently passed into law allows Congress to review and vote on a deal within 30 days, should lawmakers arrive back on Capitol Hill to the full text a deal.
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has rejected all of these demands in recent weeks. And the country's parliament codified his positions on Sunday, demanding an "immediate" sanctions lift and ruling out any access to its military sites.
"There will need to be some more flexibility shown by our Iranian partners if we are going to reach a deal," UK Foreign Minister Philip Hammond said. "But, look: This is a negotiation. We always expected it would go right to the line and maybe beyond the line."

Lharmen - this war could be slated for July 4th as 7+4=11 Remember 9 11 = 9+1+1=11

All thing are being prepared for that time period. Plunge comes ahead of the coming war.


Iran puts military sites back on table in nuclear talks - June 23

A comprehensive deal, which is a foreign-policy priority for the Obama administration, is nearing next Tuesday’s deadline.

Lharmen - No Nation would ever agree to inspections of their military sites . The deal deadline is supposed to be next Tuesday. Pray for my Web site That God puts it back up quickly.! The timing is to perfect for it to be natural taken down.


Greece given 48 Hours to reach deal as EU leaders weigh debt - June 23

Lharmen - Greece will have until the 30th as the 1st of July they will be in default and the ECB has warned the payments stop when one payment is missed and so far no one has said they have missed any even though the June 6th payment was lumped together for the end of this month. They have no money to make the payment spells default July 1st. The crash comes ahead of the war = days away = July 4th. They always show us in the movies or books what they plan to do ahead of the disasters and the Independence day movie is an Alien attack on the World = Project Blue Beam is an alien attack on the World.


Gaza Flotilla:

Swedish ship sets sail from Italy in bid to break Gaza blockade - June 23

The boat was making its way to Crete, Greece, on Sunday, before attempting to breach the blockade and reach Gaza. Along the way it will meet up with at least two other boats that make up the flotilla.
...The activists say the vessels are carrying a cargo of solar panels and medical supplies for Gaza residents, who are still recovering from last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, and expect to reach the Strip by the end of the month, unless they are intercepted.
The assault on the ship sparked widespread condemnation and provoked a major diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel. Ties between the two former allies have yet to recover.


Report: Turkey, Israel resume reconciliation talks at secret Rome meeting - June 23

Senior Israeli and Turkish officials held a secret meeting in Rome on Monday to renew talks on a reconciliation agreement between the two nations, an Israeli daily reported on Monday - June 23
Instead he communicated with Sinirlioğlu. The report also quoted a senior Israeli official as saying that before Gold left for Rome, there was no official discussion on the status of negotiations with Turkey. Diplomatic ties between Turkey and Israel declined after May 2010, when Israeli commandos killed eight Turkish citizens and an American of Turkish origin in international waters on the Mavi Marmara ship.
The Mavi Marmara was leading a “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007. The Israeli ambassador was expelled from Ankara in September 2011 after Israel refused to apologize for the killings. Israel formally apologized in 2013 for what it called “operational mistakes” that might have led to the deaths of the victims. Turkey and Israel have been negotiating a compensation deal, but an agreement has not yet been forthcoming.
After Israel's Gaza offensive in the summer of 2014, comments about Israel by President Erdoğan have caused the rift between the two countries to widen. Erdoğan said in July that Israel had agreed to lift its blockade of Gaza as part of normalization talks between Israel and Turkey but that Israel's attack on Gaza revealed that it does not want normalization, and therefore Turkey would delay the continuation of talks.

Lharmen - Perfect timing in comes the next flotilla as these 2 meet = lets just ensure Israel's hands are tied this time around = no violence allowed.


Palestinian member of Knesset to join third Gaza flotilla - June 23


For The First Time Ever, Total ECB Claims On Greek Banks Surpass Total Greek Deposits - June 23
Net of the latest ELA increase, when adding some €38 billion in collateralized EFSF bonds and other collateral usage, we find that we have not only reached parity but crossed it: as of this moment Greek deposits, which are generously estimated at €120 billion but in reality are lower, are less than the total ECB claims on Greek banks and the Bank of Greece, amounting to €126 billion. And with that the possibility of a Greek bail-in which could amount to up to 100% of total Greek deposits, becomes all too real.


UN report calls for international investigation into alleged Israel, Hamas war crimes - June 23
Lharmen - This will open the door for the arrest warrants for the Netanyahu administration that was in charge during the Gaza war.


Hamas welcomes UNHRC report, says Israeli leaders should stand trial at ICC - June 23
Lharmen - Yes they should stand trial for the White phosphorus = Banned weapon.

 While they are at it through in the Rachel Corrie Murder as well!


Israeli ambassador warns UN chief of dangerous consequences of Gaza-bound flotilla - June 23
Gold told Ban that “as these boats continue on their course toward Gaza, the need for your unequivocal condemnation of this provocation is as clear as ever.”


Philippines steps up drills with U.S., Japan forces near South China Sea - June 23


US deploying 250 military vehicles 'incl. Abrams tanks' near Russian border - June 23

Lharmen - Imagine what the U.S. would do if Russia stage 250 tanks on the Canadian Border today.



June 22 - the France resolution is set to restart negotiations and be implemented in Sept. Iran deal within days. Keep watching for the 2 to get lumped together in the coming days anyways at least until the Iran deal is over at the end of June. The Iran deal is set to be finished any day ahead of and even a few days past the June 30 deadline. My Web site will go down in days June 24th it may not work at all. You can send your donations ahead of and even after June 24th it will not effect my ability to get donations. worktomuchman@yahoo.ca <- PAYPAL. Greece is in make or break meetings all week but the amount of money that is leaving Greece is more than the ECB is giving them times 2. Nearly 2 billion dollars a day is being taken out and even if they did reach a deal within days (they will not) it is only for 7 billion = it would only take days to chew that up and Athens has to pay 1.6 billion of that on June 30th. They have no more money says they are going to default and the Greek banks could close any day now. China's market has been plunging for days. The market plunge comes ahead of the war coverage.  The Gaza flotilla will leave Athens in 2 days and it will be on Gaza's doorstep in another 4 = around June  28/29. The Iran deal is to be done by then as well. When we see the Plunge start we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. The Sun has now produced an "M6" class flare and it is getting stronger and stronger. Keep watching it for the anger in God's face sign ahead of the attack on Israel. God's Spirit covers all living stars.


Greek Crisis: European Stocks, Bonds Rally on Hopes of Greece Deal Yet Eurogroup Meeting Ends Without A Breakthrough. What Is Next? - June 22


Going on holiday to Greece? Tourists warned to take enough money in case cash machines are switched off in euro crisis - June 22


Dire warning from Greek bank boss - June 22

Mr Karamouzis confirmed to me that the European Central Bank (ECB) has agreed to keep Greek banks alive today.
But he warned there was a genuine risk of Greek banks being forced to close their doors tomorrow and cease dispensing cash for days, if the Greek government led by Alexis Tsipras fails today to convince eurozone finance ministers and government heads that it is taking credible steps to balance its books.


Arab MK to join third Gaza-bound flotilla, warns Israel not to intercept it - June 22

Lharmen - It is a trap = All Israel's friends have become her enemies. These ships will keep coming not just 4 but 30+ ships are coming.

Clip from article: Ghattas said that the Marianne av Göteborg trawler would likely depart from Athens in the next day or two and that he does not expect any violence, as “we activists decided not to resist violently.” Three or four other ships have plans to join the Gaza “flotilla,” but only the Marianne av Göteborg is currently approaching Israel.
The trawler set off from Sweden at the end of May and docked at Palermo in Sicily earlier this month. The crew brought with them a solar panel and medical equipment.
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said on Sunday that the Foreign Ministry is working around the clock through all possible diplomatic channels to ensure that the ship does not reach Israel’s territorial waters.
The participation of Ghattas in the flotilla is a case of “serving the enemy with parliamentary immunity,” she said.
“The IDF will not allow any vessel to reach Gaza and to cross the maritime border of the State of Israel,” an IDF spokesman said. “Up to date intelligence exists on everything that takes place on the marine front.”
If the ship is not hampered, it should take
four days to arrive to the Gaza Strip.
“I know the IDF might stop us,” however, “our intention is to get as close as possible to Gaza,” he added.

Lharmen - What ever day they arrive it could be the beginning of the war. We lift our heads when the Luke fulfilments begin to come to pass. If it happens in 6 days it would be around the 28th-30th. Keep your eyes on this development as it could be the start of the Nations rising against Nations wars. It could be the Daniel 8 war that Media/Syria and Persia/Iran wage with Israel in 3 directions when the great king of Grecia = Greece shows himself as if he is God across the entire World = Project Blue Beam = Either Obama or the actual Greek leader today =

This is the man who sits as the king of Grecia/Greece today.

The Bruce almighty movie shows us a Black man acting in the capacity of God = Obama. Who ever shows himself across the entire World as if he is God that is the man/Antichrist/Beast of revelation. He is the Head of the Hell's angels today = Greek Mafia.






Israel warns it will intercept Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla - June 22

Lharmen - that will play right into their hands.


EU Extends Economic Sanctions Against Russia Until February 2016 - June 22

France's Fabius pushes peace proposal in meeting with Netanyahu - June 21

He said that the makeup of this committee is not yet determined, but could possibly include the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – France, Britain, the US, China and Russia – as well as some Arab countries and possibly some other European states.
The third component of the plan, and the one that has concerned Jerusalem the most over the last few months, would be some kind of UN Security Council resolution to anchor the process.
Fabius was vague about the details of the resolution, saying however that Abbas agreed with him that there would be no purpose in bringing a resolution that would be either vetoed by the US or not implemented.

Lharmen - the devil will sign a peace deal with many for one week then break it in the midst of the week.

The U.S. will not Veto this coming deal.


Pictured: The dramatic moment RAF Typhoons intercepted Russian MiG fighters, spy planes and bombers heading towards Nato exercise in biggest act of provocation since the Cold War - June 18

British warplanes scrambled to intercept nine Russian aircraft within hours after they flew menacingly close to the Baltic States in what was described as the biggest act of provocation since the Cold War.
Moscow sent the world’s fastest supersonic fighter jet, along with spy planes and bombers to ‘snoop’ on Nato war games designed to send a ‘warning to Vladimir Putin’.
A senior RAF source last night told the Daily Mail: ‘We’ve never had a period like this in living memory.’


UN report finds Israel and Palestinians guilty of serious Gaza war breaches - June 22

Lharmen - this finding allows the ICC to push ahead with war crimes charges against the Israeli leadership.


Syrian Druze gain non-belligerence commitment from rebels under joint US-Jordanian guarantee - June 22


Hotovely: Israel working through diplomatic channels to prevent latest flotilla - June 22


June 20 / 21 - The crash will come within days to weeks and  the 2 state deal looks to be signed in Sept if the war does not come first. The Luke 21 fulfillments are about to begin (Famine/Crash) which means or redemption draws near soon = Solarflare. The Greek banks can not run for much longer with out closing the doors and limiting the cash outflows. China's stock market has taken a recent turn for the worst = plunge. The Greek oil deal with Russia will only see 2 billion added to their GDP while more than that leaves the banks every day now. Greece will be finished very soon and the crash will be accelerated when the Iran oil sanctions are lifted in days with a deal being reached ahead of the coming deadline June 30th. We still have the flotilla on it's ways = end  of June spells the possibility of the Daniel 8 war soon. Media and Persia = Syria and Iran will be at war with Israel = 3 directions they will be pushing in when the western Greek/ king of Grecia comes across the entire World with Syria between his eyes. We do not need to see the 2 state deal or the fake week deal as our Lord returns for us at the end of the time of the Gentiles and comes and takes us out of the way ahead of this coming war. Our redemption draws near when Luke 21 begins to come to pass. Our lord will move the true believers out of the way ahead of the coming war and his anger will rise in his face when the Russian leader is about to come against the land of Israel = Solar flares = www.solarham.com lots of M class flares today. Keep watching for the "X" class to start when the crash begins it might be 2 months out still = Sept 11th? The crash looks very close today!


Keynote Speaker Who Just Addressed The Federal Reserve, IMF And World Bank Warns That The Coming Collapse Will Be Devastating - June 20

Today the keynote speaker who just addressed the Federal Reserve, IMF and the World Bank warned King World News that the coming collapse will be devastating.


Greece offers new proposals ahead of emergency summit - June 21

It was not immediately clear how far the new proposal yielded to creditors' demands for additional spending cuts and tax hikes, but the offer was a ray of hope that a last-minute deal may yet be wrangled before Athens runs out of cash.
A day before emergency meetings including a summit of euro zone leaders in Brussels, Tsipras was holed up in a marathon cabinet meeting and discussed the new offer with the leaders of Germany, France and the European Commission by phone.
"The prime minister presented the three leaders Greece's proposal for a mutually beneficial agreement that will give a definitive solution and not a postponement of addressing the problem," a statement from Tsipras's office said.


Weekend of Fear in Greece as Banks, People Live Day To Day - June 21

On Friday, the ceiling of the so-called ELA was raised by 1.8 billion, just a couple of days after a 1.1 billion injection. On Monday, the banks will be back, asking for more.

“Monday will be difficult,” said Lambros, the worried woman with the bundles of cash in Athens. She planned to spend the weekend watching television news and worrying about the future. If the country left the euro, she asked, “What am I supposed to buy food with?”


Greek assets hold their ground as crisis enters "11th hour" - June 21

"Prices, in the current context, mean nothing. If banks don't open on Monday, you can imagine what will happen."
Greek savers have withdrawn more than 3 billion euros from banks this week, far more than the 1.1 billion euros additional funding granted by the ECB via its weekly Emergency Liquidity Assistance programme on Wednesday.
ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure said on Thursday he didn't know if Greek banks would be able to open on Monday.

French FM to meet Netanyahu and Abbas, discuss UN resolution - June 21

Fabius wanted to try to present a new draft to the Security Council in June or July, but postponed the move at the request of the United States.

Lharmen - We repeat history but not perfectly and Obama delayed the war with Syria in 2013 in Sept . The resolution could be forced through any time all the way through into Sept 13th <- New moon also the end of this Shemitah.

Another clip : U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry asked Fabius to postpone the move until after the nuclear agreement with Iran (whose deadline is June 30). Considering that Iran and the world powers will need more time to complete the agreement and the month of August is vacation time, it seems Fabius will try to put his proposal to a vote in the Security Council in September, during the UN General Assembly in New York.
The French draft resolution calls for an immediate renewal of talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and sets a time frame of 18 months for reaching a permanent agreement. If a permanent agreement is not reached within that period of time, French diplomats say the French government will recognize a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu slams foreign ‘dictates’ as France's Fabius visits Israel - June 21

"They are simply trying to push us into indefensible borders while completely ignoring what will happen on the other side of the border."

Lharmen - this is very true. All Israel's friends have become her enemies and she knows it not. It is a set up for certain.

Another clip: Some have argued that a window of opportunity may arise after the conclusion of the Iran talks for France to submit a resolution at the UN.

Inaction on peace risking setting Israeli-Palestinian conflict "ablaze" - France - June 20

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned Israel and the Palestinians on Saturday that the stalemate in the peace process risked setting the conflict "ablaze" and urged both sides to return to the negotiating table quickly.
Fabius was on a two-day trip to the Middle East to promote a French-led initiative that would see the peace process relaunched through an international support group comprising Arab states, the European Union and U.N. Security Council members. ..... Talks would be rubber-stamped by a U.N. Security Council resolution setting the negotiating parameters and establishing a time period, possibly 18 months, to complete talks.After meeting key Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo, Fabius said they had agreed to press ahead with the initiative and work towards creating the international contact group.

If there is an agreement ... then this could manifest itself in September," he said.The trip comes before a final round of nuclear talks between major powers and Iran in late June. Washington has said it will not discuss the Middle East process until the Iran situation is clear, but has indicated it may be receptive to a new U.N. resolution.


Iran’s Zarif to Meet EU FMs Ahead of Nuclear Talks - June 21

The final round of talks on the Iranian nuclear program are to begin later in the week.
A senior French diplomat says the powers were not thinking about a long-term extension to the talks and were focused on reaching a deal around the June 30 deadline.


France says Iran deal 'still not clear' 10 days before deadline - June 21

Mr Fabius told reporters in Jerusalem: "I will see Iran negotiator tomorrow, but at the point where we are things are not clear. There is a need to clarify, make precise and ensure the deal is robust."



We'll see the Greek bank runs, quickly followed by capital controls, thereby leading to civil unrest and riots. - June 21


Fear of default being overtaken by more dangerous ticking time bomb: solvency of Greece banks - June 20




IAF chief: We will attack Hezbollah, Hamas targets in civilian areas if necessary - June 21

Large-scale Hezbollah rocket and missile fire would be met with civilian evacuations, massive Israeli aerial strikes, followed by a ground offensive, the source said.

Lharmen - We do not need to see a week peace deal as one time period it could happen and then again another time period it would happen. I tell all my Abbaswatchman visitors to watch as they are talking about this fake week peace deal Daniel 9:27. We watch for the Israeli army the Gather on all their border ahead of the coming war. If Israel goes to battle with Hezbollah Hezbollah will certainly know how to draw her out onto her borders = read the above news article = Missile launches that's all that is needed. The the ground offensive will then be set to happen directly after.


Nearly All Mass Shootings Have 1 Thing in Common... And It Isn't the Weapon - June 21


Putin: Russian pipeline project to help Greece pay its debt - June 21

Lharmen - Here is why the 2 leaders were meeting.

Clip from article: Tsipras' visit gave rise to speculation that the Greeks may be seeking Russian loans - and ahead of the talks, Putin's spokesman said Russia would consider a loan if the Greeks asked for one.


China's stock market is about to collapse - June 20

It fell 13.3 percent in a week is a crash and Friday it fell over 6%  is a plunge.

Market Plunge come ahead of the war coverage. - Lharmen



June 17 /18 / 19 - U.S talks Nofly zone = they start with the destruction of the nation they are imposed over with the destruction of their airfields = it is a declaration of war. Gaza flotilla to reach Gaza before the end of June = next week. Feb will raise interest 2 more times this year. Israeli Druze to gather for border attack in days. We watch for the Israeli army to Gather on all her borders ahead of the day of war. We watch for the Iran deal and the 2 state solution deal to be merged at the last minute. Gaza deal with Israel has already been made behind the scenes says it will all be unveiled next week maybe around the 21/22. Greece banks to close Monday = Plunge ahead of the war coverage.


Sisi to Lebanese: Prepare for fall of Assad - June 19

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reportedly advised a visiting Lebanese delegation to brace themselves for the imminent fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Al-Mustaqbal newspaper reported Friday.
“Be ready for the fall of Assad,” an anonymous member of the delegation quoted Sisi as saying.
The Egyptian president warned “of dramatic developments that could suddenly hit Syria,” saying that the regime is in “bad shape” as evidenced by the latest military developments on the ground, the Lebanese daily reported.


Israeli Druse mobilize for their Syrian brothers, fearing the worst - June 19

Minutes before he spoke, hundreds of Druse men marched through the town waving the multi-colored flag of the sect, escorted by young men in flag-draped cars and ATVs, chanting “With blood and spirit we will liberate Sweida,” a reference to a majority Druse city in southwestern Syria. They spoke of their desire to fight in Syria no matter the odds, saying that a massacre of Druse is already under way.
Syria is home to some 700,000 members of the sect, mainly in Jebl Druse (the Druse Mountain) area in the southwest. Israeli Druse are watching Sweida as well as the village of Hader, on whose outskirts Nusra fighters are now mobilized.
which will also be on display on Saturday at a gathering of Druse from across the country at the Tomb of Jethro, the principal prophet of the sect, near the Horns of Hattin, west of Tiberias.
The clergyman was straightforward when asked what he expects of Israel.
“We are asking that Israel help our people, with military and humanitarian aid. We deserve this because of our high level of [IDF] enlistment.”
Israel should carry out air strikes on the Nusra Front inside Syria,
he said.
The “Covenant of Blood” Druse signed with Israel and the debt the country owes them for their fallen soldiers was a narrative repeated frequently to The Jerusalem Post in the Galilee and on the Golan Heights this week. Another narrative placed Israel at the center of the story unfolding in Syria, saying that Israel is helping Nusra by giving medical assistance to jihadists because they are the enemies of Israel’s enemies – Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran – and that Israel prefers that attention be shifted away from it to the chaos elsewhere in the region.
The IDF denies it is helping jihadists, and maintains that its policy is to aid noncombatants and members of moderate rebel groups.
In this wider narrative, Israel is portrayed as simultaneously at least indirectly responsible for what is happening or will happen to the Druse in Syria, and also the only one with the power to save them.


New flotilla to Gaza set to sail - June 19

Boats carrying pro-Palestine activists arrive in Mediterranean ports ahead of departure to blockaded coastal enclave.
At least three boats carrying pro-Palestine activists are preparing to set sail to Gaza in the latest attempt to break Israel’s blockade against the territory.
Members of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition in Palermo, Sicily, have told Al Jazeera that final preparations are under way, with the boats aiming to reach Gaza
before the end of June.
Organisers say details of the other boats, as well as the final departure point of the flotilla, are being kept secret to avoid sabotage.
Organizers of the latest flotilla reportedly said that details of the other boats and the final departure point were being kept secret to avoid sabotage.



Power: Responding to Syrian Gas Attacks by Imposing No-Fly Zone Could Help ISIS - June 19

The Obama administration does not support imposing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria where the Assad regime is allegedly using chlorine gas as a chemical weapon because that would involve military action against the regime, potentially to the benefit of terrorist groups fighting there. .....
“A no-fly zone, if implemented and executed, would entail using military force against the Syrian regime,” she said, “and our judgment is that at this point the risks of doing so would exceed the potential benefits, not least because of the number of extremists, again, who could conceivably benefit …”


US calls for no-fly zone in Syria after gas attacks- June 19


Greece could be forced to lock down savers' cash as debt crisis worsens - June 19

Greece’s central bank has issued the clearest warning yet that the country is on course to default on its sovereign debt at the end of the month and crash out of the single currency, while finance ministers across Europe also confirmed they are making contingency plans for a messy ending to the crisis.


Greek crisis: ECB meeting to decide on emergency funding - June 19

The ECB’s decision-making governing council on Friday agreed that Greek banks could draw on extra funds from an emergency facility. However, it was unclear whether Greece had got the full €3.5bn (£2.5bn) it was hoping for under the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) programme, or whether it has been given only enough to see it through until Monday’s meeting of EU leaders.
A spokesman at the ECB declined to comment.
The ECB has set another meeting for Monday, suggesting that the latest cash injection will only see Greece through the weekend.
Monday is shaping up to be a red-letter day in the five-year old Greek debt drama. The ECB meeting will be followed by yet another gathering of eurozone finance ministers in the afternoon, topped by an emergency summit of European leaders scheduled for the evening.
The ECB has warned finance ministers that Greek banks may not open on Monday. According to Reuters, when asked whether the banks would be open on Friday, ECB executive board member Benoit Coeure said: “Tomorrow yes. Monday I don’t know.”


ECB not sure if Greek banks would open on Monday- officials - June 19

The European Central Bank told a meeting of euro zone finance ministers on Thursday that it was not sure if Greek banks, which have been suffering large daily deposit outflows, would be able to open on Monday, officials with knowledge of the talks said.

Lharmen -
If the Iran deal emerges this week end then we will see a Black Monday = Market plunge then war coverage soon after it.


'What Horrors Must ISIS Commit Before World Takes Action?' Asks Aleppo Archbishop Who Warns Syrian Christians Are 'Disappearing' - June 19


Federal Reserve signals rate hike in September - June 19

The Federal Reserve, America's central bank, has decided not to raise interest rates in June, but signalled that the long-awaited rate hike could come in September as the economic activity picks up.
Lharmen - they have showed us that 2 more rate hikes are coming this year says Sept and Dec.


BBC technology lets people change channel with their mind - June 19






June 16 - All that I have been warning about for years is coming together for next week. The 2 state deal is set to happen next week watch for a deal to be announced in tandem with the Iran deal and to be signed Monday the 22nd/23rd then war 3 days later. My web site will go down ahead of the coming war June 24th as I have said for years it will. The France resolution is set to happen and it can be pushed through in one days time. The Iran deal is set to be hammered out starting today and worked on until it is finished. Greece exit is certain and the deal making will come to it's end this week end . The Flotilla is set to arrive on Gaza's doorstep sometime Next week = timed for the war with Israel.  The Crash/Plunge comes ahead of the War. Prepare your hearts and get set to head for the hills when this war happens. We flee into the wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years. We will be in and out of cities to steal food as God said we plunder those who plundered us. I have been plundered by the illuminati for me entire life. God said there will be a nation that will be at ease and it could be Canada after this coming war. That Nation will be run by God's Prophet and protected by God's Angels.


Fabius to meet with Netanyahu in Israel over plans to push Security Council resolution - June 16

Israel is wary of French plans to bring a resolution to the UN Security Council setting out the parameters for a two-state solution and a timeline for an Israeli withdrawal, government officials made clear Tuesday as Paris announced that French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will come to the region over the weekend.
Fabius, a major proponent of the idea, is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, following visits to Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.
One government official said it was unclear whether he will be bringing a draft of the proposed UN Security Council resolution with him.
One of Israel's concern is that the US might not veto the proposal.
Lharmen - I ask all of you to watch for this resolution to be brought forward to next week not Sept as in Luke 21 when we see these things begin to come to pass ( crash soon) we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. The deal could be made very soon ( God forwards the affliction and disaster says now not Sept.) and be lumped together with the Iran deal still being hammered out. Watch for the Daniel peace deal the devil makes with many for a week and then he breaks it in the midst of the week.
Another clip from the article: US President Barack
Obama has pointedly refused to commit himself to vetoing any such resolution.


Reports Israel is preparing a 5 year peace deal with Hamas - June 16

Avigdor Liberman, the head of Yisrael Beytenu, said Wednesday the Israeli government would be “capitulating to terrorism” if reports that it is negotiating a five-year truce with Hamas are accurate.
Hamas officials, both inside and outside, the Gaza Strip have expressed mixed views concerning the likelihood that a long-term agreement with Israel, entailing a five-year cease-fire, could be reached.
Senior Hamas officials, among them Hamas deputy leader Mussa Abu Marzouk, arrived in Qatar on Saturday to flesh out an agreement.


EU threatens to push Greece into bankruptcy after collapse of debt talks - June 16

Prospects of a deal between the European Union (EU) and Greece to avert a Greek government default on its debt continued to fade yesterday, as European officials threatened to tip Greece into bankruptcy and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras publicly attacked the EU.


GREECE DEFAULT: "Lehman Weekend": Tsipras told other party leaders Greece would not pay IMF if no deal is reached!


Greek PM tears into lenders, euro zone prepares for 'Grexit" - June 16

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused Greece's creditors on Tuesday of trying to "humiliate" Greeks with more cuts as he defied a growing drumbeat of warnings that Europe was preparing for his country to leave the euro.
The unrepentant address to lawmakers after the collapse of talks with European and IMF lenders at the weekend was the clearest sign yet that the leftist leader has no intention of making a last-minute U-turn and accepting austerity cuts needed to unlock frozen aid and avoid a debt default within two weeks.


US ambassador noncommittal on veto for Palestinian state - June 16

DEBKAfile: Far from being hypothetical, the Obama administration has advised France that it would not bar the motion it plans to submit to the Security Council calling for a two-state solution.

Lharmen - DEBKAfiles clearly told us when Obama gave the green light to bring this resolution to the U.N. = Weeks back.


White House says 'deeply troubled' by Egypt's sentence for Mursi - June 16

Lharmen - Mursi is a Muslim Brotherhood leader and Obama is a member/leader/their god.

Egyptian court sentences former president Morsi to death - June 16

Lharmen - this war is coming next week = he will be freed soon.
Egypt will have a mean ruler rule over them after this coming war.

Jee I wonder why he will be so mad at them ..maybe because they decided to have him killed : 0 ( Ya think!

'All Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them' Who Are 'Cataloging' Every Jew and Christian in Preparation for Jihad, Warns Author Avi Lipkin - June 16

Lharmen - God warned us he will draw a sword out after all Jews/Christians World wide after this war. There will be one Nation in the up direction that dwells safely and is at ease ruled by God's prophet.


Cast-in-Place Steel: Robots to 3D-Print Metal Bridge in Holland - June 16

WOW I had dreams of this - Lharmen



Israel says prepared for possible Syrian refugee throngs on Golan - June 16

Lharmen - We have to see the Israeli army Gather on all their borders ahead of the

coming war.
Clip from article: Israel's top military officer told parliament on Tuesday that preparations

were under way to respond to any massing of refugees on the Golan.
On Sunday, the Israeli news site Walla reported Israel was examining the possibility of enforcing a "humanitarian aid zone" on the other side of the Golan separation fence - specifically for

any influx of Syrian Druse fleeing Islamist insurgents.
Lharmen - create the crisis then offer the solution.


New round of Iran nuclear talks this week - June 16

A new round of nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers will begin this week after a meeting starting on Wednesday in Vienna between Iranian negotiators and a senior EU official, the European Commission said on Tuesday.
"EU Political Director Helga Schmid and her Iranian counterparts Deputy Foreign Ministers Abbas Araghchi and Madjid Takht Ravanchi will meet again,
beginning as of Wednesday, June 17 in Vienna," the EU executive said in a statement.


Greece puts onus on troika amid speculation of EU exit - June 16

Athens announced on Wednesday that it had run out of money, and would not be able to pay €1.6bn (£1.15bn) owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the end of this month, on the eve of a meeting of eurozone finance ministers. The meeting is seen as the last realistic chance of striking a deal before Greece’s current bailout runs out in 12 days’ time.


Greek central bank warns of 'painful' euro and EU exit - June 16

Greek finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, when asked if there could be an agreement at the meeting of euro zone finance ministers in Luxembourg on Thursday, said: "I do not believe so." He said preparatory work for the meeting had not gone far enough for a deal.
Greece - deal or no deal?
Option 1: No deal: Greece defaults on IMF and ECB repayments; ECB pulls plug on emergency bank assistance leading to run on Greek banks, capital controls and potential Grexit
Option 2: Greece agrees reform deal with creditors at last minute and avoids default, staying in euro
Option 3: No deal reached but both sides paper over cracks and Greece stays in euro for now
Greece has two weeks remaining to strike a deal with its creditors or face defaulting on an existing €1.6bn (£1.1bn) loan repayment due to the IMF.
The country has already rolled a €300m payment into those due on 30 June.


Greece's Tsipras Vows to Reject Unfair Deal as EU Braces for Collapse - June 16


Greek crisis: Protesters call for end to austerity, with EU future in doubt - as it happened - June 16

Here's where the country stands right now, and what could happen under this hellish scenario:
1. Collapsing GDP: The economy briefly emerged from a six-year depression last year but has fallen back into recession in the last two quarters as uncertainty over the country's finances has returned. GDP is now 26% smaller than it was before the financial crisis of 2008.
The Greek central bank refused to speculate on exactly how bad things could get. But its warnings of a "deep recession" and "sharp slowdown in annual growth" show just how much is at stake.
Wall Street bets on 75% chance of Greek default
2. Scared savers: Roughly 30 billion euros ($33.8 billion) was withdrawn from Greek bank accounts between October 2014 and April 2015, according to the central bank.
People are hoarding cash as they worry about the stability of the banking system, and moving money out of the country.
This capital flight has forced the banks to rely on the European Central Bank for emergency financing.
But that lifeline would be cut if the Greece government defaults on its debts this month. This would force the country to introduce rules on cash withdrawals (aka capital controls) to avoid a complete banking collapse.
3. Spiking unemployment: The latest jobless figures in Greece show unemployment still exceeds 25%, with 1.2 million people out of work. The rate among young people is twice that.
The central bank's warning of "an exponential rise in unemployment" is unsettling at best.
4. Soaring inflation: Greece has been in the midst of a deflationary spiral since early 2013, but that could change quickly if the country has to abandon the euro and start printing drachmas, which would be considered a far less valuable currency.
That would rapidly push up the cost of imported goods.
"An exit from the euro would only compound the already adverse environment, as the ensuing acute exchange rate crisis would send inflation soaring," said Greek central bank.


Greece on Verge of Collapse - 2 weeks left to Avoid Collapse or Cause Global Collapse - June 16

Lharmen - they are going to kick Greece out this weekend many are saying this today. This weekend is it.


Syrian rebel force launches offensive near Golan to clear path to S. Damascus. Israel acts to protect Druze - June 16

Jaysh Hermon (the Army of Hermon) Wednesday, June 17, launched a broad offensive on Syrian army forces in the Quneitra and Hermon sectors bordering on Israel. Its objective is to capture the Syrian army’s 68th Brigade headquarters at Khan al-Shih which commands the main Quneitra-Damascus highway. This would clear the rebels’ path to the southern suburbs of Damascus up to Western Ghouta, from which they would encircle the government troops defending the capital.
If the Army of Hermon achieves this goal - and replicates the May success of the rebel Army of Conquest in capturing much of the northern province of Idlib - the Syrian civil war would enter a new phase.
debkafile’s military sources report that this feat could be brought off suddenly or entail protracted combat. Syrian government forces showed no signs of folding at the onset of the fresh onslaught.
Our sources reveal that two new rebel armies have surfaced in recent weeks on the northern and southern warfronts. Their tactics are clearly stage-managed with a view to driving the Syrian army toward Damascus.
debkafile names the hand guiding the northern rebel force as coming from a joint command based in the big Turkish air base of Dyabakir. It is composed pf US, Saudi, Turkish and Qatari officers.
The southern rebel front is managed from US Centcom’s Forward Command in Jordan, which is quartered north of Amman and run jointly by American, Jordanian, Saudi, Qatari and British officers.
This command center collected eight oddly assorted rebel militias to build the Jaysh Hermon. Some were chosen reluctantly out of need despite their undesirable proclivities. Our sources name them as: The Syrian Free Army, the Sayf al-Sham Brigade; the Jesus Christ Brigade (Muslims respect Jesus as one of their prophets); the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate); Ahrar al-Sham (an extremist group linked to Nusra and ISIS); and Ajnad al-Sham (whose fighters took part in the battle to conquer Idlib).
The Jordan-based command running the rebel effort provides them with arms, supplies, wages and their military plans of action. Its leverage to prevent them stepping out of line consists of threats to deprive them of arms or cut their wages.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott have taken personal charge of the Syrian Druze situation and are keeping a close watch on events on the other side of the border. They are holding their breath for the Jordan command to stay in control of the rebel militias, so that no Druze comes to harm in the course of the fighting in areas around their villages and close to the Israeli border. Keeping them safe is vital if Israel is to avoid a mass Druze stampeded on its border.
However, there is no guarantee that unprofessional militias like the Hermon Army, each governed by its own ideals and methods, will be disciplined enough to stick to any rules.
Israel’s leaders are therefore braced for nasty shocks. They will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief when – and if – the rebel coalition scoops up the territory between Quneitra and Mt. Hermon and heads up the main road to Damascus, away from its borders and the Druze mountain, without causing harm. But if the rebel offensive is stalled, their Jaish Hermon breaks up and out-of-control militias go it alone, Israel may have to contend with a very tough problem.
Lharmen - We watch for the Israeli army to gather on all their borders soon ahead of the coming war.




June 15 - All things I have warned about for years are converging for the last week of June! The Gaza flotilla I have been warning for years to watch for it to be a part of the coming war. This massive flotilla will arrive in Gaza the last week of June. The market is about to crash on the Iran sanctions and the Greek exit. The Israeli war crimes report is also about to be shown to the World = just in time for the war = how convenient.. as this war is all about punishing the World's Jews and taking over of Jerusalem for the time of the Gentiles. Iran's Oil sanctions being released this week when the deal gets finalized, as Kerry and others are telling us it will. All this will bring down the markets for certain. The Fed meets Tuesday and Wednesday and they will be announcing a Fed rate increase that will also weigh heavily on the markets + add the fact the markets say go away in May and come back in August = yearly trends = say the markets will crash hard in the weeks ahead of the war = exactly what I have been warning about for years Market plunge then War coverage... Nothing missing!!!! I have always warned that the war with Iran and Syria will be a catastrophic war that will see the Jews hunted Globally and start the time of the Gentiles when they take over Jerusalem.


Russian official sees Iran nuclear deal being reached on time - June 15

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted on Monday as saying he was confident a deal could be reached between world powers and Iran on Tehran's nuclear program by a June 30 deadline.
"I would like to quash any talk of a deadline extension. Reaching a deal by the date set, by June 30, is possible," he was quoted as saying by TASS news agency, which had quoted a diplomatic source on Friday as saying a deadline extension might be needed.


Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Deal 'Seems to Be Getting Worse ... - June 15

Kerry deems Iran nuclear deal possible before deadline - June 14

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani believes that an agreement is within reach even before the proposed deadline.


Undeterred by injury, Kerry forges ahead with Iran talks - June 15

After striking an interim agreement in April, the US and world powers agreed to a June 30 deadline to reach a final deal. Iranian negotiators and those of the P5+1 group (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) are meeting this week in Vienna to clinch a deal that would guarantee the strictly peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of the punishing international sanctions.
..Kerry said that the June 30 mark could go over by days but not weeks.



Lharmen - Nations in distress with perplexity meaning getting worse = Luke 21. We lift our heads as our redemption draws near when these things begin to come to pass. We are on the doorstep of the Luke 21 fulfillments ahead of or right after the summer official start June 20th. When we see the trees and the leaves signs our redemption draws near says the war will happen soon.


Officials: Israel to Seize Syria Border, Create Druze ‘Buffer Zone' - June 15

Lharmen - We need to see the Israeli army Gather on all their borders as God will Judge Israel on her Borders.

Ezekiel 11:10 Ye shall fall by the sword; I will judge you in the border of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
Ezekiel 11:11 This city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the border of Israel:


Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired - June 15

2:2 Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD's anger come upon you.


Freedom flotilla:

Freedom Flotilla aiming at Israel last week of June = all things are converging for the 2 state deal and the Iran deal together or days apart. Watch for it = the market crashes/plunge's before the war.


New Gaza Flotilla threat on the horizon this Month - June 15

"Freedom Flotilla 3," a maritime challenge to Israel's legal naval blockade on the coastal enclave of Gaza which is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization, is preparing to embark in the final week of June and threatens to potentially cause a flare-up like the infamous 2010 Mavi Marmara.
Mazen Kahil, head of the European Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza, told the Hamas journal Palestine on Saturday that the flotilla ships are currently in the Mediterranean Sea.
The ships are waiting to join the Swedish ship Marianne, which recently anchored in Italy, on the open sea and from there continue as a unified group towards Gaza, where they intend to
confront the Israeli Navy - potentially with lethal force as was seen in the Marmara.
Leaders of the flotilla estimate that Israel will once again block the naval breach and defend its maritime blockade,
Lharmen - read the next bag of lies from this article:
After it ignored repeated warnings to change course, the IDF boarded the vessel - only to be attacked by Islamist extremists on board wielding knives and metal bars. The wounded soldiers had no choice but to open fire, resulting in the deaths of ten of the IHH members on board.
Lharmen - Do not ever forget the assassination list was fully exposed to the the entire World when the Israeli soldiers murdered 9 people all of them were on the list and one of them was an America when this happened back in 2010.


Israel prepares to repel boarders as ‘Freedom Flotilla 3’ tries to run Gaza blockade - June 15

I have repeatedly warned about this flotilla will be used to tie up the Israeli Navy when this war happens. It took 6 warships to escort just one flotilla ship = perfect war time weapon.
Clip from article: “Freedom Flotilla Three” is now heading towards the Gaza strip in a fresh attempt to break the blockade. Crewed by activists united under the Coalition’s banner, but with rigorous vetting and a new organization, the three vessels are keeping their exact plans secret to make any attempt to head them off more difficult, although
the ships will be joined by as-yet-unnamed VIPs when they dock in Athens on June 18.
Ron Prosor, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, described the mission as a provocation and said his country will prevent it from reaching its goal.


Latest Flotilla Leaves Sweden for Gaza, Will Attempt to ‘Break Israel’s Blockade' - June 15

The Swedish flotilla is expected to disembark in a number of additional countries before it reaches the Gaza Strip in an effort to assemble other activists from across Europe.
According to the report, several activist organizations are supporting the flotilla, including FreeGaza, which works to delegitimize Israel in the international community.
A senior leader in the organization, Khaled Al-Batash, threatened that PIJ would end its ceasefire with Israel if it were to stop the flotilla on its way to Gaza.
Israel is also closely following developments regarding this flotilla, the latest attempt by European activists to.
A Swedish flotilla of anti-Israel activists has left its home country and is en route to Gaza with the goal of breaking the Israeli naval blockade around the coastal territory, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Monday.

Lharmen - this flotilla will morph into a massive ship after ship after ship flotilla and the Israeli army will be out numbered greatly ahead of the coming war.



Netanyahu steps up attacks on UN Human Rights Council before it releases Gaza report - June 15

Lharmen - there are chances that he will be tried for war crimes after this war!

Clip from article: In the run-up to publication by the UN Human rights Council this week of what

is expected to be a very critical report of Israel's actions in last summer's Gaza offensive, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on the offensive Monday, trying to delegitimize the delegitimizers.
Netanyahu said that Israel goes to great lengths to prevent harm to civilians, even civilians on the

enemy side – and this not out of concern for any committee or another, but because it is deeply ingrained in Israel's value system.
“There is no country that investigates its military for possible wrongdoing more than Israel,” he said.

“We examine all such allegations professionally, thoroughly; they are subjected to independent judicial

review by military and civilian courts.”
Lharmen - This man never tells the truth! Remember when he said I will never divide Jerusalem and now he is. .they killed Rachel Corrie and the Military man who did it backed up his bull dosed on purpose and on camera and then ran her over again. This cold blooded killer did this blatantly and nothing was ever done about it . The whole World knows this as when the Gaza flotilla was illegally attacked one of the ships was named after her. They are not the most lawful they are the least lawful army in the world. They believe God will save them but the Nation of Israel is 63 percent atheists = They have cast God off. It is not God who cast them off. They rejected the truth and took hold of evil instead of Good. God will save those he loves from among them.

PM says Iran deal gets worse day by day - June 15

Lharmen - Netanyahu is vilifying the Iran deal when in fact Kerry and the

 Iran negotiator are telling us the deal is about to be complete before the

deadline June 30th. The man never tells the truth. Exactly what

Nicolas Sarkozy said to Obama in the open mic moment years ago

 "the man never tells the truth".


UN's Ban calls for two-week ceasefire in Yemen talks - June 15

Lharmen - peace talks are everywhere in the news today!



Eurozone To Impose Capital Controls On Greece If No Deal By Weekend: German Press - June 15

Just as we hinted earlier when we reported that the ECB may use the "nuclear option" on Wednesday and yank Greek ELA, here comes German Suddeutsche Zeiting with a report that Eurozone countries have reached a Greek emergency plan (yay)... which calls for the imposition of capital controls on Greece if no deal is concluded by the weekend (oh no).
The euro partners have agreed in the face of the solidified negotiations with Greece on a contingency plan for Athens. This became known on Monday in Berlin and Brussels. It stipulates that creditors want to give the Greeks initially another chance and wait to see if by the end of the week it is possible to Euro finance ministers to agree with the government in Athens to the corners to meet the current emergency program. The ministers meet Thursday and Friday in Luxembourg.


Stocks fall globally as Greek talks collapse - June 15


Greece contagion sweeps euro zone bond markets, hits shares - June 15

Stock markets around the world fell on Monday, pressured by the collapse of 11th-hour talks between the near-bankrupt Greece and its creditors, with investors worried about the possibility the country could default.
Risky assets like equities and crude oil were widely lower, though major stock indexes ended off their lows of the session and the euro recovered from earlier weakness against the dollar to trade slightly higher.
Talks on Sunday between Greece and its creditors
broke up after less than an hour. European Union officials said Athens had offered no new concessions to secure the funding it needs, while Athens said it would not give in to demands for more pension and wage cuts. Greece must repay 1.6 billion euros ($1.8 billion) to the International Monetary Fund by mid-year.
"This market is moving toward the position of an increasing probability that there is going to be a Greek default," said Paul Mendelsohn, chief investment strategist at Windham Financial Services in Charlotte, Vermont. "We've never had a country part of the euro currency system default, so we don't really know what the impacts are going to be."
U.S. Treasury yields fell after New York manufacturing data disappointed and on concerns of a Greek default and possible ejection from the euro zone. The benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note US10YT=RR rose 7/32 in price, pushing the yield down to 2.3559 percent.
Lharmen - The only way I see the Greeks being ejected from the Euro is if they create another currency.... correct me if I am wrong please. With that said how else can they survive except they create another currency!
Another clip from this same article: Investors were looking ahead to a meeting of U.S. Federal Reserve policymakers this week, and especially towards their statement after the two-day meeting ends on Wednesday.
Strong U.S. data last week has reinforced expectations that the central bank is on track to raise interest rates, possibly as soon as September. Investors will focus on any changes in Fed Chair Janet Yellen's language at a post-meeting news conference.

Lharmen - the markets are supposed to predict 6 months in advance says this event will weigh heavily on the markets at a time when the environment can not get worse = plunge ahead of the war.


Euro slips, mood darkens as Greece fails to reach deal - June 15
The U.S. central bank's policy-setting committee will hold a regular meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


European Union Urged to Plan for Greek Default - June 15

Lharmen - one time period they do not default and one time period they do!
This is the second round for Greece the last time they where bailed out years ago

 and now they are going to default.

Clip from article: A chorus of voices on Monday called on European Union authorities to plan for Greece to default on its huge pile of debt after bailout talks between Athens and its creditors deteriorated over the weekend.
All parties have repeatedly found ways to delay a reckoning in the long-running Greek debt crisis. But the current round of posturing and brinkmanship is expected to escalate toward the end of June, when the bailout extension expires and Greece has to come up with a repayment of 1.6 billion euros, or $1.8 billion, to the International Monetary Fund.
The sides were hardening their positions in advance of Thursday’s meeting of euro area finance ministers, whose approval is required for any resolution to take effect. European markets also slumped on Monday; Greece’s stock market fell sharply, closing about 4.7 percent lower, as interest rates on European government bonds rose.
Mr. Sakellaridis repeated, however, that Greece would not cut pensions or raise the valued-added tax on basic goods, steps that, according to the government, the creditors have insisted Athens must take to release the bailout funds. Asked whether Greece would submit new ideas to creditors, he said that the government had “to a great extent reached its limit on proposals.”
President François Hollande of France warned on Monday that failure to reach a deal on Greece could lead to “a period of turbulence.”
The crash comes before the war! - Lharmen


Lharmen - I am stating this today because God has shown me I will be arrested ahead of the coming war. The devils have said they want to arrest all dissidents 72 hours into a pandemic emergency and so I will be arrested. They have been creating the image of me being a suspect in the serial murders of many people as I have warned often and I walked in on the very staff sergeant here in Edmonton that forced me to move 2 1/2 years ago. Back then he was with a Thompson cops = Hell's angels cops ( My relatives) and he had me dropped off farther away all to cause me more hardship for his Hell's Angels boss David Thompson. I am not guessing I caught him doing it. He is telling them I stalk my victims so document his watching you. This creates a self fulfilling prophecy as when they document me going about my natural path this mason staff sergeant will use it to say that all these people are being stalk by me when in fact they only believe this because of the officers directive telling them to document me.  They have been doing this for the past 35 years because I turned in a drug dealer in Regina. They set me up for a picture taking session back them. See my 3 dumps page for when they did it here. Everything happens 2 times.

Remember this there is nothing the devils can do to me the Lord can not undo to me !

he more we suffer the more God loves us . We gain a great reward for suffer when we have done nothing.

What Would Happen If Martial Law Was Declared In America?

In “72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ In Official Government Documents“, I detailed how official U.S. government documents specifically identify those that believe in “conspiracy theories” as possible threats. Others that the government is concerned about include those opposed to abortion, globalism, communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations and “the New World Order”.



The majority of the American public has no idea about the existence of Federal Emergency Management Agency detention camps that are designed to house tens of thousands of people in the event of a nationally declared emergency or Presidential order. Others completely deny their existence.

FEMA Camp Mass Incarceration Is A Goal of the Ebola Crisis

 ...will be used to enforce medical martial law for both the sick as well as anyone else who the government determines is a (health) risk to the well-being of the public. Am I saying that the camps will be used to house political dissidents? This is undeniably true. This article traces the inception of FEMA camps to the present and intended purpose. This article will also expose the fact that it will not just be Ebola victims going to these camps where there will be medical facilities.



June 12 / 13 / 14 - Warning My web site is about to be shut off June 24th as I have received warnings they will modernize the servers at Godaddy and they will no longer use Front page extensions. Being bankrupt and homeless I will not have any other option to upgrade and thus my web site will go down. The crash is upon us and the war could happen at any time. God showed me years ago that one door will close then one door will open. We lift our heads when we see these things in Luke begin and the crash is about to happen. We do not need to see the one week deal but the 2 state solution looks like it needs to happen ahead of this war and Netanyahu has demanded the week deal be a part of the 2 state deal ? Pray that I can get my web site up and running soon after the time I have it taken down. These pages can be found saved on the Waybackmachine = http://archive.org/web/

http://web.archive.org/web -Abbas... NEWS MAIN PAGE WORLD


Hamas threatens escalation if tit-for-tat airstrikes continue - June 14

The military arm of terror group Hamas warned recently that continued Israeli attacks against its military positions in the Gaza Strip could lead to a wider conflict, in the first threat of its kind since a ceasefire agreement was reached following last year’s Operation Protective Edge.


Fearful ECB starts countdown on Greek funding lifeline - June 14

Fearful that one of euro zone's members could drop out of the bloc, the European Central Bank is set to keep Greece on a funding drip until the end of the month but a default will leave it little choice but to start turning off life support.
They want to give Athens one final chance over roughly another fortnight to strike a deal.
Lharmen - fortnight = 2 weeks


Fed meeting June 16-17*
Lharmen - rate hike watch. Put the 2 together and you should have a plunge. Iran oil sanctions relief / Greece default and a rate hike.


US 'poised' to roll heavy weapons into E. Europe: report - June 14


US plans to store heavy arms in Baltic, E.Europe - June 14


Russian military aircraft buzzes NATO warships in Baltic - June 14


Secret War on Cash: “Discussions at Bilderberg Centered Around Capital Controls, Abolition of Cash" - June 14

Lharmen - Mark of the beast = E-Commerce bar code tattoo and it will be pushed Globally right after the coming World War.



How The Report That Europe Is Formally Discussing A Greek Default Shook Markets - June 12

Senior EU officials have formally discussed for the first time a possible Greek debt default as negotiations between Athens and its creditors have stalled ahead of an end-month repayment deadline.

Senior EU officials have formally discussed for the first time a possible Greek debt default as negotiations between Athens and its creditors have stalled ahead of an end-month repayment deadline, several officials told Reuters.

The government representatives,, preparing next week's Eurogroup meeting of euro zone finance ministers, concluded at talks in Bratislava late on Thursday that there were three possible scenarios for what would happen with Greece at the end of June.
The least likely, they think, is a successful cash-for-reform deal next week in time to meet end-June legal deadlines.


Global markets brace for exit from zero interest rates and QE policy - June 14

Central banks wise to maintain the status quo as long as possible to forestall deeper troubles that could trip world economy back into recession.
Lharmen - Fed meets June 16th/17th.
Clip from article: Central bankers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Clearly there is a need to move away from highly stimulative monetary policies, especially when there are worries about "overcooking" recovery and ramping up inflation risks ahead. But whenever any central bank intimates the notion of exit from QE, stocks sink and bond yields rise.
It has all the makings of a perfect storm. The threat of higher interest rates and bond yields is bad news for economic growth. It will lead to tougher borrowing conditions that will dampen business and consumer confidence and weigh on stock market sentiment.
Pared back QE operations also means reduced future funding for market position-taking, especially leveraged bets into equities and emerging markets. In the US, there has been a very clear positive correlation between the amount of "new money" created by QE and stronger stock market performance. Once that access to free and easy money is peeled back, it will take its toll on the market's appetite for risk.
Investors could end up in an unenviable squeeze between falling stock and credit markets, sparking a dash back into cash. In these circumstances, contagion risks would abound and emerging markets would go into meltdown again. The taper tantrum that markets experienced in the summer of 2013 could easily be seen as a dry run for worse to come.
It would not take much to trigger the panic conditions that shook the markets at the height of the financial crisis six years ago. So it is no surprise greater concerns are being expressed by some policymakers that markets may not be liquid enough to withstand a volatile sell-off. The stash of policy tools needed to deal with any new crisis is clearly close to exhaustion.


Ebola is on the rise again — and the world is no better prepared for it than last year - June 14

Lharmen - this is not a major rise today but watch for it to spike around the market plunge for Ebola to show across the Globe as it has been planned for a long time!

Clip from article: The Ebola epidemic could flare up again in West Africa and health authorities are no better equipped to control it than they were a year ago, the head of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres said on Saturday.
"The reality today is if Ebola were to hit on scale it did in August and September, we would hardly do much better than we did the last time around," Joanne Liu said on the sidelines of a meeting on Ebola in Dakar.


Vatican Speaker on Climate Thinks There are 6 Billion Too Many of Us - June 14

Lharmen - The Jesuits created Eugenics and they posted the Devils 10 commandments called the Georgia Guide stones, = RC Christian signed, that says they will kill until there is only 500,000 people left = 3 WW. The kill them all and let God sort it out mentality of the devils Illuminati.





June 10 / 11 - Correction from my last days news 2 days ago = Luke 21 when we see Jerusalem encompassed with armies we then know her desolation is near. Israel has an army on every borders today not Jerusalem.

The France 2 state resolution will be pushed through the U.N. after the Iran deal goes through some are saying Sept? Seems to far off. The Iran deal looks to be days away = Monday they head into the final agreement talks.  We still do not see any major signs the war is happening right away/in days other than an army on every Israeli border. It is Jerusalem that needs to be encompassed with armies then we know her desolation is near. We need to see the Israeli army Gather on all their borders ahead of the coming war <-- nothing yet. When we see Luke 21 begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. The ECB just gave Greece another 2.3 Billion but their banks are seeing withdrawals of 700 million a day. Their payment at the end of the month totals 1.5 billion. No deal has been made or will be made for the cash release spells default soon = Max end of June = weeks away. Some news says the France resolution will not go through until Sept . That could explain why in Luke 21 the nations are in distress ahead of the coming war as the crash comes ahead of the war and could start soon on the back of the Greek default and the Oil sanctions being lifted into an over supplied Global oil market = Major Crash coming. This would lead the Nations into distress ahead of the war.


IMF cites 'major differences' with Greece, team leaves Brussels - June 11

Greek bailout talks stopped: IMF The IMF bailout team has left Brussels due to a lack of progress, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.
The International Monetary Fund on Thursday said "major differences" remain with Greece over an agreement to save the country from bankruptcy, in some of the Fund's strongest comments yet on the negotiations.
"There are major differences between us in most key areas," IMF spokesman Gerry Rice told reporters. "There has been no progress in narrowing these differences recently, and thus we are well away from an agreement."

The president of Germany's Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, emphasised that time was running out for a deal, and that "the risk of insolvency is increasing by the day".
Mr Tsipras has warned that a failure to reach a deal on Greece's bailout by the end of June would be the beginning of the end for the eurozone.


Deal between Tehran, 6 world powers could be reached before June 30th deadline – Iran envoy - June 11

The deal would involve Iran curbing its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.
An Israeli delegation is set to fly to Washington on Monday for a final round of talks with US officials about Tehran, according to Haaretz.


Israeli Delegation Headed to US to Discuss Iran Deal - June 11




US Diplomats Reveal EU Sanctions Assault After Iran Deal - June 11

The political assault is meant to force Israel into returning to yet more peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and making dangerous concessions in the process - and reportedly the EU already has a list of sanctions ready to force Israel to bend.
Lharmen - If this push comes after the Iran deal then Greece default news could start the crash and Sept 11th might be the war date. We need to see the Solar flares and we do not today. We need to see the Israeli army head to their borders and today they have not. We need to see pestilence start and today we do not see this. We could be 3 months until all that comes to pass but God warned us to look up when all that starts to come to pass as our Redemption draws near. - Lharmen
A senior Western diplomat told Ma'ariv in a report published Tuesday that "a diplomatic attack against Israel is expected soon that will surprise even the pessimists in Jerusalem."
"In the (UN) Security Council, in western capitals and at EU headquarters, they are just waiting for the Iran deal to be signed and for it to be approved by the American Congress," warned the diplomatic source. .....
"Senior officials in Jerusalem are aware of the existence of sanctions documents at EU headquarters, some of which have even fallen into their hands," one diplomatic source revealed to Ma'ariv.
The source added that US President Barack Obama's threat made in an Israeli interview this month, according to which he may cut US support for Israel at the UN, specifically was referring to "the sanctions file" against Israel which is currently biding its time at the EU headquarters.


Obama approves up to 450 additional military personnel for Iraq - June 11


S&P downgrades Greece, warns of default if no deal with creditors - June 11

On Wednesday, the European Central Bank raised emergency funds for Greek banks by €2.3 billion, the biggest weekly amount since February, as depositors were nervously withdrawing their savings due to the country’s uncertain future in the eurozone.
On Friday, Greece skipped a €300 million IMF payment, promising to pay all four payments due this month worth €1.6 billion by June 30.


Stocks Jump on Greece Deal Rumors; Capital Control Fears Mount, Car Buying Soars as Greeks Pull Cash - June 11

Deal Talk "Pure Invention"
"Germany will only accept a proposal of the three institutions. All else is a pure invention."
Merkel said earlier that her message would be that Greece must negotiate with the institutions representing the creditors. Tsipras, who has rejected several of the creditors' key conditions for a deal to unlock frozen aid, has been pressing for a "political agreement" among leaders to break an impasse in detailed negotiations.


Ukraine to place S-300 antiaircraft missiles on border with Transdniestria - June 11



June 8 / 9 - War plans are everywhere on all borders around Israel today. Luke 21 says when we see Israel encompassed with armies know here desolation is near. ARMIES SURROUND ISRAEL TODAY AS SOMEONE'S ARMY IS ON EVERY BORDERS! Greece is still in cash crisis talks but the agreement door looks like it is about to get shut. Crash/Plunge comes ahead of the war. Israeli army talking about an all out war in Gaza if these rockets fired by ISIS <-- controlled by Israel do not stop before Summer. Iran deal very soon. If ISIS take over the Golan heights border in the next few days then the Israeli army will use it as an excuse for them to Gather on their borders ahead of the coming war. Watch for the gathering then we know the war is close.


‘Paperology’ continues, but mood darkens in Greece talks - June 9

Greece has submitted yet another last-minute economic reform proposal to its bailout creditors — and its creditors have once again dismissed it as lacking.
“I don’t think they will move. I think they’re waiting for us to blink, and we won’t,” the official added. “They don’t understand we’re not back in 2012 where the Europeans were willing to just throw money at the problem.”
In one sign of the pessimism surrounding the negotiations, several officials suggested that a meeting due to be held on Wednesday between Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, and his German and French counterparts — all of whom are scheduled to be in Brussels for a gathering of EU and Latin American leaders — might not take place.


Israeli PM wants Arab states to press Palestinians back to peace talks - June 9

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he hoped Arab states could press the Palestinians to return to talks to reach a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
France recently handed a working document to Arab League countries in preparation for a U.N. Security Council resolution that would set the exact parameters of new peace talks and a timeframe of 18 to 24 months to complete them.
Netanyahu repeated his commitment to a two-state solution, drawing applause.

Lharmen - These people are all liars = Netanyahu was elected saying he would never ever do this. God warned us they will divide Jerusalem as I have warned who ever is the ruler of Jerusalem will make a deal with the devil and will think when this massive war comes he is safe when in fact Jerusalem will get trodden down by the overflowing scourge when it comes through. Israeli's are told to flee to the mountains when the abomination that maketh desolation stands up in the place it should not. The enemy will come in like a flood.


Palestinian PM Claims U.S. and France Coordinating Security Council Statehood Resolution - The Tower - June 9


 IDF general: Sporadic rocket fire won't prompt Gaza operation - June 9

IDF will respond in pinpoint manner to rocket fire, says GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman • Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi: We want solutions so our children can have a summer vacation without rockets and without a war.
"Summer vacation is ahead of us and the memory of Operation Protective Edge is still fresh. More than anything, we want answers and solutions, so our children can get through the summer without rockets and without a war," Davidi said.
At the start of Sunday's cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Israel holds Hamas responsible for all firing from the Gaza Strip at our territory. I have not heard anyone in the international community condemn this firing; neither has U.N. said a word. It will be interesting if this silence continues
when we use our full strength to uphold our right to defend ourselves.

Zephaniah 2:4 For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.

Lharmen - See how the next news fits with this scripture hand in glove!


ISIS purloined rockets from Hamas production lines to attack Israel. Netanyahu marks out wide sterile zone - June 9

ISIS is an Israeli baby so here we see they are creating a crisis and about to offer the solution. - Lharmen.

The point is not how many rockets should be fired before the IDF goes to war in the Gaza Strip, but for how long Israel’s leaders can afford to pretend to make naught of the dangerous situation building up there. ISIS uses such make-believe to fuel its policy of expansion.
Israel, Egypt and Hamas are in fact working together, out of their respective interests, to put a stop to the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Egypt has been blowing up smuggling tunnels; Hamas contingents are out there trying to nab the rocket teams; Israel and its armed forces, acting on orders from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, without informing the public, are marking out a broad anti-rocket sterile zone, stretching from the Gaza border to encompass the communities and towns in the south and up to the international airport to the north.

This area embraces a population of 1.6 million and ten cities –
Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netivot and Beersheba, long sufferers of Gaza rockets, and further north: Modi’in, Ramle, Lod, Rehovot, Ness Ziona and Gedera. Another Iron Dome battery was positioned in Rehovot, in addition to those defending the south.
Most Israelis are not aware of the size and destructiveness of the long-range Grad missiles, at least three of which exploded in the last fortnight. debkafile has attached a photo to this article to illustrate the deadly weapon now in the hands of the Islamist State in Gaza.

Zephaniah 2:4 For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.


Former Mossad chief: Iran using Obama's desire for deal to extort concessions - June 9


Heads of CIA and US military visit Israel ahead of Iran deadline on June 30th - posted today June 9

CIA Director John Brennan paid a visit to Israel last week, meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top security officials to discuss the emerging agreement with Iran over its nuclear program and ways to ensure that it adheres to its terms.



Islamic State threatens to seize Israel-Syria border - June 9
Islamic State fighters advancing in southern Syria, now located within several dozen

 kilometers of border with Israel in Golan Heights • Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah:

Millions of Israelis will be displaced if a new Israel-Hezbollah war breaks out.
Islamic State fighters are advancing in southern Syria and are now located within several

 dozen kilometers of the border with Israel in the Golan Heights.
"Within a few days, we will conquer the Syrian border with Israel," an Islamic State member

 threatened over the weekend.
Lharmen - so much border action in the past few weeks!

ISIS attacks Hezbollah posts on northeast Lebanon border - June 9

Rebels say they have attacked army base in southern Syria - June 9

Kiev forces pull Grad rocket systems close to engagement line — DPR - June 9

Lharmen - so much border action in the past few weeks!


Jerusalem Passport Case Could Yet Boomerang On Obama Administration - The New York Sun - June 9

The United Nations General Assembly is laying plans to opens its next session on September 15, and there have been rumors that France plans to submit to the Security Council a resolution to prescribe a Palestinian state in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, with a capital in Jerusalem, with a negotiating deadline of 18 months. The Obama administration is thought to be considering voting for the resolution, or allowing it to pass with a U.S. abstention.
Lharmen - Sept : 0 ( that is a long ways off and past the Shemitah as it end Sept 13th.

We watch for the France resolution in the coming days as they said around the end of this week

 it should show up see next article 12 days in red = June 13th. The Shemitah = September 25, 2014 until… September 13, 2015.
Israel lives by the Shemitah. War will come ahead of it's end. Obama was exposed by DEBKAfiles as making like the peace deal was way off then jumping to it. Sept 15th is to far away this war looks like it will come very soon. Israel is surrounded by armies today says Luke 21 the war is here.


Something Else Coming In September: A UN Resolution Establishing A Palestinian State - June 1

There has been a lot of talk about things that are going to happen in September, but something that has been almost totally overlooked is the fact that the UN Security Council is likely to be voting on a UN resolution which will establish a Palestinian state at that time.

Right now, France is working on a proposed resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to the Palestinians, would declare that a divided Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state, and would set the 1967 borders as the baseline for future negotiations which would establish the final borders between the two nations. It is being reported that France will submit this resolution for a vote after the 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on the 15th of September.
At this moment, 136 nations have already recognized a Palestinian state, but the United States has always blocked recognition by the UN Security Council. This time may be different though, because there are quite a few indications that Barack Obama actually plans to back the French resolution in September. If that happens, and the UN Security Council approves this resolution, it is going to have enormous implications for all of us.
France will begin discussions in the coming weeks on a U.N. Security Council resolution that would set out the steps for a negotiated end of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and a solution to the nearly 70-year-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.
According to the Times of Israel, this resolution will use the 1967 borders as the baseline for future border negotiations, and it sets Jerusalem as the capital city for both states…
France sees a window of opportunity after Israel’s elections to get the United States on board with a new push for Mideast peace, and
is preparing a draft UN Security Council resolution in about 12 days, according to French diplomatic officials. (added - Article dated June 1 2015)
The draft would define the pre-1967 frontier as a reference point for border talks but allow room for exchanges of territory, designate Jerusalem as capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state and call for a fair solution for Palestinian refugees, one official told The Associated Press on Tuesday.
So when will this new resolution be brought to a vote at the UN?
According to Haaretz, the French hope to submit their plan for a vote when the new General Assembly session begins in September…
The proposed French resolution will only be tabled after the June 30 deadline set for the nuclear negotiations with Iran. The intention is to bring it to a vote in the Security Council during the General Assembly session in New York in September.

If the United States does not veto the French resolution later this year, it will almost certainly pass. So right now, the only thing standing in the way of a Palestinian state is Barack Obama. And considering the fact that he is probably the most anti-Israel president in our history, that is a very sobering thought.
Publicly, Obama is being very coy about what he plans to do. But privately, it appears that he has already made up his mind. In fact, DEBKA is reporting that Obama has given France a “green light” to move forward with this resolution…
In addition, DEBKA is also reporting that officials from the Obama administration have actually traveled to France to help draft this new UN resolution…
To show the administration was in earnest, senior US officials sat down with their French counterparts in Paris last week to sketch out the general outline of this motion.
And like I discussed earlier, we are not likely to see any action taken on this resolution until the new session of the UN General Assembly begins on September 15th.
Global leaders probably hope that this plan will bring peace.
But it won’t. In fact, it will just greatly inflame tensions in the region.
In the end, I believe that this “peace plan” will only lead to more war

Lharmen - the Shemitah = September 25, 2014 until… September 13, 2015.
Israel lives by the Shemitah.


Ukraine and Syria are now in the cross-hair of the US and the US is now preparing for war which could lead to WWIII - June 9




June 6 / 7 -  We watch in the coming weeks for the Israeli army to Gather on all their borders ahead of the coming war under any excuse. no time to edit today.


Another rocket attack challenges Israel’s military planners to tackle ISIS and Hizballah inroads in Gaza - June 7

Hamas understands this and is doing everything it can to prevent the [rocket] fire.”
Three hours later, red alert sirens sounded across Ashkelon and the Lachish districts, warning civilians to run for shelter to avoid casualties.
Israel has vowed zero tolerance and a swift response to any repetition of the rocket raids that threatens to keep a large populace in shelters for yet another summer. But the truth is that Hamas has no answer for ISIS’s descent on the Gaza Strip, any more than the rest of the Middle East to the Islamists' inroads on Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

Lharmen - ISIS is Israeli controlled So Israel looks like they are preparing to create the crisis to get themselves onto their borders.

Another clip from this article: This situation is no less volatile than it is in Iraq, Syria or Lebanon given these groups’ innate tendency to constantly change sides and escalate their violence. It cries out for both Israel and Egypt to step in without further delay.


Analysis: Hamas is not behind the latest Gazan rocket fire - June 7

Lharmen - Israel is up to no good with these rockets lately. ISIS is their baby.


Emergency Knesset Session Requested Over Rocket Fire - June 7

Lharmen - we who can see know Israel just created this crisis and they are about offer the solution.

Article: "Operation Protective Edge never finished - a war is finished when there is an arrangement that leads to quiet," it continues. "It cannot be that Israel will rehabilitate Gaza without demilitarization; this is a blatant violation of the promise of the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense."
Lharmen - Watch for the fake week deal this coming week around the 13th and the reason for it will be to give up the missile site locations in Gaza. The deal does not make it the week as they are about to back it up with a military threat. It will be war or peace nothing less. God told us they will say peace when there is no peace = nothing left but war.

Another clip: "We can not accept the situation in recent weeks, in which rocket fire - no matter from whom - from the Gaza Strip into our territory," MK Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid) declared. "Israel should establish a clear policy, declare consistent punishment for rocket fire, and exact a price from Hamas, which is responsible for the area."

Lharmen - Hamas is responsible for the area but not the rockets = see how carefully this article is written. Israel's proxy is firing the rockets to give Israel the Excuse they need to Gather on their borders in the coming days.

Another clip: "The State of Israel cannot accept this and must give protection to residents of the south."
"The response should be in the face of responsible - Hamas," he continued. "Yet while we should launch a severe reaction, such a reaction should clarify our intentions to force a complete stop of rocket fire from Gaza, but also allow Hamas more opportunity to exert control over the space and allow a quiet summer for residents of the area."


IDF begins drill near Gaza that was 'planned ahead of time' - June 7

Army says heavy military traffic, movement of army units will be noticeable in area.


Yemen crisis: UN peace talks to be held next weekend Jun3e 14th - June 7

Lharmen - I watch for these peace deals to all be lumped together and maybe France's 2 state resolution to be lumped together as the Devil will sign a one week deal with many and break it in the midst of the week = Daniel 9:27

Clip from article: UN chief Ban Ki-moon called on all parties to enter the talks in good faith and without pre-conditions.







Stratcom Deploys Bombers Near Baltics - June 7



Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft - June 7

Lharmen - Jesus warned us he will darken the Whole World in the clear day.


Putin tells Italian paper Russia backs Ukraine peace deal - June 6

Lharmen - Peace deal talks in all directions today.


How Google Adsense Is Censoring WeAreChange and Independent Media - June 7

Lharmen - this guy works hand and hand with Alex Jones = We are changes.

With that warning said this guy is exposing the reasons why all truth

 telling web sites are losing massive amounts of viewer ship. Abbaswatchman used to see 2000 people a day and now 400.

All truth telling web sites are seeing the same thing happen. We are in the last hours before the global war. Before 9 11 the Muslims web sites went down and before the 3WW all of the truth telling web sites like mine will also go down = It is planned.


Greece and IMF Publicly Admit They Can’t Pay Debt as Debt-to-GDP Hits Record 180% - June 7




June 4 / 5 - Greece missed today's payment. The ECB had warned they will cease funding the Greek banks if one payment is missed. Today's payment was not made. Greece is trying to lump the payments for one big one at the end of the month. Ya cheque is in the mail moment. Everyone knows Greece is bankrupt totally. The bank runs today equal 700 million. The ECB had only given 500 Million last week spells total default soon. Talks today with Russia's Putin could spell a Veto purchase for much needed money. Israel would get really Pissy if that happened. Israel is preparing for the World war today with unexplained Iran dome movements across the entire South side of Israel. Iran sent 15,000 fighters into Syria today to set things in order (They call it a surprise) for the coming war with Israel. Daniel 8 says they will be pushing in 3 directions when the Western leader comes across the entire World (not just half = Project Blue Beam) and smokes them both with Media /Syria between his eyes. Watch for the U.N. resolution soon that will part God's land.


Greece delays IMF payment as cash runs short - June 5


Greece moves closer to eurozone exit after delaying €300m ... - June 5




Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries deployed across S. Israel - June 5

Lharmen - more WW3 preparations ahead of the fake week deal that will be backed up with a military threat if the missile sites are not handed over before the end of the first week. That is why we know the fake week deal does not make it the entire week ( Daniel 9:27) before a Global War breaks out. Watch for the Israeli army to Gather on all their borders ahead of the coming war.

Clip from Article: The IDF unusually announced Friday night that Iron Dome rocket interceptors had been deployed to defend the towns of southern Israel within range of the Gaza Strip. This step was not explained by any new information incoming from the Gaza Strip about fresh plans to attack Israel, after two rockets fired on June 3 exploded at the Sedot Yam local council. Saturday June 6 marks the anniversaries of two Arab-Israel wars which began on that day – the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Lharmen - The second Lebanon war started on July 12th 2006 <- the 11th was a full moon? The six day war started June 5th 1967 <-6th was a New moon. Israel goes to war around the moon phases. 1982 war with Lebanon started on June 6th. <- Full moon. Gaza war was Dec 27 2008 < New moon

If Israel is privy to the war date it will be around the moon Phases - The new moon is the 16th. The Full moon was on June 2 and the new moon June 16th is all that is left = Luke 21 on the door step of Summer June 20th while the trees and the leaves are still yet tender fits perfectly.


Iran sends 15,000 fighters to Syria - June 5


Tehran expected to invoke defense pact for large-scale troop deployment to Syria - June 5

Iran has sent 15,000 fighters to Syria to reverse recent battlefield setbacks for Syrian government troops and wants to achieve results by the end of the month, a Lebanese political source has told The Daily Star.
The militia force, made up of Iranians, Iraqis and Afghanis, the source said, have arrived in the Damascus region and in the coastal province of Latakia.
Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s elite Quds force, was in Latakia this week to shore up preparations for the campaign, the source said.
Soleimani promised a “surprise” from Tehran and Damascus.




Ukraine's president warns army to be ready to repel 'full scale' Russian invasion - June 5

Lharmen - that is because the Russian army has massed a huge number tanks on the Ukraine borders ahead of the planned World war = Luke 21 Nations shall rise against Nations then Kingdom against Kingdom.
Clip from article: The Ukraine crisis is expected to take center stage at the summit, where Barack Obama is expected to press EU leaders to maintain sanctions against Russia.
Lharmen - Greece has called on Putin and the G7 is meeting says Greek could Veto Russian sanctions soon = G7 summit in Bavaria this weekend
June 7-8.


NATO Begins Huge Sea and Air Campaign in Baltic - June 5


Christian Family Defending 2,700-Year-Old Tomb of Jewish Prophet as ISIS Army Advances on Nineveh - June 5

Lharmen - Pry our Lord protects our brothers burial sites from damage during the coming war.

 Pray God gives these people protection while they risk their lives to save these sites.


Houthi official says group will attend UN-backed Geneva peace talks - June 5

A senior official from Yemen's dominant Houthi group said the movement will attend

UN-backed peace talks in Geneva planned for June 14 without preconditions.
Lharmen - I look for this meeting to get moved ahead a day or 2 = all peace deals to be lumped together?


Blanca expected to become the earliest Category 5 hurricane

in the eastern Pacific - June 5







June 3 - Iranian troops are now heading for Syria soon to be in Syria. During the fake week deal, soon to be revealed, they will bIran sends 15,000 fighters to Syria - June 5 oth be fighting in the 3 prophesied directions that day when the Western leader the devil/Antichrist attacks them both = WW3. Greece will default June 5th with out a deal and no deal is coming. Market plunge war coverage. Watch for the market to plunge when the Iran oil Sanctions are lifted upon signing the coming peace deal. Lebanon's troops are now preparing for the coming war.

Iran is about to send military forces into Syria ahead of the World war = Daniel 8 says they will be at war in the 3 directions when the antichrist shows himself across the entire World showing himself the be god with Syria /Media between his eyes. Obama prepares Not to Veto the 2 state resolution the French are about to present to the U.N..


Iranian Rev Guards ready to intervene in Syria to save Assad. Soleimani: Expect major events in Syria in the coming days - June 3

Lharmen - Here is why the He goat = Daniel 8 will have Media/Syria between his eyes when he comes across the entire World showing himself to be Jesus returning when both Media and Persia are pushing in the 3 prophesied directions = they are both fighting from Syria = Daniel 8. The war is getting set to happen = June 16th = New moon. Watch for the fake week deal on or around June 13th.

Clip from article: That Tehran is about to change course to save Bashar Assad was indicated in a surprise statement Tuesday, June 2 by Gen. Qassem Soleimani, supreme commander of Iranian forces fighting outside the country. After urgent consultations in Damascus with President Assad and his military chiefs, the Iranian general said enigmatically that “major developments” are to be expected in Syria “in the next few days.” Another source quotes him more fully as saying: “In the next few days, the world will be pleasantly surprised [by the arrangements] we [the IRGC] working with Syrian military commanders are currently preparing."


Obama raises possibility of allowing U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood - June 3

President Obama took a step toward a tougher line with Israel in an interview released Tuesday, raising the possibility that the U.S. will allow a United Nations vote on issues related to the Palestinians if the two sides make no meaningful movement toward peace.
In an interview with an Israeli television station, Obama noted that his administration has “up until this point” quashed such efforts at the U.N. while insisting that the Israelis and Palestinians must negotiate a resolution. But he said it is a challenge for the U.S. to keep demanding that the Palestinians negotiate in good faith if no one believes the Israelis are doing the same.
Lharmen - As I said many time in scripture one time period it happens like the high priest ear was cut off and then it happened again and it was not cut off = here we see one time period the U.S. Vetoed the U.N resolution and now they will not = every thing happens 2 times in scripture even Jesus has a second coming = 2 times = Old Testament and a New Testament = 2 time periods. One time period the net broke then again it did not break. etc etc....
Another clip : But there may be a “practical consequence” if there are new resolutions introduced in the U.N., he said.
As he prepares to talk about a possible resolution with Iran over its nuclear deal, said one, Obama’s primary message is about his intent.
Lharmen - they are lumping these 2 deals together watch for it in 10 days time = around June 13th .

State Department spokeswoman says Washington hasn't yet decided how it would vote on UN resolution for Israel-PA peace - June 3

Harf was asked in her daily briefing about comments made by Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in an interview with The Washington Post. In that interview, Hamdallah said the French resolution was drafted in coordination with the United States, hinting Washington would not veto such a resolution.
New Zealand recently indicated it is working on the new resolution to revive the long-stalled peace talks.
The Security Council in December rejected a resolution that would have set a deadline for reaching a final peace deal and pave the way to the creation of a Palestinian state.


Obama Threatens to Cut US Support at UN in Israeli Interview - June 3




Hezbollah widens offensive in Syria border area, seizes hilltops - June 3

Lharmen - They are preparing in all directions for the coming war especially the borders.

We need to see the Israeli army Gather on their borders ahead of the 3WW.


Hezbollah seizes 15 positions on Arsal's outskirts - June 3

Lharmen - Lebanon is in full force preparing for an all out war with Israel.

Hezbollah fighters Wednesday seized at least 15 positions from militants on the outskirts of a

volatile northeastern border town, killing at least 11 militants, a security source said.
Lharmen - Daniel 8 says Iran and Syria will be pushing in 3 directions when the Western leader

 clearly Obama comes across the entire World as a He Goat and with media/Syria between his

 eyes all to fulfill Isaiah 17 1-7 which says when Damascus Ceases to be a city and becomes a

heap of ruin we see our maker with our eyes. Jesus coming is as the brightness and the devils

coming is as a He Goat < Holographic Global deception called Project Blue Beam.



Amid quiet in south, IDF and Hamas intensively prepare for next round - June 3

Lharmen - by peace the devil/Obama destroys many!


Obama: We can't maintain Iran sanctions forever - June 3

Lharmen - both these deals are clearly being lumped together.


Russia Urges US to Act in Lockstep with Syria to Crush ISIS - June 3

Lharmen - you would need to put the book based on the real 3rd World war and how it unfolded

into the fiction section because no one will believe the U.S. was allowed to work hand in hand

with the Syrians at the same time as actively funding, training, and controling the ISIS fighters,

So called freak Syrian army, and the so called moderate rebels... like they eat peoples hearts and blow the

 brains out of their children and they are moderate.... but we are to believe the Russians are

asking the U.S. to work hand in hand with Syria today.

: 0 P... common don't be so mean ..help the Syrians fight your own fighters....

how mean of you U.S. bullies .. Like really I feel like reality left the room.!

 I am in awe of how freaking warped this time period is... No really : 0 (


Greek Financing Situation in Free Fall now! NO THIRD BAILOUT -

GREEK SPOKESMAN. Greece Will Default On June 5

Without Deal, IMF Leaks - June 3


Greece's creditors draft deal to unlock aid, Athens resists - June 3

Lharmen - the creditors say it is our way to the money or no way. Greece saying it is our way or

 no way says the default is this Friday!
Clip from article: Tsipras, who has vowed not to surrender to more austerity, tried to pre-empt

a take-it-or-leave-it offer by the creditors, sending what he called a comprehensive reform

 proposal to Brussels on Monday before they could complete their version.
Euro zone officials branded the Greek text insufficient and said it was not formally on the table.


Seeking compromise deal, Greece warns it might skip IMF payment - June 3

Lharmen - the ECB funding is done the day they miss a payment

= Default June 5th if they miss it. Today the ECB gave Greece 500 million more.

Greece is going down weekly about that much money says they will be done June 5th.


GREECE DEFAULT: Greece Tsipras proposals 'uncompatible' w Berlin paper,

 "fiscal targets far apart". Agreement unlikely - June 3


Greece Faces Moment Of Truth: Troika To Present Final Offer On Wednesday - June 3


Oil prices drop on dollar, oversupply - June 3

Lharmen - imagine what will happen when the Iran deal gets signed and immediate oil sanctions

are lifted = 9 percent of the Worlds oil supply being immediately added to an already over

 supplied market = market plunge.


CERN's Large Hadron Collider to resume smashing particles in hunt for dark matter - June 3

13 Tev is now the power out put this massive weapon is running at.

To put that into perspective, Edmonton a city I live in( one million people), runs on 1400 Mega/Million Watts of power a year.

This freaking monster LHC eats 100 times that a days. This is the Worlds largest directed energy weapon.

This weapon creates black holes or round sink holes. This weapon can blast holes anywhere on earth over any military installation and it is especially good at destroying facilities under lakes as it can blast holes into the water and into the ground under the water to great depths and through any matter at any thickness. It is Obama's backup weapon for the coming war. 4 Beast worshipping systems in the end days 3 are destroyed and one will remain = the last Babylon will come out of it.= E.U.



June 1 / 2 - The Iran deal is close watch for the 12/13th for the signing. Watch out Friday June 5th for the Greek default and the exit from the Euro to begin and the markets to start to crash. June 16th new moon watch out for the week deal around this date and for the Israel Army to Gather on their borders ahead of the coming new moon June 16th. Watch out for the great 8 or greater earthquakes ahead of the coming war and for Nations to rise against Nations days ahead of the war date = Luke 21 is unfolding.

Watch out for the Sun to start blasting us with Massive "X" class flares around the war date as God's anger will rise in his face when the Russian GOG is about to come against the land of Israel. God's Spirit covers all stars like a coat. We do not worship the Sun as a whole but the light that covers it is God's Spirit.


PM pre-empts Obama TV interview pitching Iran deal to Israeli public: We must rely on ourselves - June 2

In an excerpt aired Monday night from the Obama interview to be shown in its entirety on Tuesday evening, the US president said he could demonstrate that “the best way to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon is a verifiable rough agreement.”


Obama: There is no military option to stop Iran - June 2

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday rejected Obama’s comments, warning that the emerging deal would “pave the way” for Iran to attain a nuclear arsenal. He said the deal would also see Iran’s economy boosted and thus enable it to engage in further terrorist activity.
Obama’s interview came less than a month before the June 30 deadline for a finalized deal between Iran and the six world powers led by the US. The emerging agreement aims to curb Iran’s uranium enrichment and put in place a stricter inspections regime, in exchange for an easing of punishing economic sanctions.

Lharmen - Watch for this deal to be lumped together with the Iran deal and to start with the one week for Gaza to Give up their missile site locations. The war will be in the midst of the week. Watch out for the 12/13th for this deal and the war to happen on the new moon = June 16th.






Greece's creditors draw up new deal as Athens vows not to be blackmailed - June 2

He’ll be carrying the Greek proposal to end the deadlock, rather than the one being sent

by creditors to Athens tomorrow.....
Lharmen - the creditor nations said it is our deal or no deal!
Default this Friday. Monday the crash will begin... it should begin????


Stocks close mildly lower as Wall Street eyes Greece, data; utilities weigh - June 2


European Leaders Assemble for Urgent Meeting on Greek Crisis - June 2

But a growing political backlash in Greece adds to the uncertainty about whether a deal can be

 sealed. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces increasing dissent within his leftist Syriza party

 over creditors’ demands for austerity terms as a condition for releasing the aid.
Greece’s main creditors — the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and

 eurozone countries — have refused to release 7.2 billion euros in bailout funds until Athens agrees

to a series of economic reforms and spending cuts. They have been at an impasse for months.
Unless they strike an agreement soon, Greece may not be able to make a series of coming debt

payments. On Friday, Greece must make a €300 million loan repayment to the International Monetary

 Fund, and it owes €1.2 billion later this month.


Grexit has the potential to cause a perfect storm in the markets. Fears around

 Greece have a tradition to send gold prices higher. We expect investors to choose

for gold when the Greek situation escalates - June 2

It has become clear in the last weeks that Greece does not have the money to pay back its creditors,
 first and foremost the IMF.
It’s even worse, as minister of Finance Mr. Varoufakis keeps on stressing

that his country is simply not capable of ever paying back the accumulated debts.
Recent figures have pointed out that Greece’s government expenditures have decreased with 6.2%

year-on-year! That is highly unusual for a country which is governed by a far left-winged government.

 It only confirms that Athens is desperately hoping for a solution. Time is up, by all means. Because

of that, few options are left.


Markets remain sceptical of an imminent Greek deal. Greece's 2y yields rise to

 24.3%, Default probability stays >80% - June 2



May 30 / May 31 - We know the World war is nearing = June 16th the new moon as Russia is clearing out their nationals ahead of the war with Syria. Greece did not come up with a deal says default June 5th! Market plunge war coverage! We are getting very close 16 days till June 16th.


A Russian plane delivered aid to Syria, evacuated nationals - June 1


Israel country-wide drill to prepare for massive three-front rocket attack - May 31

Lharmen - Our Lord has warned us Syria/Media and Iran/Persia will be pushing in 3 directions when the devil's Son the fake Jesus/Beast/He Goat will come across the entire World with Syria between his eyes. Daniel 8:4 I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.

:5 And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.


Israel practices national preparedness for war, mass evacuations - June 1

The IDF “Exercise Turning Point 15” was launched across Israel Sunday with the accent on the functioning of national infrastructure services including, water, power, gas and food supplies for populations affected by a multi-front and/or massive terrorist attack. Large-scale evacuations of civilians will also be tested. Taking part in the exercise lasting until June 4 will be the army, air force, navy, homeland command, the National Emergency branch of the defense ministry, other government ministries, local councils,

Lharmen - Israel makes a deal with the devil and she thinks she is safe when the over flowing scourge comes through she will get trodden down by it!

Isaiah 28:15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:
Isaiah 28:18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand;
when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.


G7 Leaders Scramble for 11th Hour Greece Bailout Package - May 30

Speaking of financial disasters, concerns over a potential Greek debt default weighed on markets this week as G7 leaders scrambled to try to come up with an 11th hour bailout package. Greek officials said they remain hopeful an agreement with lenders can be reached by Sunday. If no deal is reached, then Greece will seemingly be left with no option but to default on its debt next week.
June 5th Greece will default. Market plunge then war coverage = we are getting close = June 16th war! Look for the fake week deal then we know for certain. - Lharmen


Russian Jets Force US Navy Destroyer Away From Russian Territorial Waters - May 31






Iran, US eye 'intense' month to seal historic deal - May 31

US officials warned the weeks leading to June 30 would be intense, vowing to "keep

 the pressure on" to force the Iranians and everyone at the table to make the "tough decisions"

needed to end a 12-year standoff and put a nuclear bomb beyond Iran's reach.


As nuke deal deadline draws near, US and Iran hold 'intense' talks - May 31

Lharmen - Watch for this deal to be lumped in with the other regional peace deals

 and to start with the one week deal Netanyahu has demanded on or around June 13th.

Clip from article: His deputy, Abbas Aragchi, said lower-level officials would

 meet again in Vienna next week.


Netanyahu to meet today with Germany's FM to discuss Iran, peace process - May 31


The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs - May 31

Lharmen - The Masons and the Zionists are both Jewish controlled Mafia's (and both Jesuit created

 and controlled today) and they power share globally even in Russia the Hell's angels exist today.

One Russian group helps to fund our sites while the other C.I.A. /Hell's Angles group shuts us down

like David Thompson <--- Head of the Edmonton Hell's Angels is doing to me.


A Homeless Man Walks into a Church, What He Did Next SHOCKED Everyone - May 31

Matthew 25:36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
Lharmen - The above scripture is for those prepared for the kingdom and one below is for the

 evil people who infest our churches today.

Matthew 25:43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick,

and in prison, and ye visited me not.

35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:
36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?
38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?
39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?
40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:
43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.
44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?
45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.
46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.



May 28 / 29 - Now we know June 16th is the chosen date for WW3 = Russia is massing on the Ukraine border and China had warned us the World war will start between Russian and the U.S. in Ukraine. Today we see Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah= Lebanon, Syria and now Russia have all massed their troops on their borders. Syria has not massed their troops but militarily cleared out 20 border posts in clear preparation for the coming Luke 21 World war.


Military Drills Increase Globally - War Preparations in Progress? - May 28


Russia masses heavy firepower on border with Ukraine - May 28

Russia's army is massing troops and hundreds of pieces of weaponry including mobile rocket launchers, tanks and artillery at a makeshift base near the border with Ukraine, a Reuters reporter saw this week.
The scene at the base on the Kuzminsky firing range, around 50 km (30 miles) from the border, offers some of the clearest evidence to date of what appeared to be a concerted Russian military build-up in the area.

The 'war' word is being increasingly heard as Europe, Russia, China and the United States adopt provocative postures - May 28

The Chinese-government newspaper The Global Times was even more blunt.
“We do not want a military conflict with the United States, but if it were to come, we have to accept it,” an editorial reads.
“The intensity of the conflict will be higher than what people usually think of as ‘friction’.”
Another newspaper, The People’s Daily, editorialised last September that Beijing should prepare itself for a third world war arising out of the standoff between the United States and Russia over Ukraine.


US preparing for war on China, Russia - May 29

“The point that has to be made is that the Chinese, like the Russians, are very, very clear that the United States and their NATO allies are in a war mobilization, preparing for war on Russia, preparing for war on China,” Billington stated.



Netanyahu backs ‘general idea’ behind Arab Peace Initiative - May 29

While stopping short of fully endorsing the Arab Peace Initiative, Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu said Thursday that he welcomed the general idea behind it — a regional agreement

between Israel and the moderate Arab states.


Netanyahu on Thursday said there are several core problems that stand in the way of a peace

 treaty with the Palestinians, such as Jerusalem, which he said “will not be resolved –

we’ll set this aside.”
However, the most important question was security, he said. “One of the key questions will be

 who guarantees the security of the territories that Israel is ready to vacate?”


French FM to travel to Israel, Ramallah, Egypt to promote peace process- May 28

France's foreign minister Laurent Fabius said Thursday he would travel to Israel and the Palestinian

 territories in June to try and revive the peace process and persuade all sides to accept a French

UN Security Council resolution that would set parameters for talks. "We are for a two-state solution.


UK and Russia to resume efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis - May 28

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister David Cameron agreed in their 30-minute phone

conversation for their security advisers to meet to seek a solution to the civil war in Syria.....
Lharmen - peace talks in all directions today.


Turkish Prime Minister: "We will march to liberate Jerusalem" - May 29

During the ceremony, both Turkish leaders spoke of their desire to conquer Jerusalem and to

re-establish the Ottoman Empire. “By Allah’s will, Jerusalem belongs to the Kurds, the Turks,

the Arabs, and to all Muslims,” Davutoglu declared. “And as our forefathers fought side by side

at Gallipoli and just as our forefathers went together to liberate Jerusalem with Saladin, we will

march on the same path to liberate Jerusalem.


Want to Feed the Homeless? That Will Be $400, Please - May 29

Lharmen - God warned us they would secretly devise to devour the poor .

Obviously by way of starving people to death.

The moral decay of our Law enforcement system is so obvious today = No love towards their fellow man.

 Jesus said your going to hell because when one of the least of God's children was in need you denied them

and by so doing you denied God whose Spirit was in them. The Spirit of Hate rules over their hearts  as they

 all worship Death the devil.


Japan volcano violently erupts without warning—Gov issues highest alert for 1st time—

“Smell of sulfur, smoke blacks out sky…Officials warn of more big eruptions”—Expert:

I don't think its over…Even worse one is possible— - May 29

Lharmen - We watch around June 15th/16th for the massive Volcanoes that will darken the

whole World in the clear day at noon the day of the World war.




May 26 / 27 - Netanyahu is now setting things in order to divide God's land. Greece is getting close to the June 5th default as no deal will happen as long as they are miles apart in negotiations = default. Russia and the U.S. are getting close to a deal on the Iran sanctions says full deal is very close. Oil Sanctions were all that was left to be agreed upon. May was the last 2008 crash start and we are looking to repeat history as May/June could be a repeat with ease. Market plunge comes before the war coverage The devils Illuminati have warned us


Netanyahu said open to drawing up boundaries for settlement blocs - May 27

Lharmen -The deal will be made around June 13th or on that date by design. Watch for it it will start with Netanyahu's demanded one week for the demilitarization of Gaza. The devil's son = the Beast of Revelation/He goat of Daniel 8 signs a fake week deal with many then in the midst of the week a World war will break out = Daniel 9:27. The devil and his son are one Angel of Death = trinity being = Angel = 2 Serpents and one Dragon. So when I say the devil will sign this deal I mean his son = the fake Jesus.

Clip from article: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini last week that Israel is prepared to resume negotiations with the Palestinians and to define boundaries for the major settlement blocs in the West Bank, the Haaretz newspaper reported Tuesday, quoting an unnamed source.

Russia, US close to deal on Iran ‘snap-back’ sanctions - May 27

Moscow and Washington are close to agreement on a formula that bridges differences over US demands to quickly re-impose UN sanctions on Iran if Tehran violates its commitments under a nuclear deal, officials told The Associated Press Tuesday.

Lharmen - watch for these deals to all be dumped together and to start with the fake Daniel 9:27 week peace deal.


France warns Iran over nuclear deal as deadline nears - May 27

As talks resumed in Vienna on Wednesday to bridge gaps in negotiating positions before a June 30 deadline, the United States said it was not considering an extension, despite comments from France and Iran indicating wiggle room.
"We're not contemplating any extension beyond June 30," State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said at a Washington news briefing.
Rathke said the United States believes the world powers working with Tehran can achieve their goal of reaching an agreement by the self-imposed deadline. To that end, Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Geneva for a May 30 meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif.


US and NATO re-positioning military assets and are preparing to bring in troops to the middle east. - May 27


Stocks Began Falling Right At This Time Of The Year Just Prior To The Last Financial Crisis. Hopefully More People Will Start Listening To The Warnings, Because We Have Almost Run Out Of Time To Prepare. - May 27

Around May 16th was when the 2008 crash began = We repeat history - Lharmen


Greece likely to miss payment deadline as talks stall - Bloomberg - May 27

Greece may miss a deadline for a deal with creditors this week, as the parties haven’t made

any progress in talks, Bloomberg sources close to the negotiations said, accelerating fears of

 an Athens default.
Greece remains too far from striking a debt deal with its international creditors, unnamed

 sources who wished to remain anonymous told Bloomberg.
Last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande set a target

 to reach a deal by the end of May.
Athens hope to reach a settlement by June 5, when the first IMF payment of almost €1.6 billion,

 due next month, is to be made, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said on Tuesday.


Risk of Greece debt default rises as deadline looms - May 27

Greece's embattled economy faces another crucial deadline. On June 5 the Greek government is

 scheduled to repay 300 million euros ($329 million) to the International Monetary Fund, the first

of four payments totaling $1.76 billion.
Greece is thought to have enough funds to make the first loan payment. But concerns are rising that,

 barring an agreement with creditors, it will default on its other obligations coming due next month.

 Over the weekend the Greek interior minister said funds for the four-installment IMF loan "will not

 be given and [are] not there to be given."

Mills: If Greece Leaves, U.K. Will Follow... Burgess: It Is 'Inevitable' - May 27

Lharmen - If Both Britain and Greece announce they will leave the Euro then down it comes

= they said they will start this coming war by pulling the dollar = the Euro dollar not the U.S.

dollar as many of us had thought they meant.


After four weeks of silence, Gaza rocket explodes in the South - May 27


Israel drawing up 'wish list' of US sweetners over Iran deal - May 27


13 trillion electronvolts! Large Hadron Collider sets new record - May 27

Scientists operating the world's biggest particle Collider say they have set a

new energy record ahead of the massive machine's full restart in June.

How an ayatollah's daughter came to preach peace

between Israel and Iran - May 27

Daniel 11:6 And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the

 king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement:

but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she

 shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that

strengthened her in these times.



May 23 / 24 / 25 - war preparations can be seen across the Globe. An FBI agent was recently arrested for exposing the World war is about to happen. 9 11 Fema was running drills of the exact events as they went live so was the London bombings FEMA again was there one day ahead of the event and they supposedly went live (more like went Hollywood - Not real events but drills. The devils cast the truth to the ground and prospers) Now Jade Helm is set for June 15th one day ahead of the World war. Not by chance this is all unfolding and on the doorstep of the official start to summer June 20th = Luke 21.


Amid Russia Tensions, 100 U.S., European Jets Hold Drills in Arctic - May 25

The exercise, lasting from May 25 to June 5, is one of the biggest fighter jet exercises in Europe this year and the second of its type after one in 2013.


American destroyer joins large-scale military exercise in the Black Sea this week - May 25

The military drills, part of the Trident Poseidon 2015 exercise, are carried out in Romania’s territorial waters and the international waters of the Black Sea between May 25 and May 28

Lharmen - do you think these Kingdoms are preparing for something real with all these massive military drills?????


Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Quds Force says only Iran is confronting Islamic State: Obama hasn't done a "d-mn thing" - May 25

Lharmen - ISIS is Obama's kill white Christian army by way of beheadings = Antichrist/Beast of revelation and Daniel 8.

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad - May 25




Hezbollah seizes hilltops from al-Qaida in

Syrian province bordering Israel - May 25

Lharmen - Turkey is on their border today so is Saudi Arabia and now Syria and Hezbollah are

 heading towards their borders ahead of the World war.

Hezbollah shows off its tunnels, claims it is

prepared for war with Israel - May 25

Lharmen - Am I making this up they are saying it!


NATO Forces practice Night Raid on "Russian" Communications - May 25


FBI Agent Held for Psychiatric Evaluation Warning Plot To Start WW3 - May 25

Lharmen - the World War is about to get going so this could be true

that she had info a World war is about to get going.


JADE HELM 15 via Police Militarization Preparation for

 Economic Collapse, Martial Law, - May 25

This has now been moved to June 15th WOW. Fema was setup one day before 9 11

and so were they there one day ahead of the 77 London bombings . They were also fully

exposed for being there the day of the Texas fertilizer bombings and here we see they are

 setting 9 states up for Martial Law one day ahead of the New Moon June 16th.

We are set for the World war on June 16th.

Jade Helm will go Live June 16th with all certainty we know the

 scrip has been written = Market plunge then War coverage.

 Greece will default June 5th with all certainty.

11 days until war exactly how the Illuminati/numerologist do things.


5/24/2015 — Mount Hakone in Japan Hasn’t Erupted in 800 years — Now Steaming + Ground Rising - May 25

Lharmen - God warned us he will darken the Whole World the day of the great battle = Volcanoes

are erupting 2 times as much this year as any other.


Canadian Media Finally Discovers Mass Graves of Indigenous Children - May 25

Lharmen - I went to both the Sun and the Journal here in Edmonton and

I had the same thing happen = Nothing.


Calling Marty McFly: Canadian inventor sets record for

farthest flight by hoverboard - May 24




May 22 - Jade Helm - Full blown Martial Law and it starts June = same month Greece defaults and the deal with Iran is set to go through + the 2 state parting of God's land deal. It is all unfolding for June = weeks away = Luke 21 says we lift our heads when these things begin to come to pass. 3rd World War comes on the back of the market plunge. Jade Helm is now set for June not July spells economic crash June. Obama declares a national emergency giving himself war powers again.  Greece is finished June 5th as they prepare for alternative currency. This is all unfolding according to Luke 21 ahead of the official start to summer June 20th look out for the new Moon June 16th for a World war.


Islamic State pushes Assad regime from last stronghold on Iraqi border - May 22


Operation Jade Helm Is To Start In June Of 2015, Not In July! - May 22

Lharmen - That is because by design the crash will start on the back of Greece's default June 5th that is why.


The GREXIT Just Took A Turn For The Worse Economic Collapse Heading This Way - May 22

Bloomberg reports that during a private meeting Schaeuble mentioned the idea of Greece’s bringing in a second currency — which could be the first step to a messy exit from the eurozone.

Market plunge then war coverage = June = Watch out for June 16th Israel goes to war around the new moon. June 16th is the new moon and that will be on the door step of Summer (<-Luke 21)  June 20th is the official start to summer. We need to see the Israeli army Gathering on their borders - Lharmen


Luke 21:29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;

Luke 21:30 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.
Luke 21:31 So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

Lharmen - Remember that the devil will come with all of God's signs and great lying wonders like Boston bombings and Sandy Hook etc etc. The summer being near sign looks to fit for the next month here in Canada we will still have tender shoots on our trees . We are only 3 weeks from the New moon June 16th and 2 weeks from the Greek default June 5th. We lift our heads as our redemption draws near. We are set free from Echelon's grip (<-micro chipping) at the 3rd World war. So it comes upon and unsuspecting World at a time they do not expect it - A regional peace deal is unfolding for June as well that will start with the prophesied one week deal Netanyahu has demanded it be a part of the 2 state deal to demilitarize Gaza .



Peres says 'clear majority of Israelis back two states,'

urges immediate resumption of talks- May 22

Shimon Peres, Israel’s nonagenarian former president and forever elder statesman, told a gathering of

 Middle Eastern leaders in Jordan on Friday that “a clear majority of Israelis favor a two-state solution”

to the conflict with the Palestinians.
In a news conference during which he fielded questions from dozens of journalists from the Arab world,

Peres said that “arriving at a diplomatic resolution is possible, necessary, and urgent
...“I believe that peace talks could resume and
we must do this as quickly as possible,”


3 Years After He 'Ended the War':

Obama Declares Iraq a 'National Emergency' for U.S. - May 22

The message he sent to Congress on Tuesday said that he was extending a "national emergency" becauase

 the situation in Iraq continues "to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and

foreign policy of the United States."
“Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination

of a national emergency unless, within 90 days prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President

 publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to

continue in effect beyond the anniversary date,” said Obama. “In accordance with this provision, I have sent

 to the Federal Register for publication the enclosed notice stating that the national emergency with respect to

the stabilization of Iraq that was declared in Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, is to continue in effect

 beyond May 22, 2015.

A Congressional Research Service report published in 2014 explained that when the president declares a

national emergency it triggers provisions in “numerous statutes which confer standby authority on the president.”
“Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution vests in Congress the power ‘to declare War.
’ Pursuant to that power,

Congress has enacted 11 declarations of war during the course of American history relating to five different wars,

the most recent being those that were adopted during World War II,” said the CRS report.

CERN Tests Large Hadron Collider at Record Energy to Break Protons,

 Achieves Breakthrough 13 Tev - May 22

CERN achieved a breakthrough on Wednesday night when protons collided in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the record-breaking energy of 13 TeV for the first time, paving the way for the next round in

 early June in search of the dark matter or God’s particle.

Lharmen - this directed energy weapon will be fully functional in early June at a mind

numbing 13 trillion Watts ( Haarp in Alaska is 1 Billion Watts = 130 times it's power.)

This weapon creates sink holes (black holes) and it's finger print is the circular sink hole verses the natural sink hole

 that drops in like an oval and looks messy . All the holes around the Dead Sea are round and neat spells trouble

 for Russia as the E.U. members are Obama's back up for this coming World war.

Pentagon: Sending jets, warships near China islands ‘next step’ - May 22


ISIS seizes last Syria-Iraq border crossing - May 22


Iran threatens '80,000 rockets at Tel Aviv and Haifa' over distorted Ya'alon comment - May 22



May 20 / 21 - We watch around the June 5th date for the great 8 or greater earthquakes and the massive "X" class flares to start. We watch always for the fake week deal to be signed then we know the 3rd World war will be within days.  Greece just warned June 5th they will not be able to pay the IMF. The ECB warned that one payment is missed and the lending stops that days. Greece will default June 5th. Netanyahu is now stating he is for the division of Jerusalem as scripture warns us he will make/sign a deal with the devil and when the war happens he will think he has won = When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them. Netanyahu has stated no deal except the week deal is a part of it for the demilitarization of Gaza. Obama has paid Israel off to accept the Iran deal that is soon to be reveals. We are very close to the deal =June ????


Greece will be unable to repay June 5th with out a deal in days. - May 21

Greece's government says it will not be able to repay €1.5bn (£1.09bn) to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 5 June without a deal within days.
The government has said it will prioritise the payment of salaries, pensions and the general running costs of the state over the IMF repayment on 5 June.
"Now is the moment of truth," Nikos Filis, spokesman for the ruling Syriza party's lawmakers, told Greek ANT1 television on Wednesday.
"If there is no deal by [5 June]... they won't get any money," he said.
Meanwhile German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he could not rule out a Greek debt default, according to media reports.


Greece says it will default in June without aid from lenders - May 21

Greece will not be able to make a payment to the International Monetary Fund due on June 5 unless foreign lenders provide more aid, a senior ruling party lawmaker said on Wednesday, the latest warning from Athens that it is on the verge of default.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's leftist government says it hopes to reach a cash-for-reforms deal in days, although European Union and IMF lenders are more pessimistic and say talks are moving too slowly for that.
Payments to the IMF totaling about 1.5 billion euros ($1.7 billion) fall due next month, starting with a 300 million euro payment on June 5.
"Now is the moment that negotiations are coming to a head. Now is the moment of truth, on June 5," Nikos Filis, spokesman for the ruling Syriza party's lawmakers, told ANT1 television.
"If there is no deal by then that will address the current funding problem, they won't get any money," he said.


German Finance Minister Schäuble Doesn’t Rule Out Greek Default - May 21

Germany’s finance minister said he couldn’t rule out a Greek default, a stance that will add pressure on Athens as negotiations over much-needed financing enter their final stretch.
Asked whether he would repeat an assurance he gave in late 2012 that Greece wouldn’t default, Wolfgang Schäuble told The Wall Street Journal and French daily Les Echos that “I would have to think very hard before repeating this in the current situation.”
In an interview in his spartan Berlin office on Tuesday, Mr. Schäuble, a key architect of Europe’s controversial austerity-driven response to the eurozone debt crisis, showed no willingness to compromise in the negotiations to unlock the final installment of Greece’s €245 billion ($272 billion) bailout. Without a deal, the program will expire in six weeks, leaving Greece with no option but to default on billions of euros in debt repayments coming due this summer.

Greece Says That It Will Default On June 5th, And Moody’s Warns Of A ‘Deposit Freeze’ - May 20

The Greek government says that a “moment of truth” is coming on June 5th. Either their lenders agree to give them more money by that date, or Greece will default on a 300 million euro loan payment to the IMF. Of course it won’t technically be a “default” according to IMF rules for another 30 days after that, but without a doubt news that Greece cannot pay will send shockwaves throughout the financial world. At that point, those holding Greek bonds will start to panic as they realize that they might not get paid as well. All over Europe, there are major banks that are holding large amounts of Greek debt and derivatives that are related to the performance of Greek debt. If something is not done to avert disaster at the last moment, a default by Greece could be the spark that sets off a major European financial crisis this summer.

Lharmen - The crash comes before the war.

GREECE ANNOUNCES DEFAULT! D-Day for world banks and Stocks: June 5 -- UPDATE: Moody's Warns of Bank Deposit SEIZURES - May 20

Lharmen - The crash comes before the war. We lift our heads when these things begin says around June 5th the Iran deal could be done and lumped together with the fake week deal to start the 2 state division of God's land.



Netanyahu to EU: I support two-state solution - May 21

Lharmen - God warned us the ruler of Jerusalem will divide God's land and make a deal with the

 devil that when the 3rd WW happens he thinks he will be safe when in fact he will get trodden down

by the over flowing scourge that will pass through. The Time of the Gentiles will have arrived.

We flee into the wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years. We go before the flock as the He Goats.
Clip from article: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walked back from his controversial election

day comments in a meeting with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Wednesday.

"I want peace. I am not for a one-state solution. I support the vision of two-states."
Mogherini said that the international community's efforts on Iran were intended to assure that Iran

 does not possess a nuclear weapon. She praised Netanyahu for his commitment to peace and said

the EU was prepared to assist in renewing the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.
Lharmen - We watch for the coming 2 state deal to start with Netanyahu's demanded one week deal

for the missile locations to be given him to demilitarize Gaza . The deal will happen within weeks

 just ahead of the official start of Summer June 20th.


France to push U.N resolution 18-month timetable for Mideast peace - May 21

France’s upcoming bid for a renewed Middle East peace push at the UN sets a timetable of 18 months

 for a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians and threatens French recognition of

Palestine should negotiations fail, newspaper Le Figaro reported Wednesday.
The document being formulated by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says the sovereignty of the

 demilitarized Palestinian state must be guaranteed, with a gradual Israeli pullout from Palestinian

 territory. It also says Israel’s security concerns must be addressed, and any Palestinian arms-buildup

 or terrorist activity prevented.
Lharmen - this article suggests 2 months But the bible says we lift our heads when these things begin

to come to pass says it will come around June 5th very likely June 16 = New Moon. As I have been warning

 to watch for it all to be lumped together as Daniel 9:27 says he signs a week deal with many ahead

of the World War. DEBKAfiles revealed that Obama will make like the peace deal is way off then jump to the deal.


Official: Palestinians to Prosecute Israel at ICC on June 25 - posted - May 21


Report: US to Give Israel Massive Increase in Military Aid for Iran Deal - May 21



May 18 / 19 - Greece is saying no compromise = means no deal. 


'No alternative' to Saudi peace plan, says expert - May 19

Former military general in Jordan calls on Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept Saudi plan, which involves dividing Jerusalem and agreeing to right of return.
The Saudi peace initiative first saw light some 13 years ago, and apparently there are still many key figures in the Arab world who would like to see it revived.
"If Israel accepts the peace plan and makes a commitment to implement it, 22 Arab states and another 20 Muslim counties will commit to normalizing relations with you," Eshki says. "You need to internalize the fact that we want coexistence between the Arab states and Israel."
And Eshki also had a message for the skeptics who lack faith in his vision: "Saudi Arabia always fulfills the commitments it takes on," he says. "And you will see, when the time comes for normalization, we and another 22 Arab states will establish diplomatic relations with Israel, including commercial cooperation and cultural ties."
According to the Saudi initiative, the brainchild in 2002 of then-crown prince Abdullah, the Israeli-Arab conflict will come to an end in return for an Israeli undertaking to withdraw to the pre-Six-Day War 1967 borders.

The devils Lucifer's Illuminati's 13 and the 22 for their goddess Diana = 233.


Europeans talk of re-launching diplomacy - May 19

“The political meaning is that the EU as such is ready and willing to play a major role in relaunching the peace process on the basis of the two-state solution,” she said. “So my main message to the interlocutors there will be this: Count on the EU to work with our partners in the region and in the international community to support a restart of the peace process.”

Lharmen - Remember recent news I posted showed that Obama has given the nod to the E.U. to push a resolution through to bring about the 2 state solution = divide/part God's land. This has to happen if the devil wants to stand in the house of God and say he is god. Watch for France's resolution = E.U..

Netanyahu says he wants talks with Palestinians to resume, sources claim - May 19

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like the peace process with the Palestinians to resume soon, he said in closed conversations with Likud officials last week.





Iran eyeing full-force return to oil market once nuclear deal passes - May 19

Iran currently has less than 10 million barrels of crude stored onboard tankers that could be released post-sanctions depending on market conditions, Javadi said.

Lharmen - today again the price of Oil crashed get ready for the immediate sanctions lifting

and the flooding of the over capacity market = saturated/diluted market. The Oil crash preceded

 the market crash of 2008.


Hotovely to Norwegian FM: Press Palestinians to recognize Israel as Jewish state - May 19


Palestinian Authority advances bid to file lawsuits against Israel at ICC - May 19

PA foreign minister says Palestinians submitted request to set date for filing cases

about settlements, alleged war crimes.


Malki, who is currently visiting Italy, told the Voice of Palestine radio station that he submitted

the request to the ICC two days ago.
“I have submitted a request to the court to set a date for us to present the files of settlements

and Israeli war crimes,” Malki said. “We’re now awaiting the court’s response.

 This could take place in mid-June.”


In 2013, a United Nations Human Rights Council report on Jewish building over the pre-1967 lines

 found that such activity was prohibited under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. That

article views the direct or indirect transfer of a civilian population into occupied territory as a war crime.


Canadian dollar falls 1.5 cents as oil plunges - May 19

Traders are also anticipating the release of minutes of the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting in April, which

 come out Wednesday. Those minutes could provide some insight into when the U.S. central bank will raise rates.
At the same time, Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz cast a shadow on the Canadian dollar, saying

 the pain of low oil prices has yet to be fully felt and there is further uncertainty ahead for Canada's economy.
West Texas Intermediate crude fell $2.15 US on Tuesday to $57.28 US a barrel, while Brent was down

$2 at $64.24 US.


Oil prices tank on oversupply fears - May 19
Traders appeared to grow more pessimistic ahead of the weekly US petroleum inventories report

 due on Wednesday.

Greece Bailout Deal Needed By End Of May, Official Says - May 19

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Monday that he expects an agreement with bailout creditors within the next week, which would save the cash-strapped country from fast-approaching bankruptcy.
"I think we are very close," Varoufakis said. "Let's say (it's a matter) of about a week."

For almost four months, Greece's radical left-led government has been haggling with its creditors from the 19-country eurozone and International Monetary Fund over economic reforms it must make to secure a 7.2 billion euro ($8 billion) cash injection.
That is the final payment due from the country's 240 billion-euro bailout program, launched five years ago after Greece's public finances spiraled out of control and it was locked out of international bond markets.
In a late-night interview with private Star TV, Varoufakis said creditors also appear to believe that the time is ripe for a deal. But he insisted that he would reject any compromise that the radical left-led government in Athens considers to be "non-viable."



May 16 / 17 - The Pope to sign a deal with Palestine in the near future. The U.S. boots on the ground in Syria with and Russian help?????


Egypt sentences deposed Islamist president Morsi Death - May 17

Lharmen - I will be baffles if this guy gets killed ahead of this coming war as Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member and so is this guy. His sentence is to be referred to the Egyptian Mufti June 2.

Clip from article: The court will pronounce its final decision on June 2, since under Egyptian law, death sentences are referred to the mufti, the government's interpreter of Islamic law, who plays an advisory role.


Pope calls Abbas 'angel of peace' during Vatican meeting - May 17

Lharmen - By peace the devil destroys many.

The summit took place days after the Vatican said it was willing to sign its first treaty with “Palestine,” an expression of the Holy See’s declared policy of recognizing Palestinian statehood in defiance of Israeli objections.
Abbas and the pope met privately for 20 minutes, according to the report. AFP quotes a statement released by the Holy See calling for a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
Israel expressed disappointment Wednesday at the Vatican’s announcement that it reached the outline of an agreement with the Palestinians and at the Holy See’s use of the term “State of Palestine” for the first time in an official document.
Both parties, according to the statement, “agreed that the work of the Commission on the text of the Agreement has been concluded, and that the agreement will be submitted to the respective authorities for approval ahead of setting a date in the
near future for the signing.”

Lharmen - the devil will sign a fake week peace deal ahead of this war with many. It could be the Pope who signs the coming week deal. By peace he destroys many.

Jordanian, German FMs call for renewal of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks - May 17







First US ground operation in Syria kills ISIS oil chief - May 17

American sources report that US Special Operations forces mounted a raid Saturday,

May 16, on an ISIS house in the Deir el-Zour district of eastern Syria,


US Special Ops raid killing five ISIS chiefs had to be coordinated with

Syria and Russia - May 17

Not only did the US put its first boots on the ground in Syria, but the US, Russia

and the Assad regime seem to be pulling together for the first time.

Lharmen - this coming war will see Israel's take over or her destruction.

All her friends have become her enemies and she knows it not!

US 'deeply concerned over Morsi death sentence bid by Egyptian court - May 17


Erdogan condemns Morsi verdict as return to 'ancient Egypt' - May 17

Lharmen - It looks like the Masons/Beast worshipers are pushing hard for the release of their guy in Egypt.


Israel at center of international diplomatic storm as Vatican, FIFA, EU step up pressure - May 17
The Vatican decision to recognize “Palestine” as a state, an expected French-sponsored resolution

to the United Nations Security Council, and the possible expulsion of Israel from FIFA, the international

 soccer federation, are creating the sense that Israel is losing the diplomatic battle.


France is expected to soon present a new resolution to the UN Security Council to recognize a Palestinian

state. In the past, the US has vetoed all such resolutions, but after the election of Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu, the US has said it will “reassess” that decision.

Lharmen - Many times in the bible the duplicate event turns out to be backwards of the first event. One time period the high priests ear was cut off then again it happened and it was not cut off. One time period they pulled in a huge bounty of fish and the net broke and again it happened and the net did not break. Old testament we are to preach to the Jews the Gentiles will not hear you and in the new testament preach to the Gentiles the Jews will not hear you. Many times this happened. The U.S. will not Veto the duplicate event that is about to unfold. It will start with a fake week deal.



Lharmen - they were supposed to have left out days ago ?

So they will get there in about 13 days. July 1st week look for

 it to arrive around this date. That is if it only went 30kms and if it goes faster

 then it could get there sooner. It it goes slower than longer than 13 days. It might stop many times

along the way but they are said to have left out. Keep track of the arrival date to coincide with the coming

 division of Jerusalem and the regional peace deals all being timed to happen together.

New Gaza flotilla: 'We are not scared of Israeli brutality'- May 17

A flotilla carrying humanitarian aid has set out from Sweden on its way to Gaza which is under and Israeli

 maritime blockade. The ships are carrying pro-Palestinian activists aiming to break the blockade.

Two other vessels are expected to join them later.
Lharmen - here we see the 3 again. I expect to see 100+ ships during the fake week deal.




May 15 - The war looks to be next month ahead of the June 20th official start to summer as the deal did not go through today and the next new moon for Israeli war is June 16th. The sun has not started to blast off "X" class flares yet and the fake week deal has not been hammered out yet. The next Iran meeting is next Wednesday with June 30th deadline. Greece says in the next 2 weeks they are done = default this was said last Tuesday when they made the IMF payment says somewhere around the end of May and the Greek default will begin if we can trust what they are saying.


Greece avoids domestic default as cash scramble gets desperate - May 15

Lharmen - June 5th June 12 June 19th are the next payments and June totals around 1.5 billion dollars. Greece will default in June without a doubt... maybe just ahead of June. Luke 21 Nations in distress with perplexity ... Perplexity meaning getting worse and worse ahead of the coming war. If the euro starts to crash ahead of the coming war then there will be riots in the streets = distress.


Press TV-Iran, P5+1 hold plenary nuclear talks - May 15

The session finalizes four days of the most recent nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1. The next round of the talks between the two sides will reportedly be held next week on Wednesday.

 Lharmen - We are looking into June for the deal with Iran to be made.


Pentagon Building Up Forces, Alliances in South China Sea - May 15


40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now, And 34 Of Them Are Along The Ring Of Fire - May 15

Lharmen - Do we have to guess where the pit will be : 0 (


Greeks to vote on whether or not to stay in the Euro with no new Troika measures. Now what? - May 15

“Greece can’t be thrown out of the euro,” Thomas Steffen, one of Schaeuble’s deputies, said during a panel discussion in Berlin. “The only thing remaining in the end would be if Greece said itself that it wants to leave the euro voluntarily.”


Florida Gov Scott Preparing For Shutdown - May 15
Governor Scott is worried it could become a reality as the July 1st deadline approaches and negotiations are not where he would like them to be. That is why on Thursday he told agency heads to prepare for the worst and asked them to list only the state’s most critical needs per the Associated Press.





EU foreign policy chief to visit Israel, Palestinian Authority - May 15

This will be the second visit to Jerusalem for Mogherini, who placed the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

high on her agenda. She even appointed Italian diplomat Fernando Gentilini as the new EU Special

Representative for the Middle East peace process. Gentilini is set to accompany Mogherini in her meetings

 in Jerusalem and Ramallah.....Some European countries, like France, are also pushing UN Security Council

resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
Lharmen - Remember Obama just gave the E.U. the nod to go ahead with a binding resolution for a 2 state deal.

So we will soon see this resolution pushed through that will force Israel back to the 67 lines.


Abbas: France trying to restart Mideast peace talks - May 16

Last month, reports in Arab media outlets claimed that France was set to propose a new Palestinian state

resolution at the UN in light of the recent Israeli national election.
The draft would define the pre-1967 lines as a reference point for talks, while allowing room for land swaps between

Israel and the future Palestinian state. It also calls for turning Jerusalem into the capital of both Israel and the Palestinian state.
PA officials said France was working with the US to win support for the new peace initiative, which also requires

 the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. They said France was also seeking the support of European

and Arab countries for its bid.

Lharmen - The Lord warned us they have parted his land when he comes says this deal will

 go through this time. The U.S. vetoed it the first time but this time they will not.

In scripture one time period the net broke one time period it did not.< New testament.

May 13 / 14 - We can see lots of news that I have posted in the past week showing a regional peace deal coming together behind the scenes and now the Pope has divided Jerusalem by accepting a state of Palestine = Parting God's land.

Watch out in the next few days especially tomorrow for a snap announcement. The World will be partying hard during the long weekend but those of us who Love our Lord will be hard at working waking people up. As watchman we are to always be warning of potential trouble.

ANALYSIS: Third time lucky for Syria talks? - May 14

Those involved describe them as “under the radar”, and indeed, many people may not have even noticed that in Geneva this month a third round of negotiations on the Syrian conflict is underway. - See more at: http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/analysis-third-time-lucky-syria-talks-1782428245#sthash.JqAOp7PJ.dpuf
Lharmen - no-one is talking about all the peace deals going on at the same time today either Russia+ Ukraine/Syria/Yemen +Kerry add even Kerry in China and the Arab's at Camp David today! This war comes upon an unsuspecting World at a time we do no expect it = during the fake week peace deal . Watch for it tomorrow during the Iran nuclear deal announcements.
Obama is about to do what he was exposed for planning to do and that was to make like the regional peace process was way off then jump to it. This World war comes upon an unsuspecting World at a time when you least expect it = during a huge peace deal that starts with a week deal for openers and we are on the doorstep of that deal tomorrow they hammer out the Iran deal and could announce a huge deal at the same time. It is all unfolding behind the scenes today.
The war comes in the midst of the week. Netanyahu/Israel goes to war around the new Moon = May 18th Victoria day = Queen Victoria!
I will keep you posted.

Americans in Israel warned ahead of Nakba Day - May 14

The warnings issued on Wednesday by the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and the US Consulate in Jerusalem call on US citizens to be cautious on May 15, and the days preceding that date, It also warns of traffic congestion and road closures in Jerusalem for the Muslim holiday of the Isra and Miraj on May 16 and for Jerusalem Day on May 17.

Lharmen - God warns us there will be violence in the land ruler against ruler when this war begins.

Jeremiah 51:28 Prepare against her the nations with the kings of the Medes, the captains thereof, and all the rulers thereof, and all the land of his dominion.

Lharmen - The modern Medes are the Syrians!
Jeremiah 51:46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.

The rumour is that they are about to go to war with Syria.

2 years ago we saw the rumour and it is back today.


Kerry, China leaders to meet in Beijing, May 16-17 - posted May 13



Vatican officially recognizes Palestine, while Israel fumes - May 13



Iran, EU, US Hold Trilateral Nuclear Talks in Vienna - May 14

On the third day of a new round of nuclear talks between Tehran and world powers to finalize the text of a long-awaited deal on Iran's nuclear energy program, a trilateral meeting was held between Iranian negotiators and those of the EU and the US in Austria's capital of Vienna.


Dozens killed after magnitude-7.3 earthquake strikes Nepal - May 14

Lharmen - This is the second 7+ earthquake to hit this region within days.

 We keep our eyes open for Great earthquakes = 8 or greater to begin after

 the fake week deal is made.

Mandatory Vaccination Bill Introduced in Congress - May 14


Iran Warns of War if Aid Ship to Yemen Attacked - May 13

Iran complains to UN of foiled Yemen aid as ship standoff looms - May 14


Tsipras calls emergency meeting as crisis-hit Greece plunges back into recession - May 13


Another Volcanic eruption the signs of Global seismic unrest are showing everywhere - May 13


The world economy is starting to look a lot like the Titanic, HSBC chief economist warns - May 14

Lharmen - Crash come ahead of the war.


Schaeuble Backs Greek Referendum to Break Bailout Impasse - May 14

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble favors a Greek referendum on the country’s euro membership

as a way to break the months-long stalemate with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s government. “Greece can’t

be thrown out of the euro,” Thomas Steffen, one of Schaeuble’s deputies, said during a panel discussion in Berlin.

“The only thing remaining in the end would be if Greece said itself that it wants to leave the euro voluntarily.”

Lharmen - the crash comes ahead of the war.


May 12 - Kerry is meeting with many to bring about a package peace deal = Daniel 9:27 The Kingdoms of this World are openly preparing for World war over the next few weeks see today's news. I have posted much news in the past few days that shows this as well. Look for the Peace deal to be signed on Friday as we have been told the major P5+1 nations will Gather for the signing Friday. Watch for the Israeli army to Gather on their borders ahead of the coming war.


Iranian negotiator says major part of final deal agreed - May 12

Iran’s nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi says a majority of the draft nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers has been agreed on but differences remain over one part, according to the Iranian Fars News Agency.
“We have now a text that a major part of it, even all its phrases, has been agreed but a part of it is still a source of difference,” Araqchi is quoted by Fars as saying in an interview with state-run TV upon landing in Vienna.
Asked about the next round of talks, he says representatives of Iran and the US will have a bilateral meeting on Thursday and then deputy foreign ministers of other P5+1 members would join on Friday.

Lharmen - Look for the deal to be signed on Friday as we have been told the major P5+1 nations will Gather for the signing.


Iran, P5+1 continue drafting nuclear deal - May 12

After the technical nuclear negotiations in New York where Iranian official said both sides achieved “the first draft of the whole package”, nuclear negotiators resumed the drafting of a final nuclear agreement in Vienna on May 12, Iranian media reported.
Deputy foreign ministers and political directors from the P5+1 group will also join in the talks to
hammer out a final deal on May 15.

"All economic and financial sanctions should be terminated on the day that we start to implement the final deal,” Araqchi said, noting that there will be no “phased” sanctions removal, Press TV reported.

Lharmen - the market will get 2 major shocks Friday = Greece default and the Iran sanctions lifted when the World faces a storage crisis = over supply = Plunge Friday-Monday ahead of the war.


Kerry, Putin to meet in Sochi to discuss Iran, Syria, Ukraine - May 12

US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia, on Tuesday to discuss Iran, Syria and Ukraine and other issues, the US State Department said on Monday.


Israel says unauthorized boats will be denied entry as Gaza flotillas begin again - May 12



Libyan military shells Turkish cargo ship, crew member killed - May 12


First Russia-China naval war games underway in Mediterranean - May 12

Neither Russia nor China has one inch of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, making it an unlikely

 and provocative venue for their first joint naval war games.
The 10 days of maneuvers that got underway Monday will include live-fire exercises in the strategic

 sea connecting Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The point is lost on no one: A powerful new alliance

 of eastern giants is flexing its muscles in the very backyard of Western Europe — much as China has

done on its own in the Pacific.


Georgia hosts joint military exercises with US - May 12

US and Georgian forces began two weeks of military exercises in the South Caucasian republic on Monday,

a move that is likely to irritate Georgia's former Soviet master Russia.


Greece default could be days away:


Bankrupt Greece raids emergency IMF funds to avoid unprecedented default - May 12

Athens tapped €650m from an escrow account held by the Bank of Greece at the IMF, scraping together a further

 €100m in cash reserves to avoid going into arrears.
The news came after reports in Spanish paper El Mundo said the IMF was ready to pull the plug on the debt-stricken country.
The move to effectively shift funds from different accounts at the IMF signals Greece has all but run out of cash

 to meet its international and domestic obligations. According to estimates, Greece only has a paltry €90m in spare

 cash reserves, making it unable to fulfil its monthly wage and pensions bill of €1.7bn for May.

Lharmen Greece runs on over a billion in debt a week = they are completely out of money. Plunge comes before

 the war. Saudi Arabia now has a strike force massing on their border with Syria so is Turkey.
Nations shall rise against Nations. When the fake week deal goes through we know we are getting very close.


Kerry arrives in Sochi for talks with Putin on Syria - May 12

Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Sochi Tuesday for his first visit in two years to meet

 President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to “discuss a full range of bilateral

 and regional issues, including Iran, Syria and Ukraine,” according to a State Department statement.

 US officials said that Kerry will be seeking Russian cooperation in finding a political solution for

the Syrian crisis. With US-Russian ties especially low, Putin is quoted as commenting: “Let’s hope

 he comes with new ideas.” From Sochi, Kerry travels to Turkey for a key NATO foreign ministers’

meeting and then home for Barack Obama’s Gulf summit at Camp David.
Lharmen - He signs a fake week deal with many Daniel 9:27 then breaks it in the midst of the week.
Remember news I posted days ago said Obama signalled Europe to move ahead with the U.N resolution

 that will be binding upon Israel for the 2 state solution and he has said he will not veto this one.
That will happen within days. Look for the Friday Signing of the Iran deal to become a huge Deal with

 many starting with the one week part for the demilitarization of Gaza in a 2 state deal.
I have been warning for years to watch out for the next flotilla to Gaza as it looks to be a part of the

coming war and it is scheduled to arrive in Gaza around May 17-19. Exactly what I have warned about.
We need to see the Israeli army Massing on all their borders ahead of the coming war as they prepare

for war while they are signing a peace deal and they will enforce the deal militarily if it fails as always

they will ensure it fails. War comes during the midst of the week deal by design.


Look at this timing of the Yemen cease fire It goes into effect tonight May 12

Add 5 days and we are at May 18th Victoria day here in Canada.
Saudi “strike force” posted on Yemen border
DEBKAfile May 12, 2015, 11:29 AM (IDT)
Saudi Arabia is sending a "strike force" to its border with Yemen after the villages of Najran came under

heavy mortar shelling by Yemeni Houthi rebels, causing civilian casualties. The Saudi-owned Al Arabiya

 Hadath TV channel broadcast pictures of a column of tanks loaded onto military trucks and described it

as "the arrival of reinforcements from the strike force to the border.” The five-day humanitarian ceasefire

 declared by Saudi Arabia and approved by the Yemeni rebels is due to go into force Tuesday night.



May 9 / 10 / 11 - Eager Lion Jordan war games are over May 19th = just over one week from today. They attack Syria from the swelling of Jordan the day of the war.

Reports are out that suggest Greece made the payment early? We will soon see if this is true. Crash comes ahead of the war.

Greece could go bankrupt next week even if they did make tomorrows payment today. If the deal with Iran goes through this week then the oil prices will crash. Lump Greece and the Iran deal and you get a plunge ahead of the war. No one is taking about the U.S. debt ceiling = It has not been raised and the U.S. is running out of money themselves.

Turks fear Saudi alliance will drag country into Syria - May 9

Although Turkey has long been implicated in the depths of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish public is newly anxious over claims that the Turkish Armed Forces are preparing to invade Syria to set up a buffer zone, following the fall of Idlib in late March to the Jabhat al-Nusra-led Army of Conquest. ....

They are already disturbed by clashes, now they are truly worried about news of a pending war.”   ......

Of course there is a possibility of Turkey entering the war in Syria. The border from Yayladag to Hacipasa is full of our soldiers. If the army gets the order, it will enter.


Saudi Arabia moves ‘strike force’ to Yemen border, over 150+ rockets have been fired - May 11

Lharmen - we also have the Turkish army heading towards their borders today as well.

Saudi Army Strike Force Arrives On Yemen Border In Preparation For Land Invasion - May 11


Syria army pushes toward Jisr al-Shughur - May 11

In the past few days, army troops have launched a major counteroffensive in a bid to reach the besieged group but also potentially to retake the town, which lies near the Turkish border as well as the regime stronghold of Latakia province.

Lharmen - If Syria takes over their borders then they effectively cut ISIS off for good as long as they control their own border region. We watch for the Israeli Army to gather on their borders ahead of the coming war. Turkey and Saudi Arabia looks poised to start battling with Syria soon = Luke 21


Syrian Army, Lebanese Hezbollah Purge over 20 Border Regions of Terrorists - May 9

Lharmen - Many Middle East nations are heading towards their borders = Luke 21 Nations (Nations = More than one) shall rise against Nations then Kingdom against Kingdom. Daniel 8 says Media/Syria and Persia/ Iran will be pushing in the prophesied 3 directions when the Western leader attacks them and breaks their powers With Syria between his eyes.


Swedish trawler leaves for Gaza in attempt to break naval blockade - May 11

The boat, named Marianne of Gothenburg and purchased jointly by Ship to Gaza Sweden and Ship to Gaza Norway, left on its journey on Sunday evening.

Lharmen - I have warned for years now to watch for this flotilla around the war date and here we go they are heading right now for Gaza. They could easily flood the Israeli waters with boats so much they could draw out a huge swath of the Israeli ships ahead of the World war.

We could be one week from a World war!

It is the first ship in the Freedom Flotilla III to leave for Gaza, according to the website of Ship to Gaza Sweden.

Lharmen - they have 5000 nautical miles to travel to get to the Gaza shores. That takes about 8 days at 30 kms. May 18/19.

The New moon date I have been warning about May 18th Eager Lion Jordan war games ends May 19th. These boats can travel faster than that but 30kms is a worst case to go by = Less than one week any way you look at it.


Greece's latest payment deadline is in 24 hours - and Athens is desperate for positive news from Europe - May 11

News saying they made their payment ... how ? - Lharmen

Greece two weeks from cash crisis - Yanis Varoufakis - May 11

They are saying they have ordered tomorrows funds to be transferred today but I have yet to see confirmation the funds have actually been transferred. The cheque is in the mail will not work. - Lharmen

Clip from article: Greece's finance minister says his country's financial situation is "terribly urgent" and the crisis could come to a head in a couple of weeks.

Lharmen - I watch out ahead of the May 18th date for the Greek default news to crash the markets.

Greece says it faces bankruptcy in weeks - Al Jazeera English - May 11




Baltic Fortress 2015: NATO warships start drills off Lithuanian coast - May 11
Warships from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland

and the UK are participating in the exercises, accompanied by a Lithuanian Navy submarine unit

and two airplanes from the country’s Air Force.
The maneuvers in the Lithuanian territorial waters are scheduled to last until May 14, Lithuania’s

Ministry of National Defense said.


US Troops Conduct Military Maneuvers in Russia's 'Backyard' - May 11

A military maneuver began in Georgia on Monday, remaining, however, largely unnoticed among Western media,

 the Austrian newspaper Die Presse reported.
Servicemen from the 23rd battalion of the second infantry brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces stand at attention

 during a send-off ceremony at the Vaziani military base outside Tbilisi, Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014
US Military Equipment Arrives in Georgia for Joint 'Noble Partner' Drills
The exercise called "Noble Partner" is a two-week bilateral operation of Georgians with mechanized infantry units

 from the United States. A total of around 600 soldiers are taking part in the training.
The objective of this maneuver is to prepare Georgia’s infantry for future missions in the "NATO Response Force",

 which is a 25,000-strong rapid deployment force with ground, air and sea components.

NATO Puppets Plan to Invade Syria … Soon - May 11

Reports are now filtering in that preparations for a direct military assault on Syria are being made by Turkey

 in concert with the Saudis and Qataris. These reports are suggesting that the military offensive will take place

 within the next few days. Some reports speculate that such action could take place further down the road in late June.
At this moment, Turkish forces are reportedly gathering at the nation’s southern border and Syria’s northern

 border in a fashion that can signify little except the posturing for military action.

Lharmen - If these reports of war with Syria "soon" are not true then why is Syria clearing their borders today???


European Powers Seek to Bomb inside Libya to Stop Migrants - May 11

Lharmen -The Middle East wars are about to get much larger.

The European Union is preparing to bomb targets in Libya to stop migrants from attempting to cross the

 Mediterranean Sea in small boats. EU foreign policy coordinator Federica Mogherini is to brief the United

 Nations Security Council Monday on plans for a “Chapter VII” resolution that would give a UN green light

for the use of force.

Lharmen - Monday = today.


Greg Abbott to Texans: Jade Helm 15 Not Government Takeover - May 11

Lharmen - this starts July 15th.

The exercises are slated to begin on July 15 and last eight weeks. It will take place in cities and towns

 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.


No one is talking about US Government reaching debt ceiling, bankrupt, how this may relate to Jade Helm 15 - May 11



How much proof do people need. Do not take any Vaccine! Your life and your families life is at risk - Lharmen



May 8 - Germany is warning Greece will default in days = Plunge comes before the war. The World, especially the Middle East, is heading for their borders this coming week. We are certainly on the door step of the fake week deal with many the Devil/Obama will sign and then World war in the midst of the week. Hezbollah is heading for their border. So is Saudi Arabia and Turkey! We will soon see many other Nations join them on their borders ahead of the coming World War. Israel will head to their borders ahead of this war. Next week is a huge week. Do not miss it . My Web site will go down just before the war so keep watch on your own and prepare to warn many the day we see the fake deal made. This is the 3rd WW not the end of the World. We will soon see the great 8 or greater earthquakes and the massive solar flares ahead of the coming day of the Lord wars.


Iran and U.S. cut deal on new diplomatic offices in Washington, Tehran - May 9


NATO Puppets Plan to Invade Syria ... Soon - May 9

Reports are now filtering in that preparations for a direct military assault on Syria are being made by Turkey in concert with the Saudis and Qataris. These reports are suggesting that the military offensive will take place within the next few days. Some reports speculate that such action could take place further down the road in late June.

At this moment, Turkish forces are reportedly
gathering at the nation’s southern border and Syria’s northern border in a fashion that can signify little except the posturing for military action.

Lharmen -Israel will soon Gather their troops as well ahead of the Global war. This war comes during the fake week peace deal that is about to be made = next week.

Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired; 2 Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD's anger come upon you.
3 Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD's anger.
4 For
Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.


Syrian army and Hezbollah said to have consolidated areas on Lebanon border - May 9

The push in the Qalamoun mountain range appeared to be preparation for a wider offensive in the border region previously announced by Hezbollah, the staunch Lebanese ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Lharmen - Israel will soon be forced to gather their troops on all their borders as war comes during the fake week deal  that is soon to be announced.


Kerry and Saudi FM: Yemen truce to begin Tuesday, if Houthi agree - May 9

Lharmen - Obama is set to sign a fake week deal with many as all these deals are coming together for next week ... So is the crash.


Greece debt: What's it like to live under threat of default? - May 9

Greece got through its latest crisis point last week, repaying 200m euros (£145m; $224m) to the IMF.
But the government straightaway turned its attention to Monday's Eurogroup meeting and the repayment of 763m euros due to the IMF on Tuesday.

Lharmen - Are we looking at the repeat of the Black Monday ahead of the Greek default Wednesday?


Yemen conflict: Saudis warn border civilians to leave soon - May 9

These wars "first needs be" = "they have to happen" ahead of the World war.



GLOBAL | The world's armies are preparing for an armageddon scale war. Not like anything we've ever seen in global history. Every nation of significance is drilling their troops for battle. - May 9




Germany sees no Greek debt deal on Monday, warns against default - May 9


American doctor declared free of Ebola finds the virus in his eye months later - May 9


Russia marks 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany with huge parade - May 9

Jeremiah 25:11 And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations

shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years.
Jeremiah 25:12 And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the

king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and

will make it perpetual desolations.
Jeremiah 29:10 For thus saith the LORD, That after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit

you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place.

Lharmen - We are on the doorstep for the destruction of Babylon first they strip her naked for the time

 of the Gentiles 3 1/2 years then they burn her with fire. She could get destroyed the very same day as

 the war as in one time period it happens and one time period it might not happen. We will soon see.

Prepare your hearts to flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years of the time of the Gentiles.




May 6 / 7 - The devil Lucifer's Son the Revelation Beast/Obama will sign a fake week deal with many very soon! They have parted God's land when he comes and here it is unfolding for next week. So is the Iran deal and So is the Syrian peace deal. They will be lumped together watch for it very soon. It will be binding upon Israel. Netanyahu is not the man to be forced to do anything ( <-weak) he might soon make the deal with the devil/death as prophesied he will.

Obama to back Palestinian state at Security Council – payback for Israel’s right-wing cabinet - May 8

Obama is reported exclusively by our sources to have given the hitherto withheld green light to European governments to file a UN Security Council motion proclaiming an independent Palestinian state.

Lharmen - We are on the door step of the fake week deal.

The White House is confident that, with the US voting in favor, the motion will be passed by an overwhelming majority and therefore be binding on the Israeli government.


French President Francois Hollande, for instance, the first foreign leader ever to attend a Gulf Council of Cooperation summit, which opened in Riyadh Tuesday to discuss Iran and the Yemen war, used the opportunity to brief Gulf Arab rulers on Washington’s turnaround on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
And US Secretary of State John Kerry plans to present the Obama administration’s new plans for Palestinian statehood to Saudi leaders during his visit to Riyadh Wednesday and Thursday, May 6-7. Kerry will use Washington’s willingness to meet Palestinian aspirations as currency for procuring Saudi and Gulf support for a Yemen ceasefire and their acceptance of the nuclear deal shaping up with Iran.

Lharmen - We are on the door step for the fake week deal being made that will see the Parting of God's land accomplished. By Peace the devil destroys many! Watch for this fake peace deal to be made very soon. next week. The crash then the war says it has to be made very soon.. around the Greek default = May 11-13th = before the end of the Jordan war games May 19th = Very close.

These Jordan Eager Lion war games end May 19th. War comes soon after the crash begins. One month ????.. maybe just ahead of the May 19th. The West will come across the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong but God will suddenly make them run away from her Syria or Israel. I now think it is Syria as in Daniel 8 the West attacks Syria /Media and Iran/Persia. Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?
Jeremiah 50:44 Behold, he shall come
up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

The signs in Luke 21: say with Summer on the door step. In the Northern hemisphere, According to meteorologists, summer extends for the whole months of June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere. The Iran deal has an end date of no later than June 30th. We will see this war coming ahead of the Summer start line for certain . I expect Greece will default April 13th = 5/13. see today's news. When these things begin to come to pass God frees us ahead of the coming war . I see this as a Solar flare. See today's solar activity it has gone again from nothing to an "X" class flare within days . With more expected. The lord warned us we will see his anger rise in his face = the face of all stars is light and Jesus is Light. So we watch for a massive Solar flare ahead of the coming war.


Sun Unleashes Powerful Flare, Knocks Out Global Radio - May 7


Israel has in the past timed the last Gaza war around the New moon. Next New Moon: May 18, 20157:13 AM

One day ahead of the Eager Lion war games end date of May 19th. Keep watching! We are getting very close.


Israel holds naval drill with US, Greece - May 7


Hezbollah fighters target Syria's Nusra front along border - May 7

Lharmen - We have to see the Israel Army Gather on their borders ahead of the coming war!


Separatists poised for offensive in Ukraine: US - May 7

"It does appear that clearly, Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine are preparing for another round of military action that would be inconsistent with the Minsk agreement," Carter told the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee.

Lharmen - these are the U.S. puppets and the U.S. just said they are getting set to Fight the Russian puppets. Luke 21 Nation shall rise against Nation.




The devil's illuminati show us the market plunge then war coverage.

This was a screen shot from the Satanic My Pet Goat II Video.

Click to enlarge the first one shows Market Plunge and

the second one shows War Coverage in the reflection. The illuminati Satanists

always expose their plans before they do them - Lharmen


Greek debt default avoided after €200m payment to IMF - May 7

Greece gained some breathing space in its battle to stay solvent on Wednesday after it

met the deadline for a €200m (£149m) debt payment and the European Central Bank

extended its lifeline to the country’s banking system.
The International Monetary Fund confirmed it had received the repayment, allowing the

 debt-stricken country’s rescue package to remain in place until next week when another

 €750m is due to the Washington-based organisation.
In a separate boost for Athens, the ECB raised the ceiling on aid to Greek banks under its

Emergency Liquidity Assistance programme by €2bn, to €78.9bn.
Amid fears of a bank run, the ECB has increased the limit gradually, keeping up the pressure

on the Syriza-led government to strike a deal with its creditors.
The lending trio of the ECB, European Commission and IMF issued a formal statement on

Wednesday presenting a united front, after reports that the IMF was pressing its partners to

write off part of Greece’s debt.
The three institutions said they “share the same objective of helping Greece achieve financial

stability and growth,” and would work towards “concrete” progress at Monday’s planned meeting

 of eurozone finance ministers.

Lharmen - this sounds like the next payment can be met because the ECB just gave them another 2 billion

 but every week they loose 2 billion so they are still to flat broke to make next weeks payment of 700 million.

Today they are threatening to miss the payment. Miss .. that implies they have a choice!

Greece ultimatum: let us borrow more or we won’t pay IMF - May 8
Greece is threatening to default on a 750 million euro repayment to the International

 Monetary Fund next Tuesday unless the eurozone relaxes the country’s bailout conditions.
Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, is pushing for Athens to be allowed to raise

 up to 10 billion euros by issuing new government debt.
Any deal would require the approval of the European Central Bank (ECB). There is a

15 billion euro cap on the value of short-term debt that the Greek government is allowed to issue.
Unless the eurozone agrees to a “loosening of the ECB’s stand on the matter of liquidity”

 then Greece will default the following day, according to documents leaked from within

Mr Tsipras’s left-wing Syriza government.
Lharmen = Unless Greece makes this coming Tuesday's payment they

will default the next day 5/13!

The crash comes ahead of the war Luke 21.





May 5 - We are closing in on the deal with Both Israel and Iran next week they will enter into marathon non stop meetings to achieve the Iran deal. They are saying this deal might start with a short term peace deal = We look for the Daniel 9:27's fake week deal signed with many then broken in the midst of the week. Major meetings next week with Syria as well and many other World leading nations. We are very close to the war! It will happen before the Jordan Eager Lion war games end May 19th. If it does not happen before the May 19th deadline then watch for that deadline to be extended.


EC slashes Greek growth forecasts, as Athens hits out at troika - as it happened - May 5

Greece’s bailout crisis deepens as the European Commission rips up its previous growth forecasts
As the Greek talks drag on with little sign of agreement, and next Monday’s eurogroup meeting suddenly not expected to produce much progress, stock markets turned sharply into negative territory. Disappointing US trade figures also added to the uncertain mood as did the forthcoming UK election. The final scores showed:


Debt talks on hold until Greece agrees reforms, warns Moscovici - May 5

Greece’s eurozone creditors will not discuss how to get the country’s sovereign debt back on a sustainable path until Athens agrees to a new economic reform programme that would release €7.2bn in desperately needed bailout funds, the EU’s economic chief said on Tuesday.


Greece pushes for urgent Europe bailout deal - May 5

The Greek government is desperate to reach a deal with its international creditors before a scheduled €1bn debt interest repayment to the IMF on 12 May, but the two sides have yet to agree on labour reforms and pensions.
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he doubted whether a deal could be reached in time for a Eurogroup meeting on 11 May.
"I'm somewhat sceptical whether that'll be possible by Monday. But I'm not ruling it out," he said.

Lharmen - They just keep changing these dates : 0 ( .

What happened to May 6th payment ?????? Cheque is in the Mail : 0 P


“Madam Secretary” and the Real Iran Deal - May 5

Neither is likely to occur off screen anytime soon. But the United States and Iran, backed by five other world powers, are scheduled to begin nonstop negotiations this week for a prospective June 30th agreement that will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.
“There’s no reason we shouldn’t get it,” Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, told me in New York last week. We spoke at the residence of Iran’s U.N. Ambassador, in the elegant second-floor parlor where Zarif had hosted Kerry two days earlier. That meeting had been a first; technically, Kerry was on Iranian soil.


Iran determined to end nuclear crisis - May 5

Tehran---Iran is determined to end the "manufactured crisis" over its nuclear programme and drafting of a final deal with world powers, though hard, is progressing, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Monday.
But Zarif told an audience at New York University last week that Iran is willing to submit to the highest level of international transparency and wants to conclude a final accord as soon as possible.


7.5 magnitude earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea, Tsunami alert issued - May 5th

Lharmen - we need to see 8 or greater earthquakes begin before the war. We need to see the Solar flares start to rage Massive "X" class flares as well ahead of the day.



Syria conflict: Fresh UN-backed talks begin in Geneva - May 5th

The UN has begun consultations with Syrian government and opposition officials as it seeks

to find enough common ground to restart peace talks.
Special envoy Staffan de Mistura said more than 40 groups had been invited to attend

one-on-one meetings over the next five to six weeks.
Iran and Turkey have also been invited, but jihadist militant groups have not.
Lharmen - the One week peace deal us unfolding!!!

Drafting N-deal ‘slowly, steadily’: Araghchi - May 5

Iranian Deputy FM and senior negotiator Seyed Abbas Araghchi who is currently in New York and working

 on the drafting of a final nuclear agreement with the 5+1 group maintained that while the process was

 ‘slow,’ ‘steady’ and ‘moving forward,’ “there are still a number of disagreements on certain issues and

 some brackets and loose ends which are many.”
Araghchi stressed the topic of the IAEA inspections was a serious part of the negotiations and what the

 Islamic Republic was offering the other side was to ‘build trust.’ “Once the drafting of the agreement is

 completed, we will set a date as to when the agreement will be implemented,” he said.
Lharmen - in the past the draft took days not weeks to create and then bring it to vote also took days not

weeks! So this deal could be very close. It could take years but the frame of this deal had been agreed to April 2nd

 so they are already nearing the end.

Greece is done like dinner May 6th tomorrow as they can not make

the IMP payment . Now news is saying May 12th they are done ? 

What happened to tomorrows payment of 100's of millions ?


Greek 2yr yields rise >21% after EU has published some ugly forecasts. EU expects Debt to GDP ratio to rise to 180.2% - May 5

EU cuts 2015 growth forecast for #Greece from 2.5% to 0.5% bringing in line w/ market forecast http://on.ft.com/1Ecwx6K


Witnesses Confirm First Saudi Ground Troops Arrive in Yemen - May 5


New Eruption in Costa Rica at Turrialba Volcano.... Flights were diverted (and grounded) and locals put on alert - May 5

Lharmen - we are seeing a very major uptick in volcanic activity recently across the Globe. Jesus said the

day of the coming war he will darken the World in the clear day = Volcanoes. We still need to see the Solar

 flare activity rise as God told us his anger will rise in his face before the great and notable day of the lord

 come. We worship the Light that covers the face of all stars so we can see the face of the Sun will show us

 this sign. Today after a recent lull we see low "M" class flares. God's anger will rise so they will get

progressively greater.


Islamic State claims Texas attack, its first on U.S. soil - May 5

The Islamic State jihadist group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for its first attack on US soil,

a shooting at an event in Texas showcasing cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed that left the gunmen dead.
“Two of the soldiers of the caliphate executed an attack on an art exhibit in Garland, Texas, and

this exhibit was portraying negative pictures of the Prophet Mohammed,” the jihadist group said.
“We tell America that what is coming will be even bigger and more bitter, and that you will see the

 soldiers of the Islamic State do terrible things,” the group announced.

Lharmen - God warned us he will draw out a sword after all Jews = White people after the coming war and

all who stay in the cities he will killed. We flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years until the Time

 of the Gentiles is fulfilled.

I warned they are purposely letting these middle East fighter into Canada through the immigration back door.

They say they lost their landed immigrations papers and they are handed new ones at the Libraries = this is all by design.





May 4 - Iran deal is very close Oil will start to crash and so is the Greek exit very close . We lift our heads as our redemption draws near when we see the beginning of Nations start to fight Nations and Kingdom against Kingdom. The famine starts as the global financial System starts to crash hard. We are close as the Worlds oil supply is filled to capacity and Iran being allowed immediate sanctions relief will open the door to another 9% of the World oil being sold. The Greek exit will certainly bring on the crash. Iran , Lebanon and Syria are all prepared to fight Israel in the prophesied Daniel 8 directions tells us we could be very close to the all out war. May 8th = 70 years and the war will come against the Modern Babylon after it has been accomplished.


Hezbollah reserves right to retaliate against Israeli attacks on Syria - May 4

Israeli hostilities against Syria should be considered an attack on all of Damascus’ allies, said Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, warning that all necessary preparations for a future war with Israel have been made.
"The repeated bombings that struck several targets in Syria are a major violation, and we consider that any strike against Syria is a strike against the whole of the resistance axis, not just against Syria," Nasrallah told Al-Mayadeen television in Beirut.
"The axis is capable of responding,” he said, referring to Syria itself, Iran, Hezbollah as well as Palestinian Hamas. “It could happen any time.”


Moreover, if or when Hezbollah engages Israel, the fighters “must be ready to enter into Galilee [Northern Israel] and to go even beyond the Galilee," Nasrallah said.

Lharmen - When the leaders of Jerusalem think the over flowing scourge will pass through they actually get trodden down by it. It is all prepared to happen and Israel does not see her end coming they have made lies their refuge....


Kerry tries to calm Israel - May 4

Secretary of State John Kerry sought to pacify Israeli worries over an emerging nuclear deal with Iran in an interview aired Sunday, dismissing some concerns as brought on by “hysteria” over the possible agreement.



Lharmen - July 15th- Sept 15th . CIA Alex Jones says they are preparing for / training right now in 10 states for this Jade Helm 15.


Texas Senate testimony: Forcing churches to recognize gay rights is a 'hate crime' - May 4

Some Gay rights is a right of theirs for certain like being recognized as an equal human to all others but to be forced to Marry someone who is Gay inside a church of God Which condemns gay marriage as a sin (...this when they have an option to marry in their own church) then that is a hate Crime! To force your beliefs on others in this respect is certainly hate towards us and not love. It should be seen as a crime against all Christians to force us to do something we are against. As a core value of Christianity says we are not to allow this kind of Sinner into the Holy temple. We are to love them and treat them with respect but not to have fellowship with them in a church. To force us to marry them is a crime against all of us Christians/Jews . We have now become decimated against in mass = The Spirit of Antichrist. They are now against us in mass and the time they will behead Christians from one end of earth to the other is at hand = Time of the gentiles. Jesus will pluck the tares up in the last day. 3 1/2 years to go!


Israel inflicted massive harm on Palestinians during 2014 war: Report - May 4

Israel inflicted "massive and unprecedented harm" to Palestinian civilians in the 2014 Gaza war with indiscriminate fire and lax rules of engagement, a report said on Monday, citing testimony given anonymously by dozens of troops.
The 237-page report by the Israeli advocacy group Breaking the Silence described how Israel Defence Forces (IDF) left swathes of devastation after they invaded Gaza last July with the stated aim of halting Hamas rocket fire out of the enclave.
"We were firing purposelessly all day long. Hamas was nowhere to be seen," one tank sergeant was quoted as saying.

Lharmen - this will certainly be in violation of the Geneva convention = War crime.


If you think the Russian army is weak.... think again - May 4


NATO & allies stage thousands-strong drills across Europe - May 4


One World Religion: Former Israeli President Proposes Pope to Head ‘UN for Religions’ - May 4

Lharmen - The devil wants a One World Religion and the devil will run it = The Pope is that

 man and Israel is run by the Catholics today = the land of the Chaldeans/Catholics.


Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, California, Idaho And Washington All Jolted By Significant Earthquakes - May 4

Did you know that Michigan was just hit by the worst earthquake that state has seen in more than

60 years? In recent days, there has been a series of alarming earthquakes all over the United States.

Clip from article: Did you know that Michigan was just hit by the worst earthquake that state has seen in

more than 60 years? In recent days, there has been a series of alarming earthquakes all over the United States.

 Of course none of these earthquakes was anything like the massively powerful quake that just crippled the

entire nation of Nepal, but many are concerned that these earthquakes could be a sign of what is to come.

All over the planet, seismic activity is increasing. In fact, I recently wrote about how the number of volcanoes

 erupting right now is greater than the 20th century’s average for an entire year. At the same time, the surface

 of the sun has become very, very quiet.



May 2 / 3 - Watch Monday for the U.N. draft Iran deal and Greece to go broke within days even tomorrow. War with Israel soon.


Greece Is Going to Go Bankrupt: Patterson - May 3

The end will come May 6th  when they can not make the payments. It may even start tomorrow the 4th as they can not even come up with the 200 Million needed tomorrow.


Saudi Ground Troops Enter Neighboring Yemen - May 3

Lharmen - a small number of troops have now entered the battle inside Yemen.





US Army Special Operations Officer to Reveal that ISIS is Controlled By the CIA - April 3


Grocery Bagging Teen is ‘Busted’ Doing Kind Act for Elderly Man and Gets Attention for It. Bigtime - May 3

Lharmen - Good for him. That is what our Lord has told all of us to do for each other. To bad the devils set us up so much we never know what is for real anymore or it would happen more often here in Edmonton.




May 1 - Greece has until May 4th now because of the long weekend as the previous articles day ago has suggested. We are on the door step of war with Iran, Syria and Israel = days to go. Israel has to gather on their borders ahead of the World War.


US calls on French government to postpone Palestine UN resolution - May 1

Lharmen the final resolution goes through Monday = the deals look like they will be lumped together Monday. Look for the flash signing for both deals = the division of Jerusalem back to the 1967 lines (6+7=13. The Pope was elected exactly 7:06 Pm they live by numbers) and the Iran nuclear deal. Add the Greek default and we have the total fulfilment of Luke 21 ahead of the World war. Plus the trees and leaves yet tender + the crops being planted in the morning then a heap of ruin at night = May 8th war. If we see the Israel Army on their borders it is all but a done deal. War to start on May 8th and it could end on May 11th 3 days later??? or that very same day it starts May 8th. Keep your eyes open war soon.


Greece Races to Bridge Gap With Creditors Ahead of May Debt Bill - May 1

Greece and its international creditors were locked in intense negotiations over a long holiday weekend as they raced against the clock to avert a default as early as this month.
Lharmen - the long weekend has give them the 4 days to come up with the money. When we see these things begin to come to pass May 4th look out for all the Luke 21 scriptures to begin = crash.
Another clip from this article:
Faced with debt payments totalling about 1 billion euros to the International Monetary Fund on May 6 and May 12, Greece hopes there will be enough progress in the talks by next week to allow the European Central Bank to restore liquidity access for the country’s cash-strapped banks.

We are no where near a deal with Greece - April 30
Lharmen - We know they are not close to a deal as they are running out of money to make the payments in these coming days ahead of the May 4th-6th payments and when that happened they will default simple as that !!!! The ECB has told them straight out the life line ends when one payment is missed = May 4-6th the payment is going to fail and the end of funding happens that day.

Greek Pensioners Crash Pension Fund Board Meeting, Form Lines At Bank - May 1



Exclusive: Saudi warplanes trying to intercept Iranian aid aircraft en route to Yemen - May 1

Lharmen - Nations shall rise against Nations then Kingdom against Kingdom = Luke 21


Almost one-fifth of Americans now take psychotropic drugs to cope with everyday life - May 1

Lharmen - Puppets!!!!  MK Ultra Puppets = World War Z = for Zombies.


Litvinenko Wasn't Poisoned by Putin. He Was Likely Smuggling the Polonium That Killed Him - May 1

As we all know Alexander Litvinenko, was poisoned by polonium, a rare radioactive substance, and it was all

blamed on Putin of Russia because Litvinenko was a Putin critic. This was the quick line in mass media and it

 was on all the typical war propaganda channels.
There are many things wrong with the “Putin did it” story. For one there is no motive, even with Litvinenko

being a critic of Russia, he was no threat whatsoever to Putin. The man worked with Chechen terrorists and the

 Israeli-Russian oligarchs. But just assuming that there was a sufficient motive to kill him,

think about this: Why would Russia use a very rare, very expensive, and easily traceable radioactive substance to

kill him instead of some cheap poison or just shooting him? Why risk smuggling radioactive material into the

 UK which is an act of war?

Lharmen - People think Russia is weak! Russia rules this World and they are about to enter the U.S. and take it over

 Red Dawn is not just a movie but a war plan. It was Russian Intel that had Arafat killed to blame their Israeli opposition.


CIVIL UNREST GOING NATIONWIDE - Baltimore Protests Spreads to New York City - May 1

Nations in distress with perplexity = getting worse ahead of the coming war = Luke 21



April 29 / 30 -  8 days to World war 3! Iran and Syria are setting things in motion to force Israel out to her borders as I have warned for years now Israel has to Gather her troops on all her borders ahead of the coming War and here below is news showing the war is getting set to happen.

Greece will fail to make tomorrows payment crash begins and so does the famine = the devils Illuminati showed us the crash/ Market plunge comes then war coverage. We are 8 days away.

The Iran deal goes into the final stage Monday so a deal is days away. Watch for it to be made right along with the 2 state deal in the first week in May days ahead of the war to start with a fake one week deal. Netanyahu has demanded it or no deal = Daniel 9:27. The World war comes in the midst of the fake week deal the devil signs with many = Obama. It comes upon an unsuspecting World at a time you would not expect it = the 70 year anniversary of the 2nd WW. God told us after 70 years have been accomplished he will destroy the city that rules this World = Babylon = New York.


DEBKA reveals: Hizballah officers land in Tehran with Syrian defense chief. Iran OKs anti-Israel strategy - April 30

A high-level Hizballah delegation arrived secretly in Tehran Tuesday, April 28, along with the large military group led by Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij, DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report exclusively. Both are taking part in the four days of military and intelligence consultations with Iranian officials on the war situation in Syria and the steps planned against Israel. According to a senior Gulf intelligence official, “The parties quickly finalized their plans of action against Israel, and the IDF will no doubt face on the Golan a far more active and intense front than they have seen yet.”
The failed attempt Sunday, April 26, by a Druze squad to plant a bomb near an Israeli military border post in northern Golan was just a foretaste of the coming offensive, according to the source.
Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hizballah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah are reported by DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources to have held urgent discussions in the last few days on how to react to the two Israeli air strikes reported by Arab media to have been conducted Wednesday, April 22 and Friday, April 24, on their Qalamoun mountain missile bases.
Both needed to hear from Tehran how far they could count on Iranian support in the event of a military showdown with Israel.


DEBKAfile’s military sources calculate that the coming hours may be critical for Israel’s northern front against Syria and Hizballah. If Tehran gives the nod, both are liable to ratchet up their assaults on northern Israel’s Golan and Galilee regions.
They won’t have to wait for Gen. Al-Freij’s return to learn about this decision. The appropriate directives may be flashed directly from Tehran to the Iranian officers based at Syrian staff headquarters in Damascus and serving in the military facilities in southern Syria and opposite the Golan.



Greece "Scrambles"To Make Full Monthly Pension Payments:

 "Still Missing Several Hundred Million Euros" - April 30

According to Bloomberg, the Greek government is €400 million short of the amount

 needed for payment of pensions and salaries this month, citing a Kathimerini report.

Lharmen - that says they will not be able to come up with the 200 million needed

tomorrow = Crash will begin and the Greek exit is a certainty

proves we are on the doorstep of the war. Add to that the trees and the leaves are still

yet tender signs is happening here in Edmonton. Also the day they will plant crops and it will be a heap

 of ruin is also here = for a week starting May 1st the crops get planted! This also fulfills the

scriptures as to when it happens.


ECB May PULL the PLUG on Greece Causing the Banks to Fail and the Euro to Tumble - April 30

Lharmen - the ECB threatened to pull the life line plug if Greece misses one payment  = tomorrow! Greece they

will not be able to pay the 200 million payment = ECB will also pull their life line plug = Crash starts

soon after this happens. Days away for World war. Famine will start = Luke 21.

We lift our heads as our redemption draws near when these things begin!

Remember the devils deceptions also want us to lift our heads as the Global deception called Project Blue Beam

will begin the day of the war = a fake Holographic Global alien second coming of Jesus = he is the

 jesus the son of Lucifer the devil the antichrist.

The Antichrist will come to power through Project Blue Beam.


Washington seeks ‘genuine’ Israeli commitment to 2 states - April 30


Iran FM says nuke deadline not ‘sacrosanct’ - April 30

Iran’s foreign minister says his country and world powers will meet Thursday to start

bringing together the elements of a draft on a comprehensive nuclear deal, with meetings

 starting Monday in Europe to finalize all its elements.
Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said at an event Wednesday in New York that even though Iran

certainly wants to meet the June 30 deadline for an agreement, “no time deadline is sacrosanct.”


Inching Toward Conflict: US Navy To Escort Cargo Ships In Persian Gulf;

Iran Refuses To Back Down - April 30

Lharmen - first the Western he goat ( Daniel 8) attacks and destroys Iran and Syria's powers then as they are saying their "peace and safety" speeches the war with Israel happens and the time of the Gentiles begins. We are getting very close to the all out war with Iran and Syria written in Daniel 8 = 3 directions they will be pushing in when the Western leader/He goat/Antichrist attacks and destroys them with media = modern Syria between his eyes. This is exactly what we see unfolding today. Any day now Iran and Syria will start the war with Israel and She will have no choice but to Gather on her borders as scripture tells us she will ahead of this coming battle = 3rd World War.

8 days to go until World war 3. We flee into the Wilderness for the

3 1/2 years of the time of the Gentiles rule then we become Angels at that end.


Huge Explosion At Russian Military Base Near Ukraine - April 30


"Purge" Night 3: Protests Spread Across Nation, Over 60 Arrested In New York City - Live Feed - April 30

Nations with distress getting worse ahead of the World War - Lharmen


A Meteor Exploded Over Ireland With The Force Of An ‘Atomic Bomb’ - April 30

Lharmen - These are again Telsa fire balls and are a prelude to the coming Project Blue Beam deception about

 to be used across the World as they have incorporated the night of a thousand stars.

The Signs in heavens may have begun here with this one?



April 27 / 28 - In less than 10 days we will see the Israeli army Gathering on all their borders = Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired; 2 Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD's anger come upon you.
3 Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD's anger.
4 For
Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.

The Greek crisis is about to bring down the Global markets. The May 1st payment will not be made if they are truly confiscating to keep alive. War May 8th + 2 state deal to start with a fake week deal that will be made forcing Gaza to give up their missile locations. When they say Peace and Safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as a women in birth. 10 days away from WW3


Rocket-mortar fire on Golan timed for Syrian defense chief’s visit to Tehran for his next orders - April 28

The two rockets or mortar shells from Syria which exploded on the Golan at noon Tuesday, April 28, followed by alerts along the Galilee border with Syria, were timed to coincide exactly with the arrival in Tehran of a large Syrian military delegation led by Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij. High on the agenda of his consultations with Iranian leaders was no doubt the explosive situation developing on the Syrian-Israeli border.





Greece €400 Million Short For Wage And Pension Payments - April 28

Lharmen - Clear proof the May 1st payment will be missed = all by design to

fulfill Luke 21 and bring on the World war!


World 'closer than ever' to Iran nuclear deal, Kerry says at global disarmament meeting - April 28

I watch to see if it is made the first week of May ahead of the war and to be lumped into

 the 2 state deal with Israel. Keep watching these developments we are 10 days away from the World war.

Daniel 9:27 say the devil will make a fake week deal with many then break it in the midst

of the week with an all out war.


Boehner: Congress Doesn't Have Votes to Stop Iran Deal - April 28


Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of "Small Debtors" - April 28

Lharmen - We now can see that Greece will have a very hard time to make the May 1st

payment meaning the crash could start in 2 days. Crash comes ahead of the war. They

might get the few days extension but everything is about to blow = Luke 21


Iranian General Accuses US of Organizing 9/11 Terror Attacks to Justify Middle East Invasion - April 28


Police Brutality Is Real - Protests Are Aggravated - April 28

Morris is back and healthy again thanks for your prayers for his speedy recovery.

Jesus loves you. - Lharmen




April 25 / 26 - Rumour, and it is just that until we see it, that Greece might get a few more days to repay it's IMF loan on May 1st = until May 6th. Egypt's army is massing for a major war. We need to see Israel's army massing on all their borders ahead of this coming war. This war comes upon an unsuspecting World.


Grexit: European officials now admit Greece likely to leave the euro - April 26

Greece’s Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that if Greece were to leave the euro zone, there would be an inevitable contagion effect.
“Anyone who toys with the idea of cutting off bits of the euro zone hoping the rest will survive is playing with fire,” he told La Sexta, a Spanish TV channel, in an interview recorded 10 days ago.


ECB to Debate Greek Banks Collateral as IMF Payment Looms - April 26

The European Central Bank prepares to debate on May 6 whether to make access to emergency cash for Greece’s banks more difficult if aid talks remain deadlocked, just as the cash-strapped country will be faced with yet another debt payment.
While Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s government struggles to pay pensions and salaries at the end of the month, Greece may get a brief respite in interest of about 201 million euros ($217 million) on its International Monetary Fund loans due on May 1. As the deadline coincides with a holiday, followed by a weekend, the payment can be delayed until May 6, a person familiar with the matter said.
The Fund will only send the payment notification on May 4, and Greece will have two days to make the payment, the person said. The deadline for a principal repayment of about 766 million euros, which is due May 12, won’t change, the person said, asking not to be named, as he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. IMF spokeswoman Angela Gaviria declined to comment.




Large-scale Egyptian army massed for operation to capture eastern Libya from ISIS - April 26


Christian Leaders Affirm Support for Traditional Marriage

Ahead of Supreme Court Case - April 26


7.8 magnitude quake slams Nepal; hundreds dead, authorities say - April 26



April 23 / 24 - The major April 24th meeting lasted one hour and they came away with no more money after June. The door just closed for Greece and the ECB will only fund the Greek banks until a payment is not made or the Greek banks are declared to be insolvent. Early may the Greek nation will be kicked out of the Euro for certain and that will bring on the prophesied Crash ahead of the coming World war. Start warning everyone the Luke 21 fulfillments are about go into over drive Early May.


How close is Greece to Grexit? - April 24

Greece initially has to come up with €200m on 1 May.
But the payment stirring jitters around Europe is a €760m (£550m; $810m) IMF bill due on 12 May.

Lharmen - the payment that will be missed is this coming May 1st payment! get set for the Euro exit early May. When we see these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near... even at the door = means days away = May 8th war.

Another clip from this article:

It is barely managing, despite meeting recent payments to the IMF of €448m and €80m to the European Central Bank (ECB).
But it has a dilemma. Should the government pay its debts or continue to fund pensions for 2.6 million Greeks and some 600,000 civil servant salaries?
For a populist, left-wing party like Syriza, swept to power on a wave of anger at austerity, it would be unthinkable to stop paying its own citizens. Even a cut in pensions is out of the question.

Lharmen - They just recently said if it comes to paying the people or a repayment of a debt it was a no-brainer the people will get paid and the payment  missed.

Watch out for May 1 debt to be unpaid/forced exit.

Another clip from this article:

And a forced default, seen as the worst possible option, could plunge Greece out of the euro.
Greece would return to the drachma, suffer instant devaluation and inflation and there would be a banking crisis.
It could end up a pariah in the international markets for years, much like Argentina in 2002, warns Prof Begg.
Greeks want to stay in the single currency, but a forced default would likely push them out.
Default would mean a steep loss for the ECB, possibly €110bn for its exposure to banks and around €20bn in the money spent on buying up Greek government bonds.
As a central bank, the ECB could simply print the money to recapitalise itself, but that is considered anathema to Germany.
Market contagion is difficult to predict, but there is also the potential of political repercussions. Several governments facing anti-euro movements will be watching developments in Greece nervously.


Euro zone warns Greece no cash till full reform deal - April 24


Greece: 'Big, big problems' for debt deal - April 24

"We are all aware that time is running out."




40 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 - April 24

Lharmen - the U.S. is running on empty!


900 MCdonalds closing - April 23




April 21 / 22 - I wonder when I see articles like the DEBKAfiles articles today = one says cargo ships and the other 9 Iranian war ships ... which one is it? And Again are they invisible? I only ask myself this because no pictures have been presented as evidence suggests they might be invisible. Obama's Spoke Women clearly states they are not there to intercept the cargo ships .. No they are getting into position for the coming World War on the back of the invisible threat. U.N. deal to divide/Part God's land is being arranged and will soon come to vote. This time it will be different 1# is it will be a binding vote and 2# it will get passed because the U.S. will not use their veto to stop it.


Iran United States Warships monitoring - April 22

"I want to be very clear just so that no one has the wrong impression. They are not there to intercept Iranian ships," State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters Tuesday. "The purpose of moving them is only to ensure that the shipping lanes remain open and safe."


US Yemen ceasefire bid founders as Saudis resume air strikes, Iranian warships on course for Gulf of Aden - April 22

Tehran further refrained from ordering its warships to turn around and told them to stay on course for the Gulf of Aden opposite Yemen.
He was referring to the Iranian buildup of nine vessels, some carrying weapons, and warning that US warships were deploying to defend international navigation in the Gulf of Aden and the strategic Strait of Bab el-Mandeb off the shores of Yemen.
Pentagon officials said an Iranian convoy of nine cargo ships had reached international waters in the Gulf of Aden, but that to their knowledge, the US and Iranian ships had not yet seen each other or made any contact.
The tone coming from the White House towards the end of the day was that the US naval buildup opposite Yemen was intended to give diplomacy a military boost, rather than confront the Iranian fleet.

Lharmen - these wars first needs be = this is all planned fakery to set things in order to bring the Zionist mafia to it's ruin during the coming war.

Mark 13:7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.


US aircraft carrier is shadowing Iranian convoy approaching Yemen - April 22

Pentagon sources told Fox News Tuesday that the USS Theodore Roosevelt is not only shadowing the Iranian convoy suspected of carrying arms to Yemen for the Houthi rebels; it is also launching F/A-18 Hornets to conduct “manned reconnaissance” of the estimated nine Iranian ships.


ECB Tells Greece ‘We’re Running Out of Time': Maratheftis - April 22


ECB Prepares To Sacrifice Greek Banks With 50% Collateral Haircut - April 22

In what seems like a coincidental retaliation for Greece's pivot to Russia (and following Greece's initiation of capital controls), the supposedly independent European Central Bank has decided suddenly that - after dishing out €74 billion of emergency liquidity to the Greek National Bank to fund its banks - as The NY Times reports, the value of the collateral that Greek banks post at their own central bank to secure these loans be reduced by as much as 50%, and the haircuts could increase if negotiations with Europe remain at an impasse. As we detailed earlier, this is about as worst-case-scenario for Greece as is 'diplomatically' possible currently, and highlights an increasingly hard line by The ECB toward The Greeks as the move will leave banks hard-pressed to survive.

Lharmen - the timing is perfect = weeks ahead of the May 8th war. Luke 21 we lift our heads when we see these things begin to come to pass.


Israel: We Can Target Russian-Made Weapons - April 22


UK, France call for Israeli-Palestinian UN deal, resolution being drafted - April 22

Lharmen - All major events happens 2 times . One time period Obama used the Veto and one time

 period he will not. This coming resolution will be a binding resolution meaning Israel will have no

 choice but to comply. That is why Netanyahu will agree with the devil in the coming weeks to divide Jerusalem.

It will start with Netanyahu's demand for a week deal with the Gaza missiles sites Watch for it.

The war comes in the midst of the week = Daniel 9:27


Samantha Powers says critically important for leaders to

"reengage in efforts to achieve peace." - April 22

UNITED NATIONS - Britain and France urged the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to set a

framework to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians as council member New Zealand said

 it had started working on a draft resolution to kick-start the process.
France and New Zealand signaled that now was the time for the Security Council to act after Israel

held its election last month and before the US presidential campaign ramps up ahead of a November 2016 poll.
"We have been working on a text that might serve the purpose of getting negotiations started," said

New Zealand's UN Ambassador Jim McLay. He added that New Zealand was prepared to see how the

French-led push for a resolution played out first.
"We have not seen the latest French text, but if it has a chance of succeeding, New Zealand stands

ready to engage and to be helpful," McLay said.
Britain's UN Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said that Britain saw merit in a council resolution "setting out

the parameters for a peaceful and negotiated solution."
"But this will require proper consultation to achieve the full backing of the council," he told the council.

Lharmen - Obama had said in the past that he was going to make like the peace

 process was far from finished then jump to it. DEBKAfiles had exposed this in the past.


“I strongly urge the incoming government to reaffirm Israel's commitment to

the two-state solutionUN chief says.- April 22


Judge orders NY transportation authority to run 'Killing Jews' ad - April 22

Lharmen - The Spirit of Antichrist is ripe in New York City = Babylon. Christians have no rights today = the

gay force people to be married in a Christian church when they could go to a judge and be married

 in a civil union = they are not Christians/Jews. Christians do not have rights not to bake gay

people cakes but Gay people have rights not to bake Christians cakes even hate speech crimes

if you try it . Here we see the antichrist religion taking power to post adds promoting Jew murders.

God told us he is so pissed with the Jews that there will be a global Jew hunt and beheadings during

 the Time of the Gentiles. We are on the door step of this happening. Jews are all punished by God collectively .

We who can see go before the flock as the He goats for the entire 3 1/2 years of the time of the Gentiles.

Gallup: Israel one of least religious countries - April 22
Lharmen - Do we need to guess as to why God is pissed with our people?


NATO to hold major cyber defense drill in Estonia - April 22


Australia vaccine war update: the people, slaves to the State - April 22

New York Judge Makes The Most Ridiculous Decision Of ALL TIME - April 22

It’s the dawn of the Planet of the Apes…
An idiot New York judge has granted two research chimps effective personhood by granting

 them a writ of habeas corpus, marking the first time in U.S. history an animal has been

given the right to challenge it’s detention.

Lharmen - I am wondering if this is not the Planet run by the Apes = There are many people who

 say we are descended from apes and they can prove this. I have replied "just give them some banana's

 and don't fight them monkeys are tough."

 I know My father Jesus created me and not from a monkey's seed. With that said God does nothing

 without reason. They are from below and we are from above. God told us there is an army of aliens.

 My ex-Catholic girlfriend said " I have perfect feet... Like models feet." I replied after looking at how

blocky they were in comparison to my feet and I Said " They look like chimp feet" We both laughed.

But today I am not laughing any more. I have been wondering if the tares the devil has planted among

Gods wheat are not monkeys who can transfigure themselves to look like good looking humans. Why else

 is this World seeing such ridiculous activity like the Pope's stating they are looking for their alien brothers

 in space. Project Blue beam = The Fake Alien second coming. Etc ...

dawn of the Planet of the Apes does not look so far off any more. God said he would expose them

with the brightness of his coming. Maybe we will soon see a planet filled with apes: 0 (.

Here is hoping not ...there is not enough banana's to go around : o P.



April 18 / 19 / 20 - This is a serious wake up call the 3WW war will happen first full week of May during a fake week peace deal the devil will sign with many then break it in the midst (= Daniel 9:27) with the opening shots of WW3 = the Eager Lion Jordan war games start first week in May says so!

Eager Lion 2015 military drill slated for May 5-19 In Jordan - Posted April 20

Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?
Jeremiah 50:44 Behold, he shall come
up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

Eager Lion 2015 military drill slated for May 5-19  In Jordan- Posted April 20

Around 10,000 military personnel from Jordan, the US and several other countries are expected to participate in the Jordan-hosted “Eager Lion 2015” military drill, slated between May 5 and 19, according to the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF).
The exercise aims at boosting participants’ capabilities in crisis management, JAF said.
The drill will be carried out by JAF in cooperation with the US army and with the participation of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates,
Lebanon, the UK, France, Italy, Pakistan, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Australia and NATO.

Lharmen - Notably absent is Israel! 3 years ago Israel was uninvited and they might be again during their coming destruction. Notably present is Israel's enemy Lebanon : 0 (. God told us after 70 years are accomplished he will destroy the city that rules the World Babylon. May 8th is the 70th year anniversary of the 2nd WW. The devils do many things in 3's May 5th is 3 days ahead of May 8th. Look out for the fake week peace deal.


Greece asks public agencies to hand over reserve cash - April 20 <---Same article on the right side.

Greece's move to seize funds exposes the severity of the crisis. Default early May is certain if money is not unlocked. There is no way forward to unlock the funds as Greece has no options to comply = Greek Exit is certain so is the market crash when it happens. Luke 21 When we see these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near = crash comes before the war. Obama agrees with both the S300 sales by Russia and the immediate lifting of the Iran sanctions speaks volumes for who's side he is on = Not Israel's'. Watch for the Iran deal to be signed the First week into May and to be lumped together with the devils signing a fake week deal to start it all. That deal is for Israel to gain the locations of all Gaza's missile locations in exchange for the 2 state deal. Netanyahu has demanded it be a part of the peace deal process. The war comes in the midst of the deal and upon an unsuspecting World at a time we do not expect it.


Europe's failure to reach a debt agreement with Greece would create "uncertainties" for the whole world - April 20

Lharmen - The crash precedes the World War = Luke 21 when we see these things begin  we lift our heads. Watch out for the first week in May for the Iran deal to be signed and the 2 state solution deal to be signed starting for one week.

Greek eurozone exit edges closer as markets brace for Athens default - April 20

But investors are increasingly sceptical that a rescue deal can be reached between Greece and its creditors. Financial markets do not expect a breakthrough at that meeting of the so-called Eurogroup – the eurozone’s finance ministers – and focus is already shifting to early May when Greece is scheduled to repay almost €1bn (£700m) to the International Monetary Fund – a sum most experts say Athens will not be able to raise.

Lharmen - I watch for the Deal with Iran and the 2 state solution deal to also be made together at the beginning of May and to start with Netanyahu's demanded one week to give up the missile site locations in Gaza then a greater deal to follow right after the deal is accomplished. The war comes on the midst of the week deal = Daniel 9:27






Israel analysts shocked by Obama’s comments on sanctions, S-300 supply - April 19

Israeli analysts expressed shock and amazement Friday night at US President Barack Obama’s stated

openness to Iran’s demand for the immediate lifting of all economic sanctions, and his defense of

Russia’s agreement to supply a sophisticated air defense system to Iran.

Lharmen - that is because he works with and for Putin = He is not a U.S. born citizen! He let Putin's

Military forces train to take over 3 U.S. facilities (Russian Boots were on the ground in America) that if

concurred the U.S. defence Systems could be shut off.


Iran leader urges military to increase 'preparedness' - April 20


New ISIS video purportedly shows shooting, beheading of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Lybia - April 20

Lharmen - the Prophesied global Christian hunt by way of beheadings is about to get going directly after the 3rd WW


Tsipras to seize public-sector funds to keep Greece afloat - April 20

Running out of options to keep his country afloat, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ordered local

governments to move their funds to the central bank.
With negotiations over bailout aid deadlocked, Tsipras needs the cash for salaries, pensions and a

repayment to the International Monetary Fund. Greek bonds fell after the move, pushing three-year

yields to the highest since the nation’s debt restructuring in 2012. The order was questioned by local

officials and slammed by the leading opposition party.
The decree to confiscate reserves now held in commercial banks and transfer them to the central bank

 could raise about €2-billion ($2.15-billion U.S.), according to two people familiar with the decision. It

 shows how time is running out for Tsipras, a point made by European officials who addressed the matter

at IMF meetings in Washington in recent days.
“Central government entities are obliged to deposit their cash reserves and transfer their term deposit

funds to their accounts at the Bank of Greece,” according to the decree issued Monday on a government

website. The “regulation is submitted due to extremely urgent and unforeseen needs


Greece asks public agencies to hand over reserve cash - April 20

Greece has ordered its public sector bodies to hand over any reserve cash to help it meet a payment

due to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The country is running out of cash and must repay the IMF nearly €1bn in May.
It comes after the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, said that Greece needed to do

much more if it wanted access to bailout funds.
Negotiators are trying to strike a deal ahead of a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Friday.
There are mounting fears that Greece could default on its debts and exit the eurozone.
Prime minister Alexis Tsipras urgently needs money to pay government salaries as well as the country's

debt repayments.
In order to get the funding, he needs to strike a deal with eurozone lenders at the European Central Bank,

the European Union and the IMF, and introduce economic reforms.
"More work, much more work is needed now and it's urgent", said Mr Draghi at the weekend.
The decree by the Greek government, which must still be passed by parliament, says "with this act, the

 government hopes to cover urgent needs of the state amounting to three billion euros for the next 15 days".

Greece demands cash from local government as default fears grow - as it happened - April 20

Today’s decree shows that Greece is now operating under extremely tight funding constraints, says CNBC:



April 16 / 17 - I forgot to post some news from yesterday so here it is today. Russia and the U.S. will certainly fight against each other in the coming months.

The Greek crisis has them meeting Saturday ahead of the April 24th meeting They were days ago given 6 working days to come up with a plan that works ahead of the All important April 24th meeting = By design it will fail this weekend. Fear will strike the E.U. markets ahead of the coming May war! Watch for it Saturday night in the news. There is no solution it is an impossible demand being placed on Greece to comply or no money ... It is simple there is no money coming because Greece has hit the end and a Euro Exit is assured as I showed in the news recently = it is planned if a default happens. The E.U. is preparing for this exact scenario today.


A US-Russia War Over Ukraine? - April 17

"Could a U.S. response to Russia’s action in Ukraine provoke a confrontation that leads to a U.S.-Russia War?"
This jolting question is raised by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in the cover article of The National Interest.
The answer the authors give, in "Countdown to War: The Coming U.S. Russia Conflict," is that the odds are shortening on a military collision between the world’s largest nuclear powers.
The cockpit of the conflict, should it come,
will be Ukraine.

Lharmen - I agree Luke 21 will start the 3rd WW with this Ukraine war first.


DPR Leader Zakharchenko: 90 Percent Chance of Full-Scale War with Ukraine - April 17


Exclusive: Greece scrapes bottom of barrel in hunt for cash to stay afloat - April 17

Greece will need to tap all the remaining cash reserves across its public sector -- a total of 2 billion euros ($2.16 billion) -- to pay civil service wages and pensions at the end of the month, according to finance ministry officials.
Barring a last-ditch deal with its creditors, that is likely to leave no money to repay the International Monetary Fund almost 1 billion euros due in the first half of May, although Greece has said it wants to honor its debt obligations. Athens' scramble for basic funds shows how extreme the financial constraints on Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras have become as he tries to convince skeptical foreign creditors to extend his country new financial aid.
Greece's finance ministry denied that it would need to tap remaining cash reserves to meet salary payments, without providing any figures.
"News agencies' reports that refer to the state's cash reserves are groundless, we categorically deny them," the ministry said in a short statement on Friday.
Officials from Greece and the lenders are meeting in Brussels on Saturday for a new round of negotiations ahead of a key euro zone finance ministers' meeting in Riga on April 24.
"This is the last bit of cash that the Greek state has," a senior finance ministry official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters.
Euro zone officials have voiced scepticism about previous Greek warnings of empty coffers, although even they acknowledge a crunch is nearing.

Lharmen - they were given 6 working days to come up with a workable plan ahead of the all important April 24th date = Saturday is that day.


Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin' - April 17




Osborne sounds alarm over Greece as EC gives May deadline - as it happened - April 17

Greece has been given until May 11 to satisfy its creditors. EU commissioner Pierre

 Moscovici identified a eurogroup meeting that day as the final chance to reach agreement

 about economic reforms, to unlock €7bn of bailout funds.
Germany finance chief Wolfgang Schauble added to the gloom,

saying there is no sign of a deal in the weeks ahead.
But some of Greece’s largest creditors will go “a long way” to keep it in the euro, says Bloomberg.
Greek fears send shares down sharply in Europe today.


European Stocks Slide Most Since January Amid Greek Debt Concerns - April 17


Zarif: Russian sale of S-300 to Iran is right decision, won't impact nuclear talks - April 16

Iran's foreign minister said on Wednesday that Russia's decision to go ahead with the sale of S-300

 surface-to-air missile systems to Iran is "fully legal" and has no impact on talks for a nuclear deal with major powers.
"I think it is the right decision that Russia has made, it is a contract with the good relations we have with Russia,

which is fully legal and will have no impact on the (nuclear) negotiations," Mohammed Javad Zarif told journalists in Lisbon.
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree lifting a ban on exports of the S-300 missile system this week.


Israel happy at compromise deal between Congress and Obama on nuclear deal bill- April 16

Obama dropped his opposition on Tuesday to a bill giving Congress a voice on a nuclear deal with Iran,

after members of his Democratic Party negotiated changes to the bill that had won strong support from both parties.


Greece downgraded further into 'junk' as black hole in public finances widens - April 16

Greece's deputy finance minister Dimitris Mardas hinted that state-owned enterprises may have to transfer

their cash balances to the Bank of Greece if the state was to avoid going bankrupt.
The government has long protested it will run out of funds to continue paying out a €1.7bn monthly wage and

 pension bill if a release of cash is not arranged in the next few days.
With their coffers running dry, Greek officials reportedly made an informal request to delay loan repayments

to the International Monetary Fund, but were rebuffed, according to reports in the Financial Times,
Meanwhile, Greece's struggling banks are being kept alive through emergency funds (ELA) from the European

Central Bank. The ECB has been forced to hike the limits on this cash on a weekly basis as capital has fled the

country. A further €800m was drip-fed to banks on Tuesday.


Putin: Iran ‘Does Not Pose Any Threat to Israel Whatsoever' - April 16

Lharmen - We know the devil has a sense of Humour. Iran is fully responsible for the daily rockets being shipped
to both the West bank and the Gaza strip. The Iranian Guard have even been bombed inside the Golan heights

 recently while preparing for war with Israel. So we, who can see, know the first thing to go in a war is the truth.

 They all lie endlessly.


Bankrupt? Greece to Buy Russian Missiles - April 16


300 U.S. troops in Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces: army - April 17


Iran nuclear talks to resume next week in Vienna - April 17


Lapid to Mogherini: EU foreign ministers are calling for a de-facto boycott of Israel - April 17

Lharmen - they are pressuring Israel to divide Jerusalem and give back Gaza and West bank in a 2 state solution deal.

It will be signed very soon = coming weeks.

UN's Ban Ki-moon calls for immediate cease-fire in Yemen - April 17


Gov. Deal signs medical marijuana bill, making Georgia the 36th state to legalize cannabis oil - April 17


The Number Of Volcanoes Erupting Right Now Is Greater Than The

20th Century’s YEARLY Average - April 17

Is the number of volcanic eruptions worldwide increasing? Yes. During the 20th century, there were a total of 3,542 volcanic eruptions globally. That works out to approximately 35 eruptions per year. That may sound like a lot, but according to Volcano Discovery there are 36 volcanoes erupting around the world right now. In other words, the number of volcanoes erupting as you read this article is greater than the 20th century’syearly average. And all of this is part of a larger trend. In 2013, we witnessed the most volcanic eruptions worldwide that we had ever seen in a single year, and 2015 is already threatening to be another one for the record books. All over the planet, volcanoes that have long been dormant are beginning to wake up, and this is greatly puzzling many scientists.
Lharmen - I Have said this many times in the last year "When is this the year of the volcano" = This year has seen the most ever!



April 15 / 16 - We are getting very close to the Greek Exit from the Euro = Major market crash. The crash and World War come upon an unsuspecting World at a time they do not expect it says the crash will happen right before the war = Early May. Watch out for the division of Jerusalem the week of May 8th the war happens in the midst of the fake week deal and Netanyahu has demanded it for the beginning phase of the coming deal with Gaza through the 2 state solution deal today being pushed through the U.N = binding resolution when all others have been non-binding resolutions. Netanyahu has demanded it starts with a one week phase like the Syrian chemical weapons deal (Daniel 9:27) to give up your missile sites then the larger deal can happen. The war comes in the midst of the week deal. 3 weeks left until World War 3. Prepare your faith! They will start arresting us days ahead of the World war. Jesus can set us free. Have no fear but faith. God will come for his chosen! God showed me years ago One door closes then One door opens says My Web site will go down ahead of the coming war then my Redemption draws near when that happens. Jesus will move his chosen out of the way ahead of the war = stand afar off.


Greece default and Euro exit:

Greece pushed a step closer to Grexit after IMF snub - April 16

Christine Lagarde’s refusal to allow any delay in bailout repayments heightens fears that the US and Europe are preparing for Greece to leave eurozone.


Greece has been pushed a step closer to default and potential exit from the euro after one of its main lenders, the International Monetary Fund, all but ruled out allowing the cash-strapped country to delay repaying the €1bn (£722,000) due next month.
The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, said delaying the payments would be an unprecedented action that would only make the situation worse.
Speaking at the organisation’s spring meeting, she said: “Payment delays have not been granted by the board of the IMF in the last 30 years.”
Her intervention is likely to heighten fears that senior policymakers in the US and Europe are preparing for Greece to leave the eurozone.

Lharmen - That could explain why the Greek leader has met with Obama today = preparing the Senior policymakers for the Greek Exit from the Euro = crash.

Another clip from the same article: Analysts at the consultancy IHS Global Insight said the risk of an exit was increasing by the day. “Without the disbursement of official funds by early May, Greece will struggle to avoid a default. Although a default would not necessarily mean that Greece would leave the eurozone, it could precipitate a series of events that could leave the Syriza-led government with little option but to start printing its own currency.”


Greek default seems to be imminent. At least markets think so.

Greece's 5yr default probability jumps to almost 90% - April 16


Greece Will Have to Leave the EU: Brough - April 16






Signs That The Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG - April 16


It’s Gonna Get Rocky: The US & UN are Preparing For Domestic Military,

Disarmament, Martial Law - April 16


Oil Layoffs Hit 100,000 and Counting - April 16

Lharmen - If the sanctions on Iran were lifted and the oil started flowing it could quickly crash the

 oil markets and millions of jobs would be lost when the oil hits it peek capacity . No where to put the

 oil means no more pumping it/no more employees needed.


Texas Woman Invokes 'Religious Freedom' Argument to Fight

$2000 Fine for Feeding the Homeless - April 16

Lharmen - They secretly devises to devour the poor!




April 13 / 14 - Russia makes major Oil deal with Iran. Greece will default before the end of April. Watch the April 24th meeting to shut them out of the funds they need to run on. Crash comes ahead of the war.

Will Obama use his Veto Against congress? He said he would and if he is to stand up and say he is god is he not supposed to tell the truth ( My tongue is sticking right through my cheek). We will soon see. Will Greece use their Veto for Russia to lift sanctions soon? Russia to send Iran S300 missile defence systems soon. Israel had warned they will attack any of these shipments if they are delivered to Syria . So I imagine that will also apply to Iran as well. War in the middle east soon = May 8th . After 70 years have been accomplished God will destroy Babylon the City that rules the World = May 8th is the 70th year anniversary and all the major events like 2001 = 911 attacks and the 2008 market crash came during a Sabbath or Shmita year. The sabbath year started last Sept 2014 and we are about to receive Gods Wrath during it as it either brings a blessing or a curse.


Russia Lifts Ban on S-300 Missiles to Iran, Strikes Oil Deal - April 14

Lharmen - Israel warned they will attack any of these missiles shipments if they are made to Syria = Major war about to happened in the Middle east!

Iran ships major arms to Syria today.


Russia opens way to missile deliveries to Iran, starts oil-for-goods swap - April 14


Iran Deal Reached In Senate; White House Hints Its Support - April 14

A tentative deal has been reached by senators on a bill to apply congressional oversight to a nuclear deal with Iran. And early signals from the White House suggest the president will drop his veto threat and sign the measure.


Despite Kerry plea for time, Senate to proceed with bill on Iran deal - April 14

US Secretary of State John Kerry is making a plea to lawmakers on Capitol Hill for more time before they move new legislation on Iran to a vote. But leadership in the Senate, on both sides of the aisle, still plan to proceed toward that vote this week, several senior congressional aides told The Jerusalem Post.
The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, written by Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) and cosponsored with bipartisan support, was to be marked up in committee on Monday – the last step required before a bill proceeds to the floor of the chamber for debate.
Mark-up includes the amending of the original draft of the bill, and roughly 50 amendments have been proposed since it was first introduced several weeks ago. Democrats hope to build in leeway for US President Barack Obama in his negotiations with Tehran; Republicans seek to tighten the screws on Iran in the final hours of those negotiations.


States slam breaks on Iran enact tough economic sanctions - April 14

While the United States and Iran edge closer to a nuclear deal, nearly two dozen U.S. states are imposing their own sanctions against Tehran – a move some say could derail fragile talks between the two countries.

Lharmen - this is the Obama and Netanyahu wars. The Beast of Revelation will hate the Great Harlot.



Russia shields Iran from airstrikes, puts Obama nuclear deal in political peril - April 14

$800 million sale shows Tehran already cashing in on sanctions relief, Israel says.


Greece default imminent:

IMF close to giving up on Greece after official admits bail-out negotiations are ‘not working’ and the country ‘prepares to default on next debt repayment' - April 14

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is close to giving up its role in Greece's economic resuscitation,

with one senior official admitting bail-out negotiations are not working.
The comments came as some voices in Athens seemed to be preparing themselves to default on their

next debt repayment.
Poul Thomsen, the IMF's Europe Director has been quoted by the Greek media as saying he could not

see a successful conclusion to the country's current bail out.


Greece prepares for debt default if talks with creditors fail - April 14

Greece is preparing to take the dramatic step of declaring a debt default unless it can reach a deal with its

 international creditors by the end of April (Tweet this), according to people briefed on the radical leftist

government's thinking.
The government, which is rapidly running out of funds to pay public sector salaries and state pensions, has

decided to withhold €2.5 billion of payments due to the International Monetary Fund in May and June if no

agreement is struck, they said.
"We have come to the end of the road . . . If the Europeans won't release bailout cash, there is no alternative

 [to a default]," one government official said.
The government is trying to find cash to pay €2.4 billion in pensions and civil service salaries this month.
It is due to repay €203m to the IMF on May 1 and €770 million on May 12. Another €1.6 billion is due in June.


Default and Drachma Imminent? Greece Out of Funds by Month End, Concern Could

Trigger Derivatives Crisis And ‘Lehman Momen' - April 14


Ukraine war:

Peace in Donetsk ended: shooting is booming in all areas and continue fighting in Peski - April 14

Canada announces sending 200 military instructors to Ukraine - April 14

S&P Cuts Ukraine Ratings, Says Default 'Virtually Inevitable' - April 14



Russian warships in English Channel 'to conduct anti-aircraft and anti-submarine military drills' - April 14

Lharmen - the Bear = Russia rises up and devours much flesh in the coming war.


How Government Agents (Besides Cops) Are Killing Family Pets - April 14

Lharmen - I had witnessed, many years ago, an undercover agent for the War on drugs poison

 a mans dog and today it is everywhere. He was trying to train me.

I also fell victim to the character assassination Champagne the devils Illuminati use against Natural

 people who will not take part in the war on drugs (religious war) = The drug cop Curtis said "That

 Guy Bruce was caught with his penis in his 2 month old daughter. His girl friend walked in on him

and called the Police." I wanted to go and beat him. The drug cop said "why do that then you will go

 to Jail along with him. Leave him he will get his". I Believed my fake friends words for almost 30

 years only to find out he lied. They scatter when we gather. The house of God is divided badly today

because of the devils tactics . I know by the people I have interaction with daily that this same lie has

 been used on me. I have adult children today is can not be true. I did not want to get close to Bruce to

find out if it was true. It worked and it is a great evil that's being used against Christians today to divide

us from one another. Bush said you are either with them (Bush = illuminati war on drugs devils) or against them.

25 days to go until freedom. Hold fast to what you have = Faith in the real Jesus. He is coming soon!


Pastor Who Asked 'Gay' Bakery for a Christian Cake Being Charged With a hate Crime - April 14


Louisiana Makes It Illegal To Use Cash To Buy Used Goods - April 14

Lharmen - this could also criminalize homelessness as we live by Cash!

Citi Economist Says It Might Be Time to Abolish Cash to Save World Economy - April 14

France bans use of cash for more than €1000 ($1060) - April 14

Lharmen - the Mark of the beast to buy or sell is rolling it's way out across the Globe!



April 11 / 12 - Greece leader admits his country will soon be bankrupt. They have been given 6 working days to show a viable plan ahead of the April 24th meeting. This week Greece will need another 1.5 billion for social security then 747 million due by May 12th = they could go bankrupt before the April 24th meeting. Iran and Saudi Arabia are lining up against each other off the Yemen coast = Luke 21.

May 8th 3rdWW here in Edmonton would fulfill the trees and the leaves still being tender if the War starts we are weeks from the trees budding coming into Spring from Winter. =

Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
Luke 21:29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and
all the trees;
Luke 21:30 When they now shoot forth,
ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.
Luke 21:31 So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass
, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

Luke 21 when we see these wars rumours of wars, Nations rise against Nations, Pestilences, Famine, great 8 or greater earthquakes begin then we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. It comes through the day of the Lord war = 3rd WW. So the crash comes ahead of the World war and so do all the other signs start just prior to the coming war. I watch for the Iran deal to be made early May and the sanctions being immediately lifted All lumped into a divide Jerusalem deal made by the devil Obama for one week to start a multi level deal. The war comes in the midst of the week. When that happens that will trigger the oil markets to plunge and could easily bring the markets down with it. Watch out for the first week of May for all this to come to pass.


Greece defends bailout tactics as latest deadline looms- April 12

Greece has denied being intransigent in its dealings with eurozone officials, ahead of another crucial week for the cash-strapped country.
Greece’s finance ministry dismissed on Sunday a report by a German newspaper which reported that eurozone officials were “disappointed” by Greece’s failure to come up with plans for economic reforms at last week’s talks in Brussels.
The mood between Greece’s leftist government and its eurozone partners has remained tense during negotiations to determine whether or not the country qualifies for further financial aid from international lenders.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) cited officials at last week’s meeting as saying they were shocked by the lack of progress, and that the new Greek representative just asked where the money was – “like a taxi driver” – and insisted his country would soon be bankrupt.
Greece made a €450m loan repayment to the International Monetary Fund last week. A further €747m payment is due on 12 May. There are fears that Athens could run out of cash in coming weeks. It needs to pay out more than €1.5bn of social security payments for April this week.
A meeting of deputy finance ministers – called the Euro Working Group – last Thursday gave Athens six working days to come up with a convincing economic reform plan before eurozone finance ministers meet on 24 April to decide whether to unlock €7.2bn of bailout funds.


Iran, Saudi Arabia in tense buildup opposite Yemen’s Gulf of Aden shore: US air tankers refueling Saudi jets - April 12


Saudi warns Iranian warships not to enter Yemeni waters - April 12

A Saudi official warned Iranian warships sent to the Strait of Bab El-Mandeb and the Gulf of Aden not to enter Yemeni waters.
"Iranian ships have the right to be present in international waters, but they won't be allowed to enter Yemeni territorial waters," spokesman of the Saudi-led anti-Houthi coalition forces, Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri told reporters in Riyadh on Wednesday.
Iran deployed two warships including a naval destroyer near Yemen on Wednesday saying the move comes to protect the Islamic Republic's interest in international waters.


Mischief at the U.N. Obama toys with cutting Israel adrift in the Security Council.- April 12


Two Russian aircraft were evacuated from Yemen over 350 people - April 12


Saudi-led coalition: 1,200 airstrikes launched in Yemen - April 12


Ahoy! Oil Tankers Form Four-Mile Line In Persian Gulf As Iran Talks Stoke Supply Glut Fears - April 12

With the US set to run out of on-land storage in the space of just three months...
With Tehran sitting on 9% of the world’s proven reserves, the lifting of sanctions and opening of the country’s

oil fields to foreign investment could trigger a dramatic decline in crude prices as an extra million bpd gets set

to be unleashed on an already saturated market.


Kerry Meets Jewish Leaders To Discuss Iran Deal - April 12


DOD Blocks Millions of Computers From Viewing Alternative News - April 12

Lharmen - I believe this because this is happening to my Web site = down from over 2000

a day to around 500 a day.



April 9 / 10 - Ukraine might have just started the major war with Russia that has been coming together for about to year now. Greece paid Thursdays payment but they will not make it past the creditor meeting April 24. Keep our eyes on that date for a crash to start on the back of the no more money vote. Turkey wants Israel hating Morsi free for good relations . Morsi ran on the platform of over running Israel with the prophesied millions of Martyrs and retaking Jerusalem. It will happen during the coming war. This will be the over flowing scourge the leader of Israel makes a deal with the devil and thinks he is safe from when in fact he is being set up for it and can not see it coming as God has blinded their eyes to the coming war.


US mimics Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb to sell nuke deal - April 9

click to enlarge


No legal mechanism to exclude Greece from euro – EC - April 10

Earlier media reported that eurozone countries were reading in “the atmosphere of secrecy the plan to exclude Greece from the eurozone” in case Athens are declared bankrupt in May. The plan was worked out by the Finance Ministry of Finland in cooperation with Germany, the report said.
Fears of Greece leaving the euro soothed on Thursday when it repaid €448 million of its debt to the International Monetary Fund. In May Athens will need to pay another €768 million.





Erdogan: Egypt must free Morsi before it can restore ties with Turkey - April 10

Lharmen - Morsi is the one who called for million to run into Israel and retake Jerusalem exactly

 fulfilling scripture to a "T" as to what will happen in the coming World War. Turkey is widely believed

 and I believe that they are the house of Togarmah and they will certainly betray Israel in the coming war.


UN Warns of Potential Massacre in Syria's Yarmouk Refugee Camp - April 10


Report: Iran Sends Navy Vessels Near Yemen Amid Airstrikes - April 10

Luke 21 Nation shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom ... This might be the beginning

of the Daniel 8 war With Persia pushing in the 3 prophesied directions before the Western he goat/ Antichrist

 attacks both Media/Syria and Persia/Iran


Ukrainian tanks start massive shelling of militia positions - DPR Defense Ministry - April 10


Kiev junta launches a large scale attack on Novorossia

right in time for Russian Orthodox Easter - April 10


Is This the Start of WW III? - April 10

On the Friday before Russian Orthodox Easter, the Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk U.S-coup-installed Ukrainian

 Government attacks on all fronts on April 9th, to continue their extermination-campaign against the

residents of the area, Donbass, that refuses to accept the coup-government that was installed by the U.S.

 when the Ukrainian President whom 90% of those residents had voted for was overthrown by the U.S..

Lharmen - 4+9 = 13 not an accident!


NATO Conducts First Test Of "Russia Rapid Response Force" - April 10


Czech government plans to register citizens for military service - April 10


Tylenol Maker Admits to Selling Liquid Medicine Contaminated with Metal - April 10

Lharmen - it is all about radiating our bodies through many means like Heavy metals. That is why so much of our foods

today are wrapped in tin foil = radiation. Our chocolate bars, our chips and many other foods today are

 all wrapped in tin foil and or are packaged in heavy metal laced tin cans = mind control requires our

immune systems to be weaken for total control through micro chipping of our bodies it is a must. Russia was caught radiating

the U.S. ambassador in the 1960'-1970's for mind control purposes today it is everywhere across our globe.

Read this article:


Motorola company manuals for management of communications sites confirm that high frequency radiation

 from these antennas is nasty stuff. Safety regulations mandate warning signs, EMF awareness training,

protective gear, even transmitter deactivation for personnel working that close to antennas.
Lharmen  -Even the computer screens used to warn they were low radiation screens.
 so do not tell me they do not radiate is I know better,

 click to enlarge and you will see for yourself they said

Low radiation screens right on them.


but it assures me it has low radiation only about 5 x-rays per second worth it's all good


Daewoo low radiation monitor:





California to eliminate Vaccine Exemptions... Bill clears first vote - April 10




April 6 / 7 - The U.N is again trying to force a humanitarian corridor on Syria that would be followed soon after by a nofly zone like we see today being imposed by Saudi Arabia on Yemen. A Nofly zone is a declaration of all out war = Isaiah 17:1-7 says when we see Damascus get destroyed at that time period we see our maker with our eyes. The day Damascus falls it is the day the devil will stand in the house of God and say he is god for 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles and the Mark of the beast. We flee into the Wilderness for the entire time.

The reason Greece is going to Russia tomorrow - Veto for the E.U's  Russian sanctions. If Greece receives money from Russia then Greek Veto and Russia is free from the sanctions. Remember it was only 1991 Dec that the Old Soviet Union broke into what today is Russia so they are still a fragile entity financially. Very exposed to the Oil crisis today. This Veto from Greece would enrage Europe and would certainly, Again I say with all Certainty, would bring on the Greek exit from the Euro dollar especially VIA default on their Loan payments/IMF payments. The massive crash would begin and the rest of the PIGGS nations would also start to fall soon after. Greece has around 4 trillion in debt/derivatives exposed to a default that could also bring the E.U.'s 26 trillion in derivatives crashing down. Derivatives market/debt market = the freaking huge monster sized market that dwarfs our worlds GDP. It is 10 times the GDP of the entire World. Global GDP is around 70 trillion and the debt market is over 700 trillion.

Clip from article below: In what is likely to be a last throw of the dice, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is due to visit Moscow on Wednesday to see if Greece’s crucial veto rights over European Union sanctions on Russia can be parleyed into some hard cash in the short term.

Lharmen - You can't force the mark of the beast on the entire World to buy or sell unless you first crash the Global markets = by design!

Greece is probably already defaulting on its debt. Here’s why - April 7

But avoiding a ‘hard’ default doesn’t rule out the softer forms, and there seems little reason to suppose that they won’t become visible very quickly now. Tax receipts are falling well behind schedule, the government is making ever-more aggressive raids on whatever cash is left in public-sector entities such as the state pension fund, and the European Central Bank is still refusing to let Greek banks lend more to the government in the form of Treasury bills. As such, the only way to cover a widening funding gap will be to default on other commitments — to pensioners, public employees, suppliers of goods, and services to the government. In short, all those who don’t hold the immediate power of life or death over the country and its banking system.
In what is likely to be a last throw of the dice, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is due to visit Moscow on Wednesday to see if Greece’s crucial veto rights over European Union sanctions on Russia can be parleyed into some hard cash in the short term.
So, by Friday it will most likely be back to the slow grind of default on Greek citizens instead, much as it was in the early part of 2012. As we’ve argued before, this can go on for some quite time, certainly until April 24, when the Eurogroup of finance minister is next due to meet.


Yemen war: Saudis prevented Russian evacuations by air, bombed Moscow’s spy center in Aden - April 7

Saudi Arabia has gone head to head with Russia as Iran's ally in Yemen.
Moscow claims to have evacuated hundreds of Russian nationals from Yemen by an air lift running out of Sanaa airport, but debkafile’s exclusive intelligence and military sources reveal that not a single Russian plane has taken off from any Yemeni airport since March 27, when Saudi Arabia launched its military offensive against the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels.
The Saudi's warned Russia that they would not be responsible for the safety of any flights landing at a Yemeni airport or the passengers assembled there for evacuation, while their air force conducted strikes against the rebels. Having achieved control of Yemen’s skies in the early stages of their intervention, the Saudis declared its air space a no-fly zone.
This warning gained substance when, on April 1, Saudi F-15 warplanes bombed the Russian consulate in the second largest Yemeni city, Aden. A Russian witness said that not a single window was left in the building and all Russian citizens would have to leave the town.
According to debkafile’s sources, the building was in fact completely demolished in order to dismantle Russia’s regional intelligence-gathering center which operated out of the consulate building and fed Iranian intelligence with data on military movements in the neighborhood.
It functioned according to the same system as Russian spy stations in Syria, which routinely keep their Iranian colleagues au fait with military activities, including Israeli army movements.

Lharmen - Nation shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom = Luke 21. We are closing in on May 8th the 70 year anniversary of the 2nd WW. 1 month count down!



All 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for the

biggest American collapse ever. - April 7


Greece offers 5 key points for consensus with intl creditors - April 7

Greece expects to reach a preliminary agreement with creditor countries on financing the e

conomy and the external debt at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on April 24, Varoufakis said.
"Preliminary results will be achieved at the meeting of the Eurogroup on April 24," he said adding

 that Greece expects to negotiate the unblocking of the last tranche of €7.2 billion from the EU

loan program, and to negotiate restructuring of external debt by June.
The Greek authorities have also said they would pay a $450 million tranche of the IMF on April 9

 and start a dialogue on economic issues, said the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde Sunday after

 a meeting with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis in Washington. Varoufakis, in turn, said

 the country intends to fulfill "all the obligations with respect to all the creditors.
Lharmen - We need to keep our eyes on the April 9th payment whether it is made or not.

Greece: IMF willing to show 'utmost flexibility' - as it happened - April 7

Greece has vowed to meet Thursday’s debt repayment deadline. It is scheduled to pay the IMF €450m (£330m)


Greece: Germany owes us €279bn in war reparations - April 7


UN demands access to Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus - April 7

Lharmen - like Assad would let that happen. But the reality of this World is stranger than fiction

 as the U.S and allies are bombing inside Syria today . Who saw that coming! Normally we call

that war but today it is just annoying that the U.S did it with out permission. : 0 ( .

"How freaking rude of them people who are bent on our destruction to be bombing inside our

country like this" = quoted from baffled Guy named Assad : 0 P


UN Security Council demands aid access to Yarmuk camp in Syria - April 7


21 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 - April 7
Lharmen - nothing new here : 0 (  Same old same old!


Sex trafficking survivor says police were among hundreds of abusers - April 7

Lharmen - cops don't do that do they ? --> my tongue is stick out through my cheek!

This was Canada and the U.S. again like a broken "Great Harlot" record that keep skipping.


Judge orders Prince Andrew sex allegations struck from court record - April 7

Snowden To Oliver: ‘NSA Has The Greatest Surveillance Capabilities We’ve Ever Seen In History’ - April 7


Lawsuit Filed to Prove Sandy Hook Was NOT AN OPERATING SCHOOL - April 7


Glenn Douglas Tubb "There's A Spy In The Sky" - April 7


Lharmen - Here is an old article to give you an example of the state of

 EURO right now and how bad the Greece crisis is for all of the EU Nations:



Feb 2015

According to the Bank for International Settlements, 26.45 trillion dollars in currency derivatives

 are directly tied to the value of the euro.
Let that number sink in for a moment.
To give you some perspective, keep in mind that the U.S. government spends a total of less than

 4 trillion dollars a year.
The entire U.S. national debt is just a bit above 18 trillion dollars.
So 26 trillion dollars is an amount of money that is almost unimaginable. And of course those are just

the derivatives that are directly tied to the euro. Overall, the total global derivatives bubble is more

than 700 trillion dollars in size.
Over the past couple of decades, the global financial system has been transformed into the biggest

 casino in the history of the planet. And when things are stable, the computer algorithms used by the

 big banks work quite well and they make enormous amounts of money. But when unexpected things

happen and markets go haywire, the financial institutions that gamble on derivatives can lose massive

quantities of money very rapidly. We saw this in 2008, and we could be on the verge of seeing this happen again.
If no agreement can be reached and Greece does leave the eurozone, the euro is going to fall off a cliff.
When that happens, someone out there is going to lose an extraordinary amount of money.
And just like in 2008, when the big financial institutions start to fail that will plunge the entire planet into

 another major financial crisis.
So at the moment, it is absolutely imperative that Greece and the rest of the eurozone find some common ground.
Unfortunately, that may not happen. The new prime minister of Greece certainly does not sound like he is

in a compromising mood…




April 4 / 5 - Blood red moon April 4th and now we wait for the crash to start as Greece said they will not pay the April 9th payment. Days away ! 12 gay bakeries refuse to bake Christian cake and none are fines ! Antichrist activities will only get much worse very soon. One bakery actually said they would and that is what I have said the Christian bakery should have done = if your enemy hungers feed them and tell them Jesus loves them they should not hate that that they have not read = the bible = read the Authorized King James bible and you will see your life written in it! This Blind World will condemn you but Jesus did not condemn you. He died for you sins as well as mine. I was a sinner too. But now I am saved through my repentance and it came through my reading God's Words and believing what I read. You should have baked them their cake as long as it does not have antichristian messages on it. Tell them they will have to add that themselves and Jesus does love you.



Iran says UN resolutions to be lifted immediately on final nuclear deal - April 4

"All Security Council resolutions will be lifted on the day of the agreement; the Security Council is and will be the arbiter of the agreement," Zarif said in a television interview cited by the Fars news agency.

Lharmen - I watch to see if this deal gets dumped together with the 2 state deal and to start for one week - Daniel 9:27 if it does then it could be signed the first week of May = then war on May 8th the 70 anniversary or the 2nd WW.


Blood red moon April 4th 2015

Click to enlarge


Report: Israeli Jet Struck Weapons Depots in Libya - April 5


Russia submits draft resolution, calling for pause in Saudi raids on Yemen - April 5

Lharmen - Every time Russia delivers aid it is on trucks that resemble their Russian rocket launchers. I have shown pictures of these in the past.

Clip from article: Moscow on Saturday called an emergency meeting of the 15-member council and distributed the one-page text, which “demands to establish regular and obligatory humanitarian pauses in the airstrikes” in an attempt to “allow all concerned states and international organizations to evacuate their citizens and personnel from Yemen

Lharmen - The Russian plane that was to remove all their citizens was turned back recently this is very true. Russian has a right to remove their people ahead of a major war.




The US and Iran are closer in Iraq than people realize - and things are getting ugly - April 4

Lharmen - All Israel's friends have become her enemies and she does not know it.

The Beast of Revelation is the fake Jesus/He Goat and will hate the Harlot religious system and will burn her with fire.


Christian Man Asks Thirteen Gay Bakeries To Bake Him Pro-Traditional
Marriage Cake,
And Is Denied Service By All Of Them - April 4

Here is our point. A Christian making a homosexual cake with “Support Gay Marriage” goes against his faith and a homosexual putting “Gay Marriage Is Wrong” goes against his faith as well. Now of course we honor their right to say no, this is not the issue, but what about honouring the Christian right to also say no?
The big lie of the homosexual agenda is this: They claim that they are only fighting for equality and tolerance.
This is false.
What then is their agenda?

Christian Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbian Wedding Found Guilty of Discrimination; Will Have to Pay Up to $150K - April 4

Lharmen - it is clear the gay's have rights that are above ours . They force people who are Gay to be married by preachers who will not receive the kingdoms promise if they do. When they have the right to have their own church and or get married in a civil union before a judge . But the law is pushing hard and fast to destroy all religious faiths. Global war on religion is out in the open across the globe. Sikh's do not have swords they have a Kirpan a curbed blade which is a religious symbol = they have a legal right to wear it. Muslims are not Terrorists = Criminal Harassment/ character assassinations. Any Christian who denies Gay marriage is not in violation of the Law We have religious freedoms but the World is at War with Religious freedoms and equality is certainly not the true agenda it is a deception it is all Anti-God or Antichrist activity and it will only get much worse in the days ahead. Pray you are found worthy to escape all the things about to come to pass. Jews will be hunted from one end of earth to the other and will be beheaded in mass by unbelievers and haters of Faith.


Israeli Rabbi Blesses Honeytrap Sex For Female Spies - April 4

The Zionist Harlot war on drugs uses Sex as a weapon and I have been warning of this for many years now. The Priests murder by way of consent today. The Fake Jesus/ He Goat / Antichrist will hate this religion and will destroy it in the coming war. Jews will be hunted across the globe because of it. Those who lead into captivity will themselves be led into captivity. Indefinite detention will be used against them!  


Russian scientists create ‘bio-cement’ for human bones - April 5






April 2 / 3 - Iran wins sanction relief but openly it is not until the final deal is signed in Before June 30th but some say it applies now! Oil markets crashing today on over supply concerns says it could apply now. Greece preparing for Grexit and the day after plan. Moon turns to Blood tomorrow April 4th. Feds could raise rates this month. U.S. States preparing for full economic collapse because this is all by design = Luke 21. I watch for Iran deal and the 2 state deal to be dumped together in early May to start with the Daniel 9:27 fake week deal to demilitarize Gaze then World War in the midst of the week.



A beaming Iranian foreign minister emerged from the meeting rooms in Switzerland to announce that all of the theocracy’s major demands had been met. According to the new provisions released on the nuclear deal, Iran will get to both keep active its centrifuges and receive sanctions relief.


Iran, world powers agree on key parameters of future nuclear comprehensive agreement - April 3


Oil falls nearly 4 percent after tentative nuclear deal for Iran - April 3
Brent oil fell nearly 4 percent on Thursday after a preliminary pact between Iran and global powers on Tehran's nuclear program, even as officials set further talks in June and analysts questioned when the OPEC member will be allowed to export more crude.
Traders had been fixated on the talks held in Lausanne, Switzerland for over a week as Iran tried to agree with six world powers on concessions to its nuclear program to remove U.S.-led sanctions that have halved its oil exports.
The sanctions against Iran will come off under a "future comprehensive deal" to be agreed by June 30, after it complies with nuclear-related provisions, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told a news conference.
Bob McNally, an adviser to former U.S. president George Bush who heads energy research firm Rapidan Group, noted Iran will need much patience as the "sanctions are not likely to be lifted until late 2015 or early 2016, though we could see slippage beforehand."

Israeli cabinet unanimously opposed to Iran framework nuclear deal - April 3





Greece preparing for Grexit, own currency - media - April 3

Crunch day April 9
The Greek government has €463.1 million of IMF loans to be repaid by April 9 and another €768 million

 falling due in May.
After Greece does this, and the EU approves the reform proposals by Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis,

 the Troika of lenders- the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the European Commission, is expected to

 release the next €7.2 billion tranche to Athens.
According to senior official, Syriza and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras have the power to decide not to make

 the upcoming payments.
“We may have to go into a silent arrears process with the IMF. This will cause a furor in the markets and

 means that the clock will start to tick much faster,” the source told The Telegraph.
On Friday the Finance Ministry denied rumors they wouldn’t pay the €460 million sum on April 9.
Countries in the past that have defaulted in their IMF loans include Sudan, Peru, Liberia, the Congo, Somalia,

 Zambia, Guyana, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and Iraq.
With its massive €316 billion debt, a collapse of the Greek economy has the potential to shake the rest of Europe.

 The reason the EU came to Athens’ rescue with two bailouts totaling 240 billion euro was to protect the euro

currency, which at the time was shared by 18 separate countries, Greece included.
In the case that lending is cut off, Greek banks will overnight become insolvent and Athens would have to start

printing its own currency to replace the euro.


Greece looks to Putin as standoff in EU puts repayment in doubt - April 3

Greece told its creditors on Wednesday that it will run out of money on April 9th. It appealed for more

 loans before reforms on which new disbursements hinge are agreed and implemented.

 The request was rejected, euro zone officials said.


Greece no longer has enough money to pay the IMF €458m on April 9 -

Default Imminent and unavoidable - markets to crash - April 3


Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment - April 3

Greece is drawing up drastic plans to nationalise the country's banking system and introduce a parallel currency

 to pay bills unless the eurozone takes steps to defuse the simmering crisis and soften its demands.
Sources close to the ruling Syriza party said the government is determined to keep public services running and pay

 pensions as funds run critically low. It may be forced to take the unprecedented step of missing a payment to the

International Monetary Fund next week.
Greece no longer has enough money to pay the IMF €458m on April 9 and also to cover payments for salaries and

social security on April 14, unless the eurozone agrees to disburse the next tranche of its interim bail-out deal in time.
“We are a Left-wing government. If we have to choose between a default to the IMF or a default to our own people,

 it is a no-brainer,” said a senior official.
“We may have to go into a silent arrears process with the IMF.
This will cause a furore in the markets

and means that the clock will start to tick much faster,” the source told The Telegraph.


Blood red moon tomorrow April 4th = a major sign before the 3rd WW

Total lunar eclipse 2015: What you need to know - April 3


Hadron Collider set to be restarted this weekend - April 3

The restart will involve relatively weak beams of protons, the "hearts" of atoms, being sent around the tunnel ring in both

But it will be some weeks before the beam energy is ramped up to its target of 13 tera-electron volts (TeV), nearly twice the

 8 TeV level that produced the Higgs boson.


Russia threatens to use 'nuclear force' over Crimea and the Baltic states - April 2


As soon as the Fed raise rates, it is all over - April 3


Martial Law Exercises In Connecticut NOW? What are they preparing for?

A fall economic collapse? Gun confiscations? - April 3



Mar 31 / April 1 - Greece will default April 9th. Palestinians have now joined ICC = Israeli War crimes charged soon to follow. Iran nuclear talks still ongoing tonight but could be signed at any time. France to push for the division of Jerusalem in 12 days. April 4th Blood Red moon. Saudi Arabia to enter Ground war in Yemen soon. Iran has now placed two war ships at the mouth of the Red Sea.


Greece threatens default as fresh reform bid falters- April 1

Lharmen - By design Greece is about to hold back it's IMF payment Due April 9th. The crash comes ahead of the war.

Clip from article: The Greek government has threatened to default on its loans to the International Monetary Fund, as Athens continued its battle to convince creditors for a fresh injection of bail-out cash.
Greece's interior minister told Germany's Spiegel magazine, his country would not respect a looming €450m loan repayment to the fund on April 9, without a release of much-needed bail-out funds.
"If no money is flowing on April 9, we will first determine the salaries and pensions paid here in Greece and then ask our partners abroad to achieve consensus that we will not pay €450 million to the IMF on time," said Nikos Voutzis.


Kerry extends Iran talks, French foreign minister returns - April 1

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his German and French counterparts extended marathon talks in Switzerland on Wednesday for a second day beyond a self-imposed deadline to reach a preliminary agreement with Iran on its nuclear programme.
A diplomat close to the talks said late on Wednesday that a deal could be announced within hours but had not yet been reached, and the talks could still collapse.

Lharmen - These talks will result in Iran's oil sanctions being immediately lifted. The Oil markets will crash hard after it. Put the Greek crisis and this Global over supply crisis together and the Grexit  = E.U. will crash and so will the Stock market as a whole on the back of that. Crash come ahead of the War Luke 21.


Kerry to Negotiate with Iran Until Thursday - US State Department - April 1


Iran - Nuclear talks to continue until major disputes overcome - April 1

Iran nuclear talks miss deadline; Russia says 'key aspects' agreed - April 1


France preparing draft for UN resolution on Palestine; bid would designate Jerusalem as shared capital - April 1

Lharmen - The Lord comes when they have parted/divided Jerusalem. The devil will have to have fulfilled all of God's signs to be able to stands in the house of God and say he is God. We still have 3 1/2 years left until God comes. This war happens ahead of the Lords return = Lucifer the devil will have done this before our Lord comes =Isaiah 14:17 That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?

Clip from article:
France sees a window of opportunity after Israel’s elections to get the United States on board with a new push for Mideast peace, and is preparing a draft UN Security Council resolution in about 12 days, according to French diplomatic officials.
The draft would define the pre-1967 frontier as a reference point for border talks but allow room for exchanges of territory, designate Jerusalem as capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state and call for a fair solution for Palestinian refugees, one official told The Associated Press on Tuesday.
While the substance of the French draft may not differ much from past failed efforts to revive Mideast peace talks, France is hoping this time to avoid a US veto at the UN because of increasing American frustration with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.



Palestinians join International Criminal Court - April 1


As Palestinians join ICC Wednesday, will war crimes complaints quickly follow? - April 1



Khamenei sends Iranian navy to Bab el-Mandeb Straits. Iran arms store for Hamas bombed

 in Libya - April 1

Control of the Red Sea Bab el-Mandeb Straits passed Tuesday, March 31 to pro-Iranian Yemeni forces when

the Yemeni Army’s 117th Brigade loyal to the former Yemeni President Ali Saleh handed positions guarding

the waterway to two Houthi commando battalions trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.


US warships join Saudi attack on Yemen - April 1


Heavy Clashes Reported on Saudi-Yemen Border - April 1


Saudi Arabia prepares for possible ground offensive in Yemen, Iran calls for ‘dialogue' - April 1


Coalition Denies Landing to Russian Evacuation Plane en Route to Yemen - April 1


Blood Moon: Shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century Rises Saturday - April 1

Lharmen - this is a major sign ahead of the 3rd WW.


Turkey power cut: Prime Minister says nationwide blackout could be caused by terrorists - April 1


Electrical fault corrected, 'Big Bang' collider to restart soon - April 1

CERN said that after new tests on all the circuits in the area where the fault appeared, the way would be

clear for proton particles to be sent in opposite directions right around the machine's 27-kilometre

underground tubes.
This could happen "in a few days", the statement said.
However, proton particle collisions at twice the power of the first runs, which brought the discovery of

the long-sought Higgs boson, will not begin until May, physicists say.
Lharmen - 13 TeV will not be used until the 70 anniversary month May 8th?????? This is a weapon that can

 create black holes (Think about the massive amounts of unexplained sink holes even in the Dead Sea)

and this weapon could delete Israel's Echelon ahead of the 3rd WW!!!!


Oil price plunge happening at staggering speed - April 1


Ebola Cases Top 25,000 with 10,445 deaths - April 1


San Diego sues Monsanto for poisoning environment and wildlife with toxic chemicals - April 1



Mar 29 / 30 - Luke 21 Nations = more than one will rise against nations = more than one nation = here we go the start of the Luke 21 fulfillments are here with the market crash certain later this month and the Ebola just waiting to be let loose the Pestilence and Famine break out are not far off. The Sun turning into darkness Just happened and the Moon turning to blood is about to April 4th. These thing come ahead of the 3rd WW. God's 7/49/70 year judgements. May 8th is the war date = 70 years since the 2nd WW.


Pakistani defense chief due in Riyadh, airlifts troops for Saudi Yemen war. Aden landings imminent - Mar 30

Lharmen - Now Pakistan has entered the war = Nations shall rise against Nations and here we are one month and 8 days ahead of the Kingdoms shall rise against kingdoms date = May 8th the 70th year anniversary of the 2WW. April 4th the Moon turns to Blood. The Sun turned to darkness Mar 20th and in 5 days the moon will turn into blood April 4th = this has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW.


'Influx of advanced weapons flowing into Syria, Lebanon unprecedented,' navy source says- Mar 30

Lharmen - The Israeli news was right when they said , in the past, Iran was supplying Gaza with Missiles so I believe this news and it fits with the coming war with Iran and Syria = Daniel 8 says they will be pushing in the Westward, Southward, and Northward directions when the Western he goat = Beast of Revelation/ Antichrist attacks and destroys their Powers.


Arab leaders agree to form a joint military force - Mar 30


Bombs continue to fall on Yemen as Arab states announce new military force - Mar 30


Saudi Coalition Rejects Diplomacy, Readies Long War in Yemen - Mar 30


Israeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen - Mar 30




Iran nuclear talks: 'Tricky issues' remain, Kerry says - Mar 30

Difficult issues remain on the table as the world's most powerful diplomats meet in

Switzerland with Iranian nuclear negotiators, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN on Monday.
"We are working very hard to work those through. We are working late into the night

 and obviously into tomorrow. We are working with a view to get something done," Kerry said.

 "There is a little more light there today, but ​there are still some tricky issues. Everyone knows

 the meaning of tomorrow. "
Negotiators have set Tuesday as their arbitrary deadline for a basic deal. A comprehensive deal,

 including technical additions, is supposed to arrive by June 30.


Christian Pastor In England Gets Arrested For Quoting The Bible In Public, He Is Then Forced To Be Tried By An Islamic Sharia Judge Who Fines Him And Threatens To Imprison Him For Forty Five Days - Mar 30


Chinese warship docks in Aden to evacuate nationals - Mar 30


US National Guard sends 12 F-15 interceptor jets to Europe to guard against Russia - Mar 30


Greece and Germany in Open Hostility Over Bailout Program - Mar 30


Greek PM Tsipras vows to win 'honest compromise' in bailout talks - Mar 30

Lharmen - This deal is set to fail and Greek exit is assured . crash comes ahead of the World War.

Clip from article: Tonight’s debate came after Greece and its creditors held more meetings

over the list of economic reforms which Athens must provide, before bailout funds are unlocked.

Lharmen - that list was due today and obviously it did not arrive on time. Germany will blast them with

 "no more money" as they are openly at war with each other today over the bail out conditions.


Fitch downgrades Greece’s rating to 'CCC' - Mar 30

International ratings agency Fitch has downgraded Greece’s sovereign rating from B to CCC ahead of the agency's

 next scheduled review, amid worries that the country is defaulting on its sovereign debt.

Grexit risk continues to rise. Greece's 5yr default probability jumps to almost 80%. - Mar 30


Isn't it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it would be

 immediately labeled a military drill for martial law - Mar 30


Scientists in Canada Being Censored from Covering Dangers of Aluminum in Vaccines - Mar 30

Lharmen - It is always a heavy metal! All metals are easily radiated especially Mercury ..think Mercury fillings and they are very close to your brain. Remember Russia was exposed for mind controlling the U.S. ambassador with Radiation and Heavy metals ( Flouride) = Mass mind control through the vaccines today is everywhere. All school/mass shooters and even the latest German's airlines pilot were all on or just coming off their psychotropic drugs. All of them laced with heavy metals. When I was taking a psychotropic drugs  I started doing things on the computer I would never have done = Mind control. I was living 10 feet from a Hell's Angels home in Vancouver = being radiated. I do not read and believe it I have lived it.


Mar 27 / 28 - Putin and Iran 's leader both demand an  "immediate cessation of military activities" in Yemen. Iran is now coordination, openly, the counter war against many Western allied nations in Yemen. Iran promises today they will do everything possible... “We will spare no effort to contain the crisis in Yemen.”

 Iran nuclear deal set for Sunday in Switzerland. The Large Hadron Collider is also running ...Hummmm. Bye Bye Echelon ? Our redemption draws near when these things get started = Luke 21. We are getting close to the 70th anniversary of the 2WW = God's 70 year Judgements. We are 40 days out from May 8th from 29/30th of this month. War preparations in Ukraine by the U.S get rebuke from Putin. New York to allow 3rd trimester baby's to be poisoned in the Womb = full grown babies can now be killed = evil has reached it's fullest. France to push for new resolution that will force Israel into 2 state deal ..this to start in weeks ...talks start in days.

Russian Navy moves up to Syria's coast. WW3 is unfolding!


Iranian general in Sanaa to organize Yemen rebel counter-offensive for Saudi-led attacks - Mar 28

Lharmen - Iran now has boots on the ground to control this war against many Western nations = Daniel 8's 3 directions then the Western leader attacks them and destroys Media and Persia's powers.


Iran, Russia demand immediate halt to Saudi-led intervention in Yemen — RT News - Mar 28

Putin called for an "immediate cessation of military activities" in Yemen....
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that military operations against Yemen will only lead to further destabilization of the region, which has fallen under Houthi control after an onslaught of increased violence in recent months. ....
“We demand an immediate stop to the Saudi military operations in Yemen,” he said in an interview with Iran's Arabic-language al-Alam news network on Thursday. “We will spare no effort to contain the crisis in Yemen.”


Syria "Welcomes" Larger Russia Presence - Mar 27

Following Vladimir Putin's demands for an "immediate cessation of military activities" in Yemen, AFP reports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's comment during a recent interview that "with complete confidence that we welcome any widening of the Russian presence in the eastern Mediterranean and on Syrian coasts and ports," including the port of Tartus.


The battle for the Middle East's future begins in Yemen as Saudi Arabia jumps into the abyss - Mar 28

Lharmen - World War 3 has begun!


Yemen’s Houthis Advance Despite Continued Saudi-Led Strikes - Mar 28

Lharmen - Iran is winning could be why the Western leader attacks them in Daniel 8 with great fury.



Travel Schedules Suggest Iran 'Deal' to be Staged Sunday - Mar 28

Iran nuclear deal set for Sunday? - YouTube - Mar 28


France Says Will Propose UN Security Council Draft on Israel - Mar 28

France's foreign minister said Friday his country will propose a U.N. Security Council

resolution in the coming weeks that could present a framework for negotiations toward

 resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
"France will be part and parcel in proposing a resolution in the U.N.," he said. He said

discussions with partners will begin in the days ahead.

France to begin push for UN resolution on Israel-Palestine in 'coming weeks' - Mar 28


Ban Ki-moon says UN talks only chance to prevent long Yemen conflict - Mar 28


US, British officials call for political solution in Yemen - Mar 28


U.S. Ships 50 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine: Europeans Are Furious - Mar 27


Russia warns NATO drills a ‘problem’ as US attack planes buzz Poland - Mar 27


Gulf coalition launches airstrikes against Iran backed Houthi rebels in Yemen LIVE UPDATEs - Mar 27


Saudi-led warplanes attack popular market in Sa’ada - Mar 27


2 US Warships Are Now Parked In The Red Sea Ready to Respond In Yemen - Mar 27

WHR says = or to be sunk by Israel and to be blamed on Iran.

Lharmen - False flag could come at any time to get the full blown war with Iran and Syria started.


Israeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen - Mar 27


NSA And Facebook Work Together- Lawyer Urges Users To Close Down Accounts - Mar 27


WOW! Night Vision Eye Drops Let You See Up To 50m In Darkness - Mar 28


Feet of Hail on the Equator in Colombia and Ecuador - Mar 27

Lharmen - I have never ever seen that much hail looks like heavy snow more so than hail.

Where are the huge dents in the cars?


New York State Assembly Passes Bill Which Would Allow 3rd Trimester Babies to Be Killed With Shot of Poison to Heart - Mar 28

Lharmen - Pray to God he opens many peoples hearts to pray this gets shut down fast this is out

 right murder of a fully grown baby that has not yet exited the Womb. WOW Evil has come to it's

fullest with this move by the devils.


Mar 25 / 26 - Luke 21 Nation shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom = Today Saudi Arabia and 9 other Nations have attacked Yemen. They are warring against Iranian backed Groups. Daniel 8's war could be unfolding. Luke 21 says when we see these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption  (comes from above) is near. I believe it to be a Solar flare that will free us from the grips of Echelon. Deal with Iran on Oil sanctions relief is set for Sunday if made look out the markets will crash from over supply. They might lump both the Iran and the Israel deal together and start it for one week = Just a thought keep watching we are close to our redemption.


EU plans to pressure Israel as diplomat warns of 'collision course' - Mar 26

Leaked report outlines 40 suggestions to sway Israeli policy; EU source: more chance of implementation in wake of Netanyahu rejection of Palestinian state.
Lharmen - the division of Jerusalem is one of the first on this list.


Israel freezing construction in East Jerusalem neighborhood - Mar 26

Lharmen - Netanyahu would not do this unless a Divide Jerusalem peace deal is unfolding! Watch for the Fake Week deal to be made soon .. around May 8th week.

Clip from article : Israel is freezing construction of 1,500 new housing units in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa, beyond the Green Line, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election eve declaration that building in Jerusalem would continue regardless of international pressure. 

Lharmen - The ruler of Israel has made a deal with the devil when the World war happens and thinks he is safe when Jerusalem is going to get trodden down by this coming war that even today, with this Yemen war unfolding, is getting closer to the Israeli Borders.


Greece 'in a corner' as Europe blocks payment - Mar 26

"I believe that at the beginning of next week we will have an agreement on the package of reforms the Greek government is proposing, and on the funding of the country," Stathakis told Antenna TV, Reuters reported.

Lharmen - This attempt at 1.6 billion was as insane an act as it gets proving the Greece situation is totally out of control and next week we will not see a deal = Greek Exit and a Euro crash is certain to follow. That will bring down the Global markets as well = Market crash before war coverage.

Clip from article: Adding insult to injury, earlier this week it was reported that Greece was likely to run out of money by April 9,

'End of the road' for Greece as cash runs out? - Mar 26

Greece is starting to run out of money and a lack of concrete action on reforms could see the country kicked out of the euro zone, analysts warned.  Athens is expected to present a package of reforms to its euro zone creditors by Monday, in an effort to unlocking vital financial aid and avoiding a potential default -- but some doubt the proposals will come.
The country risks running out of cash by April 20 unless it secures fresh aid, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters Tuesday, leaving it with little time to convince its skeptical European partners that it is committed to economic reform.

Here Are the Most Important Dates Ahead in the Greek Crisis - Mar 26


EU presses Israel on peace in annual progress report - Mar 26

The European Union urged Israelis and Palestinians on Wednesday to

 quickly restart peace talks that collapsed last year, as the bloc's new foreign policy

chief seeks to reinvigorate European involvement in the negotiations.

Lharmen - the deal making is clearly already underway and the out come has already been

agreed upon or there would not be a Bibi ruling over Jerusalem today. If he had

 not already agreed to divide Jerusalem, = 2 states, he would have most certainly lost the last election.


Facing resistance, US pushes to meet deadline for Iran deal - Mar 26

Lharmen - the deadline is Monday for the first leg of the deal and sanctions relief would

 have to be made at this leg or no ink on the paper!

Clip from article: The talks are expected to start on Thursday with a meeting between Iranian

 Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and US Secretary of State John Kerry. Ministers from

some other members of the six power group are expected to arrive later.
The Obama administration admits the task will not be easy. "We believe we can get a political

framework done by the end of March," a senior US official told Reuters. "It doesn't mean we'll get

 there, but we're not working for anything less."
"The aim is to get something out by Sunday, although the deadline is March 31."

Iran to insist removing all sanctions in nuclear deal - Mar 26

Lharmen - If the deal is made Oil sanctions relief is certain to be a part of the

 coming deal = Oil market crash dead ahead!


Saudi Arabia and 9 other countries now at war inside Yemen:

Erdogan: Iran and 'terrorist groups' must leave Yemen;

Hezbollah condemns Saudi airstrikes - Mar 26


'Nightmare unfolding': Saudis strike Yemen -



Saudi Arabia Imposes Naval Blockade On Red Sea Strait, Deploys 150,000

 Troops As Iran Condemns Military Action - Mar 26


Saudi Arabia, 9 Other Countries Start Boming Yemen - Mar 26


US Warships in Red Sea Ready to Respond in Yemen - CENTCOM - Mar 26


Saudis, Allies Plan Massive Invasion of Yemen - Mar 26

Lharmen - Luke 21 nation shall rise against nation....


Greek Public Coffers Expected to Run Dry Next Month- Mar 26


Moody’s downgrades Ukraine heralding imminent default - Mar 26


Tribute to Rachel Corrie - Mar 26

Lharmen - Never forget this girls struggle to bring peace in Israel was met with her murder at the

 hands of an Israeli Military Bulldozer with no Justice at all. = In the last days no Justice doth ever go forth.


Mar 23 / 24 - Greece's list will, by design, fall short and no money will be given Germany will see to this! Iran's deal is set to be signed as early as tomorrow. Keep watching because if immediate Oil sanctions relief is a part of tomorrows deal then the oil market should crash hard on the news. Luke 21 = crash comes ahead of the war. So should the stock market begin it's free fall as well on the back of the coming deal. The Zionists might make it happen to make Obama look bad as if this deal with Iran brought about this coming economic disaster = as in if you are against the nation of Israel your against God! In the future war the Catholics "Jesus the son of the devil Lucifer" or also know as the "Beast of Revelation" = Obama will crush them like a bug because the Jews of that Nation Israel have cast off God! Israel lost the 2006 war with Lebanon as they were pushed back out says God was against them as when ever Israel looses a war God has become their enemy. Canada starts indefinite detention = Lawless times. Both the U.S. and Russia move to openly and legally arm the Ukraine clearly for a future war between the two = 3rdWW. Canada is now bombing inside Syria!


Greece promises list of reforms by Monday to unlock cash - Mar 22

Athens is rushing to get the list ready before state coffers run empty, which is expected to happen in a few weeks without more aid.


The US Congress voted to adopt the Ukrainian army - Mar 22

US House of Representatives adopted a resolution which recommended to President Barack Obama to begin deliveries of military weapons Ukrainian authorities. Russian parliamentarians have taken the initiative in response to discuss the return of President Vladimir Putin the right to send troops into the territory of a neighboring country.


In CP call back right to send troops Russia to Ukraine - Mar 22

"We believe that our Parliament should not pass by this statement. If the United States really start to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, we should not hesitate to start supporting the militias, including weapons and return to the president the right to send troops into the territory of Ukraine ", - told reporters Emelyanov.


Canada to include Syria in bombing raids against ISIL - Mar 22


Terrorism & Greatest Excuse for Everything – Now

Canada Joins USA With Indefinite Imprisonment - Mar 22

Lharmen - Lawless times are here in Canada right out in the open.

 Innocent people can now be locked up for ever with out charge or trial.


Big Bang theory could be debunked by Large Hadron Collider - Mar 22

The first circulating beams of protons in the LHC are planned for the week

 beginning 23 March, and by late May to early June the LHC aims to be running

 at 13 TeV.

Lharmen - it started the fasted tests yesterday! 13 TeV soon.

It is not an accident is is 13! These are all Beast run nations in the last days.

This could be the World largest weapon ever 13 Tev is a lot of power and

could easily jump the 100 meters to be aimed at another nations

 satellites or even Israel's Echelon the brains behind the NSA.

WARNING! Adults Targeted, Federal Government Prepares to

Track the Unvaccinated - Mar 22


Boeing patents 'Star Wars'-style force fields - CNET - Mar 22

Lharmen - Jesus said there will be an army that when they fall upon the sword

they will not get harmed and here it is the force field is here. This technology is

 in the very beginning of what it can do as it only protects from the shock wave today but it will

completely protect people in the future.... maybe China or Russia already possess

this in secret and will use it in the next war ?



Mar 21 / 22 - The nuclear deal that will see Iran's Oil sanctions lifted is pegged for Wednesday. The large Hadron Collider is scheduled to fire at 13TeV at the end of March = They are looking to create black holes : 0( . If Iran's Oil sanctions are lifted this Wednesday then an oil crash will start soon after. The Oil crash could bring on the stock market crash ahead of the 3rd WW = Luke 21 when we see these things begin to come to pass Pestilence, Famine Etc... we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. Crash comes before the war.

Iranian FM Zarif hopes to 'finalize' nuclear deal with West this week - Mar 22

Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Saturday that Islamic Republic negotiators are in the midst of "finalizing" the terms of a nuclear agreement with the P5+1 countries, with Wednesday appearing to be the target date for a deal.
The foreign minister said that Iranian negotiators would be working through the Persian new year holiday, pouring over details of what is expected to be an agreement with Western powers.





Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact

with parallel universe in days - Mar 22

The staggeringly complex LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland, will be fired

up to its highest energy levels ever in a bid to detect – or even create – miniature black holes. If successful

a completely new universe will be revealed.
next week’s experiment is considered to be a game changer. Mir Faizal, one of

 the three-strong team of physicists behind the experiment, said: “Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which

are two dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist in a third dimension [height], parallel universes can

also exist in higher dimensions. We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then

miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.” Normally, when people think of the multi-verse, they think

of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualized. “This cannot be

 tested and so it is philosophy and not science. This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is

real universes in extra dimensions.”
When the LHC is fired up the energy is measured in Tera electron volts – a TeV is 1,000,000,000,000, or one trillion,

 electron Volts. So far, the LHC has searched for mini black holes at energy levels below 5.3 TeV. But the latest study

 says this is too low. Instead, the model predicts that black holes may form at energy levels of at least 9.5 TeV in six

 dimensions and 11.9 TeV in 10 dimensions
Lharmen - can you believer what these evil nuts are about to do ? Create black holes!
This could bring on the major signs before the war? God takes them in their own craftiness.

The timing is right 40 days ahead of the 3rdWW = 70th year since the 2WW = God's 70 year judgements.


Miniature Black Holes Could Prove Parallel Universes, Claim Scientists - Mar 22


Scientists attempt to rewrite laws of physics as they fire up Large Hadron Collidor

 - The Express Tribune - Mar 22

However, scientists are hopeful to rewrite the laws of physics when the experiment is

conducted again next week.


Mar 19 / 20 - Obama is about to take over the 2 state Palestinian peace process with Netanyahu himself. Netanyahu has just today said he will allow a division of Jerusalem when he ran on the promise never to divide Jerusalem = he is a liar = Jewish Skull and Bones worshippers Killed Jesus in Golgotha in Jerusalem = a Place of a skull and all these leaders worship Jesus the son of Lucifer/death instead of Jesus our Lord and saviour with Lucifer as our God's enemy the devil. Jesus is life = He is the truth the life and the way to God and to tell lies endlessly is to be of he Spirit of Death and the devils servant. Greece made today's payment. But they are now tapping funds from retirement plans says money is running out fast. The Sun turned to darkness today = eclipse and the blood moon happens April 4th they precede the 3rd World War/ Day of the Lord battles.


Netanyahu backs off opposition to a Palestinian state: "I want a sustainable peaceful two-state solution. But for that, circumstances have to change." - Mar 20


PM affirms backing of two states; White House questions Netanyahu’s commitment to peace process - May 20

Lharmen - He lied !

Lharmen - the leader of Jerusalem makes a deal with the devil and thinks when the 3rdWW happens Jerusalem will be safe when the 3rdWW happens Jerusalem will be trodden down by it.


NY Times: Obama may agree to UN resolution on '67 borders after Netanyahu campaign rhetoric - May 20

Lharmen - The Palestinians become full members April 1st to the ICC. That deal will force Netanyahu to divide Jerusalem or face Jail for war crimes. Obama will force a deal with Netanyahu = The leader of Jerusalem has made a deal with the devil when the war happens and now Obama himself will be making the deal that will see Jerusalem divided. This has to happen ahead of the 3WW. The Devil will sign a fake one week deal and break it in the midst of the week. We can see the week deal is being made as Netanyahu has stated no 2 state deal except Gaza demilitarizes on the same style deal as the Syrian chemical weapons deal = One week to give up the locations then larger deal on the completion of that deal. Daniel 9:27 shows us the fake week deal does not make it to the end before the World war begins.

Isaiah 28:15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:
Isaiah 28:18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.


Greece pays debt installment to IMF Friday - May 20

Greece on Friday paid out some €2.5 billion euros to the International Monetary Fund and treasury bill holders, as well as €348.5 million to the IMF.
But, in total, Greece must repay €15.5 billion euros in bonds and loans by August, the Greek Public Debt Management Agency said in a report to the country's parliament on 15 May 2014.
And, in the very near future, Greece must pay installments of €0.82 billion for April, €1.03 billion for May and €2.5 billion for June, the report said.


EU offers Greece more money but demands reforms - Mar 20


U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against Israel, Makes Excuses for Iran - Mar 20

The U.S. government might impose sanctions on Israel or allow its greatest ally in the Middle East to be tried in the International Criminal Court, according to Politico. Michael Crowley reports:
Obama officials must now decide whether more international pressure on Israel can help bring a conservative Netanyahu-led government back to the negotiating table with the Palestinians — or whether such pressure would simply provoke a defiant reaction, as some fear.
Obama has other diplomatic options. He could expend less political capital to oppose growing momentum within the European Union to impose sanctions on Israel for its settlement activity.
More provocative to Israel would be any softening of Obama’s opposition to Palestinian efforts to join the International Criminal Court, which the Palestinian Authority will formally join on April 1. Under a law passed by Congress, any Palestinian bid to bring war crimes charges against Israel at the court will automatically sever America’s $400 million in annual aid to the Palestinian Authority, although some experts suggested Obama could find indirect ways to continue some funding — even if only to prevent a dangerous collapse of the Palestinian governing body.





Golgotha = a place of a skull.

Mark: And they brought him to the place called Gol'gotha (which means the place of a skull).
Matthew: And when they came to a place called Gol'gotha (which means the place of a skull).
Luke: And when they came to the place which is called The Skull, there they crucified him, and the criminals, one on the right and one on the left.
John: So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross, to the place called the place of a skull, which is called in Hebrew Gol'gotha.

The worship of the skull is the Worship of Death = the least enemy of God to be destroy is death it is the devil and devil worshipping Jews Killed Jesus today the bow down to the devil and the whole World has been given them to rule over. Remember the devil told Jesus bow down to me and the Whole World will be yours. The skull worshipping Jews have bow down to Lucifer/ Death.

EU Pushes Israel to Negotiate 'Peace' as PA Heads to ICC April 1st- May 20

The European Union is pushing Israel to get back to work on reaching a final status agreement with

the Palestinian Authority as its leaders prepare to sue Israel for “war crimes” at the International Criminal Court.
Perhaps the EU leader has been conversing with U.S. President Barack Obama, who is now contemplating

an historic change of his own.
For the first time ever, the American president is weighing support for a PA resolution in the United Nations

 Security Council that would establish a PA state in violation of the internationally-recognized Oslo Accords,

and would force Israel to withdraw from Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem restored to its capital in 1967.
On Monday, Netanyahu visited the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa and vowed to preserve the

 unity of the capital “in all its parts,” saying he would “continue to build and fortify” the city.
The Palestinian Authority is set to become a member of the International Criminal Court at The

 Hague on April 1.


US may withdraw support for Israel at Security Council - May 20

The United States and Iran broke off nuclear negotiations ahead of schedule Friday, setting up

make-or-break talks next week for a deal providing long-term assurance to the world that the

Iranians cannot develop nuclear weapons. The sides were close to an agreement, a top Russian official said.

Ryabkov's comments were consistent with those of other officials who told the AP earlier that the

United States and Iran are drafting elements of a deal that commits the Iranians to a 40 percent cut

in the number of machines they could use to make an atomic bomb. In return, Iran would get quick

 relief from some crippling economic sanctions and a partial lift of a U.N. embargo on conventional arms.

 The sides ultimately want to reach a full agreement by June 30.
Lharmen - If the quick relief is oil sanctions being lifted an Oil crash to even lower levels is certain. =

Oil falls as dollar up, Kuwait sees OPEC output steady - Mar 20

Brent closed down $1.48 at $54.43 a barrel, after falling $2 at one point.
U.S. crude settled down 70 cents at $43.96, sliding more than $1.90 earlier.


Livni: After Netanyahu zigzag on two-state solution, no one in the world believes him - Mar 20

Liars have their place in the lake of Fire he is a skull worshipping liar! - Lharmen


Standoff between Obama, Netanyahu deepens despite Palestinian state clarification - Mar 20

Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday seemed to dial back his pre-election remarks opposing the creation

of a Palestinian state -- but that did little to ease the emerging standoff between his government and

 the Obama administration, which reportedly is considering going to the U.N. to pressure Israel on the matter.


World No Longer Bound to Defend Israel Internationally - May 20


Senate grants Obama weeks-long reprieve on Iran bill - Mar 20

The bill was never going to get to the floor before the Easter recess anyway, so the bill’s supporters

decided the best way to keep their voting bloc intact was to delay a committee vote until after the

 two-week break, which has the practical effect of giving Obama three weeks beyond Senate Democrats’

 initial deadline of March 24. Floor consideration could easily drag into late April given how slowly the Senate moves.
Lharmen - All things are converging for mid April for the crash = Luke 21 = When we see these things begin to come to pass.

The peace deals could all be signed with Israel in the first week of May just ahead of the 70th year anniversary of the 2nd WW.= God's 70 year judgements bring a blessing or a curse and the people of our Nations. Today our People Israel have Cleary turned their backs towards God. A Curse is immanent ! Watch out around May 8th for the Luke 21 fulfillment s to all start to come to pass.

Things could start happening even sooner = Keep watching and warning. You can not save people if you are now warning them.


The Federal Reserve Anticipates Rising Interest Rates After April = May 20


Merkel sets strict terms for Greek aid, Juncker flags EU cash - May 20

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the euro zone's main paymaster, said on Friday Greece would only receive

fresh funds to ease a cash crunch once its creditors approve a comprehensive list of reforms it has promised to present soon.
He said he had no deadline for submitting the comprehensive list of reforms and insisted Greece faced no

short-term liquidity problem, contradicting comments by EU officials that Athens could run out of money in mid-April.

EU officials said that if Greece came up with a convincing plan, the Eurogroup could meet as early as

next week to release at least some funds.
Merkel too said Greece could get some payment sooner if it fulfilled the requirements faster.
In a brief joint statement, Juncker, Tusk and Dijsselbloem said: "The Greek authorities will have the

ownership of the reforms and will present a full list of specific reforms in the next days."

A Greek official said Athens had enough cash to pay a final350 million euro instalment of a loan repayment to

 the International Monetary Fund on Friday.


Greece given ‘final political push’ as coffers running empty - May 20

After nearly four hours of talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders yesterday, Tsipras received no guarantees that creditors would unlock cash from a 240 billion-euro bailout package unless concrete steps are taken to implement agreed reforms. The EU chiefs warned him time is running out to overcome a standoff over the aid and that the Greek government needed to submit a new list of reform measures rapidly.
“To be quite honest, the ball is in the court and in the hands of the Greek government,” Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb told reporters in Brussels today on the second day of the EU summit. “The institutional decisions were taken on Feb. 20 after long and difficult negotiations and now a final political push has been given.”
As Tsipras prepares for another meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday, concerns grow as to whether he’ll be able to pay salaries and pensions next week. Just how long Greece can survive on reserves isn’t known, with estimates ranging from a matter of days to a few months. An EU official yesterday said the understanding among euro-zone leaders is that Greece has enough cash until April.

Greece ready to play the Russian card - May 20





Mar 17 / 18 - Netanyahu won. I believe that Netanyahu and Obama have made a 2 state deal behind the scenes ahead of this election or no Bibi. Remember these people are the liars who have their place in the lake of fire. The Greek president won saying no more austerity then caved in to all the demands for more money = liar. I watch for Netanyahu to do the same. The Leader of Jerusalem has made a deal with the devil and believes he is safe during the coming 3rd World War... He is not.

Isaiah 28:15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:
Isaiah 28:18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Lharmen - death is the last enemy of God to be destroyed and his other name is Lucifer. The Pope said they worship Jesus the son of Lucifer. That would make him the Beast of Revelation. Lucifer is the Devil and the enemy of My God and his Son Jesus. The Catholics worship the antichrist and hunt our every footstep and encompass us with lies. The devil and his Angels get kicked out of heaven for deceiving the whole World = They are the Liars.

Feds might raise rates in June (Stocks factor 6 months in advance) and Iran sanctions being lifted any day could spell Stock Market and Oil Market crash nearing. Friday eclipse and April 4th as well Blood Red Moon.


US chides Netanyahu's party after Israeli election win - Mar 18

A spokesman said President Barack Obama still believes in Palestinian statehood — even if Netanyahu no longer does.


Iran downplays chances of nuclear deal this week - Mar 18

The arrival of the foreign ministers of Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany in Lausanne -- joining their political directors -- could indicate that a long-elusive deal might be at hand.
"When the solutions are found and we approach a deal, then all the foreign ministers of the negotiating parties should come," he said.

Lharmen - he says this and he does not see this as the deal yet??? Why would they all attend if the deal is not at hand?


Two earlier target dates last July and then again in November were missed, but experts say that the new deadline -- March 31 for a framework deal, July 1 for the full deal -- has to be met.
Lharmen - March 31 dead line must be met ...we are days away but they always lead us to believe the deal is not here when it is about to be signed if they are not already doing it today. If the Iran nuclear dead is made the Oil market could easily crash because of over supply. This due to the lifting of the Iranian oil sanctions.


Morris Update 3

Lharmen - Please pray for Morris's quick recovery and for people to send him donations soon. He is in worse financial shape than myself if you can believe that. Same banking state = God's sons live through similar tests. Pray for him to recover very fast.



ECB Prepares For Grexit, Anticipates 95% Loss On Greek Debt - Mar 18

Greece faces yet another deadline Friday, as it has to repay some €350 million to the

International Monetary Fund and refinance some €1.6 billion of short-term notes.


Markets upset with Greece as Athens angers Euro creditors with lack of Info - Mar 18


Greece is Just the Tip of the Iceberg for the $100 Trillion Bond Bubble - Mar 18


U.S. Fed changes guidance - Mar 18

The U.S. Federal Reserve says it can no longer remain "patient" about changing rates, an indication that interest rate

hikes could begin this spring.
Since last December, Yellen and the Fed have been saying that they "can be patient" in the timing of when rates are raised.
Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen has to decide when to raise rates as U.S. economy strengthens.
In the announcement today, the Fed open market committee dropped the word "patient" on the timing of raising its

 benchmark interest rate. It specified it would not raise rates as soon as April, but that indicates a rate increase could

 be in the cards as early as June, though the Fed specified it has no specific time in mind.


World’s largest hedge fund fears Fed hike may roil markets - Mar 18

The Federal Reserve appears on track to deliver a rate hike this year, but hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio is worried

 the central bank has little ammunition available to combat an economic downturn if tighter policy should “knock over

 the apple cart.”
In a March 11 note to clients reported Tuesday by Valuewalk and the Financial Times (and posted here by the FT),

Bridgewater Associates founder Dalio and Mark Dinner write that it will be difficult for the Fed not to deliver on a rate

hike after previously signaling rates will likely rise in June or September.


Oil prices not here to stay: Both Brent and WTI continue losing streak - Mar 18


The World Ignores the Crisis in Gaza—So Another

Gaza Freedom Flotilla is Ready to Sail in First Half of 2015 - Mar 18

At a December, 2014 meeting, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition decided to sail a 3-ship flotilla to challenge

 the blockade in the first half of 2015. Twenty passengers will be aboard each of the 3 ships for a total of

60 passengers. The coalition will seek representatives from 30 countries with each country having two passengers. The U.S.- Palestinian Solidarity community will participate in Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3 and has a target of $20,000 as their part for renovation expenses and to be able to have two persons as the U.S. delegates.
Lharmen - it is important to keep up with the date for this flotilla. If you see it email me. Thank you.

It's Now 16 Americans Coming Back From the Ebola Zone - Mar 18

A very rare supermoon eclipse of the sun is happening this friday that won't take place again until 2034 - Mar 18


Ukraine’s $15mn payment enough to buy gas for 7 days only – Gazprom - Mar 18

Lharmen - They are trying to buy their way out of winter.


Meet the new debt ceiling: $18,113,000,000,000 - Mar 18

Lharmen - the Pope is the last and he is the 113th.

The devils illuminati live by numbers.


South Australia Does This to Increase Crop Yields 300% Without GMOs - Mar 18


Mar 14 / 15 / 16 - Iran deal said to be signed in a few days major break through in talks. Greece came up with the payment for the 13th and today the 16th. The U.S. Debt ceiling is in effect again and extraordinary measures are all that holds things together. Many fear Oil is about to crash to far farther lows because Iran sanctions are about to be lifted and the World oil supply is heading to capacity some say they are already between 75% - 80% . Iran sanctions being lifted will spell greater crash. Today saw $43.00 the lowest since the 2008/09 oil crash before the stock market crashed. Netanyahu looks like he will not be the man to lead Israel as he has just stated he will not divide Jerusalem. All Who want to divide Jerusalem will be punished when God comes as he is furious with those who have parted his land. This Friday = Monday 20th March = Sun turns to darkness. this has to happens ahead of the coming day of the Lord World war. The Moon turns to blood = April 4th. WW3 could be slated for the 70th anniversary of the 2nd WW = May 8th 2015 = God's 70 year judgements. Revelation 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.


Iranian sources report big progress in nuclear talks - Mar 17
Major strides have been made in the nuclear negotiations conducted in Switzerland by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammed Javad Zarif, according to Iranian sources. They predicted that the deal would be signed within a few days.

Kerry touches down in Switzerland and for talks with Iran - Mar 17


Russia's Putin reappears after 10 day absence - Mar 16

Putin's return to public view coincided with Russia's biggest military exercises since ties with the West sank to a post-Cold War low over the Ukraine crisis.
Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said Putin had ordered nearly 40,000 troops to be at combat readiness for exercises in Russia's Arctic North and elsewhere, which appeared
meant to dwarf war games in neighbouring NATO-member Norway.


Snap Exercises: Russian Northern Fleet begins military drills, around 38,000 military personnel, 3,360 units of military equipment including 110 aircraft, 41 ships and 15 submarines will be taking part.- Mar 17

Around 38,000 military personnel, 3,360 units of military equipment including 110 aircraft, 41 ships and 15 submarines will be taking part. Among the vessels that are taking part are Sarich destroyers, Yastreb frigates, Molnia missile boats and four Minsk landing craft. Submarines involved are a Vyborg class, a Varshavyanka (Kilo) class, a Tula class and a Novomoskovsk class submarine. Featuring in land-based drills are T-72 and T-80 tanks, MT-LB and BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers; taking to the skies are Sukhoi Su-27 and Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jets.


On Eve of Election, Netanyahu Promises No Palestinian State If Re-Elected - Mar 17

On the eve of national elections in Israel, politically-embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that if he and his Likud Party were returned to power for another term he would make sure that an independent Palestinian state would not come into being.
The comments come as a reversal of official Israeli government policy which, like the U.S. government, states that a two-state solution is the preferred outcome for the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
As the New York Times reports:
Mr. Netanyahu made the assertion on the eve of an election in which he is trailing in the polls. He has been campaigning aggressively, appealing to conservatives for support.
“I think that anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state today and evacuate lands, is giving attack grounds to the radical Islam against the state of Israel,” he said in a video interview published on the NRG website. “Anyone who ignores this is sticking his head in the sand. The left does this time and time again. We are realistic and understand.”
Asked if he meant that a Palestinian state would not be established if he were to continue as Israel’s prime minister, Mr. Netanyahu replied: “Correct.”


Netanyahu: Herzog would give Palestinians capital in east Jerusalem - Mar 17

Lharmen - Who ever wins will certainly divide Jerusalem and soon. It has to happen ahead of the coming World war/ Day of the Lord battles.




Greece Makes IMF Repayment as Cash Reserves Running Dry - Mar 17

Greece repaid a loan due Monday to the International Monetary Fund, further depleting cash reserves

 that risk running out this month unless a deal is reached with European partners.
Greece made the payment as scheduled, government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis said by telephone.

The country was due to pay back about 584 million euros ($615 million). The nation’s central bank also said

 Monday that its primary budget surplus narrowed to 503 million euros in the first two months of the year,

less than a third of the amount in the year-earlier period.
As other repayments come due this week, the Greek government said March 14 that it had a plan to “enhance

its liquidity” and won’t have problems paying wages or pensions. Locked out of capital markets, Prime Minister

 Alexis Tsipras’s government is eating into cash reserves while trying to get the euro region to release more funds

from its 240 billion-euro bailout program. He’ll join European leaders in Brussels on Thursday after tensions between

 Greece and Germany escalated last week.


Greece makes IMF debt repayment as tensions with Germany grow - Mar 17


Three options for oil: Good, Bad & Ugly - Mar 17

Oil prices continue to slide on fears of oversupply, with US crude falling to $43.18 a barrel

The Ugly: Storage tanks fill, sanctions on Iran are eased
There is a lot of concern about oil storage as we head toward that summer driving season. Storage tanks

 in Cushing, Oklahoma can hold 81 million barrels of oil. Ten days ago, they were holding 51 million barrels.

The following week the U.S. produced more oil than it had in decades.
That extra production is now being shipped to other storage facilities in the United States, but if storage does

 indeed fill up, U.S. produced oil will need to be sold on the spot market, which will push prices further down.
Add to that the possibility of the United States reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran and lifting sanctions on

 the export of oil.
Whitley says he’s worried that Saudi Arabia is unhappy about the U.S. negotiation with Iran and may want to

punish the U.S. by delaying a production cut past June.
“So, no production cut and an extra million barrels (of supply).”
The most pessimistic view on oil prices has it trading at $20 US a barrel. That’s an opinion that Raoul Pal,

editor of the Global Macro Investor, shares.
“It’s a bit of a race to the bottom for oil right now. It’s very, very complicated. It’s a really, really ugly picture

 for the oil market.”

Oil Tumbles Under $43 As Key Support Breached; Fresh 6 Year Lows - Mar 16


Portland man claims he was tortured for refusing to become an FBI informant - Mar 16

Anyone who is asked to become an informant and refuses suffers the same . I have gone through unspeakable

 evils since my Web site has been up = 2003. - Lharmen.

Clip from article:

The 36-year-old Eritrean-born American was finally back in Portland at the end of a five-year odyssey that

 began with a simple business trip but landed him in an Arab prison where he alleges he was tortured at the

behest of US anti-terrorism officials because he refused to become an informant at his mosque in Oregon.
Fikre is suing the FBI, two of its agents and other American officials for allegedly putting him on the US’s

no-fly list – a roster of suspected terrorists barred from taking commercial flights – to pressure him to collaborate.

 When that failed, the lawsuit said, the FBI had him arrested, interrogated and tortured for 106 days in the United

 Arab Emirates.
As shocking as the claims are, they are not the first to emanate from worshippers at Fikre’s mosque in Portland,

 where at least nine members have been barred from flying by the US authorities.
“The no-fly list gives the FBI an extrajudicial tool to coerce Muslims to become informants,” said Gadeir Abbas,

 a lawyer who represents other clients on the list. “There’s definitely a cluster of cases like this at the FBI’s

Portland office.”
They include Jamal Tarhuni, a 58 year-old Portland businessman who travelled to Libya with a Christian charity,

 Medical Teams International, in 2012. He was blocked from flying back to the US and interrogated by an FBI agent

who pressed him to sign a document waving his constitutional rights.
“The no-fly list is being used to intimidate and coerce people – not for protection, but instead for aggression,” said

 Tarhuni after getting back to Portland a month later. He was removed from the no-fly list in February after a federal



The government has once again reached the $18.1 trillion debt ceiling.

Are we headed for another shutdown? - Mar 16

2015 could wind up being the best economic year for the developed world in nearly a decade.
The biggest potential risk to what looks like an accelerating recovery, however, is government. And with the

government reaching an $18.1 trillion debt ceiling on Monday, Congress and the White House have a perfect

opportunity to torpedo the economy. After that, the Treasury will need to resort to “extraordinary measures,”

or accounting tricks to keep government debt under the statutory limit.
Chris Krueger, an analyst at Guggenheim Securities, estimates that these measures will run out sometime

around October 1, which gives the Republican-controlled Congress and President Obama about six months to

come to an agreement on raising the debt ceiling.
The stakes are not small. The last government shutdown—when, in 2013, Republicans refused to raise the debt

 ceiling unless President Obama agreed to defund Obamacare—lasted just 16 days, but it was severely damaging

 to the economy. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that the shutdown shaved off 0.3 percentage points

 from economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2013. If one assumes that GDP growth and job growth go hand in

 hand, that means that the shutdown led to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. A longer shutdown could be even

 more damaging, especially if it lasts long enough to call into question the Treasury’s ability to make interest

payments to its creditors.

Lharmen - you can not push the mark of the beast on the entire World unless you torpedo the World's economy.

 It will happen.






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Horns are kings and Iran is center stage today with Britain,

U.S., Israel, Russia = the four and the first 3 will be destroyed

and Iran is the little king who has come up among them - Lharmen



Russia also has a little king and has prepared with China to destroy these

first three as we can tell who it will be when it happens.

When God shall roar the West shall tremble! - Lharmen