THAT SHOWS SOLID PROOF WE ARE HEADED FOR DISASTER


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.



See proof of organized attacks on true Christians by the Mason Controllers.

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Julian Assange hears voices =microchipped - Sept 23

Lharmen = Isaiah 30:28 Bridles in the Jaws of the people causing them to err! Making them believe Lucifer is God. Do not fall for it it is technology only. Faith filled Strong survive!


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Project Blue Beam is an Alien second coming of Lucifer as jesus as the bible predicted Lucifer would have a coming as if he was Jesus. Former Head of Israel's Space Program: The Aliens Asked Not To Be Revealed, Humanity Not Yet Ready - Dec 8


Islam is preparing the Black's and the Muslims to except an Alien God = Project Blue Beam.

Lharmen - Catholics created Islam series proved the Catholic's created Antichrist teachings World wide.


COVID Shots to "Decimate World Population," Warns Dr. Bhakdi - May 9 2021

A leading US disease expert says there's 'no doubt in my mind' that vaccinated people are helping spread Delta - July 8

Biden's global initiative to replace Christianity with atheism faces GOP backlash - July 3

Lharmen -This is antichrist activity.

FDA Study Links Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine with Blood Clotting? Panic on Social Media After New Report - Dec 19

Ebola is a virus that causes problems with how your blood clots. It is known as a hemorrhagic fever virus, because the clotting problems lead to internal bleeding, as blood leaks from small blood vessels in your body. The virus also causes inflammation and tissue damage.
Lharmen - My Uncle just died from a Blood clot.

Covid19 is causing people to die in mass from Blood clots = Ebola.

Senator Johnson Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Injuries - Nov 5

818,044 vaccine injuries 17,128 deaths from the vaccines.


Are all the English kings related to King David? - March 27/23

The answer is a resounding yes! I'm also a descendant of King David, and so are you. It's not about complicated family tree stringing, but math.
Lharmen - this proves Jesus is a white man . White people mate with white people result in more white people . Any other colour and you will never get to full white again. That proves that Jesus was a white man as King Charles is white and a relative to King David and then also he would be a relative to Jesus as well. The Antichrist is 3 persons and one of them is black and they other two are Jews = White. Piercing serpent is white and the Crooked Serpent is Black with the Head of the Angel of Death being the Jew As Jesus was.. Jesus is the High priest after the order of melchizedek for ever . The Devil having to stand in the house of God and make himself out to be God then he will have to be the High Priest.


The Bible says with all certainty that Turkey will betray the land of Israel when the World war happens. It happens when the Daily sacrifice happens and that is set for next Passover in April 2024. Ebola will be unleashed ahead of that and so will the Cyber banking attacks as well. God said the 29th was a special date and it is the last date of the 2024 Passover.

Some say the 4 Red Heifers have to be 2 years old and some are saying 3. It could happen in Oct this year !! If they part the Land of Israel in the next few days we will then see the fake one week peace deal and the armies of Lebanon, Syria, Iran will all roar onto their birders and they will enter the land of Israel in a massive attack the Day the Lord fight to safe the city of Jerusalem,


Black Jesus is Obama - Jan 5 2024


Lharmen - My Lap top was stolen by agents for the police at MC Donald's in the west end of Edmonton Jan 12th before I could post my News. I am finally up and running again Feb 16/2024
Feb 27 / 28 - Hamas will lead the IDF out onto their border when the 3rd WW happens.

The Least will do it and God will judge the land of Israel on her borders. Iran controls the South like King Charles controls the Common Wealth. The King of the South will be push in 3 directions when the West attacks them and destroys both Media/Syria and Persia/Iran = Daniel 8 war..


'October 7, part two:' Iran plans for terror during Ramadan, Israel charges - Feb 28

According to Gallant, their hope is to provoke Palestinians in the West Bank, Hezbollah, and Arabs and Muslims across the region to attack and turn their rage on Israel, using the Temple Mount and tensions in the West Bank as an excuse.
The defence minister has been a leading voice for smashing Hamas and earlier in the war, tried to persuade the war cabinet to launch a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah.



'Lebanon will be next': Iran greenlights Hezbollah attack on Israel - Feb 28

Iran has given Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah the green light to escalate its attacks along Israel's northern border, the Arabic Post reported on Wednesday, citing high-level Iranian and Lebanese sources.
The Islamic Republic has reportedly set conditions for Hezbollah, ordering it to launch a large-scale attack on Israel only after it "had become certain of Israel's intention" to carry out an invasion of the southern Gaza city of Rafah.
As per the report, Tehran gave the go-ahead amid fears that, after the IDF completes an invasion of Rafah, southern Lebanon "will be next."



Feb 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 - Watch to see if the U.S. government shuts down ahead of the Fake one week peace deal made with many Arab nations. Cyber banking attacks are set for the time period of the Fake one week peace deal. It could also be made at the same time for 7 years as well. Keep watching closely for this.


Federal government to begin the formal process of preparing for partial shutdown - again - Feb 26

Lharmen - I have long believe they will pull the U.S. government spending down ahead of the Cyber banking attacks and the 3rd WW during the fake one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27
Clip: In January, lawmakers passed a two-step, short-term funding extension setting up a pair of new deadlines on March 1 and March 8. In the absence of a deal in the coming days on a broader funding package or a short-term stopgap bill, known as a “continuing resolution,” a set of departments will run out of money at the end of Friday.
That standard guidance was circulated Friday, seven days before a partial shutdown could occur.
Every department and agency has its own set of plans and procedures. That guidance includes information on how many employees would get furloughed, which employees are essential and would work without pay, how long it would take to wind down operations in the hours before a shutdown and which activities would come to a halt. Those plans can vary from slowdown to shutdown.

Lharmen - the Famine will begin ahead of or at the time of the World war Luke 21.



Israeli Navy carries out ‘extensive’ drills in preparation for potential war in north - Feb 23


US, UK strike Houthi sites in Yemen amid surge in Red Sea attacks by the rebels - Feb 26


Hamas source: Deal sees 6 week truce, 200-300 prisoners in exchange for 35-40 hostages- Feb 25


Netanyahu: Total victory in Gaza will be 'weeks away' once Rafah operation launched - Feb 26



Feb 21 / 22  - X6.3 - As I have been warning for 20 years now we will see Massive "X" class flares ahead of the World war. These are babies in comparison to what is about to happen.
Today we can see this massive "X6"class flare. It is the CME that does damage . It will knock out the computer that controls the population of the Christian World today. Multi front war happens when they make the fake one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27. Daniel 8 war = The U.S. = West attacks and destroys both Iran and Syria the day of the World war. When they are saying "Peace and Safety" then sudden destruction comes upon Jerusalem.


$14B US aid package for Israel crafted with eye to 'multi-front war,' not just Gaza - Feb 22


Michelle Obama Favorite To Replace Joe Biden if He Drops Out - Feb 22

Lharmen - Michele is a Man . The Antichrist Obama will have no desire for Women.


God's fury will rise up in his face when GOG Russia attacks the land of Israel - Feb 22


Lharmen - This will grow worse and worse very soon.


Knesset votes resoundingly against unilateral Palestinian state recognition - Feb 22

Netanyahu brought the vote to the Knesset in the wake of reports that the US and several Arab partners were preparing a detailed plan for a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians that includes a “firm timeline” for a Palestinian state.


IDF could complete high-intensity phase of Gaza war 'by May' - Feb 22

Lharmen - Passover April 22-29 thru May 15th is the Israeli Independence day date. The Movie fits Project Blue Beam description of the False Holographic second coming.


Google apologizes after new Gemini AI refuses to show pictures, achievements of White people - Feb 22

Lharmen - world wide white person hunt called the Time of the Gentiles is about to happen.


Feb 19 / 20 - The Daniel 9:27 fake one week peace deal made with many is about to be made end of March 29th or April last week. They are pushing it together. 8 weeks left for Gaza war says Passover April 22-29th time line for the Fake deal that Parts God's land ahead of the World war. Catholic Syrians are taking over all of our Security position here in Edmonton. They say they are Catholics = Masons.


Military-Age Syrian Men Illegally Cross Into San Diego - Feb 19

Lharmen - When I told these Syrian Muslims the Lord is coming soon they said they know. I ask how they know they all said they are Catholics = Syria Catholics have taken over my entire Counties security position in every Major Mall + Government position . This was prophesied that they will be in full power ( Time of the Gentiles) when our Lord comes for his bride = Church . We will be married, like 2 pieces of Metal are welded together, For all of eternity to the Holy spirit of God. This coming bond will never break or corrode like a weld.


Ramadan starts 2024 =
Sun, Mar 10, 2024 – Tue, Apr 9, 2024


Israel expects up to eight weeks of intense fighting in Gaza - Feb 20

Lharmen - that would bring us to Passover. We get free ahead of those Red Heifers sacrifices if this is the 3rd WW fake one week peace deal time period.
Luke 21 we could be free when the first eclipse happens March 28th. It will be 14 years exactly for me March 29th/2024 that I have been in a tent.


"No Lives Were Saved" by the COVID-19 Vaccine Injections Says Scientist Denis Rancourt - Feb 20

Lharmen - the Devil weakens the Nations ahead of his fall from Heaven and power for weakening the Nations = Covid. Get prepared for Ebola it is next.


WW3 Watch: Houthis Sink British Ship in Red Sea, Shoot Down US Reaper Drone, Attack Two US Ships in Gulf of Aden - Feb 20

Navy counters Houthi Red Sea attacks in its first major battle at sea of the 21st century.
Lharmen - the King of the South is Iran as they control Yemen today and the Houthis are their puppets as Canada is to King Charles.
Daniel 8 says the King of the South will be pushing in 3 directions when the West attacks Both Iran and Syria = Media and Persia. Bring on the 3rd WW.

Netanyahu delays Palestinian statehood vote to ensure passage - Feb 20

Ministers from Netanyahu's Likud Party, as well as from the Religious Zionist Party (RZP) and Otzma Yehudit, criticized the language, as it did not rule out a Palestinian state in general.
Lharmen - if Netanyahu or any leader parts God's land they will pay swiftly for their amazing evil.
Netanyahu, on Monday, read out the government-approved declaration in the Knesset plenum in advance of a vote now scheduled for Wednesday.
“In the last few days, we are witnessing a new type of pressure: an attempt to unilaterally impose on us the establishment of a Palestinian state that would endanger the existence of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.
Lharmen - Pray this never happens . If Netanyahu falls out of Power we will see the Catholics push the 2 state solution thru instantly. Netanyahu is a Mason and it is Catholic created and Catholic controlled even if he is Greek.
Netanyahu is Greek controlled and they are against dividing God's land as it would easily destroy all Israeli peoples security = this is said with their mouth only today but what about tomorrow . Normalizing Relations with Saudi Arabia will only be done if they Part God's land = 2 states.
Clip: “We reject it outright,” he stressed.

“Although there are different opinions within the government regarding a permanent arrangement [with the Palestinians], this proposal was unanimously accepted by all participants in the government.
.... But opponents of Palestinian statehood noted that while his language sounded as if he rejected unilateral Palestinian self-determination, it left the door open to accept it as part of a deal.
Lharmen - they are working every day to push through a massive deal made with Many nations for one week (Daniel 9:27) That deal could easily be made that day for 7 years as well. The deal would divide Gods land in a 2 state deal.
Clip: Liberman had charged in a post earlier on X Monday that the vote over Palestinian statehood was a “spin” connected to the United States initiative to normalize Israeli relations with Saudi Arabia in exchange for an agreement that included Palestinian statehood.

Netanyahu “opposed a unilateral decision but in parallel promised and pledged to the Saudis that within the framework of a deal, he would agree to the formation of a Palestinian state in one formulation or another,” Liberman charged.
Lharmen - These people never seem to tell the truth ....ever!!!!!!


Cabinet measure rejects global recognition of Palestinian state - Feb 18

Lharmen - Pray this continues and for those Red Heifers to die or to be disqualified. Jesus died once for all of our sins. To sacrifice those Heifers is to bring on the tribulation period full strength = 1/3 of the World will die from the war + 1/3 of the World will die from the Pestilence and disaster and 1/3 of the World will make it into the wickedest time period in history. If you do not pray and do not care you will suffer unimaginable evils in that time period.


Biden to go to UN Security Council to force temporary cease-fire on Israel, halt Rafah offensive - Feb 20


IDF strikes Hezbollah arms depots deep inside Lebanon after drone attack on north - Feb 20


Nuclear Threat: Russia Will Drop ‘Entire Arsenal’ On London, Washington If It Doesn’t Win Ukraine War - Feb 19

Top Putin Ally warns West off striving for a Ukrainian victory, warning that would lead to nuclear strikes on “Kiev, Berlin, London, Washington”, as well as an apocalyptic civil war in Russia with “tens of millions” dead.
Deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, who was also formerly the Prime Minister and President of Russia in service to Vladimir Putin, has threatened Western capitals with the “entire strategic arsenal” of Russian nuclear weapons. Medvedev, for whom absolutely no slight is too small to necessitate a nuclear response, was speaking of Ukraine’s hope to retake its U.N.-recognised national territory which in some cases have been occupied by Russia for very close to ten years.


Former Canadian PM calls Hamas defeat ‘essential’; push for Palestinian statehood "insincere, hypocritical and beyond foolish." - Feb 19


One-third of Christians arrested in Iran targeted for possessing multiple Bibles - Feb 20

Lharmen - the Prince of Persia = Iran is clearly Their Spiritual Leader = The Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei. This Angel of Death will fight God himself in the coming World war.
Clip: Christians in Iran faced a surge of arrests in 2023 as authorities appeared to target Bible distributors in particular, according to a new report from leading persecution monitoring organizations. One-third of those arrested possessed multiple copies of the Bible.

The advocacy groups Article 18, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Open Doors and Middle East Concern released a 2024 joint annual report on Monday analyzing the various ways the Iranian regime targets religious communities, including Christians, subjecting them to arrests, fines, and floggings.

"Despite a comparable number of Christians being arrested in 2023 as in previous years — 166 arrests were documented in 2023, compared to 134 in 2022 — fewer names and faces could be publicised," the report stated.



Groundbreaking Global Study on 99 Million Vaccinated People Reveals Increases in Neurological, Blood, and Heart Conditions Associated with COVID-19 Vaccines - Feb 20


Embalmer Shares Shocking Video of Removing "Strange White Fibrous Clots" from a Dead Body - "I Didn't Start Seeing This Until Early 2021" - Feb 20



Feb 17 / 18 - The Daniel 8 war is very near and it will happen during the fake one week peace deal that is made with many = Daniel 9:27


Blinken: Israel has extraordinary opportunity, ‘virtually every Arab country’ wants ties - Feb 17

Lharmen - Daniel 9:27 says the Antichrist will make a one week peace deal with many . It will not make it the full week before the World war has begun.



Israel reportedly behind rare pair of recent strikes on Iran civilian infrastructure - Feb 17

Israel was behind a pair of attacks on major gas pipelines inside Iran this week, which disrupted the flow of gas to millions of people, The New York Times reported Friday, citing two Western officials and a military strategist affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
If confirmed, the strike would amount to an escalation by Israel, which has been linked to numerous strikes in Iran over the years, but primarily against the country’s nuclear program, as well as assassinations of senior figures.



Feb 16 - They have parted God's land says this deal has to go through ahead of WW3.


Israel bristles at report US, Arab allies will propose Palestinian state plan in weeks - Feb 15


Hezbollah says Israel will 'pay price' after deadly day - Feb 15

Hezbollah said on Thursday it fired dozens of rockets at a northern Israeli town in a "preliminary response" to the killing of 10 civilians in southern Lebanon, the deadliest day for Lebanese civilians in four months of cross-border hostilities.
The United Nations urged a halt to what it called a "dangerous escalation" of the conflict, which has played out in parallel to the Gaza war and fuelled concerns of a wider confrontation between the Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel.


God's fury will show in his face when Russia is about to attack the and of Israel - Feb 16

Multiple coronal mass ejections are visible in the latest coronagraph imagery.
For the third day in a row, an energetic eruption was observed resulted in a beautiful eruption of plasma off the southwest limb. Although there is currently a gap in imagery, the main stream of plasma appears to be headed away from Earth. I do not expect a noteworthy impact from this event.
Lharmen - I have wrote about this for many years that when the 3rd WW happens we will see the Massive "X" class solar flare. These are babies in comparison to what will shut down the microchips enslaving God's children today.




US, Arabs ‘rushing’ plan to establish Palestinian state - Feb 15
The Biden administration is preparing to make a major push for Palestinian statehood if a Gaza ceasefire agreement being negotiated in Cairo this week takes effect.
According to The Washington Post, the United States and its Arab partners are “rushing” to finalize the plan to establish a Palestinian state—a plan that could be announced in the next few weeks with hopes that a deal to release the remaining 134 hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza in exchange for a six-week pause in fighting takes effect before Ramadan, which begins on March 10, give or take a day.
Lharmen - This deal has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW. We will see the Catholic Biden/Obama push this through. I see a New Catholic leader in Israel as The Greek Leader Netanyahu said he will not do it. Feb 27th is their election date . Watch for it to happen.
Jan 8 / 9 / 10 - They have parted God's land ahead of the World war says they will make the 2 state deal . This likely when they make the Fake one week peace deal. That could and likely will happen during the Red Heifers sacrifice During Pass over April 22-29/2024. When Israel is surrounded by armies her desolation is near.


With each strike, fears grow that Israel, the US and Iran's allies are inching closer to all-out war - Jan 10

Lharmen - Prophecy says this war with Both Iran and Syria is going to happen and the West = The U.S. and their allies will destroy both of them. At that day we will see our Maker with our eyes when Damascus cease to be a city.
Clip: In the last week alone, an Israeli airstrike has killed a Hezbollah commander in Lebanon, Hezbollah struck a sensitive Israeli base with rockets and Israel killed a senior Hamas militant with an airstrike in Beirut.

Each strike and counter strike increases the risk of the catastrophic war in Gaza spilling across the region.


Lharmen - the Lord told us in the Bible that Israel will trust in a nation that can not save her.


India Flexes Muscle in Red Sea, Sends Ten Warships to Deter Houthis - Jan 10

“Indian warships are deployed all over the region to enhance surveillance and deterrence against the twin threats from pirates and drone strikes. The aim is to help stabilize the situation in the Arabian Sea and promote net maritime security,” an Indian naval officer told the Times of India (TOI) on Monday.


IDF pulls troops out of Gaza's north, prep for third stage - Jan 9


Israel kills senior Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon as full-fledged war looms - Jan 10

Lharmen - wars and rumours of war ahead of the 3rd WW .


Blinken: Palestinian statehood critical to Saudi-Israeli normalization - Jan 9
Lharmen - this deal has to and will go through before the 3rd WW starts.
Clip: Palestinian statehood must be part of Israeli normalization efforts in the region, including with Saudi Arabia, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, after he had visited Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan.
Normalization is not a “substitute for” and can not come at the “expense of a political horizon for the Palestinians and ultimately a Palestinian state,” Blinken said.


Terrorists Slaughter 41 Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria - Jan 9

January 8, 2024 (Christian Daily International-Morning Star News)
Suspected Fulani terrorists on Wednesday (Jan. 3) killed 41 Christians and kidnapped many others in two counties of southern Kaduna state, Nigeria, sources said.

The assailants, in the early morning, attacked Dokan Karji, Ungwan Sako, and Kunkurai villages in the Dawaki area of Kauru County and Gefe village in Kajuru County, area resident Sunday Isuwa said.
“The attacks in Kauru claimed the lives of 17 Christians, and those in Kajuru claimed the lives of 24 Christians,” Isuwa told Morning Star News in a text message.


Jan 6 / 7 -  ISIS: Kill Jews 'Wherever You Find Them'

This will happen World wide during the tribulation period = The Time of the Gentiles. They are preparing the Fake World wide Alien second coming of Lucifer as if he is God.

Holographic deception.


'No aliens, UFOs, or ETs': Police clear up social media speculation after viral Bayside brawl - Conspiracy theories ranged from airport shutdowns to - the most popular hunch - alien invasions - Jan 5

Lharmen - this is setting the stage for the Project Blue Beam = Alien second coming of the Devil as if he is Jesus.

Lharmen - the day this could happen is April 29 Passover or May 14 = Israel's Independence day, like the Movie they keep showing us. He comes across the swelling of Jordan the day of the World war so Eager Lion Jordan war games could be moved ahead but May 14th is the date today.


ISIS: Kill Jews 'Wherever You Find Them' - Jan 5

Lharmen - Obama created these people and they are beheading Jews and Christians World wide today = Islamic state in Syria and we took in 300,000 Syrians in one year. We are brimming over with them here in Edmonton Most are Military age = Time of the Gentiles are very near.
Clip: Al-Ansari also claimed that the Gaza conflict revealed the complicity of several Arab nations, including Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, as well as some Gulf nations, in what he called the "Jewish war against Muslims."


Hezbollah rocket strikes Israeli air control base in North, IDF confirms - Jan 7


The war in Gaza may widen. The Biden admin is getting ready for it - Jan 5

The military is drafting plans to hit back at Iran-backed Houthi militants who have been attacking commercial shipping in the Red Sea, according to three U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the discussions. That includes striking Houthi targets in Yemen, according to one of the officials, an option the military has previously presented.
Intelligence officials, meanwhile, are coming up with ways to anticipate and fend off possible attacks on the U.S. by Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria, according to one of the officials. They are also working to determine where the Houthi militants may strike next.
The U.S. has for months behind the scenes urged Tehran to persuade the proxies to scale back their attacks. But officials say they have not seen any sign that the groups have begun to decrease their targeting and worry the violence will only surge in the coming days.


Graham says he will relaunch efforts to strike Saudi normalization deal - Jan 7

Lharmen - this 2 state deal has to happen ahead of the World war as they have parted God's land before the Lords returns.


US alarmed as Israel talks of expanding war to Hezbollah - Jan 7



Jan 3 / 4 / 5 - 10 nations without a Kingdom will attack during Armageddon = 10 Brics nations waiting in the wings will do it. It is Russia who will come against the land of Israel.


12 nations led by US warn Iran-backed Houthis of 'consequences' over Red Sea attacks - Jan 5


25 New Countries Ready To Join BRICS in 2024

Lharmen - 10 of these nations will attack the land of Israel at the end of the tribulation period. Could also happen at the beginning and the end = 2 times same event.
It is Putin who comes against the land of Israel. It is by his hand the holy land is consumed = 7 Antichrist as the Dragon has 7 heads = Piercing serpent , Crooked Serpent, Dragon= 3 and the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse Make 7 Heads of the Dragon. Obama is one of them the Spiritual Leader of Iran fights God says he is One of them. Russia's Putin is one of them, The Head of the Church is the Dragon = Pope Which One ???

Turkey's Leader  Is One of them. 

That is 5 of them . The Leader of Egypt could be one of them that is 6 .

7 ????

Russia is sending Military aged Chinese men into the U.S. every day = Preparing for War = Time of the Gentiles - Jan 5


Blinken heads back to Mideast for talks on next phase of Gaza war - Jan 5


Germans advised to leave Lebanon swiftly as war winds blow north - Jan 5

“A further deterioration of the situation and expansion of the conflict cannot be ruled out, especially given the killing of Saleh al-Arouri,” the political number two of Hamas in Beirut on Tuesday, the ministry writes. “This applies above all to the southern part of Lebanon, up to and including the southern urban areas of Beirut.”





Jan 1 / 2 -

Dec 30 / 31 - One week peace deal is being discussed . It will happen at some point.

South Africa files case against Israel for Genocide while they hunt and kill White farmers. Waves and the Seas roaring ahead of the World war. "X" Class flare. These will get very much worse soon.


Waves and seas roaring ahead of the World war Luke 21 - Jan 2

Massive waves and coastal flooding are wreaking havoc for a third day in many of California's coastal communities, where extreme conditions have forced water rescues, washed away cars and injured a handful of enthralled onlookers.


Israel signals tactics shift, troop pullback as U.S. aircraft carrier heads home - Jan 2

Lebanon's heavily armed Hezbollah group, a Hamas ally, has been exchanging near-daily fire with Israel across Lebanon's southern border since the Gaza war erupted in early October.


US to withdraw largest aircraft carrier in world from Israel's shores - Jan 2


Gods anger will show in his face - the spirit of God covers the stars so we look to the sun for this sign - Jan 2

Lharmen - we look for Massive "X" class flares to become very much more frequent ahead of our redemption closer to April Passover.

One week peace deal being prepared - Jan 2 2024

Citing unidentified sources with knowledge of the matter, the London-based Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat reiterated reports that the deal on the table would see the release of some 40 Israeli hostages in exchange for several hundred Palestinian prisoners and a weeks-long truce in the Strip.
Lharmen - they will, at some point in time, make a Fake one week peace deal with many! During the Fake one week peace deal the World war will have begun.
Clip: It cited top officials who said the efforts to reach a deal are unlikely to bear fruit soon.
Lharmen - Watch for the fruit bearing to happen during the Passover April end 29th 2024.


South Africa files case against Israel for "genocidal acts" in Gaza - Jan 2


Houthi's lost 3 boats and ten men after they attacked a ship in the Red Sea - Jan 2


Biden Warns US Military May Get Pulled Into Direct Conflict With Russia - Jan 2

"Overnight, Russia launched its largest aerial assault on Ukraine since this war began," Biden said in a statement released Friday. "It is a stark reminder to the world that, after nearly two years of this devastating war, Putin's objective remains unchanged. He seeks to obliterate Ukraine and subjugate its people. He must be stopped."


Expert: Hezbollah has built a vast tunnel network far more sophisticated than Hamas’s - Jan 2


Powerful 7.5 earthquake hits Japan, triggering tsunami warnings - Jan 2


Iranian warship ‘enters Red Sea’ amid ongoing Houthi attacks on merchant shipping - Jan 2


Abbas adviser slams Israeli plans to control Gaza border with Egypt - Jan 2


UK said set to join campaign against Houthis as group warns of 'consequences' - Jan 2The report, citing an unnamed UK government source, said that the UK, US, and possibly another European country will soon launch coordinated airstrikes against targets at sea or in Yemen itself where the Houthis are based.
The source added that any action taken by the UK would be “limited” but “significant.”

Lharmen - the King of the South will be pushing in 3 directions when the World war starts . The Western He goat comes across the entire World with Media = Syria between his eyes mostly . Iran is also hit = Persia = Daniel 8 war. King of the South is Iran as they control Yemen today.


Powder Keg Europe: Dutch Army Commander Urges Preparation for War With Russia, as Netherlands Get Ready To Send F-16 Fighters to Ukraine - Jan 2


Germany Is Falling: Mobs of Military-Age Muslim Migrants Riot and Attack Police; "They Shot at Anything That Moves" - Jan 2

Lharmen - The Time of the Gentiles will begin after the 3rd WW has started.


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Nov 19 - Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public” - Nov 19

Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Hodkinson’s comments were made during a discussion involving the Community and Public Services Committee and the clip was subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

Noting that he was also an expert in virology, Hodkinson pointed out that his role as CEO of a biotech company that manufactures COVID tests means, “I might know a little bit about all this.”

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians, it’s outrageous, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public,” said Hodkinson.

Lharmen - the last days they cast the truth to the ground and they prosper.


Sept 23 - Abbas calls for Major peace conference early Next year. Netanyahu says something that adds proof we will not see this until then. Keep watching for it at any time.


Sept 23 = Trump says days away until many nations sign new Peace accord with Israel = Daniel 9:27

Fake one week peace deal starts the 3rd WW and the destruction of Jerusalem for 70 years.


First we see Russia, Iran, China and even Syria go to war with the West.

They make a one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27 that does not make it the full week. We flee into the wilderness for 3 1/2 years

The scriptures says the one week deal brings us the 70 years of Jerusalem's desolation = nuclear. The Western wall will see all the massive stones thrown to the ground as it has never happened. It will right after the fake one week peace deal happens.

We could see the War happen at any time as Luke 21 says when we see these things begin we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.  I always warn to watch for the one week deal now as well as all major event happen two times . We should have to see the parting of God's land ahead of the World war. Keep your head up as Russia is preparing in mass for war with the west today.

Bahrain establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel Sept 15th, Trump announces - Sept 11

They are about to sign another deal very soon Sept 15 today.


Aug 28 - Jews are all White!. Because the Devil is darkness and has entered into his body!

Judas was a Jew one of the 12 Jews (White People) and he has become the black sheep. Jared kushner is also a white man who has jet black eyes and he is also making this coming peace deal.

Kushner Companies purchased the office building at 666 Fifth Avenue in 2007.

On January 9, 2017, Kushner was named Senior Advisor to the President. 19/7

Trump put Kushner in charge of brokering peace in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


 Eager Lion Jordan War games will happen at the same time as Egypt's Bright Star War games as they worship the Sun God Lucifer.


Trump: Israel-UAE signing in 3 weeks, annexation ‘off the table’ at least now - Aug 14

Declaring ‘they’re going to have peace in the Middle East’ after UAE and Israel agree to full ties, Trump gives dramatic, confusing briefing, appears to contradict PM, then doesn’t.
“They’re going to have peace in the Middle East. It’ll be fantastic,” Trump said.
“I look forward to hosting them at the White House very soon to formally sign the agreement,” he told reporters. “We’ll probably be doing it over the next, I would say, three weeks.”


July 21 - The Devil's Angel's secretly devises to devour the poor. This is how they are preparing to do it. Force confinement. Force vaccinate. Force Tattoo/ Mark of the Beast to buy or sell. Prepare the people with repent and live by Faith or you will perish forever.


Arizona Gov Is Granted the Right to Forcibly Vaccinate and Indefintely Confine Indiviudals With Absolutely No Legal Oversight - July 21
Lharmen - this will soon be everywhere. All planned to chip the World ahead of World war 3.

Clip: Recently, Arkansas, alleged CV-19 victims, were transported what I would call a FEMA medical martial law facility


Film your hospitals Dayton, Ohio COVID HOAX - April 6

Lharmen - same here in Edmonton. The Devil and his Hell's Angel's get cast to the ground because they deceived the whole World.


The COVID-19 Hysteria: Interesting Video Shows What Is Actually Happening At New York City Hospitals - It Is All A Scam! - April 6

Lharmen - it is all a scam!!!! WW3 during the last days of the Passover . Watch for the fake one week peace deal the World war happens during the fake one week deal. Passover will be it. All Major bible events happen 2 times. 9 11 is the Egyptian New Years and God will again take us out of the Egyptian God worshipping Masons hands soon. Passover April8-16th


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Luke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Luke 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  


Project Blue Beam could happen during Damascus destruction then we see God coming in the cloud of the Global nuclear war

when Russia and China

attack some time after.

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Then we see Project Blue Beam which is a false holographic second coming of Jesus that could only be the signs that could almost deceive the very elect like 911.

Isaiah 17 :3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.                

Isaiah 17 :4 And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean

Isaiah 17 :7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

We see this day coming but first the Antichrist has to stand up and say he is God in Jerusalem.

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My new Mailing address

Lawrence Michael Harmen

154-10240 Kingsway NW



 Project Blue Beam and the modern technologies that will be used.

How the Elites will fake an Alien invasion

video - Feb 10 2015

Project Blue Beam May 14th and April 19th are both independence days in Israel and the Fake one week peace deal will happen at that time period. Watch for it. project Blue beam will to happen at that time period.



Lharmen I have suffered from all of these because of the microchip in my upper Jaw and the one in my Chest and the one attached to my Pelvis.
Jesus warned us Isaiah 30:28 their will be a bridle in the jaws of the people causing them to err - Microchip.

The Pope praying to a Black Jesus and Mary - Feb 9


Jamie Foxx praises President Obama as “our Lord and saviour" - Nov 27


Don't ever forget that the Catholic leadership worship a Black Jesus . Jesus was the seed of David and we know he was white as today the Queen of England Can trace her lineage back to David and she is White so Jesus had to be white. See the video proof here = The Pope praying to a Black Jesus and mary.

They are worshipping the Catholic Obama as if he is Jesus.


Roelof see the solid proof the CIA Agents = Drug cops are intercepting your Donation to me. Nov 19 2014

Roelof I have not received the photo copy for the past 5 months now but I have been forced to talk with these crooks in order to get the numbers = illegal activity continually. It says CIA right in the letter.

See how they send the Money transfer number but no amount which makes it impossible to receive it unless I call them so they can terrorize me some more = MK Ultra mind control or better said fear based mind control. God said they trust in oppression and perversion. You can not miss the oppression. Lharmen.

 Pray our Lord protects my money I am getting very low again as they endlessly steal it.


We worship the Spirit of Light and it covers all living stars. God's Spirit will show his Fury when he comes = in the face of the Sun. Solar flares will be roaring when the Lord comes back for us.

Ezekiel 38:18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face.

We will see Solar flares ahead of the 3rd World war.




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