THAT SHOWS SOLID PROOF WE ARE HEADED FOR DISASTER


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.



See proof of organized attacks on true Christians by the Mason Controllers.

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Julian Assange hears voices =microchipped - Sept 23

Lharmen = Isaiah 30:28 Bridles in the Jaws of the people causing them to err! Making them believe Lucifer is God. Do not fall for it it is technology only. Faith filled Strong survive!


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Project Blue Beam is an Alien second coming of Lucifer as jesus as the bible predicted Lucifer would have a coming as if he was Jesus. Former Head of Israel's Space Program: The Aliens Asked Not To Be Revealed, Humanity Not Yet Ready - Dec 8


Feb 22 / 23 / 24 - Daniel 8 war has the Western He Goat attacking both Iran and Syria with Media / Syria squarely between his eyes. Watch for the Banking crisis to start ahead of the Passover. We are getting very close.


Israel Will Stop Iran Nuclear Program 'With or Without' Joe Biden Deal, Benjamin Netanyahu Warns - Feb 24

Lharmen - I watch for the land of Israel to attack both Iran and Syria at the end of March during the Passover week - March 28/29.
Clip: Bruce Arians Shares His Blunt Message To Bucs About 2021
New coronavirus variant spotted in California raises alarm.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that Iran will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, whether or not Tehran reaches a deal with President Joe Biden to revive the stalled Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear agreement.


The Israel-Lebanon border could become battleground over Iran's nuclear program - Feb 24

Lharmen - God said he will judge the land of Israel on her borders.


Having Won Syria's War, al-Assad Is Mired in Economic Woes - Feb 24

Lharmen - New York Mafia pushing Netanyahu's buttons. He will flip and start a war with Iran and Syria even by him self.

Israel cabinet split on backing US Iran nuclear diplomacy - Feb 24

PM Binyamin Netanyahu called a top-level conference overnight Monday, Feb. 22, with defense, security and diplomatic officials on the prospect of the US returning to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran for negotiations on such improvements as a ban on Iran’s ballistic missiles and end to destabilizing regional activities.

According to Kan broadcasting sources, Netanyahu found little support for the “confrontational” approach he urged on the issue; the Kachol Lavan defense and foreign ministers, Benny Gantz and Gaby Ashkenazi, as well as the chief of staff Lt Gen. Aviv Kochavi and some security chiefs were said to prefer sticking to dialogue with Washington.

Israel’s US/UN ambassador Gilead Erdan, who took part in the conference, said that ongoing talks with Biden administration officials were friendly and sympathetic to Israel’s concerns, chiefly that the nuclear deal as it stood enabled Iran to accumulate a nuclear arsenal. The ambassador added that, for the first time, Israel had the ear of the three European signatories to the nuclear deal, the UK, France and Germany.
Lharmen it was a 22 date = Illuminati 322 - their Goddess Dianna .


Blinken speaks to Ashkenazi, touts Biden support for 2-state solution - Feb 22

Lharmen - they divide/part God's land when he comes back.


Testimonies: Israeli medical teams aren't getting vaccinated - Feb 21

Arutz Sheva has received testimonies from doctors, nurses and medical staff who refuse to be vaccinated for fear that the vaccine has effects that have not yet been tested.

S., (full name kept hidden), a doctor at a hospital in the center of the country for 30 years, said "Not only did I not get vaccinated, some of my fellow doctors did not get vaccinated either. We still do not know what the side effects of the vaccine are. We are keeping instructions stringently but will not get vaccinated for the time being."

A., a nurse at a hospital in Jerusalem has been afraid to get vaccinated for 15 years due to fear of harm to pregnancy and fertility. "I have only one child and I am still of childbearing age and want to have another child. My and many nurses' fear of harm is a real fear and we have still not received a promise that there is no harm or damage to fertility after the vaccine."


Feb 19 / 20 / 21 - Slow news days ???? March 28/29 Passover.


Biden signs major disaster declaration for 77 Texas counties, but Abbott asked for all 254 - Feb 21



National Guard deploys as 40,000 still without power in northwest Oregon after winter weather - Feb 21


Revelation 12
1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Lharmen - These are the Hells Angles that have taken over the entire World today. The same one in my own Family who have persecuted me endlessly for my faith. All my Relatives are Hell's Angles and Masons = Lucifer worshippers.


Feb 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 - Israel leader said he will strike Iran if this nuclear deal goes through and Prophecy says he will.


European powers, US to discuss bid to salvage Iran nuclear deal - Feb 18

 Lharmen - The Land of Israel will not wait long after this nuclear deal is reached again as Netanyahu said he will strike Iran if this deal is made again and he is clearly, today, preparing for that eventuality. Daniel 8 says the Western He Goat comes across the Whole World with Media/Syria between his eyes and breaks the power of both Iran/Persia and Media/ Syria.
PARIS — Top diplomats from European powers and the United States will hold talks on Thursday to see how to revive the 2015 deal on Iran’s nuclear drive, days ahead of a deadline set by Tehran that could hinder the efforts by limiting inspections.


In threat to Hezbollah, IDF holds drill practicing massive attacks on group - Feb 18

The Israeli Air Force completed a three-day surprise exercise simulating a large-scale war against Hezbollah this week, including mock strikes on some 3,000 targets in one day, the military said, in a clear threat to the Lebanese terror group.
Lharmen - when Damascus gets destroyed we see our maker. Lebanon will not escape the hand of the Western He Goat when this war happens.
Another Clip : “During [the exercise], intense fighting was simulated, along with offensive operations, scenarios involving defending the country’s airspace, command and control operations, precise planning and wide-scale, powerful strikes. In addition, strikes on thousands of targets and the launching of many weapons were practiced to simulate war on the northern front,” the military said.


Biden called Netanyahu amid White House flurry over US Iran stance at Munich - Feb 18

President Rouhani told a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday: “If the Americans take one step, we will take one step. If the Americans take all the steps at once, we will take all the steps at once. If they want to do it gradually, fine. If they want nothing, again fine.” Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was more aggressive: “The Islamic Republic will not be satisfied this time with words and promises. If we see action from the opposite side, we will act too,” he said.


Israel crosses 4-million mark in vaccines as thousands protest perceived forced vaccination - Feb 18

TEL AVIV — Israel crossed another major milestone in its warp-speed vaccination campaign officially administering the 4 millionth inoculation in a country with 9.3 million citizens.

That is two-thirds of Israel’s eligible citizens who have received the first of two shots.


N.Y. Restaurant Fires Waitress Who Wouldn't Get Covid-19 Vaccine - Feb 18

Bonnie Jacobson, 34, said she was not necessarily opposed to getting vaccinated, but wanted to study the potential effect on fertility first.
Lharmen - watch out for March for this to take off as many will be forced to take the vaccines. Some super spreader lie is about to get going . The Microchip population will start coughing in mass = forced vaccination very soon. Watch for all this to take place ahead of the Passover = March 28/29.


Feb 13 / 14 - Damascus destruction very soon = watch for the end of March for the peace deal with Iran and Syria to be made.


Israeli airstrikes said to hit targets near Damascus - Feb 14


 Prof. Ash: Only months away from vaccinating children of six - Feb 14

Lharmen - do not take these vaccines or you will live to regret it. these will weaken you greatly at some point. Watch out for March = Passover month for the Tattoo/Mark to buy or to sell.


Biden Makes History: First President in 40 Years to Punt on Contacting Israel - Feb 14

Obama is at odds with the Israel leadership and they could very soon make the peace deal with Iran and Syria. Netanyahu threatened all out war with Iran if that deal goes through. We will see Damascus destruction very soon after or during the peace deal . Watch out for March end = Passover March 28/29.


Damascus destruction very soon - Feb 13
Lharmen = Isaiah 17:1-7 we see our maker with our eyes when Damascus ceases to be a city.

Project Blue Beam is an Alien second coming of Lucifer as jesus as the bible predicted Lucifer would have a coming as if he was Jesus.

Feb 11 / 12 - Prophesied that they will move to force all to take the Tattoo to buy or sell . Watch for it during the month of March.


The Hells Angels in Edmonton are digitally mastering our voices - Feb 12

They make calls to women and even men and they tell them to create a claim against the victim so they can create a very believable lie that Christians are insane . We are living constant character assassinations. I caught Neil Thompson Top City of Edmonton cop (Hells Angel) that he changed two cops asking me if I saw any dump piles (Garbage piles) but when I saw Neil Thompson showing this to a businessman it said Bodies in place of the dump piles. He is telling them I am wanted for sadistic murders when the truth is that I have never been accused of any crime of the sort and never in a police station. With Lies they made the heart of the righteous sad who I never made sad = <---Scripture.


Rare daylight air strike on military shipment from Iraq to Syria – report - Feb 12


Vaccine refusers will be kept to ‘supermarkets, pharmacies’ when Israel opens up - Feb 12

Crackdown planned for businesses that serve those without vaccines; PM says refusers ‘endanger us all,’ risk health system; fewer than 1,000 seriously ill for first time in a month.


Israel's Edelstein mulls bill to enable employers to ban non-vaccinated workers - Feb 12

Lharmen - prophesied that they will move to force all to take the Tattoo to buy or sell . Watch for it during the month of March.
Clip: Health minister says those working in education who refuse to be inoculated may have to pay for a virus test every 48 hours, warns of fines for businesses that violate lockdown.
Clip. His remarks came as the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign has slowed down recently, with around 130,000 shots administered on Tuesday, according to Health Ministry figures — far below the country’s capacity, reached in previous weeks, of over 200,000 injections in a day.


Biden says US will have enough doses to vaccinate every American by July - Feb 12

Lharmen - the Tattoo/Mark of the beast, will be pushed World wide to buy or sell ( to prove you have been vaccinated. )


Feb 8 / 9 / 10 - People dieing of the vaccines . The Just shall live by faith alone when God comes. There will be 3 1/2 year in the wilderness for Gods chosen to regain there strength. It is called the time of the Gentiles.

Lucifer's Hell Angels will fight Gods Angel's soon.


Biden won’t lift sanctions, only “ask” allies to ease pressure on Iran - Feb 10

In its initial Iran steps, the Biden administration is exploring ways to bring Iran to the table for renewed nuclear talks without lifting sanctions. President Joe Biden stated firmly on Sunday, Feb. 7 that sanctions will not be lifted “until Iran stops enriching uranium” – even for getting Tehran back to the nuclear negotiating table.

He stated this position hours after Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that the US must lift sanctions before Iran meets its commitments under the nuclear accords.
Underpinning Israel’s security, while promoting a peace accord with the Palestinians and the Arab world as a whole.


Edmonton detectives suspended without pay Hells Angels - Feb 10

CLIP: Det. Montgomery was suspended with pay last April after a complaint was made against him by a woman he was training to pose as an undercover escort who said he made several sexual comments and made her pose in lingerie for him.
Lharmen - 1999 Ken Montgomery and Ronald Robertson (My relative) said in an Interview in Edmonton he had infiltrated the Hell's Angels - They both said they trained informants . He is the close relative to Jennifer Muirhead the Mother of my Son an informant for the R.C.M.P.. Ronald Robertson is an under cover cop Today and is very likely working out of the 911 Bison way Sherwood park R.C.M.P. Depot as an under cover Hell's Angels. This is my claim for year that they are all Masons and this interview was staged. They stage many events like this. They digitally master a persons voice and then send them chocolates and phone calls at all hours of the day and night to then offer them protection and force them through fear to sign up to use sex as a weapon. Hells Angel = Terry Acheson said his daughter was the next whore ... I asked him to repeat himself he said she was the next whore as in under cover cop who uses sex as a weapon. The Drug war is the Bibles Great Whore religion. They have me, Lharmen , living in tent in the bushes for 11 years as of this March 29th the Passover week 2021. Their Drug Operations are real and not in an undercover operation as it is supposed to be . They are Masons and Masons are KKK = Jewish White supremacist Mafia.

They Worship Lucifer the Devil and hunt Christians with lies.

The Hells Angels have taken over the World through the Drug war/Whore Religion called Freemasonry. I do not guess at this I have and am living it.


Tsunami confirmed’ after 7.7 earthquake in South Pacific - Feb 10

The quake struck just after midnight on Thursday about 415km east of Vao in New Caledonia at a depth of 10km.


Ring of Fire earthquake ALERT: TEN huge quakes hit region in 4 hours - tsunami warning - Feb 10

Lharmen - the seas and the waves roaring ahead of the Destruction of Damascus and or the World war.

Luke 21 -25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


B-1 Bombers Are Deploying To Norway For The First Time With An Eye On Nearby Russia And The Arctic - Feb 10

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to deploy bombers to Norway for the first time. A detachment of B-1Bs, accompanied by more than 200 personnel, is set to arrive at the country’s Ørland Main Air Station in the near future as the U.S. military intensifies its focus on the strategically important Arctic region.


Israel gyms, malls, hotels could be reopened to the vaccinated on February 23 - Feb 10


Fatah and Hamas agree on terms of 1st Palestinian election in 15 years - Feb 10

Deal reached at Cairo summit between 14 factions; Palestinians are skeptical that the vote will be held at all, as election promises have fallen through before.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree in mid-January ordering three successive rounds of Palestinian national elections. The first round for the currently defunct Palestinian legislature is set to be held on May 22.

Lharmen - If Hamas agree then war will be on during the peace deal. They know the two state solution is written so they give up their arms. Hamas will never agree. They have many times called Abbas an Israel sock puppet. The Least of them is Hamas and they will lead the nation of Israel out onto her border when the War happens.


Dozens of people develop rare blood disorder after taking coronavirus vaccines – reports - Feb 10

At least 36 recipients of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines in the US have developed a rare immune disorder that attacks the blood, according to reports. One patient is dead, and doctors can’t rule out blaming the vaccine.
Dr. Gregory Michael – a 56-year-old obstetrician-gynecologist who ran his own practice at Miami Beach’s Mount Sinai Medical Center for more than a decade – died in January of a brain hemorrhage. He had received a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine two weeks earlier, and
immediately developed immune thrombocytopenia, a rare and sometimes fatal blood disorder.



Feb 5 / 6 / 7 - Iran and Syria will both be destroyed and it could happen during the Passover March 28/29 . Watch for a 7 year peace deal and or a fake one week deal. I believe from scripture we will see the 7 year first and when it is made we see Iran and Syria's destruction. When god comes they have parted Gods land says so = 2 state solution. The Holographic Light show called Project Blue Beam can not happen until that scripture is fulfilled so the Antichrist Obama can show him self across the entire World as if he is God/Jesus. Isaiah 17 says when Damascus gets destroyed completely we see our maker with our eyes.


Israeli skies close until Feb. 21 - Feb 7

Lharmen - they are going to force vaccinate people. By doing this they are squeezing the economy so bad that they are forcing people to get vaccinated.


 Foreign Ministers From US, UK, France and Germany Expected to Discuss Iran Soon - Feb 7

Four of the sources said the virtual meeting, which was likely to cover other topics, could take place as soon as Friday, while two others said it could happen next week. All spoke on condition that they not be identified.



The Hague Court approves war crimes inquiry against Israel - Feb 7

The International Court at The Hague Friday recognized the Palestinian Authority as a state with locations under the court’s jurisdiction, namely the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. The investigation, according to the decision’s announcement, will look into high-ranking government and army officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chiefs-of-staff, past and present. According to the court, the Rome Statute is applicable to war crimes alleged to have been committed by Israel. Israel has denied committing war crimes and claims the court is not competent to judge the petition submitted by the Palestinians since, one, it is not a state, and, two, Israel is not a signatory of the Rome Treaty and not bound by its provisions.
Lharmen - All her friends have become here enemies and she know it not when the World war happens today she rules the World with New York Hells Angels and the Vatican.







Feb 2 / 3 / 4 - They will part our Lords land ahead of his coming = 2 states. Passover war March 28/29 with Iran and Syria = Daniel 8 war is nearing as Netanyahu will attack before Iran, fictitiously, get the nuclear bomb.


Egypt said conditioning a Netanyahu visit on gesture toward 2-state solution - Feb 4


Wide alarm: Iran presumed just weeks away from a nuclear weapon - Feb 4


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly wants to fit an official visit to Egypt in to his schedule ahead of the approaching March 23 elections - Feb 4

Lharmen - Look out for the peace deal and or the War with Iran and Syria at Passover March 28/29th. Luke 21 says when we see these thing begin to come to pass we are to look up our redemption draws near = Passover. Damascus destruction we see our Maker with our eyes - Isaiah 17:1-7


Tanzania shunned lockdowns. Now it's rejecting Covid-19 vaccines. Instead urges citizens to pray against a 'satanic' virus - Feb 4

Lharmen - pray our leaders do the same thing here in the West.


Forced vaccines, vaccine passports against human rights: Council of Europe - Feb 4

Clip: Section 7.3.1 reads: “ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves.”

Jan 30 / 31 / Feb 1 - Daniel 8 has the Western He Goat attacking both Iran and Syria.


Wide alarm: Iran presumed just weeks away from a nuclear weapon - Jan 31

Lharmen - Daniel 8 has the Western He Goat attacking both Iran and Syria.




Over 3 million receive 1st vaccine shot, but COVID outbreak still raging in Israel - Jan 31


State Dept Spox: ‘Largest Threat to U.S. National Security are U.S. Cops’ - Jan 31

Lharmen - The Hells Angels have taken over our entire Police service City and RCMP here in Canada.



Jan 28 / 29 - Martial Law is coming soon. Forced Vaccinations.


FEMA asks Pentagon for help administering COVID-19 vaccines -Jan 29

Lharmen - The Military are now being called to help and soon it will be forced Vaccinations across the World.
Clip: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Pentagon to assist with President Biden's goal to vaccinate 100 million people against the coronavirus in his first 100 days in office, the Department of Defense's (DOD) top spokesman said Thursday.


Israel’s military chief goes public with severe warning against return to Iran nuclear deal - Jan 29

Lharmen - the Western He Goat will come across the entire World with both Iran and Syria in his sights and Damascus will be destroyed that day. That will be the Red Dragon day as Lucifer will use Project Blue Beam to deceive the Whole World into believing he is Jesus through a World wide Holographic deception.


Governments Sign Secret Vaccine Deals: Multibillion-dollar contracts give drug makers liability shields, patent ownership and leeway on delivery dates and pricing - Jan 29


Jan 26 / 27 - Peace deal coming look for it around Passover March 28/29. It could be made for 7 years and or one week. I think the 7 year deal comes ahead of the One week deal - Daniel 9:27. We flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years where we regain our strength so we can gain our Angelic Bodies.


Russia backs Palestinian proposal for Mideast peace conference - Jan 27

“We propose holding an international, ministerial-level meeting in spring-summer 2021,” Lavrov told a videoconference UN Security Council meeting about the Middle East.




US announces it's renewing relations with Palestinians, seeking 2-state solution - Jan 27


Russia on the brink of revolution as violent riots explode across the country - Jan 27
Lharmen - Nations in distress with perplexity ahead of the War that destroys Damascus and breaks Iran = Daniel 8 war = West attacks Media and Persia with Damascus/Media squarely between his eyes.


IDF chief: I’ve ordered preparation of plans to thwart Iran’s nuke program - Jan 27

Israel passes 4,500 COVID deaths, officials said stumped by high case count - Jan 27

Jan 25 - Biden is a Catholic and So is Obama = New York Mafia. They control the Great Harlot Religion. Terry told me his Daughter is the next whore. I asked him to repeat himself and he did. They were trying to sign me up to Masonry. I worship Jesus of the Bible they worship Lucifer of the Bible and call him Jesus. They preach Jesus words as if they are their gods when, Lucifer the Angel of Death, is who they are worshipping.


More than 3,300 arrested across Russia as protests swell for jailed opposition leader Navalny - Jan 25

MOSCOW —More than 3,300 people were arrested Saturday in protests spanning nearly 70 cities and towns across Russia calling for the release of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny — a massive show of defiance against President Vladimir Putin and his widening crackdowns against challenges to his power.
Lharmen - Putin controls the Greek side of the Hells Angels and they are Masons Luciferians and they use the numbers 33 and 70 when ever they can. When we see these in the news we can see fake events.

from Russia’s Far East to central Moscow — came less than a week after Navalny returned from Germany, where he recovered from a nerve agent poisoning in August during a trip to Siberia. Navalny was arrested shortly after stepping off the plane.


Pope tells Biden to make peace and reconciliation a priority Jan 25

The Pope has written to Joe Biden telling him to work for peace and reconciliation both in the US and internationally.

In his letter, Pope Francis said he was praying for Biden, a Catholic, to have "wisdom and strength" while in office.


17-year-old in ICU after receiving second coronavirus vaccine dose - Jan 25


Virus czar: With COVID-19 mutations, third lockdown may not be Israel’s last - Jan 25

Lharmen - Julius Caesar = Czar. Julius Caesar transformed Rome from a republic to an empire,
He created a dictatorship as we see another forming around the World today.

That Man will be Obama the Beast when he is revealed.


Top advisor warns France at 'emergency' virus moment - Jan 25



Jan 23 / 24 - Watch for the bar code readers being set up World wide to be used to read Bar Code tattoo's right hand or the forehead (Mark of the Beast) in the near future ?? Maybe March as it will be when the Passover happens = March 28/29


Some in the White House believed coronavirus was ‘a hoax,’ former Trump advisor says - Jan 24

Lharmen - Lucifer and his Angels get cast from heaven for deceiving Gods whole house with one exception into wreaking their bodies so they can not come to the birth. The House of God will flee into the Wilderness for the 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles.


Israel to expand rapid testing sites in preparation for ‘green passports’ - Jan 24

Lharmen - from Green bar code readers to Tattoos on peoples right hands and their foreheads = Mark of the Beast ahead of the Passover March 28/29.


Grassley Warns Biden: Don't Exploit Pandemic to Push Big Government Takeover of Economy - Jan 24

The Antichrist will change times and Laws.


Navalny: Police detain hundreds as protests spread across Russia - Jan 24

Lharmen - Nations in distress with Perplexity meaning getting worse and worse.


Lots of earthquakes today - Jan 24


Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force - Jan 24



Jan 21 / 22 - First the Vaccination bar code readers will be installed then they move to the Bar code Tattoos to prove you have taken the vaccines 2 shots. The Mark of the Beast is the Tattoo. All who take it will perish World wide.


When COVID-19 vaccination passports are accessible, will jobs require one to return to work? - Jan 22


Ages 16-18 will be able to get COVID-19 vaccination in 24 hours in Israel - Jan 22




Syrian media reports Israeli airstrikes near western city of Hama - Jan 22


Fauci said second COVID-19 vaccine shot knocked him out for 24 hours - Jan 22
Lharmen - that is why you should not take these they will weaken your immune system.





Jan 18 / 19 / 20 - Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Lharmen -  Where are the grieving people? Do not take these vaccines. These destroy your immune systems leaving every one who takes them very week. 100's now dead from the second shot.


Joe Biden sworn in as US President, Kamala Harris as Vice President - Jan 20


IDF attacks Hamas posts in Gaza - Jan 20


Israel starts vaccinating 40-year-olds, aims at 250,000 shots per day - Jan 20

As of Tuesday, 2.2 million Israelis have been inoculated, including 422,000 people who have had both doses.


Third Gaza rocket in two days triggered alerts - Jan 20

along with three former presidents and their wives, George and Laura Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack and Michele Obama. The few other dignitaries included members of the US Supreme Court.
Lharmen - Biden has put Obama back in the picture. He will be there when the Fake one week peace deal is signed = Daniel 9:27 and he might even sign the 7 year deal as he is the Antichrist called the BEAST also know as the Goat head or the Baphomet.

Baphomet is a deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping, and that subsequently was incorporated into occult and mystical traditions. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307.



Biden honors 400,000 covid dead on arrival in Washington - Jan 20

Lharmen - the Devil and His angels get cast from heaven for deceiving the entire World .
\Clip: President-elect Joe Biden’s arrived in Washington a day before his inauguration as president later on Wednesday. He headed to Lincoln Memorial for a ceremony honoring the 400,000 Americans who have died of covid-19.
Bible: Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which
deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Revelation 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.
14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.



Jan 16 / 17 - People are die already from the second dose of this Vaccines. Depopulation is the Luciferian Agenda. All who take these are not living by Faith when Jesus comes as Jesus told us the Just shall live by Faith when he comes. Do not take these vaccines you will at least need 3 1/2 years in the Wilderness to recover from them.


55 People Died in US After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines: Reporting System - Jan 17

Lharmen - Do not take these these are created to destroy people of Faith . Lucifer's army of Fake Christians are immune to this Vaccines.

Take both of these vaccines one after the other and you will eventually need 3 1/2 years to recover in the Wilderness as Prophesied.


13 Israelis suffer facial paralysis after coronavirus vaccine - Jan 17

Doctors in the health system estimate that in practice the number of cases is higher.

Illinois Congress Member Signs Onto Effort To Remove Christian Influence From American Culture - Jan 17

Lharmen - the rise of the Antichrist Fake Christian religion Called Freemasonry The Hells Angels control.


Massive Iran missile drill is message to US, Gulf and Israel - analysis - Jan 17


Biden team already holding talks with Iran on US return to nuclear deal - Jan 17

Lharmen - Watch for this peace deal to involve Iran and Syria and for it to happen around March 28/29 Passover.
Watch for it to be made for 3 1/2 years. Watch for Obama to be involved in the deal.


Pentagon moves Israel into Central Command to boost cooperation with Arab states - Jan 17


Global death toll from COVID-19 tops 2 million - Jan 17


Abbas announces first Palestinian elections in 15 years - Jan 17

Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, has decreed that legislative elections will take place on May 22 and a vote for president on July 31 in “all cities of the homeland.” This is intended to include the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Abbas’ longtime rival Mahmoud Dahlan, who lives in exile in Abu Dhabi since their falling-out a decade ago, announced on Saturday that if he is left off Abbas’ mainstream Fatah slate, he will establish his own party to run for election.

Lharmen - I highly doubt it!


India launches world’s largest covid vaccination program - Jan 17


Jan 15 - More proof that if you take these vaccines you will get the virus and also you will certainly bring down your immune system.


75-year-old Israeli woman found lifeless hours after second dose of Covid-19 vaccine - Jan 15


27-year-old mother suffers seizures, is hospitalized after taking COVID vaccine - Jan 15


COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects May Have Led to 13 Deaths: Norway - Jan 15



Rep. Adriano Espaillat diagnosed with COVID-19 after getting vaccine - Jan 15

Lharmen - I have been warning for many years now that the virus is inside the vaccines by design like the flu was always found inside the vaccines for many years. The main authorities told us this outright that the flu is in it . They said it was in a small dose so you could build antibodies. You will need 3 1/2 year in the Wilderness to recover from these shots. Do not take these.


Covid infection tops 9,000 for fourth day, Two million vaccinated - Jan 15


Israel is launching Covid immunity passports - Jan 15

Lharmen - this is the first step until they make all take the Tattoo to buy and to sell. Mark of the Beast.


Biden unveils $1.9 trillion COVID-19 response plan - Jan 15

Lharmen - Illuminati/Mason 19 in the number = ends in 9 the Masons highest number.


Jan 13 / 14 - Iran and Syria will get attacked and it could be around Passover March 28/29. Watch for the 7 year peace deal. Iran and Syria's destruction could start it = Daniel 8 war with the Western He Goat.


IDF drawing up plans to strike Iran’s nuclear program - Jan 14

Newspaper says IDF chief has asked for options to derail atomic production, day after Likud minister warned Israel could attack Islamic Republic if US rejoins nuclear deal.
Lharmen - Israel could launch the attacks on Syria and Iran prophecies to take place. Daniel 8 Western he Goat has Damascus Syria between his eyes when he attacks and breaks both of them. Watch for this to take place around March 28/29 = Passover. We pray pour Flight into the Wilderness does not tale place in the Winter = March 20th.





U.S. Navy Ohio Class Submarine Filmed By Iranian Navy While Submerged - Jan 14


US intelligence backed massive E. Syria air strikes attributed to Israel - Jan 14

Those sources claimed that 5 Syrian soldiers and 11 pro-Iranian militia members were killed in the massive operation, although Damascus did not refer to casualties.





Jan 11 / 12 -  7 year peace deal coming that will part God's land. It will last for 3 1/2 years until the Fake one week peace deal that will only last half way until Jerusalem's Destruction for 70 Years = Daniel 9:27. Passover starts March 29th = our redemption draws near when these things begin to come to pass.


Trump orders state of emergency in Washington for inauguration - Jan 12

Lharmen - A state of Emergency was only used in very extreme cases in the past ands today for any reason they want the use it.
Create the crisis offer the solution = Trump issued the order after his first conversation with Vice President Mike Pence since the storming of Congress last week by pro-Trump protesters which left five people dead. The White House order covers the extension of DC National Guard support through January 24, 2021.


Lharmen - The Beast Obama's Greed is unending and when he destroys Iran and Syria's powers then Russia , China, Iran and Syria pool their powers and attack the West in a World war.


Covid infection rockets to 9,583 new Israel cases in 24 hours - Jan 12

Lharmen - I have warned for a long time that when the 2 shots combine (two vaccines are now being handed out ) they will cause the pandemic that in the beggining was fake . Now we will see it for real. Do not take these vaccines = Live by Faith when our Lord comes back for us.
They are about to push the Tattoo/Mark so we can buy or sell and it will not be very long. Our redemption could very easily happen at the beginning of Passover March 28/29th.

Luke 21 says we look up as our redemption draws near when Pestilence and Famine begin to come to pass.

Germany, France call for 2-states at 67-line, prior to Biden presidency - Jan 12

In a statement put out after the meeting the group "emphasized their commitment to a negotiated two-state solution, ensuring an independent and viable Palestinian state based on June 4, 1967, lines and UN Security Council resolutions, living side by side a secure and recognized Israel."
Lharmen - this will happen and the outer court will be trodden under foot for the full 3 1/2 years until the fake one week peace deal, that ends half ways with Jerusalem's destruction happens, = Daniel 9:27 one week . This peace deal could happen right before the Passover March 28/29th. Watch for it . It could lead to Iran and Syria's destruction as Daniel 8 warns both ram with two horn nations Media = Syria and Persia = Iran will be broken by the Western He Goat Obama = Biden/Obama.


Egypt, Germany, France, Jordan meet on reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace talks - Jan 12

In Cairo, the country’s Foreign Ministry said the aim of the meeting was to urge the Palestinians and Israelis to negotiate a “just and comprehensive political settlement” on the basis of achieving a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on territory Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War.



Jan 8 / 9 / 10 - We are looking for both the 7 year peace deal that only makes it half way. Then there will be the one week peace deal, that only makes it half way, and that will be the 3rd World war when the one week deal happens. When the 7 year deal happens it will start the Time of the Gentiles. That is where half of the Temple Mount will be given to the Palestinians to tread under foot for the full 3 1/2 years while Christians flee into the Wilderness to regain our strength.


Second shots for 1,817m recipients of the first vaccine dose - Jan 10

Lharmen - these vaccines will at some point make your body weak so do not take them.
Clip: Israel’s crash vaccination program went into its second stage on Saturday night three weeks with the second doses for the 1,817 million recipients of the first shots – high-risk, elderly and medical groups. Running parallel to this stage is the broadening of the circle to additional sectors from Monday, ...


US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in Egypt arranging Israel-PA peace talks and in Sudan for Abraham Accords signing - Jan. 5-6 - posted Jan 10

Mnuchin also arranged conversations with Egypt and Israel and the Palestinians on U.S. led Quartet peace talks to take place in the next few days.
The quartet are “the group of countries that aim to push forward the peace efforts in the region during the coming period, in coordination with the United States and all relevant parties,” the ministry said.


Egypt FM discusses resuming peace talks with Israel, Palestine counterparts - Jan 10


Egypt, Israel FMs coordinate for quartet meeting to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace process - Jan 10

Lharmen - we are looking for both the 7 year peace deal that only makes it half way. Then there will be the one week peace deal, that only makes it half way, and that will be the 3rd World war when the one week deal happens. When the 7 year deal happens it will start the Time of the Gentiles. That is where half of the Temple Mount will be given to the Palestinians to tread under foot for the full 3 1/2 years while Christians flee into the Wilderness to regain our strength.


Israel launches 2nd-dose drive as serious COVID cases hit record high of 964 - Jan 10

Netanyahu is again first to get Pfizer shot; says all Israelis could be fully immunized in 2 months; almost 20% of population has had first shot; Cyprus, Denmark ask for vaccines.

Lharmen - we will see the numbers rise very fast very soon as these two vaccines mix in the peoples bodies.


Jan 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 - Around March for the 7 year peace deal that only lasts 3 1/2 years. Then the fake one week Daniel 9:27 peace deal that will not last the week until WW3.


Sudan signs 'Abraham Accords' with US, paving way for Israel normalization - Jan 7


U.S. formally links Russia to massive 'ongoing' cyber attack; scope of hacking unclear - Jan 7

Lharmen - it is coming = the cyber banking attack likely blamed on Russia right along with Iran But Iran for sure.
Luke 21 says Pestilence which we see today then Famine = very soon. When these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.


All Israelis over 16 will be vaccinated against covid by the end of March - Jan 7

Lharmen - do not take these at all. Lucifer gets cast to the ground for weakening the Nations. These vaccines when combined with the second shot your immune system will be very week. We flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years until we regain our strength. That can only be now ahead of the Time of the Gentiles 3 1/2 years.




According to a peer reviewed study published in a respected journal by the world’s most authoritative vaccine scientists, Bill Gates DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems.
Lharmen - these people are all about depopulation and stopping Christians from becoming Angels by weakening us!


Biden inauguration will include 'presidential escort' to White House, virtual parade - Jan 4


Fireball as bright as the full Moon spotted over southern Spain - Jan 4

Lharmen - the Devil will have power to bring fire down from Heaven in the sight of man and today these are all Tesla fireball tests ahead of Project Blue Beam = The Fake second Holographic coming of jesus Lucifer as if he is the returning Jesus our Lord of the Bible.


Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers' - Jan 4

Sonia Acevedo, 41, suffered a 'sudden death' at home on New Year's Day 48 hours after receiving the jab. An autopsy is expected to take place later today or tomorrow.

The mother-of-two, who worked in paediatrics at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Porto, is not said to have suffered any adverse side-effects after being vaccinated.

Ms Acevedo's father Abilio Acevedo told Portuguese daily Correio da Manha: 'She was okay. She hadn't had any health problems.
Lharmen - Do not take these vaccines as the second shot is 21 days after the first one. The Tattoo will, at some point, be push on all people to prove you have taken these vaccines. The Just shall live by Faith alone when our Lord returns.

Dec 31 Jan 1 / 2 / - We could see the 7 year peace deal happen around Passover this year. watch for it . Our flight is not in winter says war with Iran will not get ugly until at least Spring = March 20th. Watch for the Tattoo to prove you have been vaccinated. Tattoo is a Mark = Mark of the Beast . All who take this will perish for ever.


Precarious US, Iranian military buildup on eve of Soleimani killing anniversary - Jan 2 2021

The air was thick with threats, military moves and brinkmanship on Saturday, Jan 2, while neither the US nor Iran was wholly sure of the other’s intentions. Iran repeated its vow to make America pay for killing Gen. Qssem Soleimani a year ago this Sunday and, with less than three weeks to go before President Donald Trump leaves office. appears to fear an American attack.

On Friday, US officials reported anonymously that Iranian maritime forces in the Gulf had gone on elevated readiness after moving short-range ballistic missiles into Iraq. They registered “increasing indications” that Iran may be planning an attack against American forces or interests in the Middle East. This suggestion was boosted by bumped-up Iranian rhetoric, reinforcing Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s vow to wreak revenge on the US for Soleimani’s death in a drone attack over Baghdad.


Israel has vaccinated 800,000 people in 12 days - Jan 2

Second shots for recipients of the first dose have been set aside for use after three weeks. Since they must be held in reserve, the rate of infection can only be kept up by a large influx of new doses to fill the gap. This, the health ministry reports, has been assured. It may therefore be possible to complete the first round of vaccinations, which has prioritized medical personnel, the elderly and the high-risk groups, by the end of January.
Lharmen - then we will see the second and the Tattoo to prove you have taken these Vaccines ahead of Passover 2021 March end.
Watch out for the Tattoo it is and always has been the Mark of the Beast. To be push on all Great and small rich and poor so they can buy and so they can sell. It is getting very close. Warn all people the second they start forcing the Tattoo on people.


Times of Israel: Israel zooms past 1 million vaccinations in sprint to vanquish pandemic - Jan 2

Netanyahu announces milestone during visit to immunization center in Umm al-Fahm; country far outpaces rest of world, with more than 10% of population now having received 1st dose.


IDF official: Major flare-up on northern border almost certain - Jan 2

"The northern border could see a resumption of full-fledged hostilities," says senior IDF officer.
Lharmen - the least of Israel's enemies will lead her out onto her borders ahead of the World war.


Dec 29 / 30 - Isaiah 17:1-7 says when we see Damascus cease to be a city we see our maker with our eyes. We flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles protected by Angels until the Fake one week peace deal has been made. The World war happens during the one week period. God told us to pray our flight is not made in Winter says this 7 year peace deal can not be made until after Winter. They will start to force Tattoo's on all people to buy or to sell at that time period as well. Luke 21 when these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads our redemption draws near even at the doorstep. Watch after March 20 winters end.


Damascus alleges second Israeli air strike this week - Dec 30

Syria claims its air defenses repulsed an alleged Israeli attack in the Nabi Habil area near Damascus, killing a Syrian soldier and injuring three other others, as well as causing material damage. According to the London-based Syrian opposition, the purported Israeli attack also struck Hizballah positions near Zabadani, a town in the southwest that is near the Lebanese border. On Dec. 25, Israel was said to have attacked a pro-Iranian site in the western Hama province.



Tehran flexes Palestinian muscle with Gaza rocket exercise out to sea - Dec 30

Lharmen - Hamas is Israel least enemy and scripture says they will lead the IDF out onto their borders after 3 1/2 years we are in the Wilderness. During the one week Daniel 9:27 peace deal that does not make it the full week until the World war happens.


Vaccine Passports Are Big Tech’s Latest Dystopian Nightmare - Dec 30


Russian military says 3 of its troops wounded in Syria - Dec 30

Leaked Pentagon Video Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior - Dec 30

Lharmen - they are using Vaccines to stop people from believing in God.


Dec 28 - 7 year peace deal coming and it is prophesied to begin the Time of the Gentiles and the 3 1/2 years most Christians flee into the Wilderness to regain their strength. We pray our flight is not in Winter says march after the 20th as winter ends that day. Any day after that we watch for the peace deal to be made with Abbas and the Palestinians for 7 years.


Peace deal coming for 7 years - Dec 28

Lharmen - Peace deal coming for 7 years that will only make it half way = 3 1/2 years then the Daniel 9:27 one week peace deal that only makes it half way.
The Temple Mount (Hebrew: הַר הַבַּיִת‎, Har HaBáyit, "Mount of the House [of God, i.e. the Temple in Jerusalem]"), known to Muslims as the Haram esh-Sharif (Arabic: الحرم الشريف‎, al-Ḥaram al-Šarīf, "the Noble Sanctuary", or الحرم القدسي الشريف, al-Ḥaram al-Qudsī al-Šarīf, "the Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem") and the Al Aqsa Compound,[2] is a hill located in the Old City of Jerusalem that for thousands of years has been venerated as a holy site in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike.
Revelation 11:2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. = 3 1/2 years until the Daniel 9:27 peace deal is made. We flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years until we regain our strength . Likely because they force vaccinate. True believers and anyone who takes the Tattoo = Mark of the Beast to buy or to sell will willingly be unable to enter in Heaven for ever .

The 2 state solution peace deal will part God's land as prophesied and it will see the outer court given to the Gentiles as we see here it is prophesied as well.


In Spain a "register" for those who refuse the vaccine: "It will be shared with EU countries" - Dec 28

Lharmen - If you are a Christians you are already going to be put on that register.
Any one who refuses they will try and force vaccinate. Do not do it. You will need 3 1/2 years in the Wilderness to recover from it.
Clip: The register will not be public, but sharing it with other European countries could lead to a travel ban.


AstraZeneca: ‘Winning’ vaccine formula is 100% effective against severe COVID-19 - Dec 28

The vaccine, currently being evaluated by Britain’s independent medicines regulator, provides “100 percent protection” against severe COVID disease requiring hospitalization, Pascal Soriot said in an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper.

Lharmen - do not do it!



Dec 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 - Passover = March end is when God took us out of the hands of the Egyptian God Worshippers. Again Luke 21 when these things begin to come to pass we look up we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. Illuminati/Masons worship all the old Egyptian Gods like the Sun God Lucifer.

Their Goddess Diana ascended 322 BC = March 22 is the same number = 3/22

Keep it in mind.


Israel sets off on dash to beat pandemic by end of March - Dec 27

A third lockdown starts in Israel on Sunday, Dec. 27, combined with a high-speed vaccination program that aims to subjugate the pandemic by two dates – the March 23 general election and the Passover festival four days later. On the first, PM Binyamin Netanyahu hopes his Likud party will reap its reward from a grateful voter; on the second, the traditional large family Passover Seder (dinner) will hopefully replace the wretched isolation of last year.


Vaccination drive in top gear, hopes to reach general public in 7-10 days+ - Dec 27

Israel plans to start vaccinating the general public within 7 to 10 days, senior Ministry of Health official Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis reported on Friday. The goal, she said, was 100,000 inoculations per day operating 24/7 to encompass the entire population by the end of March. Since the drive was launched on Dec. 20, shots have been administrated to 210,000 people, mostly the priority groups of medical staff, elderly and high-risk cases. Israel rates the world’s second fastest covid vaccination mover per capita.

This program coincides with a steep hike in coronavirus infection, to curb which Israel goes into full lockdown on Sunday, Dec. 27 – initially for two weeks but most likely longer.

According to the Ministry of Health update on Saturday morning, 4,046 new cases were diagnosed on Friday – 4.1pc testing positive – with 527 in serious condition and 183 on ventilators. The number of deaths in 10 months jumped to 3,186


Israel sets off on dash to beat pandemic by end of March - the March 23 general election and Passover - Dec 27

Lharmen - March 29th is when I Lharmen will have been in a tent for a full 11 years. Illuminati use 11 many time as in 9 11. 1/3 of their 33 degrees to their Masonic religion.


Chief Sephardic Rabbi: It is obligatory to get vaccinated against coronavirus - Dec 27

Lharmen - the Church has been taken over (for the most part) around the World by Mason Luciferian Christian preachers means they worship Lucifer as if he is Jesus . Jesus warned all of us this day would come.
Do not take these coming vaccines or you will eventually get the virus as it has been exposed as being in a small dose inside the Vaccines.
I Lawrence Harmen have been warning of this exact event happening for many years now. they are about to force all rich or poor to take the Mark/Tattoo to prove you have been vaccinated so you can buy or so you can sell.
Mark of the Beast is here. The second vaccination comes around the 21 day mark = 3 X 7 weeks. 3xsabbaths.


Europe kicks off COVID vaccination drive - Dec 27


Tennessean Newspaper: Nashville Bombing Updates - Dec 27

Lharmen - the Devil Lucifer and his Hells Angels get cast out of Heaven for deceiving the Whole World.
These are all staged events.


In Christmas Message, Pope Francis Urges Coronavirus 'Vaccines For All' - Dec 27

Lharmen - alpha and omega ( first and the last) says the Pope will be the position the Dragon portion of the Angel of Death will take on = 3 parts to an Angel. He will force the World in to a one World religion/ a one World money system / a one World government. The Devil will stand in the house of God and say he is God before the end can come says he has to become the highest priest as Jesus is the highest priest after the order of Melchizedek for ever. Jesus warned all not take the tattoo/ Mark of the Beast. Do not take the vaccines.

Britain could be free of Covid restrictions by February after ministers pinpointed the 15million people to vaccinate to end the cycle of lockdowns, with Oxford's jab due to be approved Monday and rolled out within a week. - Dec 27

Lharmen - Very much like the end of March. We flee into the Wilderness for 3 1/2 years to regain our strength except a few. This happens when the Palestinian's and the Nation of Israel sign the 7 year peace deal. The Time of the Gentiles will have begun for 3 1/2 year the outer court is given to them. We flee into the Wilderness for the full time period to regain our strength = March end for this event ahead of the Passover = March end.
God told us the Devil and his Angels get cast out of Heaven for deceiving the Whole World.


Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!! - Dec 27

Lharmen - Do not take these vaccines. They will severely weaken Christians immune systems. You will need 3 1/2 years, as the bible says, to recover.


Dec 21 / 22 / 23 - We will be headed for March end for our redemption sign at the earliest. They will soon move to Martial Law to enforce the Mark of the Beast! Tattoo is the Mark. It has always been the mark.


Scientists, MPs Ask "Where Is Evidence Of 70% More Contagious Mutant COVID?" - Dec 23


Sen. Romney says next hack could shut off US electricity and water supply - Dec 23

Lharmen - When the cyber attack happens, that does this, it will certainly be blamed on Iran and maybe even Russia and Iran.

Clip: In an interview with NBC’s “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd, Romney attributed the mass U.S. hack to Russian state-backed hackers, and said the U.S. needs to take seriously the threat a hack of that magnitude could pose to U.S. infrastructure. “They potentially have the capacity to cripple us economically, they went to our businesses. They have the potential to also cripple us with regards to our water and electricity and so forth.”


Biden says huge cyberattack cannot go unanswered - Dec 23

The 23rd Knesset dissolves. Elections on March 23 - Dec 23

March 22 could be the Red Dragon sign as they worship Goddess Diana and her ascension date was 322 BC. Winter ends March 20th.


Netanyahu prepares full lockdown plan for cabinet approval - Dec 23

PM Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that he is convening the coronavirus cabinet on Wednesday to approve a national lockdown to go into effect in the coming days against the alarming surge of covid infection. It will most likely be imposed for three weeks.

Lharmen - it will not be long until Martial Law is imposed on all of our nations. Then forced tattoo, which is the Mark in the Bible, so people World wide can buy or sell.


US, Israeli submarines surface in Gulf to reinforce warning to Tehran - Dec 23


Trump administration offering Indonesia billions in aid for Israel normalization - Dec 23

Top official says world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation could get $1 to $2 billion more in development assistance if it joins countries recognizing Jewish state.
Adam Boehler, the CEO of the US International Development Finance Corp., told Bloomberg in an interview published Tuesday that Indonesia could get $1 billion to $2 billion more in development aid if it joins the rush being organized by the Trump administration in its final days to have Arab and Muslim countries openly recognize Israel.



Dec 19 / 20 - Parting of God's land will happen for 3 1/2 years called the Time of the Gentiles =“We are on the verge of dealing with a new us administration, and we must be ready, as Palestinians and Arabs, to deal with this new phase,” he stressed.

Palestinian state = Time of the Gentiles rule over Jerusalem as Prophesied for 3 1/2 years.


PA, Jordan and Egypt call for resumption of peace talks - Dec 20

The Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan on Saturday stressed the need to urge Israel to return to negotiations in order to reach a final settlement on the basis of a two-state solution to ensure the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state along the pre-1967 lines, with east Jerusalem as its capital.
Lharmen - the Time of the Gentiles we flee into the wilderness for the entire 3 1/2 years and they could and looks like they do make a 7 year peace deal at the end of it they make the Daniel 9:27 one week peace deal that bring on Jerusalem's destruction for 70 years. They have parted Gods land says with all certainty they will part God's land = this coming 2 state deal is it. It will divide Jerusalem. Our redemption draws near when the parting deal happens. I have always seen it as a Solar flare that cast the Devil and his Angels out of Heaven for deceiving the Whole World = Covid19 is fake.. God told us to look up in Luke 21 when these things begin to come to pass = Solar flare, as our redemption draws near. Some of us do not get lead to our destruction we flee into the Wilderness to a place that is prepared for our . The Peppers that did not make it in God's eyes will have stocked up places for all God chosen.
Clip: Malki said that US President-elect Joe Biden has indicated his willingness to abide by the agreements signed between the US and the Palestinians.
The Palestinians are ready to cooperate with the new Biden administration, Malki said. “We are on the verge of dealing with a new us administration, and we must be ready, as Palestinians and Arabs, to deal with this new phase,” he stressed.
Regarding the chances of resuming negotiations with Israel, Malki said that Israel’s actions are “hindering the resumption of any peace process.” He urged all countries to exert pressure on Israel to “stop its unilateral measures and adherer to signed agreements.”
Lharmen - this deal will go through and it could and very likely will be a 7 year deal broken mid way = 3 1/2 years. Daniel 9:27 is a one week deal. The blind will believe it has been fulfilled when the one week deal comes to pass at the end of the 3 1/2 year point of the parting of God's land. Remember the outer court is given to the Gentiles but the inner court is still in the Jews/Christians hands says they will divided Jerusalem and it will certainly be Biden / Obama who do the Dividing when it happens.


Warp Speed Official: 7.9 Million Doses Of Vaccine Ready For Distribution Next Week - Dec 20

Lharmen - 7 and a 9 in the number = illuminati = Mason Luciferian who force many to worship Lucifer through microchip Dentals implants. They talk into their heads and make them believe Lucifer is Jesus = Isaiah 30:28 says bridles in the Jaws of people causing us to err . When Lucifer is Jesus of the Bibles enemy = the Devil himself.


Pompeo says Russia “clearly behind” massive cyberattack - Dec 20

“This was a very significant effort, and I think it’s the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity,” Pompeo said during several TV interviews on Friday night. “There was a significant effort to use a piece of third-party software to essentially embed code inside of US government systems,” he said, becoming the first US official to accuse Russia.


Israeli health officials said worried about new COVID-19 strain found in UK; another strain breaking out in South Africa - Dec 20


UK faces new, more infectious COVID strain with stricter measures - Dec 20

Lharmen - Martial Law coming with forced Vaccinations and a Tattoo/Mark of the Beast to prove you have taken the Vaccines.


100 Israeli doctors against govt' policy: Insanity, no medical justification - Dec 20

More than 100 doctors have signed a petition against the closures and restrictions that the government intends to impose on Israeli citizens.

"We, doctors in Israel, strongly protest against coercive measures to prevent COVID-19 spread, which include lockdown, curfew, shutting down the education system, surveillance, and traffic restrictions," they wrote. "It is our job to warn of the slippery and dangerous slope of violating rights and taking away liberties that the State of Israel is galloping towards.
"The coercive measures taken in the last 9 months in the country are an expression of a loss of values ​​and are in conflict with the ethical foundations of medicine. A heavy cloud looms over their continued use.

Lharmen - the Devil and his Hells Angels get cast out of Heaven of deceiving the entire World.


New COVID-19 variant that is 70% more transmissible threatens UK. London suddenly put on lockdown and Christmas is cancelled - Dec 20

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that London and parts of the South East and East of England will be entering into 'Tier 4' lockdown restrictions from Sunday morning.

The tougher restrictions, announced at short notice, are in response to the sudden emergence of a fast-spreading variant of COVID-19. The new variant of the virus is currently believed to be up to 70% more transmissible than the original strain.


We Must Retaliate': Acting Intelligence Committee Chair Marco Rubio Says The US Should Hit Back With 'More Than Just Sanctions' After Pompeo Confirms Russia WAS Behind The Cyber Attack Branded An 'Act Of War' By Senator - Dec 20

Lharmen - he we go Kingdom will rise against Kingdom = Luke 21 Nations have been rising against nations for many years now. Wars are determined until the end!


Depopulation by Vaccination: The Final Solution - Dec 20

Lharmen - only the strong in Faith make it in this time period and the Fearful and unbelievers go to hell.


Dec 17 / 18 - Martial Law will certainly come under Biden and Obama will certainly confirm the fake Daniel 9:27 one week peace deal that will see the World war and the destruction of Jerusalem for 70 years happen in the midst of the one week phase.


Nurse Passes Out on Live Television After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine - Dec 18

Lharmen - these are designed to weaken the nations ahead of the World war and that comes during the fake one week peace deal that has divided God's land . Look at March end for that deal.
Clip: Their PR stunt for the vaccine could not have possibly gone any worse.


UK finds new mutation of COVID-19 behind rapid spread across London - Dec 18

Lharmen - the new Vaccines would be worthless with this new version of covid19.
Forces vaccination will becoming very soon = World wide. When these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. Look after winter ends March 20th 2021 for this one week peace deal with Israel and many nations.
Clip: A new mutation of COVID-19 has turned up in more than 1,000 infected patients in the UK — and is being blamed for a more rapid spread of the contagion.

The nation’s health secretary, Matt Hancock, revealed the new variant and said it was behind “very sharp, exponential rises” in cases across London and the surrounding counties of Kent and Essex.
Hancock — who ordered stricter lockdowns for the affected areas — said the UK had alerted the World Health Organization, and the UN health agency confirmed it was investigating.

British scientists from the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium said they were examining the new strain to see if “any of these mutations are contributing to increased transmission.”


Virginia gubernatorial candidate says 'Trump should declare martial law' - Dec 18

Flynn also tweeted an ad Dec. 1 from the conservative We the People Convention calling on Trump to invoke martial law "if Legislators, Courts and the Congress do not follow the Constitution."
Lharmen - we know they are desensitizing the population ahead of Martial Law under Biden. When the World war happens they will be force vaccinating World wide.


China Sentences Multiple Christians to 3 Years in Prison for Publishing Church Books - Dec 18


Nuclear weapons agency breached amid massive cyber onslaught - Dec 18

The hackers have been able to do more damage at FERC than the other agencies, and officials there have evidence of highly malicious activity, the officials said, but did not elaborate.

The officials said that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which has been helping to manage the federal response to the broad hacking campaign, indicated to FERC this week that CISA was overwhelmed and might not be able to allocate the necessary resources to respond.
Lharmen - I see Iran being blamed in March or beyond for the banking cyber attack that brings down the entire Worlds banking systems = Luke 21 beginning of Famine.


Pence said planning to visit Israel on international tour starting January 6 - Dec 18


Dec 15 / 16 - Pray for me we are under strict lock down for 4 weeks. Tattoo / Mark will be forced in the coming months watch for it and warn everyone it is the Mark of the Beast do not take that. Famine will start in the coming months = Luke 21


Pfizer vaccine shots delivered to all 50 US states - Dec 16


Kushner to lead US delegation to Israel, Morocco - Dec 16

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner will lead a US delegation to Israel and Morocco next week for discussions on the normalization deal the two Middle East countries reached last week, a senior administration official said on Tuesday.
The US delegation and an Israeli team will join together and take the first direct commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Rabat as a sign of progress after the Israel-Morocco deal that Kushner helped broker, the official told Reuters.
Kushner and his team are still holding talks with other countries from the Arab and Muslim world and hope to seal at least one more agreement before Trump leaves office on January 20 when President-elect Joe Biden is due to enter the White House.


Christmas will be cancelled for most of the World will lead to financial ruin for many - Dec 16

Meanwhile, Hanukkah is being celebrated in Israel under various COVID restrictions, but it’s possible that Christmas will be cancelled.

The cabinet has said it will impose a third lockdown if the daily infection count reaches 2,500. It is now at almost 2,300. This would be a very sad blow to followers of Jesus in the Holy Land who already had to forgo Easter this year.

Israel’s parliament has a Dec. 23 deadline to pass a new budget, or new elections will automatically be triggered, likely set in March 2021.

Lharmen - I will have a hard time posting as they have locked down all places but a few for doing my web site from. Pray for my safety and my web site.
Clip: The first doses of the Pfizer vaccine were injected Monday into health care workers — those at the front lines of the pandemic.


German lockdown: Merkel announces tough new COVID curbs; from Wednesday to January 10 - Dec 16


Russia's Navalny says he is '100% sure' Putin ordered elite team to trail him before poisoning - Dec 16

Lharmen - the shipment Obama ordered removed from Syria went to Russia and it was Sarin = poisonings rampant where ever the Greek Hells Angels are found . Russia controls half of them as Putin is Greek Mafia / Mason.
Clip: Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny has told CNN that he is certain Russian leader Vladimir Putin knew of an elaborate shadowing operation by elite agents before he was poisoned.
"I am totally sure that Putin was aware," Navalny said on Tuesday, during an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour.


Dec 13 / 14 - Daniel 9:27 could happen any day now! Watch for it as Netanyahu, Trump are about to loose their opportunity to strike Iran and Syria. More peace deals to come in the coming days. Abbas peace conference early next year makes lots of sense under Biden Obama can make the fake one week deal.


O'Brien in Israel after Morocco-Israel normalization, says more to come - There is speculation that Oman and Indonesia would be next - Dec 14

More Israeli-Arab normalization deals will follow the one arrived at with Morocco over the weekend, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said on Sunday in Jerusalem when he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“The momentum is now on the side of the peacemakers,” O’Brien said adding that, “others will follow because the way of peace is far better than the way offered by terrorists... and radical clerics.”

Lharmen - By peace the Devil destroys many!


The Israel-Iran shadow war locks in on southeastern Syria - Dec 14

In the last weeks of the Trump administration, Israel is fast-tracking the military drive to push Iran and its helpers back from their advance on southern Syria and the Golan border. The IDF is urged to hurry up in case the Biden administration decides that Iran’s presence in Syria need not be addressed by the US in a potential renegotiated nuclear deal with Tehran.

Iran is using the uncertain transition period to advance on the Syrian-Israel Golan border by infiltrating and hiding behind Syrian army positions in the southern Syrian provinces of Deraa, Quneitra and Sweida. The Iranians are also practicing clandestine tactics on the Syrian Golan with the help of a special Hizballah unit and dozens of local armed groups and soldiers, taking advantage of the overall chaos prevailing in the region.

The IDF is hitting back by expanding the targets of its air strikes to include the Syrian regime army positions hosting or covering Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Shiite militia forces in the south and the east.


UK and EU agree to keep talking but warn 'no-deal Brexit' is now likely - Dec 14


Abbas seeks Qatar’s support for international peace conference - Dec 14

Abbas, the sources added, is also seeking Qatar’s support for his initiative to convene an international conference for peace in the Middle East early next year.
Abbas’s talks with King Abdullah II and Sisi came in the context of Palestinian efforts to prepare for dealing with a new US administration under President-elect Joe Biden, according to a Palestinian official in Ramallah. “The talks in Jordan and Egypt were successful because the two countries reiterated their support for the two-state solution,” the official said. “The Palestinian leadership wants the Biden administration to abandon [US President Donald] Trump’s plan for Mideast peace, the so-called Deal of the Century, which was actually the plan of the right-wing government in Israel.”



Dec 12 - They will, very soon, push the Tattoo/Mark like China.


Airlines vaccine or no flight Tattoo/Mark of the beast will be next - Dec 12


Lharmen - Mark/Tattoo and the end of your eternal life or give up your Job. Your choice Jesus warned you. Do not take the coming Tattoo to prove you have been vaccinated so you can buy or so you can sell.


Israel and the reclusive kingdom of Bhutan establish diplomatic ties - Dec 12

Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka and his Bhutanese counterpart signed the final agreement normalizing ties on Saturday night.

Lharmen - without fear of pain or tribulation I preach the truth!


White House threatening to fire FDA chief if vaccine not approved by end of day - Dec 13

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Friday pressed US Food and Drug Administration chief Stephen Hahn to grant an emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine by the end of the day or face possible firing, two administration officials said.

The vaccine produced by Pfizer Inc. and its German partner BioNTech won a critical endorsement Thursday from an FDA panel of outside advisers, and signoff from the agency — which was expected this weekend — is the next step needed to get the shots to the public.
“Get the dam vaccines out NOW, Dr. Hahn,” Trump tweeted Friday. “Stop playing games and start saving lives.”
Lharmen - Do not take these vaccines . The Luciferian Hells Angles like Trump are pushing these so they can destroy faith World wide.


Mark is a Tattoo =

Revelation 13
:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
:12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.



Dec  9 / 10 / 11 - The Daniel 9:27 one week Peace deal will be made by Obama. Watch for it around March end = end of Winter.  The Devil makes all Christians so weak we can not come to the birth into Angelic Bodies and have to flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years of the time of the Gentiles.


Abbas: Palestinians ready to resume peace talks with Israel - Dec 11

The Palestinians are ready to return to the negotiating table with Israel under the auspices of the Quartet, which consists of the US, United Nations, Russia and European Union, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday.
Abbas’s statement came amid reports that Egypt has been exerting pressure on the Palestinian leadership to renew the peace talks with Israel.
The Egyptian envoy to Ramallah, Tarek Tayel, met in the past week with a number of senior Palestinian officials in the context of Cairo’s efforts to resume the peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.


Kushner: Saudi normalization 'inevitable'; TV: Another deal may come within days - Dec 11

As Israel and Morocco announce agreement to normalize ties, diplomatic source tells Channel 12 talks underway with more Muslim countries in Africa and Asia.
Lharmen - the He Goat makes a peace deal with many for one week then breaks it in the midst of the week and causes the destruction of Jerusalem for 70 years. Daniel 9:27 this coming peace deal will involve many nations and it will start with a one week phase the Antichrist/He Goat will confirm it has been made.
Clip: Also following the Moroccan announcement, a senior Israeli official told Kan news that an additional unnamed country could announce a normalization deal with Israel within days.
In September, Trump claimed anywhere between five and nine other countries were on the path to peace with Israel. Numerous Israeli officials have also repeatedly said a number of countries are holding clandestine talks on the possible normalization.


CNN: 'Don't be alarmed' if people start dying after taking the vaccine - Dec 11

Lharmen - the fearful and the unbelievers go to Hell. Do not take these coming vaccines you will destroy you energy/immune system .
Clip: In an article on the COVID vaccine rollout, CNN says that Americans shouldn’t be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine because “deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.” (Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from Summit.news)



Lharmen - I do know they will destroy your imunesystems so do not take them. HIV is an auto immune disorder = they have destroyed your immune system as I have been warning you they will do by design ahead of Lucifer getting cast out of heaven with his Hells Angles.
Clip: Did anyone in government even TELL the people they were including HIV in the COVID vaccine?


Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization - Dec 11


Turkey appoints ambassador to Israel after 2-year break - Dec 11


White House task force: Vaccine may not reduce virus spread until late spring - Dec 11


Sun turns to darkness and the Moon into Blood ahead of the 3rd WW - Dec 11

A solar eclipse takes place when the Moon is wedged right in the middle between the Sun and the Earth during its orbit, blocking the light of our host star. As the shadow of the Moon drapes over the star, the Sun's light appears as a burning 'ring of fire' from behind the shadow of the Moon.




UK issues allergy warning about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine after patients fall ill (link fixed) - Dec 11

Lharmen - the Devil makes all Christians so weak we can not come to the birth into Angelic Bodies and have to flee into the Wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years of the time of the Gentiles. Do not take these Vaccines they are designed to destroy your energy and at the same time your immune system. They will soon force all to take the Tattoo to prove you have taken the vaccines. Do not take these.


Trump: Morocco agrees to full diplomatic ties with Israel - Dec 11

“Today, I signed a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara,” Trump tweeted on Thursday. “Morocco’s serious, credible, and realistic autonomy proposal is the ONLY basis for a just and lasting solution for enduring peace and prosperity!” “Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!”
Morocco is the fourth Arab country to break the embargo on Israel and establish normal relations with the Jewish state, rounding off the four months of President Trump’s Abraham Accords peace initiative..
Another clip from another article : Trump, was considering investments worth up to $3 billion earmarked for Moroccan banks and hotels, as well as for a renewable energy company belonging to King Mohammed VI of Morocco himself.
Lharmen - Illuminati Luciferian and their number 3.


Two US B-52H bombers on second mission over the Mid-East - Dec 11

In a direct message of deterrence for Iran, two American B-52H Stratofortress bombers flew over the Mid East on Thursday for the second time in less than a month, along with the withdrawal of thousands of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top US Mid East commander Gen. Frank McKenzie said: “We do not seek conflict but are postured to respond to any contingency or aggression.”


Covid vaccine inoculations begin in Israel on Dec. 27 - Posted Dec 11

Clip: 60,000 shots a day


First covid vaccines arrive as Israel’s ruling party splits and a new election date is set - Dec 11


Russian envoy: Israel-Arab issues - not Iran - main problem in Middle East - Dec 11

Lharmen - Russia is fully backing Iran so when Israel and the Eager Lion group of Nations attacks Iran The Russian Bear will rise up, as scripture tell us she will, and will devour much flesh in a nuclear war with these Western nations.
Clip: Israel destabilizes the Middle East more than Iran, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.
“The problem in the region is not Iranian activities,” Viktorov said at the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv. “It’s a lack of understanding between countries and noncompliance with UN resolutions in the Israel-Arab and Israel-Palestinian conflict.”
“Israel is attacking Hezbollah; Hezbollah is not attacking Israel,” he added, referring to Israel bombing Iranian and Hezbollah and weapons convoys in Syria.
However, he added, “there is no way that we are approving any Israeli strikes on Syria, never in the past and never in the future.”


Hanukkah 2020 began in the evening of
Thursday, December 10
and ends in the evening of
Friday, December 18


Pope Francis is to visit Iraq next spring to encourage Christians in the country and across the Middle East who are suffering as a result of Covid-19 and persecution.

The Pope will be in the country from 5 to 8 March 2021 in his first apostolic journey since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Lharmen - the Devil will stand in the house of God and act as if he is God before the end can come = Jesus is the high priest after the order of melechisdac says he will take on the popes role during the tribulation period. The Dragon portion of the Angel of Death will. The Devil is 3 persons = Dragon, Beast and the false Prophet.

Hebrews 6:20 Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.


Dec 7 / 8 - Vaccines start this week and into next week World wide. Tattoo will soon follow = Mark is a Tattoo and it will be so you can buy and so you can sell. Mark of the Beast is here . Do not take the coming vaccines. When the second shot is here (21 days after the first one) it will make all people who take it very sick. The fearful and unbelievers will run in mass for these vaccines and Tattoo's so they can buy and so they can sell. But the true believers will not take the tattoo = Mark. Pray and God will save you.


Coronavirus director urges U-turn on exit strategy to stem third surge - Dec 8

For one thing, there are 21 days between the two shots for each vaccine.
Lharmen - 3 Sabbaths = 21 days. when they do the second one, the incubation period for the virus to get really bad could be days, when it begins to spike they would naturally says covid is getting worse hurry in and get your vaccines or die. It will not be very long until they force the Tattoo upon all people so you can buy and so you can sell.
Do not do it . Winter ends March 20th. Pray our flight is not made in Winter. That starts Dec 20th. With out the fake one week peace deal and Eager Lion Jordan war games we will not see it until after March 20th and it will be Obama/ Biden when the one week deal is make.


Israel to get first batch of Pfizer coronavirus vaccines on Thursday - Dec 8

Some 100,000 doses said set to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, accompanied by company representatives, as pilot for transit and storage of larger amounts.
The combined five million vaccines would be enough to inoculate over half of Israel’s population of nine million.
Given the imminent arrival, the Health Ministry on Sunday asked the country’s health maintenance organizations to prepare plans to inoculate two million people against the coronavirus within a six-week period, when enough vaccines are available.

Nearly 85% Of California Residents To Be Under Stay-At-Home Orders Through Christmas - Dec 8

The order means strict new closures for many businesses and a ban on gatherings with people outside your immediate household in two regions of the state that are collectively home to some 27 million people. The order will be in effect for at least three weeks.
Lharmen - the Devil gets cast to the ground for weakening the nations and California is nearly bankrupt. 3 week lock down with out Christmas sales will bring them to the ground financially speaking beginning of Famine.


U.K. Begins Nationwide Coronavirus Immunization, Largest In Nation's History - Dec 8

Lharmen - 90 year old = 9 in the number = Illuminati = Masons = Antichrist Luciferian.


FDA could authorize Pfizer’s Covid vaccine this week as U.S. deaths surge - Dec 8

An FDA advisory group is scheduled to convene on Thursday to review Pfizer’s vaccine.
“If the FDA commissioner decides to issue approval, the EUA, on that day when the vote is taken, as early as Friday of next week we could see vaccinations happening across the country,” he said.

Emergency use authorization means the FDA will allow some adults to receive the vaccine as the agency continues to evaluate data. It isn’t the same as a full approval, which can typically take months. The FDA granted emergency clearance for Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir in May before giving full approval in late October.


100 Christians were attacked in the early hours of 25 November in an indian Village = Dec 8


Pound tumbles on no-deal Brexit fears as Boris Johnson signals he may walk away over EU demands - Dec 8

Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage we were warned = My Pet Goat Video. We are sheep they are Goats. George W Bush was reading My Pet Goat book the day of 9 11 2001.
Clip: The pound fell 1.3% against the dollar on Monday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson signalled he might pull out of a Brexit trade deal over EU demands.
Lharmen = 1.3 % = 13 in the number the media are controlled by the Hells Angels


Congress faces a government shutdown if a spending deal isn't reached this week - Dec 8

Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage = watch for it. The end will be all planned ahead of the fake one week peace deal there will be amazing distress of nations.
Clip: Lawmakers have been negotiating a comprehensive bill to fund the government through the next fiscal year, but it might not be ready by the end of this week as Republicans and Democrats resolve their remaining disagreements.

Rather than passing a spending bill this week, however, lawmakers are likely to punt the deadline one week further by voting on a one-week extension of government funding. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., announced Monday the House would vote on a one-week extension of funding on Wednesday to "keep government open while negotiations continue" on government funding.
It is possible Congress could agree on a comprehensive funding bill by the end of the week, but with the House scheduled to leave after Thursday and lawmakers indicating work still remains on a spending bill, it is a less likely outcome.

Former Head of Israel's Space Program: The Aliens Asked Not To Be Revealed, Humanity Not Yet Ready - Dec 8

Lharmen - Project Blue Beam is an Alien second coming of Lucifer as jesus as the bible predicted Lucifer would have a coming as if he was Jesus.


Switzerland declines to authorise COVID19 Vaccine - Dec 8

"We lack data on the effectiveness of clinical trials... said Claus Bolte, head of authorization at Swissmedic"


Dec 5 / 6 - Abbas peace talks begin! Watch out for the Daniel 9:27 fake one week peace deal the World war happens during the one week deal. World wide vaccination set to happen during the next few days - weeks. We will very soon see the Tattoo pushed that will prove you have taken the vaccines to buy or to sell. It will be the right hand of the forehead or both.


Egypt's Sissi said to tell Abbas he intends to broker Israeli-Palestinian talks - Dec 6

The unsourced report said the talks would be held under the auspices of Egypt, Jordan, France and Germany.
The PA leader traveled to Egypt after meeting in Jordan with King Abdullah II, where Abbas’s office said the two discussed “developments in the Palestinian sphere.”


Bill Gates briefed CIA on how to lobotomize Christian fundamentalists, religious “fanatics,” using vaccine that alters VMAT2 “God” gene? - Dec 6

All the Luciferian Illuminati want Christians dead of Lobotomized through vaccination nothing less.
Do not take the coming Tattoo to prove you have been vaccinated so you can buy or so you can sell.


Luke 21 says we lift our heads as our redemption draws near when these things begin to come to pass.


Last-Ditch Push to Brexit Deal - Dec 6

With the negotiations moving only slowly, one EU official warned that expectations that an agreement will be reached within 24 hours are low. The EU has said that a summit of its 27 leaders that begins on Thursday now marks the effective deadline for a Brexit deal.

The U.K. will leave the European single market and customs union on Dec. 31 -- with or without an agreement. Both the European and U.K. parliaments need to ratify any accord, so one has to be reached before then to be implemented in time.

Russia begins vaccinating high-risk workers; world set to follow - Dec 6


'Papers Please': Government Prepares to Issue COVID-19 Vaccination Cards - Dec 6

You knew it was coming, and now it is official. COVID-19 vaccinations could begin distribution in the next three weeks, according to WSAV in Savannah, Georgia. With the glorious two-step vaccine that is likely to make you feel ill for a few days with each dose, you will get a COVID vaccination card:


Biden HHS Favorite Would Revive Obama-Era Attacks on Religious Freedom - Dec 6

One of the favorites to lead President-elect Joe Biden's Department of Health and Human Services spearheaded the attempt to revoke religious liberty protections instituted by the Trump administration, a position that could lead Senate Republicans to challenge her confirmation.


People should take the Covid-19 vaccine, says Catholic Church - Dec 6

Taking a Covid-19 vaccine is the "most effective way" for Catholics to do their "duty" of protecting others in the pandemic, the Catholic Church has said.

The UK's health regulator this week approved the Pfizer vaccine, with the first vaccinations to start as early as next Tuesday, according to Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers.

Lharmen - 605 years the Catholic church mass murdered believers in Jesus Do not follow them to the Mark of the Beast Tattoo.


Says Trump Will '100 Percent' Be President For 'Next 4 Years' - Dec 6

Lharmen - unless we see the fake Daniel 9:27 one week peace deal Biden will take over in Jan.


Hope is here! As the first Covid-19 jab gets the go ahead for use in the UK as early as next WEEK, we put your questions to the experts - Dec 6

The Oxford vaccine, developed with AstraZeneca, is an adenovirus vector vaccine, a method that's been around for years that uses a harmless virus to stimulate the immune system.

'The best way I can describe this is that the adenoviruses chosen for viruses are harmless infections,' says Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England.

'In effect this is a 'hitchhiker' virus. You can put genetic material [DNA] corresponding to the coronavirus spike protein inside the adenovirus, then, when you give that as a vaccine, the genetic material from the coronavirus hitches a lift inside the cell. You then get mRNA produced which causes production of spike protein, and then you get the production of antibodies.'
Lharmen - they are going to give you a virus that will cause you to get sick in order to force the immune system to produce the needed antibodies to protect you from covod19. Same as the flu virus of the past that made many horribly sick for weeks in order to save those same people from being horribly sick for 2 weeks. No savings . This time they will add the Mark, which is the Tattoo, to prove you have been vaccinated = Mark of the Beast to buy or to sell . It is here! Do not take the coming vaccines or you will loss your eternal future.
Clip: But the Covid vaccines have taken less than nine months to get to the final stage. How is that possible? The simple answer is that while testing hasn't been skimped on, all other processes have been done in the shortest time possible.


Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won't Have "Freedom To Move Around" - Dec 6

Lharmen - we need to make it until Eager Lion Jordan war games happen as they come across the swelling of Jordan the day of the World war. could be end of March. Luke 21 when they things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.


Approval of the Pfizer vaccine will be made “within the next week to 10 days.” - Dec 6


A meteor exploded over New York this week, and people actually felt the shockwave - Dec 6

Lharmen - Tesla's fire ball technology has been tested for many years now and it looks to be World wide testing as many nations have seen these same tests. The Devil will have power to bring fire down in the site of man.



Dec 3 / 4 - The mark/Tattoo will be pushed along with the vaccines. They cast the truth to the ground and they prosper.
Preach the truth with out fear!


Israel: We won't force vaccine; but companies could say "you won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine" - Dec 4


Israel may get 4 million COVID shots this month, start vaccinating — reports - Dec 4

Health officials said preparing to inoculate 80,000 a day, weighing local approval without FDA; Health Ministry chief warns of new restrictions as infections rise.
Such a development could see up to a fifth of Israel’s population vaccinated by January — a far more optimistic projection than previously assumed.
Lharmen - By March = Winters end they might have vaccinated every one in Israel.


Iran says it will comply with nuclear deal if Biden lifts all sanctions - Dec 4


Covid-19 Vaccines Are 'Liquid Gold' to Organized Crime, Interpol Says - Dec 4


Put Away the Tin-Foil Hats. The UFO Phenomenon Is About to Get Very Real - Dec 4

Sometime in the next five years, the United States Navy will announce unmistakable, undeniable proof of the extraterrestrial origin of what they term “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP). The most recent report from the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, which is run out of the Office of Naval Intelligence, comes very close to making that determination public.

Lharmen - Project blue beam fake alien second coming of Jesus/Lucifer. Jesus warned us Lucifer will pose as Jesus and he will have a coming Like Jesus did.


Biden pledges to publicly get a COVID-19 vaccine - Dec 4


Biden to call for 100 days of mask-wearing, asks Fauci to stay on - Dec 4

President-elect and predecessors Clinton, Bush and Obama ready to get vaccinated in public to boost confidence in anticipated vaccines.


Vaccine Minister Says Bars, Restaurants & Cinemas Will Demand Proof of Vaccination Before Entry - Dec 4


China Seizes on Brexit as UK's Trade Woes Begin - Dec 4

Lharmen - I have said it for many years that Brexit will be used as one big domino that will be used to bring down the World economy.


Harry Dent: Stocks will crash 40% by April and won’t rebound for decades … Tom Woods: We’re living through the greatest public health fiasco in history … - Dec 4

Lharmen - the Devils warned us the market plunge comes ahead of the World war coverage. Luke 21 Pestilence and Famine when they begin we lift our heads our redemption draws near.


Russian, Syrian jets swarm central Syria in powerful attack on ISIS - Dec 4

The Russian and Syrian air forces have increased their aerial presence in central Syria this week, as their warplanes have launched dozens of airstrikes on the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) positions inside the Hama, Al-Raqqa and Homs governorates.


Facebook BANS false claims about Covid vaccines ‘debunked by public health experts’ – all such posts to be REMOVED - Dec 4

Lharmen - they cast the truth to the ground and they prosper.
Preach the truth with out fear!


Dec 1 / 2 - Mass vaccination World wide to begin next week. Watch to see when they force the Tattoo on all people so you can buy or so you can sell = Mark = Tattoo in the Bible.

Luke 21 when these things begin we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. Now until march end . I watch and warn and wait.


Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization - Dec 2

The vaccine contains a spike protein (see image) called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. If the vaccine works so that we form an immune response AGAINST the spike protein, we are also training the female body to attack syncytin-1, which could lead to infertility in women of an unspecified duration.
Lharmen - Depopulation is the agenda as I have been warning for 10+ years now.


Heads Up! Elite British Army Unit Being Used to Spy On Combat 'Anti-Vax' Citizens - Dec 2

Lharmen - fearful and unbelievers go to hell as Perfect love for God casts out fear. Preach the Truth about these vaccines and the Tattoo coming without fear.


StarGate TV Series Warned Us About the Vaccination Disaster Facing Us - Dec 2

Lharmen - the movie warned that once vaccinated we would not be able to have children. Many reason not to take these coming vaccines but the number one reason is they will soon force the Mark or Tattoo on all people to buy or to sell. That is the number one reason. God told us all who ever takes this coming Tattoo/Mark will perish for ever.





Bahraini delegation arrives in Israel to sign bilateral tourism agreement - Dec 2

“For the past two months we have worked hard to turn peace from an idea to a reality, and the tourism MoU between the countries is an important step in that direction,” said Farkash-Hacohen

Lharmen - we need to see the fake one week peace deal made with many before the World war can happen = Daniel 9:27


Taliban warns ‘war against US will resume’ if Biden upends Trump’s peace deal - Dec 2


White House to host COVID-19 vaccine summit as it hopes to start vaccinations next week - Dec 2

President Trump has frequently complained that the approval process is taking too long, but officials now believe that work to distribute vaccines across the country will begin next week.
“It’s about making the case, setting the stage,” he said. “There’s a thought process that distribution could begin 24 hours after the FDA reviews and approves the emergency use approval application from Pfizer, meaning Dec. 11 or Dec. 12 if delayed."
Lharmen - an 11 date !


UK first to approve Pfizer/BioNTech covid vaccine for use next week - Dec 2

Britain’s medicines regulator, the MHRA, says the jab, which offers up to 95% protection against Covid-19 illness, is safe for use. The first 800,000 doses will be available in the UK from next week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said.
Lharmen - as the flu vaccine for many years had the flu virus was in it so will Covid19 also have covid 19 in it. Watch to see the rise in cases following to coming vaccination program.


Fauci says COVID-19 will continue to disrupt lives unless "overwhelming majority" of Americans take vaccine - Dec 2


No COVID-19 vaccine, no normal life, UK minister suggests - Dec 2


Putin Orders Mass Covid Vaccinations To Begin Next Week In Russia - Dec 2

Lharmen - they have ordered mass sterilization to begin next week.
Clip: Just hours after the UK approved the rushed Pfizer vaccine for use in the UK as soon as next week (it remains unclear just who will volunteer first), President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of mass-scale vaccination against coronavirus in Russia by the end of next week with medics and teachers first to get the shot.

In a teleconference on Wednesday, Putin said that Russia’s pharma industry is ready for a large-scale vaccination as the amount of doses of the pioneering anti-Covid "Sputnik V" vaccine already produced will reach two million in the coming days.

The vaccination against Covid-19 will be voluntary, and Russian citizens will be getting the shots free of charge.

"I’d ask you to organize the work in a way that would allow the start of large-scale vaccination by the end of next week," the president told Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.


Chinese team test jet engine 'able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours' - Dec 2

Nov 28 / 29 / 30 - Watch for the Fake one week peace deal in days = made with many nations. Watch for the vaccine approval Dec 10th. For the mass vaccination to take place very soon after it. Watch for the Mark/Tattoo to be forced upon the World when it starts so you can buy or sell. God told you to warn all not to take the tattoo to buy or sell or they will never be receive into heaven.


Israel put its embassies around the world “on high alert” in the face of threats of an Iranian attack - Nov 30

Israel alerted all its embassies in the world for fear of promises of revenge from Iran, which has accused it of the death of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh this Friday in an ambush outside Tehran.
Lharmen - the first shots in the coming World war will see Israel's defences destroyed.  Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom. When these things begin we lift our heads as our redemption draws near even at the door. We are getting very close to our redemption. The Vaccine push will open the door for the Tattoo/ Mark of the Beast to prove you have taken the Vaccines so you can buy or so you can sell.


Jordan's King Abdullah and Palestinian leader Abbas meet, hope Biden revives peace process - Nov 30

Jordan’s King Abdullah on Sunday met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and both leaders set high hopes that U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will revive peace talks over a two-state solution to the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict, officials said.
Lharmen - they will divide God's land ahead of his return says this peace deal has to be made.
Clip: In a palace statement after meeting with Abbas in the Red Sea port of Aqaba, the monarch, who in recent months said Israeli policies and Trump’s Middle East peace plan would lead to conflict, said he fully backed Palestinian statehood.


Britain stocks up on vaccines, hopes to start virus shots in days - Nov 30

LONDON — Britain said Sunday it has secured 2 million more doses of a promising coronavirus vaccine as it gears up to launch within days the country’s most ambitious inoculation program in decades.
The U.K. government has agreed to buy more than 350 million doses of vaccines from seven different producers, should they prove effective, as it prepares to vaccinate as many of the country’s 67 million people as possible.
The Department of Health said Sunday it had increased its order for a vaccine developed by U.S. firm Moderna from 5 million to 7 million doses, enough for 3.5 million people.




Kushner set to travel to Saudi Arabia, with eyes on Israel normalization - Nov 30

White House adviser Jared Kushner will travel to Saudi Arabia this week, in an apparent last-ditch effort to broker a normalization deal between the kingdom and Israel, according to a report on Sunday.
Kushner will meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Neom — the Red Sea city where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week held a secret rendezvous with the prince, alongside US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Kushner will also travel to Qatar during his trip. He will be accompanied by Middle East envoys Avi Berkowitz and Brian Hook and chief executive of the US International Development Finance Corporation, Adam Boehler, according to the report.

During the trip, Kushner will also likely seek to heal a years-long rift between Qatar and other Arab states. Bahrain, along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, have imposed an air, naval and land embargo on Qatar since June 2017 over their insistence Doha is too close to Iran and radical Islamist groups. Qatar denies the charges.
President Donald Trump has repeatedly predicted that Saudi Arabia and up to nine other countries were readying to normalize relations with Israel, following the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan.


World should thank Israel for hit on Iran nuke chief, Israeli official tells NYT - Nov 30

Lharmen - when ever Israel or the U.S. want the World to hate their enemies they do this (Fake) -->Nuke chief character assassination thing. Israel wants the World to go to war with Iran so they can take the Middle East over.
Iran does not have a nuclear bomb factory but you have to demonize your enemies ahead of War to survive it at home after.


Iranian newspaper urges striking Haifa in retaliation for Fakhrizadeh killing - Nov 30

Haifa naval base is whatr they must be talking about. Iran has warned the first shots in the coming war will be the Israel defence networks.


High schools reopen despite high 3.3pc covid contagion rate - Nov 30

Lharmen - Freemasons and their 33 degree to their religion. They sign their works with their numbers here we see the 33. 3.3 percent. They control the Media today.


Kushner to visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar seeking deal to end crisis - Nov 30

Jared Kushner will travel in the coming days to Saudi Arabia and Qatar in a last-ditch effort to resolve the dispute between the Gulf countries.

Lharmen - the Daniel 9:27 fake one week peace deal is made with many nations.


USS Nimitz ordered back to Persian Gulf after Iran's supreme leader threatens revenge over slain scientist - Nov 30

The roadside attack, which bore the hallmarks of a carefully planned, military-style ambush, threatens to further escalate tensions between the United States and Iran in the waning days of President Trump’s term and creates new complications for President-elect Joe Biden.


The Biggest Solar Flare In Years Was Just Seen, With More Coming Soon - Nov 30


M4.4 SE Limb 13:11 (Nov 29)

Visible Sunspot Regions
Mag Class

AR 2789 ALPHA     S25E43
AR 2788 BETA       S26W07
AR 2787 ALPHA     N29E37
AR 2786 B-GAMMA S17E03
AR 2785 ALPHA     S23W22

Lharmen - The Sun has been very quiet until weeks ago and now every day we see many new Sun Spots. We will see God's anger rise in his face ahead of the 3rd WW.


Nov 26 / 27 - We watch for the peace deal to be made some time after March 20th = the end of Winter. Vaccines are to begin around the 10th of Dec. Watch for Obama to confirm the fake one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27 Obama has already made the one week deal with Syria that held (chemical weapons deal with Kerry). Now he will confirm the one week deal that will fail. The one week peace deal is when the World war happens also during the Eager Lion Jordan war games.


PA says it conveyed to Biden administration interest in return to peace talks - Nov 27

“We indirectly have had contacts with his team, and we are hopeful that we will be able to reengage again with the new administration in Washington on January 20,” al-Maliki said.
“We have asked for a phone call between President Abbas and President-elect Biden. We have asked for a specific date and time for such a phone call to take place,” al-Maliki said.


Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Lharmen - 3rd World war starts with a fake one week peace deal made with many nations! It also happens during Eager Lion Jordan war games.

"Government won't force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won't be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine." - Nov 27

Although Health Ministry Director Hezy Levy yesterday insisted to reporters that "we won't force people to take a vaccine. Israeli law doesn't allow for it," speaking before the Special Knesset Coronavirus Committee chaired by MK Yifat Shasha-Biton, Sheba Medical Center Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Eyal Zimlichman listed measures that are being planned to "maneuver" the population into vaccinating as a way of regaining freedom of movement.

The issue of how to "motivate" vaccine compliance has generated increasing interest, with commentators such as Mike Cernovich writing: "Government won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine."
"What is possible is to create motivation. Whoever is vaccinated will automatically receive 'green status'. Therefore, you may vaccinate, and receive Green Status to go freely in all the green zones: They'll open for you cultural events, they'll open to you the shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants.

Lharmen - they will be pushing the mark of the Beast = the Tattoo to buy or sell so you can prove you have taken the Vaccines. Do not ever do it. Mark is a Tattoo and they are already taking about it in China.


Trump says coronavirus vaccine deliveries will start next week - Nov 27

"The whole world is suffering and we are rounding the curve," Trump said. "And the vaccines are being delivered next week or the week after."
Front-line workers, medical personnel and seniors will be the vaccine's first recipients.


Jeremiah 12:5 If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses? and if in the land of peace, wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?
Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?
Jeremiah 50:44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?


Nov 23 / 24 / 25 - Mark or Tattoo of the Beast is nearly here = weeks away. When they push this coming vaccine they will force every one to take the Tattoo to prove you have been vaccinated.


Give Everyone a Barcode? China Trying to Use COVID Fears to Launch Global Tracking System for Humans - Novb 25

Lharmen- I have been Warning you for many years they will push a Bar code Tattoo when the Vaccine push is here. Mid Dec-Jan they start mass vaccinations and these bar code Tattoos will become a part of all that to allow people to buy and to sell. That is the Mark (Tattoo) of the Beast. If you take it you will never ever ever see Heaven.
Clip: Xi proposed the concept during a virtual G20 leaders' meeting on Saturday, noting that this "global mechanism" uses an electronic barcode that would help determine a traveler's health status, according to China's government-run "news" agency.

"China has proposed a global mechanism on the mutual recognition of health certificates based on nucleic acid test results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes," Xi said. "We hope more countries will join this mechanism."
The system provides users with a color code based on their risk of exposure to the coronavirus and the QR codes, or bar codes can be read on mobile devices.

A green code indicates that someone is safe to travel, while an orange or red code signifies the need to quarantine for up to two weeks.

And some Christians say these technology-driven measures and tracking systems are another step toward the fulfillment of the End Times "Mark of the Beast" prophesied 2,000 years ago in the biblical book of Revelation.

"It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name."- Revelation 13:16-17 (NIV).

E commerce Invisible bar code tattoo

Revelation 13:17   And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


Russia plans to produce 1 billion doses of its 'cheaper' Covid vaccine - Nov 25


Reported Israeli air strikes kill 8 pro-Iranian fighters in rural Damascus and Quneitra - Nov 25

The London-based Syrian opposition group reported on Wednesday that eight pro-Iranian foreign militiamen and Hizballah members were killed in two Israeli air strikes Tuesday overnight on Jabal al-Mani south of Damascus and Ruweihina village on the Syrian Golan border with Israel. The first targeted weapons and missile depots serving the Iranians and Hizballah; the second, a group called the Syrian resistance for the Liberation of the Golan at a post of the Syrian army’s 90th Brigade.
This was Israel’ second air strike against Syria in a week. Early Wednesday, Israel closed the airspace over the Golan to traffic of more than 5,000 feet.


Barak Ravid: Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran - Nov 25

The Israel Defense Forces have in recent weeks been instructed to prepare for the possibility that the U.S. will conduct a military strike against Iran before President Trump leaves office, senior Israeli officials tell me.


Vaccination to Be a ‘Necessity’ for Overseas Travel, Qantas Says - Nov 25

By the numbers: The U.S. surpassed 12 million confirmed coronavirus cases last Saturday and 250,000 deaths from COVID-19 last Wednesday.




Israeli Military Launches Large-Scale Gaza War Exercise - Nov 23

The IDF said, however, that the war games were planned several weeks ago and were unrelated to recent events.
Lharmen - The Least of Israel's enemies will draw her out onto her borders when the World war happens - Hamas.


Israeli and Saudi officials confirm Netanyahu-Crown Prince talks - Nov 23


Mass Covid Vaccination Gets a Dry Run in a Louisiana Parking Lot - Nov 23

A Covid-19 vaccine may be months from reaching millions of Americans. Getting all those shots into arms will be a monumental task. Shreveport, Louisiana, is getting ready now.

The city recently completed a test run, one of about a dozen across the state. Health officials there organized the community’s first-ever drive-thru flu shot clinic in the massive parking lot of the Louisiana state fairgrounds.


FDA grants emergency approval to coronavirus antibody treatment given to Trump - Nov 23

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Saturday granted emergency authorization for the antibody treatment administered to and later praised by President Trump for his past COVID-19 diagnosis.

The antibody cocktail from Regeneron is authorized for treating mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults, as well as pediatric patients at least 12 years old who have a high risk of progressing to severe disease.

The company said it could have enough doses for around 80,000 patients by the end of November, and enough for approximately 300,000 patients in total by the end of January.


Five U.S. agencies have started telling employees they could get Covid vaccine shots in as little as 8 weeks - Nov 23

Five federal agencies have started telling employees they could receive Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine in as little as eight weeks as the U.S. prepares to distribute the potentially life-saving doses across the country, according to a person with first-hand knowledge of the plan.

Essential federal workers would be among the first group of Americans to get inoculated against the coronavirus after the nation’s health-care workers, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s vaccination program “interim playbook.” The plan lists essential workers, along with the elderly and other highly vulnerable groups, in the first phase of its vaccine distribution plan, which hasn’t been finalized yet and could change.

Diplomats at the State Department who are 70 and older or otherwise in a vulnerable population group might qualify for early vaccination, said the person, who asked not to be named because neither companies’ vaccines have been authorized and the distribution plans are still being drafted.


Toronto, Canada's largest city, put into lockdown as infections soar - Nov 23

Toronto, Canada's largest city, was placed into lockdown for 28 days on Friday, with officials shutting shops, businesses and restaurants and banning indoor gatherings to curb a growing spike in Covid-19 cases.

The lockdown will begin on Monday in the city and in Peel, a part of the Greater Toronto to the west of the city center.

Israeli scientists claim to reverse aging process - Nov 23

Recent research led by Tel Aviv University’s Prof. Shai Efrati, together with a team from Shamir Medical Center, found that when healthy adults over the age of 64 were placed in a pressurized chamber and given pure oxygen for 90 minutes a day, five days a week for three months, not only was the aging process delayed - it was actually reversed.
Specifically, the study, which is published in the peer-reviewed journal Aging, focused on whether the process could reverse two key indicators of biological aging: the shortening of DNA telomeres and the accumulation of resultant senescent cells.A telomere is the end of a chromosome. Telomeres are made of repetitive sequences of non-coding DNA that serve as bumpers to protect the chromosome from damage during replication. Every time replication happens, these bumpers take a hit, making them shorter and shorter. Once the telomere reaches a certain length, the cell cannot replicate anymore, which leads to senescent cells: aging, malfunctioning cells that ultimately lead to cognitive or other age-related disabilities and even diseases, such as cancer.
Some 35 adults over the age of 64 were involved in the study and were administered hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) utilizing 100% oxygen in an environmental pressure higher than one absolute atmospheres to enhance the amount of oxygen dissolved in the body's tissues.
Every 20 minutes, the participants were asked to remove their masks for five minutes, bringing their oxygen back to normal levels. However, during this period, researchers saw that fluctuations in the free oxygen concentration were interpreted at the cellular level as a lack of oxygen – rather than interpreting the absolute level of oxygen.


CDC Director Robert Redfield says COVID-19 vaccine roll-out will start in the second week of December - as HHS says states will have 'final say' on who gets the first doses - Nov 25

Coronavirus vaccines will likely start rolling out across the US the second week of December, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Dr Robert Redfield predicted Tuesday.

U.S. officials also said on Tuesday they plan to release 6.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses nationwide in an initial distribution after the first one is cleared by regulators for emergency use.

The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) vaccine committee will meet on December 10 to decide whether to give emergency use authorization for Pfizer's shot, which was 95 percent effective in clinical trials.


'That was weird as s**t': Bemused White House reporters are baffled by Trump's 60-second press conference to celebrate Dow Jones breaking 30,000 points for first time - Nov 25

'We've never broken 30,000. And that's despite everything that's taken place with the pandemic,' said Trump.
That's a sacred number: 30,000. Nobody thought they'd ever see it,' said Trump.


Nov 22 - B52 bombers to Middle East. Watch for the peace deal to be made with many any day now . Both trump and Netanyahu are out in 2 months. They can only get the deals done now ahead of Winter Dec 20th. They have parted God's land ahead of his return = 2 state solution.


Pompeo 'Confident' Other Nations Will Join Arab-Israeli Peace Deal - Nov 22

Pompeo paid a whirlwind multi-state visit to the Middle East this week, demonstratively touring a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank and stopping by in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and going on to visit the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in a trip expected to wrap up on Monday.


Message to Iran: B-52 bombers deployed to Middle East - Nov 22


Pompeo hints more Trump administration announcements on Israel to come - Nov 22

US policy towards Israel will continue in the same vein in the coming weeks, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Friday.
Asked whether the US would find ways to further entrench the principles of US President Donald Trump’s Vision for Peace between Israel and the Palestinians, which calls for Israel’s final borders to include over 30% of Judea and Samaria and most of east Jerusalem, such as recognizing Israeli sovereignty in those parts of its capital, Pompeo would not confirm specific policies that are under consideration.

Lharmen - watch for the fake one week peace deal to be made shortly as the B52 bombers are in place today for the strikes on Iran and Syria during it.
Trump and Netanyahu will both be out of office in Jan. Pray our flight is not made in Winter means in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter is somewhere on earth at all times) Dec 20th is the last day they could do it.. If we reach that time we will not see the deal until March 20th 2021 at the earliest.
Clip: Pompeo continued to the United Arab Emirates from Israel on Friday and Qatar on Saturday, and he is expected to stop in Saudi Arabia on this trip, as well.


156 UN nations affirm West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem not part of Israel - Nov 22


The resolution against the exploitation of Palestinian natural resources is one of almost 20 texts that the General Assembly approvals annually against Israel. No other country has that many resolutions levelled against it.
Lharmen - God said he would make Jerusalem a burdensome stone and all who are burdened by her will be cut in pieces.
Clip: The Palestinian Authority representative thanked those countries that supported the resolution, saying that it was an affirmation of the rights of Palestinians to the territory over the pre-1967 lines. Urgent international action is needed to bring Israel into compliance with international law, the representative said.
The entire European Union block of 27 countries as wells the United Kingdom voted for the text.
Lharmen - When God comes back they have parted his land and today they are preparing to do just that = 2 state solution.



US posts B-52 bombers to Mid-East ahead of troop drawdown - Nov 22

US B-52 Stratofortress bombers were on their way to the Middle East on Saturday, Nov. 21. Their mission: “To deter aggression and reassure allies”- four days after Washington announced the drawdown of troops to 2,500 in Afghanistan and 2,500 in Iraq by Jan. 15 of next year.

That date is significantly five days before the next US president takes office.

“The ability to quickly move forces into, out of and around the theater to seize, retain and exploit the initiative is key to deterring potential aggression,” said Lt. Gen. Greg Guillot, Air Force commander when the long range, heavy B-52 bombers took off from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

The Central Command added that the mission demonstrated the military’s ability “to deploy airpower anywhere in the world on short notice.” The bombers are to be integrated with at least four other national defense elements.

The size of the bomber deployment is unclear, as is their destination. The B-52s were last deployed to the region last January, after a US drone attack over Baghdad killed Iran’s al Qods chief Qassem Soleimani. Six B-52s were then deployed to the Indian Ocean base at Diego Garcia to meet Iran’s threats of retaliation.

The Stratofortress provide muscle for what may be the Trump administration’s last diplomatic mission to the Middle East. Elliott Abrams, special US envoy on Iran, on Friday issued a blunt warning. to “Iran and its proxies” that “they would be sorry for any military or terrorist activities that kill Americans.” He spoke while accompanying US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on what could be his last trip for touching base with key American allies, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
On Saturday, Pompeo continued to Doha, Qatar, to push forward Afghan government-Taliban talks on their outstanding issues and so speed up America’s troop withdrawal from its longest war.
Lharmen - The B52 Bombers arrived on Saturday.


Palestinian rocket fired from Gaza at Ashkelon - Nov 22

Red alert warned Ashkelon of an incoming rocket from the Gaza Strip on Saturday night, followed by explosions. The rocket landed on open ground without causing harm.

Lharmen - The least of Israel's enemies draw them out onto their borders ahead of the World war = Hamas.


Iran warns Israel of ‘crushing’ reply to ‘hit and run’ strikes in Syria - Nov 22

Iran said on Sunday that it would bring an end to what it called Israel’s practice of “hit and run” strikes in Syria as an unconfirmed report said that at least 14 pro-Iran fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan were killed in overnight air strikes in eastern Syria.
Tehran made the threat following a major Israeli assault last week in response to what Jerusalem said was a failed Iranian explosives attack on the Golan Heights.
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told a press conference that “the Zionist regime is well aware that the era of hit and run is over and therefore they are very cautious.”



Nov 21 - Dec 10 could bring the first vaccine approval. Do not take them or you might not live to regret it. They will all bring down your immune system.  We look like we are headed for next year after winter ends for the World war during the Fake one week peace deal. Watch for Obama to be involved. I watch to see what position Biden offers Obama = maybe the defense ministers Job. He then could make the fake one week peace deal with many = Daniel 9:27


US envoy cautions Iran after Iraqi militia rocket attack on Baghdad embassy - Nov 21

“If Iran and its proxies engage in military activities and terrorist activities that kill Americans, they’re going to be sorry,” US Special Representative to Iran Elliot Abrams said on Friday, after another rocket attack on the US embassy compound in Baghdad. There will be more sanctions coming in November and December, so you can expect that, yes,” said Abrams after visits to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Iran puts allies on high alert, warns not to provoke US in Trump's final weeks - Nov 21

Iran has instructed allies across the Middle East to be on high alert and avoid provoking tensions with the US that could give an outgoing Trump administration cause to launch attacks in the US president’s final weeks in office, Iraqi officials have said.


Pfizer vaccinations may begin next month; Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine in the works - Nov 21


FDA will consider Pfizer vaccine for emergency use on December 10th - Nov 21

The Food & Drug Administration announced Friday that its committee on vaccines will meet Dec. 10th to review Pfizer's request for emergency use authorization (EUA) of its Covid-19 vaccine.

This comes two days after Pfizer, with their German partner BioNTech, released promising final results that show their vaccine is 95% effective and protects elderly adults who are most at risk of dying. Pfizer had submitted the EUA request earlier in the day Friday.


Top Rabbi: Messiah's Name Will Soon Be Revealed - Nov 21


Iran Says Trump Is Risking 'Full-Fledged War' with End of Term Escalation - Nov 21

Trump appears set on making the regime pay as steep a price as possible before he leaves the White House.


One of Israel’s wealthiest rabbis calls time of governmental disunity a precursor for Messiah - Nov 21


Congo announces end to 11th deadly Ebola outbreak - Nov 21



Nov - 20 Watch for a peace deal to pop on Nov 22. It would be the last date I could see for a deal based on the illuminati numbers I keep seeing in their works. Trump said there was up to 9 nations waiting to make a peace deal with Israel.

If it is made for one week then the World war will happen during the one week phase. U.N. votes again to divide Israel. They have parted God's land when he comes.


Biden to reinstate the Obama administration's Palestinian-centric Middle East policies immediately after taking office - Nov 20

Over the past two weeks, the members of Biden's team have made it clear in open and closed forums that they intend to reinstate the Obama administration's Palestinian-centric Middle East policies immediately after taking office.
Biden's team's efforts to date indicate they have shae Indyk's view and fully intend to begin where Indyk, Kerry and Barack Obama left off four years ago.


Two summits: Arab kings gather in UAE as Bahrain, Israel meet - analysis Nov 20


Israel’s President Invites UAE Crown Prince to The Holy Land - Nov 20


UK MP Suggests People Shouldn’t be Allowed to Work Without COVID Vaccine - Nov 20

“I can certainly see the day when businesses say: ‘Look, you’ve got to return to the office and if you’re not vaccinated you’re not coming in'”
Lharmen - They will make people take the vaccines  next year and to prove you have taken them you will have a Tattoo under your skin . This will allow people to buy or sell = Mark (Tattoo) of the Beast is to buy or to sell.


Jeremiah 12:5 Jeremiah 49:19 Jeremiah 50:44

He comes across the Swelling of Jordan as a Lion World war day or Week.

Pompeo Brags About Destroying Iran’s Economy as US Slaps on New Sanctions - Nov 20

The US slapped new sanctions on Iran on Wednesday, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a statement defending the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign where he boasted about the damage it has done to Iran’s economy.

“The Maximum Pressure campaign against the Iranian regime continues to be extraordinarily effective,” Pompeo said. “Today, Iran’s economy faces a currency crisis, mounting public debt, and rising inflation. Prior to the Maximum Pressure campaign, Iran was exporting nearly 2.5 million barrels of oil per day. Now it struggles to export even a quarter of that volume.”

Pompeo warned against lifting the sanctions, a clear message to the incoming Biden administration. The diplomat closed his statement promising additional sanctions. “Throughout the coming weeks and months, we will impose new sanctions on Iran,” he said.


Lebanon sets starting point for sea border negotiations with Israel - Nov 20

The talks, the culmination of three years of diplomacy by Washington, are due to resume in December.


Adviser to Iran's leader: US attack risks 'full-fledged war' - Nov 20

An adviser to Iran's supreme leader who is a possible 2021 presidential candidate is warning that any American attack on the Islamic Republic could set off a "full-fledged war" in the Middleast in the waning days of the Trump administration.

Lharmen - wars and rumors of wars.


UN panel votes 163-5 in support of Palestinian statehood, end of occupation - Nov 20

Draft calling for two-state solution passes General Assembly’s Third Committee in large package of annual pro-Palestinian resolutions that Israel argues shows bias against it.
The proposal on Thursday in the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee — the committee that deals with human rights and humanitarian affairs — passed 163 to 5, with 10 abstentions. Canada, which typically votes alongside Israel in such resolutions, stood with the majority.
The resolution emphasized “the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, including the right to their independent State of Palestine” and “stressed the urgency of achieving without delay an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement between the Palestinian and Israeli sides,” based on a two-state solution.


Nov 18 / 19 - Palestinians to resume peace talks. Israel strikes Iranian military targets in Syria. Mass Vaccinations start early next year or any day if an emergency is declared.


Tensions spike with Tehran’s threat of revenge after IDF hits al Qods assets in Syria - Nov 19

No dramatic changes have taken place on the northern front, a senior Israeli security analyst assures JNS, adding that Russia has decided to give Israel a free hand to operate against Iran.
A threat by Hezbollah to revenge the death of one of its operatives, killed in July in an alleged Israeli airstrike, remains in place, though there has been no dramatic change in the dynamics on Israel’s northern front following a significant series of Israeli airstrikes overnight on Wednesday targeting Iranian forces, a senior security analyst told JNS.
Ely Karmon, a senior research scholar at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) in Herzliya, spoke hours after the Israel Defense Forces launched strikes on Iranian Quds Force targets in Syria and on military targets of the Bashar Assad regime, including surface-to-air missile batteries that fired on Israeli jets.
The Israeli strikes came after the IDF discovered improvised explosive devices planted on the Israeli side of the Alpha Line on the Golan Heights, which it said were placed by a Syrian attack squad operating under Iranian command.


In a rare move, IDF releases video of predawn strikes on Iranian, Syrian targets - Nov 19


Hezbollah's vengeance threat 'still stands' after significant Israeli strike on Iranian forces in Syria - Nov 19


Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public” - Nov 19

Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Hodkinson’s comments were made during a discussion involving the Community and Public Services Committee and the clip was subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

Noting that he was also an expert in virology, Hodkinson pointed out that his role as CEO of a biotech company that manufactures COVID tests means, “I might know a little bit about all this.”

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians, it’s outrageous, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public,” said Hodkinson.




The Palestinian Authority resumes security cooperation with Israel - Nov 19

Lharmen - peace deal coming and it will eventually start with a one week phase or deal . The World war happens during the one week deal = Daniel 9:27
Clip: After a six-month break, the Palestinian Authority is resuming its security coordination with Israel. “In the light of Mahmud Abbas’s international contacts and given the written and verbal commitments we have received from the Israelis, we will resume relations where they were before May 19, 2020,” the PA’s Civil Affairs Minister said on Tuesday. Palestinian PM Mohammed Shtayyeh added: “We will resume contacts with the Israelis on financial issues, on health issues, on political issues… since Israel is ready to commit itself to the signed agreements with us.” Shtayyeh revealed that this step followed intervention by the United States, the European Union and “other countries.”
Lharmen - they could make a fake one week peace deal any day now. Even Early next year at the U.N. as Abbas has requested. Keep watching for this Peace deal it is key to the World war.


In Jerusalem, Bahrain FM urges Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace talks - Nov 19

Conflict ‘needs to be resolved’ based on two-state solution, al-Zayani says during first Israel trip, as Netanyahu hails ‘important milestone’ on the road to peace in the region
In his first visit to Jerusalem, Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid al-Zayani on Wednesday called for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, indicating that the region will only know true peace with the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Delivering a statement alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, al-Zayani said he hopes the emerging cooperation between Israel and Bahrain would “pave the way for a dawn of peace for the entire Middle East.”
To this end, he added, “I continue to emphasize, in all my meetings, that in order to achieve and consolidate such peace, the Palestinian-Israel conflict needs to be resolved. I therefore call for both parties to get around the negotiating table to achieve a viable two-state solution, as is also sought by the international community.”
“Coordination is a shared interest, beneficial to the security of Israel’s citizens, and critical to the welfare and economic well-being of the Palestinians. Over the coming days, we will get working procedures in place to support the resumption of coordination,” he added.
“I, once again, call upon the Palestinian leadership to get back to the negotiating table, which is both a primary Israeli security interest and the most promising route to a more stable and prosperous future for our region,” he said.

Lharmen - Jesus said they will have parted God's land ahead of the World war.


Pfizer to seek FDA okay within days as trial results show vaccine 95% effective - Nov 19

Biotech firm says it now has enough data to seek emergency clearance for coronavirus shots from US regulator agency.


Health officials say every state will have COVID vaccine doses within 24 hours after FDA green light - Nov 19

Federal health officials on Wednesday expressed confidence that every state will have access to at least some doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for distribution within 24 hours after authorization.

"Every jurisdiction will have access immediately upon the initial push of the vaccine," Gen. Gustave Perna, chief operating officer of the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed, said during a call with reporters.

Perna said after the initial push there will be weekly distributions as more doses become available.
Experts and federal officials have cheered the results, which raise hopes that vaccines will be broadly available sometime next year.


Fauci says the average American could get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as April: 'I would take the vaccine' - Nov 19


Nov 17 - Watch for a larger peace deal to pop very soon. It would have to be made any day now.


US delegation leaves for Bahrain, Israel to support Abraham Accords - Nov 17


Arab normalization and Palestinian radicalization: The Middle East tug of war - Nov 17

Three Arab peace and normalization deals with Israel announced in a period of eight weeks, and a projected five to 10 more near-term agreements with other Arab states, suggest that Western powers overlooked or underappreciated the rapidity of the changes in Arab states’ priorities, especially with regard to Iran and Turkey. Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s unequivocal warning in 2016 that “there will be no separate peace with Arab countries” is a good illustration of this misreading of the Middle East political map.


Kissinger Warns Biden of U.S.-China Catastrophe on Scale of WWI - Nov 17


Biden attends national security meeting as he continues to outline transition plans - Nov 17

Lharmen - If there was a pop one week peace deal. Trump would want to do it before He has to involve Biden's administration. Clip: They might try and stop him. I believe it is all planned and team Biden Obama will be there. We watch to see who confirms the coming one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27 .
The briefing comes as Biden has yet to receive classified intelligence briefings as President Trump has refused to concede the race and blocked his administration from taking any of the administrative steps typically taken in a transfer of power, including allowing the General Services Administration to declare that there is a president-elect — a move that triggers the transition process.

Lharmen - What to says about this article. Trump blocks Team Biden but he will be briefed as he attends National security meeting. Can you have it both ways ? Because the news wrote it. I should believe it . Not gunna...... : 0 P



Trump to reduce troops in Afghanistan by almost 50%, trim deployment in Iraq - 17

Lharmen - 5 days before Biden takes office = Hahahahahahaha. Don't look it will be fine. Unreal World we live in. We tried!!! is all we will see. Blame it all on Biden. 5 days before Biden takes over is a huge Joke.


Trump officials preparing to move forward with major step to lower Medicare drug prices - Nov 17

Lharmen - Let me guess 3 days before Biden takes office ; 0 ) .
Clip: Sources said that while plans can always change at the last minute, the administration is preparing to take the regulatory steps to implement the
idea as soon as this week and that it is likely to take the form of an interim final rule, meaning it will skip some of the steps in the regulatory process and go forward faster.


Putin, extending Russian footprint, approves new naval facility in Sudan - Nov 17

Lharmen - looks like the Greek Mafia = Russia (Greek Hells Angels), Netanyahu and Trump benefit greatly from the Abraham accords. Many more to come in the coming weeks. Watch for a Fake one week peace deal any day especially the 19th or the 22 of this Month of November.


U.S. reports 1 million coronavirus cases in 6 days - Nov 17

Lharmen - run for your lives it is everywhere. We here in Edmonton see no-one with it with our own eyes . People calling it a Scamdemic. They are fully preparing for a Tattoo (Mark in the Bible is a Tattoo) to accompany these coming Vaccines.
Watch out for the coming weeks it could bring a snap peace deal with many. World War happens during the one week deal and so does Jerusalem's destruction happen then as well.

Lharmen - Scamdemic!!!!!


Horowitz: New data show hospital levels not much worse than flu season - Nov 17

Lharmen - the Devil and his Angels get cast out of Heaven for deceiving the Whole World.
The result is that nationwide there is only a 4.7% increase above the three-year average level. Thus, we have destroyed our economy, mental health, other health care, and the future of our children for a level of hospitalization that is within the historic norms. And that is assuming that these draconian restrictions have any effect on reducing hospitalizations, which they clearly don't.



 Nov 16 - Many peace deals are coming together... maybe very soon = 7 more nations. Trump could start the war with Iran and Syria before be leaves office. Very much more distress of nations very soon as 4-5 month lock downs coming in many places like Germany.... I watch Thursday 19th for peace deal announcements as the Masons expose major events around their numerology numbers. 9 being the highest. 19 it ends with a 9 = 19th in an 11 month. Bush said the shoe thrown at him was a size 11. MkUltra Puppet show!


Bahrain FM to meet with Netanyahu, Pompeo in Jerusalem this week - Nov 16


Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani will visit Israel for the first time on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry confirmed on Sunday.
Al-Zayani is expected to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is set to be in Israel from Wednesday through Friday.
It is still unclear if Israel and Bahrain will sign agreements during Al-Zayani’s visit, though Jerusalem seeks to start direct flights between the countries as soon as possible.
The cabinet ratified the normalization deal with Bahrain on Sunday.
“This is the product of a continuous effort that we have led over the years, an effort to expand the circle of peace, an effort to bring true peace, an effort to bring peace for peace,” Netanyahu said at the start of the meeting.
Last month, the government ratified a similar deal with the United Arab Emirates.
Both deals were brokered by US President Donald Trump’s administration under the rubric of its Abraham Accords. A third deal with Sudan was advanced, as well.
Pompeo is expected to discuss the accords, Iran and China with Netanyahu on his visit.
He is also expected to visit the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia during his regional trip, which ends on November 23.
Lharmen - could be looking at March for this coming peace deal as Pompeo's trip ends Nov 23. My (Lawrence Harmen) birthday.


German leaders warn lockdown measures to last months - Nov 16

Several German leaders have spoken out against relaxing coronavirus restrictions too early. The Economy Minister warned Germany could face another four to five months of partial lockdown.



Moderna says its covid vaccine is 94.5pc effective - Nov 16

The US pharmaceutical firm Moderna announced on Monday a 94.5 effective covid vaccine based on preliminary tests among 30,000 participants. Last week, another American firm Pfizer reported 90pc success. Moderna’s president Dr Stephen Hoge welcomed the “really important milestone,” saying that having similar results from two different companies is what is most reassuring. “It won’t be Moderna alone that solves this problem. It’s going to require many vaccines to meet the global demand, he said, and expects to have about 20 million doses for the US by the end of this year.
Israel already has contracts with Moderna and Pfizer as well as Arcturus, the third company in the race for a coronavirus vaccine.
Like Pfizer, Moderna is confident of receiving emergency use approval for its vaccine from the US Food and Drug Administration next month. Both vaccines require two shots per person, several weeks apart, and both are based on the novel mRNA technology that is not made with the coronavirus but contains a piece of genetic code that trains the immune system to recognize the spiked protein on the surface of the virus.
Lharmen - Micrchipping under the cover of the coming 2 shot vaccines . One to freeze and the other to Verichip all people who are not veri chipped. Hells Angels have taken over the World ahead of the Mark of the Beast push.


US covid cases top 11 million. States clamp down own closures - Nov 16

Covid cases have topped 11 million in the US with 100,000 new cases per day. Each day an average of over 900 deaths are reported. By Sunday, Nov. 15, the total had climbed to 246,210
With regard to covid, the Trump administration struck an optimistic tone on Friday, saying they hoped to distribute 20 million doses of an approved vaccine in December, and for each month after that – although no vaccine has yet got official FDA approval. Biden’s advisers warned that the transition delay could further jeopardize the battle against the rampaging coronavirus, including vaccine distribution planning, and urged Congress to immediately pass bipartisan financial relief even before a new president takes office on January 20. While the Pfizer news of a vaccine boosted Wall Street, health experts warning that it would take months to gain approval and overcome distribution hurdles for widespread use.


Netanyahu Warns Gaza Terror Groups After Rocket Attack: Price of Aggression 'Will Be Heavy, Very Heavy' - Nov 16

Lharmen - the least of Israel's enemies will draw them out onto their borders the day of the World war.


IDF Aircraft and Tanks Attack Hamas Underground Infrastructure, Military Positions, in Retaliation for Rockets - Nov 16

Two rockets were fired 20 minutes apart from Gaza at Ashdod and the lowlands under the cover of the stormy weather Saturday night and landed in open areas. Alarms were activated in the Ashdod area and in Palmachim. Three residents of Holon, Bat Yam, and Ashdod suffered from panic attacks.


'Famines of biblical proportions' feared in 2021 amid COVID-19 pandemic, UN food agency warns - Nov 16

UNITED NATIONS -- The head of the World Food Program says the Nobel Peace Prize has given the U.N. agency a spotlight and megaphone to warn world leaders that next year is going to be worse than this year, and without billions of dollars "we are going to have famines of biblical proportions in 2021."
Luke 21 says Pestilence and Famine and when these things begin to come to pass we look up our redemption draws near.


Nov 15 - Pompeo kicks off 7 nation tour. Peace deal could happen very soon Nov 19 or 22 dates fit the illuminati. They do many things by numbers and those two dates would fit. Vaccine push is months away. Emergency powers are in place today at any time we could see it happen. They did not buy millions of doses of these vaccines from many companies World wide by chance. They will force the masses to take it or you will not be able to buy or sell with the Tattoo to prove you have taken it.


'It's Just the Flu, It's All BS' - Russia's Top Official COVID Doctor Admits in Bombshell Invu - Nov 15

Lharmen - No it is World wide Micro chipping. When they want everyone to run for their fearful lives (Fearful and unbelievers go to hell) they will trigger the technologies to burn our throats to cause all people to cough . The Poor first right along with all true repentant faith filled Christians. Microchip Dental implants and Verichip are in everyone. Isaiah 30:28 bridles inside the Jaws causing people to err.


The Second Lockdown Is HERE - Nov 15


Fauci Says End to Pandemic Is in Sight, Thanks to Vaccines - Nov 15


Pompeo kicks off 7-nation tour in France; will travel to Israel, Saudi Arabia - Nov 15

Mike Pompeo arrives in Paris at the start of an awkward seven-country tour.
Mike Pompeo will visit France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia
Lharmen - Peace deal making Daniel 9:27 = made with many! Trump would make a deal on a date the Illuminati use like a 19 date or a 22 date. Nov 22. Watch for a fake one week deal.
If it is not made before Dec 20th at the latest then We will not see it until next March after winter ends March 20th.


Gantz: Hamas is responsible, will pay, for twin-rocket attack on central, southern Israel - Nov 15

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Sunday, Nov. 15 pointed the finger squarely at the Palestinian Hamas for the double rocket attack from Gaza the night before. Both were intercepted by Iron Dome before they landed in the southern port town of Ashdod or Bat Yam, a town adjacent to Aviv. Speaking at a memorial ceremony in Jerusalem for fallen soldiers, Ganz said: “We are moving along several tracks, some operational, to achieve calm in the long term. But if Hamas fails in the test for fulfilling its part, its leadership and the Gaza population will face harsh consequences.”
Lharmen - these rockets being fired look like the Israel defence testing as in Russia, Iran, and Syria are testing ways around this defence system. When they figure it out on with the war with the land of Israel. The prophecy says the Land of Israel will not see their end coming. These little rockets are key to the fulfilment of the coming World war.

The Least of Israel's Enemies will draw her out onto her borders when the World war happens = Hamas.


'It's time to come home' - acting Pentagon chief wants to end America's wars in the Middle East - Nov 15

In his first message to U.S. military forces, acting Pentagon chief Chris Miller said it’s time to end America’s wars in the Middle East.
“We met the challenge; we gave it our all. Now, it’s time to come home,” Miller wrote.
The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have cost U.S. taxpayers more than $1.57 trillion since Sept. 11, 2001, according to a Defense Department report.
Lharmen - this looks like peace deal push information. We make nice then you have to as well make nice. The World war happens during a fake one week peace deal. Many time these deal are enforced  with Military in mass present.


Obama: Netanyahu Will Justify 'Almost Anything' to Stay in Power - Nov 15

Lharmen - ISIS was created by the Obama administration and Obama and Netanyahu are against each other. ISIS and OSiris = by the Spirit of Egypt they do err. ISIS is cutting off the heads of Christians says we are in the beginning of the Tribulation period. 


It looks like MKUltra is in full effect: Video evidence - Nov 15


The Vortex --- MAGA March - Nov 15


Nov 13 / 14 - 4 Covid tests = 2 came back positive and the other 2 came back negative Wow : 0 ( scamdemic period! The Devils get kicked out of Heaven for deceiving the Whole World. I watch for the peace deals to pop around Nov 22. No other date until next March that I can see for the coming fake one week peace deal.


Protests held throughout Israel against Netanyahu for 21st straight week - Nov 13


Elon Musk: I Got A COVID Test Four Times In One Day. 'Two Came Back Negative, Two Came Back Positive - Nov 14

Elon Musk suspects something strange is brewing with the current spate of COVID tests. According to the eccentric billionaire, he took a test four times in one day and got two different results.

“Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD,” Musk tweeted on Thursday.
Lharmen = the Devil and his Angels get kicked out of Heaven for deceiving the entire World. Scamdemic !!!!!!
They will soon push the vaccines and the Tattoo / Mark of the Beast to prove you have taken the Vaccines. Do not take them.


Mississippi Gov: We Refuse to Participate in Any Kind of Biden COVID-19 Lockdown - Nov 13


Pakistani PM: I'm under pressure to recognize Israel - Nov 14

Pakistan’s Prime Minister stresses the country will not establish relations with Israel until Palestinian issue is settled.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, revealed that he has been "under pressure" to recognize Israel, but stressed that Pakistan will never establish relations with the "Zionist" state until a just settlement of the Palestinian issue is reached.

Speaking in an interview with a private TV channel on Thursday and quoted by the Turkish Anadolu news agency, Khan refused to name the countries that have been pressuring him to recognize Israel.
Lharmen - Peace deal making could happen soon. Watch for them to do this one week deal very soon, as they said they would, because Trump is out and Netanyahu could go to Jail in Dec.


Are Israel and the US planning to attack Iran? - Nov 14

Lharmen - Yes under the cover of a fake one week peace deal.


THE TIME IS NOW: President Trump gives NEW DETAILS on the COVID-19 VACCINE - Nov 14

Lharmen - Emergency authorization for = 20 million a month vaccines possible. Same every month after.



Nov 12 - Netanyahu could be put in Jail soon if the peace deal is not made before the end of this month. Again Iran is being blamed for a Cyber attack on Israel. A Major Cyber attack on the Banking systems that could be blamed on Iran could be in the Works soon. Watch for Trump to make a one week peace deal with many very soon. Could be Nov 22 that it is made. 11/22 in a 22 year.


Iranian cleric: Iran carried out two 'extraordinary' cyber attacks against Israel this year - Nov 12




Little chance Netanyahu will get plea deal to avoid trial - Nov 12

Lharmen - we could see the peace deal hammered out here in a few days time because Netanyahu will be gone from power if indicted Dec 6th. The Greek Mafia will be with out their peace deal powers if he is removed.
Clip: There is little chance Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit will give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a plea bargain deal that would allow him to avoid a public corruption trial, The Jerusalem Post has learned BUT if, however, Netanyahu asks for a deal, it seems quite likely that Mandelblit will only agree to one that includes jail time, despite pro forma denials of specific conditions.
farther down clip: Without this information, the defence said that it would not be able to respond to the indictment on November 29 as scheduled.


Netanyahu: Pfizer will supply first covid vaccines in January - Nov 12

“I am constantly working to bring vaccines to Israel and today I have important news,” Netanyahu said. “The day before yesterday, Pfizer announced that it has developed a vaccine against the coronavirus with 90% efficacy. The entire world wants to receive its drugs. We are conducting negotiations with them.
Israel has signed an agreement with Moderna to be among the first to receive four million doses of the vaccine.
Back to the Russian vaccine: It is named Sputnik V after the Soviet-era satellite that triggered the space race, a nod to the project’s geopolitical importance for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Lharmen - the Masons have a V for their victory over Jesus Christ of the Bible.
“Thanks to the production scale up at new manufacturing sites, Sputnik V vaccine will soon be available for a wider population. This will break the current trend and lead to an eventual decrease in COVID-19 infection rates, first in Russia, then globally.”
Lharmen - Do not take the coming vaccines or you will not live to regret it . These Masons want to destroy those people who do not live by Faith as the Bible has warned us will happen = depopulation.


Netanyahu attorneys ask to alter indictment, possibly delaying trial - Nov 12

Netanyahu’s criminal trial is slated to reconvene on December 6 for the presentation of evidence, but because that session relies on the indictment, altering the charge sheet would likely lead to a delay of that hearing.


Even stricter COVID lockdowns are coming, and they are going to be extremely devastating for the U.S. economy - Nov 12


Nov 10 / 11 - Trump would have to make the coming Daniel 9:27 one week peace very soon as he is done Jan 20th and Dec 20th Winter starts. Our flight is not in winter as God told us to pray it is not in Winter says so. Watch for the peace deal to be confirmed with Many Nations like Iran and even parts of Africa. Trump has warned us he has 9 Nations ready and maybe more. Huge Sun Spots. Keep track of them as they will precede the World war.


Trump close to bagging Morocco for another peace deal with Israel - Nov 11

Acceptance of Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara gave US President Donald Trump the key to roping another Arab government into burying the hatchet with Israel, after the UAE and Bahrain, DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources report. A US consulate now operates in Laayoune, capital of the desert region of less than half a million inhabitants, joined by Gulf states.
Trump is clearly intent on using the uncertain two-and-half-months ahead of the swearing of the next president on Jan. 20 to wrap up his unfinished ploy for ending the historic conflict between the Arab world and Israel. While waiting for the confirmed results of the Nov. 3 election next week, Trump is busy gate crashing Joe Biden’s top priorities, which are the covid-19 pandemic and the economy,
Lharmen - We still have days to go before Winter arrives. God told us our flight will not be made in winter as we are to pray our flight is not made in winter. Trump could still make the prophesied fake one week peace deal . The day they could chose would be the 22nd date of Nov because 11/22 = 33 = Illuminati . Keep your eyes open as when this coming peace deal is made for one week the World war happens during the midst of the week and when these thing begin our redemption draws near.
Solar flares are now happening and the last few have been very large.
I wonder if Obama becomes Biden's secretary of defence. That is a job he could take over.


Solarham Sun spot site = God's fury will show in His face when the end is near - Nov 11

Lharmen - We worship the Spirit of Light that covers all stars . We are told not to worship the Sun itself.

Ezekiel 38:18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face.


Benny Gantz warns election to be initiated soon - Source close to him says he will tell PM they are getting divorced - Nov 11

The next time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz meet, Gantz will inform Netanyahu that their political partnership is over, a source close to Gantz told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday night.
Gantz’s associates denied reports that a meeting with Netanyahu had been set for Tuesday, when they were both in the Knesset. Netanyahu and Gantz spoke one after another in a special session that approved Israel’s normalization deal with Bahrain, but they ignored each other when they passed each other between their speeches.


A Biden presidency would resurrect ’67 lines, Palestinian state - Nov 11

US President-elect Joe Biden’s presidency will erase many of the gains the Israeli Right made over the last four years with regard to Israeli sovereignty over Area C of the West Bank – and reintroduces the concept of a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict at the pre-1967 lines.
It is no accident that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took time during his speech in the Knesset Tuesday about the normalization deal with Bahrain, to speak against the pre-1967 lines.


One in 5 COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days -study - Nov 11

Many COVID-19 survivors are likely to be at greater risk of developing mental illness, psychiatrists said on Monday, after a large study found 20% of those infected with the coronavirus are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder within 90 days.

Anxiety, depression and insomnia were most common among recovered COVID-19 patients in the study who developed mental health problems, and the researchers also found significantly higher risks of dementia, a brain impairment condition.
Lharmen - They secretly devises to devour the poor. The Chips will cause people around the World to start coughing and they will eventually start arresting Homeless people everywhere. It is about to happen . When I can not tell now until March end = next year ??? Watch for it it is planned and it is happening to many today. Micro-chipped mental illness.



Nov 9 - It will not be long before we see the vaccine push and the fake acceleration of this pandemic. I watch the face of the Sun for it start to showing the fury of the Lord in the form of Solar flares . We have seen nothing on the face of the Sun for many years. Now we see massive Sun Spots. Many have produced Coronial Mass Ejections. This could bring an end to the Mind control computer Echelon. God will move us out of the way when the Devil Lucifer has been cast down to the ground. It has to happen ahead of the World war at the fake one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27.


“More than 90pc effective” covid vaccine announced by Pfizer, BioNTech - Nov 9

Leaping ahead of the world race for a vaccine against the coronavirus plague, Pfizer and BioNTech announced on Monday, Nov. 9, trial results that split between vaccinated individuals and those given a placebo, indicating a vaccine efficacy rate of above 90pc . Therefore, their vaccine achieves protection from covid-19, which has killed more than 1.2 million victims worldwide, 28 days after the initial two-dose vaccine, among those without prior infection.

Scientists were hoping for a vaccine that is at least 75pc effective, while White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that a vaccine that is 50pc or 60pc effective would be acceptable.
Lharmen - do not take the coming vaccines or you will not live to regret it. They will also force people, at some point, to take the mark of the beast Tattoo (to buy or so you can sell) to prove you have taken this coming vaccine. Do not do it ever.
Lharmen - Luke 21 says nations in distress with perplexity meaning getting worse and getting worse and here it is. It is going to get very much worse than this. Forced vaccinations will bring everyone out onto the streets.


What a coincidence! Russia says THEIR Covid-19 vaccine is also 90% effective, an hour after Pfizer breakthrough made headlines around the world - Nov 9

Lharmen - 9 is the highest number in Freemasonry and the two mafias that are both Hells Angel's live by it Greek and Catholic Mafia's.


Instead of conceding victory to Biden, Trump to stage mass rallies - Nov 9

Lharmen - Divided the Nations will fall!


Utah governor declares emergency, issues mask mandate: ‘We cannot afford to debate this issue’ - Nov 9


Joe Biden Congratulated by Russian Opposition Leader, Not by Vladimir Putin - Nov 9

Lharmen - Trump is on Putin's team and the Russian opposition leader is on Obama's team so is Joe Biden. Two Mason/Illuminati Mafias rule this World Greek and Catholic and both are Hells Angel's.


There has been awakening in Europe. Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, France protesting against Covid lockdowns - Nov 9

Lharmen - Luke 21 distress of nations getting worse and worse.



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Nov 19 - Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public” - Nov 19

Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Hodkinson’s comments were made during a discussion involving the Community and Public Services Committee and the clip was subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

Noting that he was also an expert in virology, Hodkinson pointed out that his role as CEO of a biotech company that manufactures COVID tests means, “I might know a little bit about all this.”

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians, it’s outrageous, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public,” said Hodkinson.

Lharmen - the last days they cast the truth to the ground and they prosper.


Sept 23 - Abbas calls for Major peace conference early Next year. Netanyahu says something that adds proof we will not see this until then. Keep watching for it at any time.


Sept 23 = Trump says days away until many nations sign new Peace accord with Israel = Daniel 9:27

Fake one week peace deal starts the 3rd WW and the destruction of Jerusalem for 70 years.


First we see Russia, Iran, China and even Syria go to war with the West.

They make a one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27 that does not make it the full week. We flee into the wilderness for 3 1/2 years

The scriptures says the one week deal brings us the 70 years of Jerusalem's desolation = nuclear. The Western wall will see all the massive stones thrown to the ground as it has never happened. It will right after the fake one week peace deal happens.

We could see the War happen at any time as Luke 21 says when we see these things begin we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.  I always warn to watch for the one week deal now as well as all major event happen two times . We should have to see the parting of God's land ahead of the World war. Keep your head up as Russia is preparing in mass for war with the west today.

Bahrain establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel Sept 15th, Trump announces - Sept 11

They are about to sign another deal very soon Sept 15 today.


Aug 28 - Jews are all White!. Because the Devil is darkness and has entered into his body!

Judas was a Jew one of the 12 Jews (White People) and he has become the black sheep. Jared kushner is also a white man who has jet black eyes and he is also making this coming peace deal.

Kushner Companies purchased the office building at 666 Fifth Avenue in 2007.

On January 9, 2017, Kushner was named Senior Advisor to the President. 19/7

Trump put Kushner in charge of brokering peace in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


 Eager Lion Jordan War games will happen at the same time as Egypt's Bright Star War games as they worship the Sun God Lucifer.


Trump: Israel-UAE signing in 3 weeks, annexation ‘off the table’ at least now - Aug 14

Declaring ‘they’re going to have peace in the Middle East’ after UAE and Israel agree to full ties, Trump gives dramatic, confusing briefing, appears to contradict PM, then doesn’t.
“They’re going to have peace in the Middle East. It’ll be fantastic,” Trump said.
“I look forward to hosting them at the White House very soon to formally sign the agreement,” he told reporters. “We’ll probably be doing it over the next, I would say, three weeks.”


July 21 - The Devil's Angel's secretly devises to devour the poor. This is how they are preparing to do it. Force confinement. Force vaccinate. Force Tattoo/ Mark of the Beast to buy or sell. Prepare the people with repent and live by Faith or you will perish forever.


Arizona Gov Is Granted the Right to Forcibly Vaccinate and Indefintely Confine Indiviudals With Absolutely No Legal Oversight - July 21
Lharmen - this will soon be everywhere. All planned to chip the World ahead of World war 3.

Clip: Recently, Arkansas, alleged CV-19 victims, were transported what I would call a FEMA medical martial law facility


Film your hospitals Dayton, Ohio COVID HOAX - April 6

Lharmen - same here in Edmonton. The Devil and his Hell's Angel's get cast to the ground because they deceived the whole World.


The COVID-19 Hysteria: Interesting Video Shows What Is Actually Happening At New York City Hospitals - It Is All A Scam! - April 6

Lharmen - it is all a scam!!!! WW3 during the last days of the Passover . Watch for the fake one week peace deal the World war happens during the fake one week deal. Passover will be it. All Major bible events happen 2 times. 9 11 is the Egyptian New Years and God will again take us out of the Egyptian God worshipping Masons hands soon. Passover April8-16th


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Luke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Luke 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  


Project Blue Beam could happen during Damascus destruction then we see God coming in the cloud of the Global nuclear war

when Russia and China

attack some time after.

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Then we see Project Blue Beam which is a false holographic second coming of Jesus that could only be the signs that could almost deceive the very elect like 911.

Isaiah 17 :3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.                

Isaiah 17 :4 And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean

Isaiah 17 :7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

We see this day coming but first the Antichrist has to stand up and say he is God in Jerusalem.

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My new Mailing address

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 Project Blue Beam and the modern technologies that will be used.

How the Elites will fake an Alien invasion

video - Feb 10 2015

Project Blue Beam May 14th and April 19th are both independence days in Israel and the Fake one week peace deal will happen at that time period. Watch for it. project Blue beam will to happen at that time period.



Lharmen I have suffered from all of these because of the microchip in my upper Jaw and the one in my Chest and the one attached to my Pelvis.
Jesus warned us Isaiah 30:28 their will be a bridle in the jaws of the people causing them to err - Microchip.

The Pope praying to a Black Jesus and Mary - Feb 9


Jamie Foxx praises President Obama as “our Lord and saviour" - Nov 27


Don't ever forget that the Catholic leadership worship a Black Jesus . Jesus was the seed of David and we know he was white as today the Queen of England Can trace her lineage back to David and she is White so Jesus had to be white. See the video proof here = The Pope praying to a Black Jesus and mary.

They are worshipping the Catholic Obama as if he is Jesus.


Roelof see the solid proof the CIA Agents = Drug cops are intercepting your Donation to me. Nov 19 2014

Roelof I have not received the photo copy for the past 5 months now but I have been forced to talk with these crooks in order to get the numbers = illegal activity continually. It says CIA right in the letter.

See how they send the Money transfer number but no amount which makes it impossible to receive it unless I call them so they can terrorize me some more = MK Ultra mind control or better said fear based mind control. God said they trust in oppression and perversion. You can not miss the oppression. Lharmen.

 Pray our Lord protects my money I am getting very low again as they endlessly steal it.


We worship the Spirit of Light and it covers all living stars. God's Spirit will show his Fury when he comes = in the face of the Sun. Solar flares will be roaring when the Lord comes back for us.

Ezekiel 38:18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face.

We will see Solar flares ahead of the 3rd World war.




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