THAT SHOWS SOLID PROOF WE ARE HEADED FOR DISASTER

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Warning a ceasefire in Syria is set to begin now Nov 17th and last for 15 days we look for a peace deal that starts with a one week phase.

Wow this war might not happen until May of next year (2016) and it fits perfectly with the Jeremiah scriptures = he comes up like a Lion from Jordan. Eager Lion War games 2016 will be in May exactly when they want to hold a ceasefire in Syria.

We watch for the fake week peace deal at any time even this Dec.

We will see many things in December that could bring down the global markets fast - Fed rate hike, the Iran oil sanctions lifted, the U.S. debt ceiling Dec 11th and Greece has to make their creditors happy by mid Dec as well. All could be used to crash the World markets. Market plunge then war coverage. It could take until may for the crisis to hit it's breaking point and banks to close World wide = Luke 21 Nations in distress with perplexity.


Syria could be weeks away from big transition, says John Kerry - Nov 17

The US is seeking to build on the momentum of the Vienna agreement, in which 19 countries – including bitter rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia – signed a UN statement supporting a 1 January deadline for the start of talks between Assad and the rebels, with the aim of agreeing a ceasefire by 14 May 2016 and holding free elections a year later.

Lharmen - Eager Lion war games are held in May each year. They are being held in anticipation of serious escalations in both Syria and Iraq which we now see.
Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

Jeremiah 50:44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

Lharmen - the time line for the ceasefire will be May of 2016 exactly when the U.S. will hold the Eager Lion war games 2016. They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion when God suddenly makes them flee from her.
Look at when the Eager Lion games were held this year 2015 = May 5-19th this unfolding ceasefire is being setup for 2016 May 14th - Eager Lion war games will be held then.
US Jordan Eager Lion war games prepare wider Mideast conflict - May 6 2015
Some ten thousand troops began military exercises in Jordan on Tuesday, in the fifth annual “Eager Lion” war games led by the Pentagon. The drills are in preparation for a greatly expanded military conflict in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.
During the two-week-long exercise, from May 5 through May 19,

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Edible Wild foods in Canada = http://northernbushcraft.com

In Canada you will want to save these pictures and descriptions to a word pad like document and print

them they will be more valuable to you than Gold or Silver after this Global War. 2 years we eat that that

grows of itself then in the 3rd we sow and reap that that we have sown. So nearly 3 years we eat what grows of itself!


Mind control chips are every where today! One chip is all that is needed in your upper jaw - Nov 8 2011

Mind control experiment lets users wag a rat's tail just using brain power with no chip needed - April 8 2013







                                                      IN THE SOON TO COME NUCLEAR DAY OF THE LORD'S WRATH


Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Then we see Project Blue Beam which is a false holographic second coming of Jesus that could only be the signs that could almost deceive the very elect like 911.

Isaiah 17 :3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.                

Isaiah 17 :4 And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean

Isaiah 17 :7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

We see this day coming but first the Antichrist has to stand up and say he is God in Jerusalem.







This list has George H W Bush as a Mason. I know he controls the Hell's Angels.  

They rule out of New York city, Jerusalem, and London England today!


The CIA connection to the Hell's Angel's and the Zionist Herbert Walker Bush.
Herber Walker Bush Zionist - June 19


Zionists are responsible for the Global Chaos today because they Worship Lucifer/Devil who thinks he is god and as god warned us not to be like them =

they have a saying "out of chaos comes order" God's scriptural warnings that you have never know our Father to take part in this

Global Harlot Witchcraft to cause tribulation to us thinking good will come from it = 

Romans 3:8 And not rather, (as we be slanderously reported, and as some affirm that we say,) Let us do evil, that good may come? whose damnation is just.

They cause Chaos believing good will come as their saying goes "out of Chaos comes order" = they are blind guides to the blind.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

They call themselves the Illuminated ones or illuminati they put darkness as Light and they see us who are illuminated with the Love of God

 as evil people and they continuously hunt our every footstep and every word. They are a Catholic Jesuit creation. Just another arm of the Octopus of Evil Church that for

605 years openly hunted Christians = Spanish Inquisition Video. 100 Million died while they told them to denounce your faith in Jesus = they are Antichrist and always have been they are Pagan Pagan Sun god Worshippers .

 Saturday is the 7th day of the Week and they are deceiving the World into Worshipping Lucifer their father on Sun God day or Sunday.

If they can not get you away from God with one religion they control then they will try with another and they will not stop until they control you.

Hold fast to the King James Bible as all other English works have been altered . Stay instant in prayer and hold fast to faith and our father will come and save us when our test are accomplished.

Jeremiah 4:22 For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

Malachi 2:17 Ye have wearied the LORD with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God of judgment?

3 John 1:11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

Jesus Christ Loves you !





                                                                              Buy bulk food now!

                           What Preparations Can I Make for a Nuclear Emergency?



Luke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Luke 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  


Project Blue Beam could happen during Damascus destruction then we see God coming in the cloud of the Global nuclear war

when Russia and China

attack some time after. The next day or 3 1/2 year as the He Goat/Beast waxes very great first then the Global nuclear war happens




  The Pope is the Sun god and the false jesus christ God warned Satan would become.  

2 Corinthians 11:4  For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

The Pope is Lucifer the Babylonian Sun god He goes to hell because he deceiveth the whole world. Sunday worship is the Worship of Lucifer not Jesus. Pagan Christianity is everywhere as the great falling away has happened and had to happen before Jesus return.


Modern Sun GOD Symbols





The following is an exact translation of the doctrine of the Church of Rome as taught today in all Roman Catholic seminaries,

colleges and universities, through the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, vol. iv., p. 90:

"Though heretics (Protestants) must not be tolerated because they deserve it, we must bear with them till, by the second admonition,

they may be brought back to the faith of the church.  But those who, after a second admonition, remain obstinate to their errors,

must not only be excommunicated, but they must be delivered to the secular power to be EXTERMINATED."

The Death Worshipping Hell's Angels U.S. Army are the exterminators today.


Brought back ... I have never and will never worship Death I worship Life = the real Jesus.








This Hell's Angels unit was exposed here in Canada and the U.S. for mind control projects involving 70 universities back in early 70's

 so clearly they have never stopped. God warned us in Isaiah 30:28 that we would have bridles in our Jaws causing us to err.

And this is Satan's powers today. Mark Philips who is clearly a illuminati himself said the Pope called for Global mind control as

the only way to world peace over 30 years ago. It was already well under way. They fully control Canada today.

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.

Death head is the main symbol for the Hell's Angels. Satan is death. He is and always has been worshipped as the Sun God.

See the Hell's Angels Zionist and Mason Sun God worship symbols in Major business today here = Sun God is Lucifer

Psalms 78:49 He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.

Death worshippers killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a Scull. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

See June 8 th news right side for solid proof we are being hunted today by the Evil Hell's Angles. 

Special note = the founder of this Illuminati religion that has taken control of almost all the church today (if not all) is Albert Pike the same man who founded the Ku Klux Klan see the proof here Those who were bidden to the wedding were not found worthy = the church !


Special note = the V being used by many false Christians but it is a Satanic Luciferian Symbol see the proof

here = http://www.whale.to/b/v_s.html Alex Jones is using it and Pastor John Hagee is using

 it just to name a few Zionist illuminati that have infiltrated the church or truth movement.


                CURRENT WORLD NEWS Starts below this important information.


This Iran/Syria attack will happen and when it does Damascus Syria will get completely destroyed. To fulfill Isaiah 17:1 to be used to bring the Pope= False prophet and Obama to Power as if he is god through Project Blue Beam. All these signs we are seeing are man made signs as Lucifer comes with all God's signs and lying wonders.

1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

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Matthew 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

Luke 12:40 Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.


Could an alien invasion really save the US economy - Aug 16

Economist Paul Krugman posits a faked alien invasion as a way to create fiscal stimulus.

Fake Alien Invasion Hype Kicks Into High Gear As CNN Admits It Would be FAKE! - Aug 14

CNN Hypes Alien Invasion As Tool To Improve The Economy – And Admits It Would Be Fake - Aug 15

Devil Luciferian Masons always warn you before the evil comes and every where in today's news we can see constant talk about a fake Alien Invasion = Project Blue Beam


A Danish man has filed a writ against A Alexandra Hospital for secretly implanting a microchip inside of his body

during a 1988 operation, which he says later caused him to hear voices.

This is why all the Masons see themselves as God they can listen to other people inner voice and can manipulate them just like the show Bruce almighty.

This is what the devils Numerologists teach today behind the scenes = "Numerologists call

11 a master number," he said. "It's a day when you should pay attention to your intuition, to your inner voice. And then you have to trust that intuition, which is where the process usually breaks down. They are chipping and speaking into the heads of a huge swath of our society today especially

the Police/Mason Mafia cops I call them. They are being told they have received the Holy Spirit and are now Soldiers for god . Now be good little Whores and use sex as a weapon on all of Society (COINTELPRO) as people will spill everything to you when you have slept with them.

I was in 4 tornadoes in My Life and this one was bad here in Regina Saskatchewan as it ripped roofs off of Houses

I was looking out the Window of our House and I saw perfect Blue skies then all of a sudden the Monster Sears Building literally disappeared.

I kept staring at where it was supposed to be and the next row of Houses I could see in the distance also disappeared.

Then another and then another and finally I could see the massive debris Field come at us and I yell at my Father and when he and I saw it we Both yelled Run. We no sooner turned the corner of the Kitchen to go down stairs and the Windows blew out.

The Other was MY First trip to Edmonton in 1987 . When the trailer Park was destroyed and over 30 people Died. I live 4 kms West of this Park today. This was no accident as Glen Elliott was in control of this park and he was in Regina when I lived there he is also a Part to these crimes

against me as well as Brian Ketel. These were Haarp created = by design. That's how I know how Powerful My Father is He was also clearly behind them all.


Michael Jackson took on the Image of the devil = Death.

That was why he had his face dyed White! He had his cheeks sculpted to look like a scull as did he have his nose shortened as well.

Death worshippers killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a Scull. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Solomon wrote proverbs and he said : Proverbs 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

Today the Hell's Angels Worship Death. The scull on their Jacket is called the Death head.

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Luke 21:20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.


God's Spirit covers all stars in heaven and we will see his anger show in his face prior to Russia attacking = keep watching the God's Fury page

Electronic skin tattoo has medical, gaming, spy uses - Aug 11 2011 = http://www.breitbart.com

This kind of technology has been surreptitiously implanted into nearly

the entire populations of our western world today. This gives people the power to hear your inner voice

(Speech recognition technologies). They are being told through freemasonry that they have the holy Spirit talking to them when in fact they have been chipped.

John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

If you have been told to follow your conscience it is God talking to you and or you have been taught to use sex as a weapon

 (War on drugs we need you help because everyone is a serial killer/terrorist to cause you to fear) = you have been chipped.


10 years before Sept 11/ 1991 on Sept 11th Bush Senior

called for the New World Order. Sept 11 2001 we saw the towers implode.

Sept 11 2012 will be the 11th anniversary of the World trade center implosions.

<--Click to enlarge picture.

11 in Numerology is destruction.

Keep Watching.

 1991 Sept 11th watch to the end!‏ - YouTube <-Language Warning at the very beginning.


Romney is Herbert Walker Bush in disguise

See Oct 29 News below for more clear cut evidence.

Look at the shape of the indented left cheek it is the same. Their chins are the exact same!

The Hair is the exact same colour and style. The chin is a dead give away!

The C.I.A. are know World wide for altering people's appearance.

John F Kennedy became John MC Cain.


The Lazy eye is a dead give away it is the same guy!

See more proof of this News below for Nov 4th 2013


Can you see the staged Picture with the V sign giving protestor showing this to be the

Works of the Luciferian Pagan Zionist protest.

See the Clearer proof here "V" signs here .

They are hunting protestors and here we see a staged picture promoting protests with the V sign giver front and center.


See the V for Victory campaign of John Hagee and Alex Jones clearly proves they are preaching Lucifer and not Jesus Christ.



Few people see what is really in this picture = a black hooded reaper + Satan/Lucifer their god = G  + his victory = V ("V" signs here) + is all encompassing = Compass. The V is also the 5 in Roman Numerals = Roman Jesuit Catholics created freemasonry. God said they hunt our every footstep. Catholic Jesuit created Freemasons are the Army the Catholic's have created to exterminate all who will not worship Lucifer the Pope. The above picture tells you who the Catholic Pope is ... death. The Pope is the all seeing eye = Horus The Sun god as he is the holy see.

Jesus Angels wear White !!!

The Anti camp wear Black !!! And usually we see them with a Skull in the face of the reapers = The Angel of death. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

God put two different roads before us = Life and Good and death and evil and the Catholic Church has always chosen Death and has done great evil to the Body of Christ - Lharmen

Pope prays in front of skeleton dressed up as a nun June 25

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.

The Catholics secretly Worship the Skull which is the worship of death = Lucifer the Angel of Death. They killed Jesus is a place where they worshipped the skull = Matthew 27:33 And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a skull,

Mark 15:22 And they bring him unto the place Golgotha, which is, being interpreted, The place of a skull.

John 19:17 And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha:


1 John 4:2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

1 John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist,
whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

Benjamin Netanyahu warns future of world at stake over Iran's nuclear programme - Sept 28

When the Cuban missile crisis occurred the US took photos of

Russian missiles into the UN as proof. In today's hi-tech world

 it seems a cartoon picture of a bomb is deemed sufficient.

Child like bomb drawing is used by Netanyahu ???? Why not use a real drawing of a real bomb the Iranians

have ... probably because one does not exist today. This is all about drawing red lines like a child would = Masons

Iran has already been accused of heading for the 90% enrichment/grade line so

to push for this as the attack criteria would allow an attack soon and that is why Netanyahu has done this - Lharmen

Netanyahu at 28 years old

In a remarkable video from 1978, 28 year old MIT grad Benjamin Netanyahu debates whether there should be a Palestinian state

created on the West Bank and Gaza.Wow look at the Dragon speak - Lharmen

Netanyahu giving Obama speech saying peace continually

By Peace the devil destroys many ! - Lharmen

7,500 US officials serve Israel interest, Tel Aviv biggest threat to US - Oct 2


Lharmen - I can be contacted at my Face book page under

Abbas Watchman or at 12160 <-(Suspended with out reason) under Lawrence Harmen.

 I can only imagine that I will be unable to update and what I have will be still up but frozen

 as long as I still have funds in my pay pal account to cover the $20.00 a month I need for

my server and stats. Thanks to all who have helped me stay up for the past 10 years now.

Jesus coming is as the brightness and the devils son the Antichrist's coming is as a

he goat across the entire world from the west = Daniel 8

Habakkuk 3:4 And his brightness was as the light; he had horns coming

 out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power.


See what the Illuminati Are doing to me/Lharmen today Nov 15 2011


The following is an exact translation of the doctrine of the Church of Rome as taught today in all Roman Catholic seminaries,

colleges and universities, through the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, vol. iv., p. 90:

"Though heretics (Protestants) must not be tolerated because they deserve it, we must bear with them till, by the second admonition,

they may be brought back to the faith of the church.  But those who, after a second admonition, remain obstinate to their errors,

must not only be excommunicated, but they must be delivered to the secular power to be EXTERMINATED."


The Death Worshipping Hell's Angels = 303 RD HELLS ANGELS  = Devils Army

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.


We need to understand why Damascus destruction is so important to us all =

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Then we see Project Blue Beam which is a false holographic second coming of Jesus that could only be the signs that could almost deceive the very elect like 911. - Lharmen

Isaiah 17 :3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.

A fortress has Walls and towers = Israel today has them both - Lharmen

Isaiah 17 :4 And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean

Isaiah 17 :7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

First the Antichrist/He Goat will stand up and say he is god then we see our Maker = this is what is holding God back from coming.

First bind the strong man then plunder his house  - Lharmen


First the Lord comes for the church

then the Lord comes back with the Church .



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Very important Proof Israel is Modern Babylon - Lharmen
Netanyahu was wrong about Iraq having nuclear weapons - Sept 28

What I see here is the exact same language that Netanyahu is using today against Iran! We can see by this Video that Israel has been the steering wheel that has Guides the U.S. war policy for a long time . That is how Jerusalem is Babylon and Not New York which is controlled by Netanyahu's policies. We need to keep alert for any eventuality when it comes to the timing of this war as Netanyahu has openly sided against OBAMA and he will pay dearly for it if Obama is re-elected Nov 6th. Netanyahu will push very very hard for war before Nov 6th - Lharmen - Lharmen

Read what this article says about where Iran is headed and why =

Iran's Statements on 90% Uranium Enrichment Exposed - Sept 28

Add this very short news clip where Obama says he answers to Netanyahu daily.


Huge Mind control research page.


Way back machine had a back up as it went down again.


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

America is the nation Israel will not have to protect them in the coming war =

Lamentations 4:17 As for us, our eyes as yet failed for our vain help: in our watching we have watched for a nation that could not save us.

Ask Jesus forgiveness of your sins soon!

All who do will escape harm!



Zionist mind control = chipped people can have their

inner voice listen to and talked to all the way back to before WW2 .

Mind control/Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice - Oct 31
Lharmen - Hitler chipped his entire army and told them God was talking to them
 it was called "God speak" and it was not God but their captains talking to their inner voices .

 this is everywhere across the Global today = war on drugs religion.

Where ever you find the Hell's Angels

you find Mind control through this deceptive technology!

It's Now Possible for One Person's Brain to Control Another Person's Movements - Nov 7

Lharmen - exactly what I have been saying all illuminati an do to all people who are chipped today. They can control them via their own thoughts. One Veri-Chip installed under the cover of the vaccines all cops must take and you can become a puppet. They load the body with heavy metals like flouride (=Water, vaccines.) and or Mercury (Vaccines, Psychotropic drugs). The heavy metals create the antenna required for total control . 70 cops in Alberta were caught masturbating to images of children and another 60 just recently all in about the past 10+ years. All these cops are victims of mind control = Good cops removed from the police force through mind control technologies.


This is exactly what happened to me Lharmen Abbaswatchman's writer.

New York Officer reports systematic corruption and is forced to go

to a Mental health facility by fellow officers - Mar 11

It's all about forcing him to take the EEG.

NYPD officer thrown in psych ward by his superior Officers for exposing them - Mar 11 2012

Adrian Schoolcraft of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 81st precinct in Brooklyn

noticed some disturbing trends within the department and in response to his brave move

to step forward, his superiors had him thrown in a psychiatric ward.

(His Masonic Mafia cops superiors - Lharmen)
Schoolcraft realized that there was a pattern of the victims of crimes being caught up in

bureaucratic hurdles which he thinks were deliberately put in place in order to make it

harder to report serious crimes.

Mind control forums found

I found a backed up version of the victims of Mind control forums (Implants).


My Story was hosted here until this site was taken down in Jan 2010.

Does anyone know what happened to this site

email mail me abbaswatchman.com@google.com'

This web site used to hold a huge resource of Mind control victims stories

and explained how mind control is everywhere across our Western Nations today.



This was the index page for it!

With implant pictures front and center.

Janine Jones' account includes images which include the brain implants

she received as a baby in 1949, and radiation patterns on her window.

A petition against the Crown of New Zealand details her struggle since the

implants have been activated, destroying her professional and personal lives.

Just as God warned us we will all have when he comes = Isaiah 30:28

Bridles in our Jaws causing us to err.


They can and do burn our entire bodies with these things as this is

what they have put into my body in the center of my chest as I can feel it and

 where the frequencies are originating from -Lharmen.



Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;

and they shall walk, and not faint.

Revelation 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle,

that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished

for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Catching away is drawing near - March 15


We are very precious in God's Site !

Repent and change your ways the kingdom of heaven is at hand - Lharmen

10 Commandments click to enlarge

10 simple commandments we can all easily live by and then the World will become a better place.


Watch this Video = Christ lives in you ! It starts out amateurish but it has an awesome message!

Christ lives in you!

2 Guys on the cross with Jesus they both trashed him an Innocent man. The one on the Right

changed his wicked ways and told the Other = "Do you not fear God for we are here for what

we have done but this man is Innocent" = He repented of his persecution of the Innocent man

Jesusand stood up for the very man he trashed.

Which guy on the cross are you?

Repent and change your ways! Stop persecuting and become the persecuted as we are tried by

tribulations that come when we stand up for innocent people and for what is right and suffer for it.

Psalms 37:34 Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land:

when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.


Boston Bombing was fraud / Hoax nothing but a drill - Page


US was so sure it was striking Syria it made ‘warning calls’ to Israel’s leaders - Oct 6

Sept 10th - Russia and China have stopped the war and scripture says the East and the North trouble him then he goes out to destroy many but he comes to his end and no one helps him. Today everyone even his own Nation is against his striking Syria which is coming and looks to be during the fake One week peace deal. = keep watching.


Syria peace talks set for January 22 in Geneva | Reuters

The devils and there number 22 see more proof ->

By peace he destroys many - Lharmen

Ukraine crisis begin Feb 22 with the overthrow

of their Russian puppet president.

9/11 2013 would be the 22 year since Herbert

Walker Bush called for New World Order in 1991.

Morsi was elected Nov 22 and Netanyahu was

elected Jan 22 and then again on 3/22 they gave

a 3 month extension to the war that is coming.

The Illuminati worship Goddess Diana of the Ephesians of

 old and they say she ascended 322 so they use numerology

and at the same time they honour other Greek gods = God's

other than Jesus Christ of the Bible who came in the flesh.


 Lharmen. Do not forget President Kennedy was Fake assassinated on the
22nd of November, See what he warned us --->

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot
to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight." 

-President Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November, 1963 ten days after he
made this speech to Columbia University on Nov 12, 1963.

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Project Blue Beam and the modern technologies that will be used.

How the Elites will fake an Alien invasion

video - Feb 10 2015

Roelof see the solid proof the CIA Agents = Drug cops are intercepting your Donation to me. Nov 19 2014

Roelof I have not received the photo copy for the past 5 months now but I have been forced to talk with these crooks in order to get the numbers = illegal activity continually. It says CIA right in the letter.

See how they send the Money transfer number but no amount which makes it impossible to receive it unless I call them so they can terrorize me some more = MK Ultra mind control or better said fear based mind control. God said they trust in oppression and perversion. You can not miss the oppression. Lharmen.

 Pray our Lord protects my money I am getting very low again as they endlessly steal it.




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1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.


Pray for my safety the devils illuminati have been spraying me every few weeks for months now and today they had a white camper van running me off the road purposely to enrage me . they are always testing to see of we are evil after they create the perfect environment to say we are! Any human being living under constant attack is going to flip out and today I did . Pray the devils get shut down soon from terrorizing me. Pray for my safety Feb 4 2015. I again need your donations David Thompson is clearly blocking my Donations. He is my relative and the head of the Hell's Angels war on drugs operations = Patricia light infantry = Military Mafia CIA created and controlled.
Nov 28 / 29 - Russia is blasting the Turkish border positions where ISIS is coming into Syria from. Russia and Turkey are engaged in electronic war fare. The U.S. and Germany are preparing ground troops to enter Syria. Turkey and Jordan are preparing to enter the fight and Israel will be preparing soon as well WW3 = Daniel 8 war.


Russian T-90 Tanks Arrive in Syria's Aleppo to Join Army's Combat on Terrorists - Nov 29


Russian S-400 makes Syria a no-fly zone halt U.S. Airstrikes - Nov 29

The deployment of the highly advanced Russian S-400 anti-air missiles at the Khmeimin base, Russia’s military enclave in Syria near Latakia, combined with Russia electronic jamming and other electronic warfare equipment, has effectively transformed most of Syria into a no-fly zone under Russian control.
Moscow deployed the missiles last Wednesday, Nov. 25, the day after Turkish warplanes downed a Russian Su-24. Since then, the US and Turkey have suspended their air strikes over Syria, including bombardments of Islamic State targets. The attacks on ISIS in Iraq continue without interruption. Turkey is now extra-careful to avoid flights anywhere near the Syrian border.
Both the US and Turkey are obviously wary of risking their planes being shot down by the S-400, so long as Russian-Turkish tensions run high over the Su-24 incident.
Its operational range for aerodynamic targets is about 250 km and for ballistic targets 60 km. The S-400 can engage up to 36 targets simultaneously.
Their range covers at least three-quarters of Syrian territory, a huge part of Turkey, all of Lebanon, Cyprus and half of Israel.
Since the downing of their warplane, the Russians have put in place additionally new electronic warfare multifunctional systems both airborne and on the ground to disrupt Turkish flights and forces, Lt. Gen. Evgeny Buzhinksy revealed Friday. Turkey has countered by installing the KORAL electronic jamming system along its southern border with Syria.
An electronic battlefield has spread over northern Syria and southern Turkey, with the Russian and Turks endeavoring to jam each other’s radar and disrupt their missiles. In this, the Russians have the advantage.
With the Americans, Russians and Turks locked in a contest over Syria, and the Israeli Air Force’s freedom of action restricted by objective conditions, some comments made at week’s end by Israeli military and security officials sounded beside the point.
Thursday, Nov. 26, a senior Air Force officer remarked that Israel is being careful to avoid friction with Russia, despite that country’s expanding military presence in Syria. “Russia is now a central player and can’t be ignored. But we each go our own way, according to our own interests,” the officer noted.


Germany to send 1,200 soldiers to Syria to support fight against Islamic State - Nov 29


The planned involvement could be Germany's largest current overseas deployment and is a response to France's call for support to fight the extremists.
Germany is planning to send 1,200 soldiers to Syria to support the international fight against Isil, in what would be its largest current overseas military deployment, its army chief has said.
The planned German military involvement in response to France’s call for more countries to help fight the militants after the Paris attacks would see troops provide service support to ships and reconnaissance planes, but would not include direct combat.
The plan still needs approval from parliament, with the government seeking a mandate before the end of the year, said Volker Wieker, chief of staff of the German army.
He added that troops would be sent to Syria quickly once parliament had approved a mandate for the operation, meaning soldiers could be deployed as soon as the end of this year.
"From a military point of view, some 1,200 soldiers are expected to be needed to operate the planes and ships," Mr Wieker, Germany's highest-ranking soldier, told newspaper Bild am Sonntag.
The German air force would provide four to six Tornado jets for reconnaissance that could be stationed at two locations, with talks under way with Jordan and Turkey about using the airbases in Incirlik and Amman, said Mr Wieker.
Lharmen - Daniel 8 war is unfolding and we can see the Players preparing . Turkey, Jordan and Israel will be in a full all out war with Syria and Iran when the West attacks and destroys both of them then Russia attacks the U.S. and the West with the E.U. ending the war. With massive destruction World wide. We are very close to WW3.



The Collision Course in Syria - Nov 29

With Turkey downing a Russian Su-24 warplane along the Turkish-Syrian border this week, dire predictions about the dangers of escalation in the Syrian conflict are coming true. Events are spinning out of control as Syria turns into a happy hunting ground for military forces locked on a mutual collision course.
Up to 50 U.S. Special Operations troops are due to enter Syria shortly in support of a hastily assembled Arab-Kurdish coalition that could easily come under Russian or Turkish attack.


A Russian plane recently penetrated Israeli air space from Syria - Nov 29

A Russian warplane recently entered Israeli-controlled airspace from Syria but the intrusion was resolved without incident, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Sunday. "There was a slight intrusion a mile (1.6 kilometres) deep by a Russian plane from Syria into our airspace, but it was immediately resolved and the Russian plane returned towards Syria," Yaalon told public radio. "It was apparently an error by the pilot who was flying near the Golan" - but he did not say what type of plane or when the incident occurred.
DEBKAfile’s military sources: The intrusion per se was of less concern to Israel than the fact that Russian warplanes are attacking southern Syrian areas controlled by 25,000 rebels belonging to groups backed by the US, Jordan and Israel. If they are dispersed by Russian air strikes, territory abutting the
Israeli border will be seized by Syrian army, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah forces.
Lharmen - this is the same distance that Turkey says Russia penetrated their airspace. Russia is clearing out the Golan for Iran and Syria's troops =
Media and Persia . They will be pushing in the Daniel 8's 3 directions when the Western leader attacks and destroys their powers. Through the unfolding fake week phase of a peace deal. Keep watching for it it will happen soon.


Russian warplanes bomb Turkish-Syrian border town: residents - Nov 29

Jets, believed to be Russian, hit a depot for trucks waiting to go through a major rebel-controlled border crossing, Bab al-Salam, on Wednesday, the head of the crossing said.
Syrian jets have struck that area before but, if confirmed to have been carried out by Russia, it would be one of Moscow's closest air strikes to Turkish territory, targeting a humanitarian corridor into rebel-held Syria and an important transit point for Syrian civilians crossing to Turkey.


'Syria is dead, Israel must prepare,' top defense official warns - Nov 29

“Syria is a dead state, and Israel must understand this and prepare accordingly,” Amos Gilad, the director of the political-security division in the Defense Ministry and a former senior Military Intelligence official, told a cultural event in Beersheba.


Putin imposes sanctions, says country 'fully mobilized' to tackle threats from Turkey - Nov 29

MOSCOW- President Vladimir Putin is fully mobilized to tackle what the Kremlin regards as an unprecedented threat from Turkey following the shooting down of one of its warplanes by a Turkish F-16, the Russian leader's spokesman said on Saturday.
In comments which underscore how angry the Kremlin still is over the incident, Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, called the behavior of the Turkish air force "absolute madness" and said Ankara's subsequent handling of the crisis had reminded him of the "theater of the absurd."
"Nobody has the right to traitorously shoot down a Russian plane from behind," Peskov told Russia's "News on Saturday" TV program, calling Turkish evidence purporting to show the Russian SU-24 jet had violated Turkish air space "cartoons".


Paris climate summit: world leaders told to iron out differences before talks end - Nov 29

Negotiators at key UN climate talks in Paris that open next week are being told by the French government they must iron out their main differences six days before the end of the talks, according to the foreign minister, Laurent Fabius.


November 29: The Day the UN Stands With the Palestinians and Demonizes Israel - Nov 29

On November 29, the United Nations will mark an “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.” Established in 1977, the day claims to facilitate “the attainment of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of return and the right to national independence and sovereignty in Palestine.”


Commander: Iraqi Forces' Further Advance against ISIL Blocked by US - Nov 29

A commander of Iraq's volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) complained that the US meddling in the fight against the ISIL has impeded their victory over the Takfiri terrorist group and prevented them from winning back the strategic cities of Ramadi and Fallujah. "The US meddling prevents the Iraqi army and popular forces from concluding their battles against the ISIL in Ramadi and Fallujah cities," Commander of Imam Khamenei Battalion Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi told FNA on Sunday. He noted that the US is doing its best to prevent mop-up operations by the popular forces in Anbar province. Al-Ardavi underlined that prolonging the Anbar battle will also negatively influence the Iraqi army's battles against the terrorists in other provinces...


Turkey Arrests Generals for Stopping Syria-Bound Trucks 'Filled With Arms' - Nov 29


Nov 26 / 27 - Russia is telling their people in Turkey to leave immediately. Russia is clearly preparing for the Daniel 8 war and when they are pushing in the prophesied 3 directions it will be during a fake week phase of a peace deal that the Western leader attacks and destroys both Syria and Iran's powers with Syria/Media between his eyes to fulfill Damascus destruction we see our maker at that day scriptures Isaiah 17:1-7. Abbas has just called on the U.N. to pass a resolution dividing Jerusalem and a time frame for the Israel withdrawal. The war will come during a peace deal. We are fast approaching that deal and even the Syrian peace deal is also on the table in the coming week. Watch for them both to be lumped together. We lift our heads when these things begin to come to pass says this war is close = days to weeks. Watch for the peace deals as war will happen really soon after it is made. 


Russia advises its citizens to leave Turkey immediately

- Nov 27

Russia's Foreign Ministry has urged the country's citizens to defer all travel to Turkey and advised all Russians currently in Turkey to depart as soon as possible.


Putin Accuses Obama Of Leaking Flight Details To Turkey After Russia Releases Video Of S-400 SAM Deployment In Syria - Nov 27

As reported two days ago, one of the first decisions a very angry Russia took in the aftermath of the shooting down of its Su-24 by a Turkish F-16 was to dispatch a Moskva guided-missile cruiser off the coast of Syria to provide air cover for its jets operating near Latakia, as well as send an unknown number of ultramodern S-400 (or SA-21 Growler in NATO designation) SAM batteries to Latakia to make sure that the tragic incident from Tuesday never repeats itself by sending Turkey a very clear message that the next time a Turkish warplane engages a Russian jet, Russia will immediate retaliate using ground forces.
Earlier today, Russia made a very explicit demonstration of the deployment of at least two S-400 batteries at Syria's Khmeimim airbase, with the Russian Ministry of Defense promptly publicizing the arrival with the following clip.


Putin orders missiles to Syria-Turkey border to defend Russian jets - Nov 27

Russia announced plans Wednesday to deploy long-range surface-to-air missiles at its air base near the Syria-Turkey border to destroy any target that threatens its warplanes in the area — an angry response to Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet, which raised fears of a direct clash between Russia and NATO.
Syrians fighting the government of President Bashar Assad said Russian jets launched a fresh series of bombing runs on insurgent-held positions close to where the Russian plane went down.


Russia's S-400 Arrives in Hmeymim Airbase in Syria - Nov 27

That was quick! You got your no-fly zone now Turkey.


PA Abbas pushed for a peace resoloution at the U.N. same as the Sept 2014th resolution - Nov 27

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas this week, that the UN Security Council pass a resolution that will set "a date for the ending of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and to provide international protection for Palestinians"
Lharmen - this is the coming fake week peace deal that will see Jerusalem divided and it looks like they will also lump the Syrian ceasefire into it as well. Keep watching because we are getting very close to WW3. The U.S. Navy and the Russian navy are lining up in the Mediterranean for war soon = in the coming weeks.




US-Russian discord over Syria stoked by Turkey’s downing of the Russian warplane - Nov 25

The Russian-Turkish clash over the downing of the SU-29 by Turkish warplanes Tuesday, Nov. 24, has sharply ramped up the personal head-on-head between the US and Russian Presidents Obama and Putin over the fate of Bashar Assad. US-led NATO and Russian warships are about to come into dangerous proximity in the waters off Syria.
No matter how the incident is interpreted, it has generated five points that could lead to an aerial or naval clash between US and Russian forces in the Syrian theater.
1. It was the first time in 65 years, since 1950, that an American-made warplane from a NATO member state shot down a Russian warplane with an American-made air-to-air missile. This ramifications of this incident were no doubt seriously pondered at the NATO session called after the event.
4. On Tuesday night, Nov. 24, Putin made his next move in the ramped-up chess match between the US and Russia in Syria.
The Russian general staff announced that the missile cruiser Moskva, one of the largest warships in the world, was ordered to move closer to the Syrian coast opposite the port of Latakia, near the Turkish border, and to “destroy any target posing danger.”
debkafile’s military sources say the Moskva serves as a floating missile base with a complement of advanced S-300 ground-to-air missiles.
This was a message for Ankara that any Turkish warplane nearing Syria, or flying in the Hatay province of southern Turkey - where the Su-24 incident occurred - was exposed to being shot down by Russian missiles. The Russian general command also announced that Russian warplanes would henceforth escort all Russian flights operating in Syrian airspace, including bombers.
5. Although he backed Erdogan verbally, Obama has not resorted to any military steps against Russia. But he does have a card up his sleeve.
The USS Harry S. Truman carrier with strike force is on its way to the Mediterranean, having sailed from the US on Nov.16.
Truman will join the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, whose planes started bombing ISIS targets in Iraq on Nov. 23. If Obama orders the Truman to enter the Syrian theater, there will be two warships from NATO member states facing Russian naval forces off the Syrian coast, led by the missile carrier Moskva.
Lharmen - WW3 starts when Kingdoms rise against Kingdoms begins.


Russia bombs every Turkish target in Syria - Nov 27

The bitter verbal and military clash between Moscow and Ankara spiraled further Friday, Nov. 27. Russian Lt.-Gen.Evgeny Buzhinsky announced that following the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey, “Russia will have to resort to electronic jamming and other warfare equipment, including special aircraft with special equipment on board to protect our pilots from being struck by missiles.”
This was after Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned Vladimir Putin “not to play with fire.”
The tension between Moscow and Ankara was further ramped up by the following steps:
1. Turkey suspended its flights over Syria as part of its partnership with the US for air strikes against the Islamic State. According to debkafile’s military sources, Ankara decided to avoid the risk of being shot down by the highly advanced Russian S-300 and S-400 anti-air missile systems newly deployed to Syria.

Lharmen - Turkey has stopped entering Syrian airspace and so the entire group of Nato nations will have to as well. Russia is going to town on the Rebels trained by the U.S. Turkey ,Israel, and Jordan.

Israeli Military will soon Gather on their borders ahead of the coming World war and it comes during a peace deal. That deal is fast approaching as well.


Putin Accuses US, Turkey Of Ambushing Russian Jet - Nov 27


Amid terror wave, UN adopts six resolutions - all anti-Israel - Nov 26

Canada's new PM supports Israel at UN as his government votes against the six resolutions condemning Israel - Nov 26


UK's Cameron says time to join air strikes against militants in Syria - Nov 26

Lharmen - Russia will blow you out of the sky ! WW3 soon!


Ya’alon: Wave of Palestinian terror won’t end soon - Nov 27


Russia deploys S-400 missile battery in Syria, state media says; planes flying in and out of Ben Gurion would be within Russian sights - Nov 26

Lharmen - the downing of the Russian Jet was the perfect excuse for Russia to place these missile defense systems along Israel's borders. It worked in his favor not against Putin but for him.


Putin Accuses Obama Of Leaking Flight Details To Turkey After Russia Releases Video Of S-400 SAM Deployment In Syria - Nov 27


170,000 Polish nationalists took to the streets yesterday in the city center of Warsaw against immigration into Europe and the European Union - Nov 27


WHOA! EMBARRASSING! US State Dept Reps Caught in Obvious Lie - Nov 27

Lharmen - Video proof - the U.S. military is lying through their teeth about the Russian attacks and they are clearly very nervous that things are about to get ugly or else why would they report such nonsense and not stick to the truth and things that they can prove very easily. No hospital has been hit with the RT reporter showing proof it was never attacked .
It is blatant propaganda and the two people giving the report to the room full of reporters both of them are super nervous because they are clearly lying through their teeth at every word.


Greek Protesters Burn US, Turkish Flags, Want Out of NATO After Su-24 - Nov 27

A crowd of Greek citizens gathered in the center of Athens to express their condemnation of the attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber. The protesters burnt Turkish and American flags and demanded that Greece withdraws from NATO.


Lava Breakout on the Big Island - Nov 27


Nov 23 / 24 / 25 - Turkey shoots down Russian Jet and now Russia is bringing in S400 missile defense systems for that border with Syria. The Syrian peace deal is being fast tracked and it could be done with in 2 weeks = Kerry.

Watch for this coming peace deal to start  with the one week Phase and to be lumped together with the New Zealand 2 state deal and to be signed by Many nations. The deal will get broken in the midst of the week phase of the coming 7 year peace deal. Weeks away until Dec 15/16 Fed rate hike and possibly a snap announcement that Iran's Oil sanctions are being lifted the same day as the IAEA meet Dec 15th as well. Dec 11th debt ceiling ???

Market plunge then war coverage. Luke 21 = we should see Ebola take off across the Globe in the coming weeks if the fake week deal is to be made soon. It looks like the Crash = Famine has to begin before the Pestilence = Ebola. 3 more cases to today. Ask your self this question = Why are all Western Nations accepting Syrian Refugees only and not Afghanistan Refugees , Libyan refugees, Or Iraq Refugees ...no Just Syrian Refugees. Because when ISIS starts trashing the entire Western World they can then get the whole World hating Syrians as they came in with them. No other reason is plausible! The Israel's army is about to Gather in Mass. This needs to happen ahead of the coming World War.


Putin responds to Turkey’s downing of Russian jet by sending air-defence missiles to Syria - Nov 25

MOSCOW - In a move raising the potential threat of a Russia-NATO conflict, Russia says it will deploy long-range air defence missiles to its base in Syria and destroy any target that may threaten its warplanes following the downing of a Russian military jet by Turkey.
The incident, the first time in half a century a NATO member shot down a Russian plane, may put Moscow and the alliance on the verge of a direct conflict. If Russia shoots down a Turkish plane, Turkey, a NATO member, could proclaim itself under attack and ask the alliance for military assistance.
The situation is even more alarming as Russian and Turkish presidents are strong leaders reluctant to back down and seek a compromise. Most observers believe that while a direct military confrontation will be unlikely, the shooting down of the plane will further fuel the Syrian conflict and complicate international peace efforts.
The S-400 missiles, which Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to be sent to the Hemeimeem air base in Syria’s coastal province of Latakia just 50 kilometres (30 miles) away from the border with Turkey, are capable of striking targets within 400-kilometre (250-mile) range with a deadly precision. The military also moved the navy missile cruiser Moskva closer to the shore to help protect Russian warplanes with its long-range Fort air defence system.
“It will be ready to destroy any aerial target posing a potential danger to our aircraft,”
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting with military officials. He added that from now on Russian bombers will always be escorted by fighters on combat missions over Syria, and announced the severance of all military ties with Turkey.
“It will be ready to destroy any aerial target posing a potential danger to our aircraft,” Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting with military officials. He added that from now on Russian bombers will always be escorted by fighters on combat missions over Syria, and announced the severance of all military ties with Turkey.
Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, director of the German Marshall Fund in Ankara, said the downing of a Turkish plane by Russia is also a possibility.
Turkish planes violate the Syrian border daily, either for reconnaissance flights or for anti-IS operations,” he said. “In the same way that Turkey argues it has rules of engagement, Russia could also declare its own rules of engagement saying it has right to protect the skies of its ally.”
The Russian plane’s downing marked a dramatic turnaround in relations between Russia and Turkey, who have proclaimed one another “strategic partners” in the past and developed booming economic ties despite differences over Syria.
He said the Turkish action was a “planned provocation” and rejected his Turkish counterpart’s proposal to meet at the sidelines of some international forum in the coming days to try to ease tensions.
Lharmen - This is all planned as Turkey will align themselves with Russia in the coming war.


Kerry rallies Gulf Arabs behind renewed anti-IS push - Nov 25

So he came to Abu Dhabi to encourage his Emirati and Saudi allies in their efforts to convince Syria's rebel factions to agree a ceasefire with Bashar al-Assad's regime.
"That's why I'm here," he told reporters, repeating his hope that a ceasefire between the opposition and the government could be struck "in a few weeks".
"We're working very hard to accelerate the efforts out of Vienna, to give that diplomatic process life," he said.
"You can be confident that the diplomatic front is in high gear, with a very real plan on the table to be implemented."
And now, US special forces are preparing to deploy into Syria to help local groups battle IS.
The Vienna powers have set an ambitious target date of January 1 for talks and a ceasefire to begin, but the participants have yet to be identified.
"And," he added, "under the right circumstances the answer is 'yes', it's possible, but we need to get the political process moving, we're weeks away, maybe one or two weeks."


Liberia Records 3 New Ebola Cases, Monitors 153 People After Possible Exposure - Nov 25

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Famine then Pestilence so we should see Ebola take off very soon and spread like wild fire across the World right at the time or after the crash starts. This Dec 4th OPEC meeting could bring the Crash on then Ebola goes World Wide Sparking the emergency Measures acts across the Western Nations. That will bring on the New World Orders Martial law. Jesus warned us not to be mockers lest our Bands be made secure. We will get locked up right when Jesus is about to return to Earth and his Angels will free us.


France strikes IS group targets in Iraq from Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier - Nov 23


Kerry seeks to 'accelerate everything' on efforts for Syrian peace talks - Nov 25


IDF plan for stemming terror. PM: It will die down - Nov 23

Reservists will need to be mobilized on a large scale for this plan’s implementation.

Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;
Zephaniah 2:2 Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD's anger come upon you.

Lharmen - the Israeli army will Gather in mass ahead of the coming war and God said he will judge them on the borders of Israel.


Russia ready to consider steps to close Turkish-Syrian border — Lavrov - Nov 25

Lharmen - That would get Obama cranky !


Turkey shoots down Russian warplane on Syria border: Vladimir Putin warns of 'serious consequences' - Nov 25


NATO Calls 'Extraordinary Meeting' After Turkey Downs Russian Jet - Nov 25


Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger - Nov 25


Kerry: Israeli-Palestinian conflict may ‘spin out of control’; met with Netanyahu and Abbas Tuesday - Nov 25

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Wednesday that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is at a “pivotal point” and could worsen beyond repair unless both sides make rapid compromises.
Lharmen - Watch for the fake week phase of the coming 7 year peace deal soon. The World war comes during the week phase.


Tunisia declares state of emergency after bus blast kills 12 in attack on presidential guard - Nov 25
Tunisia's president declared a 30-day state of emergency across the country and imposed an overnight curfew for the capital Tuesday after an explosion struck a bus carrying members of the presidential guard, killing at least 12 people and wounding 20 others.
Lharmen - This will bring on more attacks World Wide that will also be used to bring on the states of Emergency. Martial law will sweep the Globe in the coming weeks. Luke 21 Nations in distress with perplexity. Perplexity means getting worse and worse. This happens when our Lord comes.


Obama and Erdogan agreed to destroy Russian plane at G20 - Nov 25

Lharmen - It would never have been done with out approval from the top.


Obama points finger at Russia over jet shoot-down by Turkey - Nov 25

President Obama pointed the finger at Russia over its warplane being shot down by Turkey, suggesting the incident might not have happened if Moscow were more concerned with hitting ISIS targets than moderate opposition to Syria’s Bashar Assad – a campaign that puts them dangerously close to the Turkish border.
“I do think that this points to an ongoing problem with the Russian operations,” Obama said. “In the sense that they are operating very close to a Turkish border, and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by not only Turkey but a wide range of countries.”

Lharmen - Obama says TIT for TAT.


Russia says Turkey’s shooting of jet was ‘planned - Nov 25


U.S. Claims Turkey Shooting Down Russian Plane was "Defense" - Nov 25

Lharmen - The RT reporter asks "do you really believe Russia would attack Turkey". Was this shoot down justified to defend Turkey against a Russian plane . One plane?????


Senior MP: Turkey Troubling Dispatch of Russian Military Aid to Iraq - Nov 25

The Iraqi Parliament's Security and Defense Committee has accused Turkey of preventing the Russian helicopters from carrying weapons to Iraq. The Iraqi parliament has, instead, called for handing over the Russian military choppers to Iran and from there to Iraq. In early October, Chairman of the Iraqi parliament's defense committee said Baghdad wants Moscow to have a bigger role in the anti-terrorist campaign in Iraq than the US and may soon officially request to start air strikes on its soil...


Video: Kremlin Proves Russian Jet Never Entered Turkish Airspace - Nov 25


BLOCKBUSTER: US Ret. General Wesley Clark: Turkey has always supported ISIS - Nov 25


Russia planning no war with Turkey — FM - Nov 25

Lharmen - No war as Russia and Turkey planned this so Russia can bring in it's Missile defense System under this created crisis. The Bible tells us the house of Togarmah will betray Israel during this coming war.


Yemeni Forces Destroy Another Saudi Warship - Nov 25

Other Saudi battleships that were approaching Yemen's coasts retreated fast following the attack.

Lharmen - this entire area is being loaded up with Naval Vessels for the coming Global Nuclear battle.


France and Israel launch a new war in Iraq and Syria - Nov 25


Kerry meets Abbas, says 'two-state solution' is still viable - Nov 25

Lharmen - they are working hard on the coming peace deal that will part/divide God's Land.

Netanyahu to Kerry: There will be no settlement freeze - Nov 25

Netanyahu to Kerry: Green light for Palestinian building projects dependent on end to terror - Nov - Nov 25

Lharmen - Again they are working hard on the coming peace deal that will part/divide God's Land.


$40 Oil Looms Over OPEC's Next Meeting - Nov 25

It’ll take more than $40 crude to make OPEC change its mind, analysts said before the group’s

Dec. 4 meeting in Vienna.


Gregory Mannarino: "If The Federal Reserve Does Not Raise Rates Next Month, Then That Is The Biggest ‘No Confidence’ Vote For The U.S. Economy, And That Is Going To Melt Down This Market." - Nov 25


National Debt Spikes $578 BILLION in Three Weeks - Nov 25


Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000 - Nov 25

Lharmen - If you can not see what is about to happened you are sleep walking through life . Israel = the Jews would not believe the enemy walked in through the Gate.
The Time of the Gentiles is at hand = WW3 - Tribulation period.
Clip from article: President Obama's open-door immigration policy is set to accept more immigrants from Muslim nations over the next five years than the entire population of Washington, D.C., according to federal documents.
Figures from the Department of Homeland Security show that the president has already issued 680,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations over the past five years. Unless Congress changes his policy, that number will be repeated in the next five years.


Co-Pilot of Downed Russian Jet Says He Had No Warning - Nov 25

Lharmen - Turkey is saying they gave 10 warnings and they also said the Russian plane went 17 seconds into Turkish air space. OK if this is true then you try to warn out load 10 times in 17 seconds and remember first you need to hear the warning of an airspace violation then you can start warning . All lies to get Nato's War with Russia going.
Clip from article: The co-pilot of the Russian bomber shot down by Turkish jets on the Syrian border has said he received no warnings before the plane was fired on.
The co-pilot, Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, spoke to the Russian state news agency Sputnik at military base in Syria, where he was brought after being rescued by the Russian military overnight.
"There were no warnings. Not via the radio, not visually. There was no contact whatsoever,” Murakhtin told Sputnik.


Obama, Hollande swear unity against IS, leave Putin in the cold - Nov 25

Lharmen - ISIS is in the 2 Nations Russia controls so exactly how are you going to leave Putin in the Cold.

Iraq is calling for Russian Air strikes in days! Russia controls both Nations airspaces so how could you leave the Russians out of any war plans?


Nov 21 / 22 - Iran and Syria are at war in many direction today and they are winning. The Western War ships are about to enter the Syrian war and an aircraft carrier headed out from the U.S. last week could be there in weeks so the war could start in Dec. All things again are aligning up for a Dec market plunge . The devils have told us when we see this market plunge some time after it there will be the 3WW.


1st Iranian planes over Syria with Russian bombers - Nov 22

A series of videos apparently leaked by the Russian Defense Ministry reveal the presence of Iranian F-14 and MiG -29 fighters in Syrian skies for the first time. They were shown by “The Aviationist,” Italian magazine, escorting heavy Russian bombers, including the Tupolev TU-160, the heaviest, fastest and most destructive bomber ever built, on missions no more than 150 km from Israel’s northern border.


Lharmen don't forget the U.S. warships are headed to the Mediterranean to fight ISIS in Syria. They are doing this with the U.N.'s backing.


Putin announces "next phase" in Syria military operation - Nov 22

Lharmen - 150,000 troops are reported to be on their way for the coming ground war. Daniel 8 says Media/Syria and Persia/Iran will be pushing in 3 directions and winning when the western leader comes across the entire face of the World, hint not just half of it = Project Blue Beam and attacks both of them and destroys their powers with media between his eyes = Damascus destruction = Isaiah 17:1-7

Clip from article: Putin said a second phase is required because Syria hasn’t been cleansed of terrorists and Russia isn’t protected against a possible attack yet.




Fed's Williams Sees 'Strong Case' for Dec Increase If Data Holds Up - Nov 22

Lharmen - there will be a rate hike in Dec if the markets are pegged to start plunging.  Iran Sanctions are to be being lift upon fulfillment of Iran's deal. They have said this will happen before the end of December. This will cause the Markets to start crashing when it is announced. Possibly timed to happen right after the fed rate hike so they can not take it back. Remember the U.S. also has the debt ceiling Dec 11th as well.

The fight over Syrian refugees heads to Congress — where it could result in a government shutdown - Nov 22

That is not the case right now. The next funding deadline is December 11, and some House Republicans are already looking past this week's vote, campaigning for Ryan to attach a Syrian refugee ban to the December funding bill.


Yemeni Forces Take Control of Saudi Strategic Military Base in Najran Province - Nov 22


Netanyahu ADMITS ISIS are Israel soldiers - Nov 22

Around 200 people from the Druze community in the town of Majdal Shams, which lies in the southern foothills of Mount Hermon and north of the Golan Heights, pelted an Israeli military ambulance with stones on Monday night, forcing it to stop.
The Druze individuals then dragged two wounded ISIL extremists out of the vehicle and beat them up. One of the injured militants died afterwards, while the second is in a serious condition. An Israeli soldier and an officer onboard the vehicle also sustained slight wounds as a result of the assault.
Lharmen - That is now Obama and Netanyahu who have admitted publicly that ISIS is their baby they created it and they will protect it.


Whoopi Goldberg: Hitler was a Christian & Christians can be Dangerous & Violent - Nov 22

Lharmen - Hitler like the Catholics worship Jesus the Son of Lucifer making Hitler a skull worshiping Jew .The  ones who Killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha a place of a skull. The worship of the Skull is the worship of Death = the last enemy of God to be destroy and he is called the devil,Satan, and Lucifer as well as the Angel of Darkness.



Nov 20 - Mid Dec peace deal coincides with the rest of the financial disasters pilling up for Mid Dec. Debt ceiling Dec 11, Fed Rate hike Dec 15/16. Iran promised they will achieve Oil Sanctions relief before the end of Dec. <- That is the big one as in 2008 the Oil markets brought down the greater markets 9% more Global Oil in one day Spells disaster for the markets = we repeat history. Even Greece has to fulfill the agreement in Dec to get the full loan.


World Powers Try Anew for Syria Cease-Fire, but Path Is Tortuous - Nov 20

Those same leaders, including the bitter rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, are due to meet next in mid-December. The United Nations mediator, Staffan de Mistura, says he hopes they will choose to meet in Paris. On Thursday, he described the prospects of a cease-fire as “more likely — I’m not saying guaranteed — but more likely than before.”
Inside Syria, hopes for even a limited local truce were dashed just hours before.
There had been reports during the week that several major rebel factions, including Jaish al-Islam, backed by Saudi Arabia, were trying to reach a 15-day cease-fire deal with the government in the besieged and bombarded area known as East Ghouta, an expanse of suburbs that adjoins the capital, Damascus, but has long been cut off by the conflict. The proposed truce would have allowed humanitarian aid to get in and civilians to get out, according to several antigovernment activists in the area.
By Thursday, no agreement had been reached, and each side accused the other of refusing to accept the deal.

There was a glimmer of diplomatic consensus as well. France on Thursday proposed a Security Council draft resolution that calls on countries around the world to “take all necessary measures” to destroy the Islamic State’s “safe haven” in Syria and neighboring Iraq. Russia signaled that it could support the idea.
Jordan is expected to host a meeting of military and intelligence experts to negotiate a complete list. Whether it will include hard-line Islamist groups supported by powerful Persian Gulf countries is certain to be a point of contention. Saudi Arabia plans to host a separate meeting of Syrian opposition groups in mid-December, diplomats said.
Second, how would a cease-fire monitoring mission work?


UN approves resolution urging action against Islamic State - Nov 20

UNITED NATIONS (AP) " The U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved a French-sponsored resolution calling on all nations to redouble and coordinate action to prevent further attacks by Islamic State terrorists and other extremist groups.
The resolution adopted Friday says the Islamic State group "constitutes a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security." It expresses the council's determination "to combat by all means this unprecedented threat."

John McCain calls for 10,000 US ground troops in Syria - Nov 20

Lharmen - this is the same guy who sang "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" !


Oil on Fire: Russian jets destroy ISIS refineries, trucks and wells - Nov 20

Lharmen - the U.S. has lost some ISIS oil refineries to Russian strikes. When Media and Persia = Syria and Iran are pushing in 3 directions and winning then the Western leader comes across the entire World and destroys both of their powers = Daniel 8 war.





Syria peace deal elusive as ever in wake of Islamic State attacks - Nov 20

Saturday's announcement from Vienna said the five permanent Security Council members would support a Syria ceasefire resolution. Council diplomats said work on it has yet to begin.
British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft told reporters he expected it would take "weeks, not days" to draft a resolution establishing a ceasefire monitoring mechanism. Other council diplomats said it could take months.
A key issue for a ceasefire will be determining which groups fighting Assad will be branded moderate opposition fighters deserving of a seat at the negotiating table and which will be labeled terrorists. That task has been assigned to Jordan.

Lharmen - amazing how the rebels trust Jordan to broker a deal.


New terrorist attack as gunmen hold 170 hostages in Mali Radisson hotel where French troops are stationed - Nov 20


Netanyahu hints ground forces needed to defeat militant Islam - Nov 20

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intimated during his comments at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Wednesday that the West will need to commit ground forces in its war with Islamic extremists, though he stopped short of issuing an actual call for “boots on the ground.”

Lharmen - he will.


Russia orders Lebanon to shut its airspace for so it could conduct naval exercise - Nov 20


Stocks dip fractionally as Street anticipates rate hike Dec 15/16 - Nov 20

New case of Ebola found in Liberia -U.N. official - Nov 20


Transition to National Currencies in Russia-Iran Trade Matter of 2-3 Weeks - Nov 20


ISIS Declares War On Palestine, Kills Top Hamas Commander - Nov 20

Lharmen - ISIS is a creation of the West and if we translate this it says the U.S. has declared war on Hamas. That can not be good for peace prospects in and around Israel..


Russian cruise missiles hits ISIS from Mediterranean & Caspian; 600 killed in one strike - Nov 20

The Russian military has launched cruise missiles against Islamic State positions in Syria from both the Mediterranean and Caspian seas, one of which killed over 600 terrorists in the Deir Ex-Zor Province, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said.
“On November 20, the warships of the Caspian Fleet launched 18 cruise missiles at seven targets in the provinces of Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo. All targets were hit successfully,” he reported to President Vladimir Putin.
Overall, there are 10 warships taking part in the operation, six of which are in the Mediterranean.

Lharmen - the U.S. created rebel's are dropping like flies to the Russian strikes.


Russian, Syrian Air Forces Hit 344 ISIL Targets in One Day - Nov 20


Obama Caught Smuggling in Refugees on UPS Planes - Nov 20

Lharmen - ISIS is entering to prepare for the Global war on Jews = White people during the Time of the Gentiles. - Israel = the Jews would not believe the enemy walked right in through the gates.


Don't let that cop search your car! The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1998 That A Traffic Stop Doesnt Authorize a Vehicle Search - Nov 20

Lharmen - if you have nothing to hide then let them as we are living in Lawless times and many people who resist them get very broken and even killed. You have a right to tell them you do not given them permission but then stand aside when they say to.



Nov 18 / 19 - If today's peace deal is really for 15 days and not for 7 then it is not the Daniel 9:27 fake week peace deal signed by many it looks to be set for May of next year from the news box below from days ago it match's scripture perfectly to how things are said to unfold. Our redemption draws near when these Wars, Famine, Pestilence begins Luke 21 . Our Redemption could be anytime now even in December with all that it will bring for financial destruction.

Just the lifting of Iran's oil sanctions from compliance could bring the markets down add the rate hike Dec 15/16th and we could see the market plunge ahead of the coming World War. Our, Luke 21, redemption draws near when these things begin.


Observatory: 15-day ceasefire near Damascus to be announced shortly - Nov 19


Fed minutes signal December 15/16 rate hike likely - Nov 19

Federal Reserve officials believed last month that the economic conditions needed to trigger the first interest rate hike in nearly a decade could "well be met" by their next meeting in December.


Russia conducts strikes near Lebanon border - Nov 19


Bennett calls for ground troops to fight ISIS inside Syria - Nov 19

Lharmen - Israel is preparing a huge reserve call up for 2016 and clearly Syria is the planned target of these call ups = Daniel 8 war is unfolding.

Clip from article: Education Minister Naftali Bennett called for ground troops in Syria to fight Islamic State, in an address to The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
Bennett said the world is "not committed enough" to fighting IS, and asserted that drones and a few missiles are not enough to defeat the terror group.
"The world needs to go on the offensive," he stated, pointing to Israel's Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 as a model for how terrorism can be defeated.


UK Sends Warship to Back French Aircraft Carrier - Nov 19

The United Kingdom will send a Royal Navy warship, the HMS Defender, to back France in its anti-ISIL efforts in Syria, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said on Wednesday.

Turkey, US to intensify drive to push ISIS from Syria border - Nov 19


Jihadists Have Already Entered US Through Refugee Program - Nov 19


Obama Defiant. Will Continue To Import ISIS Jihadists Into America Under The Guise Of ‘Refugees - Nov 19


DARPA shells out $21m for IBM cat brain chip - Nov 19

Lharmen - Darpa can control dead bodies so they are way ahead of this cat brain chip today by leaps and bounds.

I just posted this article to face book with this message: Patricia light infantry ( <-Drug war) drove away and a dead looking cat started to move close to where they had been parked. I Picked it up and started to look for help as I have no vehicle or a cell phone so I asked some people driving by to help by putting it down or to call the Police or even take it to the human society. I was able to talk a lady farmer into taking it . Then I realized that it's broken leg was not bleeding nor was there any blood trail or a spot where the cat had been hit on the road. Nor was it moving when people were there. So I then walked back into the bushes where I found it only to find zero blood there either. The Lord showed me I was deceiving into believing this cat was alive while the whole time I had it it acted alive and in need but it was chipped so it looked alive but was either a high quality toy imitation of a micro-chipped dead cat. Either way this event could easily be used to character assassinate me and any one like me to have handed some one a fully dead cat as if it was alive = White Jacket Material = set-up. I truly believe DARPA has found a way to control dead people to look alive. Jesus said when they offend in Baal they died and again he said they are dead men's bones = zombie apocalypse. Jesus is the god of the living! The devil is the god of the dead. - Lharmen


Hebron’s reign of terror is out of Shin Bet control - Nov 19


Russian PM calls on APEC nations to unite against ISIS - Nov 19


Obama Defiant Will Continue To Import ISIS Jihadists Into America Under The Guise Of ‘Refugees - Nov 19


House overwhelmingly approves Syrian refugee screening bill, defies veto threat - Nov 19


Obama threatens to veto House GOP bill on Syrian refugee screening - Nov 19

President Obama threatened late Wednesday to veto legislation aimed at improving screening for Syrian refugees, potentially putting the White House and Congress on a collision course in a matter of days.


Obama threatens to veto House GOP bill on Syrian refugee screening - Nov 19

Lharmen - This is Obama's army  coming in through the front gate and they will behead Christians during the time to come. Obama does not want them screened???? If you or I cross the Border we get thoroughly checked but these people have a free pass to enter = Time of the Gentiles. This is God's drawing out of the Sword after the Jews = White people.


Syrian community leader: ISIS is already in America - Nov 19

Lharmen - they are already here under the cover of the refugees they will come in inmass World wide soon as they plan to let in 25,000 by Christmas here in Canada.


ALERT! Eight So-Called 'Syrians' Caught at Texas Border In Laredo - Nov 19


France's assembly votes to extend state of emergency for 3 months - Nov 19

Lharmen - 3 months under Martial Law and there will be more fake attacks to justify the extension when needed this is the beginning and it will soon come here to the West.


What is the mission of 50 American special ops troops in Syria - Nov 19

Lharmen - their mission is to prepare for the Daniel 8 war. Israel is setting their ground troops up for war inside Syria soon = 2016



Nov 17 - Wow this war might not happen until May of next year and it fits perfectly with the Jeremiah scriptures = he comes up like a Lion from Jordan. Eager Lion War games 2016 will be in May exactly when they want to hold a ceasefire. We watch for the fake week peace deal.

We will see many things in December that could bring down the global markets fast - Fed rate hike, the Iran oil sanctions lifted, the U.S. debt ceiling Dec 11th and Greece has to make their creditors happy by mid Dec as well. All could be used to crash the World markets. Market plunge then war coverage. It could take until may for the crisis to hit it's breaking point and banks to close World wide = Luke 21 Nations in distress with perplexity.


Syria could be weeks away from big transition, says John Kerry - Nov 17

The US is seeking to build on the momentum of the Vienna agreement, in which 19 countries – including bitter rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia – signed a UN statement supporting a 1 January deadline for the start of talks between Assad and the rebels, with the aim of agreeing a ceasefire by 14 May 2016 and holding free elections a year later.

Lharmen - Eager Lion war games are held in May each year. They are being held in anticipation of serious escalations in both Syria and Iraq which we now see.
Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

Jeremiah 50:44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

Lharmen - the time line for the ceasefire will be May of 2016 exactly when the U.S. will hold the Eager Lion war games 2016. They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion when God suddenly makes them flee from her.
Look at when the Eager Lion games were held this year 2015 = May 5-19th this unfolding ceasefire is being setup for 2016 May 14th - Eager Lion war games will be held then.
US Jordan Eager Lion war games prepare wider Mideast conflict - May 6 2015
Some ten thousand troops began military exercises in Jordan on Tuesday, in the fifth annual “Eager Lion” war games led by the Pentagon. The drills are in preparation for a greatly expanded military conflict in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.
During the two-week-long exercise, from May 5 through May 19,




Russia targets ISIS with 34 cruise missiles, strategic bombers – Def Min briefing - Nov 17


Russia strikes ISIS with cruise missiles from a Mediterranean submarine for the first time in history - Nov 17


Paris Attack False Flag: Conspiracy Hoax Exposed - Nov 17


US, Turkey launch operation to take entire border with Syria under control – Kerry - Nov 17

The US and Turkey intend to shut off Turkey’s border with Syria in a joint military operation, US Secretary of State John Kerry said.
"The entire border of northern Syria - 75 percent of it has now been shut off. And we are entering an operation with the Turks to shut off the other remaining 98 kilometers," Kerry said in an interview with CNN.
Lharmen - We are seeing the Buffer zone for a major conflict being established.




David Cameron to seek Parliamentary approval to bomb Isis in Syria - Nov 17

David Cameron has signalled he will ask MPs to approve Britain launching air strikes on Isis targets in Syria by Christmas.


UK may hit ISIS without parliament approval – Cameron - Nov 17


French antiterror forces conduct nearly 130 overnight raids - Nov 17

Lharmen - this exact Martial Law event is planned for all of the Western Nations .


Russia launches cruise missiles at Isis stronghold of Raqqa in Syria - Nov 17


Footage claims to show Russian air force launching massive cruise missile strikes against Islamic State in Syria - Nov 17


Syrian Forces Enter Key Village in Aleppo - Nov 17


Donald Trump: Syrian refugees a 'Trojan horse' - Nov 17

Lharmen - I see it the same way they are a created crisis to move ISIS into all our countries for the Mass Christian beheadings that will be World wide during the time of the Gentiles/ Tribulation period.


Canada provinces balk at Trudeau's Syrian refugee goal to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year - Nov 17


Justin Trudeau Takes a First Step Toward Marijuana Legalization in Canada - Nov 17


Obama, Congress heading for budget showdown Dec 11th over Syrian refugees - Nov 17

Congressional aides are negotiating the $1 trillion-plus spending bill, facing a Dec. 11 deadline to avoid a government shutdown.


Germany-Netherlands soccer match called off shortly before kickoff - Nov 17


Spain issues arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over deadly 2010 flotilla raid - Nov 17

Lharmen - it would be nice if it actually transpired into their arrests before this coming war but it will not.




Nov 16 - They have agreed to let the U.N. negotiate a peace deal with Syria. When ??? Watch for it to be lumped in with the New Zealand 2 state peace deal soon even this week.

Putin is sending 150,000 soldiers into Syria and the U.S. is sending an Aircraft carrier to the Middle East to fight ISIS.

We lift our heads when these things begin to come to pass = Luke 21


End of ISIS? Putin 'sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State' - Nov 16

Lharmen - God will judge them on the Borders of Israel the day they attack her.

Aircraft carrier U.S.S. Harry S. Truman headed to fight Islamic State - Nov 16

The U.S.S. Harry S. Truman, a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, departed from Norfolk Monday and is now steaming towards the Middle East to support combat operations against the Islamic State, according to a Navy Times report.

Lharmen - Kingdoms rising against Kingdoms = Luke 21. This is setting things in motion for a full all out war with Russia in Syria = Damascus destruction dead ahead - Isaiah 17:1-7


Obama And Putin Agree To Syrian cease fire and Syrian Led Transition - Nov 16

Presidents of US and Russia meet at leaders’ conference and agree to have the UN negotiate a peace deal between the opposition and the Assad regime.
A White House official said Obama and Putin had agreed the United Nations would mediate negotiations between the Syrian opposition and the regime after a ceasefire.
Turnbull and Obama will meet for longer talks at the Apec summit in Manila on Tuesday.


U.S. Yields to Russia’s Insistence Upon Democracy in Syria - Nov 16

This Vienna agreement was signed by representatives of all of the 17 countries, the UN, the EU and the Arab League. Its text has not yet been published. The terms of the agreement are currently known only by statements about it from participants at the talks.


Obama, Putin agree on need for political transition, ceasefire in Syria - Nov 16

"President Obama and President Putin agreed on the need for a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political transition, which would be proceeded by UN-mediated negotiations between the Syrian opposition and regime as well a ceasefire," the official said.


Paris attacks: What would it take for U.S. boots to hit the ground in Syria? - Nov 16

No one would call it an invasion, but that is what it would be, regardless of scale. The most likely paths into Syria would be through Jordan, and Turkey, if that government blessed it (but remember, Turkey refused to open its borders for the 2003 American invasion of Iraq), with a smaller American force entering from the northeast, across the Iraqi border.
The United States has notable infrastructure and a compliant host government in place in Jordan. In May of this year, thousands of soldiers took part in war games there, overseen by the American Army. The Jordanians themselves are already considering a militarized “humanitarian corridor” into Syria that could easily morph into an invasion route.
Lharmen - Jesus told us they will come across the swelling of Jordan the day of the war and they will be made to flee from her. Here we see Jordan will be were the U.S. coalition comes in from.

Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?
Jeremiah 50:44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?

Lharmen -  The U.S. in Jordan with many Nations have year after year practiced for this war and the war games were called Eager Lion and they were held in Jordan.





France has declared a state of emergency, but the law has an ugly history - Nov 16

Many countries have provisions for states of emergency — periods of heightened security and often reduced restrictions of government action — but France's is particularly severe. It grants the state extraordinary powers to order warrantless searches of homes and businesses, shut down demonstrations, impose curfews, confiscate weapons, and put people under house arrest.

France's Hollande wants 3-month state of emergency: political sources - Nov 16


French police seize a ROCKET LAUNCHER and huge cache of weapons in Lyon as more than 168 pre-dawn raids are made across the country and 23 suspects are arrested - Nov 16

French police launched anti-terrorism raids in five locations this morning in Toulouse, Grenoble, Calais and Paris
Comes just hours after French fighter jets carried out 'massive' air strikes in Syria in revenge for attack in Paris.


Inquiry Finds Mounting Proof of Syria Link to Paris Attacks - Nov 16

Lharmen - Exactly the kind of fake proof needed for the U.S. coalition to enter Syria, which just as I write this, now France has launched massive strikes inside Syria. The West is getting set to enter Syria and it will be from Jordan for sure.

Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?


Syrian passports found at Paris attacks scene were fakes made in Turkey - Nov 16

Lharmen - this garbage is made for the simple people who are sold what ever the puppet main stream news says . Syria has nothing to do with the fake Paris attack. It is all about the Nato Nations stopping Russia's crushing blows to the West's efforts to remove Assad from Power. No ceasefire has in recent years done anything but give the 2 sides, in any recent war, time to get prepared for more war and the coming Syrian ceasefire will be used to do more of the same. World war in the midst of the fake week deal that is unfolding.


US Apache Helicopter protecting ISIS convoy - Nov 16


Will France invoke NATO's Article 5 to declare war on Islamic State? - Nov 16


Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members - Nov 16


UN Plan Estimates Up to 600,000 New Middle East Migrants Will Enter Europe in Next 4 Months - Nov 16




Nov 13 / 14 /15 -  Both the New Zealand 2 state deal and now the Syrian peace deal are headed to the U.N.. Watch for them to be lumped together and for the start phase to be for one week. The World war comes during the week phase. Jonathan Pollard release has been tied to the peace deal we see unfolding behind the scenes. Fake week deal soon = our redemption draws near soon! Netanyahu was elected Jan 22 and this Nov 22 will be his 22nd month = their 322 for their Goddess Diana could be the date they have chosen for the coming war. The Devils Jews do everything around dates even the France and Beirut bombings fit their numbers 11 and 13.


Kerry says Syria negotiators agree to speed up peace process - Nov 15

Parties to Syrian peace talks agreed on Saturday to accelerate efforts to end the conflict in Syria by launching negotiations between the government and opposition by January and holding elections within 18 months, US Secretary of State John Kerry said. Kerry told a news conference after talks in Vienna that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council also agreed to pass a resolution in favor of a ceasefire in Syria.

Diplomats Invoke Plan For Joint Action In Syria - Nov 15

Invoking the need for joint action after the terrorist attacks on Paris, foreign ministers of nearly 20 nations agreed Saturday to an ambitious yet incomplete plan for bringing peace to Syria and ending its role as a breeding ground for ISIS and other radical Islamic groups.
The plan presented by the two appeared to draw heavily on a recently circulated Russian initiative. With just two weeks elapsed since the Syria talks first convened, it could mark a significant advance, if successful.
But holes remained.
While the diplomats agreed on a U.N.-administered cease fire enforcement mechanism they failed to reach consensus on which groups other than the Islamic State and al-Qaida affiliates would not be eligible for the truce. Under the terms, the sponsoring countries of each group covered by the cease fire would be responsible for making sure that group upholds it.


Release set for next week for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard - Nov 15

Lharmen - this mans release has been tied to the peace deal we see unfolding behind the scenes.


Over 43 killed, 180 injured in Beirut bombings, ISIS claims responsibility - Nov 13

Lharmen - 11/13 number the skull worshipping Jews called the illuminati use endlessly.


Paris shooting: Several killed and injured after 'Kalashnikov and grenade attacks' across French capital - Nov 13

Lharmen - again this event has been shown to be nothing more than a drill sold as the real deal = The devil and his Angels get kicked out of heaven for deceiving the whole World .


Only an idiot does not know that ISIS was founded and funded by America - Nov 13


U.S. Uses Terror In France To Push The War In Syria And The Middle East - Nov 15



Russia deploys missiles in Syria that could take down jets as far away as Tel Aviv - Nov 13

Russian President Vladimir Putin stationed an air-defense missile system in Syria that is capable of striking aircraft as far away as Tel Aviv, according to a report published on Friday.
The S-400 air-defense system has been deployed at the Latakia airbase on the Syrian coast, according to the British Daily Mail newspaper.
The S-400 missiles can reach a range of 400 km. and strike aircraft at 90,000 feet. From Latakia, the missiles could reach much of Israel, as well as the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus and southern Turkey.


Warning: Oil company defaults are coming - Nov 13


Dow dives 254, U.S. oil price around $42 - Nov 13

Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage.


WTI Crude Tumbles To $40 Handle, Fastest Plunge Since December 2014 - Nov 13


US Rejects Russia’s Syrian Peace Proposal - Nov 15

A Russian text published by Reuters includes an eight-point proposal titled “Approach to the Settlement of the Syrian Crisis” – prepared ahead of more international talks in Vienna on Syria this week.

“We Were Prepared”: Counter-Terrorism Emergency Exercise on “Multi-Site AttacksTook Place On Same Day As Paris Terrorist Attacks - Nov 15

Lharmen - again we see proof these are only drills dressed up as the real deal to mass hypnotize the people and when they screen Ebola soon the mindless will run for their lobotomized drugs and the Zombie Apocalypse will have begun = World war Z
This is what the news says :
Patrick Pelloux revealed on national radio on Saturday that a “multi-site” emergency exercise was held in Paris on the same day as the Paris attacks on November 13.
[This exercise pertains to an emergency scenario of a terrorist attack. It involves first responders, police, emergency services and medical personnel. Organized by SAMU. It is not a military exercise, GR ed.]
He said that the Paris emergency services were so well prepared, because “by chance” they had been planning for a similar scenario.
Lharmen - the devil and his Angels get kicked out of heaven for deceiving the whole World .




Paris attacks: 'Britain can no longer dabble in the war on ISIS - now is the time to attack - Nov 15


13/11 Paris Massacre: Cui Bono? - Nov 15


First 10,000 Syrian Refugees Arrive In LA: Estimated Cost To Taxpayers For Family Of Four Is $257,480 - Nov 15




Nov 11 / 12  - Watch Saturday for the fake week peace deal to be revealed and for it to be soon implemented or for the next U.N. meeting to reveal the 2 state deal and include this Syrian peace deal as well to be signed by Many = Daniel 9:27. WW3 comes in the midst of the week deal.


Netanyahu Comes To CAP, Lays Out His Conditions For Future Palestinian State - Nov 12

Netanyahu battled through a sore throat to explain that a future Palestinian state would require “mutual recognition and long term security arrangements” that see Israel maintain military control over Palestinian territories.


Two-state solution ‘not impossible dream,’ Kerry says at UN - Nov 12

Council members are weighing a draft resolution, presented by New Zealand, that declares the two-state solution as “the only credible pathway to peace” and demands that both sides prepare for new talks.
International diplomats desperately want to revive peace talks to avoid a slide into more violence that many fear could lead to a third Palestinian intifada.


Syrian media reports Israeli airstrike near Damascus airport - Nov 12

According to the reports, Israeli aircraft carried out the strike adjacent to the Damascus airport at around 6:00 p.m. Yet it was not clear whether the target of the attack was a weapons shipment, or an alternate target, such as an Iran-backed terror cell operating against Israel.

Lharmen - Obviously this was the agreement Russia reached with them or they would have been blown to bits.

They did not even ask Russians: Israeli aircraft bombed targets in Damascus - Nov 12


Syria conflict: Russia 'peace plan' revealed ahead of key summit - Nov 12

It says certain Syrian opposition groups should take part in key talks on the crisis in Vienna on Saturday.


Islamic State video threatens attacks inside Russia 'very soon' - Nov 12

Lharmen - translation = The U.S. trained Rebels are going to attack inside Russia soon = Luke 21- Kingdom against Kingdom!

Clip from article: Islamic State has released a video threatening attacks in Russia "very soon," the SITE monitoring group said on Thursday.
Al-Hayat Media Center, Islamic State's foreign language media division, released a Russian language video with chants of "Soon, very soon, the blood will spill like an ocean," SITE reported.
Islamic State has previously called for attacks on Russia and the United States in revenge for airstrikes on its fighters in Syria.


Secret tunnel under Al-Aqsa Mosque exposed - Nov 12

Lharmen - add to this the fact that Project Blue Beam will fake every part of Jesus return even the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven. The floating city over 3 major places on earth that has been seen by many says this mosque has to go when the war comes and this digging could provide the opportunity for them to fake that as well.
The new fake 3rd temple will be shown to the World coming down from heaven and it will have to be placed right where this temple is today . So this temple has to be removed and this continuous excavating could provide that opportunity to remove it or drop it into the basement so the new one can be show to the World some how.

Is this evidence of a parallel universe? Sightings of a 'floating city' over China are simply an optical illusion, say scientists - Oct 19

This is clear proof Project Blue Beam is being prepared and the New Jerusalem will be brought down from heaven V.I.A. a Holographic deception.


Pope Urges Catholic Church To Disavow Conservatism And Fundamentalism - Nov 12

Lharmen - they want all churches to abandon the King James bibles words of God for the Popes words = Antichrist. Fundamental Christianity is Christianity period!


Heavy-Equipment Dealer Finning Slashes 1,100 Jobs - Nov 12

Lharmen - When the Oil markets take a huge hit so does it's biggest equipment supplier Finning = No brainer.

Fake dead cat prank is not very funny when you hand it off to a person who themselves believes it is real and then finds out it is a dead cat.
Freaking C.I.A. demons Just did that here in Edmonton.

Roadkill Cat Prank

Lharmen - this video is clearly a Joke but the real deal was recently done here and it was not a Joke. You can be seriously character assassinated when the person you hand it off to realizes it was dead and not alive as in no blood at all. Freaking Hell's Angels cops in Edmonton Micro chipping Dead animals through the Patricia Light infantry they control all to make them appear alive - Zombie apocalypse. Jesus does nothing in my Life with out reason. Remember the CDC = Center for Disaster control has planned for a Zombie apocalypse. Jesus told us he would work a work in our day we would not believe if we were told = World war Z.


Greece mayhem: Fierce street clashes, Molotov cocktails, rioting amid strike in Athens - Nov 12

Luke 21 - Nations in distress with perplexity = getting worse and worse.


Greece mayhem: Fierce street clashes, Molotov cocktails, rioting amid strike in Athens - Nov 12


Greece General Strike / Thousands Rally In Athens Against Austerity - Nov 12


Four US Firms With $4.8 Billion In Debt Warned This Week They May Default Any Minute - Nov 12

Lharmen - this is the beginning of troubles we are about to see.


Russian surge in Syria with copters, “volunteers" - Nov 12

Lharmen - Luke 21 - Kingdoms rise against Kingdoms...

Clip from article: After the downing of the Russian airliner over Sinai on Oct. 31, Moscow moved into position to lead the offensive against the Islamic State in Syria. The Russian air force transferred a large number of assault helicopters out of its enclave in Latakia province over to two Syrian air bases east of Homs on the front lines against ISIS,
Homs came under direct threat on Nov. 1, when Islamic State forces captured the village of Mahin south of the city, cutting down the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Syrian army and Hizballah forces standing in their path and inflicting heavy casualties. Control of Mahin opened the way for ISIS and Syrian rebels to reach the southern suburbs of Homs and seize control of the strategic M5 Highway linking the city to Damascus.
Another group of Russian combat helicopters is now deployed at Hama Military Airport to block off the offensive ISIS and the Nusra Front are preparing to launch in the northern Idlib Province. There too jihadist forces have made advances. On Nov. 5, they snatched from the Syrian army the strategic town of Morek which commands the routes from the north to central Syria.
According to intelligence reports from southern Russia and the Crimean Peninsula, more Russian combat helicopter units are under orders to stand ready for transfer to Syria. Moscow is evidently preparing to take (Lharmen - The Bear will rise up and devour much flesh!  He is rising right before our eyes today!)

over from the Iranians, the Syrians and Hizballah the heavy-lifting of the war to stop further ISIS advances.

More helicopters are needed to support this offensive if it is to go forward on all fronts.
Other intelligence sources report Russian “volunteer” units getting organized for departure to Syria from southern Russia and eastern Ukraine, detached from fighting alongside pro-Moscow separatists.
Their arrival in Syria would deepen Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian conflict and also mark its first participation in ground combat, contradicting President Vladimir Putin’s earlier pledge against putting Russian boots on the ground in Syria. While intensifying the war on ISIS, the Kremlin is also pushing forward its plan for a political solution of the Syrian crisis, to be discussed at the forthcoming multinational conference in Vienna.
2. Moscow proposes an immediate cease-fire on all Syrian army-rebel warfronts. The proposal does not say if it should apply to the foreign forces fighting in the country, such as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hizballah, the pro-Iranian militias and the Russians themselves.
3. Once the cease-fire goes into effect, all the parties and organizations involved in the war will be convened for a national dialogue. This round-table conference will have three main goals:
In other words, Assad will not be made to step down as president at once, but will have to give up his presidential powers, including control of the military and intelligence services.
It is assumed that Putin put this clause before the Syrian ruler in Moscow as a diktat he had no choice but to accept.
4. The Russian president offers a personal guarantee that Assad will not be permitted to run for president in the coming elections, but he has accepted the Syrian ruler’s proviso that members of his family and ruling caste will be eligible for election.
5. All the rebel groups and militias that take part in implementing the Russian plan will be absorbed into Syria’s military or other security services and place themselves under their orders.
6. Governments and other bodies outside Syria will undertake to halt weapons supplies to all combatant forces. This provision applies not only to the US and Saudi Arabia with regard to rebel groups, but also to Russia and Iran as sponsors of the Syrian army.
7. Russia will continue to maintain military force in Syria as security for the agreement’s full implementation, contingent on UN Security Council endorsement of its presence.

White House Objections Stop ISIS War Authorization Vote - Nov 12

Lharmen - we must not kill those we train = U.S. Military! These are the same freaks beheading Christians today. Just like the freak Syria rebels who kill people then eat their hearts on camera they are all controlled by the C.I.A. today and controlled by the commander and Chief = Obama.


Protesters angry about ISIS beheadings storm Afghan presidential palace - Nov 12

Lharmen - the time of the Gentiles we will see mass Christian beheadings and remember this is Obama's army he created it.


Troops could be sent to Burundi if violence worsens: diplomats - Nov 12


Obama expresses 'deep concern' over situation in Burundi, White House says - Nov 12


Violent Shaking Along the Ring of Fire Continues a Progression of Disasters That Began in September - Nov 12

Lharmen - God said he will open a huge pit the day he comes and it would only be logical to expect the ring of Fire to be the area it is created in.


NYC parents sue to stop required flu shots for tots - Nov 12



Nov 9 / 10 - Devil makes a peace deal with many for one week Daniel 9:27. Watch for the New Zealand 2 state resolution and this peace deal to merge around the 22nd of Nov (18th/19th???) many times the Illuminati have done things on the 22 date look to the right side box for this proof.  ->>


Next round of Syria talks to be held Saturday - Nov 10

Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Vienna for the latest round of negotiations on the conflict in Syria on Saturday, the State Department said on Monday, according to AFP.
The talks will be a continuation of a dialogue between 17 nations, along with UN and EU representatives, to agree on a plan to end the Syrian civil war.
Neither representatives of the Syria opposition nor President Bashar Al-Assad's regime are expected to attend at this stage of the dialogue, officials said.
But, as with the last round of talks on October 30, the American envoy is expected to be joined by his counterparts from Assad's allies Russia and Iran.
In fact, a top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader said on the weekend that Iran will attend the next round of peace talks on Syria, after it had earlier threatened to withdraw from the process.
The negotiations are designed to agree on a framework for setting up a ceasefire and a transitional government to end the fighting between Assad and the opposition.
Kerry's November 13 to 17 trip will also take him to Tunisia and Turkey, where he will join President Barack Obama at the G20 leaders' summit.


United States Apache attack helicopter following behind ISIS convoy into Syria from Iraq - Nov 9

Lharmen - clear proof they are being let into Syria by the thousands with the aid of the U.S. army Helicopters.


Russia warns against pressing demands for Assad’s ouster - Nov 10

Ahead of new round of Vienna peace talks, Western powers see in strongman’s departure a precondition for peace.
Russia’s foreign minister said Monday the next round of Syria talks expected to be held this weekend must not focus squarely on demands for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s resignation, which he called a “simplistic approach.”
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said there is “quite a lot going on” behind the scenes ahead of this weekend’s talks, and US Secretary of State John Kerry “is highly active in trying to promote this process.” But Hammond stressed to reporters at UN headquarters in New York that no one should underestimate “the scale of the challenge.”
UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, who has been trying to set up working groups on key issues to prepare for the talks, is scheduled to brief the UN Security Council behind closed doors on Tuesday afternoon.
Lavrov also called for wider participation in the Vienna talks, saying that after this weekend’s meeting, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League should be invited to attend.

Lharmen - the devil signs a fake week peace deal with many then breaks it in the midst of the week.


DHS/Police are paying school kids to spy on classmates - Nov 10

Lharmen - the DHS and Police can use C.I.A. tools like chipped dead cats to make you look totally insane after you hand it off to someone thinking it was alive and in need only to find out it was dead along. You can not get out from under that kind of character assassination and here we see them paying kids to set their fellow class mates up for people who do this kind of evils to people. Wickedness will come to it's fullest before the Lord comes!


Neurosurgeon had brain-computer interface installed in his own head - Nov 9

Neurosurgeon Phil Kennedy, a pioneer in brain-machine interfaces that enable "locked-in" patients to control computers with their minds, is trying to build a system that will translate imagined speech into computer speech so that severely paralyzed people could "talk" just by thinking.
Lharmen - MK Ultra is light years ahead of this kind of mind control. They can make dead people walk and talk today even cats and dogs.


Brain control Rat - Nov 10

Mk Ultra has this guy beat for what they can do to animals like cats today! Total control VIA Veri chip!



Ukraine crisis begin Feb 22 with the overthrow

of their Russian puppet president.

Morsi was elected Nov 22 and Netanyahu was

elected Jan 22 and then again on March 22 they gave

a 3 month extension to the war that is coming.

The Illuminati worship Goddess Diana of the Ephesians of

 old and they say she ascended 322 so they use numerology

and at the same time they honour other Greek gods = God's

other than Jesus Christ of the Bible who came in the flesh.

 Lharmen. Do not forget President Kennedy was Fake assassinated on the
22nd of November 11/22 same date we are closing in on!


Netanyahu: 'One of the best meetings I've had with Obama' - Nov 10

Prime Minister tells reporters the meeting with President Obama was positive and productive. Arutz Sheva reports from Washington.
Netanyahu also addressed the Palestinian issue, noting that "the main objective is the desire to avoid tensions." He added he will meet on Tuesday with Secretary of State John Kerry and engage in dialogue in an attempt to restore calm.
Another issue that came up in conversation is the situation with Syria. "I repeated Israel’s red lines. We will not tolerate attacks from Syrian territory, and we will not agree to Iran opening a second front on the Golan Heights," Netanyahu explained.
"I said we cannot accept a settlement with Syria which leaves it as the scene of attacks against Israel. We cannot accept it. The agreement should include the cessation of the use of Syrian territory for indirect or direct attacks on Israel."
Lharmen - They are clearly working on a 2 state peace deal at the same time as the Syrian peace deal. The devil will sign this deal with many then break it in the midst of the week = Daniel 9:27.


Netanyahu to meet Kerry on steps for easing tensions with the Palestinians - Nov 10

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry are due to meet later Tuesday to discuss steps for reducing tensions and cooling the current wave of Palestinian anti-Israel terror.

Lharmen - Netanyahu met Obama Monday to talk money and Syria and today to talk 2 state. Watch for them to be lumped together at the U.N. in the coming week.


Netanyahu commits to 2-state solution as Obama meeting begins with few fireworks - Nov 9

Lharmen - Netanyahu is committed to parting God's land!


Putin sends 4,000 troops to Syria as he steps up bid to wipe out the Islamic State - Nov 9

Lharmen - The first casualty in war is the truth = Jesus said I am the truth the life and the way to God. We must be willing to die to tell/exposes the truth. People go to war because they hate which is the Spirit of the Devil/Death and he is the father of Lies.

When they speak a lie they do the Devils services. Putin said no ground troops just like Netanyahu said I will never divide Jerusalem. All Lies!!!!!!!



One thing you might have noticed of late is that Washington seems to be preparing the US public for the possibility that the Pentagon is going to put “boots on the ground” in Syria and by “boots on the ground,” we mean more than 50 “advisers.”
Lharmen - You put 50 advisers in ahead of the ground war to chose the targets to be bombed and ahead of the air campaign you are about to wage = WW3.

Watch for this on or around the 22 of Nov for this Kingdoms against Kingdoms rise to war to start = Luke 21


Shortly before the Obama-Netanyahu summit, ISIS hit Americans in Jordan - Nov 10

Lharmen - Jordan is a training ground for the ISIS fighters . False Flag event 100%

Clip from article: Immediately following Monday’s shooting, Jordan’s military went into high alert nationwide and along its borders. The US, Russia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel are all boosting their vigilance as the threat from ISIS continues to grow. But no one can reliably predict where the Islamist terrorists strike next.

Lharmen - the threat continues to grow because the U.S. military continues to train them and fund them and fight for them!


Flash floods wreak havoc in Ashkelon; 11.81 inches in 3 hours - Nov 10

Residents of the southern coastal city of Ashkelon faced a heavy downpour Tuesday as a brief but intense winter storm swept the area, closing major roads and flooding whole neighbourhoods.
Lharmen - Winter in Jerusalem comes in December not in Nov so this is ahead of scheduled and not a norm. Jesus said pray your flight is not in Winter = They have weeks left until it is Winter and officially it does not start in the North hemisphere until Dec 20th.


Russian weapons chief: S-300 deal with Iran has been signed - Nov 10


Netanyahu gave red line to Putin on Syria intervention; Israel will respond "strongly" to any effort by Iran to establish an offensive corridor on Syria's border with the Golan Heights - Nov 10

Netanyahu met with Obama earlier on Monday and asked for an increase in US defense aid to Israel from $3 billion to $5 billion a year between 2017 and 2027.
Unprompted, Netanyahu raised the issue of an elusive peace with the Palestinians. The failure to secure a two-state solution, he said, is not the result of settlement activity, but of a "persistent refusal to accept [Israel] in any boundary."


Hamas: We're closer than ever to 'liberating Jerusalem - Nov 10


Prominent Rabbi Warns Friends Not to Leave Israel Because Messiah is "Here With Us Already" - Nov 10

Lharmen - do not be fooled he is not here yet as his return will be as the brightness and it will be a World war at his return. They are probably talking the beast of revelation here = the Other Jesus we were warned about.


Americans become increasingly aggressive because of antidepressants and heavy metals - Nov 10

Lharmen - Micro chipped people are being controlled to become more aggressive because of the heavy Metals like Fluoride and the Heavy Metal in nearly all antidepressants = Mercury.
Isaiah 30:28 Bridles in the Jaws of the People casing them to err!


Syrian Army, Hezbollah Lift ISIL's 2.5-Year-Long Siege of Kuweires Airbase in Aleppo - Nov 10

Michele Bachmann Claims There's Violence In Israel Because Jesus Is 'Coming Soon' - Nov 10

Lharmen - most of these people are talking about Jesus the Son of Lucifer Jesus. Not my Father God's Son Jesus but the devil's Son = Beast of Revelation the He goat of Daniel 9:28


Fidel Castro holding the New prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau … (BTW, this was taken about 43 years before the USA even recognised the Cuban regime) - Nov 10


Lharmen - goes to show you the people in power are chosen many years ahead of their reign.

He must be the Son of a Russian Mason here in Canada.


New Russian Stealth Aircraft Uses Plasma Screen - Nov 9

The generator is small and light. The device emits powerful electron beams that ionize the air around the aircraft effectively creating a plasma cloud around it.

Lharmen - this is the radar absorption technology Russia bragged about having that could be added to any of their planes today and no one will see them coming Like the way they moved their Jets into Syria.

I believe they have added this technology to all their Ships as well . I wonder if they can add this to their subs?


Nov 7 / 8 - Obama has recently said barring a major shift the 2 state deal is dead until 2017. DEBKAfiles exposed that Obama would fake the deal was way off then jump to it. The New Zealand 2 state deal has been passed around last week and we are today seeing Obama meet with Netanyahu to revive this deal so we now have the fake and we look for the jump to it deal.

Putin 'worried' by Israeli strikes in Syria - Nov 8

Russia "must respect Israeli interests" in Syria, but is also "worried" regarding Israeli strikes in Syrian territory, said Russian President Vladimir Putin early Tuesday morning at a press debrief.


Turkey Goes to War. Plan to Annex Sovereign Syrian Territory - Nov 8

ISIS threatens our way of life and security…We have plans to act militarily against them in the coming days. You will see. — Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu
A landslide victory in Turkey’s November 1 snap elections has removed the last obstacle in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s drive to war.
More important, Erdogan intends to use his landslide victory to persuade the Military High Command that he has a popular mandate for his foreign policy, a policy that has amassed thousands of Turkish troops, armored vehicles and tanks on the Syrian border for a possible invasion. Up to now, the military has resisted Erdogan on this matter, but now that Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Özel, has been replaced as head of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) by the more compliant General Hulusi Akar, the plan to invade Syria and secure a so called “safety zone” along the Syrian side of the Turkish border, becomes much more probable.


Netanyahu expected to sell Obama on goodwill gestures to Palestinians - Nov 8

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will unveil a series of goodwill gestures aimed at the Palestinians when he meets with US president Barack Obama this week, Israeli officials have reportedly said.
The confidence-building steps will be aimed at stemming an ongoing wave of violence in the West Bank, and will include easing restrictions on movement and okaying Palestinian infrastructure projects, according to the report.
Netanyahu is slated to meet Obama on Monday morning in Washington. The sit-down will be the first meeting between the two leaders in over a year, during which already shaky ties between the leaders became further frayed over the Palestinian issue and disagreement over how to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
Last week, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told Israeli reporters that the president would want to hear from Netanyahu on Monday ways in which the prime minister will seek to keep a two-state solution viable even in the absence of direct negotiations.
Rhodes said Obama regards a two-state solution as urgent,
and reiterated the US stance that settlement building undermines faith in the diplomatic process and delays such a solution.
Lharmen - DEBKAfiles has said that Obama will fake that the peace process is way off then jump to it. Here is the fake and the "urgent" is the proof we are close . Just look at the New Zealand 2 state draft resolution being passed around at the U.N. today. Then you can see we are close to the deal.
It could be brought to vote soon. The U.S. has said they will not veto this one. They will part God's land.
They also said : No meeting is known to be scheduled for the near future between Obama and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.
Lharmen - It will be made soon Watch for it  before mid Dec as pray our flight in Jerusalem is not in winter when the global war happens says it will be soon.


Russia airlifts 11,000 citizens out of Egypt on Sunday alone - Nov 8

Lharmen - taking them out of harms way before the war?


Russia faces evacuating 80,000 nationals from Egypt after flights suspended - Nov 8


White House: Netanyahu Will Not Get The Additional Aid He Is Requesting - Nov 8


Obama and Netanyahu to meet in D.C., looking for a way past the ugliness of the Iran deal - Nov 8

The leaders plan to discuss how to counter Iranian aid to Hezbollah and Hamas; the Russian and Iranian efforts to prop up Syrian President Bashar ­al-Assad; and steps that might demonstrate Netanyahu’s commitment to a two-state solution even in the absence of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.


Six wounded in three separate West Bank attacks - Nov 9

Lharmen - violence in the land ruler against ruler when the Lord comes.


Surging U.S. job growth lowers bar for Fed rate hike - Nov 8

Strong growth in the number of U.S. jobs last month bolstered the case for a December interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, where officials had already begun to worry the economy might eventually overheat without higher borrowing costs.
With a number of Fed officials already saying they do not want or expect the jobless rate to fall much further, it would likely take a devastating blow in November hiring or mayhem in financial markets for a majority of policymakers to give up on their expectation of a hike at their Dec. 15-16 policy meeting.
A Reuters poll of top bond dealers showed a growing number expected borrowing costs to go up next month, with 15 of 17 looking for a hike. [FED/R]


The European Commission is preparing to make "Drudging" illegal - Nov 8
Webmaster addition: The goal of these laws is to prevent blogs from linking to news articles they criticize, so the media companies can delete the articles if they are an embarrassment, and possibly sue the blogs for liable since it is going to be a violation of copyright law to provide the proof of what we say.

Pennsylvania Looks To Remove Parents Exemptions For Vaccines - Nov 8

Kraft/Heinz layoff 2600 employees. Target closing 13 U.S. stores - Nov 8

Legendary US Army Commander Says Russia Would "Annihilate" US In Head-To-Head Battle - Nov 8
Lharmen - Yes they would = the bear will rise up and devour much flesh!


ALL Icelanders receive money after government takes over ownership of bank - Nov 8

Every Icelander will receive about US$232,802 for the sale of one of the country’s three largest banks, Islandsbanki.


Bryan Fischer Says Obama Would Love To Imprison All Conservative Christians - Nov 8


House Moves to Authorize Invasion of Syria and Iraq - Nov 8

A call for a new authorization for use of military force (AUMF) arose on November 4 when House members, primarily Democrats, argued the president lacks the constitutional authority to send special operations forces to Syria.


Russian Millionaire & Founder of RT Found Dead In DC Hotel Room - Nov 8


Nov 6 - France moves war ship in for Syria strikes. Turkey is days away from the same with the U.S air cover now in Turkey preparing to protect the 50 U.S. special forces that are about to enter Syria. WW3 soon and the peace deals are days away. Watch for it soon.


France to deploy largest warship in mission against IS - Nov 6

Lharmen - France has no permission from the Syrian government to attack inside Syrian territory that Russia fully controls  but they are about to. Luke 21 says Kingdom against Kingdom. We lift our heads as our redemption draws near when these things begin to come to pass.


Turkey to ‘act militarily’ against ISIS in coming days – foreign minister - Nov 6

"Daesh [ISIS] threatens our way of life and security...We have plans to act militarily against them in the coming days. You will see. We should all stand together against this danger," Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu said during a conference on the future of the Middle East, held in Erbil in northern Iraq's Kurdish region.
The foreign minister went on to state that Turkey will continue to support Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdish region in its fight against Islamic State and other terror groups.
WRH says: Turkey is wading into Syria. So is France, and soon the UK. What is going on here is that the US coalition is trying to regain the initiative in Syria and prove that the US, not Russia, is calling the shots. There is one slight problem with all of this. Russia is in Syria at the request of the Syrian government. The US is an illegal invader. So is Turkey. So is France. and so will be the UK!


PKK Scraps Unilateral Ceasefire, Erdogan Vows to ‘Liquidate’ Them - Nov 6


Deployment of US Troops in Syria is a de Facto Act of War – Pat Buchanan - Nov 6

Lharmen - yes it is!


US/Russia Military Movements Signal War In Syria Soon - Nov 6

In the past several days, a number of announcements have been made by both the United States and Russia suggesting that we are now witnessing more than a mere placement of chess pieces on the board but the forward motion to some greater confrontation between two nuclear superpowers.
Throughout most of the Syrian crisis, the situation was one of semi-covert proxy war. However, with recent developments the situation is now more of semi-open conflict between the United States and Russia.




Iraq's Popular Forces Spokesman Warns US to Avoid Deploying Troops in Iraq - Nov 6

Iraq's Ahl al-Haq Popular Forces Spokesman Naim al-Aboudi warned Washington against hatching plots for his country, and meantime underlined that the Baghdad government will never accept the presence of the US forces in Iraq. "The Iraqi government is against the presence of foreign military forces, including Americans or non-Americans in Iraq, because it is aware of the reaction of the great nation of Iraq to such a move," al-Aboudi told FNA on Friday.
Washington Pressuring Baghdad to Accept Conditions for Fight against ISIL: A senior commander of the Iraqi volunteer forces underlined that Washington is pursuing its own interests in Iraq while it pretends that it is fighting against the ISIL


Will there be a government shutdown this December? - Nov 6

A new budget deal signed into law this week reduces the chance of a government shutdown, but it doesn't completely eliminate the possibility of one around the holidays.
Congress has five weeks left before the Dec. 11 deadline to negotiate a spending package that would fund the government through next September.


US Military Revolt Against Obama’s Decision To “Support Al Qaeda In Syria - Nov 6

Lharmen - More proof they are C.I. Al Qaeduh <--Emphasis on C.I.A. and the Duh = quite transparent!


BEX ALERT - British Starburst missle took down Russian plane - no bomb - Nov 6

Lharmen - this makes more sense as to how the outward holes appeared = Star burst.


US deploys ground-attack A-10 planes to Turkey - Nov 6


Russian Defense Ministry prepares officials for World War Three - Nov 6


NATO tests its capabilities _ and wants Russia to take note - Nov 6

NATO is putting on its most fearsome display of military might in over a decade, a choreographed large-scale movement of soldiers, ships and planes meant to hone its capabilities as well as transmit an unmistakable signal to Russia and other possible foes.


Canada’s New FM: Era of Special Relationship with Israel Is Over - Nov 6


2.1 Million Greeks Face Blackout As Public Power Company Unpaid Bills Soars - Nov 6


Court Hears Of ‘Horrendous Adverse Effects’ Of HPV Vaccine - Nov 6

A mother who claims her daughter suffered “horrendous adverse effects” after receiving the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer has brought legal proceedings. Fiona Kirby, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath, is a member of a parents support group, REGRET (Reaction and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma), for those who claim their teenage girls became ill after getting the vaccine.
Ms Kirby, a nurse, is seeking a High Court order for the withdrawal of the license given for the Gardasil HPV vaccine, currently being offered to the parents of 11-16 year old girls as a possible cervical cancer preventative.

Lharmen - do not take the coming vaccines for Ebola or you might not live to regret it.




Nov 4 / 5 - We are fast approaching both the 2 state deal and the Syrian ceasefire peace deal. Watch for it to start with the fake week deal = Daniel 9:27. Both these deals are only days out. The Geneva deal on Syria is out = 2weeks and the U.N deal is in = days to go. Watch for them!


Russia calls for agreement on which Syrian opposition groups should be invited for peace talks - Nov 5

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says he hopes that international peace brokers in the coming days will agree on the list of opposition groups that should be invited to peace talks.
Moscow previously lamented that there is no agreement in the U.S.-led coalition in Syria on who should be declared legitimate opposition.
Lavrov said on Wednesday that he hopes for an agreement on the list of opposition groups that should be invited to U.N.-brokered talks as well as of extremist groups that should not be covered by a cease-fire "when it is declared."

Lharmen - I watch for these talks to be lumped in with the 2 state New Zealand peace deal and for them to start with the Daniel 9:27 fake week. The Global war will come in the midst of the week.


Armed Opposition Factions Ready to Declare Ceasefire after Syrian Army's Crushing Victories - Nov 5

“There are Syrian opposition armed groups accepting the possibility of a political settlement, as they are part of the Syrian people. They will implement ceasefire should such a decision be made,” Abdel Azim told Sputnik.


On Repeat: US says 'premature' for Syrian govt & opposition to meet in Russia - Nov 5


Former Reagan Administration Official Warns That Financial Disaster Is Dead Ahead - Nov 5





Gods fury will rise up in his face when Russia's Gog is about to come against the land of Israel. Solar flares www.solarham.com

(<24h) -(<72h),M3.7,M2.5,M1.9 <- Rising as the last one was first.


Russia has sent missile systems to Syria: air force head - Nov 5

Lharmen - Israel had said they will never let these systems enter Syria and here they are.


Asian stocks falter as Fed makes case for possible December rate rise - Nov 5

As the market now diligently calculates the suddenly surging odds of a December rate hike, here's Yellen with a preview of what will happen once the rate hike cycle is aborted...
... just as it was aborted in Japan in August of 2000 when the BOJ also decided to send a signal how much stronger the economy is by hiking 25 bps, only to cut 7 months later and to proceed to monetize not only all net Japanese debt issuance a decade later, but to hold half of all equity ETFs.


Pentagon Farmed Out Its Coding to Russia - Nov 5

Lharmen - this is the reason I believe Russia has taken over a huge chunk of this World. They are on the inside of Echelon.

Russian warplanes have carried out 81 sorties and hit 263 terrorist targets over the past 48 hours in 8 provinces in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday - Nov 5


Iran to meet Rouhani timetable on ending sanctions, nuclear chief says - Nov 5

Iran will fulfill its commitments under the July nuclear agreement with major powers in time to have sanctions, that have crippled its economy, lifted by the end of the year, its atomic energy chief said on Thursday. President Hassan Rouhani reaffirmed last week he expected sanctions to be lifted by year-end, paving the way for the return of the biggest economy to the global trading and financial system since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991.


UK suspends Sinai flights, source says explosion likely caused crash of Commercial airliner - Nov 5

CIA, Saudis To Give "Select" Syrian Militants Weapons Capable Of Downing Commercial Airliners - Nov 5


Four stories about the Migrant Crisis in Europe and the US in Syria from Czech News - Nov 5

Lharmen - Good news story!

The immigrants are not from Syria but from around the World and none from Syria - ISIS = Obama's army is moving in globally.


Yemen Cyclone Leaves Devastation - Nov 5

Mexico's Supreme Court Opens Door to Legalizing Marijuana Use - Nov 5

Lharmen - The door has opened wide for them to cultivate it = big bucks.

Mexico's Supreme Court Declares Individuals Have the Right to Consume and Cultivate Marijuana - Nov 5



Lharmen - this vile evil is done here in Canada over raw milk!




Nov 2 / 3 - Keep your eyes on the Syrian ceasefire and the U.N. New Zealand deal. One more week for the draft to be pushed through and then possible vote. No date yet! It has to be revised then passed around again possibly in one week? Watch for them both to be lumped together = Daniel 9:27 fake week then war in the midst of the week peace deal. Ebola coordinator for hire says they are planning for it to take off as Ebola is supposed to be on it's way out.


JOINT STATEMENT: Final declaration on the results of the Syria Talks in Vienna as agreed by participants - Nov 3

The participants together with the United Nations will explore modalities for, and implementation of, a nationwide ceasefire to be initiated on a date certain and in parallel with this renewed political process.
The participants will spend the coming days working to narrow remaining areas of disagreement, and build on areas of agreement. Ministers will reconvene within two weeks to continue these discussions


What coordination? Russia and Israeli warplanes play cat and mouse over Syria - Nov 3

Syrian media reported an Israeli air force attack Sunday, Nov. 1, after two sorties Friday night against Syrian army and Hizballah bases in the Qalamoun Mountains on the Lebanese border. The IDF declined to confirm or deny these reports. Syrian sources described a large number of Israeli airplanes as bombing a Hizballah unit based in the village of El Ain in northern Lebanon and the arms depot of the 155th Brigade of the Syrian army at Al-Katifa to the east. The two targets are 70 km apart. So these air strikes must have targeted two key points along the Iranian arms supply route to Hizballah.

NZ's UN bid for peace in Mideast - Nov 3

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says consultations over the wording of New Zealand's draft Security Council resolution on the Middle East will take at least another week and could change to accommodate objections.


Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake - Nov 3

Lharmen - more proof the media is totally controlled by the C.I.A. = Project paper clip = Mind controlled people in control of the news.


Towards a Foreign Imposed “Political Transition” in Syria? The Broader War, US Threats directed against Russia - Nov 3

The idea was to continue with Geneva Peace Talks III already this coming Friday – but the opposition found some objections which puts the next peace meeting in Geneva on hold.
Why this farce at all? – Washington hopes for a cease fire as an interim solution
At the same time, NATO’s Trident Juncture 2015 exercise is going on. It started officially on 19 October in NATO’s Trapani air base in Sicily, is being hosted by Italy, Spain and Portugal. One wonders why the countries that have most suffered from the western imposed EU economic crisis and the ensuing debt burden were sponsoring this event of aggression against Russia. Was it voluntary, a sign of gracious submission in the hope of perhaps some future goodwill with debt-relief, or was it coercion?
Trident Juncture is looking very much like a Cold War II scenario covering the Mediterranean and Black seas, making Russia the target of the exercise. It is the largest and most ambitious of its kind in over a decade with 36,000 troops, more than 140 aircraft and 60 ships from over 30 nations. The NATO nations will be joined by such far-away places like Australia, but also Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Macedonia, Sweden — and even Ukraine. – To intimidate and provoking Russia? – Russia will not be intimidated, nor provoked. The west should have taken its lesson, observing the diplomatic calmness with which Putin handled the US-EU-NATO instigated Ukraine fiasco.

Lharmen - this is to end on Nov 16th = https://www.rt.com/news/317564-trident-juncture-nato-drills/


Syrian IMMIGRANTS run RIOT on CYPRUS UK Military Base - Nov 3

Lharmen - And we are to take how many thousands of these people in soon here in Canada?


Jordanian combat pilots flew with Israel counterparts in recent US exercise - Nov 3


The White House is preparing for catastrophic solar flares - Oct 3

If a giant solar flare hit the Earth, it could knock out the entire power grid, meaning no more new Justin Bieber singles, no more televised presidential debates, and no more Facebook photos of babies.

But it wouldn't be all good news. The Washington Post reports the electromagnetic pulse—or EMP—created by such an event could wipe out electricity for months on end, creating a global catastrophe.

Lharmen - It would not be catastrophic it would be very disruptive and it would cause the markets to crash very hard = Market plunge then war coverage.


Finally! Studies Prove That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier - Nov 3


Awe-inspiring fireball lights up sky over Bangkok (VIDEOS)- Nov 3
Lharmen  - The Project Blue Beam has a night if a thousand stars in it and theses fire balls are all man made called Tesla's fire balls.


Skull-Shaped Halloween Asteroid Zips by Earth - Nov 3
Lharmen - These asteroids are all only found days before they fly by and they are clearly holographic. This one is a skull. Remember the devil's illuminati worship the scull and they killed Jesus in Golgotha a place of a skull. It is the worship of Death = the devil the last enemy of God to be destroyed. Again this is a part of the coming fake return of Christ called Project Blue Beam.


Nov 1 / Oct 31 - Watch for the 2 state deal at the U.N. soon and it could be lumped together with the Syrian war ceasefire.

The U.S. to have boots on the ground inside Syria next week. Israel, Turkey, and the U.S. all conduct Airstrikes inside Syria today. Russia will get involved soon = Daniel 8. The He Goat attacks both Media/Syria and Persia/Iran When they are at war in 3 directions. Damascus destruction we see our maker with our eyes = Isaiah 17:1-7


Details due on NZ resolution on Israel 2 state conflict - Nov 1

The fate of a New Zealand-led attempt to bring peace to the Middle East is expected to become apparent in the next few days.

Lharmen - I have been warning to watch for this deal early Nov and here we see it's about to be made. I watch for the devil to sign it days ahead of Nov 11th. If it goes past Nov 11th the next date they would choose is around the 22nd = 11 month 22 day = 33 to these devils worshipping Masonic people.

another clip from the above article: All 15 members of the Security Council are expected to be fully up to date with the proposal in the next few days but it is still unclear if it will be voted on or be changed or lapse.


The United States' position is critical and it is unclear at this stage.
But in a recent speech, US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke strongly in favour of a two state solution which is what the New Zealand draft also calls for.
If the draft gets voted on, it will be the first time the Security Council has voted on the Middle East in six years.


Russia backs New Zealand's UN bid to restart Israel-Palestinian talks = 2 state peace deal - Nov 1

Russia said Friday that New Zealand should move forward with a draft UN resolution aimed at reviving long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, but Israel says it’s “destructive” and the Palestinians say it’s not tough enough.
The New Zealand draft resolution notes “with alarm the escalating cycle of violence” between Israel and the Palestinians. It declares that a two-state solution, achieved through direct negotiations, is the only path to peace, and it calls on both parties, backed by key international players, to take steps to end violence and incitement and rebuild trust.
Lharmen - this resolution could bring on the fake week deal phase (= Daniel 9:27) of the 7 year peace plan. Watch for the fake week part soon.


World Powers Agree on UN Plan for Syria - Nov 1

World powers involved in talks on Syria's political future have agreed to a U.N.-led process that involves talks between the Syrian government and opposition and also to explore a cease-fire that would still allow strikes against terrorist groups.
Lharmen - watch for the 2 to get lumped together at the U.N. = the Syria crisis and the 2 state deal. The devil signs a week peace deal with many then breaks it in the midst of the week.
The plans were outlined in a Friday news conference held by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.N. Special Envoy Staffan De Mistura.
It followed a seven-hour meeting, on Syria, that included diplomats from the 17 countries, plus the United Nations and European Union. Officials said the group agreed to meet again within two weeks.
Lavrov also highlighted progress made by the group but said there was no agreement on President Bashar al-Assad's destiny.
He said Russia believes it is up to the Syrian people to decide their country's political future. The U.S. and its allies say Assad cannot be part of any long-term political solution for Syria.

Lharmen - 2 literal weeks says Nov 22 could turn out to be the date. Good my Birthdate is Nov 23rd : 0 ) freedom pie for my Birthdate. Jesus love me he said the more you suffer the more I love you. I must be his favourite : 0 P

Dems push resolution on two-state solution in memory of Rabin - Nov 1



Alert—Whats About To Hit US Shores Will Knock Us Out Cold! 100% Proof Something Big’s Coming - Nov 1

Lharmen - at the end of this video she shows proof they are hiring Ebola coordinators and even she says they know this is coming for them to be doing this = Luke 21 pestilence begins.


U.S. special operations forces to be deployed in Syria in fight against Islamic State - Nov 1

The U.S. commandos will deploy in Kurdish-controlled northeast Syria, far from the more hotly contested areas farther south and west where Russian warplanes and Iranian-backed forces are supporting a ground offensive by troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad in the country’s bitter civil war.
Officials said a no-fly zone could put U.S. warplanes in direct conflict with Russian aircraft, which began bombing in Syria on Sept. 30. It also would require destroying Syria’s integrated air defense system and diverting U.S. aircraft from attacking Islamic State.
Lharmen - As I have said many times the No fly zone starts with the bombing of that nations airfields it is imposed upon = Act of war to declare a war zone will be imposed.
It also says:
The officials said enforcing a safe zone for displaced families in northern Syria would require a major deployment of U.S. ground troops, backed by air power, to house, feed and protect them from attack.
Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told the Senate Armed Services committee Tuesday that he had not recommended either option to Obama. “I don’t rule that out in the future,” he said.
Officials said Friday that a key goal of the current plan is to help rebels cut supply lines and communications between Raqqah, Islamic State’s administrative capital in Syria, and Mosul, its self-declared capital in Iraq, and ultimately push the militants out of both cities. They said coalition aircraft will intensify attacks in coming weeks.
Lharmen - We will see a serious escalation in the Syrian conflict in the coming weeks as Russia has already warned the U.S. it is unacceptable to deploy troops with out Syria's approval and worse to deploy any aircraft as the Russians will shoot them down even by accident. WW3 comes during a fake week deal. Look for it at the U.N. soon = New Zealand draft will soon go through and the U.S will not veto it.
It also says:
Officials said fewer than 50 special operators will enter northern Syria in the next week or so to meet rebel Kurds, Turkmen and Syrian Arabs to assess local security. They will stay about two months.


Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria - Nov 1

Israeli fighter jets penetrated Syrian airspace and attacked numerous Hezbollah targets in the South of Syria, according to Syrian media Saturday.
Estimated targets included a weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah fighters traveling through Syria. According to reports, up to a dozen Israeli war planes conducted the mission close to the Lebenon-Syria border in the Qalamoun Mountains region.
Defense officials declined to comment on the report.
This would be the first attack attributed to Israel since Russia began operating in the area.


Turkey, US launch air strikes which reportedly kill at least 50 ISIS in Syria - Nov 1

Air strikes by Turkish and United States aircraft in Syria on Saturday killed more than 50 Islamic State militants and wounded some 30, state-run Anadolu Agency quoted security sources as saying on Sunday.
A senior government official told Reuters on Saturday that Turkish jets had launched bombing raids against Islamic State targets in Syria.


A Mass Migration Crisis, and It May Yet Get Worse - Nov 1


U.S. pledges nearly $100 million to support Syrian opposition as anti-ISIS offensive begins - Nov 1

Lharmen - To support the Syrian opposition is to go to war against Russian forces operating inside Syria = WW3



Oct 29 / 30 - The U.S. is sending ground troops into Syria against Russia's wishes and they are to help the Rebel fighters the U.S. has recently admitted do not exist = WW3! This when Russia strikes them = False flag coming soon? In Daniel 8 when the Persian's and the Medes are pushing in the 3 directions the Western He Goat come across the entire World and breaks their powers with Syria/Media between his eyes + Damascus destruction = Isaiah 17:1-7. We could be very close to that war with no peace deal needed. Obama has been exposed for planning to suspend the Elections so he can take control over the U.S after WW3. We will soon see the U.S. elections happen soon.


Russia says no country can use military force in Syria without government approval - Oct 30

Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Friday that no country could use military force in Syria without first securing the agreement of the Syrian government, the TASS news agency reported.
TASS said Ryabkov was responding to a question about the prospect of the United States launching a ground operation in Syria.
"The question of using military force in any form without the agreement of Damascus is for us unacceptable,"
it quoted him as saying.



Barack Obama has ordered up to 50 special operations troops to northern Syria, in an apparent breach of his promise not to put US “boots on the ground” to fight Islamic State militants in the country.
The forces will be supported by an additional deployment of A-10 “Warthog” attack aircraft and F-15 jets to Nato’s Incirlik base in Turkey, in what amounts to a major escalation of US force levels in the region.
WRH says:
A "major escalation", putting in 50 Special Ops Forces, with A1-Warthogs, and F-15 jets?!?
This is not a "major escalation" again ISIS; it is, however, the start of a major escalation against Russian troops in the area, very much ratcheting up the possibility of direct military conflict with Russia in Syria, and soon, Iraq.
Apparently, the US government is hell-bent to engineer a war against Russia or China (or both) to distract furious Americans when the economy falls flat on its keister, and cannot be resurrected.
And as reported today at zerohedge.com:
This comes just hours after Moscow reminded the world that if you haven't received an official invitation from Bashar al-Assad, you are not welcome to come to the party. Here's Reuters, citing Tass: Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Friday that no country could use military force in Syria without first securing the agreement of the Syrian government, the TASS news agency reported. TASS said Ryabkov was responding to a question about the prospect of the United States launching a ground operation in Syria. "The question of using military force in any form without the agreement of Damascus is for us unacceptable," it quoted him as saying. Make no mistake, this will be a disaster. If US spec ops are placed with the YPG, it will run afoul of Washington's coordination with Turkey just two days before an election that revolves around Erdogan's attempt to paint the Kurds as a threat to national security. If the Pentagon embeds US troops with the Free Syrian Army, well then they'll be engaging Hezbollah and the Quds directly. Of course no matter where Obama decides to place the troops, they'll be at risk of getting hit by Russian airstrikes and the consequences of that speak for themselves...


Iraq Tells Washington It Doesn't Want US Troops on the Ground - Oct 30


UN Resolution Would Call on Israel to Freeze Settlements, Palestinians to Desist Action at ICC - Oct 30

Draft UN Security Council resolution written by New Zealand details a series of proposed confidence-building steps ahead of a hoped-for resumption of peace talks.


Vienna talks: 19 global powers to work to establish nationwide Syria ceasefire - Oct 30

The truce is not going to be applicable to Islamic State extremists and other terrorists, Lavrov said. A comprehensive list of terror groups operating in Syria will be defined during a separate meeting.
Lharmen - Watch for it to be made for one week the war comes during the midst of the week. They are supposed to meet again in 2 weeks. I am watching to see if the New Zealand resolution now at the  U.N. will some how involve this Syrian peace deal/truce.

Another Clip : US troops will be deployed in northern Syria, Kerry said in Vienna. They "will help to coordinate local ground forces and coalition efforts" in the region.

Lharmen - ya to fight Assad's army means they will be fighting the Russian army that is at war to save Assad and his army : 0 ( . How do you spell disaster.


Russia buzzes US carrier - Oct 29


Russian aircraft approach USS Ronald Reagan, prompting US fighter jet scramble - Oct 29

The USS Ronald Reagan scrambled its fighter jets earlier this week after two Russian naval reconnaissance aircraft flew within one nautical mile of the U.S. aircraft carrier as it sailed in international waters east of the Korean Peninsula, according to 7th Fleet officials.
In the latest in a series of incidents involving Russian aircraft, two Tupolev Tu-142 Bear aircraft flew as low as 500 feet Tuesday morning near the Reagan, which has been conducting scheduled maneuvers with South Korean navy ships. Four F/A-18 Super Hornets took off from the Reagan’s flight deck in response to the Russian advance, 7th Fleet spokeswoman Lt. Lauren Cole said Thursday.
U.S. officials attempted to contact the Russian aircraft but received no radio response. A U.S. ship escorting the Ronald Reagan followed the Russian aircraft as they withdrew, Navy officials said.







Expert Who Correctly Predicted Market Moves in July, August and September Says Stocks Will Crash in November - Oct 29

In recent months he has correctly predicted that U.S. stocks would begin to drop in July, that there would be a huge plunge in August and that that the month of September would be rather uneventful. Now he is saying that he expects "November to be a complete meltdown on the U.S. and world markets."
"Now we are expecting the next leg down on the U.S. and world markets on the dollar. What we are forecasting now is the lows of August are all going to break. They could break in the month of October yet, but we believe they will break no problem into November. We expect November to be a complete meltdown on the U.S. and world markets."
"If you thought the crash of August 2015 was bad; November 2015 is expected to usher in the start of the U.S. stock, dollar and treasuries market meltdown!"
"The end of this year ushers in the start of an economic meltdown that is to last years! The U.S. dollar, treasuries and stock market bomb is set to blow in November 2015!"
Lharmen - Jesus said lift up your heads when these things begin to come to pass!


Iran Agrees to 6-Month Transition for Assad - Oct 30


India Staging Biggest Air Exercise To Prepare For 2-Front War - Oct 30


Israel hosts largest-ever intl air force drill, pitting troops against fictional enemy - Oct 30

Israel is hosting its largest-ever international air force exercise. The two-week 'Blue Flag' drill features Israeli, American, Greek and Polish troops in a battle against a fictional enemy state.
The Blue Flag drill consists of Israeli and American F-15 squadrons, as well as Israeli, Hellenic, and Polish F-16 squadrons flying through Israeli airspace while firing simulated weapons against fictional enemy missile launchers, convoys, and aircraft, the Israeli Air Force captain in charge of the exercise told the Times of Israel.


Iran to send ‘fleet of warships’ to the Atlantic Ocean - Oct 29

Iran intends to dispatch “a fleet of warships” to the Atlantic Ocean shortly, the semi-state Fars news agency reported Thursday, quoting the regime’s navy chief.
“Our warships will soon berth at ports in the Atlantic Ocean,” Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari promised at a ceremony on Wednesday marking the return to port of Iranian warships that Fars said had taken part in joint drills with the Russian navy.


Migrants forcing their way into Austria - Oct 29

Panic As Muslim Migrants March Through Hannover and Claim Germany For Allah - Oct 29

Lharmen - march and take over is set to go World wide = Time of the Gentiles


Los Angeles Man Dies Of Flu After Receiving Flu Shot - Oct 29


NATO considers deploying 4000 troops to Russian borders - Oct 29


Eight points agreed at multinational Vienna conference on Syria - Oct 30

The 17 nations meeting in Vienna Friday, led by the US, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia, reached accord on seven points for a political resolution of the Syrian civil war.
1) Syria’s territorial integrity and secular character will be preserved.
2) Government institutions, including the army and security forces, will continue to function after a political accord is achieved.
3) Syrian territory must be secured. (Under whose responsibility?)
4) ISIS and other extremist Muslim groups must be defeated.
5) Syrian government and rebel parties will meet to hammer out a political solution for ending the conflict.
6) General elections will take place under UN auspices.
7) The Syrians will administer their own political moves without outside interference.
8) The Syrian question will be solved by political means alone.
DEBKAfile: The main issue still outstanding is the fate of Bashar Assad. This will be discussed when the multinational session conference is reconvened in two weeks’ time.


Putin 'worried' by Israeli strikes in Syria - Oct 30


Russian Fighter Jets Hit Militants' Positions in Golan Heights Again - Oct 30


Russian air strikes in south Syria 'raise potential for friction' with Israel - Oct 30


Western and Gulf allies set out 'timetable' for Assad ahead of talks with Iran - Oct 30


Large asteroid dubbed the Great Pumpkin to fly by Earth on Halloween - Oct 30


Analysis: Why Palestinian attacks have shifted from Jerusalem to West Bank - Oct 30


Russia's Putin Says Global Warming Is 'A Fraud' - Oct 30


Obama wins U.S. debt-limit, budget truce through end of presidency - Oct 30


Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed - Oct 30


Oregon public health officials say teen girl has bubonic plague - Oct 30


Coach Kennedy Barred From Football Team for Praying After Games - Oct 30

Lharmen - the Antichrist attack on Christianity is getting much worse lately.
Banned for praying to God is only for Christians but Muslims we never see this.

Pope calls on Israeli, Palestinian leaders to decrease tension - Oct 30


U.S. sends troops to Syria "to train and advise" moderate rebels - same ones Pentagon couldn't find? My report - Oct 30


Oct 28 - The peace deal is being fast tracked here = see the new below. Watch out for the 7 year deal that starts with the fake week phase. They have been fully exposed for the deal being created already and the week is to demilitarize Gaza. World War comes in the midst of the week.


US to Sacrifice 3000 Troops in Syria to Start WW3 - Oct 28


Iraq: We Didn't Ask for U.S. Ground Operations - Oct 28





Lharmen - incredible admitting that the U.S. has created this wicked war inside of Syria.


Russia’s “No-Fly Zone” Prevents US, Israel, UK From Bombing Syria - Oct 28


Major peace movements in the coming days/weeks!

Iranian FM Zarif invited to multinational talks on Syria - Oct 28

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and three of his deputies will participate in the next round of multilateral talks on the future of Syria, reports said. It is the first time that Iran, which supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has been invited to international discussions on finding a way to end the civil war. Zarif and his delegation will join representatives from the US, Russia, France, the EU, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, the UAE and Lebanon at the talks on Thursday in Vienna.


Deputy head of CIA makes secret trip to Beirut - Oct 28

David Cohen, deputy head of the CIA, paid a lightning visit to Beirut several days ago, sources said. During the visit that only lasted several hours, he met with Lebanese Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq, the head of Lebanon's intelligence services Abbas Ibrahim and chief of staff Jean Kahwaji to discuss ways of dealing with radical militants. In another meeting with Lebanese intelligence officials he discussed the operational needs of the country's security and intelligence services.


Mogherini urges Netanyahu, Abbas to meet Quartet 'in days' - Oct 28

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Tuesday urged Israel Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to meet Quartet representatives “within days” in the hope of kick-starting stalled peace talks.
“I have asked both Netanyahu and Abbas to receive the Quartet envoys in the coming days, not weeks,” Mogherini said, stressing the need for speed if an upsurge in violence between Israelis and Palestinians is not to spiral out of control.
Mogherini warned the European parliament that there is a risk the Israeli-Palestinian dispute could get caught up in new conflicts in the region if the parties do not make an effort now to
secure peace based on a two-state solution.


Israel welcomes French proposal for Netanyahu-Abbas meeting - Oct 28

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “anyplace and anytime,” an official in the Prime Minister’s Office said Tuesday in response to a French effort to set up such an encounter.
Lharmen - I watch for these meetings to bring on the 2 state deal that divides Jerusalem as we see the wall is already being installed and they are in talks on Syria as well. I watch to see them all lumped together in the coming days to weeks around the first week in Nov. The New Moon is Nov 11. Remember 9 11 = 9+1+1= 11 and Armistice was signed Nov(11) 11 at 11:00 am. Israel has gone to war many times around the new moon next one is Nov 11th.


NATO readies concentration camps for mass detention - Oct 28


Massive Debt, Budget Deal Introduced In Dead of Night, Vote Violates Another Boehner Pledge - Oct 28


UN Overwhelmingly Condemns US Embargo on Cuba - Oct 28

Lharmen - Good!


Project Blue Beam They will fake the return of Our Lord in the clouds the day Damascus gets destroyed and here we see in the news the floating city over China/California/UK preparing the entire World for the event = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHLBASzMqPU


Star Wars style sonic tractor beam invented by scientists - Oct 28


UN resolution would freeze settlements, Palestinian lawsuits - Oct 28

New Zealand’s Security Council initiative marks the latest effort to restart direct talks based on two-state solution.
In the latest effort to revive direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, New Zealand has drafted a UN resolution that reportedly calls for a freeze on Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and for Palestinians to abandon their bid to take legal action against Israel at the International Criminal Court.
Lharmen - The Jerusalem division deal is getting moved into high gear and looks set to become a reality next month as we are very near Nov. Both France and now New Zealand are headed in 2 directions both Geneva and the U.N. to force the 2 sides to sign an agreement that will see Jerusalem divided. When God comes they have parted his land. The devil will sign a week deal with many then break it in the midst of the week = Daniel 9:27
Clip from article:
The draft resolution would assert that the Security Council is “very concerned” over the stalled peace talks, and call on both parties to “take the necessary measures to rebuild confidence and prepare for the resumption of negotiations,” based on a two-state solution, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.
The draft urges both sides to avoid taking “actions or declarations that would harm mutual confidence or predetermine the results of negotiations,” including the expansion of settlements and demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank, the report said.
Distributed to the other 14 members of the Security Council on Friday, the resolution would also call on both sides to refrain from making “provocative actions” against the status quo on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the epicenter of recent unrest in Israel and the West Bank.
New Zealand’s initiative was floated after France circulated a draft for a council statement that failed to win agreement, highlighting difficulties to forge a consensus in the 15-member council. The French draft called for the stationing of international observers on the Temple Mount.


Iran will be invited to attend multinational meeting on Syria - Oct 28

Iran will be invited to take part in a multi­national conference seeking a resolution to the civil war in Syria, in what would be the first instance of Tehran and Washington working together since the Iran nuclear deal was clinched.
State Department spokesman John Kirby would not tell reporters which country would issue the invitation to the meeting Friday in Vienna, but it is likely to be Russia.

Iran accepts invitation to Syria peace talks in Vienna - Oct 28


Egypt to attend Syria talks in Vienna on Friday - Oct 28


US, Russia broach military cooperation in Syria - Oct 28

According to Pentagon sources, the US intends to deploy small units of Special Operations forces in Syria and “special advisers” in Iraq, which too are believed to be special operations units under another name.
However, debkafile’s military sources point out that small-scale military ventures in open-ended war situations tend to extend beyond the scale originally intended. Therefore, it is more than likely that both the US and Russia will find themselves committing increasing numbers of air and ground troops if the conflicts in the two countries continue.
The way matters are going now, the plan for Iraq is for US forces to join Iraqi and Iranian units in launching an offensive to recover Ramadi, capital of the Western province of Anbar, 110 km West of Baghdad, which ISIS captured in May.
Ankara is vehemently opposed to the US partnership with the Kurds of Syria and Iraq, and puts its campaign against their separatist trends ahead of its commitment to the anti-ISIS coalition.
However, the Obama administration appears to have finally come down in favor of a combined operation with the Kurdish forces, even at the expense of its ties with Ankara, another pointer to the up-and-coming US ground operations in Syria.
Neither Washington nor Moscow has commented on their possible military cooperation for the fight to vanquish ISIS. But straws in the wind point in that direction.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeated: “I have no plans to put ground troops in Syria,” indicating that Moscow would confine itself to air strikes.
The US Defense Minister Tuesday explicitly mentioned “…direct action on the ground” as well as, ”supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIL."
debkafile’s military sources find common elements in the American and Russian modes of action. Whereas the Americans plan to deploy ground troops for fighting with Kurdish forces, the Russians will stick to aerial attacks in conjunction with certain Syrian rebel groups.
Moscow’s plan unfolded on Monday, Oct. 26, when a delegation of the Free Syrian Army, which is backed by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, turned up in Moscow seeking to coordinate its military operations with the Russians.
It is hard to tell if US-Russian military cooperation in the Syrian and Iraqi wars actually ripens into a productive effort or proves ephemeral. Israel’s concerns and its responses to the fast-moving, explosive situation on its northern borders are scheduled to be thrashed out in the talks Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is holding this week in Washington with Defense Secretary Carter.
Lharmen - can you actually believe what we are seeing here = The freak Syrian army will be under Russian command at some level .... and Israel is not the real target??????? These wars first needs be = they first have to happen. 4 devils bring the entire World to the Battle. Jerusalem is the real target and Damascus is a sacrifice to get Jerusalem and the Aksa Mosque destroyed so they can build the 3rd temple. God told us they will build a temple but they will worship the Sun from it means they will build it for the devil Lucifer and not Jesus the 3rd Temple comes down from heaven.
Project Blue Beam They will fake the return of Our Lord in the clouds the day Damascus gets destroyed and here we see in the news the floating city over China/California/UK preparing the entire World for the event = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHLBASzMqPU


ISIS traversing region's collapsing borders, flowing between Syria, Iraq, and Libya - Oct 28


Rouhani expects nuclear deal 'Implementation Day' by new year - Oct 28

Lharmen - That means a massive 9% more oil into the Worlds over supply Markets = Dilution in the oil prices = sell off soon. Market plunge then war coverage.
Clip from article:
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be implemented by the end of the year, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday, repeating his government's ambitious goal of reaching the milestone in short order.
As soon as Iran completes all of these steps– a process the Obama administration believes will take between four and six months– the deal will be formally implemented, and Iran will begin receiving sanctions relief.
But "according to our plans, the oppressive sanctions against the Islamic
Republic of Iran will be lifted by the end of 2015,"


Al-Shabaab Faction Pledges Loyalty to ISIS After Killing 150 Christian Students - Oct 28

Lharmen - ISIS is a creation of the Israeli / U.S. / Turkish / Jordanian armies and they have now killed 10's of thousands of Christians across the Mideast. This will soon be World Wide after the coming World war. We flee into the Wilderness for the 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles war.



Oct 26 / 27 - Russia and the U.S. are about to butt heads in Syria and Iraq = Kingdoms against Kingdoms = Luke 21.

Russia completely controls the sky's over Syria today and now within days we have seen Israel's army enter Syria under a created crisis. At the same time we see Turkey has bombed inside Syria as well. Now the U.S. wants to go into Syria and Iraq with ground forces and provide air support for them at the same time = WW3. This is setting all Nations in place for the massive war against Israel at Damascus Destruction. All her friends have become her enemies and she knows it not. Watch early Nov for the France resolution that officially divides Israel and for it to start with the Daniel 9:27 fake week deal.

Zechariah 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.


Russia overrides Middle East cyber waves - Oct 27

By boosting its two extremities with state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems, Moscow has imposed a new reality whereby it will soon be almost impossible for any air or ground force, American or Israeli, to go into military action above or inside Syria or Iraq without prior coordination with the Russians.
The bricks of Russian domination are now almost all in place.


Report: Russia strikes Syrian rebel targets near Golan Heights for first time - Oct 27

Fars quoted political observers as saying that "the Russian fighter jets' attacks have an important message for Israel while Tel Aviv is trying to pretend that it has reached an agreement with Moscow on Syria's Southern skies."


Russia reportedly just sent its version of Delta Force to Syria - Oct 26

Russia has confirmed sending special forces troops to Syria over the past few weeks to support its mission backing the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.
“The special forces were pulled out of Ukraine and sent to Syria,“ a Russian Ministry of Defense official told the WSJ. The anonymous official seemed to explicitly admit to a Russian military presence in the Ukraine, something which the Kremlin has fiercely denied.



WRH : It must be recalled that the US has no legal right to be in Syria, as the government of Syria has not invited the US into its country, the UN has not passed a resolution authorizing a US Intervention, and Congress has not declared war.
Lharmen - Very true!


Obama weighs moving U.S. troops closer to front lines in Syria, Iraq - Oct 27

Lharmen - Kingdoms are rising against Kingdoms = Luke 21


Conservative House leaders: Too late to stop debt-limit deal - Oct 27

Lharmen - Watch out for Nov 3rd and tomorrow for the Fed rate decision! Market plunge before the war coverage.



US to start non-covert ground operations against ISIS - Oct 27

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday that the American military would start carrying out or supporting ground operations against ISIS overtly in Syria and Iraq, in addition to its airstrikes with coalition partners. In comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee, he said the US will not refrain from assisting its partners or from taking action itself, "whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground."


US ‘Absolutely Prepared’ for More Ground Combat in Iraq: Pentagon - Oct 27
Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Friday he expects U.S. troops to engage in more combat operations in Iraq against ISIS, even at the risk of American deaths. “I’m absolutely prepared to do that,” he told reporters, according to a transcript of his remarks.

Turkey twice attacks Kurdish forces in N. Syria - Oct 27


Syria: Turkish army strikes Kurdish forces in the country for the first time - Oct 27


U.S. Navy to send destroyer within 12 miles of Chinese islands - Oct 27

The Lassen would be in the area for several hours in what would be the start of a series of challenges to China's territorial claims in one of the world's busiest sea lanes, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
The patrols represent the most serious U.S. challenge yet to the 12-nautical-mile territorial limit China claims around the islands and are certain to anger Beijing, which said last month it would "never allow any country" to violate its territorial waters and airspace in the Spratlys.

China warns US after Navy ship passes disputed islands claimed by Beijing - Oct 27


Europe migrant crisis: drone images show flow of migrants crossing Slovenia - Oct 26

Lharmen - Must watch video. Mass numbers of migrants moving.


WATCH: German Citizens Panic, ‘This Is Our Future’ – As Muslim masses March Through City - Oct 27

Lharmen - God warned us he would draw the sword out after all Jews/White people World Wide!


US Christians told: Prepare for persecution - Oct 27





Oct 24 / 25 - Keep your eyes open for the France resolution early Nov. I watch for it to merge with the Syria talks. Daniel 9:27 says he makes a week deal with many then breaks it in the midst of the week.


3 Chinese Guided Missile Destroyers Depart For Florida - Oct 25

U.S. officials would not elaborate if there would be an at-sea training component to the visit slated to run from Nov. 3rd to the 7th.


Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan | Zero - Oct 25


Russia, US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia start talks on Syria - Oct 25

The top diplomats of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States started key talks on Friday in Vienna to try to find a way to end the Syrian conflict.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov - whose government backs Damascus - was meeting US Secretary of State John Kerry along with the foreign ministers of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who all support Syrian rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad.
The crunch talks are part of a diplomatic flurry aimed at stopping the conflict in Syria, which has cost more than 250,000 lives over the past four and a half years.




Greece 'has no time to lose' to meet creditor demands: Valdis Dombrovskis - Oct 25


The Greek Government’s Five Open Fronts With the Creditors - Oct 25

The troika has requested corrections and new measures that need to be implemented before the upcoming Eurogroup of November 9, where the Eurozone finance ministers will assess Greece’s overall performance during the first months of the bailout program. Five specific areas are considered crucial for the program’s progress and include the Greek tax system, insurance funds, bank recapitalization, energy market and the changes that should be made to purchasing markets and businesses. This assessments are additional to all of November’s bailout prerequisites. The European institutions’ representatives stressed that certain measures and actions should have been implemented in October or need some more preparation before their implementation which is due before the first assessment.


FSA rebels reject Russia military help - Oct 25


PACK ‘EM IN: Liberal-run Austin, Texas experimenting with tiny apartments designed by professor who lived in a dumpster - Oct 25

Lharmen - I see a huge amount of profit here for the less fortunate it is a must have .
The cities could save a bundle creating thousands of these for the poor.
Once paid for they would bring in or save lots of money (as in welfare) in pure profits even at $600.00 a month.
The cost to build them is low enough it is a wonder why more builders don't do this in mass.
In a natural disasters they could be relocated with ease. It could be used for beach locations where hurricane are a problem in place of the motel style suite we see on beaches today.


Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse - Oct 25

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne's crusade against naked short sellers in particular, and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve in general, has long been known and thoroughly documented (most recently with his push to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the multi-trillion repo market). But little did we know that Overstock's Chairman Jonathan Johnson is as vocal an opponent of the fiat system, and Wall Street's tendency to create bubble after bubble, if not more than Byrne himself. That, and that his company actually puts its money where its gold-backed money is and in preparation for the next upcoming crash, has taken unprecedented steps to prepare for what comes next.


Oct 23 - Russia will soon be striking inside Libya as well. The U.S, are setting things in order to go into Syria full force and adds Jets to Turkey. Kerry wants a "No Fly Zone"
 inside Syria = a War declaration. Putin warns nuclear war likely!
It is a given Nuclear war is coming soon as Kingdom is rising against Kingdom and they will go to war in the not to distant future. The Jews who rule over Israel go to war around the Moon especially the new moon = Nov 11th. God said they forward the affliction and disaster. They might move it ahead 2 days to Nov 9th. We will know when the fake week phase and the 7 year deal have been signed that war is days away. Monster Hurricane hitting Mexico right now 190 mph. Pray God saves many people by alerting them to run.


Russia receives authorization to strike Daesh inside Iraq - Oct 23

The authorization for Russia to target Daesh inside Iraq comes amid security coordination between Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria.


Hizballah is creeping up on Israel’s Golan border, relying on Russian military cover - Oct 23

Wholly preoccupied with the ferocious Palestinian terror campaign washing over their country, Israelis have scarcely noticed that Hizballah forces, believing they are protected by the Russian military presence in Syria, are creeping toward Israel’s northeastern Golan border. DEBKAFILE reports: The Lebanese group thinks it is a step away from changing the military balance on the Golan to Israel’s detriment and gaining its first Syrian jumping-off base against the Jewish state – depending on the Syrian-Hizballah forces winning the fierce battle now raging around Quneitra opposite Israel’s military positions.

Kerry Announces New International Meeting on Syria - Oct 23

The Obama administration, Russia and a group of European and Middle East states are preparing to stage an international meeting on Syria as early as next Friday to accelerate efforts to end the civil war in the country, Secretary of State John Kerry said.
It is still undecided whether Iran will also take part in this meeting, the chief U.S. diplomat said. Mr. Kerry is visiting Jordan and Saudi Arabia this weekend to hold further consultations on the conflict and the coming meeting.
Mr. Kerry said any effort to end more than four years of fighting in Syria must have the backing of the Mideast’s major military and political powers.

Lharmen - We watch for the 2 state solution to come out of one of these meetings.


Russia, US, Turkey and Saudi fail to agree on Syria - Oct 23

Russia's Lavrov said that he wanted Iran and Egypt to take part in any future talks on Syria.
"We requested that future contacts take place in a more representative format," Lavrov told reporters after the meeting, in comments broadcast on Russian state TV.
He said that meant including Iran and Egypt in particular.
Speaking after talks with the Jordanian foreign minister Nasser Judeh, who was also in Vienna but not present at the group meetings, Lavrov called on other countries to step up efforts to bring peace to Syria.


Amish girl who fled United States to escape forced chemotherapy is now cancer-free - Oct 23

Lharmen - Live by Faith means you are a living Spirit. Live in fear means your Spirit is dead while you live in the body. God said the fearful and unbelievers will perish! Perfect love for God casts out fear!




US Adds Planes to Turkey, Mulls ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Syria - Oct 23

Lharmen - The "No Fly Zone" in Libya stared with the total destruction of it's airfields. Imagine what would happen if the U.S. tried that today in Syria ... = in comes Russia!!!!!

Putin warns: ‘Global war likely, nuclear options have irreversible consequences' - Oct 23

12 more US warplanes were deployed to Turkey today as part of what officials call “routine rotations” for the ongoing bombing of Syria and Iraq. The planes are slow-moving A-10 Thunderbolts, designed as close support planes for ground troops, and are being planned for use backing “Arab and Kurdish militants” on the ground.
This new deployment comes amid reports of a serious debate going on in the administration on a dramatic buildup of the war in Syria, aimed at spiting Russia for its own anti-ISIS war. Secretary of State John Kerry is said to be leading a push for a show of force, including declaring a “no fly zone” in northern Syria and attempting to block Russia from the area militarily.


Vladimir Putin accuses US of backing terrorism in Middle East - Oct 23


Mexico hunkers down for Patricia, 'the most dangerous storm in history' - Oct 23

Lharmen - Last report it weakened to 190 mph.


Clip from article: Patricia -- the strongest hurricane ever recorded -- barreled closer and closer Friday to Mexico's Pacific coast, where residents have been told to brace for its 200-mph sustained winds and torrential rains.

Mexico braces for Patricia; forecasters say strongest hurricane seen in Western hemisphere - Oct 23

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico - Hurricane Patricia barrelled toward southwestern Mexico Friday as a monster Category 5 storm, the strongest ever in the Western Hemisphere. Residents and tourists were hunkering down or trying to make last-minute escapes ahead of what forecasters called a "potentially catastrophic landfall" later in the day.
Gonzalez Ochoa said the family was heading to a town 30 minutes from the coast. "The whole government is telling us to leave. You have to obey," he said.
Patricia formed suddenly Tuesday evening as a tropical storm, turned into a hurricane just over a day later and kept building in strength, catching many off guard with its rapid growth. By Friday it was the most powerful hurricane on record in the Western Hemisphere, with maximum sustained winds near 200 mph (325 kph), according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami.
Patricia's power was comparable to that of Typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 7,300 dead or missing in the Philippines two years ago, according to the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organization. More than 4 million people were displaced and over 1 million houses were destroyed or damaged in 44 provinces in the central Visayas region, a large cluster of islands.
Meteorologists said Patricia's incredibly small 8-mile-wide eye wall would likely contract later in the day — a normal process that often weakens a storm slightly


The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup - Oct 23

Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have
1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies
Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.

Lharmen - The Ebola crisis was created by the Doctors with out borders. Ebola is a man made virus as the U.S. holds the patent to it today. It can be frequency generated so it can start up when ever they want it to. The symptoms duplicate that of MK Ultra mind control victim Symptoms .


In hunt for US terror recruits, FBI agents set traps - Oct 23

In April, John Booker was arrested for allegedly planning to carry out a suicide bombing at a military base in Kansas on behalf of the Islamic State group.
It turns out that undercover FBI operatives had been manipulating the 20-year-old for six months -- helping him make a "martyrdom" video, providing him with a list of bomb-making materials and even building an explosive device for him, albeit an inert one.
Lharmen - WRH says : I wonder if Booker was on prescription anti-depressants, because people on those medications have poor impulse control and hence are easy to manipulate.
Lharmen - How about a human puppet with no control over their actions at all! = MK Ultra = FBI controlled = Hell's Angels!

This is the same thing Allen Menart was doing to me for over 20 years . A mind control victim still to this day. I know these people are human puppets that this is being done to. They are chipped. Check between your nostals for the tiny tube that runs to the chip it is for directed energy.

All who lead into captivity will themselves get led into captivity during the time of the Gentiles.

I had an email today that was address from one of my past nick names looby Harmen and they spelled it Lobby Harmen instead. But it was sent out from a phone and it went out to many truth sites. The devils never cease to stop doing evil. If you get something suspicious from my email addresses it is not from me.Same thing happens daily to Facebook etc etc....


First 'Greater Church of Lucifer' to Open Doors in Texas - Oct 23

Lharmen - We can clearly see the devil/He goats rise to power = Daniel 8's He goat.



Oct 22 - Qatar threatens all out war over Syria's Russian intervention. Obama prepares to lift sanctions on Iran's Oil industry. Days away until Oct 29th rate hike? and Nov 3rd the U.S. runs out of money to operate. Luke 21 and Daniel 8 are clearly unfolding. Keep watching Ebola for it to take off by design ahead of the coming World War. God told the Jews living in Israel to pray their flight is not in Winter so the war can not be far off as Dec is Winter in Israel. Nov 3rd is the U.S. elections and the created pestilence should explode just ahead of it. The Markets will plunge just ahead of it as well and so will the major "X" class solar flares/CME's.


"Proxy" War No More: Qatar Threatens Military Intervention In Syria Alongside "Saudi, Turkish Brothers" - Oct 22

Lharmen - Luke 21 when we see these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. Nations shall rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. Looks like many nations are preparing for all out war with the Russian Alliance = Kingdoms against Kingdoms soon. This kind of news can go hot with in weeks of it being exposed ...Nov 9 or 11th????. Look out for the fake week phase of the coming 7 year deal the war comes during the week phase = Daniel 9:27.

Clip from article: "We wish that Iran would change its policies and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries in the region, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. We will make sure that we confront Iran's actions and shall use all our political, economic and military powers to defend our territory and people.”
“The regional powers can give the Russians limited time to see if their intervention can lead to a political settlement -- if not, there is going to be a proxy war.”
That’s not entirely accurate. There’s already a proxy war and the dangerous thing about it is that thanks to the fact that Iran is now overtly orchestrating the ground operation, one side of the “SAA vs. rebels” proxy label has been removed. Now it’s “Iran-Russia vs. rebels” which means we’re just one degree of separation away from a direct confrontation between NATO’s regional allies in Riyadh and Doha and the Russia-Iran “nexus.” Here’s Bloomberg with more on the Saudi’s predicament:


U.S. Tells Iraq: If You Ally w. Russia Against ISIS, You’re Our Enemy - Oct 22


One Way No More: NATO Rings Alarm Over Russia’s Might in Mediterranean - Oct 22

Russia’s Mediterranean fleet bristles with its most powerful anti-aircraft missiles — S300 systems — which have been fitted to all but its smallest ships, the newspaper says.
Caspian Cruise Missile Strike: Russia Has More Firepower Than US Thought - Oct 22
NATO officials are now alarmed that for NATO it creates what military tacticians refer to as an anti-access area-denial problem — a no fly-zone — but one directed against the west.
For the first time, NATO thus has to practice without assuming it will have total control of the skies.


President Obama directs key US agencies to prepare for sanctions waivers under the JCPOA - Oct 22

On October 18, 2015, President Obama published a memorandum to the Secretaries of State, the Treasury, Commerce, and Energy instructing them to prepare to implement the US’s commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Concurrently, the Secretary of State issued a “Waiver Determinations and Findings” (Contingent Waiver), certifying a number of US sanctions relief measures to take effect on the day the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifies Iran’s compliance with nuclear-related measures. This is the planned “Implementation Day.”



Iraqis Add Russian Guns to US Tanks for ISIS Fight - US Fuming - Oct 22

Lharmen - ISIS is Obama's army that's why.

Hamas-Gaza calls for Palestinian Day of Rage in Jerusalem - Oct 22

Hamas leaders in the Gaza strip called on all Palestinians on the West Bank and Jerusalem to observe a “Day of Rage” Friday. The IDF and Israel’s security service announced they would continue to operate in expanded mode to preserve the peace and security against the forthcoming outbreak of terror.


Abbas meets with UN's Ban, says Israeli incitement will lead to 'big explosion' - Oct 22

Ban said he “understands the frustration that comes after years of dashed hopes. But the only way to end the violence is through real and visible progress toward a political solution, including an end to the occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state living in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbors.”
He called on Israel and the Palestinians to refrain from unilateral steps that “diminish prospects for peace, and make significant improvements on the ground aimed at building the foundations for a two-state solution.”

Lharmen - Violence in the land Ruler against ruler.


Five West Bank terrorist attacks leave 7 Israelis wounded - Oct 22


Israel's Netanyahu heads to Berlin to meet Kerry - Oct 22

With no end in sight to weeks of Israeli-Palestinian violence, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed to Germany on Wednesday as part of a high-profile diplomatic push to restore calm.


'Palestinian mufti convinced Hitler to massacre Europe's Jews,' Netanyahu says - Oct 22
Netanyahu causes uproar by blaming Palestinians for Holocaust - Oct 22


FBI Director Just Admitted Something BIG About Syrian Refugees, And It’s Bad News For America - Oct 22

According to FBI director James Comey, the United States will not know if there are terrorists among the 10,000 Syrian refugees expected to pour into the country.

Lharmen - Obama is setting his ISIS army into every country to hunt White people = Jews and Christians in the time of the Gentiles that is about to unfold at the 3rd World War.


PUTIN: No Need To Distinguish Between "Moderate" & Other Terrorist, There Can Be No "Moderate" Terrorist - Oct 22

Lharmen - Putin tells the truth there is no moderate way to kill people.


Mystery deaths in Sierra Leone spread fear of Ebola relapses - Oct 22


Christian Persecution Reaches 'Extreme' Levels in These 10 Countries - Oct 22


Iceland Just Jailed Dozens of Corrupt Bankers for 74 Years, The Opposite of What America Does - Oct 22




Oct 21 - Russian air strikes will soon happen inside Iran and then Libya to make way for the kings of the east to come with their 200 million man army against the Land of Israel.

I watch to see if Iran's sanctions are lifted immediately as per their request when making the deal. Ebola looks like it is popping it's ugly head again and it is being said it is coming from the survivors.

US, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to hold meeting on Syria - Oct 21

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will hold a joint meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in Vienna on Friday to discuss the situation in Syria, Russia's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.


Iraqi Parliament to Vote on Request for Russian Airstrikes - Oct 21

Lharmen - Russia is setting things in order to go into Libya as well.

Clip from article: A member of the State of Law Coalition revealed on Wednesday Iraq's parliament is planning to vote whether or not the country should request the support of the Russian Air Force in fighting the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group by the end of this month.


Legislator Mowaffak Rubaie said the bill will definitely receive a positive vote as the parliament's ruling majority already supports its approval.


Peace Deal In Libya Collapses, US Preparing Mission To Go Into Libya - Oct 21

Lharmen - so is Russia preparing to go in and bomb ISIS.


OPEC Is About to Crush the U.S. Oil Boom - Oct 21

After a year suffering the economic consequences of the oil price slump, OPEC is finally on the cusp of choking off growth in U.S. crude output.



China Calls for New Global Reserve Currency to Replace Dollar - Oct 21


Fright night flyby: Skyscraper-sized asteroid will pass Earth on Halloween - Oct 21

A skyscraper-sized asteroid will fly by Earth on Halloween, according to scientists, who say that the object was only discovered 10 days ago.

The fact that astronomers only discovered 2015 TB145 three weeks before its Earth flyby, however, highlights the risks that asteroids pose. NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations Program works with astronomers and scientists around the world to look for asteroids that could harm Earth. NASA also has an ambitious plan to capture and redirect an asteroid.

Project Blue Beam has a night of a thousand holographic stars incorporated into it's deception.


Canada’s new leader to pull planes from anti-Islamic State coalition - Oct 21

A day after defeating Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Trudeau told President Obama by phone that he would make good on a campaign promise to withdraw Canada’s jets from the U.S.-led bombing campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Canada has committed a half-dozen fighter planes, a fraction of the American air power in the fight.
Lharmen - this is a good thing. Bring them home or they could be used to fight the land of Israel when they come against her. All who come against her will be destroy our Lord has told us this.


New Canadian PM Tells Obama Canada Withdrawing Fighter Jets From Syria, Iraq - Oct 21



Iran's Religious Leader: Any sanctions under any pretext will violate nuclear deal - Oct 21

Any remarks which suggest that sanctions against Iran will remain in place would be in contravention of the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and major powers, the Supreme Leader said in a letter to President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday.
Iran and the 5+1 group – the U.S., Britain, France, China and Russia plus Germany – finalized the text of an agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on July 14 which is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
“Any comments suggesting the sanctions structure will remain in place or [new] sanctions will be imposed, at any level and under any pretext, would be a violation of the JCPOA,” read Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s letter, Press TV reported.
Lharmen - Iran very clearly stated the Sanction must be immediately removed or no deal.
Another clip from the same article: The U.S. president and the European Union must declare that the anti-Iran sanctions have been “fully lifted”, the Leader noted, Tasnim reported.
Lharmen - the timing is perfect as when we see these things begin in Luke 21 we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. The U.S. Rate hike could and likely will come Oct 29th. The U.S. runs out of money = by design Nov 3rd. Ebola has now resurfaced in the west in 2 persons and now they are saying that they were never cured. Sierra Leone is having mystery deaths and they are blaming the former Ebola victims for it.
These sanctions being lifted will drowned the World in Oil as Iran will be able to dump more than 9% percent onto the markets immediately after the sanctions are lifted crashing the Global Oil prices once again. How do you spell dilution = Iran's Oil sanctions relief is the created trigger for the coming crisis. In the devastating 2008 crash the Oil market brought down the rest of the markets.


Turkey ready to accept six-month transition period for Syria's Assad - Oct 21

Turkey is ready to accept a political transition in Syria in which President Bashar Assad remains in symbolic power for six months before leaving office, two senior government officials said on Tuesday.
Lharmen - This is clear proof the France 2 state deal is being worked on behind the scenes. They meet again Friday to talk Syria.


NATO Begins Dress Rehearsal for Europe-wide War - Oct 21

More than 35,000 troops are participating in NATO’s month-long Trident Juncture war games, along with some 140 warplanes and 60 warships. The militaries of 30 different capitalist governments aligned with the NATO alliance are involved.
Massive NATO drills are taking place in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The drills are designed to prepare the NATO powers for large-scale strategic warfare outside the boundaries of the NATO countries, according to NATO officials.

Netanyahu: Hitler didn't want to exterminate Jews - Oct 21

Lharmen - The Greek mafia hate Muslims and Netanyahu has a solid connection to them. Netanyahu said it was the Muslims who forced Hitler to kill the Jews.


Mystery deaths in Sierra Leone spread fear of Ebola relapses - Oct 21

In Sierra Leone's northern districts of Kambia and Bombali, new cases in recent weeks were immediately blamed on survivors.


UNESCO Passes Arab Resolution: Cave of Patriarchs 'Islamic' - Oct 21

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) passed a resolution Wednesday listing the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem as Muslim sites.
The resolution - which passed with 26 in favor, six voted against, and 25 abstentions - condemned Israel for archaeological excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem and particularly near the Temple Mount.
An initial draft of the resolution had also called for the Kotel (Western Wall) to be listed as an Islamic site - or more specifically as an "extension of the Al Aqsa Mosque" - but that detail was hastily withdrawn after widespread condemnation, including from UNESCO's own Director-General.
Lharmen - None of this could happen if God was not angry with the Jews.


After Netanyahu comments, Germany says responsibility for Holocaust is 'very much our own' - Oct 21

The German government said on Wednesday that responsibility for the Holocaust lay with the Germans, after Israel's prime minister sparked controversy before a visit to Berlin by saying a Muslim elder had convinced Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews.


Mass shootings, psychiatric drugs linked - Oct 21



Oct 20 - Mystery City floats in the clouds above China is clear proof of Project Blue Beam testing. Hamas is the least of the Muslims fighting with Israel and it will be the least of them that draws them into battle on their borders the day of the war. Russia is about to escalate their daily missions from 50 to 300. If that doesn't get Israel shaking nothing will. Russia is setting things in order to start war on ISIS from inside Libya next


Playtime Is Over! Russia to Increase Missions in Syria from 50 to 300 a Day - Oct 20

President Vladimir Putin said the country is currently flying around 50 missions a day on average in Syria.
Operation sources, however, say the aim is to increase this figure to between 200 and 300 a day, according to The Sunday Times.
The construction of a new airstrip as part of preparations for the surge in missions is also reportedly under way.


Russians told Algeria danger of the growing influence of "Daash" in Libya - Oct 20

A senior security source said, for "news", that "the Russians have told the Algerians that they are worried about the increasing influence of the organization of the Islamic state in Libya, which could open the door to a Russian air strikes against state regulation in this country."
Mark 13:7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.
Lharmen - these wars must happen first in order for the 200 million man army to make their way to the Israeli borders for the day of the Lord war.


Russia and US sign deal to avoid air clashes over Syria - Oct 20

Lharmen - We who can see know that Obama and Putin are working together to bring down the religious World and destroy both Damascus and take over the Land of Israel so they can destroy the Al Aqsa mosque during the coming and unfolding war all so they can rebuild the 3rd temple.

Palestinian Cleric Claims Jews Will Build Third Temple to 'Worship the Devil,' Stimulating End Times - Oct 20

Lharmen - Skull worshipping Jews = the same ones who killed Jesus in Golgotha a place of a skull. They will build it for Jesus the son of Lucifer = Satan and they are about to simulate the End Times = Project Blue Beam.. it is all true. Jesus told us in Ezekiel they will be worshipping the Sun in this coming Temple = Lucifer the Sun god.


Zahar calls for Hamas branches in Lebanon, Syria refugee camps to attack Israel - Oct 20

Lharmen - The least of them will draw them out onto their borders when the World War happens = Hamas.


Mysterious CITY FLOATING in SKY Over China - Project BLUE BEAM ?- Oct 20

Lharmen - This is clearly Project Blue Beam testing on a mass scale preparing for the day the Daniel 8 He Goat shows himself as if he is God the day Damascus is destroyed.


State Department: Yeah, Christianity Is Under Attack Worldwide - Oct 20

With the rise of the Islamic State the world has witnessed the persecution of Christians at an alarming rate. But the religious group is being targeted well beyond the confines of the Middle East, the State Department’s annual International Religious Liberty report found.


US Officials: Iran Complying Too Fast With Nuclear Deal - Oct 20



Lharmen - it is to turn them into human puppets MK Ultra. Remember the Russians and the U.S. Ambassador = Radiation and Fluoride<- Heavy Metals can be made radioactive..




Oct 19 - God told us when he comes they have parted his land and today the division can easily be seen as they erect the Division wall. The coming France 2 state solution/peace deal exposed for being made already will start with the Daniel 9:27 fake week phase that will be a part of the 7 year deal.

Damascus destruction Isaiah 17:1-7 comes during the midst of the week. With this wall in East Jerusalem nothing is need except straight to war . Keep watching.


Israel erects wall to protect Jews in east Jerusalem - Oct 19

The wall would effectively divide Palestinian Jabel Mukaber and Jewish Armon Hanatziv, raising criticism among the government's opposition, which considered the move a de facto division of Jerusalem.


"Netanyahu officially divided Jerusalem today," it said in a statement. "Netanyahu has lost the ability to keep the safety of Israel's citizens and Jerusalem's unity.

Lharmen - this is the one scripture I have been warning I believe it had to happen ahead of the war. The war can now happen even with out the fake week deal. But keep watching for it as the France resolution has been exposed for starting with the fake week deal Daniel 9:27.


UNESCO draft resolution: Western Wall is part of al-Aksa mosque - Oct 19

Israel is working to thwart a draft UNESCO resolution which declares that the Western Wall in Jerusalem — the most holy site in Judaism— belongs to the the Muslim al-Aksa Mosque compound.
The draft text to be voted on Wednesday in Paris states that UNESCO “affirms that the Buraq Plaza is an integral part of the Al-Aksa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif.”
Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO, Carmel Shama HaCohen, said that the resolution was “a total Islamization” of a site that is revered by both the Jewish and Muslim faiths.
The six page draft resolution submitted by Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Palestinian Authority to the UNESCO Executive Board, broadly condemns Israeli actions in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.


Hamas Welcomes Be'er Sheva Attack as 'Heroic Act' - Oct 19

Lharmen - the least of them (Hamas) will draw them out and they will gather on their borders ahead of the coming World War.








Nato  starts huge exercise = 36,000 troops, 60 warships, 140 aircraft sent to the Mediterranean to demonstrate their impotence before Putin - Oct 19

Lharmen - starts today and runs for the next 5 weeks.

World War 3 anyone?


Trident Juncture: NATO Starts To Show Muscles to Russia - Oct 19


Muslims in Indonesia province to shut down Christian churches - Oct 19

Lharmen - The time of the Gentles is fast approaching.


Hamas urges ramming attacks as 'stabbings don't kill enough Jews' - Oct 19

Lharmen - the least of them will draw them out and they will gather on their borders ahead of the coming World War.


Israeli sources: Hamas orders return to suicide attacks - Oct 19

Israeli security sources reported Monday that Hamas had instructed its West Bank cells - especially in the Hebron and Nablus districts - to go back to the old infitada tactic of suicide attacks against Israeli targets on the West Bank and in Jerusalem. Activists were ordered to reach Jerusalem and get started on those attacks.


Erekat Demands Investigation of Israeli 'Executions - Oct 19


Kerry confirms he'll meet Netanyahu, Abbas on Palestinian-Israeli unrest this week - Oct 19


Chicago Cops Have “Disappeared” More than 7,000 People at Secret Interrogation Warehouse - Oct 19

Lharmen - Masons war on all who will not submit to their godhood = loves of their own selves!


Traders Are Panic-Selling T-Bills After Jack Lew Warns Of "Terrible" Debt Limit Accident - Oct 19

The one-month-ish Treasury Bills that mature November 18th are collapsing. Following comments this morning by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew that the US will run out of cash on November 3rd and his warning of a "terrible" debt limit accident, the 11/18/15 T-Bills have seen yields explode from -1bp to 7bps - an unprecedented 8bps spike as investors panic-sell beyond the deadline.


It’s already snowing on Mount Washington - Oct 19

Lharmen - it is snowing all over the place here in North America.


UK government admits swine flu vaccine causes brain damage, awards compensation to 60 families - Oct 19


Obama just signed another executive order, this time declaring government control over the entire Internet - Oct 19





Oct 17 / 18 -  Iran's Oil sanctions are about to be lifted. When exactly I can not tell but we are close. That will see 9% more oil into an over supplied market = dilution another 9 percent in the pricing of Oil is possible.

Fed could raise rates Oct 28th keep watching that. Keep watching for Ebola to take off at lighting speed across the Globe soon = 2 in the West so far.  Oil Market crash coming. The 2 state France resolution is about to get started and could be pushed through within weeks keep watching for that to happen early Nov? The Devils told us the Market Plunges then war coverage.


Obama instructs government to prepare to lift Iran sanctions - Oct 18

US President Obama instructed the US government on Sunday to prepare for the lifting of sanctions on Iran under the nuclear deal that Tehran signed with Western powers, although the timing of the sanctions relief depends on how soon Iran complies with the agreement, reports said.

Lharmen - I watch to see if Iran complies around the end of this month when all things start to bring down the Global economy especially on the back of the Fed rate hike all By design.

October 28 FOMC Meeting
Two-day meeting, October 27-28, 2015
Lharmen  - Watch for a rate increase during these meetings.


Nuke deal between Iran and world powers takes effect Sunday - Oct 18


Report: Russia blocks Israeli jets over Lebanon - Oct 18

Lebanese newspaper claims Israeli jets turn back after confrontation with Russian aircraft over northern Lebanon.
Russian forces warned Israel over IAF flights in Russian controlled airspace near the Syrian–Lebanese border area after Israeli jets were detected nearby, according to a report Friday in the Lebanese media outlet As Safir.
"Russian aircraft immediately blocked the Israeli jets' path while they flew above the Akkar region in northern Lebanon. The Russians immediately sent a clear warning to the Israelis that entering Syrian airspace would be a pretext for opening fire," the source said.
According to the paper, which is considered loyal to Hezbollah, the Israeli aircraft quickly heeded the warnings and changed their course. The incident occurred mere days after talks were held between Israeli and Russian officials regarding the shared airspace. The report claimed that the Russian message instructed the Israelis to stay away from Syrian airspace.





France's Proposed Solution To Israel-Palestine Conflict Sidelines U.S. - Oct 18

But the country has invited 19 other countries and the Arab League to the peace talks.
In the lead-up to last month’s U.N. General Assembly, the French proposed a new idea: If the Quartet can't get the parties to agree on to a deal, maybe adding 19 more countries -- including Saudi Arabia, Norway, China and Ireland -- and the Arab League to the peace talks would make it easier.
France plans to invite representatives from the 24-member body back for ongoing meetings. The eventual goal, the diplomat said, is to bring up a Palestinian statehood resolution at the Security Council.


The Latest: France urges stepped up international action to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Oct 18

Delattre called for the U.S., U.N., EU, Russia and key Arab nations to meet and work on confidence-building measures to ease tensions, support Palestinian reconciliation and draw up "guarantees and compensation that each party will need" in order to sign a peace agreement.

Ebola Is Coming Back—But It Never Really Went Away - Oct 18


US pressing for war with China in the South China Sea - Oct 18



Church of Lucifer to Open in Heart of Bible Belt - Oct 18

Lharmen - Jesus said the devil will come in his own name Lucifer.

In this picture we can see the V at the bottom and the All seeing eye at the top of it with pyramids and the middle space for the goat head. Antichrist devil worship that I have been exposing for many years now. This is the Masonic religion that has taken over this World.


Belgium Dumps $44 Billion of US Treasuries in August - Oct 18


New Russian Jamming System Near Latakia Blocks All NATO Electronics Inside Bubble 600 Km in Diameter - Oct 1

Radar, Satellites, Communications All Disrupted; System Shifts Military Balance in Favor of Russ




US, Turkish Intelligence Coordinated ISIL Leader's Transfer to Turkey for Treatment - Oct 18

Lharmen - Clear proof they are not destroying ISIS/ISIL they are treating them.


Oct 16 - The Ebola epidemic is starting to unfold as we now see a second victim from the past has now relapsed . That says with all certainty she never got over it. She could have been spreading it endlessly. Every where we find the Doctors without borders we see mind control projects and here we find them, the medical establishment, being poised to depopulate the World through tainted Vaccines. Measles today kill 400 and it has been traced back to one person who was vaccinated that started it all. They will not cure you but in fact infect you with Ebola. Luke 21 our redemption draws near when these things begin to come to pass. We are less than one month from the next new moon Nov 11th a date the Illuminati would use for the Global war.


Second Ebola nurse now crashing into critical condition after CDC-controlled media falsely proclaimed her 'cured' by toxic pharmaceuticals - Oct 16

None of us here at Natural News are surprised, of course. We’ve long known that  everything the medical establishment says about Ebola is a deliberate lie, and that includes pharmaceutical Ebola “treatment” promises.

Lharmen - do not take the coming vaccine you will only think you were cured it is the Vaccines that will kill you in the time to come. See the next link below.
Second Ebola nurse now crashing into critical condition after CDC-controlled media falsely proclaimed her ‘cured’ by toxic pharmaceuticals
“The 26-year-old nurse says she now suffers from constant nightmares, body aches and insomnia due to the experimental medications that were forced upon her while in isolation.”
Lharmen - Mind control victims complain of the same things . She was chipped when she was under = Doctors without borders.


Measles outbreak traced back to VACCINATED woman who spread the disease - Oct 16





Russia delivers six Mikoyan MiG-31 fighter jets to Syria: Report - Oct 16




FBI Director: Islamic State Recruiting '24 Hours a Day' in All 50 States - Oct 16

Lharmen - They should know they are the ones training them 24/7 in all 50 states .

 All terror suspects in bombings, like Boston bombing and Sandy hook, they have been linked to the F.B.I or the C.I.A..


Security Council to hold emergency talks on Jerusalem violence - Oct 16


Israel braces for new violence as Hamas declares 'Day of Rage' - Oct 16


Palestinians burn Joseph's Tomb ahead of 'day of rage' - Oct 16


Turkey's Erdogan and Obama discuss cooperation on Syria - Oct 16

Lharmen - they are discussing the coming betrayal of the nation of Israel as all her friends have become her enemies and she it it not!


Scottish nurse now ‘critically ill’ after she recovered from Ebola - Oct 16

WRH says: There are two things to consider. Many of these patients were declared cured following the use of experimental drugs. Clearly there is a problem. Second, we have a lot of people walking around America supposedly cured of their Ebola. What happens if, now months later, they suddenly relapse?
Lharmen - I see this the same way these vaccines are created to give people the impression they have been cured and then months later they die all the while they thought they were cured they were spreading the virus = Eugenics. The population will never see the vaccines are the real problem all the while they will be forcing them on the unsuspecting population. Do not take these coming Vaccines for Ebola it is all by design. The devils commandments = RC Christian = Roman Catholics Georgia guides stones say they want to depopulated the World to 500 thousand clearly through the vaccines.

Compulsory Adult Vaccination Bill 792 Signed Into Law - Oct 16

Lharmen - it is here mass depopulation is here. They will use this to kill all who believe.

Live by faith God said you will know who I chose by the fact that none of these poisons will effect you.


'If violence continues, Israel to begin banishing Palestinians to Gaza'- Oct 16

Lharmen - It is amazing what you can accomplish when you control your enemies like Hamas.
Israel created Hamas and today they are controlled by the U.S..


Chinese media: military must be ready to counter US in South China Sea - Oct 16


Christians living in Sweden have been told to 'convert or die' in chilling messages across Gothenburg – a hotbed of ISIS recruitment - Oct 16

Lharmen - Obama created this army = Antichrist.


Hungary to close border with Croatia to stop refugee influx - Oct 16

Hungary will seal off its border with Croatia midnight to stop the uncontrolled inflow of refugees that arrive in thousands every day, the foreign minister said after a national security cabinet meeting.
Lharmen - this is the beast Obama's army and they will be beheading all Christians during the time to come after the World war.


DARPA developing vehicles that can literally disappear - Oct 16


German Police chief: Hell has broken loose at asylum centres - Oct 16

Lharmen - these are refuge centers seeking asylum not mental health facilities. This is Global. God warned he would draw out the sword after the White people the Jews.



Oct 14 / 15 -  The war with Persia/Iran and Media/Syria is about to begin = Early Nov we could see the major war begin. Today we see Iranian and Cuban troops have arrived for the fight.

The debt limit has been run dry Nov 3rd add the rate hike Oct 30 and the Iran sanction release as they today fulfilled the requirements. Add this up and it spells plunge soon.


Iran’s Soleimani visits Syrian Golan as Tehran bolsters war effort - Oct 15

Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the country’s expeditionary al-Quds Force, visited the Syrian side of the Golan in recent days, The Times of Israel has learned.
Soleimani, a powerful figure thought to be at the forefront of Iranian fighting abroad, is in Syria to oversee a new offensive by Iranian and Assad regime troops meant to help the government retake large swaths of the country’s north.
His visit to the Golan, near the border with Israel, was apparently intended to boost morale of Syrian and Hezbollah forces – the latter loyal to Iran’s regime — after a series of setbacks against the “southern front” of rebel groups in the area.
By Wednesday, Soleimani was in the Latakia province, on the Mediterranean coast north of Lebanon, from which the northern operation is expected to launch, backed by the recent influx of Russian air power.
Lharmen - this info clearly proves the war with Israel, Jordan and Turkey is about to begin = Daniel 8 war.


Russia And Syria Are Preparing A Major Push To Retake The Country - Oct 15


Australian pilots have recently begun flying with US in Syria - Oct 15


With nothing to lose, Gazans join Palestinian unrest - Oct 15


Israel perturbed by the arrival of 3,000 Iranian troops in Syria with 2,000 Cubans - Oct 15

Israel and Iran engaged in a duel of messages on Wednesday and Thursday (October 14-15), with Russia standing behind Iran.
Israeli military and intelligence sources were uncharacteristically forthcoming when they revealed on Thursday, Oct. 15, that 3,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards troops had secretly landed in Syria. This was the largest Iranian ground force ever to set foot in Syria.
Until now, Israel had kept under close wraps any intelligence obtained about the movement of the Iranian forces. However, in consideration of the large number of troops, the continuation of the Russian and Iranian airlifts of forces to Syria, and the possibility that the Iranian troops could be deployed on the Syrian side of the Golan, Israeli leaders decided to go public in this latest development.
This is because of their grave concern that Iran may take advantage of the IDF’s transfer of forces from its northern borders to the domestic fronts for quelling the current outbreak of Palestinian terrorist violence, to go for territorial gains on the Golan and the Israel-Lebanon border.


Moscow criticizes US for refusing to call shelling of Russian embassy ‘terrorist’ attack - Oct 15

Lharmen - it was the U.S. proxy forces that did it. They would never call them terrorists.


Top Cuban general, key forces in Syria to aid Assad, Russia, sources say - Oct 15

An Arab military officer at the Damascus airport reportedly witnessed two Russian planes arrive there with Cuban military personnel on board. When the officer questioned the Cubans, they told him they were there to assist Assad because they are experts at operating Russian tanks, according to Jaime Suchlicki, the institute's executive director.
Cuba's military is ranked the world's 110th most powerful by the site globalfirepower.com. While small, the Cuban military is "very well-trained," according to Suchlicki, who said their presence in Syria is a "departure from what the U.S. expected."


Putin Crushes BBC Smartass - Oct 15

Lharmen - great video.


IDF to beef up Gaza border fence as protests persist - Oct 15

Lharmen - God told us the least of them will draw them out into a trap on their borders.


Senior IDF Commander: Hamas is playing with fire - Oct 15

Lharmen - Hamas is the least of them.


Lew to Claman: A 'Terrible Time' for Debt Limit Fight - Oct 15


U.S. Will Hit Debt Limit No Later Than Nov. 3, Treasury Secretary Warns - Oct 15

Lew added that a remaining cash balance of less than $30 billion would swiftly deplete.
The U.S. government will hit a legal debt limit and be unable to borrow more money no later than Nov. 3, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Thursday.
Lharmen - Luke 21 when we see these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.


Iran has provided all needed data to resolve issues: IAEA - Oct 15

Lharmen - This is all that is holding back 9% of the Worlds oil from hitting the market in a day.
"In the period to 15 October 2015, activities set out in the roadmap for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program' were completed," the IAEA said in a statement on Thursday.
The statement added that the IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano will provide "the final assessment on the resolution of all past and present outstanding issues" to the Board of Governors by December 15.
On July 14, Iran and the IAEA signed a roadmap regarding the Islamic Republic’s nuclear work in the Austrian capital city of Vienna. The agreement was reached on the same day Iran and the P5+1 – the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany – finalized the text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in Vienna.
As part of the roadmap, the IAEA is required to finish its investigations on Iran’s nuclear activities and submit a report to the agency’s Board of Governors by December 15. Under the agreement, Iran was also required to cooperate with the IAEA and answer the agency's questions about its nuclear program.
The UN nuclear monitoring agency has repeatedly confirmed in its regular reports that Tehran has been complying with the terms of its agreement with the IAEA, required for the implementation of JCPOA.
Under the JCPOA, limits will be put on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for, among other things, the removal of all economic and financial bans against the Islamic Republic.

Another intifada brewing? Israel calls in troops to try to stop escalating violence - Oct 15

Lharmen - God said they have returned = 1948 and they are now filling the land with violence to provoke God to anger! The war will happen when they make the division of God's land error!


Erdogan: Israel Defending Temple Mount 'A Red Line' - Oct 15

Israel defending Judaism's holiest site is a "red line," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated to a delegation of visiting Arab MKs on Monday.
"I am very disturbed by the situation and will act in the international arena as much as I can to stop the dangerous events in the Islamic holy places," Erdogan stated, referring to the Temple Mount. The Mount, the holiest site in Judaism and the location of the First and Second Temple, has also been alleged by Islamists to be "the third holiest site in Islam."
Erdogan added that the Mount is "a red line, and the continued provocation of Israel could deteriorate the situation."
"I am following the situation with great concern and will continue to follow the situation in the future," he concluded.
On Sunday, a Joint List delegation left Israel for Jordan and Turkey to discuss Israel's "provocations" in enforcing the law against rock-throwers and Muslim rioters.


Turkey summons U.S. envoy amid reports of weapons aid to Syrian Kurds - Oct 15

Lharmen - the Kurd's are who the Turks fight in Iraq.


Official: Russia 'deliberately targeting' US-backed forces in Syria - Oct 15


Yemeni forces launch Scud missile toward Saudi Arabia - Houthi TV - Oct 15

Iran Claims Houthis Destroy Saudi or Egyptian Warship Off Yemen - Oct 15

On Sunday, multiple Iranian news outlets claimed that the Yemeni-based Iranian-proxy Houthi rebels destroyed either a Saudi or an Egyptian warship in the Bab-el-Mandeb Straits, which lies between Yemen to the east and Djibouti and Eritrea on the Horn of Africa.


Niger imposes state of emergency on region hit by Boko Haram - Oct 15


Israel Fires into Syria Attacking 2 Army Posts in Golan Heights - Oct 15


Putin: We Will Seek Peace, But Prepare For War - Oct 15

Lharmen - this is exactly what Obama has been doing for years and so has Israel!

The judgement you judge others by that judgement will be judged against you!


Gun Shop Forced to Pay $6m to Two Cops Because they Sold the Gun that was Used to Shoot Them - Oct 15

WRH comments : This is total BS. When a drunk driver runs a red light, nobody sues the car maker, the car dealer, or the company that makes streetlights!
Lharmen - this is true!



Oct 12 / 13 - I have been warning for years to watch for the fake week peace deal that will bring on the World war in the midst of the week. The France resolution has been exposed as the deal and it will start with the Daniel 9:27 week deal and the devil will break the deal in the midst with Global war. This deal is coming together for 7 years as well as it has phases. The war comes during the week part. Keep watching for this and the Market to plunge when the Feb raises the rates Oct 29th.

Nov 11th is the next New Moon and Israel has many times gone to war on the new moon. This time is special for the devils Illuminati as it is the 11th month the 11th day. Remember 9 11 = 11  9+1+1= 11 The devils live by numbers = numerology. 11 is disaster!


Report: France Advancing UN Resolution on 'Settlements' - Oct 13

Senior officials say France intends to advance a UN resolution on Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.
In the wake of the pressure, it was decided initially that France, Britain and China, all of which are permanent members of the Security Council, would also be invited, even though they are not direct members of the Quartet. The prospect of their participation, however, led other countries, such as Germany, Norway, Japan, Italy, Spain and others, to demand a place at the table as well.

According to Haaretz, the result was a conference of 30 foreign ministers from around the world, discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without a single Israeli or Palestinian representative.

A statement in summation of the meeting — mainly ceremonial and with short statements by each of the participants — was agreed upon in advance, the newspaper says. Fabius again surprised the gathering by presenting a French diplomatic plan with steps that he said would break the deadlock in the peace process.


France to Push for UN Security Council Resolution on West Bank Settlements - Oct 13

Despite the fact that there is no draft or proposed text of a French resolution, Netanyahu, Molho and other participants at the meeting contended that it would state that the settlements are not legal.

Channel 2 reported that Netanyahu and Molho also told the ministers that they had received an American ultimatum that an announcement of new construction in the settlement would cause President Barack Obama to refrain from vetoing the French resolution if it would come to a UN Security Council vote.


U.S. Weaponry Is Turning Syria Into Proxy War With Russia - Oct 13

Insurgent commanders say that since Russia began air attacks in support of the Syrian government, they are receiving for the first time bountiful supplies of powerful American-made antitank missiles.
With the enhanced insurgent firepower and with Russia steadily raising the number of airstrikes against the government’s opponents, the Syrian conflict is edging closer to an all-out proxy war between the United States and Russia.



Fed officials remain divided over timing of rate hike - Oct 13

By contrast, St. Louis Fed chief James Bullard said the Fed's key rate already should be 2% by some measures, not the current near-zero level. He urged the central bank to begin raising the rate.


Indian president declares support for Palestinians ahead of Israel trip - Oct 13


EU tells Russia to 'cease' strikes on Syria rebels - Oct 13


Israel-Palestine Update: 28 Dead In 12 Days Of Violence - Oct 13
Jeremiah 51:46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.
Ezekiel 7:23 Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence.
Ezekiel 8:17 Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have
returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose.


UN says pushing Russia, US for urgent agreement on Syria - Oct 13

The UN diplomat trying to convene talks to end the war in Syria said he first hopes to get an understanding between Russia and the United States, which will each then form the core of one or more "contact groups" of interested countries supporting the talks.
UN envoy Staffan de Mistura told a news conference that he would hold talks in Russia on Tuesday and then in Washington, and said the escalating violence made it more urgent to hold dialogue between Syrian government and opposition groups.


Goldman Sachs: The Third Wave of the Financial Crisis Is Upon Us - Oct 13


Obama tells '60 Minutes' he's going to stay the course on Syria - Oct 13


Obama: Christians who take religion most seriously 'suspicious of those not like them' - Oct 8

Lharmen - The Beast Obama is demonizing Christianity at every turn.


Corbyn signals Labour could back military action in Syria without UN support - Oct 13

Jeremy Corbyn has signalled for the first time that Labour could support forms of military action in Syria without UN support if Russia blocks a security council resolution.
Taking a more flexible approach to UK military involvement in the Syrian civil war, the new statement urges David Cameron to try again to win support for a new UN resolution allowing military action, and affirms that the party supports the creation of safe zones within Syria to protect Syrians who have had to flee their homes.

...In his article, Benn writes: “On the question of airstrikes against Isil/Daesh in Syria, it should now be possible to get agreement on a UN security council chapter VII resolution given that four of the five permanent members – the USA, France, Britain and Russia – are already taking military action against Isil/Daesh in Iraq or Syria or in both countries. The prime minister should now be working tirelessly with other countries to try to secure such a resolution.”





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Horns are kings and Iran is center stage today with Britain,

U.S., Israel, Russia = the four and the first 3 will be destroyed

and Iran is the little king who has come up among them - Lharmen



Russia also has a little king and has prepared with China to destroy these

first three as we can tell who it will be when it happens.

When God shall roar the West shall tremble! - Lharmen