THAT SHOWS SOLID PROOF WE ARE HEADED FOR DISASTER


1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.



See proof of organized attacks on true Christians by the Mason Controllers.

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Julian Assange hears voices =microchipped - Sept 23

Lharmen = Isaiah 30:28 Bridles in the Jaws of the people causing them to err! Making them believe Lucifer is God. Do not fall for it it is technology only. Faith filled Strong survive!


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Project Blue Beam is an Alien second coming of Lucifer as jesus as the bible predicted Lucifer would have a coming as if he was Jesus. Former Head of Israel's Space Program: The Aliens Asked Not To Be Revealed, Humanity Not Yet Ready - Dec 8


Islam is preparing the Black's and the Muslims to except an Alien God = Project Blue Beam.

Lharmen - Catholics created Islam series proved the Catholic's created Antichrist teachings World wide.


COVID Shots to "Decimate World Population," Warns Dr. Bhakdi - May 9 2021

A leading US disease expert says there's 'no doubt in my mind' that vaccinated people are helping spread Delta - July 8

Biden's global initiative to replace Christianity with atheism faces GOP backlash - July 3

Lharmen -This is antichrist activity.

FDA Study Links Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine with Blood Clotting? Panic on Social Media After New Report - Dec 19

Ebola is a virus that causes problems with how your blood clots. It is known as a hemorrhagic fever virus, because the clotting problems lead to internal bleeding, as blood leaks from small blood vessels in your body. The virus also causes inflammation and tissue damage.
Lharmen - My Uncle just died from a Blood clot.

Covid19 is causing people to die in mass from Blood clots = Ebola.

Senator Johnson Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Injuries - Nov 5

818,044 vaccine injuries 17,128 deaths from the vaccines.


Are all the English kings related to King David? - March 27/23

The answer is a resounding yes! I'm also a descendant of King David, and so are you. It's not about complicated family tree stringing, but math.
Lharmen - this proves Jesus is a white man . White people mate with white people result in more white people . Any other colour and you will never get to full white again. That proves that Jesus was a white man as King Charles is white and a relative to King David and then also he would be a relative to Jesus as well. The Antichrist is 3 persons and one of them is black and they other two are Jews = White. Piercing serpent is white and the Crooked Serpent is Black with the Head of the Angel of Death being the Jew As Jesus was.. Jesus is the High priest after the order of melchizedek for ever . The Devil having to stand in the house of God and make himself out to be God then he will have to be the High Priest.


The Bible says with all certainty that Turkey will betray the land of Israel when the World war happens. It happens when the Daily sacrifice happens and that is set for next Passover in April 2024. Ebola will be unleashed ahead of that and so will the Cyber banking attacks as well. God said the 29th was a special date and it is the last date of the 2024 Passover.

Some say the 4 Red Heifers have to be 2 years old and some are saying 3. It could happen in Oct this year !! If they part the Land of Israel in the next few days we will then see the fake one week peace deal and the armies of Lebanon, Syria, Iran will all roar onto their birders and they will enter the land of Israel in a massive attack the Day the Lord fight to safe the city of Jerusalem,


Black Jesus is Obama - Jan 5 2024


Lharmen - My Lap top was stolen by agents for the police at MC Donald's in the west end of Edmonton Jan 12th before I could post my News. I am finally up and running again Feb 16/2024
Dec 27 / 28 / 29 - We could see the World war happen during the fake one week peace deal and during the Passover 2024 End of April = 29th.


Houthi Jihadist Red Sea Threat Causes Traffic Jams in African Ports - Dec 28


Dershowitz: Iran Declared War on the United States - Dec 28

Iran has acted through its surrogates and proxies, including the Houthis, Iraqi militia, Hezbollah, and others.
Lharmen - The King of the south is pushing in 3 directions when the Western He Goat attacks them in Syria and Iran = Media and Persia = Daniel 8 war.


Northern towns rocked by heaviest Hezbollah barrages since outbreak of war - Dec 28

No injuries, but buildings in largely evacuated Kiryat Shmona suffer damage as at least 34 rockets fired from Lebanon, day after Israeli strike kills Hezbollah man and 2 others.


Massive wave slams ashore in California, injuring several people - Dec 29

Lharmen - waves and seas roaring - Luke 21
Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;


U.S. Navy warship downs Iranian-backed air assault in the Red Sea - Dec 29

The attack occurred between 5:45 p.m. and 6:10 p.m. Sanaa time, U.S. officials said.
This is the 22nd attempted attack on international shipping vessels since Oct. 19, CENTCOM said. There were no reports of damage or injury in the incident, which have become nearly routine for U.S. vessels patrolling the Red Sea to try to instill and maintain maritime order in light of the conflict between Hamaz and Gaza. There are currently 18 vessels in the region and none have reported damage from the nearly two dozen attacks.


White House: Iran ‘deeply involved’ in planning Houthi attacks - Dec 28

Lharmen - the King of the South is Iran as the Leader of Iran control it.


Israel readies for war on 7 fronts as attacks recorded in neighbouring countries - Dec 28

Lharmen - we know that the Desolation of Jerusalem is near when the Land of Israel is encompassed by armies.
Clip: “We are in a multifront war and coming under attack from seven theatres,” he said, before listing them all.
Without specifying, he added that they were taking action on six of the fronts.


At Least 160 Christian Farmers Killed, 300 Wounded in Coordinated Attacks Across 20 Villages in Nigeria by Muslims on Christmas Day Weekend - Dec 29


Chicago mayor on migrant crisis: 'Entire country is now at stake' without significant assistance from Biden - Dec 29


Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Total Illegal Aliens That Entered US Under Joe Biden Now More than Population of New Jersey - the 11th Largest State - Dec 29

Lharmen - Obama is preparing for the Time of the Gentiles wars on all White people.

Dec 25 / 26 - Looks like the ceasefire will not happen soon says we are looking at March end when our redemption comes. Luke 21 the Sun will turn black and then the moon has to turn to blood. Both happen in 2024 = March 28th is the first one and April 8th is the second one. God told us he will take the church out of the way ahead of the World war. When these things begin to come to pass we look up as our redemption draws near.


Antichrist Obama created Movie Predicting Future Events? - Dec 26

Lharmen - I have been warning for so long that this cyber attack will happen at the 3rd WW time period.
Banking cyber attack and it could be blamed, and probably will be blamed, on Russia and or Iran. The World war will be on. Around the April Passover time period  while they are sacrificing those Red Heifers. The Sun eclipse happens March 28th and the Moon Eclipse described in Luke 21 happens April 8th 2024. Ahead of April 29th Passover end. God showed me the 29th was a special day.


Iran to host international conference on Palestine in Tehran - Dec 26

Among the participants of the conference are high-ranking officials, politicians, and religious figures from over 50 countries.


IDF carries out ‘wide-scale’ airstrikes on Hezbollah as rockets from Lebanon hit north - Dec 26

The Israel Defense Forces said it carried out “wide-scale” strikes against Hezbollah targets Sunday after barrages of rockets from Lebanon targeted multiple communities in northern Israel.
The IDF said fighter jets hit military buildings, rocket launchers, and other infrastructure belonging to the Iran-backed terror group in response to the rocket attacks. It also said it opened fire to “remove threats” at several areas along the border.
Lharmen - we know the desolation of Israel is near when her borders are surrounded by amries as they will soon be . The King of the South is now pushing in 2 directions = Iran control of Yemen and Lebanon's Hezbollah. He is the King of the South because he control it = Yemen.

Clip: The Israel Defense Forces said it carried out “wide-scale” strikes against Hezbollah targets Sunday after barrages of rockets from Lebanon targeted multiple communities in northern Israel.
Several rockets were also fired from Lebanon at the Keren Naftali peak in the Galilee Panhandle.
The community manager of Kibbutz Manara, close to the border with Lebanon, said Sunday that 86 houses in the community had been damaged by rocket and missile fire from Hezbollah.


Egypt has presented what is described as an ambitious plan to end the war in Gaza with a ceasefire - Dec 26

In the first phase, Hamas would free all civilian captives in return for the release of Palestinian prisoners over a truce of 7-10 days.
During the second stage, Hamas would release all female Israeli soldiers in return for more Palestinian prisoners, taking place during another weeklong truce.
In the final phase, the warring parties would engage in “a month of negotiations to discuss the release of all military personnel held by Hamas in exchange for a lot more [Palestinian] prisoners and Israel pulling back to Gaza’s borders”, said Smith.
Lharmen - God said he will judge the land of Israel on her borders when the Land of Israel is punished by God . If Gods punishment first starts with the land of Israel then what will the others nations look like . God warned us He will defend the City of Jerusalem for his name not because of the righteousness of the people there.
Clip: The plan appears to be preliminary, and there are already suggestions that it could struggle to gain traction with either side.
Israel’s war cabinet was due to discuss the proposal on Monday, even as its military continued pounding Gaza over the Christmas holiday, killing at least 100 Palestinians within 12 hours.


US strikes against Kataib Hezbollah targets in Iraq after service members injured in attack - Dec 26


US has delivered over 10,000 tons of military equipment to Israel - Dec 26


Italian Same-Sex Nativity Scenes Labeled 'Blasphemous' - Dec 26

Lharmen - Catholics worship Lucifer as if he is Jesus .


Dec  23 / 24 - Iran is the Daniel 8 King of the South they control Yemen. Obama is the Leader of the New York Catholic Greek Mafia . See today's news Greek Catholics exist. This makes him the great King of Grecia who attacks both Media and Persia = 3rd WW.

The One week peace deal looks to be only days away. If made with many it does not last the full 7 days and we will see the World war begin with a Massive attack on the Land of Israel . God will judge her on her borders. The World war will have begun.


Yemen warring parties commit to ceasefire, UN-led peace process, says envoy - Dec 24

Rival groups commit to new ceasefire and engage in UN-led peace process to end the nine-year war, says UN special envoy for Yemen.
Lharmen - The Devil / Antichrist will sign a peace deal with Many nations and it could happen in  few days . 10 nation coalition is lining up in the Red Sea and Hamas is said to be ready to make the 7 day peace deal with Israel as well . Russia is also ready to make a Peace deal in a few day over the Ukraine war = Daniel 9:27 could be happening any day now.

Christopher S Chivvis: The risk of a broader Middle East war is rising - Pressure is mounting on Biden to strike the Houthis, but that could mean war across Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran - Dec 24

Lharmen - Of they make a One week peace deal with 10 - 39 nations lined up in the Red Sea with the Red Heifer sacrifice being done in a daily sacrifice then World war will happen.
A total of more than 20 countries have agreed to participate in the new U.S.-led coalition safeguarding commercial traffic in the Red Sea from attacks by Yemen's Houthi movement as more nations join the effort, the Pentagon said on Thursday.
Still, the new Pentagon total would suggest that at least eight of the countries who have signed up have also declined to be publicly named, in a sign of political sensitivities of the operation as regional tensions soar over the Israel-Hamas war.


Iran threatens to close Mediterranean Sea citing US ‘crimes’ in Gaza - Dec 24

Iran is the king of the South = Iran's spiritual leader controls Yemen fully. They will start a mass attack on all vessels in that area as they are seen pushing in 3 directions when the West attacks many nations like Iran, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, . This could happen during the fake one week peace deal they are about to make.
Clip: Iran threatened Saturday that the Mediterranean Sea could be “closed” if the U.S. and Israel continued “crimes” in Gaza, state media reported, according to Reuters.
The Iranian government has showed support for militant group Hamas in its war against Israel, while the U.S. has strongly backed Israel — despite growing criticism of the Israeli military’s war effort.
“They shall soon await the closure of the Mediterranean Sea, (the Strait of) Gibraltar and other waterways,” state media Tasnim quoted Iranian Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naqdi as saying.

Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage.


Putin signals desire to halt hostilities to thwart Western aid, says... - Dec 24

Lharmen - the Devil will make a peace deal with many for one week then World war happens during the week. Putin , Obama and/ or the Pope could sign this deal at the U.N. in a few days even the 26th. Then on the 29th all hell breaks loose for Israel while they are saying peace and safety sudden destruction comes upon them and God said they will not escape his wrath.


Iran 'deeply involved' in planning Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping - White House - Dec 24


People Can't Identify Fake AI Faces From Real Headshots - Dec 24

Lharmen - the Video version of this technology is endlessly being used against me . Every few days they take an obvious video shot of my head. All it takes to frame me with Deep Fake Videos .


Archbishop for Greek Catholics: Pope Edict Not Legal - Dec 24

The Vatican's declaration Monday that priests can offer "blessings" for same-sex couples is "not legal," the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said.


US says Iran fired at ship off India; Houthis attack destroyer, hit tanker in Red Sea - Dec 24


Dec 21 / 22 - Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Marriage supper of the Lamb = consummation. Catching away.


WW3 is days away.
They are about to make a one week peace deal .
Israel offers Hamas one-week pause in fighting as part of new hostage deal Dec 22.


Hamas said to reject Israeli offer for 7-day truce in Gaza, release of 40 hostages - Dec 21

Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.


This while 10 nations even Canada is one of them are moving in off the coast of Yemen - Dec 22

WW3 comes during a fake one week peace deal made with many while they are sacrificing those Red Heifers.
Watch for it it could be literally days away. Kingdom rises against Kingdom. Luke 21 says when these things begin we look up as our redemption draws near even at the door.
News today:
And it has put together the 10-nation maritime coalition to try to deter Houthi's attacks in the Red Sea. Other members include the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Seychelles and Bahrain.


Hamas said to reject Israeli offer for 7-day truce in Gaza, release of 40 hostages - Dec 21

Lharmen - watch out for a fake one week peace deal. The World war happens during a fake one week peace deal. Watch for the Red Heifers to be sacrificed any day during the Peace deal. Watch out for the 29th date as God showed me it was special??
Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
Lharmen - watch for this Fake one week peace deal to be made at the U.N. with many Nations agreeing.


Pope Francis Charges Israeli Army with "Terrorism" over Firefight near Holy Family Church with RPGs Fired at IDF - Israel Denies the Accusations - Dec 21

Lharmen - Rome is against Jerusalem yet for another time period! God said he was behind this attack and all who are burdened by Her will be cut in pieces = Rome's destruction could be very near = Babylon.


IDF says it's nearing end of ground offensive in north Gaza, is fighting in new areas - Dec 21


UN Security Council passes compromise resolution on Israel-Hamas war as US abstains - Dec 21

The United Nations Security Council on Friday approved a resolution that calls for humanitarian pauses between Israel and Hamas, increased aid to Gaza and the creation of conditions that will allow for a sustainable end to fighting, ending days of closed-door negotiations.
The resolution calls for “urgent and extended humanitarian pauses and corridors throughout the Gaza Strip for a sufficient number of days to enable full, rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access.”
The United States and Russia abstained from the vote, deciding against using their vetoes as permanent members of the body that would have shot down the resolution.


IAF hits 230 Hamas sites in Gaza; Rocket-fire resumes after quiet day - Dec 21

The sirens sounded after no rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel on Wednesday for the first time since the Oct. 7 massacre, with the exception of the Nov. 25-30 ceasefire.
Lharmen - watch for it to be made for one week. If they start sacrificing the Red Heifers then the World war happens during the one week.

Gaza will be forsaken the day of the World war - do we have to guess why!!!!


Archbishop prohibits same-sex blessings, admonishes Pope Francis: 'Great deception' - Dec 21


Dec 20 - When the land of Israel is surrounded by armies we know her desolation is near.

We look for the fake one week peace deal at any time. This time period we could see a 10 nation coalition of nations that already have a Kingdom like Nato = opposite of the Russian led group that will not have a Kingdom ...yet = 2 time periods one is at the beginning of the tribulation period and the other at the end of it??? Guess!!! 10 or up to 39 nations are moving to wars with the Houthi's now = Luke 21 Kingdom will rise against Kingdom when the World war happens. This war could happen at Christmas = when we do not expect it. Look for the fake one week peace deal. Prophecy says the Sun turns black and the Moon turns to blood ahead of our Lords return says April 2024 Passover = Makes sense. But watch at any time.


Israel ready for truce in exchange for more hostages, Herzog tells foreign diplomats - Dec 20


Russian submarine Kalibr missile carrier enters Black Sea, warns UA Defense Forces - Dec 20

Lharmen - One time the Major event that we know as Ezekiel 38 and 39 war they do not have bars, gates, walls and we pray our flight is not in winter then. This war today is duplicate but opposite, in many respects, war could happen in Winter and on the Sabbath day also when they dwell unsecurely with Bars walls and Gates . This is the Great and notable day of the Lords return at Damascus destruction = Isaiah 17:1-7. Ezekiel 38 and 39 war is the end of the 7 years tribulation period. That would be the great and terrible day of the Lord.

Blinken tells Jordan US administration committed to a Palestinian state - Dec 20


Israel fires at Syrian army, Hezbollah attempts to hit IDF helicopters - Dec 20


U.N. cease fire deal is being set up for Monday - Dec 20

U.N. Security Council members are negotiating an Arab-sponsored resolution to halt the fighting in some way to allow for an increase in desperately needed humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza.
A vote on the resolution, first scheduled for Monday, was pushed back again on Wednesday in the hopes of getting the U.S. to support it or allow it to pass after it vetoed an earlier cease-fire call.
Privately, visiting Biden Administration officials have told Israel that they expect the phasing to lower intensity fighting to begin in January, two US and Israeli officials told The Times of Israel.


Trump Responds To Pope Saying He's 'Not Christian' - Dec 20

Lharmen - Islamic state in Syria are Catholics ISIS want to destroy the Vatican.
They are saying to me Lharmen that they are all Catholic. They are all saying this but they will hunt all Christians and especially White people as a Whole in the future as Catholics Obama said they will.


World's first mental images extracted from human brain activity using AI - Dec 20

Lharmen - they have been able to do this back in 1975.

Dec 18 / 19 - 10 kings with out a Kingdom could be coming together ??? If so then we will see War with the U.S. soon . They would pass over many nations and great destruction of many nations would be about to happen. Damascus destruction could happen no fake one week peace deal needed. Straight to war. Isaiah 17:1-7 we see our maker when Damascus ceases to be a city.


10 nations coalition coming together - End times - Dec 19 2023

12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.



U.S. preparing to attack the houthi's = king of the South- Dec 19


Houthis Warn To Turn Red Sea Into 'Graveyard' Over U.S.-led Naval Task Force; Attack Another Ship - Dec 19

Lharmen - Luke 21 when these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.


Hundreds of people are under rubble, 4,700 houses are destroyed! Earthquake in Gansu, China - Dec 19


Houthi's launch more attacks in Red Sea as US warships head to region - Dec 19

It includes the United States, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain, Austin said.


Dec 16 / 17 - Don't forget what Obama the freemason leader said ...add Ebola  and you will have the Mark of the Beast time period.

World wide White person hunt will happen during this time period. We flee into the wilderness.


Apocalypse Coming? The Chilling Truth Behind Obama's Netflix Thriller - Dec 15

Lharmen - Obama warns the World of what I have been telling you for 20 years now . The Banking system at the time of the World war will be hit World wide by a cyber attack. It will be blamed on Iran and or and maybe both Iran and Russia. Obama is a Mason . They tell us before they do amazing evil to all of us. This is what is coming = A World wide White person hunt . Obama will lead this hunt = He is called by both the Catholics and the Muslims Mohammad. Rome created Palestine after they destroyed the 2nd Temple many years after Jesus died. By that allow we know Jesus was a Jew as the Bible says he was. Rome is totally antichrist.



Netanyahu: Pushing forward with Gaza war only way to free hostages - Dec 17


US destroyer shoots down 14 attack drones in Red Sea, officials say - Dec 17
Lharmen - Kingdom against Kingdom = Luke 21


Houthis Continue To Attack Ships Near Vital Oil Chokepoints - Dec 17


Bishop asks clergy not to use Church of England's new same-sex prayers - Dec 17


Biden, Obama team up for ObamaCare promotion after Trump threats - Dec 17

Lharmen - We knew Obama had to pop up on the scene ahead of the 3rd WW. Passover Next year watch for him to make the coming peace deal.


Dec 14 / 15 - Massive "X" class flares ahead of the 3rd WW. When The Russian led attack on the land of Israel takes place. This will get very much worse around passover during Ebola.

Watch for the 2 state one week fake peace deal. Our Redemption could be March end 2024 as that is when the first Sign in the Sun will happen March 28th eclipse followed soon after by the sign in the Moon eclipse = turns red around Passover 2024 = April 8th 2024.


UAE: 'Viable two-state solution plan' needed before we commit to rebuilding Gaza - Dec 15

Lharmen - God said this parting of God's land will happen ahead of the 3rd WW. They said out load that Netanyahu will not survive the total destruction of Gaza and he agreed to this as if he is willing to leave if he can destroy and push out all of the Gaza people from the land of Israel. Then he will be willing to leave. We know this deal will be made ... maybe around Passover 2024 April 29th end. Watch for the fake one week peace deal at the end of April next year while they are daily sacrificing those Red Heifers. The 3rd WW will happen while these daily sacrifices are happening during the fake one week peace deal. They could ,at the same time, make the 7 year peace deal.


Solar flares blasting off ahead of the 3rd WW - Dec 15 2023

M5.8, M2.3, X2.8, M6.3 ,M6.9


Turkish lawmaker COLLAPSES after mocking Israel - Dec 13

Lharmen - God allowed this man to die after saying the land of Israel will suffer the wrath of God. This as a sign from God that all who seek to destroy the Land that belongs to God will be cut in pieces. To Kill the repentant Jews, who God himself chose, will die.


Jesus was 100 percent Jew - Dec 15


Yemen's Houthi Fighters March For Palestine & Gaza Amid Attacks On Israel & U.S. Targets - Dec 15

I watch for a King to pop out of this land as in the past! His name would be Muhammad as in Prophet Muhammad = Antichrist Obama. Watch for it. They could declare Obama this man. as his U.S. created army controls all these nations today.  ISIS army is taking over the World even here in Canada they are moving in in mass today = Time of the Gentiles. Luke 21 Kingdom will rise against Kingdom ahead of the 3rd WW.


World's first mind-reading AI translates brainwaves into written text - Dec 15

Lharmen - more solid proof the World is mind controlled . They have been able to do this all the way back to 1975 when they were caught in Montreal Canada scrubbing peoples brains and uploading (like a computer) new memories into people brains. I am a Victim of Micro chipping myself = Lharmen . In 1975 I woke up during, what was supposed to be a simple rear molar removal, but I woke up while they were cutting my Chest open. They had cut my entire upper Gums in my mouth. Since then 30 year later the dentist found two devices sticking through my upper Gums where my rear molar hole are . They set up to remove them but the cops moved in with fake proof I was a really bad guy. They shut down the operation. They even stole my down payment money to have them removed. MK Ultra projects is now World wide. Isaiah 17:30:28 says we have Bridles in our upper rear Jaws causing us to err. They are there and they are causing my trouble with my satanic thought. My fight to live Godly is amazing and painful.


Iowa Representative and Christian Pastor Defends Presence of 'Holiday Satanic Display' in State Capitol - Dec 15

Lharmen - the Pastor is a Mason they poses as Preacher. They have taken over the entire Worlds church today. The are Catholic and they are Luciferians . They preach the other Jesus to people.


Dec 11 / 12 / 13 - It can not get any clearer as to who the first antichrist is Obama. there could and looks like there is 7 and he is even the eighth and of the 7. The last and most powerful could be the Pope = white guy/Jew/ Roman.


New Obama Produced Apocalypse Film Warns 'White People Should Not Be Trusted' - Dec 13

Lharmen -  . The time of the Gentiles they will kill white people world wide because of Obama = tribulation period Obama created ISIS will cut the heads off all Christians/Jews = White people.


Obama Faces Backlash for Film's 'Warning' About White People - Dec 13

The scene in question shows a Black couple lying in bed as the lines, "I'm asking you to remember that if the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people."
Lharmen - at the same time the Jews = White people are Masons and are not to be trusted. We flee into the wilderness for the 3 1/2 years until we become Angels then we come back and fight them.


UN General Assembly overwhelmingly passes non-binding motion demanding Gaza ceasefire - Dec 13

Lharmen - that is why we could see the war with Israel start in 2 days = last holy day of Hanukkah. The  lord returns during a holy day.


World's first mind-reading AI translates brainwaves into written text - Dec 13

Lharmen - the World is filled with mind control victims like myself = MK Ultra Mind control projects.

Hezbollah's Ferocious Rocket Assault Shakes Israel's North; Iron Dome 'Overwhelmed' - Dec 13

Lharmen - if it can be over whelmed then it can be defeated completely.


Netanyahu said to tell MKs that Saudis, UAE will foot bill of Gaza reconstruction - Dec 13

Lharmen - the 2 state solution will happen ahead of the 3rd WW. It is all coming together and it is all planned.


Tehran warns of 'explosion' if war continues - 'The only things Iran and Israel have in common - we don't believe in two-states' - Dec 13


A Treacherous Game of 'Battleship' Ensnares the U.S. at Sea - Iran-backed Houthi rebels are firing off one attack after another in the Red Sea, forcing U.S. military assets to deflect them or face possible broader escalation - Dec 13

Lharmen - Daniel 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
Lharmen - I look for this Yemen war to attack the land of Israel and the U.S. assets so to bring on the attacks that lead to the U.S. coming across the entire Word with many ships to attack and destroy the king of the south = Yemen = Houthi's King of the South controlled by Iran. = King of the North Russia.
Daniel 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
41 He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.
42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.
43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.
44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.
45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.
Lharmen - the king of the south is controlled today by Iran and it will be the other countries that get attack like Lebanon and Syria the same day . It will be the time of Damascus destruction as well. We see God with our eyes when this happens = Isaiah 17:1-7


IDF complete a series of strikes in Syrian and Lebanese territory - Dec 13


PA envoy hails ‘historic’ UN General Assembly vote for Gaza ceasefire - Dec 13


UAE: ‘Viable two-state solution plan’ needed before we commit to rebuilding Gaza - Dec 13


'We are all sick': Infectious Diseases Spread Across Gaza - Dec 13

Although the collapse of Gaza’s health system has made it challenging to track exact case numbers, the W.H.O. has reported at least 369,000 cases of infectious diseases since the war began, using data collected from the Gaza Health Ministry and UNRWA. These numbers are likely underreported, Ms. Barkley said, as they don’t include cases reported in northern Gaza.
We are all sick,” said Samah Al-Farra, a 46-year-old mother of 10. “All of my kids have a high fever and a stomach virus.”
Lharmen - this is 2 million people being killed off and pushed out of Gaza. Looks like this was the plan from the start. Let them in then create Hamas = Enemy then do all this = all planned = Genocide. I do not wonder why God created the Time of the Gentiles . The Jews and Christians world is hardly doing enough to stop this . Pray this stops soon.


Dec 8 / 9 / 10 - Iran is about to escalate it's fight with the land of Israel and the U.S. as well.


Iran warns UN of 'explosion' in Mideast after US veto of ceasefire resolution - Dec 10

Lharmen - Daniel 8 say the king of the South will be pushing in 3 directions, not east, when the West attacks them and breaks both Iran and Syria. With Syria firmly between his eyes.


Iran Looks to Houthi Proxies to Escalate Fight With Israel - Dec 10

PA says it's working with US on post-war plan for Gaza, hopes to include Hamas - Dec 10

Lharmen - The Man Abbas should be arrested not put in power. He wants to include Hamas?????


Rocket barrage targets US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone - Dec 10


United States is Lone "No" Vote on "Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire" Resolution at the United Nations Security Council - Dec 10

Lharmen - The World world gathers together at the UN against the land of Israel today.
Clip : On Friday afternoon, there was a draft resolution brought by the United Arab Emirates, and co-sponsored by 97 countries, calling for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in the Israel-Hamas war. The United States was the only “No” vote, while 13 other members of the UN Security Council voted “Yes”. The UK voted to abstain.

Current members of the UN Security Council include the five permanent members (the US, UK, China, France, and Russia) and 10 non-permanent members elected every two years by the General Assembly ( currently: Albania, Brazil, Ecuador, Gabon, Ghana, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates).
US Ambassador Robert Wood stated before the vote:
While the United States strongly supports a durable peace in which both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and security, we do not support calls for an immediate ceasefire. This would only plant the seeds for the next war – because Hamas has no desire to see a durable peace, to see a two-state solution,
Lharmen - Revelation 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.


Where's the beef? UN calling on Americans to cut down on meat consumption - Dec 10

Lharmen - the devil gets cast down to the earth for weakening the nations and he controls the U.N. today. Meat makes people strong. They told me as well to not eat Beef.


Dec 5 / 6 / 7 - Putin is Gathering the nations for war with the West. Gaza war should end by the beginning of January. I watch for the fake one week peace deal to happen when there is a real convoy of Ships headed for Gaza coast then I will think the World war is happening.


IDF steps up fight against Hamas in south Gaza; UN says 80% of population displaced - Dec 7

One time period = Ezekiel 38/39 we see our flight is not in winter and again it happens Daniel 8 war and the Isaiah 17:1-7 war and it could be this time it happens in both Winter and on the Sabbath day. This coming war could happen at any time. The Temple mount destruction could happens at any time ahead of the April 2024 Passover . They would need a Temple to be rebuilt to sacrifice those Red Heifers in or only on to prepare the land head of the New Temple . Add a war and you would think you would have to do it again as it will not be clean any more says the Temple has to be rebuilt ahead of the April Red Heifer sacrifice. Jesus Died once for all for our sins says this is blasphemy to try this.
Clip: US officials expect the current phase of Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza targeting the southern end of the strip to last several weeks before Israel transitions, possibly by January, to a lower-intensity, hyper-localized strategy that narrowly targets specific Hamas militants and leaders, multiple senior administration officials tell CNN. “We are in a high-intensity operation in the coming weeks, then probably moving to a low-intensity mode,” an Israeli official told CNN, confirming the expected transition.

Russia's Putin, Saudi crown prince discuss further OPEC+ cooperation in whirlwind visit - Dec 7

Lharmen - Putin is gathering all the Muslim Nations in preparation for the War with Israel and the West.


US officials think Gaza ground operation could end by January as Biden admin privately warns Israel about its tactics - Dec 7

IDF steps up fight against Hamas in south Gaza; UN says 80% of population displaced - Dec 7


Erdogan warns Israel of 'very heavy price' if Hamas members harmed on Turkish soil - Dec 7


Kash Patel: Biden Unfreezing $6B for Iran Funded Proxy Forces Attacking U.S. Ships, Troops - Dec 7

Lharmen - I would think that is why they froze it in the first place . So when they unfreeze it it will be put directly to weapons and the Fight against the Western Militaries = All planned and timed. Daniel 8 says they will be pushing in 3 directions when the Western leader attacks them and destroys both their powers with Media = Syria between his eyes most with Iran Less.


Putin arrives in Middle East flanked by Russian fighter jets - Dec 7


Netanyahu: Massive military force fastest way to end war - Dec 7

“I say from here to our friends in the world who are pushing for a quick end to the war: our only way to end the war, and to end it quickly, is to use overwhelming force against Hamas – and destroy it.


Uganda accuses US of pushing ‘LGBT agenda’ after pushback to anti-gay law - Dec 7

Lharmen - All nations will be Catholic controlled = Beast nations in the last days.


NATO Has Three Years to Prepare for War With Russia, Warns Poland Security Chief - Dec 7


Dec 2 / 3 / 4 / - U.S. told the IDF they do not have months to blast Gaza says we could see the 7 day fake peace deal very soon. We have to see the parting of God's land = 2 state deal ahead of our Lords returns . He returns when Damascus gets destroyed . Ebola will go World wide ahead of the Tribulation or at the start of it at the very least.


Denver Health administers 1st shots of Ebola vaccines - Dec 4

Lharmen - Ebola is next to go global and this could happen ahead of the Solar flare that free all of us or after . It explains why we will be able to flee into the wilderness to a place that is already prepared for us. The World wide massive Prepare event would happen after the authorities push Mass vaccinations on all again . This time it would suffer massive resistance.


Jerusalem won’t confirm Blinken put time limit on IDF ops - Dec 4

In a leaked though unverified part of the Nov. 30 meeting reported by Channel 12, Blinken said that Israel doesn’t have months to deal with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, apparently suggesting that international support wouldn’t hold for that length of time.


‘More than 11,500 rockets launched at Israel since Oct. 7’ - Dec 4


Dec. 3: Shin Bet chief says Israel to take out Hamas leaders ‘in Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar’ - Dec 3

Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against Nation then Kingdom will rise against Kingdom.


Philippines Says 135 Chinese Ships Are 'Swarming' Disputed Reef - Dec 4


USGS reports magnitude-7.6 earthquake off the Philippines' Mindanao island. A tsunami warning has been issued - Dec 4

Lharmen - massive number of large 5 or greater earthquakes at this time as well as this monster.



Nov 30 / Dec 1 - They are still pushing for a 2 state solution peace deal that will part God's land .


UN Calls for 2-State Solution to Israel Conflict - Dec 1

The United Nations on Wednesday called for the international community to move toward a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying Jerusalem should serve as the capital of both states.

"It is long past time to move in a determined, irreversible way towards a two-state solution, on the basis of United Nations resolutions and international law," said Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General of the U.N. office in Geneva, delivering a speech authored by U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.
She added this would mean "Israel and Palestine living side-by-side in peace and security with Jerusalem as the capital of both states."


Huckabee: GOP Call for Two-State 'Dumb Idea' - Dec 1

Lharmen - it is the dumbest Idea ever. God said when he comes back they will have parted his land says this 2 state deal will have gone through. Good for Huckabee . Hope he gets more air time this need to be said louder and louder.


Biden setting stage to abandon the state of Israel. - Dec 1

Lharmen - All her lovers become her enemies and she know it not. The U.S. will not be able to save her when all her enemies begin to attack the Wall and fence that divides Gaza from Israel.  God will judge the land of Israel on her borders and he will save the city of Jerusalem when the World war start.


Foreign-Born US Population of 49.5M Highest in History - Dec 1


Top UK Minister highlights theory that COVID-19 could be 'man made' - Dec 1


Nov 27 / 28 / 29  They are again preparing the World for Ebola. It is planned and it will happen ahead of the World war. "X" class flares are about to get much worse ahead of the 3rd WW.


Denver Health medical team receives Ebola vaccine - Nov 9

According to hospital officials, the team became some of the first people to receive the live Ebola vaccine for preventative measures in case of a future outbreak.
Lharmen - this will likely show itself at the end of Dec like in 2019.


Netanyahu: ‘No way’ we will agree to end war against Hamas - Nov 29

Geomagnetic Storm Warning - Nov 29

November 29, 2023 @ 16:00 UTC
A new CME tracking model is now available and includes the halo event produced by the M9.8 solar flare on Tuesday. This plasma cloud is clearly Earth directed and is expected to catch up with an earlier CME, or perhaps arrive shortly thereafter. Moderate (G2) storming with a chance for Strong (G3) storming will be expected. Just like with any other CME impact, we will have to monitor the state of the solar wind and see how things play out. Aurora sky watchers from middle to high latitudes should be alert beginning as early as tonight.
Lharmen - These CME'S are about to get very much worse from now until April 2024.


Israel said open to weighing further hostage deal once all children and women freed - Nov 29

Israeli official tells Washington Post more hostages likely to be freed over next 2-3 days, ‘after which either we resume operations… or potentially reach a follow-on agreement’


Arab states, EU agree on need for two-state solution to Israel crisis - Nov 29

Lharmen - they have parted God's land when he comes back says this deal has to go through ahead of the Red Heifers Daily sacrifice.

Nov 25 / 26 - Here we go the 7 day peace deal that the World war begins in the midst of is about to be made. The 2 state deal is also going to happen here ... Maybe tomorrow or around Dec 13th the New .


Freedom Flotilla to Sail Again to Gaza, International Platform Launched - Nov 25

The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), which is part of the Campaign, stated on its website that they will “spare no efforts” to dispatch aid ships to the Gaza Strip before the end of December.
On Wednesday, several Palestine solidarity organizations and civil society institutions from across the world gathered in Istanbul to launch the International Campaign to Save Gaza, in order to “mobilize advocacy, relief and rescue efforts though all available peaceful and legal means.”


Israel-linked ship attacked off Yemeni coast, after 2 similar cases claimed by Houthis - Nov 26


Turkey will send up to 1000 ships to disrut the Israeli shipping for up to 10 days soon - Nov 25

Lharmen - I warned this will happen when I saw the first one as there is a double event for every major event in history. They will bring in the Turkish Military under the cover of this flotilla event and they will attack the Israeli border in mass the day the World war starts.


Israel: 'Ball is in Hamas's court' if they extend ceasefire & release more hostages - Nov 25



Nov 24 -  God told us his anger will rise in his face when Russia is about to come against the land of Israel. Four coronal mass ejections were observed leaving the Sun on Thursday.

There is always a duplicate event in scripture and Ezekiel 38 and 39's double is about to happen. Only this time they have bars, gates and walls and they are not at peace. Duplicate but opposite in most respects like the Old testament is to the New Testament. All events are to each other duplicate but opposite.


13 Israeli hostages released after seven weeks in Hamas captivity - Nov 24

Lharmen - I watch for this it become the fake 7 day one week peace deal. That will part God's land and will be broken by World war in the midst of the deal.

Again the Masons numbers 13 and 7 are in the story.


Tracking Multiple CMEs - Nov 24 2023
November 24, 2023 @ 01:30 UTC
Four coronal mass ejections were observed leaving the Sun on Thursday. The first, a partial halo CME was the result of an eruptive event in the southern hemisphere late on Nov 22. The majority of plasma appears to be heading south of the Sun-Earth line, however a weak glancing blow may be possible by Nov 26. An impressive pair of eruptive events (CME 2 + 4) were seen leaving the east limb and are directed away from our planet. Imagery by LASCO C2.

Lharmen - this is what it will look like ahead of the 3rd WW. This is not Ezekiel 38/39 that comes 7 years after.

We will soon see Massive "X" class flares that will produce Massive earth directed CME'S. Heavens will soon be shaken. Untimely wind = solar wind.


Israel Hamas War Live: Israeli Tanks Get Into Position At Gaza Border - Nov 23

Lharmen - God is about to judge the land of Israel on her borders ahead of the World war. This war destroys Damascus and the Israel bars, wall, and the Gates all of it .


Spanish PM proposes talks on the establishment of a Palestinian state - Nov 24


In Lebanon, Iran FM meets with Hezbollah chief and Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials - Nov 24

Lharmen - right after they meet bad things happen. Watch for the 2 state deal and the fake one week peace deal to be made in days. Especially if the 1000 ships are truly on their way to the Gaza coast line. Turkey's leader said Turkish soldiers will soon fight in Gaza.


Clashes on border with Israel uproot thousands in Lebanon - again - Nov 24


After Israel, Now Houthi Drone Attack On American Forces? U.S. Warship Destroys Drones Over Red Sea - Nov 24



Nov 22 / 23 - 1000 boats to enter the Israeli borders on the sea. I prophesied of this for 20 years now. They are saying it is a 4 day peace deal look for it to become a 7 day peace deal made with many where they part the Lord's and land = 2 states. WW3 is days away.


Israel at war 2 state noose tightening - Nov 23


Saudi Crown Prince: We demand a 'serious' peace process for two states - Nov 22


Israel Agrees to 4 Day Ceasefire with Hamas - Deal Includes Release of 50 Israeli Hostages and May Extend Extra Days for Each 10 Hostages Released - Nov 23

Israel-Gaza war: only a two-state solution can bring real peace, China president says in first public speech on conflict - Nov 23

1K boats set to leave Turkey for Gaza waters in new ‘Freedom Flotilla’ - Nov 23

Lharmen - I have warned that this will happen when the World war happens. They will tie up the IDF so the war on the Borders of Israel can take place.
CLIP: On Monday, IDF troops in northern Gaza destroyed a monument Hamas had erected there to honour the Mavi Marmara, even as
Turkey is preparing a repeat of the deadly 2010 stunt. While Mr. Erdogan’s anti-Israel rhetoric may lack real bite, “he is playing with fire” by allowing his followers to set sail to Gaza, Mr. Ciddi says.

Mr. Biden is yet to publicly call on Mr. Erdogan to reverse course, or to warn would-be flotilla participants to stay home. Would the ships he deployed to the Mediterranean act to prevent a potentially new Mideast war front?
Lharmen - When the Nation of Israel is surrounded by armies we know her desolation is near. WW3 is very near. Look for the Fake one week peace deal made with many nations and during the midst of the one week deal we will see the total destruction of the Borders of Israel . The fence , Gates, and walls around Israel will all come down. 7 years later the full war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 will happen. Damascus Syria is about to get completely destroyed it will become the heap of ruin it is prophesied to become.


Hezbollah hits Israel with heavy rocket barrages, anti-tank missile attacks - Nov 23
Some 80 rockets fired by terror groups at Israel on Thursday; IDF strikes rocket launchers, terror cells and infrastructure in response.
Hezbollah launched dozens of rockets at northern Israel on Thursday in one of the largest barrages fired from Lebanon since October 7, sending thousands of people in northern towns and communities rushing to bomb shelters.
In one salvo after midday, the IDF said some 35 rockets launched from Lebanon crossed the border into Israel. Hezbollah claimed responsibility, and said it had launched 48 rockets at an army base near Safed.
Hezbollah also took responsibility for several anti-tank guided missile and mortar attacks at different targets in northern Israel, including a strike against Kibbutz Menara in the Upper Galilee that caused damage to some buildings, Army Radio reported.
Hezbollah announced Wednesday that it will participate in the four-day truce that is expected to begin in Gaza on Friday, even though it was not part of the negotiations between Israel and Hamas via the US and Qatar, host to Hamas’s political leadership in Doha.


Israeli Military Intelligence Warned Netanyahu: 'Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas See Opportunity for Perfect Storm' - Nov 23




Mossad chief visits Qatar to discuss final details of hostage deal - Nov 23

Lharmen - clear proof Obama's Muslim World wide army are in control of the war against the land of Israel.
Look who they have to negotiate with . Hamas is clearly control by others or these kind of talks could not happen.
Clip: Hamas official Mussa Abu Marzouk said on Wednesday that the ceasefire will begin on Thursday at 10 am local time.


Douglas Macgregor: Saudi Arabia sent an ultimatum to Israel, the whole Middle East will destroy them - Nov 23


Pope Francis Invites 44 Transgenders Who Work as "Prostitutes" to Vatican for Lunch - Nov 23

In July, Pope Francis told a transgender that “God loves us as we are.”
Also, earlier this month, the Vatican’s doctrinal office announced that transgender people can receive baptisms, serve as godparents and be witnesses in religious ceremonies in the Roman Catholic Church.

Lharmen - Not if you are sinning he does not love you only as a repentant person he does. Pope is the Devil.


Nov 20 / 21 - Saudi Arabia said the only way they will make a peace deal with the land of Israel is if they part God's land = 2 state deal.

They could easily make the Fake Daniel 9:27 one week peace deal in the coming week. The war on the land of Israel will happen during the one week. I watch for Obama, the Pope, and Putin to sign the deal made with many.


1,000 boats said set to leave Turkey for Gaza waters in new 'Freedom Flotilla' - Nov 21

Lharmen - I told you they will use flotillas in mass the day of the attack on all of Israel's borders. This will happen in the midst of the fake one week peace deal. They could make this deal Monday the 27th day of this month 2023.
Reminiscent of infamous 2010 Mavi Marmara protest, large maritime convoy plans to remain in international waters off Ashdod and disrupt sea trade route to Israel.
Lharmen = this is the 13th year since the last mass attack on the sea coast around Gaza that ended in disaster . The last one will pale in comparison to what is about to happen this time.
Clip: Approximately 1,000 boats will gather in Turkey on Wednesday before heading toward Gaza in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade and disrupt maritime trade coming into Israel during the war with Hamas, in an apparent repeat of similar attempts from over a decade ago.

In an interview with Turkish news website Haber7, Volkan Okçu, one of the organizers of the protest, indicated the boats will carry 4,500 people from 40 countries, “including anti-Zionist Jews.”

Among the 1,000 vessels would be 313 boats filled with Russian activists, and 104 filled with Spanish activists, he said. Only 12 Turkish vessels will join the flotilla, he told Haber7.
Okçu said that the main objective of the operation would be to cause disruption in international waters off the Israeli coast to the maritime trade heading for the port of Ashdod, in order to interrupt the supply of goods to Israel for a week or even up to 10 days.

Lharmen - the last flotilla saw Turkish activists attack by the IDF. Turkey is the house of Togarmah and they will definitely deceive the land of Israel at the start of this war.

US, Qatar indicate hostage deal near, as rumors swirl of swap with a short ceasefire - Nov 21

On Sunday evening, a Hamas source told the Jordanian Al-Ghad news outlet that a ceasefire was to begin on Monday at 11 a.m. as part of a hostage deal. But senior Israeli officials speaking to multiple Hebrew media outlets denied any agreement had been reached regarding a morning ceasefire.
The Washington Post on Sunday cited a “detailed, six-page agreement,” that says Israel and Hamas will freeze all hostilities for at least five days while an
“initial 50 or more” of the hostages taken “are released in batches every 24 hours.”


Israel-Hamas hostage deal nearly complete; Women, children to be released in exchange for four-day ceasefire - Nov 21

US President Joe Biden expressed optimism about a hostage deal on Tuesday as Israel’s government was set to meet to approve a four-day pause in the Gaza war in exchange for the release of 50 hostages.
“We’re now very close, very close. We could bring some of these hostages home very soon,” Biden told reporters in Washington.


China calls for ‘urgent’ action on Gaza as Muslim majority nations arrive in Beijing - Nov 21

Visiting ministers voiced their own strong calls for an end to the conflict, with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud saying: “The message is clear: the war must stop immediately, we must move to a ceasefire immediately, and relief materials and aid must enter immediately.”
The gathering in Beijing comes as sources tell CNN that a possible deal to secure the release of some hostages held by Hamas and a several days pause in fighting may be in sight, following weeks of negotiations between the United States, Israel and the militant group, mediated by Gulf state Qatar.
Engaging major players?
Immediate ceasefire and longer-term peace were also key topics during a roughly 10-day tour in the Middle East last month from China’s special envoy for the region, Zhai Jun, who visited Egypt, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, according to China’s Foreign Ministry.


Israeli ministers informed that first release of hostages will be on Thursday - Nov 21

Lharmen - they said Monday the 27th as well.  keep watching.


After Hezbollah rockets damage IDF position, Israel retaliates 'very agressively' in southern Lebanon - Nov 21

The Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah managed to seriously damage an IDF position with heavy rockets on Monday, as the skirmishes at the border continue just below the threshold of full-blown war.


Iceland volcano eruption likelihood remains high, possibly within 'just days,' local Met Office says - Nov 21

Lharmen - the Lord will darken the world world in the clear day and this could be it when the World war starts. Watch around the 29th.


Isaiah 41:18 The Deserts are springing up massive rivers as the Lord said they will in the last days - Nov 21



Nov 17 / 18 / 19 - Biden, Obama are Catholics and  they answer to Rome Pope = Devil. They are forcing the parting of God's land for peace deal through. This deal will eventually be made and when it is the War that sees our Lords return happens = this is at Damascus destruction. The Whole World is moved as the Lords returns - Global nuclear war.


Pope to Meet Palestinian Delegation, Kin of Gaza Hostages - Nov 18

Pope Francis will meet separately next week with relatives of hostages held by Hamas militants and with a delegation of Palestinians with family members in Gaza, the Vatican said on Friday, confirming a Reuters report.

"With these meetings, which are of an exclusively humanitarian character, Pope Francis wants to show his spiritual closeness to the sufferings of both," Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said in a statement.
The meetings will be held on Wednesday in the Vatican.

Lharmen - I watch for the Pope = Devil to take part in the coming Fake one week peace deal that will certainly get broken in the midst of the one week.
clip: The Vatican's number two, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said earlier on Friday the Holy See believed the release of the hostages and a ceasefire - which Israel has so far ruled out - were two "fundamental points" to resolve the crisis.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference in
Rome, Parolin said the Vatican was working on a meeting between the pope and relatives of the hostages but gave no time frame.


IDF southern command chief: 'We see clear Hamas presence in all hospitals' - Nov 18

Lharmen - Wow are these IDF soldiers ever evil to these Palestinians. What to pray for??? God said he will smoke this entire area and all these people are about to get harmed horribly.


Finland blocks border crossings to stop migrants it says were sent by Russia - Nov 19


Netanyahu: With attack on ship, Iran has ratcheted up its aggression - Nov 20

Lharmen - the 20th date because Israel is 8 or 9 hours ahead of us when I posted this it was late on the 19th here in Edmonton.


Hezbollah increases rocket fire, IDF ups counterattacks - Nov 20

After a few quiet days, sirens wailed on Saturday morning across northern border towns, including Kiryat Shmona, following a barrage of at least 25 Hezbollah rockets fired from Lebanon.

Biden calls for ‘revitalized PA’ control of Gaza and two-state plan after war - Nov 19

Lharmen - before the destruction of Damascus = Isaiah 17:1-7 can happen and the return of Our Lord the Parting of God's land deal has to be made = 2 states for 2 people.
U.S. President Joe Biden outlined on Saturday his administration’s long-term goal of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “forever,” which includes a “revitalized” Palestinian Authority assuming control of the Gaza Strip after the war and a redoubling of the international community’s efforts towards a two-state solution.

Lharmen - Romans are seducing the people into exception this coming peace for land deal.


Netanyahu Opposes Biden: No Way Palestinian Authority Runs Gaza Again - Nov 19

Lharmen - this guy is the last guy that should be in charge of any part of the Land of Israel . Pray he never ever rules . He is a Jew/ Christians hating sock puppet of the land of Israel's enemies. He is controlled by the antichrist Catholics. The Pope meets with him.


Turkey will seek to rebuild Gaza if ceasefire reached, says Erdogan - Nov 19

Lharmen - WOW I just said Abbas was the last guy but this man hates the land of Israel more than Abbas handlers do. This would be the last nation on earth we want rebuilding this area after. There would be the most missiles ever in this land if he rebuilt it.
Mr Erdogan's comments follow a tense one-day trip to Germany, one of Israel's staunchest supporters, during which he doubled down on his criticism of Israel, which he had described as a “terror state” earlier in the week.
Lharmen - except you want endless war with the Palestinians you would not naturally allow Turkey to rebuild.


Hanegbi says no ceasefire unless Hamas releases a 'massive' number of hostages - Nov 18


2 Iran-backed fighters said killed in Israeli airstrikes near Syrian capital - Nov 18


Nuclear War Will Happen, Putin Ally Warns - Nov 18

Lharmen - when Damascus gets destroyed we see our maker with our eyes . Gods sword will be bathed in blood.


The Devices That Will Read Your Brain - and Enhance It - In the not-so-distant future, wearable computers will read brain waves and offer suggestions in real time to improve performance in everyday activities - Nov 18

Lharmen we are all already chipped. Mind control projects MK Ultra already has the Population of this World chipped = Isaiah 30:28 = bridles in the Jaws of the people causing us to err.



Nov 14 / 15 / 16 - I watch for a Fake one week peace deal where they 2 state style divide the Land of Israel. This deal will be made with many.


Israel said to weigh deal that would see 50 hostages freed, 3-day ceasefire - Nov 16

Hamas has reportedly agreed to a deal that would see the release 50 hostages being held in Gaza in exchange for a three-day pause in fighting, according to a Wednesday report.
US President Joe Biden, saying he believed a hostage deal would happen soon.
Additionally, the American ABC network cited an unnamed senior Israeli political source saying Tuesday that progress had been made and a “breakthrough could come in the next 48-72 hours.”


Turkey's Erdogan labels Israel a 'terror state', slams its backers in West - Nov 16

Palestinian protests World wide Nov 16 2023


Canada's Trudeau: Israel must stop 'this killing of women, children, babies' in Gaza - Netanyahu slams Canadian PM, saying Israeli forces don't deliberately target non-combatants while Hamas 'beheaded, burned and massacred civilians' on Oct. 7 - Posted Nov 16

Lharmen -Trudeau is on Obama's team and against the land  of Israel.


'March for Israel' Breaks Record; Largest Pro-Israel Rally in U.S. History - Nov 16

Iran-Backed Militias Attack U.S. Forces in Syria Four Times in Less than 24 Hours - Nov 16


Joe Biden Gifts Another $10 Billion to Iran - His Total Funding to Iran Now Comes to $80 Billion Since He Entered Office - And This is One Month After Iran-Backed Hamas Slaughtered 1,400 Jews in Israel - Nov 16


Jordanian newspaper features front-page Hebrew article predicting Israel's collapse - heralds 'new world order' that will rise once Israel is 'vanquished' - Nov 16

Lharmen - the war after the war is being prepared World wide today . When the war with Iran and Syria ends and the land of Israel is greatly weakened we will see World wide Beheadings.


Pentagon Confirms Almost 60 Troops Injured by Iran-Proxy Forces in Iraq and Syria - Nov 16



Nov 12 / 13 - The U.S. is attacking Iran in Syria.

Lharmen - I can see the expansion of the Luke 21 Kingdoms rising against each other ahead of the World war. That is when Iran and Syria get hammered badly. Damascus destruction will happen when this war happens. The total destruction of the walls, bars and gates in Israel will also happen at this time. The Mosque = Al Aqsa will also be destroyed as well.


US strikes Iranian assets in Syria for third time in weeks - Nov 13


Hezbollah anti-tank missiles from Lebanon wound six Israelis - Nov 13

At least 14 civilians were wounded, including one seriously, in an anti-tank guided missile attack by the Hezbollah terror group from Lebanon on Sunday, the military and medical officials said. In another attack, seven soldiers were wounded by a mortar near the northern community of Menara.


Hamas planned to push October 7 massacre to the West Bank border - Nov 13

Lharmen - when this war happens it will involve all Israel's borders.


300,000 march against Israel in London on Armistice Day, demand Gaza ceasefire - Nov 13

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Nations in distress with perplexity says we are about to see this fulfilment and it is getting worse as Perplexity means getting worse and worse.


Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving Three Vaccines During Routine Visit - Nov 13

Lharmen - stupid faithless parents killed their child.


Nov 10 / 11 - We have not see the One week peace deal yet. We will not see it until next year after winter = During Passover. The Luke 21 scriptures will start March 28th. We will watch for the Redemption sign in the Sun that should happen on the 29th 30th. Prepare your hearts.

  Even the Red Heifers are planned to be sacrificed for April 29 next even March 28/29th next year is also another date for the sacrifices. Either dates could turn out to be the dates.


Dershowitz: Obama Has Always Had a 'Deep Hatred' of Israel in His Heart - Nov 11


Lebanon on verge of war with Israel as Hezbollah warns 'a billion' Arabs are ready to support Gaza - Nov 11

Lharmen - this will eventually happen. The West and the Nations of Media and Persia will go to battle.


Catholic Church Will Now Allow Transgenders to be Baptized and Serve as Godparents, Church Noted Transgender Children Can Also Be Baptized - Nov 11

Lharmen - which Jesus is this Baptism for Because Jesus said except you repent you can be excepted into Heaven . Transgenders do not qualify . Except they are mind control victims and Even then the Church that Baptizes them will be in trouble with God for this.


Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza's women and babies - Nov 11


Iranian foreign minister threatens 'inevitable' expansion of war against Israel - Nov 11


House Speaker Johnson Is Running Out of Time to Avoid Shutdown - Nov 11

Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage.


Nov 7 / 8 / 9 - If they make a short One week peace deal with many Daniel 9:27. If they make a 2 state deal right now ???

Tomorrow but especially the 11th Armistice day watch for the fake one week peace deal signed with many. From the hostages in Gaza to be freed.


Hezbollah warns of regional war if Gaza bombing goes on - Nov 9


CIA and Mossad heads visit Qatar to talk hostages deal - Nov 9

The heads of the CIA and the Mossad intelligence agency met with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani on Thursday to discuss a possible deal for the release of hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, a source briefed on the meeting told Reuters.
The outcome of the discussion, which included talks on a possible halt to Israel’s military campaign against Hamas terrorists, was unclear, added the report.



Netanyahu dismisses 'idle rumors' about imminent ceasefire for hostage deal - Nov 9
Lharmen - I watch for the fake one week peace deal. The World war would happen during the one week.


US launches 2nd round of airstrikes on Iran-backed groups in eastern Syria it says attacked American troops - Nov 9

Lharmen - we watch for the fake one week peace deal = Daniel 8 war they will destroy Damascus and the land of Iran at the same time. During the coming peace deal. God said they will be judged on the borders of the Land if Israel.



Nov 6 / 7 - I watch for the 2 state deal to pop out of nowhere. We could see the surprise attack on the land of Israel at any time fulfilling Isaiah 17:1-7 and day now. Many Nations are saying out load we are ready for war with the land of Israel . This will be the war to removed all bars and gates and exposes the foundation of the wall across the land of Israel. The U.S., 2 days ago, said outload they have given Israel the green light for attacks on Iran = Daniel 8 war devastates both Iran and Syria. Before the Ezekiel 38 comes the Ezekiel 13:11, Ezekiel 13:13 war that will see the wall in the land of Israel completely destroyed .


Iran’s Chilling Threat to US as White House Swarmed (WORLD WAR 3) - Nov 7

Lharmen - Luke 21 distress of Nations ahead of the Catching away. Isaiah 17 war that destroys the land of Israel's wall and fences and leaves them all with out any partition. Ezekiel 38 can then be fulfilled 7 years later.


Jordan open to 'all options' as Gaza conflict intensifies - Nov 7

Jordan is reviewing its economic, security and political ties with Israel and may freeze or revoke parts of its peace treaty if the Gaza conflict worsens, diplomats familiar with Jordanian thinking said.

The Israel-Hamas war has reawakened long-standing fears in Jordan, home to a large population of Palestinian refugees and their descendants. They fear that Israel could expel Palestinians en masse from the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where Israeli settler attacks on Palestinian inhabitants have surged since Hamas' Oct. 7 attack.
“The Arab countries, the Arab world demand an immediate cease-fire that will end this war and end the killing of the innocent and the destruction it is causing,” Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said in Arabic alongside Blinken on Saturday.
“And we don’t accept that it is a self-defense,” he added. “The killing must stop, and also Israel [being] immune from committing war crimes must stop.”


Hamas terrorists in Southern Lebanon fired some 30 rockets at Israel on Monday night, triggering air-raid sirens in cities including Haifa, Nahariya and Akko - Nov 7


Cohen to new US envoy: Israel ‘will not stop or be silent’ until hostages returned - Nov 7


Obama’s moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel encourages hate - Nov 7


Hamas claims responsibility for rocket barrage from Lebanon - Nov 6


New York Times: Russia, China, Iran helping Hamas wage war on Israel online - Nov 5


Protesters chant 'bomb Israel' and burn flag outside synagogue in Sweden - Nov 7

Lharmen - Luke 21 says distress of Nations when nation shall rise against nation then Kingdom against Kingdom . We lift our heads as our redemption draws near .


US sends Ohio-class SSGN sub capable of Navy Seal ops to Eastern Mediterranean Sea amid rising tensions - Nov 7


Pentagon: Attacks on US Bases Spike Over a Week - Nov 7


US sends forces to Jordan amid buildup in “defense of Israel” - Nov 7

The come across the swelling of Jordan when the World war happens so the Eager Lion Jordan war games might be happening when the War against the Land of Israel happens.



Nov 4 / 5 - Obama is calling for the parting of God's land deal . God told us he is mad at these people as they have parted his land when he returns. We see our maker with our eyes when Damascus gets destroyed for good .The Pope is also calling for this division deal for peace .

11 Say unto them which daub it with untempered morter, that it shall fall: there shall be an overflowing shower; and ye, O great hailstones, shall fall; and a stormy wind shall rend it. Lharmen - The wall in the land of Israel will get destroyed in the coming war with the West an Israel.


Obama: 'All of Us Are Complicit to Some Degree' in 'Occupation,' Hamas Terror - Nov 5

Obama spoke at the Obama Foundation's Democracy Forum on Thursday, where he called for a two-state solution and an end to the "occupation," while not clarifying what occupation he meant.
"All of this is taking place against the backdrop of decades of failure to achieve a durable peace for both Israelis and Palestinians," the former president told the forum audience.

Lharmen - The Land of Israel does not live safely today and they clearly have walls, bars and gates today. The Isaiah 17:1-7 war with fix that and that is the war we are looking at today. Daniel 8 war with the West = America , Media = Syria, Iran Persia. They will destroy the wall and God said he will expose the foundation of the Wall. Then at the 7 year point the land of Israel will dwell safely all of them with out walls and gate. That is when Russia, China and many nations with them attack the land of Israel. God and his angels destroy their army with flaming fire from above they day they try it.
Ezekiel 38:8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.

9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.
10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:
11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,

Ezekiel 13: 10 Because, even because they have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no peace; and one built up a wall, and, lo, others daubed it with untempered morter:
11 Say unto them which daub it with untempered morter, that it shall fall: there shall be an overflowing shower; and ye, O great hailstones, shall fall; and a stormy wind shall rend it.
12 Lo, when the wall is fallen, shall it not be said unto you, Where is the daubing wherewith ye have daubed it?
13 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even rend it with a stormy wind in my fury; and there shall be an overflowing shower in mine anger, and great hailstones in my fury to consume it.
14 So will I break down the wall that ye have daubed with untempered morter, and bring it down to the ground, so that the foundation thereof shall be discovered, and it shall fall, and ye shall be consumed in the midst thereof: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
15 Thus will I accomplish my wrath upon the wall, and upon them that have daubed it with untempered morter, and will say unto you, The wall is no more, neither they that daubed it;
Lharmen - this is the war we are about to see unfolding . They are saying peace when there is no peace coming.


Hezbollah uses new weapon on Israel, IDF hits back in Lebanon - Nov 5

Israel and Hezbollah traded blows on Saturday, with the IDF hitting terrorist positions and a rocket depot as Hezbollah introduced a powerful new missile, according to the Israeli military and media sources.


Republican Jewish Coalition to Obama: You Are 'Complicit in the Death and Suffering in Israel and in Gaza' - Nov 5


British Leaders Express Concern at Massive Gaza Protest Planned for Armistice Day - Nov 5

Lharmen - watch for the Fake one week peace deal to happen ahead of the 11/11/11 = Armistice day. If we make it to Dec 20th we will not see the war with Iran and Syria until March 20th later next year. God told us to pray our flight is not in winter or on the Sabbath day.
Clip: A large Gaza demonstration is planned for central London on November 11th.
Luke 21 nations in distress getting worse and worse = with perplexity.
November 11th, 1918 = Armistice day.


Large filament eruption produces partial-halo CME, impact to Earth expected on November 5 - posted = Nov 5

The eruption was associated with a partial-halo coronal mass ejection, expected to hit Earth by mid-day November 5.

Lharmen - Just ahead of the Ezekiel 38 war we will see the Lords anger rise in the face of the Sun..

This war will be at the end of the tribulation period.


Nov 2 / 3 - They are pressing Israel for a ceasefire agreement. The Devil Pope is pushing for the parting of God's land for peace  agreement. That has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW. The World war happens during this time period.


Putin Wrath on Israel - "Stop This Now" - Nov 3


Jordan Joins Iran Warns Israel to End Gaza War? Jordan Military Finally Unveils Lethal New Missiles - Nov 3

IRAN is Going To STOP Israel - Nov 3




Hezbollah tells U.S. to halt Israel's Gaza attack to prevent regional war - Nov 1

"You, the Americans, know very well that if war breaks out in the region, your fleets will be of no use," he said. "The one who will pay the price will be ... your interests, your soldiers and your fleets," he said.
The Pentagon has deployed two aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean since the war erupted, saying these are meant as a deterrent to ensure conflict does not expand.
Nasrallah said Hezbollah was not afraid of the warships.
"We have prepared well for your fleets, with which you are threatening us," said Nasrallah, whose group's arsenal includes anti-ship missiles.


Pope Francis says two-state solution needed for Israelis, Palestinians - Francis says Israelis and Palestinians are 'two peoples who have to live together - Nov 3

Lharmen - 3 persons makes up an Angel and the Pope is the Head of the Body of Death know as the Dragon. I watch for Obama/Putin/ and or the Pope to sign the coming fake one week peace deal and even the seven year peace deal as well. They only have to fulfil the Daniel 9:27 one week part as the end has come will be their aim for this coming world war.
This is why Catholic Obama and Catholic Biden push for this parting of God's land deal = Antichrist. When our lord comes back they have parted his land = 2 state deal and it will happen ahead of the World war.
"Israel accepted the PLO as the representative of the Palestinians, and the PLO renounced terrorism and recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace. Both sides agreed that a Palestinian Authority (PA) would be established and assume governing responsibilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over a five-year period," the State Department said. "Then, permanent status talks on the issues of borders, refugees, and Jerusalem would be held."
However, Hamas is now in political control of the Gaza Strip and is waging war with Israel.
Francis previously urged the world to take "only one side" in the Israel-Hamas war – the one "of peace."
Lharmen - Jesus warned us the White Jewish Antichrist by peace he will destroy many.


Blinken: Two-state solution must be a goal of Israel’s war against Hamas - Nov 3


China deploys military vessels, aircraft near Taiwan - Nov 3

The flotilla included seven ships and 43 planes, 37 of which crossed into Taiwan's side of the strait, according to Republic of China's Ministry of National Defense. The aerial incursion prompted Taipei to deploy its own planes and naval forces in response.


Netanyahu reportedly weighing short ceasefire, a key US request - Nov 3

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is due in Israel tomorrow to discuss a ceasefire, among other issues.


WW3 Alert: Russia Sets Sights on Conquering Germany - Nov 3

Lharmen - if Russia does any attacking it will be the land of Israel as prophesied it will. Under the cover of attacking Germany might be their stated Goal. Nation shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom = WW3.


Pope Francis JUST REVEALED The Antichrist Has ARRIVED - Nov 1

TODAY: Rabbi CLAIMED Netanyahu Will REVEAL The Jewish Messiah NEXT MONTH! - Nov 1

Lharmen - the antichrist has to be revealed ahead of the End. When the Antichrist stands up as a man his great kingdom gets Destroyed. He is a World leader like Obama through his sock puppet Biden.




Biden Secretly Brought in Obama for Key Role After Harris Failed Miserably - Nov 3

Lharmen - Obama is the first Antichrist and the Allah the Muslims worship.
Clip: In fact, NBC News reported that Obama “quietly advised the White House over the past five months.”


Oct 31 / Nov 1 - God will judge the land of Israel on the borders. 460 thousand soldier. The least of Israel's enemies Hamas has already lead them out on their borders = days ahead of the 3rd World war. If we see the peace deal made with many soon it will not last the week.


BREAKING: Russian Military Reportedly Enters Syria, IDF Operation RESCUES Hostage - Nov 1


Ballistic Missiles, Drones And More Iran-Allied Houthis Show Launches Against Israel - Nov 1


Houthi 'Rocket Storm' Hits Israel; 'Alarmed' Netanyahu Beefs Up Defences In Red Sea - Nov 1

BREAKING: FBI Warns Attacks on US Soil Coming as Yemen Declares War on Israel (WORLD WAR 3) - Nov 1
Lharmen - When we see the land of Israel surrounded by armies then know the desolation of the land of Israel is near.

Russia Backs Israel's Staunch Enemy; Putin Aide Warns Netanyahu Against Bombardment Of Arab Ally - Nov 1


Iran warns of 'harsh consequences' if Gaza attacks continue - Nov 1


IDF says its forces are ‘at gates’ of Gaza City, took out Hamas anti-tank missile chief - Nov 1

Lharmen - God told us he will judge the land of Israel on her borders. When they have made a fake one week peace deal with many and parted God's land then they World war happens in the midst of the week.


Israel deploys missile boats to Red Sea after Houthi attacks - Nov 1

Lharmen - Luke 21 says we look up for our redemption draws near when these wars begin to come to pass . nation shall rise against nation then Kingdom will rise against Kingdom. We are at nations rising against nation right now.


Iran-Backed Forces Have Attacked US Positions and Allies 23 Times in Past Two Weeks, Pentagon Says - Nov 1
Lharmen - I watch for the armies to surround the land of Israel soon . I look for dates forward from the Oct 7th date = 33 Nov 9th. Watch for the 2 state deal coming very soon. Made with many nations for one week. The WW will happen during the one week. Now until the end of April 2024 = Passover.


'Jews not allowed': As Erdogan praises Hamas, antisemitism rages in Turkey - Nov 1

Lharmen - this man bares a striking resemblance to Hitler from the past also who hated Jews. His Deadly head wound will be healed.


Biden Administration Preps for Broader Middle East War - Nov 1


'We are going to exterminate you': US man charged with threatening Jewish senator - Nov 1

Lharmen - this is all planned . When the Mosque on the Temple mount is destroyed in the coming War . The Muslims, shipped into all our countries, will move to start beheading all white people as prophesied they would .



Oct 29 / 30 - We know the war where the World gets destroyed and the IDF gets destroyed on their borders happens is when the Israeli borders are surrounded by armies. It could be near . They still have to part God's land = 2 state solution. That proves we have to see the fake one week peace deal made with many . Prophecy said Turkey will side with the Russian, Iranian, Syrian and China alliance.

Erdogan threatens to declare war on Israel and send military to Gaza in chilling warning.


Erdogan THREATENS War With Israel As US Worries Expand - Oct 30

Lharmen - Massive fire power from the U.S. entering the Middle East.


Erdogan slams Israel as ‘WAR CRIMINAL’ - Turkey's Air Force Prepares for a Massive Airstrike? - Oct 30

Israel went to war in Gaza on the New Moon and they might ignite the regional war again on the Holy day and on the date they pray for the rebuilding of the 3rd temple also a New Moon.
In Israel, Jews go to Jerusalem and pray for the Ethiopians who are not yet here and for those who died on the way.” Traditionally, members of the Beta Israel community fast on Sigd, read from their scriptures, recite psalms, and pray for the
rebuilding of the Temple.
Lharmen - it could be the 29th of Kislev, of the Hebrew month of Marcheshvan.

Official name Mehlella
Also called Amata Saww
Observed by Israel
Date 29th day of Cheshvan
2023 date Sunset, 12 November –
nightfall, 13 November
Previously, Sigd was celebrated on the 29th of Kislev, and after a calendar reform in the mid-19th century it was moved to its present day, 50 days after Yom Kippur. Dec 12 new moon 2023 as well = the 29 of Kislev.
I believe God said the 29th was a special date / For me or World war ?? Israel goes to war around the New Moon many times.


Muslim Forces Unite in GAZA! Iran warns for last time: "Iran is Ready for war if Israel doesnt Stop" - Oct 30


'We are ready' Iran launches war games with 200 attack helicopters & missiles as Israel tensions rage & US warships gather in Med - Oct 30

Lharmen - The World war will happen soon if these nations surround the land if Israel.
Clip: Fears continue to mount that Iran-backed militias are preparing to unite.
IRAN has staged massive war games with 200 helicopters and missile launchers as tensions rage over Israel.
Tanks, aircraft and troops were deployed by the Islamic Republic for the exercise dubbed "Authority 1402".
It comes as a monster fleet of warships - including the world's largest aircraft carrier, elite guided-missile cruisers, destroyers, and frigates - mass in the Mediterranean.
The Pentagon deployed two aircraft carriers along with their supporting warships to the eastern Mediterranean after Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel.
The first aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R Ford, arrived in the eastern Med with nearly 5,000 sailors aboard last week.
It would appear the US' carrier strike group USS Dwight D Eisenhower has also now entered the Mediterranean, according to various ship trackers.
The ships were dispatched to ensure the current conflict does not expand - but the immense size of the fleet brings a significant amount of power to a region already bolstered by an unknown number of US submarines, military ships, planes, and troops.
Meanwhile, fears continue to mount that Iran-backed militias are preparing to unite and invade Israel after a sinister message appeared on the Lebanese-Israeli border.


Lebanese prime minister fears escalation of Israel-Hamas war could plunge Middle East "into chaos" - Oct 30

As the war in Gaza intensifies, Hezbollah continues firing rockets toward Israel and Israeli strikes target southern Lebanon, Mikati also said his country is at the “heart of the storm … but has lived through all the wars of the region and, on the contrary, Lebanon has been the most resilient."
Lebanon has also been the site of protests as thousands rallied in support of Palestinians in Gaza following Israel’s siege and strikes on the enclave.
Israeli forces launch overnight operation against armed Palestinian groups in West Bank - Oct 30
Israeli soldiers have advanced more than two miles into Gaza, - Oct 30


Canada urges its citizens in Lebanon to leave while they still can as Israel-Hamas war escalates - Oct 30

Data estimates at least 40,000 Canadians are in in Lebanon at any given time.


Jordan asked US to deploy Patriot air defence missiles, army says - Oct 30


President Erdogan Warns of a Full-Scale War During a Massive Protest in Turkey - Oct 30


Deadly eye-bleeding virus detected in France: Is Britain next - Oct 30

Lharmen - Ebola has to start ahead of WW3 as well. Obama prepared the World, many years ago, for A World wide Ebola Pandemic and it looks like it is could have started today?
Clip: he symptoms of CCHF are eerily similar to those of Ebola in the initial stages. Infected individuals may experience muscle aches, abdominal pain, a sore throat, and vomiting. As the disease progresses, it can lead to bleeding, typically from the nose or due to broken capillaries in the eyes and skin. Other symptoms include fever, dizziness, neck pain, backache, headache, sore eyes, and light sensitivity.

Saudi Arabia Warns US to Stop Israel Now | We will Take Action - Oct 30

Lharmen - we know Israel's desolation is near when we see armies on all her borders.
Erdogan threatens to declare war on Israel and send military to Gaza in chilling warning - The Turkish president suggested in a speech at a pro-Palestine rally this afternoon that Turkey can "come at any night unexpectedly".
The terrorist group has already vowed to join the war in support of Hamas "when the time comes".


Russian War ship sits today in Cuba - Oct 30

Lharmen - WW3 could happen during the 3rdWW as they have divided the land of Israel during a fake one week peace deal.


Russian Mob SWARMS Airport Hunting Jews - Oct 30

Lharmen - white people will be hunted World wide soon after the Al Aqsa Mosque is destroyed.


Biden Says Mideast Leaders Must Consider A Two-State Solution After Violence Ends - Oct 30

Lharmen - this deal could be made any day now. I watch for the Red Heifers to be sacrificed during the Fake one Week peace deal to come.


US on 'razor edge' of three-front war, retired general warns - Oct 30


Oct 28 - Watch for the World war to start tomorrow as more nations get involved with Israel and the U>S or a Peace deal . If it starts with the one week deal that's also the 2 state deal that parts God's land . It will not make it the full week before the 3rd WW happens.


Douglas Macgregor: "We are getting closer to World War 3" - Oct 28


IDF tanks, troops briefly enter Gaza in 2nd limited overnight raid ahead of ground op - Oct 28


State Department ups calls for Americans in Lebanon to 'leave now' - Oct 28


Putin accused of forming 'axis of terror' after inviting Hamas and Iran leaders to Moscow - Oct 28

'Liberate Gaza': Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate across West Bank - Oct 28


Tel Aviv apartment hit by Hamas rocket, four wounded - There were also several direct hits in the southern city of Ashkelon on Friday - Oct 28


Saudi Arabia Warns U.S.: Israeli Invasion of Gaza Could Be Catastrophic - Oct 28

Lharmen - they are pushing for a land for peace deal know as the 2 state deal. Pray they never get it. Does not work. Gaza was that exact deal. It does not work. God is furious at those people who parted his land. Do not give up. God will protect the land for his name sake. Except you part it then your done.
Jason Greenblatt: Ridiculous for Biden to talk of 2-State Solution at this time - Former Trump Middle East envoy calls US President's remarks on Two State Solution in day after Hamas war 'tone deaf.'


UN resolution urging immediate Gaza ceasefire passes with overwhelming majority - Oct 28


Giuliani: Biden 'Held Up' Israel Strikes for Weeks - Oct 28

Lharmen - If this ends with a cease fire then this is a dry run of the real event set for April of next year. God will judge the land of Israel on her borders and we can see Biden and Obama have held the IDF out on their borders . They will be sitting ducks the next time this is done. Every major event in history is done 2 times. If they pack up and finish up in Gaza we will soon see the Saudi deal back on and the 2 state deal being pushed hard on the land of Israel. Shame on the leader who part God's land .
This 2 state deal has to happen ahead of the World war and also the Sun is not raging massive "X" class flares + Massive earth directed CME's. This also has to happen ahead of the Russia attack.


Hamas says it wants all Palestinian prisoners for Gaza hostages - Oct 28

Hamas is "ready to conduct" an immediate release of all Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip in exchange for all Palestinian security prisoners in Israeli prisons.


Spanish Catholic clergy sexually abused over 200,000 children, probe estimates - Oct 28

Over 200,000 minors are estimated to have been sexually abused in Spain by the Roman Catholic clergy since 1940, according to an independent commission published Friday.

The report did not give a specific figure but said a poll of over 8,000 people found that 0.6 percent of Spain's adult population of around 39 million people said they had suffered sexual abuse by members of the clergy when they were still children.
Lharmen - It is always Catholics they did it to me as well when I was 5 = Lharmen the writer for Abbaswatchman.com. Catholic Freemasons did it .


Oct 27 - The parting of God's land deal has to happen . We have to see the Sun raging Massive "X" class flares ahead of the 3rd WW. This again could be just a dry run for the real event still ahead of us. April 2024 is when they plan to hold the daily sacrifice says we might have to wait until then. God will judge the land of Israel on her borders. Today that would mean the end of 140 thousand troops. The Devil Pope prayed for peace so we should see this peace soon. By Peace he destroys many.


Biden's post-war plan: New talks on Israel-Palestine two-state solution - Oct 27

Biden said Wednesday that although he doesn't have proof, his "instinct" tells him Hamas attacked Israel to bust up the Israel-Saudi deal, which would include other Arab nations.
Lharmen - they will make the parting of God's land deal ahead of the 3rd WW when our Lord returns. That deal will be made with many nations . We can see Obama's sock puppet Biden is talking about the very deal that's prophesied to happen ahead of the 3rd WW. When they make this deal in the coming days or next April they will start it with the one week deal written about in Daniel 9:27 he will cause also the sacrifice to cease says those 4 Red Heifers have to be being sacrificed during the peace deal one week time period. They will do that any day now or in April. This has been told to us by the very people who run the Temple Mount institute. The 3rd Temple will be rebuilt after the destruction of Damascus happens. The Lord returns when Damascus ceases to be a city.




Negotiations Ongoing to Release 'Many' Israeli, Foreign Hostages in Gaza; Possible Release 'In Days' - Oct 27

Lharmen - They could be setting things in motion for the fake one week peace deal watch for it. The World war happens during the coming Saudi deal if it starts with a one week phase and the Red Heifers are being sacrificed during the one week as well. They go together in scripture.


Israel: IDF to expand ground operations in Gaza tonight - Oct 27

“In the last few hours, we have severely increased our attacks in Gaza,” he said during an evening briefing, noting that attacks were taking place from the air, sea and land.


Church of England Advances Plans to Bless but Not Affirm Same-Sex Couples - Oct 27

Lharmen - the great falling away is happening and it is taking place in the most prominent of God's churches.
Catholic Masons with Micro chipped upper dental works have taken over the Church. It has happened here in Edmonton as well. Isaiah 17:1-7


Netanyahu: Defeating Hamas will make prophecy of Isaiah a reality - Oct 27

Lharmen - Damascus destruction is dead ahead. It is his stated goal. That and the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. So then Al Aqsa has to be destroyed in a regional war. It is about to happen!!! Now through April.



Oct 26 - Major peace efforts under way in the land of Israel. Obama said many years ago that he would make like the peace deal was way off then jump to it suddenly.


Senior US general flies into Israel as its war with Hamas deepens - Oct 26

The top U.S. general overseeing American forces in the Middle East made an unannounced trip to Israel on Tuesday, saying he hoped to ensure its military has what it needs as it fights a deepening war against Palestinian militant group Hamas.
The trip by Army General Michael "Erik" Kurilla, head of U.S. Central Command, is the latest by a senior U.S. official to Israel ahead of an expected ground assault by Israel's military in Gaza. It comes a day before a planned visit by U.S. President Joe Biden to the country.
Lharmen = Obama said many years ago that he would make like the peace deal was way off then jump to it suddenly. Here it is . we watch to see if the Fake one week peace deal is here . Tomorrow could be the day they make the snap announcement of a one week start deal that could also be made for 7 years. The World war and our Lords return would happen in the midst of the deal.
Washington has deployed an aircraft carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and is sending another carrier to the region in the coming days, moves the Biden administration says are meant as a deterrent, not a provocation.
In the biggest sign yet that the war could spread to a new front, Israel ordered the evacuation on Monday of 28 villages in a 2 km-deep (1.2 mile) zone near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah said it had targeted five Israeli positions.
Clashes this last week have been the deadliest in the Lebanon border area since a 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah.

At UN, Iran warns US will 'not be spared' if war in Gaza continues - Oct 26

Lharmen - We know for sure Iran, Syria, Russia, and China will attack the land of Israel in the coming days. This is all a trap and all planned . This war will remove the Al Aqsa Mosque . So the Jews can rebuild the 3rd Temple.


Israel agrees to delay Gaza invasion, US deploying forces - Oct 26


Biden calls for ‘concentrated effort’ toward future two-state solution for Israel, Palestinians - Oct 26

Lharmen - I watch for tomorrow to become the date they make the snap peace deal that divides or Parts God's land ahead of the World war. The Deal will be made for one week. The World war happens during the one week.
Clip: “I do believe this may be the last chance to salvage the possibility of a two-state solution,” Sen. Chris Van Hollen


Biden Regime Is Itching for Open War with Russia - Leaks Reveal CIA Was Behind Brazen Russian Assassination - Oct 26

Lharmen - We know this to be true Obama calls the Biden shots so we will see a World war at some time in the near future and maybe this coming week.


Iran Raises Black MAHDI Flag First Time In History - Islamic Messiah About to be Revealed - Oct 26

Lharmen - the time of the Gentiles is about to happen. The fake one week peace deal is upon us all. Tomorrow could bring us the fake deal and the war where Iran, Syria, Russia and China will attack the land of Israel very soon.



Oct 24 / 25 - They are about to make the Fake one week peace deal. The World war happens during the one week phase. Russia is preparing for a Nuclear World war during the Nuclear World war Military event at the end of this month. Live Missile launches. I says if the One week Peace deal is made with Obama  / Putin / or the Pope but likely all 3 then the World war will happen in days = end of Oct.


Oct 24 - One week peace deal is about to be made and it is Obama that is involved.

Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Lharmen - I watch for the Red Heifers to be sacrificed during this coming week.


'Tucker on X' Episode 33: Col. Douglas Macgregor Says, 'Something as bad as Armageddon is here Oct 24

Lharmen - Tucker Carlson is a Mason clearly he did this on his 33 Episode proves it . 33 degrees to free Masonry.
Clip: Ep. 33 Looks like we’re actually going to war with Iran. Are we ready for this?


White House Says a Cease-Fire Would Only Benefit Hamas - Oct 25

Lharmen - watch for the Fake one week peace deal/ Parting of God's land deal that will be made with Many Nations. It should happen here in days . Could be the Popes 27th day of Prayer for Peace date.
On Tuesday, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres called for a humanitarian cease-fire in an address to the U.N. Security Council. Guterres said it was important to recognize that the attacks by Hamas “did not happen in a vacuum” and that Palestinians had been subjected to 56 years of “suffocating occupation.”
“The grievances of the Palestinian people cannot justify the appalling attacks by Hamas,” he said. “And those appalling attacks cannot justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.”
In recent weeks, President Joe Biden has faced pressure from members of his own party in Congress, as well as progressive Jewish groups, who staged a protest against the war on Capitol Hill.



Obama preparing the Peace deal = It will clearly be made for one week - Oct 24


Al Jazeera: Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad chiefs discuss route to ‘victory’ on Israel - Oct 25


Is Obama Behind What Is Happening In Israel? - Pastor Tom Hughes & Bill Koenig - Oct 25

Lharmen - Yes he is . He and his Family here in Edmonton have done amazing evils to me.


Russia says it rehearsed 'massive' nuclear strike - Oct 25

Lharmen - this can happen in days as they are preparing to Part God's land through the Daniel 9:27 fake one week peace deal.
Russia and the United States conduct regular nuclear readiness simulations - Moscow has traditionally held its own towards the end of October.
The exercises this year involved "delivering a massive nuclear strike by strategic offensive forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike", Mr Shoigu reported to President Putin.
A Kremlin statement said that "practical launches of ballistic and cruise missiles" had taken place.
A Yars intercontinental ballistic missile was fired from a test site in Russia's far-east, and another missile was fired from a nuclear-powered submarine in the Barents Sea, the statement said.
Lharmen - It is all planned = End of Oct. Watch for the Fake one week peace deal . If they make it we will see the Lords return when the Nations start to rise against each other. Luke 21 says we look up when these things begin to come to pass. Fake one week peace deal away.


Rep. Tom Tiffany: This Is Obama's 'Third Term' - Oct 25

"This continues the policy of the Obama administration," Tiffany added. "It's all becoming very clear that this is Barack Obama's third term. Many of the same people that populated President Obama's foreign policy, they're back. They're running the show. We know Joe Biden is not running the show. And they're doing the same thing over and over again. They want Iran to be as powerful in the Middle East as any other country."


UN calls for immediate ceasefire to end 'epic suffering' in Gaza - Oct 25

Lharmen - we will see the Fake one week peace deal done very soon = Days.


How Iran Is Infiltrating the Highest Levels of Our Government - Oct 25

Lharmen - Obama has moved hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Canada in full preparations for the day the Al Aqsa Mosque is destroyed to behead every White person = Time of Jacobs trouble. Time of the Gentiles wars 3 1/2 years.


U.S. sending U.S. carrier strike group, air defense systems to Persian Gulf - Oct 25


Australia deploys more aircraft, personnel to Middle East - Oct 25


US prepares to evacuate 600,000 Americans from Israel - Oct 25

The United States is preparing evacuation plans for up to 600,000 Americans in Israel in the event of a full-scale ground war in the region.
US officials have created contingency plans involving a major exodus of American citizens from the area, as Israel is poised to send ground troops into the Gaza Strip.
The Biden administration believes it “would be irresponsible not to have a plan for everything,” although a full-scale airlift is still thought to be a worst case scenario, according to the Washington Post.
The State Department believes there are around 600,000 American citizens in Israel, although many are dual nationals.
Another 86,000 were believed to be in Lebanon when Hamas launched terror attacks on October 7, killing 1,400 people in Israel.


Oct 23 - I watch for the Pope to be there to sign the Fake one Week peace deal with many Nations during the coming "days". Pope, Putin and Obama any or all of them will sign the coming Fake one week peace deal. These 3 are one devil all called "the" Antichrist. Angels have 3 persons that make up one man/Angels like Jesus ,God and the Holy Spirit Make one God.


Iran warns Israel to stop war in Gaza or region will 'go out of control' - Oct 23

Lharmen - the World war is about to happen.


Pentagon Puts Troops on "Prepare-to-Deploy" Status Amid Attacks on US in Middle East - Oct 23


Report: Over 12,000 US Troops Aboard 10 Warships Advance to Middle East - Oct 23


45 US planes delivered 1,000 tons of armaments to Israel since ‘Iron Swords’ war began Oct 23


US warns Iran against escalation, boosts military readiness, pulls some Iraq staff - Oct 23


Pope Francis calls for global day of fasting and prayer for peace in Israel-Hamas conflict - Oct 23

Lharmen - I watch for the Pope to be there to sign the Fake one Week peace deal with many Nations during the coming "days". It would be for one week and maybe for the 7 years but it will not make it the one week before the Global nuclear war happens.
Clip: In a heartfelt plea for peace, Pope Francis has announced a day of prayer and fasting to bring an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Holy Father, speaking at his general audience last Wednesday, declared, "I have decided to call for a day of fasting and prayer on Friday,
Oct. 27th."

Lharmen - I watch for this to be the day the Fake one week, parting of Gods land, deal is made with many nations. This to happen in the land of Israel.


Blinken says US is 'ready' to get involved in Israel-Hamas war if line is crossed: 'We won't hesitate' - Oct 23


Israeli strikes shut down Damascus, Aleppo airports - Oct 23

Lharmen - soon they will destroy Damascus Syria as Prophesied we see our maker when Damascus ceases to be a city. During the fake one week peace deal that parts God's land . Watch for it this next week.


2 massive Coronal Mass Ejections of Plasma neither headed towards earth. When Russia is about to attack the and of Israel God told us we will see massive blasts. So great they will shut off 1 /3 of the stars in the Heavens. Watch for this to happen next week. That is if the fake parting of God's land for Peace deal. It  is made for one week. 2 states = Parting God's land . This deal has to be made ahead of the World war. Great 8 or Greater Earthquakes will happen at that time period as well.


Israel is now fighting on 3 fronts as airstrikes and violence escalate across the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, and Syria - Oct 23

Israel is now waging war on three fronts — the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, and Syria.

As the conflict spreads, the US is beefing up its military presence in the region.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said it was in response to "recent escalations by Iran and its proxy forces."

Oct 21 / 22 - Obama will sign the coming deal that will be The Parting of God's land. This deal is days away. When they make the Fake one week peace deal we will see the Antichrist Cause a crushing attack on the land of Israel. God will judge their land on their borders as he defends the Land for his name sake .


Sunak reiterates support for two-state solution in meeting with Abbas - Oct 22

Lharmen - this deal is days away. This deal will bring on the destruction of the IDF army on their borders. 3rd WW unfolds when this happens the Lord returns.


Hezbollah ‘dragging Lebanon into war,’ Israel warns - Oct 22

Lharmen - we know the land of Israel will see her desolation when we see the Land of Israel surrounded by armies. Next week could easily and probably will be that time period = WW3.


What Barack Obama Said About The Israel Palestine conflict Will Keep You Speechless - Oct 22

Obama will be the one who makes the coming fake one week peace deal with the Land of Israel = Antichrist.


'Joe Biden betrayed Israel': Trump blames Biden and 'his boss Barack Hussein Obama' for Hamas attack - Oct 22

Lharmen - If Obama is the Antichrist then he will soon sign the fake one week peace deal that will divide the land of God'
The World war will begin in the midst of the fake one week deal.


Israel to evacuate 14 more communities on Lebanon border amid Hezbollah attacks - Oct 22


China deploys six warships to Middle East over fears Israel crisis could spark WW3 - Oct 22


US ‘holding back Israel from strike against Hezbollah’ - Oct 22

Lharmen - All the nations of Israel's friends have become her enemies. She is being deceived . God will soon judge the land of Israel on her borders = 460 thousands troops are about to die when Russia, China, Iran , Syria attack .


Day 15 - Israel at War | The Northern Border With Hezbollah Is Heating Up - Oct 22

Lharmen - WW3 is about to unfold as this lady says this is all planned and is on schedule. When they make the 2 state deal in the coming days we will see the fake one week peace deal and could even see the 7 year deal at the same time. We could even see the Red Heifers sacrificed in a daily sacrifice . If these things happen . We will see the total destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque, Damascus will also cease to be a city. We see Jesus when Damascus cease to be a city = Isaiah 17:1-7 says so.
Clip: Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Thursday that a two-state solution to establish an independent Palestine is the “fundamental way out” of the Israel-Hamas war.


John Bolton: Hamas Hostage Release a Delay Tactic - Oct 22

Lharmen - this is all a part of the larger plan to bring the king of the North into the war  - Russia... with all the armies surrounding the land of Israel . Her desolation is near . When they make a one week peace deal the World war will happen during the one week deal.


Joe Biden Demands Billions to Fly, Bus More Migrants into U.S. Communities - Oct 22

Lharmen - the Time of the Gentiles is very very near . They will hunt and kill all White people World wide Biden is Obama's Puppet. Obama , Putin, and the Pope are the 3 antichrists were were warned about.

Piercing Serpent, Crooked Serpent, And the Dragon.


Oct 19 / 20 - Israel is being set up . The U.S. has tied their hands as they vow to help but hold back their ground war.  They have also made them place all plans on hold until the U.S. is in place for the larger war with Iran, Syria, Lebanon , and others. This is the World war to happens during the fake one week peace deal Daniel 8 and Daniel 9:27 war. When the land of Israel thinks they have won the war as they are saying "Peace and Safety" then sudden destruction comes = WW3. God cleans this evil World with Fire this time and few make it repent now !!!!.


Iran and Syria are about to bring out their armies onto the borders with the Land of Israel - Oct 19

Threats and defiance filled social media as Iran and Israel duelled on X this week.
Iran posted a message to Israel that translated to “Time is up.”
Israel then responded with a GIF beckoning Iran to bring it on.



Conflict Zone Out of Control: B-1 Bomber Ordered on High Alert - Oct 19


Revenge Begins:100,000 Hezbollah Members Joins Hamas! Israel Launches Airstrike in Heart of Lebanon!


High Alert! US F-16 fast deployment to Strike for Full Scale in Middle Eastern skies - Oct 19

LAST WARNING from Israel to Iran! US Navy approached the Strait of Hormuz! Hamas&Hezbullah in panic - Oct 19


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh calls for global 'general mobilization' - Oct 20


Israeli Military Gets 'Green Light' to Invade Gaza and Destroy Hamas, Official Says: 'Wipe Them Out' - Oct 20

Lharmen - they might be delayed until the 2 state solution can be made . They are about to make the fake one week peace deal . This deal will be made with many nations. All Israel's borders will be covered by armies any day.



Oct 18 - The are preparing for the war with both Iran and Syria. Lebanon will also be attacked and many nations will be destroyed.

B52 Bombers have constantly leaving out for the  Middle East and literally all over the World.

WW3  Oct 29th could be the date ?? I watch!


Is Netanyahu PREPARED To Strike IRAN Directly - Oct 18

Lharmen - This is the Daniel 8 war and it is about to happen. These aircraft carriers are for that exact purpose.


B52 bombers emergency declared ordered to load full - Oct 18

Lharmen - this is the Gog and Magog war and also Daniel 8 war that will see Iran and Syria destroyed .



Biden promise to Israel: ‘You’ll get what you need,’ secures pledge for Gaza aid - Oct 18

The president concluded by reaffirming his commitment to the two-state solution: “These attacks only strengthened my commitment, determination and my will to get that done.”
Lharmen - this deal has to be made before the Lord returns.




Hezbollah’s Day of Rage Aims at Biden’s Israel Visit - Oct 18


High Alert! Hundreds of F-16 Fighter jets told to prepare for Full Scale War - Oct 18


Oct 15 / 16 / 17 - We know the land of Israel will be attacked when all her borders are covered with Armies. God will judge the land of Israel on her borders. All her friends become her enemies. We look up when these things in Luke 21 begin. Around the 26th we look for the fake one week peace deal. Around the 29th we look for the Sun blasting off an Massive "X" class solar flare that frees all Christians from the Chips = Isaiah 30:28 = Bridles in our Jaws causing us to err = Mind control. We flee into the wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles.


Iran Warns Of 'Pre-emptive Action' Against Israel - Oct 17

Luke 21 Nations shall rise against Nations at the beginning of the World war. We will certainly see Iran attacking the Land if Israel . Remember when we see the and of Israel surrounded by armies we will see here desolation happen soon after = WW3 is about to happen.


Erdogan chose his side in Israel war! Turkish Navy Faces Off Against a US Gerald Aircraft Carrier! - Oct 17

Lharmen - Prophecy has Turkey aligned with Russia Iran , Syria and China. When the World war happens.




Biden: Israel must eliminate Hamas, but path to Palestinian statehood also needed - Oct 17

Lharmen - this deal has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW = They have parted Gods land = 2 states. They will definitely do this with in the next few weeks.


U.S. B-52 bomber makes first-ever landing in South Korea - Oct 17

A U.S. Air Force B-52 strategic bomber landed on the Korean Peninsula for the first time ever Tuesday after conducting a flyover at a Seoul defense expo and participating in a joint exercise with South Korean fighter jets.

The nuclear-capable bomber landed at an air base in Cheongju, 70 miles south of Seoul. Earlier in the day, it flew over Seoul Air Base to mark the opening of the 2023 Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, which is scheduled to run until Monday.

"These flyovers, air demonstrations and static displays, including the landing for the B-52 on the peninsula, are part of our continued pledge to promote peace, stability and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula," U.S. 7th Air Force spokeswoman Maj. Rachel Buitrago said in a statement released by U.S. Forces Korea.
Lharmen - they continue to promote peace ... WOW!!!!!. WW3 is unfolding when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction . By Peace he destroys many.


IDF to evacuate civilians from 28 communities along Lebanese border amid attacks - Oct 17

According to the IDF and Defense Ministry, the 28 communities included in the plan were: Ghajar, Dishon, Kfar Yuval, Margaliot, Metula, Avivim, Dovev, Ma’ayan Baruch, Bar’am, Manara, Yiftah, Malkia, Misgav Am, Yir’on, Dafna, Arab al-Aramshe, Shlomi, Netu’a, Ya’ara, Shtula, Matat, Zar’it, Shomera, Betzet, Adamit, Rosh Hanikra, Hanita and Kfar Giladi.
Lharmen - God judges the land of Israel on her borders ahead of the World war. As I said for years Hamas will draw the IDF out onto her borders ahead of the World war. It just happened. 460 thousand dead men walking. they will be destroyed soon.


Hezbollah continues anti-tank missile attacks against northern Israel - Oct 17


Caroline Glick: As Biden turns against Israel, Netanyahu must stand strong - Oct 17

Lharmen - Obama is Biden's boss and he is the Antichrist. They all get cast out of heaven very soon. We will be free to flee to the Wilderness for the 3 1/2 years "X:" class flare soon. untimely solar wind.


Ground offensive will be aimed at destroying Hamas from bottom up - Oct 17


FBI Director Warns About Rising Threat of Hamas-Style Terror Attacks Coming to US - Oct 17

Lharmen - the FBI control this World wide terror campaign and they are preparing for the Time of the Gentiles World wide wars . They fully know they will happen . They control their puppet army called ISIS. They have fully prepared World wide for the Mass beheading of Christians. It will happen after this Fake one week peace deal happens.


Whoopi Goldberg meets with Pope Francis, champions his acceptance of homosexuality - Oct 17

Lharmen - the Pope is the Head of the Body of Satan.


Oct 14 - Steadfast noon Oct 16th until Oct 16th = God said the World war will see them attack Ashkelon at Noon day . Nuclear exerciseOct “Steadfast Noon”


Lharmen - Israel goes to war around the New Moon = today they go in and it is the New Moon.
Clip: B-52 bombers that will fly in from the United States. Conventional jets and surveillance and refuelling aircraft also take part. A different NATO Ally hosts Steadfast Noon each year. Training flights will take place
over Italy, Croatia and the Mediterranean Sea.
Lharmen - prophecy says both Iran and Syria are about to get destroyed = Daniel 8:5 And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.
Lharmen - these Planes are doing just that from the West.
... B52 bombers left already for Italy.
7 And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.
8 Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.
Lharmen - the U.S. will also get destroyed in a future war. This war has to happen and we see our maker with our eyes when Damascus ceases to be a city = any day now.


What does the US carrier strike group near Israel bring? Tremendous firepower and an unmistakable message - Oct 14

The ships sailing with the Ford include the USS Normandy — a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser — and the USS Thomas Hudner, USS Ramage, USS Carney, and USS Roosevelt — Arleigh-Burke-class guided-missile destroyers. The amount of firepower each vessel brings adds up, especially considering the capabilities of the air wing aboard USS Gerald R. Ford. With these ships, the US is sending a clear and intimidating message amid a serious international crisis.
And that clear message could be even stronger. A British Royal Navy force is being sent into the eastern Mediterranean, and reports say the US is considering the possibility of tasking a second aircraft carrier to the area.

Steadfast noon happens Monday Oct 16th til Oct 26th - Oct 14

NATO will launch its long-planned annual. nuclear exercise “Steadfast Noon” on Monday (16 October 2023) with up to 60 aircraft taking part in training flights over southern Europe.
Lharmen - Look up as our redemption draws near when these things begin to come to pass. Rome also come into God's judgement and these games are over Italy ??? It could be the World war dates. Rome gets destroyed fully with Nuclear weapons. It will be so bad that their destruction can be heard in the Red Sea.



Lharmen - As I have warned they will come across the swelling of Jordan the day of the World war. Here it is they are setting things in motion and it will certainly involve the Eager Lion coalition of Nations as they go in as a Lion when it happens. days away?


Critical Decision by Netanyahu! 460.000 Israeli Soldiers Moving into Gaza! Ground Operation Begins - Oct 14

Lharmen - God will judge the Land of Israel on all her borders and the Land of Israel goes to war around the New Moon and today they enter on the New Moon date !!!! The Daniel 8 war is unfolding and the U.S. will attack both Iran and Syria soon = WW3. They are even preparing around South Korea as well today. They Gather their army ahead of God's fury is poured out onto them = 460 thousand troops on the IDF borders today.


IDF launches first 'localized' raids into Gaza ahead of expected ground invasion - Oct 14


Egypt reinforces army on border with Gaza as Israel continues indiscriminate attacks - Oct 14

Netanyahu tours Hamas massacre sites as IDF preps for ‘significant’ ground op - Oct 14
IDF soldiers are deployed all over the country and are prepared to increase readiness for the next stages of the war, with an emphasis on a significant ground operation,” added the military.
Israeli troops on Friday launched their first “localized” raids into the Gaza Strip in a bid to locate hostages Hamas kidnapped last weekend. Soldiers found and recovered the remains of some of the missing.


North Korea raises the specter of nuclear strike over US aircraft carrier's arrival in South Korea - Oct 14

North Korea lashed out Friday at the arrival of a U.S. aircraft carrier battle group in South Korea, calling it a provocation and again raising the spectre of using nuclear weapons to defend itself.Luke 21 says the Sun will turn to Darkness and the Moon Into Blood ahead of the World war. The Sun Just turned to darkness.


Israel-Palestine latest news: Iran warns Israel it will ‘intervene’ if Gaza invaded - Oct 14


IDF says it’s completing preparations for ‘attack from the air, sea and land’ - Oct 14


Moon eclipse Oct 28 - Posted today Oct 14

Lharmen If this is to fulfil Prophecy the Moon will turn to blood red.


Chaos Erupts in Chicago City Hall as Palestinian Rioters Disrupt Council Meeting Over Israel Solidarity Resolution - Oct 14

Lharmen - Luke 21 distress of Nation get worse and worse = with perplexity .


Muslims and Young Leftists March on UCLA Campus Chanting "Intifada! Intifada!" - or Bloody Uprising Against Israel - Oct 14
Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group now 'fully prepared' to join war against Israel - Oct 14

Lharmen - when the Land of Israel is encompassed with armies then Know her desolation is near.


Trudeau regime puts Canadian detective on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines - Oct 14


Oct 13 - The West is about to fly across the World in a continuous flight (not touching the Ground) to attack the land of Israel's enemies = Iran and Syria . Possibly Lebanon as well. Then as they are saying "Peace and Safety" sudden destruction happens. Watch for the fake one week Peace deal to be made at the end of Oct.

WW3 happens during the fake one week deal.

Watch for Ebola as well very soon.


NATO will hold a major nuclear exercise next week as Russia plans to pull out of a test ban treaty - Oct 13

NATO's “Steadfast Noon” exercise is held annually and runs for about a week. It involves fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads but does not involve any live bombs. Conventional jets and surveillance and refueling aircraft also routinely take part.

“This is a routine training event that happens every October,” Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said. “This year, the training will take place over Italy, Croatia and the Mediterranean Sea.”

He said the exercise will help ensure the "credibility, effectiveness and security of our nuclear deterrent, and it sends a clear message that NATO will protect and defend all allies.”

The exercise is scheduled to run from Monday until Oct. 26. It will involve 13 NATO allies and a mix of aircraft types, including advanced fighter jets and U.S. B-52 bombers that will fly in from the United States. The bulk of the training is held at least 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from Russia’s borders.
Lharmen - I take note that the U.S. B 52 bombers are coming in from the U.S. to the area off the Israeli coast = 3rd WW.

Italy is home to modern Babylon = Rome.
Daniel 8 war the West comes across the entire World not touching the ground and the B52 bombers will certainly fulfill that.


UK will deploy patrol and surveillance aircraft and two Royal Navy ships to the eastern Mediterranean "to support Israel" - Oct 13


UK Speculates Why Russia Hasn't Conducted A Strike Against Ukraine In 3 Weeks - Oct 13

Lharmen - it could be possibly because Russia is about to attack the land of Israel in the coming days.


US must be ready for simultaneous wars with China, Russia, report says - Oct 13


IDF marks out Hamas leadership for elimination ahead of expected ground offensive - Oct 13

However, he cautioned that “the second stage may be when the ground operations may start.”
A third stage would be the scenario of a full-scale Israel-Hezbollah war.


Israel orders the evacuation of 1.1 million people from northern part of Gaza, the UN says - Oct 13

Israel’s military on Friday directed the evacuation of northern Gaza, a region that is home to 1.1 million people — about half of the territory's population — within 24 hours, a U.N. spokesman said.
This could signal an impending ground offensive, though the Israeli military has not yet confirmed such an appeal. On Thursday it said that while it was preparing, a decision has not yet been made.
The order, delivered to the U.N., comes as Israel presses an offensive against Hamas militants. U.N. spokesman Stéphane Dujarric called the order “impossible” without “devastating humanitarian consequences.”
Earlier, the Israeli military pulverized the Gaza Strip with airstrikes, prepared for a possible ground invasion and said its complete siege of the territory — which has left Palestinians desperate for food, fuel and medicine — would remain in place until Hamas militants free some 150 hostages taken during a grisly weekend incursion.
The IDF spokesman acknowledged that such an evacuation would likely take “several days,” after the United Nations warned the initial deadline of midnight on Saturday would be “impossible” to meet and have “devastating humanitarian consequences.”


Muslims Riot in the Street of France after Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal Designates Friday a "Day of Jihad" After Slaughtering 1,000 Jews -Oct 13




Oct 10 / 11 - Hamas calls for Holy world wide war to start tomorrow Friday the 13th. Luke 21 distress of nations has to begin ahead of the World war.  We know the desolation of Israel is near when we see the armies surround the Land of Israel. 2 U.S. aircraft carriers are entering into the Sea off Israel's coast. Might be 3 soon. I see these next aircraft carriers as a drag on Israel's ground attacks. We need the 2 state deal ahead of the WW.


Rows of tanks, closed shops: Israel's North prepares for war - Oct 11

“It feels exactly like the Yom Kippur War,” one man said to The Jerusalem Post.
Lharmen - Ezekiel 11:10 Ye shall fall by the sword; I will judge you in the border of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
Ezekiel 11:11 This city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the border of Israel:



Lharmen - we lift our heads when these things in Luke 21 begin as our redemption draws near even at the door.


Hezbollah High Command Releases Video Warning Israel, "We Are Coming" - Oct 11

Lharmen - this war could easily go World wide.
He also warned that “the scene of the storming of settlements around Gaza coupled with rocket shelling will one day be repeated dozens-fold stronger, from Lebanon and from all the areas that are adjacent to occupied Palestine.”


Moscow sees 'high risk' of 3rd party opening front against Israel amid war on Hamas - Oct 10


Hamas Calls for Global Day of Jihad on Friday, the 13th - Oct 12

The Palestinian Hamas terror group known as Hamas has called on Muslims worldwide to stage a “Day of Jihad,” or holy war, on Friday, October 13th — coincidentally, a date that resonates with horror movies and the upcoming Halloween holiday.
Hamas referred to the day as “Al-Aqsa Flood” Friday, referring to the name of the operation in which it murdered more than 1,200 Israelis, wounded roughly 3,000, and kidnapped over 100.
We declare next Friday, ‘The Friday of the Al-Aqsa Flood,’ as a day of general mobilization in our Arab and Islamic world and among the free people of the world. It is a day to rally support, offer aid, and participate actively. It is a day to expose the crimes of the occupation, isolate it, and foil all its aggressive schemes. It is a day to demonstrate our love for Palestine, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa. It is a day for sacrifice, heroism, and dedication, and to earn the honor of defending the first Qibla of Muslims, the third holiest mosque, and the ascension of the trusted Messenger.
We call upon the free people of the world to mobilize in solidarity with our Palestinian people and in support of their just cause and legitimate rights to freedom, independence, return, and self-determination.
Hamas also called on Palestinians within the West Bank (known to Israelis as Judea and Samaria) to rise up against Israeli soldiers, and called on Arab citizens of Israel (“Our people within the occupied territories of 1948”) to revolt against the state.
Lharmen - the Nations are in distress ahead of the World war.


Arab ministers urge Israel to resume talks on two-state solution - Oct 11

Lharmen - I see this Peace deal has to happen ahead of the War in Gaza before it can begin. It could happen close to the end of this month around the last week.


Trump pushes theory Obama is Biden's boss and his middle Name proves he is Muslim who hates America - Oct 11

Lharmen- He is the Antichrist and so is Putin and the Pope.


Ben-Gvir orders police to prepare for widespread Arab rioting - Oct 11

Amid fighting on Israel’s southern and northern borders, as well as ongoing attempts to open a front in Judea and Samaria, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir on Wednesday said his ministry was preparing for possible Arab riots in mixed Jewish-Arab cities.
During a visit to the western Negev city of Sderot, one of the communities attacked during Hamas’s Oct. 7 terrorist assault, Ben-Gvir announced he ordered Israel Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai to make preparations for “a scenario of Guardian of the Walls II, which I think is looming.”
Ben-Gvir’s remarks referred to the widespread Arab rioting in Israeli cities with large numbers of Arab and Jewish residents that took place during the IDF’s May 2021 aerial operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Clip: Over the course of five days, Arabs set fire to 10 synagogues, 112 Jewish houses and 849 Jewish-owned cars. Moreover, 673 Jewish homes were damaged and the apartments of 386 Jewish families were looted. Authorities recorded 5,018 instances of stone-throwing at Jews.
On Saturday morning, Hamas terrorists infiltrated several Israeli communities, killing at least 1,200 people and taking at least 100 hostages back to Gaza. At least 3,000 people were wounded in shootouts and rocket attacks over the weekend, and the toll continues to climb.


Israel responds to Hezbollah attack from Lebanon deploying 'tens of thousands' to northern border - Oct 11

Lharmen - the Lord said he will judge the land of Israel on her borders when the World war happens.


U.S. may send second aircraft carrier toward Israel - Oct 12

The U.S. could soon have two aircraft carriers in the eastern Mediterranean, according to Defense Department officials, a move that would mark a major escalation in U.S. military power in the region as fighting intensifies between Israeli forces and Hamas militants.
The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, along with its associated warships and fighter jets, was already scheduled to depart from Norfolk, Va., this week and may be ordered to deploy to the waters off the coast of Israel, according to two DOD officials who were granted anonymity to discuss future operations.
The Eisenhower group has long been scheduled to deploy and operate near Europe, DOD spokesperson Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry said in a statement Tuesday.


Gaza under siege as Israeli forces mass on border - BBC News - Oct 11

Lharmen - God said he will judge the land of Israel on her borders when he protects the land of Israel during the World war at Damascus destruction.


Gaza power plant fuel to deplete within day; Israel ground incursion 'expected soon,' former U.S. official says - Oct 11


Israel's massive mobilization of 360,000 reservists to their borders - Oct 11

Lharmen - for years I have warned to watch for all the IDF to be baited out onto their borders ahead of the World war. Here it is as Prophesied it would be the Least of them = Hamas.  They did it. Tomorrow they could attack in mass and run into the Land of Israel again as prophesied they will . I see the 2 state deal has to happen ahead of the World war.


'Ring of fire' solar eclipse to slice across Americas on Saturday - Oct 11

Lharmen - we will see the Sun turn dark and the moon to Blood ahead of the Lords return.


Turkey's Erdogan says US move of aircraft carrier closer to Israel will lead to Gaza massacre - Oct 10

At that point, the Eisenhower would join the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford and its strike group, which the Pentagon ordered to the waters off Israel on Sunday as a show of force after the surprise attacks on southern Israel.


Empty shelves and shortages as Israelis stock up - Oct 10


Fears of war with Israel grow in Lebanon after rockets exchanged - Oct 10

On Monday, Israeli shelling killed three members of the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah, according to a statement from the Iran-backed organisation. An Israeli deputy commander and two Palestinian fighters in southern Lebanon were also killed.
The next day, Hezbollah fired a guided missile at an Israeli military vehicle. Israel retaliated by hitting a Hezbollah observation post that belongs to the mainly Shia armed group.
The escalation in violence has forced hundreds of Lebanese to remain inside their homes or flee towards the southern suburbs of Beirut.


The Day of the World war they drive out Ashkelon at Noon - Oct 10

Zephaniah 2:4 For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.


Israel faces fire from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, over 900 murdered - Oct 11

Over 2,900 wounded • Israel, Hezbollah in direct confrontation after rockets launched from Lebanon • Israel closer to emergency unity government.


Shells launched at Israel from Syria, IDF fire at source - Oct 11

The IDF said it was responding to shells fired from Syria into Israel on Tuesday night.
Lharmen - We know the desolation of Israel is near when we see the armies surround the Land of Israel.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: Palestinian state ‘most reliable’ solution to conflict with Israel - Oct 10

Lharmen - that defies logic fully. Israel gave these Muslim people this Gaza land and these attacks are coming from that kind of peace for land deal . You would not make another bigger deal of the same kind = Land for peace does not work with these Muslims. These same Muslims you have removed from their homes.


IDF pummels Hamas assets in Gaza as war enters fourth day - Oct 10

The military said it struck the shaft of an underground tunnel and other assets used by Hamas to penetrate Israeli territory on Saturday and indiscriminately butcher at least 900 Israeli men, women and children.

Oct 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 - The Daniel 8 war looks like it is about to get started . The war could easily remove the Mosque in Jerusalem so the 3rd Temple can be rebuilt. The scriptures says Gather together oh nation not desired ahead of the Lords return day. The Least of them will lead them out onto their borders ahead of the War with Both Iran and Syria and Hamas In Gaza. Yom Kippur war happen on October 6, 1973 – ended October 25, 1973. Watch for the end to match these dates. Here's why Hamas chose October 7 to launch bloodiest attack on Israel
On the morning of October 7, the Palestinian group Hamas launched one of the biggest surprise attacks on Israel, in which it fired a barrage... = Oct 7th = 17 to the Masons.


US moves carrier strike group closer to Israel amid fear of multi-front war - Oct 8


Heavy rocket fire on central, southern Israel; 300,000 reservists mobilized in 48 hours - Oct 9

Alongside the invasion, carried out by terrorists in convoys of pickup trucks and motorbikes as well as speedboats and motorized gliders, Gazan terrorists fired thousands of rockets at Israel, hitting homes in Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

The 800 dead included at least 73 soldiers, including top officers, and 37 police officers.


Israel amasses 100,000 reserve troops near Gaza - Oct 9

Lharmen -
Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;
The Daniel 8 war could happen at any tie as the Temple in Israel looks like it has to be rebuilt now ahead of April 2024 when they plan to sacrifice the Red Heifers in the New Rebuilt Temple. Damascus destruction could be imminent. We see our Maker When Damascus ceases to be a city. The Next war could do it.
Zephaniah 2:2 Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD's anger come upon you.
3 Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD's anger.
4 For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.
5 Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the LORD is against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.
6 And the sea coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds, and folds for flocks.
7 And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; they shall feed thereupon: in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down in the evening: for the LORD their God shall visit them, and turn away their captivity.
8 I have heard the reproach of Moab, and the revilings of the children of Ammon, whereby they have reproached my people, and magnified themselves against their border.
9 Therefore as I live, saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Surely Moab shall be as Sodom, and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of my people shall spoil them, and the remnant of my people shall possess them.
10 This shall they have for their pride, because they have reproached and magnified themselves against the people of the LORD of hosts.
11 The LORD will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen.
12 Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword.
13 And he will stretch out his hand against the north, and destroy Assyria; and will make Nineveh a desolation, and dry like a wilderness.
14 And flocks shall lie down in the midst of her, all the beasts of the nations: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels of it; their voice shall sing in the windows; desolation shall be in the thresholds; for he shall uncover the cedar work.
15 This is the rejoicing city that dwelt carelessly, that said in her heart, I am, and there is none beside me: how is she become a desolation, a place for beasts to lie down in! every one that passeth by her shall hiss, and wag his hand.
Jeremiah 49:20 Therefore hear the counsel of the LORD, that he hath taken against Edom; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the inhabitants of Teman: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitations desolate with them.



Netanyahu: ‘We are changing the Middle East’ - Oct 9

The border fence will be secured by tanks, combat helicopters and drones as the IDF continues to evacuate residents and call up reservists in preparation for an expected ground operation in the Strip.
The terrorist group’s “military and political leadership, all of its assets, are subject to attack and doomed,” added the top military spokesman.
Hamas killed at least 900 Israelis and wounded more than 2,600 on Saturday in a massive offensive that included the launch of thousands of rockets at the Jewish state.


Times of Israel - 'Live': IDF intensifies Gaza strikes as cabinet approves war, Israeli death toll passes 600 - Oct 8


Netanyahu vows 'mighty vengeance' after deadliest day for 50 years - Oct 7

Israel launched its counteroffensive against Hamas terrorists, in Operation Swords of Iron, after the Islamic group killed more than 200 Israeli residents and kidnapped many into the Gaza Strip, with Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing "we will take mighty vengeance for this dark day."


Israel orders ‘complete siege’ on Gaza Strip - Oct 9

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has ordered a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip as the Israel Defense Forces prepares for a major offensive in response to Hamas’s deadly surprise attack on Oct. 7, the Defense Ministry said on Monday.

“There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel; everything is closed,” Gallant stated following an assessment at the IDF Southern Command in Beersheva.

Air Force continues to pound Gaza overnight in bid to ‘devastate’ Hamas capabilities - Oct 8


Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Ov- er Several Weeks - The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps gave the final go-ahead last Monday in Beirut - Oct 9


Trump Blasts Biden: US 'Taxpayer Dollars Helped Fund These Attacks' - Oct 9


Biden tells Netanyahu military aid "now on its way" to Israel with more to come - Oct 9

President Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a call on Sunday that additional military assistance is "now on its way to Israel with more to follow over the coming days," according to the White House.

Why it matters: Israel is preparing for a wide-ranging offensive against Hamas, which launched an unprecedented invasion of Israeli territory on Saturday. The Israeli operation could lead to a ground operation in Gaza that would likely take many weeks and could lead to an escalation in other parts of the region.
Israel's request for aid on the first day of the war signals how much firepower it expects to need as the conflict unfolds.
Details: Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in a statement that the U.S. "will be rapidly providing the Israel Defense Forces with additional equipment and resources, including munitions."

"The first security assistance will begin moving today and arriving in the coming days," he added.
Two U.S. officials said the Israeli Ministry of Defense had already given the Pentagon an initial list of weapons they needed, which included munitions for fighter jets.
Austin also said that he has "directed several steps to strengthen Department of Defense posture in the region to bolster regional deterrence efforts." This includes the movement of the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group to the Eastern Mediterranean.


Senator Lindsey Graham Warns if Hezbollah Intervenes in Israel-Palestine Conflict, U.S. Must Respond Against Iran - Oct 9

Lharmen - this is all prepared! The greater war to come, possible and most likely, this week will include both Iran and Syria = Daniel 8 war with the West.


Hezbollah Fires Rockets into Israeli-Contested Areas in 'Solidarity' with Palestinians, Threatens Escalation if Israel and U.S. Will Not Stop Its "Foolishness" - Oct 9

Lharmen - All Israel's Mason lovers have become her enemies and she knows it not.


Trump: 'We're Closer to World War III Than We've Ever Been' - Oct 9

Lharmen - He should know he looks like he is One of the 7 heads of the Devil = One of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse that bring the Whole World to the great Battle of Armageddon.



Oct 3 / 4 - The coming peace deal, that will part God's land, will be made so the War with Iran and Syria can happen. This designed to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque so the 3rd Temple can rebuilt.


Nasrallah: Normalization with Israel is an assault on al-Aqsa - Oct 4

Lharmen - this coming peace deal will be made so the Jews can have a regional war where this Temple will be destroyed as both sides want the Temple built now. Keep your eyes open for the coming war with Iran, Syria and the West.
The leader of Hezbollah warned against al-Aqsa becoming "a Jewish synagogue."


None ever, then 2 in a week: 2nd Israeli minister makes official visit to Saudi Arabia - Oct 4



5 conservative cardinals asked Pope Francis, who has made efforts to be more inclusive of LGBTQ Catholics, to affirm that the church cannot bless same-sex couples - Oct 3

The letter and questions were first published on the blogs of veteran Vatican reporter Sandro Magister and Messa in Latino two days before the start of a major three-week synod, or meeting, at the Vatican. More than 450 bishops and laypeople are gathering behind closed doors to discuss the future of the Catholic Church following a two-year canvassing of rank-and-file Catholics around the globe.
Agenda items for the meeting call for concrete steps to promote women to decision-making roles in the church, including as deacons, and for ordinary faithful to have more of a say in church governance. It calls for a “radical inclusion” of LGBTQ Catholics and others who have been marginalized by the church, and for new accountability measures to check how bishops exercise their authority to prevent abuses.


Russian State TV Suggests Elon Musk is 'Our Agent' - Oct 4

Lharmen - That would explain how Musk knows Putin has more money than he does . His money belongs to Russia Hells Angels

Sept 29 / 30 - Oct 1 / 2 - They will start a war with Iran and Syria and when they do we will see our maker with our eyes that very day = Isaiah 17:1-7 says so.


Israeli man attempts to sacrifice sheep on Temple Mount - Oct 1

A religious organization vowed that sacrifices would resume soon and the Third Temple would be built on the Temple Mount.
Lharmen - the Mosque on the Temple mount will have been destroyed ahead of the rebuilt Temple and it is all coming together. This could happen in the coming year 2024 ahead of the Red Heifer sacrifice in April ending the 29th.
Clip: "It is time to build a third Jewish Temple and renew sacrifices," the religious organization said. "Dear government and Arabs, you are messing with the wrong generation," it further warned.



IDF reportedly strikes Iranian weapons shipment near Damascus - Oct 1


‘Basic framework’ in place for Israel-Saudi normalization, US says - Sept 30

Lharmen - this says they are ready to part Gods land in a Peace deal doomed to fail as prophesied it will.


Russia's Medvedev: 'These Morons Are Actively Pushing Us Toward World War III' - Oct 2


Shutdown averted with little time to spare as Biden signs funding before midnight - Oct 2

Lharmen - we need to see the Banking system crash likely by the Cyber attacks = they have been preparing it.


Sept 26 / 27 / 28 - Nov could be the war with Iran and Syria as the Peace deal could happen. Watch for it. They are planning more peace deals and embassies for Nov. The world wide crash could also start in Oct . Watch for the Ebola out break to start in Oct as well.


New Saudi envoy meets Abbas, backs Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital - Sept 27

Lharmen - this deal will definitely go through ahead of the War with Iran and Syria.



Paraguay plans to open Jerusalem embassy in November - Sept 27

Lharmen - we keep our eyes open for the War with Iran and this parting of God's land deal to go through in Nov . The Markets could plunge an the U.S. debt crisis that could start Oct 1 and we will have 2 Eclipses ahead of Nov as well. They have said within 2 month for the 2 state deal or they will push it way off. Anything is possible.


Saudi envoy to Palestinians: Two-state solution 'central' to Israel deal - Sept 27

In response to a question about the fate of the two-state solution if Saudi Arabia and Israel normalized relations, the ambassador told reporters on Tuesday that "the Arab Peace Initiative is the central point of any upcoming agreement," according to the Palestinian Authority's WAFA news agency.


Suspected explosion hits area of Iran missile base, which makes Shahab-3 missiles capable of hitting Israel; Israeli involvement speculated - Sept 27


Naked Transgenders Stand in Front of 10-12 Yr Old Children And Explain Why They Had "Sex-Changing" Surgery On Kids TV Show - Sept 27

Simply Naked,” a TV show made for kids that airs in the Netherlands and features naked men and women who disrobe in front of 10-12-year-old children, has been dubbed a show for pedophiles by critics from around the world.



Sept 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 - The U.S. Gov. shut down is next week and Parting of God's land for peace deal is gaining steam fast. It has to happen as prophesied. it will.  clip: a blessing for next year; next year will be a good year for us,


House Republicans Remain Divided With Only Days to Avert Shutdown - Sept 25

If these bills are not passed, or if Congress doesn’t enact a short-term funding measure called a continuing resolution (CR), the government will go into a full or partial shutdown on Oct. 1, meaning that all nonessential federal employees will be furloughed, while essential employees will be required to continue to work without pay during the shutdown.

Lharmen - we will see the beginning of both Famine and Pestilence ahead of the 3rd WW. Every Major event happens 2 times and here we could be going again???


Abomination that maketh desolate is an Idol and could also be The Nuclear bomb that over spreading of abomination that maketh desolate and the Pagan Idol or the Antichrist himself = Obama.
Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Daniel 11:31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.
"Abomination of desolation" is a phrase from the Book of Daniel describing the pagan sacrifices with which the 2nd century BC Greek king Antiochus IV Epiphanes replaced the twice-daily offering in the Jewish temple, or alternatively the altar on which such offerings were made.
One of the more popular older views was to see in the "abomination" a contemptuous deformation (or dysphemism) of the Phoenician deity Baal Shamin, the "Lord of Heaven";[11] Philo of Byblos identified Baal Shamin with the Greek sky god Zeus,[11] and as the temple in Jerusalem was rededicated in honor of Zeus (according to 2 Maccabees 6:2), older commentators tended to follow Porphyry in seeing the "abomination" in terms of a statue of the Greek sky god.[12] More recently, it has been suggested that the reference is to certain sacred stones (possibly meteorites) that were fixed to the temple's altar of sacrifice for the purposes of pagan worship,[13][14] since the use of such stones is well-attested in Canaanite and Syrian cults.[15] Both proposals have been criticized on the basis that they are too speculative, or dependent on flawed analysis, or not well-suited to the relevant context in the Book of Daniel;[15][16] and more recent scholarship tends to see the "abomination" as a reference to either the pagan offerings that replaced the forbidden twice-daily Jewish offering (cf. Daniel 11:31, 12:11; 2 Maccabees 6:5),[17][18] or the pagan altar on which such offerings were made.[19][15]

Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Mark 13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:



Texas Preparing for 1M Visitors During Annular Eclipse - Sept 25

Lharmen - we watch for the Peace deal after the Sun becomes darkness and the Moon into Blood through eclipses. Here we see one like the first we will see from scripture = Luke 21.


'Six or seven' Muslim nations to make peace with Israel after Saudis says Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen - Sept 23

Lharmen - the Daniel 9:27 Fake one week peace deal will be made with many Nations and it could happen during Passover of Next year. Keep your eyes open for this coming deal. The Saudis said they will not sign except the Nation of Israel becomes 2 states for the Palestinians
They will have parted God's land ahead of the 2nd coming of Our Lord.


Saudis: Peace must include Palestinian state, east Jerusalem as capital - Sept 23


Netanyahu tells UN that Israel ‘at the cusp’ of historic peace with Saudi Arabia - Sept 23

Lharmen - this man said he will never let them divide Jerusalem and he here is saying he will. God said they will have done it when he comes back.
Clip - “Such a peace will go a long way to ending the Arab-Israeli conflict,” said Netanyahu, addressing the gathering for the 12th time. “It will encourage other Arab states to normalize their relations with Israel. It will enhance the prospects of peace with the Palestinians. It will encourage a broader reconciliation between Judaism and Islam, between Jerusalem and Mecca, between the descendants of Isaac and the descendants of Ishmael.”

Lharmen - could be the 13th meeting when they sign?


Netanyahu: Window of Opportunity for Israel-Saudi Normalization Is 'A Number of Months' - Sept 25

... Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in US TV interviews Friday that a normalization deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia was “likely” but that the current window of opportunity would be open for only the next few months.


Trudeau Pledges $650 Million More in Military Aid to Ukraine - Sept 25


Netanyahu: US trip brought ‘many achievements’ for the State of Israel - Sept 25

“I also want to thank many of you for the congratulations [that I received] on the U.N. speech, which, to my joy, was not only broadcast live on U.S. television networks but also live in Saudi Arabia. This is, of course, a blessing for next year; next year will be a good year for us,” he added.
Lharmen - This speech was from Netanyahu . This deal is for next year as I have warned. During a Fake one week peace deal. The war with Syria and Iran = Daniel 8 could bring the Lord = Luke 21 when the beginning happens = Signs in the Sun and the Moon = Eclipses ahead of the war with the two Nations and the West that will see the Present Temple Al Aqsa Mosque destroyed completely. They would then Make a Fake 7 year peace deal.


Saudi delegation to visit West Bank this week as Israel normalization talk increases - Sept 25


Russian Foreign Minister Lambastes the West; says U.S. 'directly at war' with Russia - Sept 25

Lharmen - this Day of the Lord World war comes as a snare up the Whole World = Damascus destruction we see our maker with our eyes.


Embalmer Reveals 50% of Bodies Containing "White, Fibrous" Clots Since April/May 2021 - Sept 25



Sept 19 / 20 - The Fake one week peace deal is still unfolding . Watch for it to happen during the coming Passover while they are daily sacrificing the Red Heifers April 2024 up to April 29th.


Netanyahu tells Biden: Peace with Saudi Arabia possible under your leadership - Sept 20


Biden: US to work for Israeli normalization and two states - Sept 20

Lharmen - the antichrist will force the parting of God's land ahead of the 3rd WW. This deal will happen for sure and it might happen any time around or during the Passover 2024.


Israel unveils IDF's new AI-powered 'Barak' super tank - Sept 20

Lharmen - The Antichrist is named Barak Obama.


Turkey's Erdogan Reportedly Supports Possible Israel-Saudi Normalization Agreement - Sept 20

Lharmen - here we see Netanyahu is pushing to divide the Land of Israel. When he has always said he will never do this.





'100% carrots': Arab states, EU unveil plan to entice Israel-PA to sign peace deal - Sept 20


G2 - Moderate to G3 - Strong geomagnetic storm conditions forecast for September 19 - Sept 19

Lharmen - these CME's will get very much bigger in the days ahead of the 3rd WW.


Delphi murders suspect says Indiana girls were killed as part of sacrifice by white nationalists - Sept 19

Lharmen - Masons kill in a ritual are all pyramid worshippers.


King Abdullah: Middle East security impossible without Palestinian state - Sept 20

Lharmen - this deal is the Daniel 9:27 deal that is made for one week and made with Many . It does not make it through the full one week before the World war happens. Obama had made the deal before with Syria for their chemical weapons and it made it the full week . Obama will make this deal the second time but it will not make it the one week before the Land of Israel is attacked.
Clip: King Abdullah, however, joined the voices at the UN, who argued that a two-state resolution to the conflict at the pre-1967 lines, including east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, remained the only viable option.
Jordan's King Abdullah II addresses the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York City, US, September 19, 2023.
Lharmen - the Illuminati had this happen on 9/19 both numbers the Illuminati Masons live by.


Sept 16 / 17 / 18 - The Massive "X" class flares will start into next year ahead of the Fake one week peace deal and ahead of the 3rd WW at Damascus destruction. Ebola is coming.


CME set to spark strong G2 geomagnetic storm, auroras on Earth - Sept 18

Lharmen - The CME's will shut the Microchips down that are keeping the World captive ahead of the 3rd WW through a Massive "X" class flare. Watch for it around or on March 29th 2024 = the exact day I Lharmen went into a tent 14 years ago. The 28th 2024 is the first eclipse of Luke 21. We lift our heads when these things begin to come to pass. 29th????


Trump Vows To End Child Trafficking and Says "God's Children Are Not For Sale" - Sept 18

Lharmen - he is being charged and found guilty of raping adult women and not a few. You can not make this stuff up.


Fitness enthusiasts are dying suddenly - 16 sudden deaths examined - Sept 18





In Rosh Hashanah message, Trump says US Jews voted 'to destroy America and Israel' - Sept 18


China has flown 103 military planes toward Taiwan in a new daily high for the activity the island considers harassment - Sept 18

Lharmen - I watch for the beginning of Luke 21 to happen after March 28 the eclipse as described in scripture in the order described in Scripture one Month ahead of the Passover when the Red Heifers are sacrificed before the end of April 29th = last day of the Passover. I watch for the Nations to start wars with each other like we see here after March 28th next year.



Sept 13 / 14 / 15 - The parting of God's land is getting more power and it will happen ahead of the 3rd WW.

France amassing troops =3rd WW. Aliens are now in the news. Watch for Ebola ahead of the 3rd WW as well.


Saudis want steps toward two-state solution for normalization, Blinken says - Sept 14

Lharmen - they will have parted God's land ahead of the World war. This deal has to be made.
Riyadh has since gradually moved away from that proposal, which offered Israel normalization with the entire Arab League only after it reached a two-state solution with the Palestinians.
The Arab official explained that Riyadh has made clear to Ramallah that it is prepared to depart from its long-held public stance against normalizing ties with Israel absent an actualized two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that the PA has come to terms with this development and accordingly is asking for measures that fall short of immediate statehood.


Niger on the Brink of War: Arrest of French Official Ignites Tensions - Macron Does Not Recognize the Junta Leaders - Nigerien Military Says France Massing Troops and Equipment in Neighboring Countries - Sept 14

Lharmen - WW3 could happen during Passover 2024 April 22-29th. If the fake one week peace deal is made even the 7 year peace deal is made we could see the 3rd WW during the Red Heifer sacrifice set for the pass over week.


Air Force Secretary Says Intel 'Couldn't Be Clearer': China Is Preparing for War With US - Sept 14

"Today the intelligence couldn't be clearer. Whatever its actual intentions may be I could not say, but China is preparing for a war and specifically for a war with the United States," Kendall stated at the Air and Space Forces Association's Air, Space, and Cyber Conference.
Kendall went on to say that China for the last two decades has been "reoptimizing its forces" to compete with the United States in the Western Pacific.


Saudis co-hosting UN event aimed at revamping Israeli-Palestinian peace process - Sept 14


Israel Air Force stages major drill in Greece practicing potential long-range strike on Iran - Sept 14

Lharmen - this will be the Daniel 8 war.


Revolutionary Guards chief warns Israel’s life ‘will be cut short’ if it attacks Iran - Sept 14


Syrian sources report second Israeli strike within hours - Sept 13


Mexico's Congress displays 'alien' corpses believed to be 1,000 years old, live-streams hearing - Sept 14

The Mexico Congress hosted an unusual event that could potentially be described as a watershed moment in the history of human civilisation and further propel interest in aliens and UFOs.
Lharmen - the fake holographic second coming wil be an Alien second coming as if Jesus and his army are aliens = they are devils = Angle's of Death and not aliens. When this happens they will be humans. that is when the Stars fall from Heaven so do these Aliens fake the coming of Jesus.
Clip: The event was led by Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, who has been investigating the extraterrestrial phenomenon for decades, and co-hosted by Mexican scientists.


'Alien Corpses' Shown to Congress in Mexico Follows History of Hoaxes - Sept 15


Sept 11 / 12 -  2 state solution coming and it could bring on the fake one week peace deal and it could also have the 7 year deal as a major part of it as well. Watch out for the Passover Month of April/2024 for the deal to be made. This while they are sacrificing the Red Heifers. The one week they are sacrificing the Red Heifers God said it will not make it the week before the 3rd WW begins to happen.


NATO in 2024 to conduct biggest military exercise since Cold War in Germany, Poland, Baltics - Sept 12

The exercises will be held in Germany, Poland and the Baltic states in February and March 2024.
Lharmen - Eager Lion Jordon war games to be held = The drill is scheduled for 12-23 May
The Day of the World war they come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion either Eager Lion or African Lion war games.


Biden admin paves the way for Iran deal worth $6 billion - Sept 12


First-ever official Israeli delegation arrives in Saudi Arabia - Sept 12



Hanegbi says Israel, PA having 'open' talks, sees change in Palestinians' approach - Sept 12

Hanegbi also sounded careful but hopeful notes about the process, saying that talks are slowly turning into “the outline of an agreement.”
“It is no longer a shot in the dark,” he said, “but discussions about practical goals, in which all sides identify the win-win for them.”
Lharmen - this deal has to be made in order for the 3rd WW to happen as they have parted our Lords land ahead of his return.


'Increasing Danger' for War on Israel in Coming Weeks - Sept 12

There are signs – and they are growing – that suggest a war on Israel could break out as early as the next few months.
An analysis from the Middle East Media Research Institute notes that radical organizations like Hamas and Hiezbullah are not “eager” to begin a comprehensive confrontation with Israel, but there have been “growing indications that a war against Israel may break out in September or October 2023.”

Lharmen - wars are determined until the end.


Sept 8 /9 /10 - Ebola is coming and it will spread World wide ahead of the 3rd WW.

Tomorrow could bring on another 9 11 attack and again on New York . Could be why Biden is as far away from New York as one could get = Alaska.


World War III Has Already Started Declares Ukrainian Security Chief - Sept 10

The Third World War has already started and people should expect more conflicts to break out, Ukraine’s top security chief declared on Tuesday.
Speaking from the Kyiv Security Forum alongside former CIA chief General David Petraeus, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that “people that think the Third World War has not yet started make a big mistake.”


Megyn Kelly Reveals She Tested Positive for "Autoimmune Issues" After Receiving COVID Booster Shot: "I Regret Getting the Vaccine" - Sept 10



Paris strips Abbas of top medal: ‘You justified the extermination of Europe’s Jews’ - Sept 10


Israeli official: Netanyahu to meet Biden in New York, not in White House - Sept 10

Netanyahu is currently slated to address the General Assembly on September 21, but his speech may be moved to September 22, a Friday.

Lharmen - that will be 9/22 Illuminati dates they live by.


6.8 Earthquake Morocco 2000 dead - Sept 9

The US Geological Survey said the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 when it hit at 11:11 p.m. (22:11 GMT), with shaking that lasted several seconds. The U.S. agency reported a magnitude 4.9 aftershock hit 19 minutes later. The collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates occurred at a relatively shallow depth, which makes a quake more dangerous.


Pakistan: Pastor shot after refusing to recite Islamic profession of faith - Sept 10

Lharmen - they are now killing Our family of faith over something we are not allowed to do . Confess another god is God = Allah he is not and never has been.


Blinken: Over $1 Billion More to Be Funneled to Ukraine; Over $43 Billion to Date - Sept 10


‘Call Back Trump!’ Hungary’s Orbán Tells Tucker Only Trump Can End the Ukraine War and ‘Save the Western World’ - Sept 10


Sept 5 / 6 / 7 / - Ebola is coming ahead of the 3rd WW. Nuclear war is getting set to happen at that time as well. Special mason number 33 trillion in debt at the same time as we are about to see the 22nd Sept 11th = all special numbers to the Masons = 11/22/33 they live by these numbers,


Burning Man flooding triggers false claims of Ebola outbreak, 'national emergency' - Sept 7

Lharmen - they are setting the ground work for the coming Ebola disaster = Man made . Ebola will be in the vaccines and it will go World wide = a 2nd virus. Lucifer falls from heaven for weakening the nations.


Nuclear war is 'inevitable' in Ukraine invasion, warns Russian general - Sept 7

Lharmen - the bible says it is inevitable as well.


Larry Sinclair claims he had sex, did cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999 in explosive new Tucker Carlson interview - Sept 7

Lharmen - the 9 is the highest number in masonry so this is staged news . The Antichrist is Gay and has no real desire for women all DNA spliced children = man made children. Wife that some say is a transvestite.


Citing ‘God of Israel,’ Papua New Guinea becomes 5th nation to open Jerusalem embassy - Sept 7


Blinken announces $1B in US aid during surprise Ukraine visit - Sept 7


Russian ally snubbed Putin by announcing military exercises with the US - Sep 7

Armenia's defense ministry said the exercise, named "Eagle Partner 2023," is designed to help prepare its forces to join international peacekeeping missions, and will take place between September 11 and 20.

A US military spokesperson told Reuters that 85 US soldiers and 175 Armenian soldiers will take part in the exercise.

Russia and Armenia have a decadeslong relationship, with Armenia once being part of the Soviet Union and now part of many Russia-led international groups. Armenia also hosts a Russian military base.

US $33T Debt, 'The Greatest Ponzi Scheme of All Time' - Sept 6

Lharmen - this could be when the U.S. gets hit with a cyber attack on their banking systems. It would be fake and it would be blamed on Syria and Iran and maybe even Russia or all the above.

This is the 22nd Sept 11th so it could be days away.


Why a likely government shutdown this fall 'could be a threat' to the US economy - Sept 7

The first deadline on the horizon is the end of the fiscal year at midnight on Sept. 30. Many government services will cease then unless some sort of action like a short-term delay is taken.
Stifel chief Washington policy strategist Brian Gardner is a bit more sanguine.While he recently pegged the chances of a shutdown at around 60-65%, he also predicts that the economic impacts could be limited.


Hurricane Lee set to explode to Category-5 strength prior to Caribbean, US impacts - Sept 7



Sept 2 / 3 / 4 - Ebola is just starting to enter the news. It will be confirmed ahead of the World war.


Death at Burning Man sparks Ebola rumors on social media - Sept 4

Lharmen - Ebola is coming and it could happen at any time but likely just ahead of the 3rd WW when Damascus gets destroyed because we need to flee into the wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years until we become angels. It could be used to force the Mark of the Beast  = Ecommerce Bar code Tattoo on all to buy or to sell.


Russia deploys Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles Putin says will make world ‘think twice’ for combat - Sept 4

Putin first announced Sarmat, also called "Satan II," in 2018. The ballistic missile system is capable of carrying at least 10 nuclear warheads and is intended to replace the R-36 ICBMs that are known by the NATO reporting name of Satan.

"Putin is clearly strategic messaging to the United States and NATO that nuclear option in Ukraine remains on the table," Rebekah Koffler, president of Doctrine & Strategy Consulting and a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer, told Fox News Digital.



Nasrallah meets Hamas, PIJ to unite terror front against Israel - Sept 4


US delegation heading to Saudi Arabia amid Biden normalization push - Sept 4

A delegation of top American officials is slated to travel to Riyadh this week to meet with Saudi counterparts in order to discuss a potential normalization agreement between the Gulf kingdom and Israel, a US official and a Palestinian official told The Times of Israel on Sunday.
Lharmen - we are approaching the 22nd Sept 11th. So we keep our eyes on the coming week ahead as they will part God's land
ahead of his coming. They will sign the one week and could also sign the 7 year covenant with many nations next week. If they do we could see the 3rd WW at Damascus destruction ISsiah 17:1-7.
Clip: Saudi Arabia is prepared to forgo its long-maintained public stance against normalizing with Israel in the absence of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but Riyadh is still not expected to agree to a deal with Jerusalem that does not include a significant advancement toward Palestinian sovereignty, according to officials familiar with the matter.

Last week, three officials told The Times of Israel that the Palestinian Authority is seeking “irreversible” steps that will advance its bid for statehood in the context of negotiations for a normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia.



WW3 fears explode as China warns US of 'imminent storm of lethal consequences' over Taiwan - Sept 4

Lharmen - wars and rumours of wars ahead of the 3rd WW.



Sept 1 - Antichrist Obama has now fully been exposed as Being fully Gay as prophesied the Antichrist will be .

Aug 29 / 30 / 31 - Obama is at the root of every evil thing happening.

The Israeli military is set to hold a number of major joint military drills with the United States in the coming months, including one that would simulate an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, This will happen at the 3rd WW when Damascus gets fully destroyed . This is when our Lord will return. 


Tucker Carlson says Barack Obama had gay sex, smoked crack - media ignored it ahead of election - Sept 1

Lharmen - the Antichrist will have no desire for women = faking it or she is a man as many say she is.
Obama is Gay has no desire of Women
I’m Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I’m also the author of the #1 bestselling hardcover book in America in 2012, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.”

I’ve always had Obama’s number. I understand what makes him tick. I understand his goals.

First, let’s get the “gay issue” out of the way. I’ve reported on both my radio and TV shows for 15 years that my wealthy, connected friends in Chicago have always said, “Obama frequented gay bathhouses and gay clubs. Everyone in the know, knows Obama is gay.”
But gay is not the issue. The issue here is fraud. If
Obama is in fact gay, then he was lying to the American people from day one. He portrayed himself as a happily married family man with a wife and two beautiful young daughters. That’s called fraud.
Why does any of this matter now? Because Joe Biden is a brain-dead puppet. This is the third term of Obama.

Why does any of this matter now? Because Joe Biden is a brain-dead puppet. This is the third term of Obama. The proof is we are all reliving the nightmare Obama economy. Great for Wall Street and billion-dollar multi-national corporations. But a disaster for the American middle class and Main Street.

Second, Biden is fading fast- and everyone can see it. At the same time as Biden’s cognitive health is in freefall, all of his corruption from the past is pouring out of the closet. Biden is finished. He is toast. He will never make it to 2024.

Sometime this fall Biden will have a very public “episode” and be hospitalized. Soon thereafter he (or Jill) will announce he is stepping down for “health reasons.”
Who will replace him? Either Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom. But whoever it is, Obama
will be calling the shots from his nearby Washington DC mansion. That’s why this story matters.

I’ve had Obama pegged from the first day. Obama is the ultimate “Manchurian Candidate.” Gay is unimportant. What matters is he was groomed to be president by the Deep State and communist, fascist, globalist enemies of the United States. What matters is Obama is a radical Marxist tyrant carrying out the destruction of America.

Obama was tame in his first two terms. He was “boiling the frog slowly.” But Trump ruined his plan. Now Obama is trying to destroy this country as fast as he can, before Trump has a second chance to undo the damage.
And at the same time, Obama is coordinating the attacks on Trump to either imprison him, kill him, or disqualify him.

My guest on my show, “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV last week was former Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich. Blago’s Governor’s mansion was raided by an early morning FBI Swat team. Sound familiar?

I pointed out to “Blago” that Obama’s fingerprints were all over his frame job…and FBI SWAT raid…and long prison sentence. Obama set him up. Obama took away his freedom. I asked him to comment. Blago reported, “Obama set up the meeting that led to my arrest.”
Lharmen - I have said it some how Obama will be signing the coming one week pace deal and it could also be for 7 years. Biden is his puppet. Looks like we will see Biden assassinated or removed and Obama steps in will be in power enough to make he coming peace deal and it could happen during the coming April 2024 Passover week.

Obama got in, so why didn’t anyone ever see him? My educated guess is Obama was in the Soviet Union studying communism. Columbia had a “sister school” in Moscow. That would be the only real answer as to why Obama was rarely if ever seen at Columbia. He was being groomed way back then by the enemies of America.
Sound familiar? It’s what Obama the “Manchurian Candidate” learned in the Soviet Union from the best. This man was groomed from day one by the communist and globalist enemies of America .He was sent to destroy us.

Now he’s working behind the scenes to finish the job. He is the man who ordered the spying on Trump. The framing of Trump. Now he’s the man directing the nonstop government attacks against Trump. Just as he did to Blago.

So, Obama being gay is the least of our worries. America is being destroyed. Obama is at the root of every evil thing happening.
Lharmen - even Obama's family is continually attacking me Lharmen is more proof he is the Antichrist = the first one many of many even 7 heads or the Devil = he is the first but might not be the last. Add Putin, Pope and Obama  only 3 but there are the other 4 = horseman of the apocalypse and they might also show themselves as if they are God in the house of God????? We watch and see it says "many" will say they are Jesus so go not after them.


Newt Gingrich Floats Theory That Obama Runs the Biden Administration As He Blasts Those Going After Trump - Sept 1

Lharmen - he does = Antichrist.


Israel set to hold several major joint military drills with US in coming months - Sept 1

Unsourced TV report says exercises to focus on missile defense, coordinated attack on Iran; drills come as IAF faces impaired readiness due to protesting reservist volunteers.
The Israeli military is set to hold a number of major joint military drills with the United States in the coming months, including one that would simulate an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to an unsourced television report on Tuesday.

The Israel Defense Forces regularly conducts various training drills with the US military, including air force exercises and missile defense drills.
In January, the IDF and US Central Command held a major drill in Israel, Juniper Oak 2023, the largest-ever joint exercise held by the Israeli and American militaries. Juniper Oak, according to the IDF, was the first in a series of planned drills with the US in the coming year.
According to Channel 12 news, one of the upcoming drills would prepare Israel for a potential multi-front missile attack. US forces would bring to Israel a large number of Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries and other interceptor systems for the exercise, the report said.

The report said another drill would simulate a potential joint Israeli-US attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

God said his anger will rise in his face when Russia is about to attack the land of Israel - Sept 1

A long duration M1.2 solar flare was observed during the early hours of September 1st around AR 3413 nearing the west limb. The event propelled an impressive coronal mass ejection (CME) into space and as a result, a minor (S1) radiation storm is currently in progress. Most of the ejected material appears to headed to the west, however the eastern edge does appear to be Earth directed. An impact past our planet may be possible within 48-72 hours. More details to follow.


Netanyahu expected to meet Biden on UN sidelines in New York September 21 - Sept 1

The timing of such a meeting would likely be complicated by the Yom Kippur high holiday, which begins the night of September 24, a Sunday. According to Walla, if Netanyahu were invited to the White House, it would force the Israeli premier to spend Shabbat in the US before racing home prior to the onset of Yom Kippur. Israeli political tradition prevents dignitaries abroad from traveling or doing official work on the day of rest.


Netanyahu prepared to quit in return for Israel-Saudi peace deal - report; Netanyahu denies - Sept 1


Saudi funding offer to PA seen as step toward normalization with Israel - Sept 1

Lharmen - this deal hinges on the parting of God's land, as prophesied will happen ahead of the 3rd WW.


No Hope For Peace In Ukraine - Only A War With The United States And NATO - Sept 1

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against nation then Kingdom will rise against nation and here it is.


SpaceX's Starlink Now Has Over 5,000 Internet Satellites in Orbit - Sept 1



Aug 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 - 2 state deal is still being made and when it is made we watch for it to be made for both one week and 7 years. the World war could happen during the one week phase. This could happen during the Passover next year but Daniel 8 war with the West and Iran and Syria this could happen here in Sept could be around Sept 11th the 22nd since 2001. We see our maker with our eyes when Damascus ceases to be a city.


Blinken: Saudi deal will require major Israeli concessions - Aug 28

He expressed confidence that his government could achieve some form of normalization with Saudi Arabia in the coming months.
Lharmen - this deal will part God's land as Prophesied it will be divided ahead of our Lords return.




BRICS announce major expansion with 6 countries joining in - Aug 24

This expansion was a central topic of discussion during the three-day summit, although Ramaphosa said the idea had been worked on for over a year.

Mohammad Jamshidi, Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs to Iran, commented on social media. "In a historic move, Islamic Republic of Iran becomes a permanent member of BRICS, a strategic victory for Iran's foreign policy."
Lharmen - this is the New World order coming together.



Aug 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 - With great signs and lying wonders the will deceive the sinning World = Deep fakes are ruining our Lives. Today they just point their phones and create fake evidence then show people causing all to hate us.


Deepfake Imposter Scams Are Driving a New Wave of Fraud - Aug 23

Lharmen - these are the fakes they uses against Christians today like me .



Serbia's President tells Tucker that the NATO-led war against Russia has 'crushed the European economy' - Aug 23

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Kingdom will rise against Kingdom then World war.


Israel warns of strikes on Iranian, Hamas targets to halt terror wave - Aug 23



Massachusetts Bishop Bans Cross-Dressing in Catholic Schools - Aug 23


Rights group says Saudi Arabia border guards fired on and killed hundreds of Ethiopian migrants - Aug 23


Aug 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 - We will see the 2 state deal ahead of the 3rd WW at Damascus destruction . We will see the West Bank controlled by Hamas as well.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad seen importing Gaza military tactics to the West Bank - Gianluca Pacchiani - Aug 16

Lharmen - I have long said they will have to have control over the West Bank when this World war happens.



China launches military drills around Taiwan after Lai’s visit to U.S. Aug 19


Meeting in Washington, Dermer, Blinken discuss potential Israel-Saudi deal - Aug 18

The same day, Blinken spoke on the phone with Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, according to Miller. While no statement was made about a potential Israel-Saudi normalization deal specifically, Dermer's visit reportedly revolved around it.


Russia asks Iran to join BRICS in Putin-Raisi phone call - Aug 19



Aug 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 -  Obama is the Lion and Putin is the Bear . Scripture says they will fight in a world aide battle. To see Obama back in Biden's politics is what I warned ahead of the 3rd WW. Obama signs the fake one week and 7 year deal and has to be back in there.


Barack Obama's role in Joe Biden's 2024 reelection bid takes shape - Aug 14

Lharmen - Obama is the Young Lion talked about in scriptures also one of the 2 Dragons in scripture as well.
Putin is the Bear and the other Dragon.
Esther 10:7
And the two dragons are I and Aman.
Esther 11:6
And, behold, two great dragons came forth ready to fight, and their cry was great.
Lharmen - these are Obama and Putin the Lion Obama and Putin the Bear.





Netanyahu said to have shouted at IDF chiefs: ‘It looks like the army is running the country’ -Aug 14

Lharmen - the U.S. drug war has created this power in many nations = that the Military controls a huge chunk of the Nations powers.


Hezbollah: Next war will be in Israel's Galilee, IDF posts will become graveyards - Aug 14


Netanyahu Slams Reported U.S.-Iran Deal, Accuses Biden of Funding Terrorism - Aug 14


Chinese Military Says It's Figured Out How to Build Laser Weapons That Can Fire Indefinitely - Aug 14



Aug 8 / 9 / 10 -Eager Lion dates for next year are being shown today. The World war will happen during these games or these nations moving into Syria from Jordan as a Lion. Could even be with the African Lion as well as the Eager Lion Jordan war games at the time of the World war.

They will have parted Gods land = 2 state deal will be made ahead of the war that will see Damascus destruction. This Sept 11th is the 22nd a very special number the devil worshiping Illuminati.


Eager lion Jordan war games = The drill is scheduled for 12-23 May - Aug 10

Lharmen - look for this to be moved ahead . They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion the day of the World war.


Lebanon seeks to ban 'Barbie' movie for 'promoting homosexuality' - Aug 10

Lharmen Justin Trudeau and his son went to this show = Masons and homosexuality go hand in hand.


Saudis Agree With U.S. on Path to Normalize Kingdom's Ties With Israel - Officials are negotiating details of agreement they hope to cement within nine-to-12 months, though obstacles remain - Aug 10

Lharmen - they can only normalize this deal if the land of Israel gives land back to the Palestinians = They have parted God's land ahead of the return of the Lord at Damascus destruction. This deal will be made.


US, Saudi officials agree to ‘broad terms’ of potential Israel normalization deal - Aug 10

Lharmen - they will part God's land ahead of the Lords return.


Get ready for Netanyahu’s whirlwind tour: 5 trips in 3 months - Aug 10

From the beginning of September to December, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go on at least five trips abroad, some of which are particularly important in the diplomatic sphere.Only last weekend Netanyahu’s planned visit to Cyprus was rescheduled, with his first flight for the season of diplomatic visits now set for Sept. 3-4. The trip to Cyprus was set following the reconciliation between Israel and Turkey... Netanyahu intended to first express his commitment to an alliance with Cyprus and Greece, and only then to travel to Turkey.

On Sept. 18-23, Netanyahu will participate in the United Nations Assembly’s annual General Debate in New York, but it is not yet known when he will deliver his speech.


Gallant warns Hezbollah against escalation: ‘We’ll return Lebanon to the Stone Age’ - Aug 9


Australia will refer to West Bank as ‘occupied Palestinian territories' - Aug 9

“The Australian government is strengthening its opposition to settlements by affirming they are illegal under international law and a significant obstacle to peace,” Wong said. "In adopting the term, we are clarifying that the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza, were occupied by Israel following the 1967 War, and that the occupation continues."

Still, Wong said, Australia would remain a “committed friend of Israel.”
Lharmen - it says she is still wrong or wong. This land has been given back to the Jews so she is definitely wrong with a last name like Wong = Hand of God here.


Organized Evil: Newly Released Documents Reveal Multiple FBI Offices Across the Nation Were Colluding to Target Traditional Catholics as Domestic Terrorists - Aug 10



Aug 5 / 6 / 7 - Sun has been quite active as I have warned ahead of the World war it will be very active . Here we see what I said coming true . The Lord warned us of this. The Saudi peace deal can only be made if the Land of Israel is parted/divided. It has to to fulfil scripture ahead of the World war.


Sun blasts out highest-energy radiation ever recorded, raising questions for solar physics - Aug 7


CME impacts Earth, producing G3 - Strong geomagnetic storming - Aug 7


God will shpw us when Russia is about to attack the land of Israel when hos anger shows in the face of the Sun - Aug 7

The X1.6 solar flare around AR 3386 was responsible for the second of two halo CMEs on Saturday (image below). The first CME was the result of a long duration M-Flare/Filament eruption earlier in the day. Both appear to have an Earth directed component with glancing blows possible beginning August 8th. The combination could generate minor (G1) to moderate (G2) storming at higher latitudes. Aurora sky watchers should be alert beginning Tuesday.
Lharmen - Massive "X" class flares coming ahead of the 3rd WW.


Ukraine seeks progress towards peace at Saudi Arabia talks - Aug 5
Chief of Staff of Ukrainian Presidential Office Andriy Yermak speaks during a press conference with member of the International Working Group on the Environmental Consequences of War after a meeting with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine June 29, 2023. (file photo: Viacheslav Ratynskyi, Reuters)
Senior officials from some 40 countries including the U.S., China and India held talks in Saudi Arabia on Saturday that Kyiv and its allies hope will lead to agreement on key principles for a peaceful end to Russia's war in Ukraine.





Netanyahu says Israel about to make history with Saudis and regional peace deal - Aug 7

Lharmen - This means the division of Jerusalem is upon us.
Clip: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confident his government can achieve some form of normalization with Saudi Arabia in the coming months, Netanyahu said in an interview with Bloomberg Television broadcasted on Monday.
“The Palestinians should have all the powers to govern themselves and none of the powers to threaten Israel, which means that in whatever final peace settlement we’ll have with the Palestinians, I’d say, Israel has an overriding security power in the entire area, ours and theirs. Otherwise, we collapse, they collapse,” said Netanyahu.


Netanyahu meets with 24 Democratic members of Congress - Aug 7

The delegation will meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials and activists and also talk about the prospects for a two-state solution, combating terrorism and the development of the Abraham Accords.

Netanyahu also discussed the prospects of adding Saudi Arabia to the Abraham Accords, once again saying that an “economic peace” with Riyadh would constitute a “quantum leap.”


Syria says four soldiers killed in alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus - Aug 7

Lharmen - We see our maker when we see Damascus cease to be a city = Isaiah 17:1-7


Numerous Countries Warn Their Citizens to Leave Lebanon ASAP - Aug 7

The Saudi Embassy in Lebanon published an official warning a short while ago, calling on Saudi citizens in Lebanon to quickly leave the country, and also requesting Saudi citizens avoid coming to Lebanon.
The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs joins Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain in issuing a warning to its citizens from visiting Lebanon.


China, Russia send naval warships near Alaska, triggering forceful US response - Aug 7

Lharmen - Luke 21 when these things begin to come to pass we lift up our heads as our redemption draws near.
Clip: China and Russia conducted a joint naval operation near U.S. territory earlier this week, triggering a large response from the U.S. Navy, Fox News Digital has learned.

The joint operation, conducted by two significant American adversaries, consisted of 11 ships and neared Alaska's southwestern coast, according to Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, who was briefed on the matter earlier this week by U.S. defense officials. Sullivan said the U.S. Navy ultimately mobilized four destroyers to guide the Chinese and Russian ships away from American waters.

"This is unprecedented in terms of the size and scope of this joint naval task force between Russia and China, working very closely together," Sullivan told Fox News Digital in a phone interview late Saturday. "Whether you live in Alaska like I do, or on the East Coast of the United States, a very large surface action task force between our two main adversaries, probing very closely to United States shores is concerning. ... It just solidifies this idea that we've entered a new era of authoritarian aggression led by the dictators in Beijing and Moscow who are increasingly aggressive."


Ukraine seeks progress towards peace at Saudi Arabia talks - Aug 7

Lharmen Daniel 9:27 they will make a one week peace deal with many and it will not make it the week before the 3rd WW has begun.


Netanyahu says Israel about to make history with Saudis - AUGUST 7, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confident his government can achieve normalization with Saudi Arabia.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confident his government can achieve some form of normalization with Saudi Arabia in the coming months, Netanyahu said in an interview with Bloomberg Television broadcasted on Monday.

“I think that we are about to witness a pivot of history,” he told Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua. “First, there is an economic corridor of energy, transport and communications that naturally goes through our geography from Asia through the Arabian Peninsula to Europe.

“We are going to realize that,” vowed the prime minister, adding, “Saudi Arabia is one of the exceptional things that tells you why I’m very optimistic about Israel.”

AUGUST 7, 2023
Netanyahu meets with 24 Democratic members of Congress
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday welcomed a delegation of 24 Democrats from the U.S. House of Representatives to his Jerusalem office. House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York and previous House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland are leading the trip to Israel this week to discuss the Iranian threat and judicial reform, among other topics.


AUGUST 6, 2023
Syria says four soldiers killed in alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus.

Still from a video purportedly showing an explosion over Damascus, Syria, on August 7, 2023.
Israeli air strikes targeted areas in and near Damascus early Monday, killing four Syrian soldiers, the country’s official media said early Monday.

An AFP correspondent in the capital reported hearing the sound of explosions, and footage shared online appeared to show bright flashes lighting up the sky, either from missile strikes or air defense projectiles.

There was no immediate reaction from Israel, which as a rule does not comment on specific strikes but has admitted to conducting hundreds of sorties against Iran-backed groups attempting to gain a foothold in the country, over the last decade. It also says it attacks arms shipments believed to be bound for Hezbollah and similar groups.

AUGUST 6, 2023
Palestinians not a roadblock to Saudi deal, says Israeli FM

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen seen during an interview at the ministry in Jerusalem, June 12, 2023. (photo: Yossi Aloni, Flash90)
The Palestinian issue will not be an obstacle to normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia, according to Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

Jerusalem’s top diplomat made the remarks in a wide-ranging interview with Arabic-language online newspaper Elaph that is set to be published on Monday, excerpts from which were seen by Ynet.

“The current Israeli government will take steps to improve the Palestinian economy,” Cohen stated, amid reports that one of Riyadh’s demands for a U.S.-brokered deal to join the Abraham Accords involves concessions to the Palestinians.

“A visit to Israel by a Saudi foreign minister would be a day of celebration,” Cohen remarked...

AUGUST 6, 2023
China, Russia send naval warships near Alaska, triggering forceful US response.

Warships belonging to the Chinese Navy take part in a joint naval exercise in the East China Sea on Dec. 21, 2022, with Russian naval ships. (photo: Li Yun, Xinhua via Getty Images)
China and Russia conducted a joint naval operation near U.S. territory earlier this week, triggering a large response from the U.S. Navy, Fox News Digital has learned.

The joint operation, conducted by two significant American adversaries, consisted of 11 ships and neared Alaska's southwestern coast, according to Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, who was briefed on the matter earlier this week by U.S. defense officials. Sullivan said the U.S. Navy ultimately mobilized four destroyers to guide the Chinese and Russian ships away from American waters.

"This is unprecedented in terms of the size and scope of this joint naval task force between Russia and China, working very closely together," Sullivan told Fox News Digital in a phone interview late Saturday. "Whether you live in Alaska like I do, or on the East Coast of the United States, a very large surface action task force between our two main adversaries, probing very closely to United States shores is concerning. ... It just solidifies this idea that we've entered a new era of authoritarian aggression led by the dictators in Beijing and Moscow who are increasingly aggressive."


Aug 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - Openly killing white people has begun in Africa and will soon move to go World wide. Especially when the Muslim Mosque in Jerusalem is destroyed.


FM Cohen: 'Israel is the closest it has ever been to peace agreement with Saudi Arabia' - Aug 4

"I think that the window of opportunity is until March of next year, as from then onwards the U.S. is drawn into an election. We always talk about the Israeli interest, but peace with Saudi Arabia is an American interest with the goal of improving regional stability and improving the economy. It is also a distinct Saudi interest," he added.
Lharmen - March 29th is when I had My truck stolen and I was made to live in a tent. They can only make peace with the Saudi's if they part God's land . Prophecy says they have parted God's land when the Lord comes back says this deal has to be made. Watch for it to be made for one week and or for 7 years. We look up when the4se thing begin to come to pass = Luke 21 and both solar eclipses are back to back starting at the end of March 2024 = March 28th.



79-Year-Old Farmer Tortured and Murdered One Day After "Kill the Boer" farmer - Musk: "They Are Openly Pushing for Genocide of White People in South Africa" - Aug 3

Lharmen - during the coming Time of the Gentiles this kill all white people will be said World wide.


Biden wants to bring Israel and Saudi Arabia together. But why? - Aug 4

The normalization, as it is being discussed in Washington policy circles, would not feature the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.


In sign of increased tensions with Iran, US forces build up presence in Persian Gulf - Aug 3

Trump Says He Could Face a Combined 561 Years in Prison From the Left's Witch Hunts - Aug 3


Secret Chinese Lab in US Could Indicate Preparations for 'War' - Aug 4

Lharmen - one time it was in China and it was a U.S. funded lab leak = COVID19 and then again it could be a Chinese funded lab leak in the U.S. seems like they do this often = Illuminati Mirror image - It will be Ebola for sure.


Belief in God, angels, Heaven, Hell and devil hit record lows: study - Aug 4

Lharmen - The Great falling away has happened.


Giant solar eruption felt on Earth, Moon and Mars - Aug 3
Lharmen - As I warned for many years we will see massive X class flares/ CME's ahead of the World war. This is only the beginning.


Deadly solar storm coming towards Earth today; CME clouds approaching fast - Aug 2

Lharmen - we will be looking up when Luke 21 begins it will be a massive "X" class solar flare. Yes Luke 21 has looked, many times, like it had begun.


Waves along parts of California coast are getting bigger and badder due to climate change, new study says - Aug 4

Lharmen - Waves and seas roaring Luke 21 say it will happen ahead of the World war.



July 29 / 30 / 31 - Saudi deal will certainly require the Parting of God's land as prophesied they will do ahead of he Lords return. Luke 21 nations will rise against nations then Kingdom against Kingdom. I watch for this to all start around the end of March March 29th/24 as the First prophesied eclipse will happen March 28th/24. We look up when these things begin to come to pass = Solar flare "X" class.


President Biden approves $345 million military aid package to Taiwan as China threats ramp up - July 31

Potential Saudi deal would require ‘significant concessions’ to Palestinians – July 31


US-Saudi deal to normalize Israel ties may be on the way, Biden confirms - July 29


Japanese Man Who Identifies as a Dog, Takes First Public Stroll After $16,000 Transformation, Forms Bonds with Other Canines - July 31

Lharmen - the devil turns the World upside down when the Lord returns.


Pediatrician Fired After Raising Alarm on COVID-19 Vaccines During US Senate Event - July 31

Myocarditis is caused by the COVID-19 vaccines, U.S. officials have confirmed. The heart inflammation primarily affects younger males and can cause death.

“It’s my obligation to speak out. It’s the obligation of any physician who thinks that there is a problem with a product to speak about that product, whether, honestly, whether they’re right or wrong,” Dr. Moon said on EpochTV’s “ATL: Now.” “And in this case, everything I said was completely factual.”


July 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 - Ebola Drug makes the list because it is next to go World wide.


Top Biden aides dispatched to Saudi Arabia to discuss normalization deal - report - July 28

Lharmen - This deal has to be made parting God's land ahead of the 3rd WW.


Biden mulls Saudi deal forcing Netanyahu to abandon extremists - July 28

The suggested security pact and subsequent normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Friedman explained, are subject to concessions made by Israel on preserving the possibility of a two-state solution with the Palestinians.


Biden: US security pact could seal Saudi Arabia-Israel peace - July 27

According to Friedman, the suggested security pact and subsequent normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia are subject to concessions made by Israel on preserving the possibility of a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

While Biden is still undecided over whether to pursue the pact, he had given the order to explore the possibility of an understanding between the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinians, NYT said.


Obesity drugs don't make WHO's essential list, but Ebola, MS drugs added - July 28

Lharmen - It made the list because Ebola is next.


Fed approves hike that takes interest rates to highest level in more than 22 years - July 28


Scientists Implant Subjects With Fake Memories Using Deepfakes - July 28


Russia Preparing to 'Enforce Blockade on Ukraine' With Warships, Says UK - July 28


Scientists Resurrected an Extinct Animal Frozen for 46,000 Years in Siberia - July 28

Recent Peer-Reviewed Report Finds 1 in 35 People Who Took Moderna COVID Shot Had Signs of Heart Damage - July 28



July 22 / 23 / 24 - I do not see anything happening on the 26th of this month but Sept 11th I do . Keep watching for the War with Iran and Syria to happen on that dates. Ebola is coming soon. Massive Israel strike in side Syria near Damascus.


U.S. Marines & Warships Deploy to Middle East; CONFLICT with Iran Coming? | Watchman Newscast - July 24

Lharmen - watching for the attack on Syria and Iran on Sept 11 2023.


Governments Preparing for the 9th of Av Through Feast of Trumpets! Rapture Resurrection! - July 24


Massive Airstrike from Israel: 2 pairs of F-16 warplanes DESTROYED air defense battery near Damascus - July 24


Major Farsided Event + Fainter Earth directed CME - July 24
Lharmen - God said he would show us his back and not his front. We will see massive cronal mass ejections ahead of the 3rd WW.
A large halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed leaving the Sun during the past few hours and it looks to be related to a major farsided solar event. It was so powerful that despite taking place on the other side of the Sun, energetic proton levels streaming past Earth are currently on the rise. Because this was farsided, the CME itself is directed away from our planet.
Lharmen - it was huge.



GeoVax Labs Shares Rise 8% After Patent for Ebola Vaccine - July 24

Lharmen - Why make this if they do not intend to use it??
Ebola is next and the vaccines will have the Ebola Virus in the vaccine. Ebola will kill 1/4 of the Population of the World.


A pacemaker urgently implanted in prime minister’s heart - July 24

PM Binyamin Netanyahu was rushed back to hospital early Sunday and fitted with a pacemaker after the monitor implanted a week ago registered a “transient road block.” Asked whether the monitor had served the prime minister’s life, one of the doctors replied, “Absolutely” The Sheba Medical Center disclosed that the prime minister has a history of “heart conduction problems” going back some 20 years.


Another 10,000 IDF reservists announce they won't serve anymore - July 24


Second US submarine arrives in South Korea amid North Korea tensions - July 24

A US nuclear-powered submarine arrived in South Korea on Monday, only days after the first US nuclear armed submarine made port in the country in four decades, as the two allies seek to boost American strategic assets to deter North Korea.
The USS Annapolis entered a naval base in South Korea' southern island of Jeju, to load military supplies while on an unspecified operational mission, the South Korean navy said.
"The two countries' navies plan to strengthen the combined defense posture with the arrival of the USS Annapolis, and conduct exchange activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the alliance," it said in a statement.


July 19 / 20 / 21 - The next pandemic is very near = Ebola. Jesus returns holographic deception called Project Blue Beam being tested right out in the open in a video.


Project blue beam deception tested out in the open.


Scammers use AI to mimic voices of loved ones in distress - July 21


Conservative Party Suspends Christian Councillor for Calling Pride a Sin - July 21



Biden to NYT: Netanyahu must stop legal reform legislation now - July 19


A skyscraper-size asteroid flew closer to Earth than the moon — and scientists didn't notice until 2 days later - July 21

Lharmen - these are all about preparing the World for Project Blue Beam fake holographic second coming.
A stealthy asteroid the size of a 20-story building hid in the sun's glare before zooming uncomfortably close to Earth on July 13. Scientists didn't notice until July 15.
Lharmen - A 13 date = Illuminati!!


'We don't have any other democracy': Demoted Tel Aviv police chief takes his leave - July 21

Lharmen - Lawless times are here and had to be ahead of the 3rd WW.


New York City Agrees to Pay Violent BLM-Antifa Protesters $13 Million After 450 Businesses Were Damaged in the Riots - July 21

Lharmen - more proof the Devil has turned the world upside-down. They pay the bad guys after the destroyed 450 businesses wow.
Again the number used has 13 in it.


Russia Says Patients Infected With Deadly Bacteria Have Escaped - July 21

Lharmen - Ebola is next 100 percent it is next to sweep the World!

July 15 / 16 / 17 / 18  - I have warned for years there will be Massive "X" class flare that will set all who are chipped free this Just ahead of the war with Syria and Iran.  Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against nations then Kingdom against kingdom will rise against Kingdom ... the Scriptures also say that when these events start we will see our redemption draw near = Massive "X" class solar flare would and could do it as we are to look up for our redemption draws near = it comes from above.


Hezbollah gearing up for showdown with Israel - July 16

In a series of strategic political and military moves, Hezbollah is intensifying preparations for an imminent confrontation with Israel, drawing global attention and raising concerns about regional stability.


US sending fighter jets, warship to Gulf region to protect ships from Iranian seizures - July 18


China, Russia to Start Joint Air, Sea Drill in Sea of Japan - July 18

The Chinese flotilla comprised of five warships and four ship-borne helicopters, left the eastern port of Qingdao and will rendezvous with Russian forces in a "predetermined area," the ministry said on its official WeChat account on Sunday.



After 7 month wait, Biden invites Netanyahu to meet in US in ‘warm’ call with PM set for Sept - July 18

Biden stressed the need for Israel “to take measures to maintain the viability of a two-state solution and improve the security situation in the West Bank,” the White House said, re-emphasizing its support for a paradigm that Netanyahu and his government do not back.
The US president “expressed concern about continued settlement growth and called on all parties to refrain from further unilateral measures.” The Netanyahu government has advanced more settlement construction in six months than any government has in a calendar year, while failing to clamp down on settler violence and wildcat Israeli construction that the US views as inhibiting prospects for a two-state solution.
Lharmen - this peace deal will be made as they have parted God's and ahead of the 3rd WW. This kind of meeting happened on the Sept 19th/17 in the past = Sept U.N. meeting.
Rosh Hashanah Sept. 15 - 17
Yom Kippur Sept. 24 - 25


Alleged Israeli airstrikes target Damascus area - July 19

That airstrike came shortly after reports of alleged Israeli airstrikes in the Homs Governorate in central Syria.


Tucker Carlson on Fire: "No One is Punished For Lying! You Get Punished For Telling the Truth!" - July 18


Russian scientists warn of powerful solar flare activity on Monday - July 18

Lharmen - I have warned for years there will be Massive "X" class flare that will set all who are chipped free this Just ahead of the war with Syria and Iran.
Clip: Powerful solar flare activity is forecast for Monday which may interfere with short-wave communications, Russian scientists said after three flares were observed on the sun on Sunday.
The Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics in Moscow said class X flares were possible, including proton flares, and short-wave radio conditions were expected to deteriorate.

X-class flares are the largest explosions in the solar systems and can create long-lasting radiation storms. Proton flares are a storm of solar energetic particles, composed chiefly of proton.


Barack Obama Defends Children's LGBTQ Books as States Prohibit Them from Schools - July 18

Lharmen - the Antichrist Obama has turned this World upside down.


Barack Obama - Who Promotes Sex Education in Kindergarten - Is Very Sad Porn Books for Children are Being Banned in Several US Schools - Blames Racism - July 18


Malik Obama Tweets Brother Barack Obama is 'Definitely Gay' - Then Deletes Tweet - July 18

Lharmen - the Antichrist will have no desire for Women when he rules.



July 12 / 13 / 14  - The One World organization could come out of this and it could also bring on the Fake one week and seven year peace deal as well -

18-19 September 2023

The 2023 SDG Summit will take place on 18-19 September 2023 in New York. It will mark the beginning of a new phase of accelerated progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals with high-level political guidance on transformative and accelerated actions leading up to 2030.


NATO's military aid to Ukraine brings World War Three closer - Medvedev - July 14

"The completely crazy West could not come up with anything else... In fact, it's a dead end. World War Three is getting closer," Medvedev wrote on the Telegram messaging app.


BREAKING: Lebanon Might Be Preparing to DECLARE WAR On Israel. . .Full border update - July 14


US lawmakers: Iran disagreement at root of Biden snub of Netanyahu - July 14


Biden said to order “reassessment” of relations with Israel - July 14

Friedman points to the Netanyahu’ government’s “unabashed locking in of a one-state solution,” the “rapid clip at which settlement construction is being approved” and its efforts “to push through far-reaching changes to weaken the judiciary.”
When President Isaac Herzog visits Washington next week (Biden has made a point of withholding an invitation to Netanyahu), he will be armed, says Friedman, with the message that “tough love for Israel is a real necessity before it goes off the rails.”
Long before Israeli judicial reform, tensions were high between former President Barack Obama and Netanyahu over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, more commonly referred to as the Iran deal.
Biden has claimed to have a good relationship with Netanyahu, but he has yet to extend a White House invitation to him. At the root of the tension between the two, U.S. lawmakers and analysts say, is Iran.

“I believe that at the core of this tension is President Biden and his administration’s refusal to support one of our greatest allies. In the past, the United States’ steadfast support for Israel was unquestioned. However, the Biden administration continually failed to live up to this standard,” Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) told JNS.


Caroline Glick: Israel must respond forcefully to Hezbollah aggression - July 14


China sends swarms of warplanes, navy ships to Taiwan ahead of annual invasion training: China deploys 68 warplanes toward Taiwan over last 2 days - July 14



July 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 - Global nuclear war is still ever unfolding before us. Russia is the Bear and they will have 3 ribs in his mouth = The E.U. the U.S. and the U.N. .


Belarus claims transfer of Russian nuclear warheads underway (video link) - July 8

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has said Russia's planned transfer of tactical nuclear warheads to Belarus is underway. He repeatedly claimed he would have a veto over their use and said their purpose was exclusively defensive.


A threat to Iran: IDF and US military team up for joint drill - July 10

The IDF and the US have started another joint drill which is a not-so-veiled threat against Iran, the military announced on Monday.
The statement by the IDF did not specifically mention the Islamic Republic by name, but mentioned training for situations where there would be conflict "at a distance" – an often-used code phrase for Iran, and noted use of the KC-46 midair refueling aircraft.
Midair refueling is not necessary for the IDF to strike Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, or Syria, but would be necessary for any potential strike on Tehran.
The Israeli Air Force played a key role in the exercise, reflecting its centrality as Israel’s strategic arm.
In May, the IAF sent, for the first time, F-16 fighter aircraft to Cyprus as part of the “Blue Sun” exercise, which simulated war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. The drill also saw Israeli intelligence-gathering jets, C-130 transport helicopters, Apache gunships, and special forces on the ground.


Biden: This is one of the most extreme Israeli gov'ts I've seen - July 9

Among those problems, are his cabinet’s “extreme” positions related to the Palestinians, while Biden said he is “one of those who believe Israel's ultimate security rests in a two-state solution.”


How the Israeli Air Force is preparing for multi-arena war - July 9

In mid-June, the Israel Defense Forces completed a major two-week war exercise, dubbed “Firm Hand,” which simulated a multi-arena war starting with Hezbollah and Lebanon and spreading to other locations, including Iran.


NATO - Republicans warn that if Ukraine joins NATO, it could send the U.S. into war with Russia - July 10


Hollywood Actor Jim Caviezel Says CIA "Operates World's Biggest Pedophile Ring" - July 11

Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrayed Jesus, claims that the CIA operates the world’s biggest pedophile ring and has some of the world’s most powerful leaders as members.

He talked about it during an interview with Steven Bannon on Tuesday, Bannon focused on promoting Caviezel’s new film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of a former government agent who embarked on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.


Peru Declares National Health Emergency Following "Unusual Increase" in Guillain-Barre Syndrome that May Be Linked to COVID Vaccine - July 11


YouTube Deletes Australian Politician's Parliamentary Speech on COVID-19, Claiming its 'Medical Misinformation' - July 11


July 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 - I look for a major event 9 11 this year as it is the 22 since 911 2001


10 kings could be the Brics order coming soon - July 7

Lharmen - these could be the 10 kings as written as they are aligned with Putin and he will cause the Global Nuclear war to happen.
He is the Bear in scripture and he will rise up and devour much flesh. Makes sense it would come together like this.
7 year peace deal coming in September??? . Keep watching as it is the 22nd SINCE 2001 911.


Law Enforcement Experts Warn of 'Another 9-11' After Bungled Release of Migrant Tied to Terrorism - July 7

Lharmen - I look for a major event 9 11 this year as it is the 22 since 911 2001 = Illuminati do things on this number.


IDF strikes missile launch site in Lebanon - July 6


US has military options for Iran's nuclear threat, CENTCOM air force chief tells 'Post' - July 6


‘Shameful, far-fetched, completely detached from reality,’ Erdan says of UN head’s Jenin comments - July 7

Two days after Israel completed a counter-terrorism operation in Jenin—during which it seized bombs, guns and hundreds of thousands of shekels in terror funds—António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, blamed the Jewish state solely for using excessive force.
The U.N. leader was “deeply disturbed” by the operation, he said on Thursday at a press briefing at U.N. headquarters in New York City.
“Israel’s airstrikes and ground operations in a crowded refugee camp” were the worst violence in the area in years, “with a significant impact on civilians, including more than 100 injured and thousands forced to flee,” he added.


Australia should recognise state of Palestine as part of 'fair go' ethos, de facto ambassador says - July 7

Lharmen - they will part / Divide God's land ahead of the Lords return.


In rare statement, Hamas claims responsibility for string of recent deadly attacks - July 7

Lharmen - The Least of them will draw them out onto their borders the day of the World war = Hamas.


Israel Shells Southern Lebanon Amid Fears of Multifront Escalation - Tensions are high after an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank - July 7


Israeli Air Force hit targets near Damascus overnight - July 7

Alleged strike, second within days, comes amid joint Russian-Syrian air drills over Syria
The exercises, which began Wednesday and were scheduled to last six days, were to “focus on joint air, air defense and electronic warfare operations to counter airstrikes,” the Russian military said.

Russia maintains a significant military presence in Syria, and largely controls its airspace.

Before dawn on Sunday, the Israeli military said fighter jets struck a Syrian air defense battery in response to an anti-aircraft missile launched from the system earlier in the night that exploded in Israeli airspace.


Foreign Policy Elite Call for Bringing Ukraine into NATO Immediately - July 7

Foreign policy “experts” vocally in favour of Ukraine called on Wednesday for bringing the embattled nation into NATO, which many say would risk a direct NATO-Russia war.


More than 4,700 earthquakes detected between Fagradalsfjall and Keilir in 48 hours, Iceland - July 7


United Methodists Lose One-Fifth of US Congregations Over LGBTQ Issues - July 7

Lharmen - you should loose them all!


July 1 / 2 / 3 - 2 state peace deal will be signed ahead of the 3rd WW.


Syrian rocket explodes in mid-air over S. Israeli town - July 2


UK, Canada, Australia call on Israel to reverse approvals for settlement expansion - July 3

In a joint statement late Friday, the foreign ministers of Britain, Australia and Canada condemned Israel’s “continued expansion of settlements” which they described as “an obstacle to peace” and a move that “negatively impacts efforts to achieve a negotiated two-state solution.”
Lharmen - They will make the 2 state deal ahead of the 3rd WW.


Gallant: IDF dealt ‘heavy blow’ to terror, Jenin operation ‘progressing as planned’ - July 3


Biden Admin Used Pride Month To Plaster Christian Countries With Pride Flags, But Not Muslim Ones - July 3



Islamic Jihad chief says his Iran-backed group forming fighting units across W. Bank - July 2


Palestinian Authority may declare bankruptcy - The decision would entail the complete closure of P.A. government offices, leading to possible instability in Judea and Samaria - July 3

Lharmen - I have said this for many years that Hams has to gain control over the West Bank.


France 'on brink of ethnic civil war' as riots spread across the country from Paris - July 3

Lharmen - Distress of nations ahead of the 3rd WW.


Michigan House passes bill that could make using wrong pronouns a felony, fineable up to $10,000 - July 3

Lharmen - freak show !


COVID Vaccine Advocate and Popular Mexican TV Doctor Dies of Alleged COVID-Related Heart Attack - July 3

Lharmen - I said do not take the coming vaccines or you will die from them.


June 28 / 29 / 30 - Looks like any excuse to divert money will do not it is the Palestinian authority will go bankrupt. They were given 1 billion so they say and now they will go bankrupt.


Palestinian Authority may declare bankruptcy - June 30

The Palestinian Authority is mulling the possibility of declaring financial bankruptcy, Kan Reshet Bet, Israel’s Public Broadcasting service, reported on Wednesday.

The decision would entail the complete closure of P.A. government offices, leading to possible instability in Judea and Samaria, as the P.A. is the largest employer in the areas under its control.

A large number of Palestinian security personnel have already resigned and are looking for work in the private sector, the news site reported. In recent months, they have been receiving 80% of their salaries, and many have gone into debt, upon which the banks close their accounts.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Knesset panel recently that the P.A. would not be allowed to fail.


Blinken: West Bank unrest makes it harder to reach normalization deal with Saudis - June 30


World Zionist Organization, MKs push Jordan Valley annexation with new Knesset group - June 30

The head of the World Zionist Organization called for Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley on Wednesday, as right-wing lawmakers launched a new Knesset group with that goal.
“Fifty-six years since we liberated Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, and there’s still no sovereignty,” Yaakov Hagoel said, using the biblical terms for the West Bank. “We’re patient, but we’re running out of patience, and need action.”
“We need to implement sovereignty. Both the right and the left want sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, and the sooner the better,” Hagoel said. The WZO is a non-governmental umbrella group based in Jerusalem and focused on promoting Zionism.


France to deploy 40,000 officers amid riots over police killing of teen - June 30



June 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 -  Russia warring with their own .. is this real or mind controlled or what .... When does this happen??? P.A. can not collapse = Netanyahu = Ya that is the first thing I would say... not.


Mutinous Wagner troops halt advance on Moscow after Russian capital placed on “anti-terror alert” - June 27

However, on Saturday night, Prigozhin suddenly ordered his army to halt its advance on Moscow “to avoid bloodshed.”

The Wagner force was created by Putin in 2015. He bought Prigozhin’s plan to finance a separate military force to function outside the regular army in the service of the Kremlin’s overseas objectives. They took their model from the private security contractors used by the Americans. The force that swelled to a total of 50,000 fighting men has fought for Russia in troubled arenas like Syria, Sudan, Libya and Ukraine. The army itself disliked the mercenary force, mainly because, unlike US contractors, its units are mostly manned by convicted criminals set free to enlist.

The Wagner force and the Russian army finally clashed on the Ukraine battlefield. Prigozhin thought his men should come first in the allocation of weapons and ammunition supplies. The generals took issue. He then challenged the army, accusing Shoigu of hiding “colossal” failings on the battlefield from Putin. He claied that 2,000 Wagner men were killed as a result of strikes ordered by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Lharmen the land of israel today is full of Russians = In Jerusalem a travel advisory was issued to Israelis to avoid trips to Russia until further notice. The foreign ministry estimates that around 70,000 Israeli citizens are currently visiting Russia, and half a million Russian Jews are eligible for immigration to Israel.


Shock: After Covid Pandemic's End, Over 500 Excess Heart Deaths are Being Recorded Every Week in England - June 27


US cuts cooperation with Israel across Green Line – June 27

The Biden administration has reverted to the Obama stipulation that barred US scientific and technological cooperation with Israel in geographical areas beyond the pre-1967 borders. The West Bank, Jerusalem and the Golan were said deemed subject to permanent status negotiations for a two-state solution.


Netanyahu: PA cannot be allowed to collapse - June 27

Lharmen - they are created and controlled by the land of Israel . That is why no one that lives anywhere near the land of Israel trusts Abbas...and never will.


Netanyahu: "Israel needs to eliminate the Palestinian aspiration for statehood" - June 27

Lharmen - That is why they should not be allowed to collapse : P. The land will be parted and they quite often say one thing all while preparing the opposite behind the scenes.
QUOTE = If that quote is accurate, and no one denied it, it reflects a change in Netanyahu's position from his famous Bar-Ilan speech in 2009, at the beginning of his premiership and the presidency of Barack Obama. Back then, he stated that he would support a Palestinian state if he received international guarantees of its demilitarization and if the Palestinians accepted Israel as the Jewish homeland.
Netanyahu sails with open eyes into confrontation with Biden June 27


Israel 'very optimistic' about Saudi Arabia ties within one year - FM Cohen - June 27


IDF sends 2 more battalions to West Bank after series of settler attacks - June 27

The two battalions deployed Sunday included the 17th battalion from the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders and the 934th Battalion of the Nahal Brigade.
Last week, following a deadly terror attack at a gas station near the settlement of Eli, the army deployed four more battalions to the area: the Egoz and Maglan commando units, Golani’s 13th Battalion and Paratrooper’s 202nd Battalion.


They Want To Implement A Global System Of Digital Identification "For All" That Would Be Connected To Our Bank Accounts - June 27


Fully Naked Men Expose Their Genitalia to Children at Seattle Pride Parade - June 27



June 22 / 23 - Red Heifer could be sacrificed ahead of Passover March 29th. The exact day = 29th that I was put into a tent . It will be 2 Sabbath years = 14 if this happens March 29th 2024.


Shabbat of the Red Heifer March 29 2024 - June 23

What is Shabbat Parah?
Shabbat Parah ("Sabbath [of the] red heifer" שבת פרה) takes place on the Shabbat preceding Shabbat HaChodesh, in preparation for Passover.
Shabbat Parah for Hebrew Year 5784 begins at sundown on Friday, 29 March 2024 and ends at nightfall on Saturday, 30 March 2024. This corresponds to Parashat Tzav.

Shabbat Parah (“Sabbath [of the] red heifer” שבת פרה) takes place on the Shabbat before Shabbat HaChodesh, in preparation for Passover. Numbers 19:1-22 describes the parah adumah (“red heifer”) in the Jewish temple as part of the manner in which the kohanim and the Jewish people purified themselves so that they would be ready (“pure”) to sacrifice the korban Pesach.



After Biden Sent $1B to PLO, Israeli Deaths Rose 900% - June 23

When Secretary of State Blinken met with PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas, he boasted of the over billion dollars in aid that the Biden administration had programmed for the terrorist territories.

That aid has come with a very heavy price.
Lharmen - Obama Biden same guys who created and fund to this day ISIS . ISIS behead Christians and they will do this World wide once the Temple mount is destroyed in Jerusalem.
By the time the year was over, 17 people in Israeli areas had been killed. The over 400% increase in deaths was only the beginning. In 2022, 31 Israelis or people in Israeli areas were killed, up from only 3 in 2020, for a massive 900% increase in casualties since the restoration of foreign aid to the terrorists. This was the worst death toll since 2015 under Obama.
Lharmen - So if they make a peace deal with Obama they deserve the out come they know who these people are Antichrist.


Ukraine Needs Over $6B Aid in Next 12 Months: Prime Minister - June 23


Vatican Promotes Study Calling for 'Radical Inclusion' of LGBTQ+ - June 23


Sen. John Kennedy: Unless you think there's an award for being stupid, you know there are two biological sexes - June 23


Bryson Gray's New Song Urging Americans To 'Reclaim the Rainbow' From 'The Alphabet Mafia' Is Going Viral - June 23

A new rap song calling on Americans to “Reclaim the Rainbow” from the LGBTQ+ cult is rocketing to the top of the iTunes charts.
Hip-hop artists Bryson Gray and Jimmy Levy released amid a massive demonstration against the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ‘Pride Night’ celebration of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


People Really Don't Want Elon Musk to Put Chips in Their Brains - June 23



June 20 / 21  - Obama created ISIS is still killing Christians. Putin will use Nukes across the World when the Daily sacrifice happens = Passover 2024 April end unless God effects a delay. Both the Sun turning to darkness and the Moon to Blood happen ahead of the Passover 2024 April.


Biden warns the threat of Putin using tactical nuclear weapons is ‘real’ - June 21

Lharmen - he will during Passover 2024 if they have daily sacrifices and or God does not allow an extension of these times.


Israel agreed to give up sovereignty in part of Jerusalem Old City, including part of the Temple Mount as basis for peace talks in 2000 - document - June 21

Clip: Newly declassified response to Clinton proposal under PM Ehud Barak shows Jerusalem was willing to accept Palestinian sovereignty in much of Temple Mount as basis for peace talks.
Israel agreed in principle to give up its sovereignty in parts of Jerusalem’s Old City, including part of the Temple Mount, during peace negotiations with the Palestinians 23 years ago, according to a newly declassified document.

The Israel State Archives on Sunday published Jerusalem’s official response to then-US president Bill Clinton’s Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal in 2000, the Ynet news site reported.





Obama created Islamic State massacre in Uganda kills at least 45 chrisitians in a school - June 21

At least 45 people have been killed at the Christian Lhubiriha secondary school in western Uganda by rebels linked to the Islamic State group. Many more are in critical condition; a number of students are still unaccounted for. Soldiers are pursuing the Islamic terrorists into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), long a bastion of rebel and Islamic aggression that is spreading across Central Africa and targeting neighboring Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.


Moscow bizarrely claims US plans to drop mosquitos with malaria onto Russian troops - June 21

Lharmen - they are constantly dropping Mosquito spray here in Edmonton = Who knows what they have put into it.


Canadian High School Students Stage Walkout Against Gender Ideology Forced in Classes - June 21


Well-funded Christian group behind US effort to roll back LGBTQ+ rights - June 21

Since it was formed in 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has been at the center of a nationwide effort to limit the rights of women and LGBTQ+ people, all in the name of Christianity. The Southern Poverty Law Center has termed it an “anti-LGBTQ hate group” that has extended its tentacles into nearly every area of the culture wars.

In the process, it has won the ear of some of the most influential people in the US, and become “a danger to every American who values their freedoms”, according to Glaad, the LGBTQ+ advocacy organization.


Utah school district returns the Bible to shelves after appeals and outcry - June 21



June 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 - Luke 21 will happen when the Sun is darkened and the Moon turn to blood = directly ahead of the Red Heifer sacrifice at Passover 2024. I believe the 29th date is special and it happens to be the last date of the Passover 2024. Tactical nukes to Belarus. Passover 2024 = Keep watching for the Fake one week peace deal and for the 7 year deal at the same time. The sacrifice ceases before the one week is up Daniel 9:27.


March 2024 lunar eclipse - June 19/23

Lharmen - First the Sun turns to darkness then the Moon to blood = both will happen ahead of the Red Heifer sacrifice April 2024.


Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 (Great North American - June 19



Russia moves first tactical nuclear arms to Belarus - June 19

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules Utah City Must Allow All-Ages Drag Show in Public Park - June 19

Lharmen - Obama is the antichrist!


Pence Vows to Fire FBI's Wray; Calls Soros 'Puppet-Master' - June 19

Lharmen - Puppet master = Mind control handler - Neurolink


Maryland Governor Claims That Keeping Sexually Explicit Books From Children is 'Castrating' Them - June 19

Lharmen - because they are not willing to come out of their sins and be clean. Instead they push perversion = Mind controlled.


AI: The worst-case scenario - Artificial intelligence's architects warn it could cause human "extinction." - June 19

They fear that AI will become so superintelligent and powerful that it becomes autonomous and causes mass social disruption or even the eradication of the human race. More than 350 AI researchers and engineers recently issued a warning that AI poses risks comparable to those of "pandemics and nuclear war." In a 2022 survey of AI experts, the median odds they placed on AI causing extinction or the "severe disempowerment of the human species" were 1 in 10. "This is not science fiction," said Geoffrey Hinton, often called the "godfather of AI," who recently left Google so he could sound a warning about AI's risks. "A lot of smart people should be putting a lot of effort into figuring out how we deal with the possibility of AI taking over."


The 'Right' to Rape and Enslave Non-Muslim Women - June 19

Such men routinely cite the same hadiths and verses from the Koran. Verses 4:3 and 4:24, for instance, permit Muslim men to have sexual relations with as many women as "their right hand possesses" — meaning as many women — all non-Muslim, of course — as they are able to take captive during a jihad.

"In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted." [Emphasis added] —New York Times report.

In Germany, some Muslim migrants act out their conviction that all "German women are there for sex." In the 2016 New Year's celebrations in Cologne, migrants ended up molesting a thousand women.
In Britain, where a large Muslim minority has long existed, thousands of British girls in various regions have been by abused and gang-raped by "grooming gangs" made up largely of Muslims, who apparently deemed it their Islamic right. One rape victim said, "The men who did this to me have no remorse. They would tell me that what they were doing was OK in their culture."

In a separate case, another Muslim convicted of rape told a British court that sharing non-Muslim girls for sex "was part of Somali culture" and "a religious requirement."

[T]he subhuman treatment and sexual degradation of non-Muslim women and children by Muslim men who deem it their "right" is apparently another "exoticism" the West is apparently expected to embrace at the altar of multiculturalism.
Lharmen - Islam was created and is today controlled by the Catholic religion. They will hunt and kill and rape White people who are Christians in the tribulation period.


June 13 / 14 / 15 - We will see the Fake one week and could see the 7 year Peace deal happen during the Passover week that Ends at the end of April 2024. They will sacrifice the Red Heifer. Proof comes from the People who are connected to the coming sacrifice


What's the Latest on the Red Heifer Mystery? | Marking the End Times with Passover sacrifice 2024 - June 15

Lharmen - Passover 2024 is when the 3rd WW and the fake one week peace deal will happen and possible the 7 year peace deal at the same time.



NATO's largest-ever air force drill sends message to Russia = AirDefender23- June 13

NATO has launched what it’s calling its "largest deployment exercise" in history, aimed at sending a message to countries like Russia that it "is ready to defend every inch of Allied territory."

The two-week long "Air Defender" exercise is set to run until June 23 and will involve 25 countries, 10,000 personnel and 250 aircraft, according to NATO.
Lharmen - this is happening at the same time as the African Lion23 which is also the worlds largest exercise.


They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion = African Lion 2023- June 7

African Lion 2023, U.S. Africa Command's largest annual combined, joint exercise that will take place in Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia from May 13-June 18, 2023....

Lharmen - they say Obama is from Africa = Lion!


Alleged Israeli air strikes near Damascus hit Pro-Iran militia warehouses - June 14

Lharmen - Damascus destruction we see our maker with our eyes -  Isaiah 17:1-7


Abraham Accords special envoy bill passes US House - June 14

Reflecting the broad, bipartisan nature of political support for the Abraham Accords, the Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords Act passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 413-13. It now heads to the Senate.
Lharmen - masons and the number 13 = 2 times!! These deals are about to Part God's land ahead of the 3rd WW.


US, Iran close to reaching ‘informal, unwritten agreement’ - June 15

According to the report, some Iranian officials are calling the unwritten deal a “political cease-fire.” The agreement, which two Israeli officials called “imminent,” would limit Iran’s uranium enrichment to its current production level of 60%. Iran would also put a stop to attacks against American contractors in Syria and Iraq by the regime’s terrorist proxies.
Lharmen - Iran is about to make the peace deal a second time as all major deals are made 2 times in the bible. Watch for the second one week peace deal.
Clip: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Jerusalem can accept the emerging “mini-agreement,” according to Hebrew media reports.
Lharmen - this will be a mini deal to ...start.


SBC messengers approve proposed amendment banning women pastors in denomination - June 15

Lharmen - it is not allowed in scripture they are forbidden to preach in a church but not under a tree like the bibles prophetess Deborah.
Clip: The amendment was passed by approximately 80% of the SBC's messengers by raised ballot. The new measure establishes a condition for churches to affiliate with the SBC: no woman within the church would be permitted to hold the title of pastor. For the amendment to be permanently made to the SBC constitution, it must pass at next year's meeting as well, according to the SBC Constitution.

"I move that the Constitution of the Southern Baptist Convention be amended to include an enumerated 6th item under Article 3, Paragraph 1, concerning composition. The enumerated 6th item would read: '6. Does not affirm, appoint, or employ a woman as a pastor of any kind,'" Law said from the floor on Wednesday.


June 10 / 11 / 12 - God will put hooks in Putin's Jaws and drag him into Battle with the West in a Massive Nuclear exchange after Iran and Syria are destroyed in Battle = with the West. The Al Aqsa  Mosque will be completely destroyed by their design. This so the Antichrist can sit there and say he is God in the Rebuilt Temple. This war will happens during the Fake Peace deal the Devil will make with the Land of Israel.

Abbas to visit China after offer to help revive peace talks with Israel - June 12

“We firmly support the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital."
Lharmen - they have parted God's land when he comes back at Armageddon.


NATO to launch its biggest-ever drill, hosted by Germany, in show of force to Russia - June 12

Exercise, which begins Monday, will host 250 aircraft and simulate massive air deployment in reaction to an attack on a member state.
The Air Defender 23 exercise starting this coming week will see 10,000 participants and 250 aircraft from 25 nations respond to a simulated attack on a NATO member country. The United States alone is sending 2,000 US Air National Guard personnel and about 100 aircraft to take part in the
June 12-23 training maneuvers.
Lharmen - wow the U.S. is involved in the largest military drills ever. Put these drills with the African Lion23 and you have unprecedented Military movement aligning against Russia and their Allies = World wide. Watch for the one week peace deal where they agree to part God's Land. Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against Nations and then Kingdom will rise against Kingdom and here we see the Kingdoms rising against Kingdom. Watch for the One week and the 7 year peace deals either one as Daniel 9:27 says one week.


'Iran knows breakout to 90% enrichment will result in an Israeli strike' - June 12

Lharmen - Iran today told  us said they are there and about to go nuclear. This says the strike on Iran and Syria is nearing, as predicted in Scripture = Daniel 8 this will happen!

I say it happens during the Red Heifer sacrifices likely to happen in April 2024 = Passover under the Ebola Threat. If they sign the Peace deal in the coming week then it is now.


US & Israel stunned: Iran offers to help Saudis develop nuclear program – with China’s backing - June 12


The Top 15 Cities for Murder in the United States are All Run by Democrats, New Survey Finds - June 12

Lharmen - Obama and Biden are both Democrats and they control MK Ultra mind control projects today. controlled Evil they call Chaos.


How to watch a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid the size of Earth's tallest building zoom past the planet Sunday - June 12


June 8 / 9 -  Watch for the Pope to sign the Peace deal now or during Passover 2024. God will let until the Devil is taken out of the way.


Pope Francis will remain in hospital after a hernia-related surgery in Rome - June 9

Pope Francis underwent abdominal surgery Wednesday afternoon after being admitted to A. Gemelli University Hospital in Rome, according to the Vatican. He is expected to remain in the hospital for several days as he recovers.

The procedure "took place without complications and lasted three hours," the Vatican announced. As a precaution, all of the pontiff's audiences are cancelled through June 18.
Lharmen - Keep your eyes open for former Pope Ratzinger to pop up and sign the Peace deal for one week and seven years.
The Vatican has sent a cardinal to Ukraine to see if they can negotiate a peace deal . Pope, Putin and Obama could sign these deals the very near future.


Pope Francis sends Cardinal Zuppi to Ukraine to promote a 'just peace' - June 9

Francis has sought to position the Vatican as a mediator for peace in Ukraine ever since Russian troops invaded the country in February 2022. Upon hearing news of the invasion, the pope dismissed protocol and rushed to the Russian embassy in Rome to promote peace.
The success of peacemaking efforts in the coming weeks may depend on the success of the two armies on the ground.

Lharmen - they say peace peace when there is no peace


Pope Francis in hospital for second abdominal surgery in two years - June 8

Lharmen - I do not think Francis is Satan I think he is Ratzinger but who ever signs the coming peace deal one week or 7 years or both he is the man of Sin the Head of the Body of Death.


China's 'Worst Case Scenario' Preparation Signals War Could Be on Horizon: Retired Colone - June 8


There are Now 250 "Out-of-Control" Fires in Canada, Here's Why Some Say It's All 'Planned' - June 9

Lharmen = it is all planned to weaken the Nations = Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.


Fast and Furious Star Says Hollywood is "Normalizing the Devil" - June 9


June 6 / 7 - They could soon make a fake one week peace deal very soon. we will see the War with Iran and Syria happen during a fake one week peace deal = The IDF go to war around the New Moon and it is the exact date they end these drills = June 18. Scripture talks about the fig tree and the fact it is pointing to Summer as being on the doorstep June 20th is that date. This war comes as a snare upon an unsuspecting World. They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion = African Lion23. The Muslim Temple on the Temple Mount will soon have to be destroyed to make way for the 3rd Temple so they can sacrifice the Red Heifers in Jerusalem = in defiance of our Lord bringing on his wrath.


They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion = African Lion 2023- June 7

African Lion 2023, U.S. Africa Command's largest annual combined, joint exercise that will take place in Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia from May 13-June 18, 2023....

The Israel Defense Forces on Monday said it had sent a delegation of troops to participate in a major American-led military drill held in Morocco and nearby African nations, a first for the Israeli army.

The US Africa Command said its joint annual drill with Morocco — dubbed “African Lion” — involves some 8,000 service members, and would run between May 13 through June 18.

Israeli troops are only participating in the drill in Morocco, though parts of the exercise are also held in Ghana, Senegal, and Tunisia, which does not have any diplomatic ties with Israel.
In all, troops from 18 countries, including the host nations, are to participate in the African Lion 2023 drill, AFRICOM said.
Lharmen - this exercise ends days ahead of Summer = June 18th. They come across the swelling of Jordan as a Lion. Keep your eyes on this one for them to sneak attack the land of Syria and the land of Iran . This would be the Daniel 8 war when we see our Maker is when Damascus ceases to be a city = Isaiah 17:1-7.


Blinken says Israeli settlement expansion is obstacle to 'horizon of hope' - June 7

“We believe we can and must play an integral role in advancing it,” Blinken continued before acknowledging that “there are no illusions that this can be done quickly or easily.”

Saudi Arabia is seeking several large concessions from the US in exchange for normalization. Riyadh has also made clear to the Biden administration that any agreement with Israel will have to include a significant gesture for the Palestinians, a senior US official told The Times of Israel in May.
However, the secretary in his Monday remarks reiterated the Biden administration’s position that “normalization efforts are not a substitute for progress between Israelis and Palestinians,” and that they should be leveraged to improve Palestinian livelihood and advance a two-state solution.
Lharmen - they have parted God's land when the 3rd WW happens so this deal will happen ahead of it.


In first, IDF sends troops to participate in major US-led drill in Morocco - June 7


According to the Islamic tradition, Aisha was six or seven years old when she was married off by her father to Muhammad - June 7

According to the Islamic tradition, Aisha was six or seven years old when she was married off by her father to Muhammad.[28] This is reported across many of the books of Hadith, the earliest being the report recorded by the companion of Imam Malik, Ibn Wahb in his hadith collection "al Jami' - Ibn Wahb" in which Aisha recollects the time when she was married off to Muhammad. Similar reports can be found in the famous Sahih compilations by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim.[29][30]

As for what has been transmitted on her age of marriage through the Sirah and Tarikh literature, Ibn Sa'd's biography holds her age at the time of marriage as between six and seven, and gives her age at consummation to be nine while Ibn Hisham's biography of Muhammad suggests she may have been ten years old at consummation.[31] Al-Tabari notes Aisha to have stayed with her parents after the marriage and consummated the relationship at nine years of age since she was young and sexually immature at the time of marriage; however, elsewhere Tabari appears to suggest that she was born during the Jahiliyyah (before 610 C.E), which would translate to an age of about twelve or more at marriage.[32][33]

In Islamic literature, the young age of her marriage did not draw any significant discourse; nonetheless, Spellberg and Ali find the very mention of her age to be atypical of early Muslim biographers, and hypothesize a connotation to her virginity and religious purity.[31][34][a] Her age did not interest later Muslim scholars either, and even went unremarked-upon by medieval and early-modern Christian polemicists.[36] Early Orientalist writers—despite taking a condescending approach towards Muhammad and Islam—did not focus on Aisha's age but instead on Muhammad's engaging in polygamy, the ethics of marrying for political causes, etc.[37] A few, however chose to explain the age-gap—passively and without any condemnation—, citing the contemporary understanding of the Orient as a hot place, that promulgated sexually deviant practices.[38]

Beginning in the late nineteenth century, with the East and its alleged immoralities subject to increasing opprobrium,[b] the colonizing powers sought to regulate the age of consent. As such efforts ran into conflicts with local forms of Sharia, pointers to Aisha's age at marriage (and the associated Prophetic precedent) proliferated across the archives in explaining the backwardness of Muslim societies and their reticence to reforms.[40] In response, some Muslims[c] chose to align themselves with the projects of modernization and re-calculated her age—using deft stratagems of omission and commission—to fix it at early adolescence, but conservatives rejected such revisionist readings since they flew in the face of ʻilm al-ḥadīth.[41]

In the mid-20th century, growing concerns of Islamic extremism led to Muslim societies and Islam itself to come under scrutiny. Pointed criticisms of Aisha's young age at marriage began to appear; this has since prompted many[d] Muslim scholars to contextualize the traditionally accepted age of Aisha with renewed vigor, emphasizing cultural relativism, anachronism, the political dimensions of the marriage, Aisha's non-ordinary physique, etc.[43][e] In the late-twentieth century and early twenty-first century, opponents of Islam have used Aisha's age to accuse Muhammad of pedophilia, as well as explain a reported higher prevalence of child marriage in Muslim societies.[45]
Lharmen - they are Sunni = Sun God worshippers created by the Catholics also Pagan Sun worshippers and always have been.


June 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 - We are watching continuous talk about imminent peace deals with many nations. They will have to part God's land to accomplish this . God told us they will do this ahead of his return. We are very close. ?? Ahead of Summer all the way until the sacrifice the red Heifers daily during Passover 2024. They could do it any time as I find no proof they need to be older than they are today.


China tells West to 'Stop Sending Weapons To Kyiv'; U.S. warns against peace that rewards Putin - June 5

Lharmen - Kingdom against Kingdom = Luke 21


Cairo reportedly pushing to secure 'long-term truce' between Gaza and Israel - and is even bringing in Iran in the preliminary talks. - June 5


Israel normalization on agenda as Blinken heads to Saudi Arabia next week - June 5

Riyadh next week, with warming ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia on the agenda for talks with senior Gulf officials.

During the June 6-8 trip, Blinken will “discuss US-Saudi strategic cooperation on regional and global issues and a range of bilateral issues including economic and security cooperation,” the State Department said.
The remarks by US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf Wednesday followed several reports purporting to reveal breakthroughs in the negotiations and new details on supposed conditions that the US and Saudi Arabia had set in exchange for reaching a deal with Israel.
“We will not delay in providing assistance to the Palestinian people in recovering their lands, restoring their legitimate rights and establishing an independent state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,” he said in his address to the Jeddah conference. “The Palestinian issue was and remains the central issue for Arab countries, and it is at the top of the kingdom’s priorities.”

The comments were largely standard for leadership in Riyadh, which has long insisted publicly that it remains committed to the Palestinian cause and will only normalize ties with Israel after a two-state solution has been reached.

This has not stopped the Biden administration from working to strike a deal between Jerusalem and Riyadh, with Sullivan calling it a “national security interest” earlier in May.
The diplomat speculated that a Palestinian-related demand would likely be raised toward the end of the negotiations.


May 30 / 31 / 1 - Watch for the war with Iran and Syria = Daniel 8 war . The Temple mount would get hit to bring on the Time of the Gentiles wars against the Family of Jacob = Jacobs trouble. Market troubles Maybe = June 5 “X-date.”


Israel WARNS Iran Attack May Be Imminent; Biden to REVIVE Iran Nuclear Talks? - June 1

Lharmen - War drills that will see all Israel's enemies attacked = Daniel 8 war could very easily be near. Firm Hand.
Firm Hand' to drill multi-front conflict. The IDF launched the "Firm Hand" exercise on Sunday, with the exercise set to end in about two weeks.


US may buy Israeli silence on Iran in exchange for Saudi peace - June 1

The U.S. seeks to silence Israeli opposition to a revived Iran nuclear deal by offering to broker a Saudi-Israeli normalization deal in exchange, Israel Hayom reported on Thursday.
Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi flew Wednesday to Washington for meetings with U.S. officials about the possible Iran deal, which Israel strongly opposes, and Saudi-Israel relations, which Israel strongly supports.
Although U.S. President Joe Biden once referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or 2015 Iran nuclear deal, as “dead” on the sidelines of a Nov. 4, 2022, mid-term election rally, recent reports suggest his administration is still working towards some kind of agreement.
Lharmen - Some kind of Peace deal coming is what they are telling us. Watch for it to start with the one week phase and be made for 7 years.

IAEA: Iran can now make two nuclear bombs – four within a month, says an expert - June 1


Gallant: Israel may be called on to act over new Iranian nuclear developments - June 1


Israel concerned by reports US-Iran nuclear deal imminent - June 1

Israel is worried by reports of an interim nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran being reached “in the coming days and weeks,” Israeli media reported on Monday.
Specifically, Jerusalem is concerned about a deal that would allow the regime in Tehran to freeze part of its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of U.S. sanctions, according to Kan News.
Lharmen - Peace deal directly ahead of Summer. Watch for the start of the Massive Market plunge possibly June 5th ?? deal looks near but it is still possible. We will eventually see the Peace deal and the War coverage during the fake one week deal. We will see Ebola as well.
Clip: The bill is expected to get more than 40 Senate Democratic votes, which means it would likely need at least 10-20 “yes” votes from Senate Republicans to get to President Biden’s desk before the June 5 deadline set by Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen.

McConnell on Sunday came out strongly in favor of the deal negotiated between Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) but he faces a brewing rebellion on his right flank.
The big question looming over Washington is whether Lee will drag out the Senate debate on the bill past the June 5 deadline, which would risk a default and severe turmoil in the financial markets.
McConnell has pledged the nation will not default on its debts but he also has a responsibility as leader to help Republican colleagues who want to amend the legislation, which could delay it past the June 5 “X-date.”

“The Senate must act swiftly and pass this agreement without unnecessary delay,” he said in a statement Sunday.


What Debt Ceiling Crisis? Biden Regime to Send Another $300M Package for Ukraine - June 1


May 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 -  Watch for the fake one week peace deal while the stock Market is tanking badly ahead of June 20th = Summer. The Parable of the fig tree summer is on the doorstep so all these signs we look for could also include the Summer sign?


Biden says US debt deal 'very close' as default deadline pushed to June 5 - Posted May 29

Lharmen - when they agree in principle it means they have not agreed at all. Watch for the fail ahead of the Luke 21's fulfilment = famine starts and the second Pestilence will start while they make the prophesied one week peace deal and possibly the 7 year deal at the same time. This while Pestilence and Famine start.
That is also not a good date because 6 and 5 = 11 and the Masons have used it many time when we see disasters. 911 and 605 years of the Spanish inquisition 6+5=11 again armistice 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour = 33 KKK = 33 as 11 is the 11th letter. They use it continuously when they do evil = Sign their works with it. They warned the us Market plunge happens then war coverage = When Luke 21 begins we see our maker. Revelation 13 could happen in weeks as summer is very near June 20th. The New Moon is the 18th and the Land of Israel goes to war around the darkness the New Moon provides them.


Putin Stations Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus, Raising Alarm From White House - May 29


Medvedev: In a nuclear war, a pre-emptive strike is the rule - May 28

Israel blamed for air strikes in Damascus vicinity - May 29

Lharmen - we see our Maker when Damascus gets destroyed = Isaiah 17:1-7


Iran-backed Hizballah holds second drill for capturing Israel locale - May 27


Biden and McCarthy reach a final deal to avoid US default and now must sell it to Congress - May 27

With days to spare before a potential first-ever government default, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached final agreement Sunday on a deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and worked to ensure enough support in Congress to pass the measure in the coming week.
The Democratic president and Republican speaker spoke late in the day as negotiators rushed to draft and post the bill text for review, with compromises that neither the hard-right or left flank is likely to support. Instead, the leaders are working to gather backing from the political middle as Congress hurries toward votes before a June 5 deadline to avert a damaging federal default.
“The agreement prevents the worst possible crisis, a default, for the first time in our nation’s history,” he said. “Takes the threat of a catastrophic default off the table.”


Nasrallah warns IDF intel chief: We are the ones threatening war - May 27

The Hezbollah chief spoke responded to the words of Aharon Haliva, emphasizing that "any war will include all of Israel's borders."
Lharmen - God tells us that IDF will be drawn out onto all her borders ahead of the 3rd WW. When the Land of Israel is encompassed with armies know the time of her desolation is near.
Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;
Jeremiah 49:20 Therefore hear the counsel of the LORD, that he hath taken against Edom; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the inhabitants of Teman: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitations desolate with them.


President of Belarus hospitalised after meeting with Putin - May 28

Lharmen - he sprayed him with Liquid Sarin. Like they have done many times to Me = Lharmen.
Clip: Valery Tsepkalo, Belarusian opposition leader, said that after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was taken to the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow in critical condition.
The organised measures to save the Belarusian dictator were intended to ward off speculation about the possible participation of the Kremlin in his poisoning. It does not matter whether he returns to working condition or not, doctors warn of a possible recurrence of relapses. "
Lharmen = Poisoning = Sarin. It came from Bashar al-Assad the Syrian President God is furious with. Damascus destruction dead ahead. Sarin = A colourless, odourless liquid, it is used as a chemical weapon due to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. Exposure is lethal even at very low concentrations, ... Lharmen no poisons can effect Gods chosen.


Over 170 wildfires break out across Israel amid heavy heatwave - May 27

Lharmen - World wide Wild fires are raging at an unheard of level. Lucifer is weakening the Nations ahead of his Fall.


Obama-Linked GLSEN Organization Was Handing Out 'Fisting Kits' to Children at Public Conference - Now Target Is Partnering with GLSEN in Promoting Gender Transition in Schools - May 27

Canadistan Is Out of Control: New Survey Shows Growing Population Support for Euthanizing the Poor and Homeless - Number of Assisted Suicides Skyrockets Ten-Fold in Half a Decade to 10 Thousand People - May 26

Lharmen - They secretly devise to Devour the Poor ...here it is.


Elon Musk's Brain-Computer Company "Neuralink" Receives FDA Approval to Launch Human Clinical Trial - May 26

Lharmen - The World is already chipped as I was in 1975.
Clip: “One third of Canadians are apparently fine with prescribing assisting suicide for no other reason than the fact that the patient is poor or homeless.


May 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 - Watch for the snap One week peace deal. Watch for Ebola to start.

US hoarding Ebola drugs - May 25

Lharmen - because Ebola is next. When it starts we could see the War with Iran and Syria.

Market plunge then War coverage = June 1 is a “hard deadline.”

 2 state Peace deal is coming very soon maybe next weeks as Luke 21 could also be starting as well.


US conditions Israel-Saudi talks on halt to judicial reform - May 25

Abraham Accords partner Bahrain has been brokering telephone diplomacy between Jerusalem and Riyadh, coordinating a recent call between Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss normalization.

Prince Mohammed said last week at the 2023 Arab League Summit in Jeddah that the Palestinians remain the “central issue of the Arab countries and is at the top of the kingdom’s priorities.”

“We will not delay in providing assistance to the Palestinian people in recovering their lands, restoring their legitimate rights and establishing an independent state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,” said the crown prince.
Lharmen - God said when He returns they have parted His land in Israel = 2 state deal and it looks like anyday they might make this deal. This deal will be made for One week and could be made for 7 years as well. Watch for it . It might not make it the full week before the IDF are called out onto all their borders as a trap ahead of their destruction. Obama will be a part of this coming deal. The Pope and Putin should be there as well.


Breaking news Israel is getting ready for a war with Hezbollah - May 25

Lharmen - The Daniel 8 war could happen in the next week or weeks .
Matthew 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:
33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
Lharmen - here in Edmonton the trees are still tender with Summer less than a month away June 20th.


Iran Nuclear Site UNREACHABLE to Bunker Busters? Israel DOUBLES Syria Attacks | Watchman Newscast - May 25

Lharmen - this guy is saying the war with Iran and clearly Syria could be very close. If they make a fake one week peace deal we will soon after see the War with Iran and Syria.



Direct flights from Israel to Saudi Arabia likely next month - May 25

Lharmen - there will likely have to be a peace deal made very soon for this to happen.
Clip: Israel is working with Saudi Arabia to allow direct flights for its Muslim citizens who will undertake the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca next month, the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said Monday. A ministry spokesman told JNS that Israel was working to reach an agreement over the flights. Saudi approval for them would be another step forward in normalization between the nations.


Iran: No red lines if Israel attacks. Netanyahu: Our edge comes from combined human & artificial intelligence - May 25


Top Netanyahu aides to visit US for talks on Iran, Saudi Arabia — report - May 25


EU envoy: ‘No such thing as Area A and B, it’s all Palestine’ - May 25

German diplomat Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, who represents the European Union in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, said on Wednesday during a visit to Samaria, “There is no such thing as Area B and C, it’s all Palestine.”

Areas A, B, and C are three administrative zones in Judea and Samaria established under the Oslo Accords. Area A is under Palestinian Authority civil and security control. Area B is governed by P.A. civil control but joint Israeli-Palestinian security. Area C, roughly 60% of the area, is fully under Israeli civil and military control.

US conditions Israel-Saudi talks on halt to judicial reform and return to peace negotiations - May 25

The White House is demanding that Israel shelve its judicial reform plans in exchange for American support for a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia, according to Israeli media reports.

Washington, along with Riyadh, is also conditioning advancement of the talks on restarting long-dormant negotiations with the Palestinians, according to Channel 12.

Clip from another article: This was exactly what Abbas had hoped for, to receive a renewed pledge that Arab nations will only normalize ties with Israel if a Palestinian state is established first.
Lharmen - Obama said he will make like the peace deal is way off then Jump to it. Watch out for next week June 1st for them to make a deal of some kind to include many Nations and for one week to start . It will not make it the full week before War with Iran and Syria happens Isaiah 17:1-7.
4 Jun 2023 full moon ?? Israel goes to war around the Moon phases. Usually the New Moon = June 18th.

The Scriptures say that Summer is on the Doorstep - the Parable of the Fig tree.


Debt ceiling talks to resume as Biden, McCarthy prepare to meet Monday to resolve standoff - May 22

Lharmen - the Market could plunge starting May 29th = Monday and it will ahead of the War with Iran and Syria.
Clip: Debt ceiling talks were set to resume Sunday evening as Washington races to strike a budget compromise along with a deal to raise the nation’s borrowing limit and avert an economy-wrecking federal default.

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke by phone Sunday while the president was returning home on Air Force One after the Group of Seven summit in Japan. Upbeat, McCarthy, R-Calif., told reporters at the Capitol that the call was “productive” and that the on-again, off-again negotiations between his staff and White House representatives are focused on spending cuts.

He’s to meet Biden on Monday at the White House.

Negotiators for the Democratic president and Republican speaker appear to be narrowing on a budget cap for the 2024 budget year that would be key to resolving the standoff. They face a deadline, as soon as June 1, when the government could run out of cash to pay its bills. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday that

June 1 is a “hard deadline.”


Israel notes preparedness to strike Iran; Tehran boasts on evading US sanctions TV7Israel News - May 25

Lharmen - The Daniel 8 war could happen next week or soon after June 1st.


May 19 / 20 / 21 - Pakistan attacks Iranian Military . Huge uptick in solar flares . We watch for Massive "X" class flares to start ahead of the 3rd WW.


US, French and UK naval commanders traverse key waterway in show of force to Iran - May 21

Incredibly rare joint trip through Strait of Hormuz follows recent seizure by Iranian forces of two oil tankers


n retaliation for US Sanctions, Russia bans Barack Obama among 500 Americans - May 21

Wayne Root: Everyone Has Missed Real Revelation of the Durham Report: Obama is the Real 'Big Guy.' Obama is the Criminal Mastermind. Obama Committed Treason - May 21

Lharmen - Obama / Putin / and the Pope = Black Pope are the Devil as he is three persons one man like Jesus as they are Angels.
It’s all Obama. It’s always been Obama. Obama is the REAL “Big Guy.” Obama is the REAL criminal mastermind. Obama was the head of the snake. Obama was the John Gotti of the US government, overseeing a massive criminal conspiracy. Obama was the head of the “Obama Crime Family.”
And the worst part of all: Obama’s still in charge. Obama is pulling all the strings. He’s the one calling the shots. He’s the ventriloquist, speaking for the wooden dummy puppet Joe Biden. Obama is the real President of the United States, back for his third term.

I warned and predicted from the first day Obama appeared on the scene that my old Columbia University classmate was a Manchurian candidate, a radical Marxist put in place by the Deep State and globalist billionaires to destroy America.
Lharmen - It is Obama Who will sign the coming 7 year peace deal. Watch for it soon. All the way until April 2024 Passover.



Six Iranian border guards killed in clash on Pakistan border - May 21


Moscow warns of “colossal risks” for supplying Ukraine with US F-16 jets - May 21


Iran Guards chief threatens 'final blow' against US over 2020 killing of Soleimani - May 21


Turkey's Erdogan touts 'special relationship' with Putin, stands by his refusal to impose sanctions - May 21

Lharmen - Turkey will be aligned , as the bible say they will be , with Russia the day of the Great Battle.


Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus, which is depicted only with a black outline - May 21

Lharmen - Jesus is a White man = He is King Charles relative says so.


Pope hopes to send peace envoys to Kyiv, Moscow - report - May 21

Lharmen - Lucifer the Black Pope ( white man ) is trying to bring a seven year peace deal.


Ukraine’s Zelenskyy arrives in Hiroshima, Japan for G7 summit as world leaders sanction Russia - May 21

Lharmen - are they trying to signal us as to what is coming = Hiroshima = Global nuclear world war.


Russia's Lavrov: G7 bent on 'double containment' of Russia and China - May 21

Lharmen - Jesus said he will put Hooks in Russia's Jaws and drag him into Battle = 3rd WW. The King of the North will come down against the land of Israel in the latter days and God will defend the land of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years.


UK is one of the least religious countries in the world - study - May 21

Lharmen - the family of King David rules over it and the great falling away has happen to it most.


Biden’s 14th Amendment message to progressives: It ain’t gonna happen - May 21

The president’s advisers fear such a move would trigger a legal battle, undermine global faith in U.S. creditworthiness and damage the economy.
Progressive lawmakers renewed their call for President Joe Biden to bypass Congress to avert a default after the abrupt cancellation of debt ceiling talks on Friday.


Americans' debt surpasses $17 trillion for the first time - May 21

Lharmen - the Illuminati / Masons use the number 17 often.


'Murdered Like Animals': The Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Reaches New Heights - May 21

[S]ince the Islamic uprising began in 2009, 52,250 Christians "have been butchered or hacked to death" in Nigeria. — Report by the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law ("Intersociety"), April 10, 2023.
In just the first 100 days of this year [Jan.1-April 10], "no fewer than 1,041 defenseless Christians were hacked to death by Nigeria's Jihadists ..." — Report by Intersociety, April 10, 2023.

[R]oughly 15-20% of the slaughters were attributed to "Nigerian security forces, particularly the Nigerian Army."

"What Obama, John Kerry and Hilary Clinton did to Nigeria by funding and supporting [current president Muhammadu] Buhari in the 2015 presidential election and helping Boko Haram in 2014/2015 was sheer wickedness and the blood of all those killed by the Buhari administration, his Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram over the last 5 years are on their hands." — Femi Fani-Kayode, Nigeria's former Minister of Culture and Tourism, churchmilitant.com, February 21, 2020.
Lharmen - It is always Obama where Islamic state from Syria members are created we see Beheadings = ISIS. Obama created them. He is the Antichrist.


Huge rise in Solar flares Massive "X" class coming ahead of the 3rd WW - May 21




May 16 / 17 / 18 - Daniel 8 war is in full preparation and out in the open. It likely happens while they make both the fake one week and the 7 year peace deals = Daniel 9:27

The war happens during the middle of the week. June 1st is X date = is this the beginning of the Famine at the crash of the World economy.


US said to propose ‘joint military planning’ with Israel on Iran, but Jerusalem wary - May 18

Axios report says Washington officials approached Jerusalem with ‘unprecedented’ offer, but Israeli officials concerned of possible attempt to tie their hands.
Lharmen - the Daniel 8 war is in full preparation.


Biden gives clearest indication to date he’s willing to make a critical debt ceiling compromise - May 18

Biden originally planned to travel to Papua New Guinea and Australia after the G-7, but cut the trip short so that he could resume in-person meetings on the debt ceiling. The Treasury Department has warned that the U.S. will be unable to pay its bills as soon as June 1 without an increase to the borrowing limit. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy previously suggested that the two sides needed to clinch a deal by the end of this week to ensure Congress could pass the legislation before the deadline.


Secretary Yellen Warns Again of US Default - May 18

Lharmen - June 1st is the date she is setting for the U.S. default = Markets plunge ahead of the 3rd WW. We are watching for this event = the markets crash ahead of the 3rd WW.  Careful of "X's" = in witchcraft it is used often.



Abbas calls on UN to oust Israel at world body’s first ‘Nakba Day’ commemoration - May 18

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas compared Israeli rhetoric to Nazi propaganda, demanded Israel be suspended from the UN if it does not grant Palestinians a state and a “right of return” for millions of refugees, and denied Jewish ties to the Temple Mount during a speech at UN Headquarters in New York on Monday.

Abbas was speaking at the UN General Assembly’s first-ever commemoration of the “Nakba,” Arabic for “catastrophe” and the Palestinian term for Israel’s creation.

Israel harshly opposed the event marking the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, calling it a “distortion of history,” and said it had convinced dozens of other countries to boycott the commemoration.

More than 30 countries boycott UN ‘Nakba’ Day - May 18

May 15 marked the first official U.N. “Nakba Day,” per a resolution that the U.N. General Assembly passed in December. In Arabic, the word means “disaster” or “catastrophe,” in relation to the establishment of modern-day Israel on May 14, 1948.

Some 32 countries reportedly steered clear, including Ukraine, 10 European Union member states, three African nations and Canada.


Religious Persecution Has Risen in 200 Countries, U.S. State Department Reports - May 18


Putin and Zelenskiy 'agree to meet African leaders to discuss peace plan' - May 18


NYC Mayor Eric Adams Complains That 50% of City's Hotel Rooms Now Occupied by Illegal Migrants - Hurting the Economy - May 18

Lharmen - Biden and Obama are preparing for the Time of the Gentiles where all white people will be hunted and beheaded for our faith, this will happen world wide. They are loading up our countries with aliens as the bible says they will. There will be an army of aliens in the last days . God's children will chase them off during the time of the Gentiles.
Clip: “In order to address an onslaught, you have to have places you can put people. Almost half of all hotel rooms now are taken up by asylum seekers. Think about that. I’m not sure what it’s going to take before people hear what I am saying,” said Adams in a media briefing in Harlem.


May 14 / 15 - The Time of the Gentiles is fast approaching.


Biden blasted for calling 'white supremacy' 'most dangerous terrorist threat' at college speech: 'Pure evil' - May 15

Lharmen - Neurolink = because Obama is talking through him. The Catholics are teaching World wide that Blacks are Jews (they are not and never have been) And that White people are not the chose but instead are devils. The Time of the Gentiles is fast approaching where Obama will control the World of Muslims and send them out to kill and behead Christians in mass.


Tense calm between Israel, Islamic Jihad appears to hold, ending 5-day conflict - May 15


Germany Announces $3 Billion Military Aid Package for Ukraine before Possible Zelenskyy Visit - May 15


Finland to send record 400M Euros military aid package to Ukraine - May 15




May 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 -  The U.S. Economy might crash beginning in early June. We could see the war with Iran and Syria starting in Early June after the Market crash. The Masons have warned us for years the Market crashes ahead of war coverage. June 1st is called "X" date. why???  We watch for Hamas to lead the IDF out onto their borders ahead of her attack by many nations - Daniel 8 war.


Iron Dome intercepted 91% of 937 rockets fired upon Israel - May 13

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has fired a total of 937 rockets at Israel since the beginning of “Operation Shield and Arrow” on May 9, with 761 crossing into Israel. Iron Dome intercepted 91% of the 296 rockets that threatened Israeli population centers, but on May 11, one hit the city of Rehovot in the center of the country and killed an Israeli man.

The numbers come from Israel’s Consulate General of New York.
The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that as of May 12, the attacks are ongoing. “As families in Israel gather together for Shabbat dinner, Islamic Jihad terror organization continues to fire barrages of rockets toward Israel,” the IDF tweeted.

“No country would ever tolerate rocket attacks on its citizens, neither does Israel,” tweeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We have a duty to protect our people against terrorism.”


NEWS IDF assessment: Iran is pushing Palestinian Islamic Jihad to fire rockets at Israel - May 13


Fresh Gaza rocket launches, Israeli strikes after senior Islamic Jihad official killed - May 11


Over 800 rockets fired into Israel in 36 hours - May 11


McCarthy: Biden Admin Wants Debt Default More than a Deal - May 13

Lharmen - they want to crash the economy add a cyber banking attack to be blamed on Iran and we will see the 3rd WW after Iran and Syria are attacked.
Clip: The bank’s so-called war room has been gathering once weekly, a rate that will shift to daily meetings around May 21 and then three meetings daily after that, he said.

He exhorted politicians from both major U.S. parties to compromise and avoid a ruinous outcome.
“Please negotiate a deal,” Dimon said.


The explosive new evidence of Biden family's breathtaking corruption - May 11

Lharmen - we should guess he serves the Antichrist Obama. 10 million hahahahahah more like 10 billion at a time.


Netanyahu: Iran trying to set up ring of terror around us - May 9

Lharmen - we see our maker when Damascus Syria gets destroyed - Isaiah 17:1-7.


Netanyahu: Israel ready for multi-front war against Iran and terror proxies - May 9

Lharmen - The Daniel 8 war looks to happen ahead of the 3rd WW as the Temple mount has to see the rebuilt temple for the sacrifices to begin. You would think. You would think the war with Iran and Syria has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW.
Clip: Israel is prepared for a multi-front conflict against Iran and its terrorist proxies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday after the Jewish state launched “Operation Shield and Arrow” against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

“It’s clear that 95% of Israel’s security problems come from Iran,” the prime minister said in a Zoom address to a conference organized by the Israel Defense and Security Forum (IDSF).

“We are dealing with an attempt by Iran to start a multi-front campaign against us. I instructed the IDF and security forces to be prepared for this fight.… If we need to, we will,” he added.


White House left 'hoping' US won't default this summer - May 13

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that President Joe Biden and the administration are "hoping" that the ongoing debt ceiling tension and a potential default on U.S. credit do not negatively impact American families.
Biden was originally slated to hold a second meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the other congressional leaders Friday, but the group postponed until the following week as the country rapidly approaches the "X Date."
Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage = could the war begin soon after the market plunge on "X" date.
US debt limit default could hit in early June to early August -think tank = June 1 st is X date.


Palestinian officials in Cairo report a Gaza ceasefire from 22:00 local time - May 13

The Palestinian rocket barrage from Gaza continued after a ceasefire from 22:00 local time (1900 GMT) Saturday, May 13, was announced in Cairo.
Lharmen - all Mason numbers 19 22 13th all Mason numbers.


Iran threatens Israel during Russia summit amid Gaza rocket barrage - May 13

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad will provide a launchpad for new attacks against Israel, a senior Iranian official predicted during a Russia-hosted summit.
"We are sure that the Syrian Army will respond to the Israeli raids at a proper time,” Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said Wednesday. “All the signs and variables testify to the transition process in the world order, the decline of the U.S. power, and the strengthening of regionalism.”


Nides: 'US stands by Israel's right to defend itself' - Washington is 'working towards a quick de-escalation' - May 13


Jamie Dimon warns panic will overtake markets as U.S. approaches debt default - May 13



May 6 / 7 / 8 - Saturday is the Sabbath in Britain and John Mac Arthur says it is Sun god day = Sunday. It is not it is Saturday the day they sat and so is it in the land of Israel to this day.


UK’s King Charles III crowned in ancient rite as thousands gather in London - May 6


King Charles praised for helping chief rabbi observe Shabbat/ Saturday at coronation - May 8

Lharmen - the Sabbath in Britain is Saturday unlike John Mac Arthur saying it is Sunday. The 7th day of the Week is Saturday in Both the land of Britain and the land of Israel to this day.
Clip: Britain’s chief rabbi will join other faith leaders at Saturday’s coronation of King Charles III but faces a unique problem how to ensure his attendance does not breach the Jewish Sabbath.



Jordanian fighter jets attack Hezbollah site in Syria - May 8


School board settles religious discrimination suit against Christian university after blasting 'Jesus' values - May 8


US Prepares to Fast Track $500 Million of Arms for Taiwan - May 8

Lharmen - preparing for the Luke 21 start of the 3rd WW.


Marcos says Philippines bases could be 'useful' if Taiwan attacked - May 8


Florida Passes Bill Making It a Felony for Doctors to Perform Gender-Transition Surgery on Minors - May 8


May 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 - They attempted to assassinate Putin today. In Daniel we see the last Kingdom is made of both Clay and Iron = Jews and Romans Catholics. King Charles shook hands recently with the Pope and the Mason religion which is Antichrist is Catholic created and controlled. = Jews and The Roman Catholics today. God said he will smash this Union during the coming Tribulation period.


Kremlin: Ukrainian drones aimed at Putin’s office were shot down - May 5


Daylong rocket/mortar fire from Gaza injures 3, damages Sderot home - May 5

Lharmen - there are 2 beasts both are a 1 3/ part of the Angel of Death. Putin and Obama and when you try to kill one of them ( this time Putin) you get missiles from Gaza = Putin is behind Gaza.


Iran’s Raisi meets with top Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials, urges Israel’s defeat - May 5


The Whole World will be beast nations. 2 beasts in scripture = Putin Greek Orthodox and Obama the Catholic Beast both controlled by the Pope/Dragon. The Dragon/snake chases it's own Tail.

Palestinians claim ceasefire after shooting dozens of rockets, sweeping Israel response - May 5

Two of the 32 rockets and mortar rounds fired from the Gaza Strip during Tuesday, damaged a home and a construction site in Sderot and wounded three civilians. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, backed by Hamas, said this was in revenge for the death of their official Khader Adnan in Israeli custody after 86 days of hunger strike. Israel’s response was minor – tank fire into the enclave – while the security cabinet convened to ponder a more definitive response. Iron Dome batteries, activated when the barrage threatened residential areas, hit four incoming rockets and missed two.


Federal Reserve pushes interest rates above 5% for first time since 2007 - May 3


Israel, EU to hold summit over ‘comprehensive regional peace’ - May 5


55. Coronation of King Charles III: Catholic liturgical links - May 5

Lharmen - The Last kingdom written in Daniel is the kingdom made of Iron and Clay. We Jews are the Clay and the Roman Catholics.
They have joined forces through Masonry and God will smash this union at the 1/2 way point during the Tribulation period.


Massive solar flare plunges parts of Earth into radio blackout - May 4

During the blackout, the radio signals of 20MGZ were lost for at least 20 minutes after the solar explosion
By Web DeskMay 02, 2023
This January 23, 2012 image provided by NASA, captured by the Solar Dynamics
Observatory, shows an M9-class solar flare erupting over the Suns northeastern hemisphere. — AFP/File
This January 23, 2012 image provided by NASA, captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, shows an M9-class solar flare erupting over the Sun's northeastern hemisphere. — AFP/File
A massive solar flare generated by an exploding sunspot on the Sun plunged parts of the world, especially the Atlantic Ocean region into radio blackout, according to media reports.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a warning on April 30 saying that the AR3288 sunspot has been growing very fast containing an unstable delta-class magnetic field. The solar flare was termed the M7 class solar flare.

According to the Space Weather report: "Unstable sunspot AR3288 erupted today, May 1st at 1309 UT, producing a brief but intense M7-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash."

"Radiation from the flare ionised the top of Earth's atmosphere, disrupting the normal propagation of radio transmissions on the planet below."

"Mariners and ham radio operators around the Atlantic Ocean may have noticed a loss of signal below 20 MHz for as much as 30 minutes after the explosion."


Five Arab States Plus Iran Among 19 Nations Ready To Join BRICS - May 5

Lharmen - this is the New World order = half the World joins the Greek Orthodox = Hell's Angels rule and the other half Joins the Catholic controlled U.N. + Nato side. The Greek Orthodox church came from the Catholic Church and today is an Arm of the Catholic church. The Whole World will be beast nations 2 beasts in scripture Putin Greek Orthodox and Obama the Catholic Beast both controlled by the Pope/Dragon. The Dragon/snake chases it's own Tail.

May 1 -

April 29 / 30 -  Agenda 2030 will see the U.S. military with Electric Vehicles. Easy pickings when the World war happens. One EMP later and they will all be parked.


The World Economic Forum Says It Will 'Accelerate' Implementation of Globalist Agenda 2030 - May 1


Joni Ernst Slams Biden Push for U.S. Military All-Electric Vehicles: 'You Don't Fight a War that Way' - May 1

Lharmen - One EMP and it would be all over . That's one way to bring the U.S. Military down fast ... Just go electric and Putin will destroy all of the U.S. Military vehicles One Nuclear strike = EMP.
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) on Sunday renewed her attack on the Biden administration and its recently announced plans requiring the U.S. military to move to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.


These 3 HUGE PROPHETIC EVENTS in Israel Shocked The World! - May 1

Must watch!!!

Seven Syrians face terror-related charges in Malta - May 1

Lharmen - ISIS is Islamic State in Syria = Obama's army that has been beheading Christians across the Middle East and Biden and Obama have been filling our nations full of them in preparations for the Time of the Gentiles. Jews/White People will be Beheaded World wide when Damascus Syria gets destroyed.


Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Pope says Vatican involved in secret Ukraine peace mission - May 1

Lharmen - the Devil will say peace when there is no peace.


Satanists Shred Bible During SatanCon Opening Ritual in Boston - May 1


Chelsea Clinton Says Banning Sexually Explicit Books From Schools is "Harmful" to Children - May 1

Lharmen - the Devil is turning the World upside down as Prophesied he will ahead of the 3rd WW. Up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. This is the opposite of harmful to protect Children from this.


King Charles' royal coronation to feature roles for Jewish, Muslim, Hindu leaders - May 1

Lharmen - King Charles could be one of the Beasts 10 Kings = Putin's creation that will be Micro chipped and of one single Mind to attack the Catholic Beast Catholic Whore in the end days . He has Joined his Church of Masonry to the Catholics.


'Mom, these bad men have me': She believes scammers cloned her daughter's voice in a fake kidnapping - May 1

Lharmen - they have done these things not me. Two cops asked me if I saw any more Garbage piles by my Tent . When I saw Neil Thompson he was showing this event changed to two cops asking me if I saw any more Bodies. They are framing all Real true Christians today.

April 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 - Luke 21 starts with the destruction of the land of Syria and Iran = Daniel 8 war/ Isaiah 17:1-7. They are in constant preparations for these events.


US arms warplanes in Mid-East with bunker buster bombs vs Iran, Syia - April 28

The US military has put 250-pound precision-guided Bunker Busting Bombs for the first time in the Middle East on its warplanes, the WST reports. The disclosure comes a day after CENTCOM head Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla toured Israeli bases on Friday, April 28. Pentagon officials disclosed that the GBU-39/B bunker busters would be placed on the A-10-Thunderbolt assault planes deployed in the region earlier this month, as a deterrent to Iran. US warplanes are now equipped to strike the Iran-backed Shiite militias in Syria and Iraq that are constantly attacking US forces.


US, China’s War Over Taiwan Imminent? | Vantage with Palki Sharma - April 28

Lharmen - Sept 11th this year or Pass over next year. They look to have destroyed the temple and rebuilt the 3rd Temple so they can do the Red Heifer sacrifices on the mount where the present temple sits.



Overlooking Israel from Lebanon border, Iran’s Foreign Minister says ‘Zionist collapse’ is near - April 28


For the first time, a UN body will host a ‘Nakba Day’ event - April 28

Lharmen - I have long thought the Antichrist will rule over the U.N. = Watch for it. Obama / Putin / The Black Pope Francis.
Clip: One of many United Nations bodies dedicated to the Palestinians announced last weekend an upcoming U.N. commemoration of “Nakba Day,” the supposed “catastrophe” that marked the birth of the State of Israel in 1948.

Palestinian and their supporters mark this annually on May 15, one day after Israel announced its independence on May 14, 1948.

Pursuant to a U.N. General Assembly resolution passed in December, the U.N. Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP) announced that a Nakba Day event will be held inside the halls of the United Nations for the first time.


Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia hold ‘constructive talks’ over rebuilding ties - April 25

Lharmen - again Turkey/Togarmah will be against the land of Israel when the Russian Bear attacks the land of Israel.


Erdogan's Office Denies Turkish President Suffered Heart Attack - April 28

Lharmen - I pray to God these Microchips are fully exposed ahead of Passover 2024


April 22 / 23 / 24 - 3WW = We could be headed for Passover 2024 when they sacrifice he Red Heifers and the Peace deal is made with many. We see today/last days news they are trying to get the many nations together.



Syria: Israeli artillery targets Hizballah outpost - April 24


Belarus units complete training on Russian tactical nuclear missile systems - April 24

Revelation 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.




The Devil has 7 heads and 7 crowns on his head =
This is a list of current monarchies. As of 2023, there are 43 sovereign states in the world with a monarch as head of state. There are 13 in Asia, 12 in Europe, 9 in the Americas, 6 in Oceania, and 3 in Africa.

Heads are described as Land masses.

 Revelation 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Lharmen - World wide this Whore is World wide..


Iran's Crown Prince Visits Israel | Jerusalem Dateline - April 24


Trump Warns That He is the Only 2024 Candidate Who Can 'Prevent World War III' - April 24


Prayer Warriors Will Attend SatanCon in Boston Next Week, Event Being Called the 'Largest Satanic Gathering in History' - April 24



April 19 / 20 / 21 - Major Peace deal push all a the same time as the solar eclipse which is first in Luke 21 = Sun turns to darkness then Moon to blood. All ahead of the second Passover May 5th. Watch for a Daily sacrifice to start during the Passover then it could be the beginning of the Luke 21 scriptures.


The battle lines are being drawn for a war across East Asia involving Taiwan - April 20


US Sends Soldiers to Train Taiwan Troops - April 20

Lharmen - Obama is preparing the entire World for war through Biden. project blue beam will happen when the Lord comes so does Obama appear in the sky as well.


'Get Ready': Taiwan Civilians Train For Chinese Invasion - April 20

Lharmen - the U.S. is setting the Whole World up for a World war.


Rare hybrid solar eclipse on Thursday, April 20, 2023 - April 20

The partial eclipse will begin at 01:34 UTC and end at 06:59 UTC. The central (hybrid) eclipse will begin at 02:37 UTC and end at 05:56 UTC.
This solar eclipse is followed two weeks later by a penumbral lunar eclipse on May 5, 2023.
“There were, however, certain persons who had become ritually impure through contact with a dead body, and could not, therefore, prepare the Passover offering on that day. They approached Moses and Aaron . . . and they said: ‘. . . Why should we be deprived, and not be able to present G‑d’s offering in its time, amongst the children of Israel?’” (Numbers 9:6–7).
Lharmen - watch out for the fake one week peace deal to happen around the second Passover and for Moon to turn to blood right after the Sun has turned to darkness  = yesterday = Luke 21 . These things need to happen ahead of the World war. The Stars fall from heaven at that time as well = Lucifer's fall. King David's ascension to Heaven from the Woman who is ready to give birth.



Foreign ministers of Iran, Jordan agree to 'meet as soon as possible' - April 21


Israel's FM says Saudi visit 'on the table,’ normalization with Arab country this year - April 21


In Israel, son of last shah says Iranians 'absolutely' ready for Israel ties - April 21

Lharmen - the fake one week peace deal is coming together and it is to be made with many = Daniel 9:27


Saudi Arabia's push to break through peace talks in Yemen thaws relations with the US - April 21

Lharmen - we watch for the fake one week peace deal and the daily sacrifice of the Red Heifers May 5th week this year, Sept 11 this year or Passover 2024. Watch for Eager Lion Jordan war games to happen at that time as well.


Macron Working with Beijing on 'Secret Plan' for Peace Deal Between Ukraine and Russia - April 20

French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly actively working on a “secret plan” with Communist China to attempt to broker a peace deal by the summer between Russia and Ukraine.


Bush, Obama, Clinton Team Up with American Express to Fly Migrants into American Communities - April 21

Lharmen - the time of the Gentiles is fast aproaching.
Clip: The NGO’s flights for migrants are meant to complement a program created by President Joe Biden’s administration this year where 360,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua will be admitted to the United States annually via an expansive parole pipeline which has already helped release about a million migrants into American communities from 2021 to 2022../
Ron Johnson: Up to 5M Illegal Aliens Welcomed to the United States Under Biden.


Sweden Hopeful for NATO Membership by July - April 21


Moscow Preps Secret Weapon to Take Down Starlink - April 20

Moscow's efforts to take down the Starlink satellite operations that billionaire Elon Musk has been providing to Ukraine's military since the beginning days of the war appear to be more advanced than thought, according to a classified U.S. intelligence report leaked through the messaging platform Discord.

The assessment, which dates to March, says Russia has been testing its Tobol electronic warfare systems to disrupt Starlink's capabilities but doesn't indicate if any of its tests have been successful, reports The Washington Post, which obtained the report.

SpaceX, which owns Starlink, did not comment, but last May Musk wrote on Twitter that Starling had shown its resilience against "jamming & hacking" attempts but said Russia appeared at that time to be intensifying its efforts against the technology.


White House announces additional $325 million military aid package for Ukraine - April 21


Pope gives King Charles III fragments believed to be from Jesus' crucifixion cross for coronation - April 21
Lharmen - the Catholics and the Jews have teamed up and are hunting Christians World wide today. Jesus said the Jews have cast me off. That until the 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles wars have been completed.


April 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 -  Taiwan Invasion Would Start With Cyber attack on US - This will happen ahead of the World war = Cyber Banking attack.


King David is born the second time of the Spirit and is the one the Woman gives birth to that the Devil plans to kill as soon as he is born as he will rule the world with a rod of Iron forever

=  Ezekiel 37 says so Revelation 12:4/5/6. The rest flee into the wilderness 3 1/2 years at the abomination that maketh desolate = Nuclear bomb in Jerusalem . That happens when those red heifers in Jerusalem are sacrifices in a daily sacrifice Passover 2024. 3WW During the Eager Lion Jordan war games = Jeremiah 12:5 Jeremiah 49:19 Jeremiah 50:44. Next April during the Passover the Lord will return if they make the fake one week peace deal = Daniel 9:27 Eager Lion Jordan war games are on and The Destruction of Damascus will happen as Isaiah 17:1-7 says we see our maker with our eyes when Damascus cease to be a city. Daniel 8 says the West goes to war with Both Iran and Syria . Both of them will be broken badly . That is very likely when they destroy the Dome of the Rock . So they can rebuild the 3rd Temple and do sacrifices again. God told us they will do these things. The Time of the Gentiles will have begun when they hunt World wide White people/ Jews because they destroyed their temple. God also called it the time of Jacobs trouble = Jews will be beheaded world wide by Obama's army ISIS.


The Third Temple is FINALLY Being Built But Something SHOCKING Is Happening Now! - April 18

Lharmen - does not prove it is being built but they do have all the parts today to do it quickly. Maybe in 3 days ???????



Rep. Gallagher: Taiwan Invasion Would Start With Cyberattack on US - April 18

Lharmen - they have been preparing the Banking cyber attack that will come when Luke 21 begins to come to pass. market plunge then war coverage. they have warned us for many years.
Clip: "If Xi Jinping moves on Taiwan, we should assume he'll launch cyberattacks against the United States as part of the operation," Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., chair of the House Select Committee on China, told Politico in an emailed statement. "This would likely include attacks on our electrical grid, water systems, and communications infrastructure — especially near key military installations."

The suggestion is not as new as it's increasingly more likely amid the global instability right now, foreign affairs experts like Gordon Chang are warning.


Likud's Gotliv claims left 'betrayed' Israel, Obama paid Israeli news site for anti-Netanyahu stories - April 18


GOP senator: Window for Israel-Saudi normalization deal could close within a year - April 18

Lharmen - Look for the fake one week peace deal around Passover 2024.


Netanyahu: Peace with Saudi Arabia would be 'giant leap' towards ending Arab-Israeli conflict - April 17

Lharmen - God said they will say peace when there is no peace. They are trying this peace deal in one years Passover 2024 time period?


Total Solar Eclipse - April 18

The Sun will turn to darkness ahead of the World war and the Moon into Blood as well = might be from the Massive 8 or greater earthquake.


Iran’s al Qods chief Qaani builds Sunni/Shiite multiple front line against Israel - April 17

Iran’s al Qods chief Brig.-Gen. Esmail Qaani’s talks with terrorist leaders in Syria and Beirut earlier this month produced the multiple front rockets attacks on Israel of April 6, the Wall Street Journal confirmed on Sunday, April 15. That round of rocket fire from three of Israel’s borders was just the opening shot for a forthcoming campaign set in motion by Qassem Soleimani’s successor, using the Sunni/Shiite partnership for terror he set up this month with Hizballah and Hamas proxies.


Over 5,000 Nigerian Christians killed in 2022, NGO estimates - April 18


Pope Francis Denies Claims That John Paul II Prowled For Underage Girls Like Missing Teen Emanuela Orlandi - April 18

Lharmen - then closer a person gets to Putin / Obama / or the Pope = the Devil = the more depraved their sexual activity become they also murder Christians.
After meeting with prosecutor Alessandro Diddi on Tuesday, Orlandi appeared on an Italian talk show, where he played an audio recording in which an alleged Italian mafia member claimed John Paul knew of people bringing women into the Vatican to molest them.
The suspicion regarding Emanuela Orlandi’s disappearance was rooted in allegations that the Vatican often housed sex slaves—young women and nuns—who were abused by clergymen. The long-standing theory was supported by the late Father Gabriele Amorth, once the Vatican’s chief exorcist, who claimed in 2012 that her disappearance was “a case of sexual exploitation resulting in murder.”



April 12 / 13 / 14 - it is planned for Passover 2024 during the daily sacrifice of the Red Heifers. Watch for it. Even Sept 2023 911 = 22 since 2001  They could start the wars Sept 11th. .



Lharmen - It does so!


Israel must prepare for war with Iran without US help, former NSA chief says - April 13

“We need to prepare for war. It’s possible that we will reach a point where we have to attack Iran even without American assistance,” Amidror, a hawkish former general who served as Nation Security Council chief under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2011-2013, said in an interview with Radio 103 FM.

Amidror was discussing a flareup over the Passover holiday that saw rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria by groups largely seen as Iranian proxies.


Israel seeks US support for IDF buildup as expert predicts Iran strike - April 14

The IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate informed the upper echelon on Thursday that Israel was closer to war than to a restoration of calm.
A top defense official sought United States support to bolster IDF forces as a security expert on Thursday predicted that Israel might have to strike Iran within the year to halt its nuclear program.
Lharmen - it is planned for Passover 2024 during the daily sacrifice of the Red Heifers. Watch for it. Even Sept 2023 911 = 22 since 2001.

Clip: KAN News reported that the IDF is strengthening its air defense systems throughout the country, but that in an unusual way, it was orienting Iron Dome batteries in the direction of Lebanon and Syria, rather than keeping them focused more primarily on Gaza.
“We need to prepare for the war” for which the main component of the preparation would be the ability to execute a long-distance attack, Amidror said, adding that this was particularly important with respect to Iran.
“It could be that within the next year, we would get to the point where we would have to strike Iran to stop its nuclear program,” Amidror stated.


Jordan pushing Arab peace plan to end Syria conflict - April 14


Saudis set to host Arab nation talks on Syria as Mideast diplomacy shifts - April 14

On Friday, ministers and top officials from the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries — Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — along with Egypt, Iraq and Jordan will meet in Jeddah.
On the table is Syria’s suspension from the Arab League, in place since President Bashar Assad’s government launched a bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protests in 2011.
The UAE has led the charge to bring Syria back into the Arab fold, with Sheikh Mohamed saying last month that “the time has come” for Damascus to be reintegrated into the wider region.


Arizona mom receives AI-generated 'kidnapping' call with daughter's cloned voice - April 14

Lharmen - they have been telling people that I am a Murder suspect . They took a video of 2 cops asking me if I saw any more dump plies and I saw the Top Cop names Neil Thompson showing this video altered with AL = Deepfakes to say do I see any bodies. = Creating the fake Murder suspect. They hunt our every footstep and encompass us with les in the last hours.


Florida Lawmakers Unanimously Advance Bill Seeking Death Penalty for Pedophiles - April 14

Lharmen - pray this does not go through as there is a bridle in the Jaws of the people ( Isaiah 30:28) like me causing people to err World wide.


April 10 / 11 - We are either 2 days from the Daniel 8 war 13th or it all happens at Passover 2024 when they hold the Daily sacrifice . God told us the Eager Lion Jordan war games will be held at that time as well.


Iran Accuses US of 'Warmongering' After Submarine's Deployment - April 11

As Saudi officials met with their counterparts in Tehran, the Florida — capable of carrying as many as 154 Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles. began transiting the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean Sea on Friday, according to the US Naval Forces Central Command, which is based in nearby Bahrain.

The nuclear-powered submarine is being deployed in support of the US Fifth Fleet, also based in Bahrain, to “ensure regional maritime security and stability,” said Commander Tim Hawkins, spokesman for the US Naval Forces Central Command, on Saturday.

Hawkins declined to provide further details on the mission or its timing, or to specify whether the submarine was headed to the Persian Gulf. It’s extremely rare for the US military to publicize movements of its nuclear submarine fleet.


Sudden deaths World wide are sky rocketing - April 11


Lharmen - we are very close to the Daniel 8 war on both Iran and Syria. We see our Lord when Damascus ceases to be a city. That could happen in 2 days - the 13th or next Passover . Ebola is next as I endlessly warn you.


Prophetic Anticipation Builds as Unblemished Red Heifers for Temple Ceremony Will Soon Come of Age - April 11

Lharmen - They will need to take the present temple down to start making the 3rd Temple.


China military 'ready to fight' after drills near Taiwan - April 11


Israel: Iran Behind Recent Attacks - News on The 700 Club - April 11, 2023 - April 11


Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas: Israel Now Faces the Perfect Storm of a Multi-front War - April 11


Hezbollah, Hamas heads meet, promise further 'resistance' against Israel - April 11

Then on Sunday, the IDF and Israel Police announced that they were calling up an additional four companies of reservists, after having called up six companies in recent weeks.

All of this came after the IDF called up multiple additional battalions (larger than companies) in recent weeks to handle security issues in Huwara and other West Bank hot spots.

Al Mayadeen reported that Nasrallah and Haniyeh discussed further coordination of “resistance” efforts.
Iranian, Syrian presidents talk "resistance" against Israel
Also on Sunday, Assad and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi discussed Ramadan and “resistance” efforts against Israel. According to Iranian state media outlets, Raisi told Assad that “the crimes of the Zionist regime are a sign of weakness and are proof of a bright and promising future for the resistance movement.”


Mark your calendars! A total solar eclipse is coming one year from now - April 11

Lharmen - The Sun has to turn to darkness ahead of the 3rd WW and April 8th 2024 it will.


Dalai Lama Faces Backlash Over Viral Video of Him Kissing Minor Boy, Asking Him to 'Suck His Tongue' - April 11

Lharmen - They do this because they believe they are gods and that makes them antichrist and exceptionally corrupt/perverted. Children are harmed when they are fully satanic.

April 8 / 9 -  it looks like the destruction of Iran and Syria is about to happen which will be the cover needed for the Jews to destroy the present temple . That will bring on the World wide Muslim hunt of White people/Jews prophesied to happen at Jacobs trouble called the Time of the Gentiles.

The US beefs up Red Sea-Mediterranean fleets against Iranian threats - April 9

Lharmen - it looks like the destruction of Iran and Syria is about to happen which will be the cover needed for the Jews to destroy the present temple . That will bring on the World wide Muslim hunt of White people/Jews prophesied to happen at Jacobs trouble called the Time of the Gentiles.

More Border Police reserves companies join mass mobilization - April 9

Four reserve Border Police companies have been drafted amid heightened tensions across the country, joining another six deployed in recent weeks.

The companies are operating in the central, northern, coastal, and southern regions to “strengthen security in city centers and crowded areas,” police say.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday evening ordered the mobilization of all 26 reserve Border Police companies.
Lharmen - Gather together oh nation not desired ahead of the World war the Nation of Israel will gather their forces along their borders when the West attacks and destroys the army or Israel on their borders the day we see our maker = the Day Damascus ceases to be a city =  Isaiah 17:1-7 . The same day Project blue beam happens and so does the great catching away happen as well. Could happen any day now during the Passover ends the 13th of April = Next Saturday.


Daily sacrifices have to begin for the Catching away happens - April 9

Some say the 5 Red Heifers have to be 2 years old and some are saying 3. It could happen in Sept this year but mostly Passover 2024.


2 killed in West Bank after Israel strikes Lebanon, Gaza - April 9


Muslim world must unite against Israel, Erdogan says to Iran's Raisi - April 9


The Bible says with all certainty that Turkey will betray the land of Israel when the World war happens. It happens when the Daily sacrifice happens and that is set for next Passover in April 2024. Ebola will be unleashed ahead of that and so will the Cyber banking attacks as well. God said the 29th was a special date and it is the last date of the 2024 Passover.



IDF airstrikes over Syria after six-rocket barrage from Quneitra - April 9

Rocket launchers in eastern Syria were targeted for IDF air, UAV and artillery strikes early Sunday, just hours after three rockets were launched from Syria towards the southern Golan. One landed on open ground, one in Jordan and a third was intercepted. Israel’s retaliation also targeted a Syrian Army 4th Division compound, radar sites and artillery batteries, spurring a second round of three rockets from Syria.
The head of the Golan Regional Council accordingly ordered shelters opened in towns in the southern Golan and instructed residents to stay near fortified spaces.
The Syrian front opened, Saturday night, as DEBKAfile predicted, as part of a Tehran-orchestrated terror campaign to be conducted against Israel on multiple fronts.


Three rockets from Syria land on Israeli Golan - April 9


Lebanon says it will complain to Security Council over Israeli retaliatory strikes - April 9


IDF orders Air Force call-up; Israelis with permits told to carry their guns - April 9

With the IDF tackling escalating multifront violence and terrorism, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi on Friday ordered a call-up of an unspecified number of reservist soldiers.

In a statement following a security assessment, Halevi said the call-up was focused on air defense units and the “air attack arrays,” meaning fighter jet pilots and attack drone operators, as well as other aircrew.

Thursday afternoon saw a 34-rocket barrage fired at Israel from Lebanon for which Israel blamed Hamas forces located there — and Israeli retaliatory strikes in Gaza and Lebanon. Gaza terrorists have also fired rockets at southern Israeli residential areas.


Violence spreads to West Bank as fears of regional conflict appear to fade - April 9


Biden Effect: US-Saudi Tensions Escalate After Crown Prince Says He is No Longer Interested in 'Pleasing' the U.S. - April 9


Diverting All-out War, Israel Must Now Contend With a Simmering West Bank - April 9

Lharmen - I have said it for years that the West bank has to fall into Hamas handsahead of the 3rd WW. And it will very soon. The enemies of Israel come in from all sides but not the east.

April 6 / 7 - The Least of them = Hamas will drag the IDF out onto their borders. As they are today dragging the IDF out onto their borders  today. This will happen ahead of the war with the Land of Israel. All directions were affected in the attack.


IDF calls up reserves in preparation for possible large-scale military op - April 7

Lharmen - Jesus said this war comes upon an unsuspecting World and when the IDF are Gathering on all their borders. Today that is what we are witnessing. This is not the first time this has happened but watch as our redemption draws near when they start this wars with Luke 21 Nation shall rise against nation then kingdom against kingdom. God will certainly save us again at some Passover event.
The Least of them will draw them out onto their borders = Hamas and they will have Russia come down against the land of Israel at some point . I would have thought it to happen next year at this exact time period = Passover in April 2024. Keep watching as any thing could happen.
The Sun will produce the massive "X" class flare needed to free the World from the Microchips = witchcraft.
Clip: IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi orders the reinforcement amid an explosion of terror emanating from Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi ordered on Friday the call-up of reserve troops amid an explosion of terror emanating from Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria.

Halevi said the military would enhance its readiness to conduct aerial-related operations, after a barrage of rockets were fired over the past 24 hours from southern Lebanon and Gaza, and following a deadly Palestinian shooting attack in the Jordan Valley.
The Hamas terrorist group on Thursday afternoon fired 34 rockets from southern Lebanon towards northern Israel, in the biggest attack emanating from the Hezbollah-controlled country since the 2006 war.

According to the IDF, at least five of the projectiles struck within Israel. Another 25 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, and the remaining four were still being investigated.

Overnight Thursday, terrorists in Hamas-ruled Gaza launched 44 projectiles, including rockets and anti-aircraft missiles, towards southern Israel, setting off sirens in Sderot, Nir Am, Mefalsim, Gavim, Nachal Oz, Alumim and Ibim.
One rocket struck a populated area in Sderot and eight were intercepted by Iron Dome. Fourteen rockets hit open areas inside Israel, nine fell short in Gaza and a dozen were fired in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, said the military.

The rocket that hit Sderot damaged a home but caused no injuries.

In response, Israel Air Force jets hit more than 10 Hamas targets in the Palestinian enclave, including weapons manufacturing sites and attack tunnels. The military also struck Hamas assets in southern Lebanon.

“The state of Lebanon is considered responsible for everything that happens in its territory, including the firing of rockets by Hamas. We will not allow Hamas to operate from Lebanon,” said IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari on Friday morning.
The IDF is prepared to carry out its missions—the offensive activity tonight in more than one arena is a clear indication of this. Israeli residents in the north and south constitute a strong civilian home front. We are entrusted with protecting them and their resilience allows us to continue to fulfill our duties,” he added.

On Friday, two Israeli sisters were killed and their mother was critically wounded in a Palestinian shooting attack in the Jordan Valley.

The attack took place on the Route 57 highway near the Hamra Junction, the IDF said.

According to an initial probe, terrorists opened fire on a passing vehicle, causing it to crash into the road’s shoulder. The terrorists then approached the car and riddled it with nearly two dozen bullets.

Magen David Adom emergency medical personnel pronounced two sisters in their 20s dead on the scene. The other victim, a woman in her 40s, was evacuated by helicopter to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem.

Israeli troops launched a manhunt for the terrorists.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was slated to hold a security assessment Friday afternoon.

PM convenes security cabinet Thursday night after 30 rockets from Lebanon - April 7

Following a 30-rocket barrage from Lebanon on Thursday afternoon, the prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called a foreign affairs and security session to take place in the evening. The ministers will be presented with an updated evaluation of the event by the Northern Command. Hizballah has meanwhile disavowed any role in the rocket attack that was directed across the breadth of northern Israel’s Galilee from several launching points. The statement to Lebanese media attributed the attack to Palestinian organizations. At the same time, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was present in Beirut at the time and met with Hizballah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Lharmen - multi Nation attack on the land of Israel stats Luke 21.


70 rockets fired at Israel today from Gaza - April 7

Several rockets which struck Israel from Gaza found to have been manufactured in Iran.
Approximately 70 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip over the course of the day Tuesday, the IDF revealed this evening.

The figure was current as of 8:00 PM Israel time.

The barrages began with the launching of 28 mortar shells at Israel communities near the Gaza Strip Tuesday morning. One mortar struck near a kindergarten shortly before the children were to arrive for class.
Lharmen - when these things in Luke 21 begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near. Israel is being drawn out onto their borders and ahead of the 3rd WW it will happen again.
Clip: ...
The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups claimed responsibility for the rocket and mortar barrages.

The IDF responded to the continuing rocket attacks with a series of airstrikes against terrorist targets in Gaza.


One injured in West Bank shooting as riots erupt across Israel - April 7


Up to 34 rockets from Lebanon target a broad swathe of northern Israel. Most intercepted - April 7


Passover under multifront terror: armed Iranian drones from the North, rockets - April 7


Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! Easter services from Cornerstone Chapel on April 8 & 9 - posted April 7

Lharmen - there are some saying that if Jesus was 33 when he died he has risen 1993 years ago = Jewish numerology numbers. 19 9 and 3 .


The US administration seeks regime change in Israel - April 7

Lharmen - the Catholic will be in charge during the time of the Gentiles wars = they are called the Chaldeans in the bible and they will be in control of Jerusalem when the Antichrist reigns for 3 1/2 years.


Worldwide Church called to stand with persecuted Nigerian Christians - April 7


‘Overwhelming tragedy’: More than 600 children abused by Baltimore’s Catholic Church over 60 years, report says - April 7

Lharmen - a bad church can not bear good fruit but bad fruit and corrupt fruit.


Erdogan: Israeli raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque are a red line for Turkey - April 7

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Wednesday condemned the Israeli police raid on Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque, which led to clashes with worshippers, calling such acts in the mosque compound a "red line" for Turkey, Reuters reported.

"I condemn the vile acts against the first qiblah of Muslims in the name of my country and people, and I call for the attacks to be halted as soon as possible," Erdogan was quoted as having said in a speech at a fast-breaking dinner.

"The name of this is the politics of repression, the politics of blood, the politics of provocation. Turkey can never remain silent and unmoved in the face of these attacks," Erdogan charged.


For the second night in a row: Violent clashes erupt at Al-Aqsa Mosque - April 7

For the second night in a row, violent clashes broke out on the Temple Mount on Wednesday night, as worshipers barricaded themselves inside Al-Aqsa Mosque and police forces operated to evacuate them.

The worshipers shouted, "Al-Aqsa will be redeemed in spirit and blood".



March 31 - April 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 - They are preparing for the sacrifice of these Red Heifers in Jerusalem and if it turns into a  daily sacrifice then the World war will happen during this coming sacrifice in Sept 11/23 or Passover in April 24. I think it will be during Passover.


When Israel Resumes The Daily Sacrifices, Then Know That The Rapture Is Near, Even At The Door - April 5


Canadian Police Say Bus Knife Assault Was Islamic State Terrorist Attack - April 5

Passover under multifront terror: armed Iranian drones from the North, rockets - April 5


After 12 rockets from Gaza, Israel hits back at Hamas. Disturbance on Temple Mount. Gunfire injures soldier near Hebron - April 5


Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records - April 5


After airstrikes, Syria warns Israel not to drag region toward ‘total escalation’ - April 5

Lharmen - God told us he will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone and all who are burdened by her will be cut in pieces.
Clip: Syria’s foreign ministry on Tuesday warned that Israel risked dragging the region toward “total escalation” after another overnight airstrike near Damascus attributed to the Jewish state.

In a message to Israel’s adversaries during at a Tuesday pre-Passover toast at the Defense Ministry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “no [internal] dispute will prevent us from” protecting ourselves from attacks.

A fourth airstrike in Syria attributed to Israel within the span of a week was carried out early Tuesday morning, reportedly killing two Syrian civilians.


Finland becomes member of NATO - April 5


Russia takes over rotating presidency of UN Security Council - April 5


Trump Tells Citizens To 'Drop Down And Pray' Over Nuclear Fears - April 5

Lharmen - he is on Putin's Greek team and they know what is being prepared.


France Burns: Over 1,000 Police and Firefighters Left Injured amid Anti-Macron Riots - April 5


Forever War: U.S. to Hand Ukraine Another $2.6 Billion in Munitions - April 5


KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Ukraine’s top security agency notified a top Orthodox priest Saturday that he was suspected of justifying Russia’s aggression, a criminal offense, amid a bitter dispute over a famed Orthodox monastery - April 5


North Carolina school faces fallout for letting drag queen straddle student: 'Where are the adults - April 5

Lharmen - The Devil will change times and Laws in the very last days and he has.

March 28 / 29 / 30 - The Red Heifer sacrifice looks like it is set for Passover 2024 not Sept 2023 . Makes sense = all Major events in scripture happen 2 times and so we will also be saved from the Spirit of Egypt during Passover end of April last day is a 29 date . God showed me the 29 date was special. This World will be tried by Fire like water flooded the whole World the first time so will the World be cleansed by Fire the second time. Nuclear fire = Putin.


Belarus Says It Will Host Russian Nuclear Weapons to Counter NATO - March 30


Turkey Set to Approve Finland's NATO Membership on Thursday - March 30


Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled - March 30

A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion.



Israeli air strike targets Iranian militia in Damascus region - March 30

...Biden administration had twice recently attempted to unseat Netanyahu as prime minister.
How the wily Netanyahu hopes to maneuver his way out of this dark corridor is yet to be seen. The bad vibes coming from Washington will certainly remind him that this was not the first such attempt in the history of the relationship that an administration sought to get rid of a disobedient Israeli leader. In 1975, Yitzhak Rabin refused to join negotiations with the Arabs. He was pushed against the wall by the US cutoff of arms and funds transfers.

This time round, a decision by Biden to punish Netanyahu would have real fallout on the close military and defense cooperation between the two countries. Israel’s ability to terminate Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb would be seriously set back.


Biden: Israel can’t continue this way, Netanyahu won't be invited to White House - March 29


Obama Blames Trump For China's Rise - March 30

Lharmen - Obama is a Catholic Mason and Trump is Greek Mason. Putin is Greek and he controls China today ...fully. Trump would be partly to blame but his boss Putin would be fully to blame.


Moscow Elite in a Panic Over Tape Blasting Putin as 'Satan' - March 30

Lharmen - he is one of the 3 parts of the Angel of Death so is Obama and the Head of the Body of Death is the Pope = the Dragon.
So he is Satan. The World is worshipping the Angel called Lucifer and he has three parts = the Piercing Serpent + the Crooked Serpent + the Dragon. The three are one Angel of Death = One man. So Putin is Satan. Just like the Angel of God has three persons God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is one Man / God


The sun has developed a 'coronal hole' 20 times the size of Earth March 30

Lharmen - ahead of the 2024 Red Heifer sacrifice we will see the massive rise of "X" class flares as God's anger will rise up in his face ahead of the 3rd WW. That is when Russia comes down against the land of Israel.

March 25 / 26 / 27 - Russia upping the nuclear anti ahead of the 3rd WW.


Putin says Russia will station tactical nukes in Belarus - March 25

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans on Saturday to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, a warning to the West as it steps up military support for Ukraine.

Putin said the move was triggered by Britain’s decision this past week to provide Ukraine with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium.

Tactical nuclear weapons are intended for use on the battlefield and have a short range and a low yield compared with much more powerful nuclear warheads fitted to long-range missiles. Russia plans to maintain control over those it sends to Belarus, and construction of storage facilities for them will be completed by July 1, Putin said.

He didn’t say how many nuclear weapons Russia would keep in Belarus. The U.S. government believes Russia has about 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons, which include bombs that can be carried by tactical aircraft, warheads for short-range missiles and artillery rounds.


Syria: 19 killed in retaliatory US strikes on Iran-linked groups - March 27


Philippines: 42 Chinese Ships Seen Near Disputed Island - March 27


Vaccine Mandate Contradicted Evidence: Analysis - March 17


March 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 - Passover 2024 could become the World war as the Red Heifers will be a full 3 years old . Eager Lion happens every 2 years and they had one last year says 2024 for the next one.


Red Heifer has to be 3 years old and could be sacrifices 2024 passover - March 24

Lharmen - when we see the parting of God's land and a peace deal during the Passover when Eager Lion Jordan war games. We will see the 3rd WW.
April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse.
We need to see the Sun turn to darkness ahead of the 3rd WW.


Slovakia delivers first four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, defense minister says - March 24


After Iran, Saudi Arabia to re-establish ties with Syria, sources say - March 24


Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Pass Anti-Christian Law - March 22


US air strikes in Syria after an Iranian drone kills an American contractor - March 24


Netanyahu heads to London on Iran, as domestic turmoil heightens - March 24


Bill Gates Declares "The Age of A.I. Has Begun" - March 22


Nuclear apocalypse is 'closer', Russia's security chief says as he slams West - March 24

Lharmen - wars and rumours of wars ahead of the 3rd WW.


Justin Trudeau: 'Non-Diverse' AI Engineers May Develop 'Evil' Algorithms - March 24

Spotted Sun could be the harbinger of extremely dangerous solar storm on Earth - March 24

Lharmen - we will see the Massive "X" class flares ahead of the 3rd WW.


Utah school district considers Bible ban under new 'sensitive materials' law - March 24

Lharmen - pray this does not go through.


Elon Musk, WHO Chief Spar on Twitter - Elon Musk said Thursday in a tweet that countries should not "cede authority" to the World Health Organization - March 24

March 18 / 19 / 20 - They are trying to out law Christian preachers for the holy land .


Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law? - March 20


Israelis, Palestinians to meet in Egypt in bid to lower tensions before Ramadan - With Ramadan only days away, Israel, the Palestinians, the United States, Egypt and Jordan fear that West Bank tensions could explode - March 20

Lharmen - The least of them will lead the IDF out onto their borders ahead of the 3rd WW.


Nine Russian warships spotted off the coast of Crimea - March 20


Nuclear nightmare: reckless leaders are pushing the world back to the brink - March 20


Escalation: NATO Spain Sending More Tanks, Military Vehicles to Ukraine - March 20

Lharmen - wars and rumours of wars . we are close to the Passover in early Evening of Wed, Apr 5, 2023 - Evening of Thu, Apr 13, 2023


Russia claims US biologists may be behind Ebola virus spread in Central Africa in 2022 - March 20



March 15 / 16 / 17 -  The Sun just produced a massive CME. We will see these start to go into the "X" class ahead of the 3rd WW. Jet fighters to arrive in the land of Israel in the coming weeks . Ramadan starts March 22 also The Illuminati's princes Diana's ascension number in the 322 BC. Watch for the Muslims to start major events with Israel to lead her out onto her border ahead of the World war. Ebola could have started with 5 deaths it will be the 17th out break. Ebola and the markets plunging will happen at the time of the World war = Luke 21.


Unidentified Illness Kills Five in Tanzania, Sparks Ebola Fears - March 17

Lharmen - we know they will release Ebola ahead of the 3rd WW. So it could happen at any time and it will be the 17th outbreak as the Illuminati work around numbers and 17 is one of them.


Stock Markets in 'Bloodbath' as Bank Fears Resurface - March 17

Lharmen - they warned us for years = Market plunge then war coverage.


An Eruption on The The Far Side of The Sun Was So Powerful Its Shockwave Hit Earth - March 17

The Sun spitting out flares and coronal mass ejections is nothing new, but this one was something special.

Usually, eruptions on the far side don't tend to hit Earth, since they're facing the opposite direction; but this one was so intense that satellites orbiting our planet picked up the signal of particles from the eruption accelerated by the eruption's shockwave right into our corner of space.


Japanese Officials Urge Government to Tell the Truth About Excess Deaths Following Vaccine Mandates - Reporting Shows 210,000 Excess Deaths, the Highest Number Since World War II - March 17


COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause 'Permanent Disabilities,' Says German Health Minister - March 17




The International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Putin - March 17


Poland becomes first NATO member to pledge fighter jets to Ukraine - March 17


Slovakia joins fellow NATO member Poland in sending fighter jets to Ukraine - March 17
Luke 21 Kingdom will rise against kingdom = When these things begin to come to pass we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.
Clip: On Thursday, Polish President Andrzej Duda said his country would deliver four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in "the next few days," making Poland the first NATO country to supply fighter planes to Ukraine. Slovakia is also a NATO member.

Ukraine has long urgently requested warplanes to fight Russian forces. Poland, one of Ukraine's staunchest supporters in its fight against Russia, has often taken the lead in persuading sometimes hesitant allies to provide Kyiv with heavy weapons. Duda hinted that Poland may send additional fighter jets in the coming weeks.
Unlike F-16s and other fighter jets, Ukraine has been flying Soviet-era MiG-29s for decades and could start using them right away.


In first, Israel said to authorize sale of defensive military equipment to Ukraine - March 17


Hamas Warns Israel It Will 'Intervene' During Ramadan if Al-Aqsa Status Quo Violated - March 17

In the U.S., Ramadan started at sundown on Wednesday, March 22, and ends with Eid al-Fitr on Friday, April 21. Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, marked by fasting, reflection, charity and prayer.


China, Russia and Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman, amid tension with US - March 17

BEIJING — Naval forces from China, Iran and Russiaall countries at varying degrees of odds with the United States — are staging joint drills in the Gulf of Oman this week, China’s Defense Ministry has announced.

Other countries are also taking part in the “Security Bond-2023” exercises, the ministry said Tuesday without giving details. Iran, Pakistan, Oman and the United Arab Emirates all have coastlines along the waterbody lying at the mouth of the strategic Persian Gulf.
Lharmen - when these kingdoms rise against each other we will see the Great Catching away into our Angelic bodies. God's promise to take his church out of the way ahead of the World war = Luke 21.


Russia warns U.S. to stop 'hostile' flights after Black Sea drone collision - March 17



March 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 -  Watch for the Daily Red Heifer sacrifice to begin in the Sept 11th week. The War on Syria and Iran could happen then when the temple is destroyed .


There will be 2300 days from the taking away of the daily sacrifice which could be the Red heifer sacrifice this Sept 11.
2300 Days = 6.2971 Years
2300 days from Sept 11/23 when they sacrifice the Red Heifers this year = Dec 28 2029
December 20–21, 2029 Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

Moon turns to blood ahead of the 3rd nuclear WW
11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of the sanctuary was cast down.
12 And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.
13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?
14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.




Syria: Three wounded in Israeli strikes in Tartus and Hama provinces - March 14


IAF fighter jets, refuelers hold air drill with US forces, thought to focus on Iran - March 12

The seven F-35I fighter jets and two Boeing 707 refueling planes of the Israeli Air Force had been arriving at Nellis Air Force Base since Wednesday, ahead of the drill, known as Red Flag 23-2.

In a statement Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces said the exercises would include a “strategic strike in the depth,” an apparent reference to a potential strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.


Italy 'asked IAEA chief to do everything to prevent nuclear Iran' - FM - March 14


15 million people could endure flooding as another atmospheric river takes aim at storm-battered California - March 14


March 8 / 9 / 10 - More proof the vaccines have weakened the entire World as I warned for years they would .


Insurance Analyst: "The More [Vaccine] Doses You Have On Average In A Region, The Bigger Increase In Mortality That Region Has Had" - March 10

Lharmen - Video link
The Devil weakens the nations ahead of his fall. When he stands up as a man his great kingdom gets destroyed.


Christian Preacher Reported to UK Terror Police After Calling 'Transwoman' a 'Man in Woman's Clothing' - March 10

Lharmen - Lucifer turns the World upside down and changes times and laws and Obama has.


Saudis, Emiratis and Israel quietly lean on Moscow to hold back fighter jets and S400 defenses from Iran - March 10


Iran and Saudi Arabia restore ties after years of tensions - March 10


Iran Again Threatens to Assassinate Trump Over General Soleimani Airstrike - March 10

Iran is threatening to assassinate 45th President Donald Trump as punishment for a military airstrike he ordered on their military leader Qassem Soleimani on January 3rd, 2020.


Biological Male Receives Award During the International Women of Courage Ceremony at White House with Dr. Jill - March 10

Lharmen - Biden and the Antichrist LGBTQ agenda fulfil scripture that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with Spiritual Wickedness in High places.



March 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 - Gog the Russian president is always preparing for the prophecy = Global nuclear war with the West. China will be involved and so will Iran and Syria as well. Directly after the West attacks and breaks the nations of Syria and Iran's powers the Global nuclear war happens. Everyday they are preparing for this war. Wars and rumours of wars .


US Military Warning of Russian Nuke Subs Off Coasts - March 7

Lharmen - that would make a quick end to the U.S. powers as we all know it. God said Nuclear war is what Gog the Russian president will cause and When it happens God will be sanctified in The Russian leaders act of cleansing evil out of the land.
Ezekiel 38:16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.
Clip: U.S. military commanders and experts are sounding warnings about the buildup of Russian submarines off American coasts.

The Russian buildup of naval assets is more expansive than just the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and it includes seas surrounding the United States, sources told Newsweek.

"Nuclear-powered submarines have been deploying off the coast of the United States and into the Mediterranean and elsewhere along Europe periphery," Russia Maritime Studies Institute (RMSI) Director Michael Peterson told Newsweek, warning the deployments "mirror Soviet style submarine deployments in the Cold War."
Iran has allegedly secured secret deals with Russia to guarantee deliveries of uranium.
The foreign intelligence sources claim, "As part of the agreement between the two countries, Russia has undertaken to return all the enriched uranium to Iran as quickly as possible, if, for any reason, the U.S. withdraws from the agreement."
Lharmen - the U.S. has already left the deal.


Pro-Life Group Alleges the FBI Is Spying on Its Operations - March 6

Lharmen - Catholic Mason New York Mafia control the FBI today and their Catholic members spy on All Protestant Christians today World wide ...When ever possible.
Clip: Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy and Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sent a letter Wednesday to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for answers about the FBI’s alleged spying on a pro-life group.

Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) alleges that an FBI informant infiltrated and recorded their meeting on Jan. 19 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. The individual believed to be an informant, who goes by the name Eric Mike Santos, wasn’t personally known to other attendees, the group said in its Feb. 22 press release.

“Allegations that the FBI is spying on pro-life gatherings in tandem with the rise in high-profile FBI investigations into pro-life Americans raise well-founded concerns for millions of Americans,” wrote Roy and Cruz in their letter. “The American people deserve the truth – are their tax dollars and federal law enforcement agencies being used to spy on pro-life Americans?”


Russia and Iran secret nuclear deal would allow uranium transfers to Tehran's illicit weapons program - March 7


Netanyahu slams IAEA chief for saying attacks on nuclear facilities ‘outlawed’ - March 7

Lharmen - Passes over and offends = it is illegal what is about to happen to Iran and Syria = Daniel 8 war.


European Police, FBI Bust Global Cybercrime Gang - March 7

Lharmen - they do not like competition.


After Grossi visit to Tehran, IAEA says Iran to restart nuclear surveillance cameras - March 7


Syria reports Israeli air strike put Aleppo airport out of service - March 6


Parents alarmed by satanist after-school clubs forming across U.S. - March 6


Woke Christianity: Historic London Church to Host Drag Queen Performance - March 6

The 17th-century St James’s Church, Piccadilly in London, which claims to have demonstrated a “pioneering welcome of LGBTQAI+ communities and other marginalised people and groups”, will for the first time in its 340-year history put on a “drag night” dubbed PREACH! within the church.
The Church of England parish church said that it would be hosting at least two performances of PREACH! — with one on Saturday, March 4th, and the second on June 3rd.
The show on Saturday was set to feature drag performers River Medway and Veronica Green, both of whom have appeared as contestants on the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK television programme.

“St James’s will welcome drag icons from around the world to perform beneath its ornate gold ceiling, showcasing some of the biggest names in the art of drag, as well as fresh talent,” the church said.
Lharmen - a bad church can not bear good fruit . LGBTQ is Antichrist period!


Horowitz: German health insurance company experiences 76% increase in employee sick days as excess deaths skyrocket - March 7

There’s a lot of scary news stories these days and numerous current events to keep us up at night. However, can you think of anything more critical than getting to the bottom of the “mystery” over excess illness, death, and the sudden drop in births? New data from a German health insurance company regarding sick leave of its employees is just the latest data point to implicate the sacred COVID shots as at least one of the culprits.

Amid all the data points that ominously reflect a rash of sudden illness and death, German insurance company Barmer recorded a 76% increase in medical-related absences among its employees in 2022 over 2021, according to German newspaper Die Welt. 2021 was the deadliest year of the pandemic with the Delta variant, yet somehow the company’s sick leave nearly doubled the following year?! What gives? It turns out that both COVID-related sickness and other sickness were responsible for the increase.

Here is the key data from Die Welt (per the English translation):

A total of 14 percent of all cases of incapacity to work among the insured employees of Barmer in 2022 as a whole are due to corona diseases. In 2021, this figure was three percent. The most striking increase in the number of corona sick leave was in July of the previous year. "While in July 2021 only 0.9 percent of all sick leave was related to Corona, the proportion in July 2022 was 20.2 percent and thus more than 22 times higher," says the evaluation.

Barmer recorded the most significant increase in lost work in the previous year for the month of December. For December 2022, Barmer recorded 231 sick leave per 1000 of its insured persons with a claim to sick pay. This corresponds to more than a doubling of sick leave compared to the same month in 2021.
According to the official narrative, sure, you can get COVID with the shots, but you don’t get nearly as sick. If that is true, how can it be that COVID absences absolutely exploded in 2022, long after everyone was vaccinated and most were boosted? According to Our World in Data, Germans got 77 booster doses per 100 people, well over the global average and the rate in the U.S.


In San Francisco, if you don't wear a mask, they can put you in prison - The good news is that after they put you in prison, you aren't required to wear a mask - March 7

Lharmen - proves with out a doubt it is all about do as your told and not about safety = Antichrist activity World wide.
Clip: Of course, everyone knows now that:

Masks don’t work. In the Bangladesh trial, for example, purple cloth masks were indistinguishable from the placebo.

Vaccines are much more likely to kill you than save you and they definitely increase your risk of getting COVID.

So this order by Susan Philip is nonsensical. It’s counter-productive.

It will basically kill a lot of people and prolong the pandemic.

She should be fired.



Just a note !

April 14 2033 Passover blood red moon?

March  1 / 2 / 3  - Daniel 8 war is getting close by the day as they are constantly talking about to war today openly. It will happen and it will be the West as Prophesied that breaks both their powers.


Pentagon: Iran can make fissile material for a nuke in 12 days. Israel: We are ready for Iran’s final nuclear steps - March 3


'I Don't Believe in Popes': Nicaraguan President Reportedly Bans Easter Public Processions - compares the Catholic church to the "mafia" - March 3

Tensions between the government and the church have been rising due to Ortega orchestrating multiple investigations into church leaders and exiling others, according to CNA. Ortega has reportedly placed a ban on public religious demonstrations during Lent, Good Friday and Easter after he attacked the church during a speech memorializing the 89th anniversary of Nicaraguan national hero Augusto Sandino’s death, calling the Catholic church a “mafia organization” committing “grave crimes and horrors.”
Ortega also argued that religious leaders should be elected and not appointed by the “organized mafia in the Vatican.”
“I don’t believe in popes or kings: who chooses the Pope?” Ortega said. “If we want to talk about democracy, the people should first elect priests and the bishops [and] even
the Pope [should be] elected by direct vote and not by the organized mafia in the Vatican.”
“The news from Nicaragua has saddened me a great deal, and I cannot but remember with concern Bishop Rolando Álvarez of Matagalpa, whom I care about greatly, sentenced to 26 years imprisonment, and also those who have been deported to the United States,” the pope said. “Let us also ask the Lord, by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to open the hearts of political leaders and all citizens to the sincere search for peace, which is born of truth, justice, freedom and love, and which is achieved through the patient pursuit of dialogue.”
Lharmen - The worship Mary again and here they call on Mary instead of Jesus . A Woman is the opposite of a man and they are the opposite to Christ = Catholics are the Antichrist preachers we were warned about a bad church can not bear good fruit and a good church can not bear bad fruit.




Israel and Iran edge closer to war, but experts say conflict isn't inevitable - March 3


Taiwan Deploys Fighters After China Sends 25 Warplanes, 3 Ships Toward Island - March 3


Fired Google Engineer Doubles Down on Claim That AI Has Gained Sentience - March 3

Lharmen - this is saying the computer for Google can sense feelings and thought like echelon has been exposed for being a supper thinking computer that controls People World wide. Google's computer is a part of this.
Sentience is the capacity to experience feelings and sensations.


Justin Bieber Cancels 2023 Tour Dates Because of Persistent Face Paralysis Issue - March 3

Lharmen - Justin is chipped like most of the World but he is being targeted for being a Christian.


Russia Warns NATO, U.S. to Back Off or Risk 'Catastrophic Consequences' - March 3


Elon Musk Predicts Tesla's AI-Powered Robots Will Outnumber Humans - March 3


Premier 'astonished' at B.C. firm's claim it got Health Canada approval to make and sell cocaine - March 3


X class Solar flare today - March 3



Feb 28 - Luke 21 is exploding with NATO control groups attacking the nation of Russia.

This will get so much worse before the Red Heifer sacrifice in September.


Putin Warned of More Mystery Attacks After Russian Plane Explosion - Feb 28


Russia Launches New Wave of Iranian-Made Drones Against Ukraine - Feb 28


Putin: West Is Trying to Break Up Russia - Feb 28



Drones Attack Russia From All Sides - Feb 28

Chaos erupted in Russia overnight as drones swarmed multiple regions, sparking an explosion at an oil depot and the deployment of fighter jets near St. Petersburg, according to local reports.

One strike at around 2 a.m. in the Krasnodar region was less than 100 feet from a Russian Defense Ministry barracks, the independent Agentstvo News reports. Two drones filled with explosives landed at a nearby Rosneft oil depot in Tuapse, sparking a blaze that was “quickly extinguished,” according to the Russian outlet Baza.


Saudi Arabia Pledges $400 Million to Ukraine, Including $300 Million in Oil - Feb 28


Janet Yellen Makes 'Surprise' Visit to Kiev to Announce Another $1.25 Billion in Aid to Ukraine - Feb 28


Natural immunity found to be as effective as COVID vaccine - 3 years after mandates: Lancet study - Feb 28


Feb 25 / 26 / 27 - More proof Kingdom has already risen against Kingdom in Ukraine. this as prophesied they will rise against each other ahead of the World war.


Researchers: City-Wide Vaccine Mandates Did Nothing to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 - Feb 27


Generative AI could be an authoritarian breakthrough in brainwashing - Feb 27



NATO Secretary General admits NATO Has Been at War Against Russia in Ukraine Since 2014 - Feb 27

Lharmen - Nation will rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom and we are seeing that Kingdom has risen against Kingdom for years = Luke 21


CIA Head Says US is 'Confident' China is Considering Assisting Russia, Days After Zelenskyy Threatened WWIII if They Do - Feb 27

Lharmen - we know that at some point in this War China will enter . It is just a matter of time and Sept is fast approaching. Wars and rumours of wars ahead of the 3rd WW.


Canada: High School Promotes 'Workshop' for Teens to Access 'Trans-Positive' Surgeries - Feb 27



Feb 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 - War with Iran and Syria is ever drawing nearer and nearer. It will happen and very likely this year.


Netanyahu said to huddle repeatedly with military brass over possible attack on Iran - Feb 24

Lharmen - The Daniel 8 war is in constant preparation.


Israel Calls on U.S. to Wield 'Credible Military Threat' Against Iran - Feb 24

“Iran is very close to 90% enrichment of uranium. The United States must put a credible military threat on the table immediately,” Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen told an audience of American Jewish leaders in Jerusalem on Tuesday.


Leo Hohmann: World's Superpowers Threw Their Cards on the Table This Week and Every One of Them Came Up in Favor of WWIII - Feb 24


Franklin Graham: World Is Inching Closer and Closer to 'Armageddon' - Feb 24

ROME — Celebrated Evangelical pastor Franklin Graham said on Ash Wednesday the world seems to be drawing closer to Armageddon as tensions escalate between Russia and Ukraine.

Lharmen - Billy Graham, His Dad, was a 33 degree Catholic Freemason making him a Satan worshipper = Wolves in sheep's clothing.


Israel bombs Hamas sites in Gaza, hours after rockets shot toward Ashkelon, Sderot - Feb 24


Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan slam Israel after deadly IDF raid on Nablus - Feb 24


Massive CME shoots from the Sun - Feb 24

A nice coronal mass ejection (CME) is visible today in the latest coronagraph imagery courtesy of LASCO. The source is located well behind the east limb and is not directed towards Earth. Although it cannot be confirmed, the source could possibly be this region.


Solar Tsunami: Violent X-Class Flare Emitted from the Sun Sparks Radio Blackouts on Earth - Feb 24


Elon Musk On When People Will Admit COVID Response Was A "Scam" - "It's Coming" - Feb 24


Feb 18 / 19 / 20 - Mind control is right out in the open today. Pray God fully exposes it soon for being all around us.


Brain implant startup backed by Bezos and Gates is testing mind-controlled computing on humans - Feb 20

Lharmen - in 1975 they were caught scrubbing peoples brains and implanting thoughts . So this is far behind us as they would have us believe it is in front of us . They have implanted the entire World already = Isaiah 30:28


Senior Boeing official in Israel to push sale of advanced F-15 jets for Iran strike - Feb 20

Lharmen - When we see Damascus get destroyed so it ceases to be a city we see our Maker with our eyes . This war that is coming together will be it = Daniel 8 war with the West against Media = Syria and Persia = Iran.


Iran said on cusp of ability to make nukes, having enriched uranium to 84% purity - Feb 20

Inspectors from the UN atomic agency discovered uranium enriched to 84-percent purity in Iran last week, closer than ever to weapons-grade levels, Bloomberg reported Sunday, citing two unnamed senior diplomats.

Iran has been known thus far to have enriched uranium to 60%. A purity of 90% is needed to produce nuclear weapons.

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors are trying to determine whether Tehran deliberately made the move or if it was an “unintended accumulation within the network of pipes connecting the hundreds of fast-spinning centrifuges used to separate the isotopes,” the report said.


Biden announces $500M in new military aid to Ukraine during surprise visit - Feb 20


With Ramadan approaching, Israel must take swift action to avoid escalation - Feb 20

While the Israeli public is divided over the judicial overhaul, more and more signs point to the fact that the next five weeks leading up to Ramadan – and perhaps the holy Muslim month itself – will be marked by an increase in terror attacks.
Just like every previous year, the Palestinians will connect it to the well-known – and false – Al Aqsa narrative, claiming Israel seeks to destroy the holy Islam site.

Monday's terror attacks at the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem are perhaps the first to foreshadow this, that is, the addition of the religious element in addition to the national one.

Jerusalem was hit by as many as five attacks in the past week, with all perpetrators – including a 13- and 15-year-old – being residents of east Jerusalem, which has become the focal point of incitement regarding the Temple Mount.

In all cases, pictures of the terrorists taken outside the Dome of the Rock were published almost immediately.

In recent weeks, Israel has once again been portrayed – mainly on social media – as seeking to destroy the compound, with false claims of artificial earthquakes, bulldozers, explosions, archaeological digs, or fire-breathing dragons. The Al-Aqsa narrative once again is focused on Israel "capturing" the holy Muslim site and settlers "invading" it.


Syria says 5 killed, 15 wounded in Israeli strike on Damascus residential area - Feb 20


Kremlin UN Envoy: Russia Had 'No Choice' But to 'Defend' Itself, West Out to 'Destroy My Country' - Feb 20

Lharmen - God said he will put hooks in the Russian Leader = Gog and will lead him into Battle ahead of the 3rd WW.

Forever War? German Chancellor Says West Must Prepare for 'Long War' Against Russia - Feb 20

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Kingdom will rise against Kingdom and here we can see it happening.


Gordon Chang: Balloon Shows China Preparing For Invasion - Feb 20

Lharmen - China is Russia's puppet and so it is Russia who is in full preparation for World war as prophesied the Kings of the East will be involved in it.


Biden Regime Negotiates "Legally Binding" Deal To Give Chinese-Backed World Health Organization Full Authority Over US Pandemic Policies - No Senate Approval Needed - Feb 20

Lharmen - they are preparing the Whole World for the ecommerce bar code Tattoo after they release or start Ebola.



Feb 15 / 16 / 17  - It is written in scripture that these people who believe in a Black Jesus, Obama is his name, will Hunt us the true Jews World wide, so this news today is not hard to believe = It is in scripture that they will do this directly after the 3rd WW. Time of the Gentiles is what it is called.

Diaspora Jews are Jews that have been scattered World wide like my Family and myself are. Jews are true believers in Christ World wide  irregardless of color or race. All who can confess Jesus came in the flesh and walked as a Man are in the body of Christ where ever we stand on earth.  "X" class flares are coming as I have warned they will ahead of the 3rd WW. God's anger will rise in his face.


Iran planning hit squads to assassinate Diaspora Jews - Feb 17

Lharmen - we know that Obama and Biden have created ISIS = Islamic state in the land of Syria. Who Today are Beheading Christians and soon World wide. So to believe Obama and Biden have done this is no stretch of the imagination.
It is written in scripture that these people who believe in a Black Jesus, = Obama is his name. They will Hunt us the true Jews World wide. This is not hard to believe = It is in scripture that they will do this directly after the 3rd WW.
Jesus was White and we can prove it = The King family in England can trace their bloodline back to King David proves that Jesus was White . White people mate with White people produce White people . Any other coloured person mates with our Colour and you will never get back to White . Jesus is the Son or off spring of the King David so we know he was White . History has told us this is true. So Obama is the Antichrist = Black is opposite of White . They are preaching a lie. They preach the opposite of all that Jesus taught . Again we see they are Catholics who are doing this .
Their High priest had Jesus Killed and today they preach Mary is who they get to heaven through . The Anti or opposite of Man is a Woman. They look the same but are completely opposite of Jesus teachings = Anti means opposite.


Solar Flare = X2.2 - Feb 17

God's anger will rise in his face when Russia is about to come against the land of Israel.



Israel, US signal unprecedented cooperation in military preparations against Iran - Feb 17

Lharmen: Daniel 8 war is ever unfolding.
Clip:  Jan. 26, the historic five-day joint Israeli-American military exercise called “Juniper Oak” came to an end. The exercise saw unprecedented levels of cooperation between the U.S. military’s Central Command (CENTCOM), which is responsible for the Middle East, and the Israel Defense Forces.

“Juniper Oak” tested Israeli-American readiness and boosted the operational connection between the two militaries to enable them to deal with “regional threats,” according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, but the intended target audience for this message seems to have been Iran.

Some 6,500 U.S. commanders and soldiers took part, as did missile ships and fighter jets from both militaries, which fired on simulated naval threats. The two air forces also practiced a range of scenarios, including the use of transport and mid-air refuelling aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, search and rescue helicopters and B-52 bombers, which dropped munitions on targets in southern Israel.


Daniel Greenfield: After Biden sent $1 billion to the PLO, Israeli deaths rose 900% - Feb 17

When U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas last month, he boasted of the over one billion dollars in aid that the Biden administration had programmed for the terrorist territories.

That aid has come with a very heavy price.

In Feb. 2019, President Trump’s total cutoff of aid to the Palestinians became official. That year, 10 Israelis or people in Israeli controlled areas were killed in stabbings, shootings, rocket and other attacks, down from 12 the previous year, 15 in 2017 and 16 in 2016.

Lharmen = Pray they cut off Funding for the PLO and to ISIS in both Iran and Syria.


New Iran-based Al Qaeda leader has $10m bounty on his head - Feb 17

Lharmen - Wow is that a stretch = America created Al Qaeda and now their enemy Iran owns them Wow : 0 P.
I do not believe you your pants are on fire!

They are Obama's army that the U.S. has created out of the Haters of God's chosen in the land of Iran. like ISIS is in the land of Syria. Obama's Army has slipped them into our countries World wide today under the cover of the refuges from Syria.


Russian Politician: United States Won't 'Come to Its Senses' Until It 'Gets Hit with a Nuke' - Feb 17


Historian Who Predicted Fall of Soviet Union Makes Startling 'World War III' Remarks - It's Already Begun - Feb 17

Lharmen - Yes it has already begun with the War in Ukraine = Luke 21 Kingdom is now rising against Kingdom and next the Fake one week peace deal at the same time as the as the Eager Lion Jordan war games at the same time as the Red Heifer sacrifice = daily sacrifice = 5 of them today. When they hold daily sacrifices it will happen during that week, = Sept ?/23, that Russia and the World go to war. = nuclear war.


Klu Klux Klan are Freemasons they are one organization and always have been - Feb 17

William Joseph Simmons founded his order based on the various
different fraternities he belonged to and his own brotherhood was shaped by
these experiences. Throughout the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan developed in step
with the major fraternities in America. These influences would prove
fundamental to its success. The Invisible Empire managed to selectively
incorporate the most popular features of America’s most beloved fraternities
and soon became one of the nation’s largest fraternal orders. It led one
Klansman to proudly declare “I think more of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
than any other secret fraternity in which I have any membership. I am a Shriner,
a thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Mason, an Elk, Odd Fellow, and a Knight of
Pythias, but I love the klan better than any of them.”76 Because of this it is
entirely necessary to discuss the Klan’s fraternalism in the general context of
American secret societies.


Feb 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 - World war could very easily happen Sept 11th week during the Daily sacrifice of these 5 red Heifers as Prophesied. Eager Lion Jordan war games will happen during the one week fake peace deal again as prophesied. That happening while they are killing these Heifers = very likely Genetic mutant as this time in our Worlds history it is possible.


World war comes during the Daily Sacrifice of these 5 Heifers = Red - Feb 14

What’s more, these cows may be ready for sacrifice in Jerusalem as early as August or September 2023, but only if they remain red and unblemished, thus confirming that they are, indeed, ritually pure.

In Mosaic law, the ashes of a sacrificed red heifer are required for sanctification. When the ashes are sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean, they are considered to be ritually purified, as stipulated in the Book of Numbers.

“This is a requirement of the law that the Lord has commanded: Tell the Israelites to bring you a red heifer without defect or blemish and that has never been under a yoke." Numbers 19:2.

Some believe the ashes of these heifers are required to consecrate priests to serve in the Temple – and the Temple Mount Institute in Jerusalem is certainly working toward that end. In fact, many religious Jews – and some Christians – are beginning to wonder if these red heifers signal the dawn of a new Messianic era.




God's anger will rise up in his face when Russia is about to come against the land of Israel - Feb 14

Solar activity since the impulsive X1.1 solar flare on Saturday has been moderate.


US holds drills in South China Sea amid tensions with China - Feb 14


Catholic clergy in Portugal sexually abused nearly 5,000 children since 1950, inquiry finds - Feb 14



Feb 9 / 10 - China is getting underground footage with their Spy balloons this World wide ahead of the 3rd WW. Russia = Gog is in total control over the entire Nation of China.


"Fit and Healthy People are Dropping Down with Heart Issues" - Fed-Up Aussie Journalist Says He's 'Done with COVID Vaccines' on Live TV - Feb 10



China Sends Spy Balloons Over Military Sites Worldwide, U.S. Officials Say - Feb 10


Elon Musk Warns 'Most Are Oblivious' to Threat of World War 3 - Feb 10
Musk warns that “most are oblivious to the danger” of being on the brink of a global war as the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate.

The comment was in response to a speech by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the General Assembly on Monday.

During his address, Guterres expressed his fear that humanity was marching toward a “wider war” with its “eyes wide open.”


Sunni-Israeli breakthrough diplomacy makes peace with the Palestinian Arabs more likely - The PA will find itself left out in the cold unless it jumps on the bandwagon Israel and the Saudis are already on - Feb 10

Lharmen - this deal has to be made and it will be the fake one week peace deal during this peace deal.


1 Corinthians 16
1 Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye.
2 Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come.
Lharmen - Saul said not to gather to the Church on Sun day the first day of the week. This worshipped on Sun Day in opposition to the 7th day God created. No way God changed it to the first day.


Feb 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 - Great Earthquakes = 8 or Greater will happen at the time of the 3rd WW


Earthquake in Turkey and Syria kills thousands and devastates cities - Feb 8

The first 7.8-magnitude quake struck at 04:17 am (0117 GMT) at a depth of about 17.9 kilometres (11 miles) near the Turkish city of Gaziantep, which is home to around two million people, the US Geological Survey said.

"The waves from the earthquake reached the seismograph on the Danish island of Bornholm approximately five minutes after the shaking started," Larsen said.

"Eight minutes after the earthquake, the shaking reached the east coast of Greenland, propagating further through all of Greenland," she added.

Later, another 7.5-magnitude quake struck southeastern Turkey.

"We have registered both earthquakes -- and a lot of aftershocks -- in Denmark and Greenland," she said.


Tremors From Powerful Quake In Turkey Felt As Far Away As Greenland - Feb 8


Massive waves hit Turkey's coastline, fears of Tsunami linger after two earthquakes wreak havoc - Feb 8



Turkey-Syria Quake Death Toll Could Top 20,000, WHO Official Says - Feb 8


Roman Emperor Constantine I
On March 7, 321, however, Roman Emperor Constantine I issued a civil decree making Sunday a day of rest from labor, stating: All judges and city people and the craftsmen shall rest upon the venerable day of the sun.
Lharmen - the 7th day is Saturday and Not Sun God day. That is the worship of the Devil as God said he will leave people as dung in the field who worship the Sun.


Feb 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - Luke 21 is unfolding as China is sending spy Balloons out ahead of WW3. Fake one week peace deal is also unfolding could be for Sept during the Eager Lion War games and the Daily Red Heifer sacrifice.


Chinese spy balloon may gather 'unseen' info as Beijing possibly 'preparing the battlefield': experts - Feb 5


Sudan and Israel to sign peace Accord by the end of the year - Feb 5


US military shoots down Chinese spy balloon over Atlantic Ocean - Feb 5

Lharmen - Montana is the home to the minute men Missiles so it would be a place where China would do something like this = makes sense.


Canada says it's tracking a second 'surveillance balloon' in its airspace - Feb 5


Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America - Feb 5




Russia warns Israel against arming Ukraine - Feb 5


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issues frightening warning: CCP has invaded ‘every major’ US university - Feb 5

Lharmen - Russia fully controls China = Putin = Gog from Magog the land


China to be 'ready to invade Taiwan by 2027' under new orders from Xi - Feb 5


'Like the Apocalypse': Parents Demand Answers After 130 Elementary Students Simultaneously Vomit Uncontrollably - Feb 5

Lharmen - The Microchips being placed into everyone's upper Jaws can make the entire Micro chipped World vomit uncontrollable when they reveal Ebola.  This is MK Ultra Projects = Mind control.


Russia's Medvedev: If More U.S. Weapons 'All of Ukraine Will Burn' - Feb 5


America Last: Biden Regime Officially Announces Additional $2.1 Billion Security Assistance for Ukraine - Feb 5

Lharmen - Luke 21 Kingdom will rise against Kingdom and today they are preparing for the World war.


Putin to Launch Unstoppable Hypersonic Zircon Missile During Upcoming War Games with China and South Africa - Feb 5

This week Putin announced he is set to unleash ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missiles during upcoming war games with China and South Africa in the coming weeks.

Vladimir Putin is set to unleash ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missiles during his upcoming war games with China and South Africa.

The new Mach 9 nuclear-capable Zircon missiles, which travel at speeds of nearly 7,000mph, will be fired from the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov during naval exercises off the coast of South Africa.
Lharmen - God said Putin = Gog will send a fire around the World when the 3rd WW happens.



Jan 30 / 31 - Wickedness has to come to it's fullest before the end can come.  God is putting hooks into Russian Putin's Mouth and he will drag him into battle soon.


While strikes against Iran seem to have gone into high gear, Israel’s strategy remains long-term - Jan 31


Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear War: U.S. Has 'No Plan' in Ukraine, This Is Not a 'Video Game' - Jan 31


Boris Johnson: Putin Threatened Me With a Missile Attack - Jan 31

Archbishop of York says gay sex is OK if in 'committed, stable, faithful relationships' - Jan 31

Lharmen - Freemasons have taken over most Churches today they are all LGBTQ = Antichrist they are all Catholics as well.


Pfizer Research Director Implicitly Acknowledged Its COVID-19 Vaccines 'Aren't Working': Dr. Robert Malone - Jan 31


Top Expert Sounds the Alarm, Calls for Immediate Suspension of All mRNA Vaccines - Jan 31


MIT Professor: All COVID mRNA Vaccines Must Be Immediately Suspended as They Cause 'Unprecedented Level of Harm' - Jan 31


Biden tells Congress he'll end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11 - Posted Jan 31

Lharmen - again it is an 11 date = Illuminati


Jan 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 - Luke 21 Kingdom is rising against Kingdom and we will see our Redemption in 2023 when these things in Luke begin to come to pass. God moves us out of the way ahead of the World war. Clip from News: “If it had to wait until the month of August or September, it would be too late,” he said.


Russia reacts to US, Germany tank deliveries to Ukraine: 'Direct involvement in the conflict' - Jan 27

Lharmen - Kingdom against Kingdom = Luke 21


Football Player Collapses Suddenly After Suffering from Cardiac Arrest During Beitostølen Cup in Norway - Jan 29


Red Heifer Sacrifice Could Take Place in One Year in Jerusalem - Jan 29

If we see the Fake one week peace deal and the Eager Lion Jordan happening early Sept 2023 then we know the 3rd WW will happen then = likely in September.
The sacrifice of a red heifer could take place on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem as early as 13 months from now.


WHO warns nations to stockpile medicines in case of nuclear war - Jan 28


Commentary: The death records show the COVID vaccines are shortening lifespan worldwide - Jan 29

Lharmen - The Devil gets cast from Heaven for weakening the Nations and here the proof he has.


Putin Now in a 'War Against NATO and the West' in Ukraine, Claims EU Official - Jan 29


Commentary: The U.S. and NATO Seem Hell Bent on Starting a Shooting War With Russia - Jan 27

Lharmen - they are and they will = Luke 21.


'First come the tanks, then come the nukes': Trump calls for war in Ukraine to end - Jan 27



Israel carried out drone attack on Iranian defense facility — Jan 29


Israeli jets strike Hamas target in Gaza response to 7 rockets - Jan 27


Putin’s Pre-Emptive Strike Plan Exposed in Satellite Photos - Jan 27


West to deliver 321 tanks to Ukraine, says diplomat, as North Korea accuses US of ‘crossing the red line’ - Jan 29

Lharmen - Kingdom against Kingdom = Luke 21
However, echoing the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had previously urged the West to provide what some experts see as game-changing military hardware, Omelchenko said Ukraine needed the assistance “as fast as possible”.

“If it had to wait until the month of August or September, it would be too late,” he said.
Ukrainian forces have warned they are in a race against time. The country fears that a second Russian offensive may begin within two months and is bracing for the coming weeks.

Previous military aid, like the American HIMARS rocket system, has been vital in helping Ukraine disrupt Russian advances and make a series of successful counter-offensives in recent months.

But tanks represent the most powerful direct offensive weapon provided to Ukraine so far, military experts said.

This week, several Western nations led by Germany and the United States said they would send contingents of tanks to Ukraine.


10 Palestinians Killed As Israel Launches Deadliest West Bank Raid In Years - Jan 27


Protesters Surround Justin Trudeau, Shouting 'Tyrant' and 'Traitor' - Jan 27

Lharmen - he serves the Muslim army ISIS created by Obama and his New York Mafia = Antichristian Max.


How George Soros funds 'fact checkers' to silence dissent - Jan 27


Nolte: Church to Hold Drag Queen Bingo Night with Kids Present - Jan 29

Lharmen - Catholic Obama Freemason run Churches are being taken over World wide in mass. The Drug cops are the ones doing this = Great Whore War.


Football Player Collapses Suddenly After Suffering from Cardiac Arrest During Beitostolen Cup in Norway - Jan 29


Spain’s Under-15 Football Star Estrella Martin Dies Suddenly - Jan 29


Jan 23 / 24 / 25 - Gates warns us Ebola is coming. Vaccine deaths still rising as I warned they would. Daniel 8 war is forever being set up in front of us.


Australia: Death by Heart Attack Surges by 17% in 2022 - What Changed? - Jan 25


Bill Gates warns Australia to brace itself for the next pandemic, which could be man-made and far more lethal than the Covid virus - Jan 25

Lharmen - the Devils always seem to tell us well in advance of their evil it is coming and exactly what it will look like it is called Ebola and they have been preparing for it ahead of the 3rd WW to fulfil scripture.


TV report claims joint US-Israel air drill will bomb ‘Iranian nuke sites’ in Negev - Jan 25

As part of an ongoing drill between the Israeli Air Force and United States Central Command, American B-52 strategic bombers will drop live ammunition on targets in southern Israel on Wednesday.

Channel 12 news on Tuesday evening, without citing a source, said the targets in the Negev Desert would simulate Iranian nuclear sites. The network said the bombers would drop 100 tons of bunker-busting explosives, also without citing any source.

However, a US official speaking to American media said there would be no mockups of Iranian targets during the drills, and that the exercises were not oriented around any particular adversary, but rather meant to send a message to Iran and China.
Defense Forces)
As part of an ongoing drill between the Israeli Air Force and United States Central Command, American B-52 strategic bombers will drop live ammunition on targets in southern Israel on Wednesday.

Channel 12 news on Tuesday evening, without citing a source, said the targets in the Negev Desert would simulate Iranian nuclear sites. The network said the bombers would drop 100 tons of bunker-busting explosives, also without citing any source.

However, a US official speaking to American media said there would be no mockups of Iranian targets during the drills, and that the exercises were not oriented around any particular adversary, but rather meant to send a message to Iran and China.

Israel’s Judiciary: Reform or Ruin?
Keep Watching

The Israel Defense Forces has not briefed reporters about the drill at all, aside from a short statement announcing the start of the war games with some extra details, shortly after CENTCOM did.

The IDF does not plan to issue any statements or media from the drill until it ends, and only after CENTCOM officially wraps it up.
A hype video published by CENTCOM on Tuesday showed a wide array of military activities as part of the exercise, dubbed Juniper Oak 2023.


Israel, US kick off massive war games in apparent message to Iran - Jan 23

Lharmen - Daniel 8 war is forever being set up in front of us.


Germany says will let Poland send tanks to Ukraine - Jan 22

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Kingdom will rise against kingdom.


The U.S. has had at least 39 mass shootings in just 24 days so far this year, data shows - Jan 25



U.S. Says Finland, Sweden Are Ready to Join NATO Alliance - Jan 25


Deepfake AI-generated people will sow chaos by 2024 as they would be impossible to detect, warns ex-White House chief - Jan 25


Secret Pope Benedict book is published blasting progressive Pope Francis, reveals US Catholic seminaries are havens of 'gay clubs' - Jan 25



Jan 21 / 22 - Massive rise in Vaccine related Heart Attacks. Vaccines destroy Your immune systems as I said for years = do not take the coming vaccines and again Ebola is next.


Getting vaccinated for covid four or more times results in near-complete collapse of the immune system, bombshell study finds - Jan 22

Lharmen - This is what I said for years do not take the coming vaccines or you will not live to regret it and they want to destroy our immune systems.
Cliop: Writer and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson says he has in his possession evidence from a study showing that covid "booster" vaccines push the immune system over the edge, causing an almost total collapse of immune function. In a series of tweets, Berenson wrote that based on the study's findings, no more booster shots should go into any arms. (Related: Here's more proof that covid injections cause AIDS.) "Boosters need to be halted immediately. HALTED. IMMEDIATELY.


'Violent solar events' at a high risk this week amid severe weather on the sun - Jan 22

Lharmen - Jesus said his anger will rise in his face when Russia / GOG comes against the land of Israel.
God's Spirit covers all Stars in Heaven. "X" class flares dead ahead = Ahead of Sept 11th during Eager Lion Jordan war games.



Israel orders 25 US F-15 EX fighters able to target Iran’s underground nuclear sites - Jan 22

Lharmen - This is the Daniel 8 war still coming together 2023 could easily be the year except the Lord effects a delay then Sept 11 could be the chosen date for the war during the Eager Lion Jordan war games. Looks like it is.


Finland Pledges Another $434 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine, But No Tanks - Jan 22


Catholic Universities Continue to Endorse Pro-Abortion Agenda - Jan 22

Lharmen - so do Catholic Obama and Biden as well.
Clip: The Catechism of the Catholic Church is explicit that “human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.”


Federal agencies withholding data behind pilot heart condition change, COVID vax stroke reversal - Jan 22


Former Gabonese Ambassador to the United States Dies Suddenly at Cabinet Meeting After Suffering from Heart Attack - Jan 22

The government and the president in Gabon have confirmed that Foreign Minister Michael Moussa Adamo passed away from a heart attack during a cabinet meeting on Friday. He was 62.


Freshman US Senator from Ohio, JD Vance, Requests a Full Accounting of Biden's $120 Billion to Ukraine - Jan 22
Lharmen - Lawlessness has to come to it's fullest says we will never see this happen.


"I Want America to Wake Up and Pay Attention, Something Aint Right!" - Silk Describes How Her Sister Diamond 'Died Suddenly' in Her Kitchen - Jan 22


Jan 19 / 20 - EUPHRATES RIVER DRIED UP as Prophesied ahead of the 3rd WW.

Covid Proof of total immune destruction as I have been warning for years that was their Agenda.


New Chinese Study Shows that More than Four COVID Jabs Produced Near Complete Collapse of Immune System in Mice - Jan 20

Lharmen - I said this for many years it is all about destroying our immune systems and here is more proof.
Lucifer gets cast from Heaven for weakening the Nations = Covid has damaged everyone World wide who took the vaccines.


Saudi FM rules out normalization with Israel without a two-state solution - Jan 20



Revelation 9:14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.
Revelation 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
Lharmen - we are getting very close to the 3rd WW.




US to send hundreds of armored vehicles, rockets to Ukraine as part of $2.5b. assistance - Jan 20


Netanyahu talks expanding Abraham Accords with US Senate delegation - Jan 20

Lharmen - that only way this will happen is if they make the parting of God's land = 2 state peace deal dead ahead. We can see Netanyahu will be the one to make the deal happen. Around Sept 11th we watch and see if the Eager Lion Jordan war games happens around that time. Watch for Putin and Obama at the same table with the Pope to make the deal that will not make it the week.


Putin ally Medvedev warns NATO of nuclear war if Russia defeated in Ukraine - Jan 20

Lharmen - Wars and rumours of wars.


Global economy heading into 'eye of Category 5 hurricane,' UN secretary-general warns - Jan 20

The United States reached its debt ceiling of $31.38 trillion on Thursday, forcing the Treasury Department to implement “extraordinary measures” to avoid defaulting on bonds.
The Treasury Department will be unable to fulfill some investments such as the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, Yellen said. She instituted a “debt issuance suspension period” from Thursday through
June 5.

“The period of time that extraordinary measures may last is subject to considerable uncertainty,” Yellen said. “I respectfully urge Congress to act promptly to protect the full faith and credit of the United States.”
Lharmen - add a Cyber banking attack that they have planned for many years and we will see the market plunge ahead of the 3rd WW.


With 2 days until deadline to raise debt limit, Congress not in session, Biden not negotiating - Jan 20


U.S. hits debt ceiling as partisan standoff sparks economic worries - Jan 20

The U.S. government hit its $31.4 trillion borrowing limit on Thursday, amid a standoff between the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and President Joe Biden's Democrats on lifting the ceiling, which could lead to a fiscal crisis in a few months.
Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage.
Corporate leaders and at least one credit ratings agency warned a long standoff could rattle markets and unsettle an already shaky global economy.

Yellen warned that the June date was subject to "considerable uncertainty" due to the challenge of forecasting payments and government revenues months into the future.


Ukrainian Troops Land on US Soil Will Start Training at Military Base in Oklahoma - Jan 20


Putin may announce second mobilization wave in Russia, or declare war, says ISW - Jan 20


Pope Francis Urges Christians Not to Try to Convert Nonbelievers - Jan 20


Church of England bishops refuse to allow same-sex marriages - Jan 20

Lharmen - good keep praying they do not allow that antichrist activity.


Jan 17 / 18 - I did not get to post this Sorry.


A week of intense solar activity: 2 X- and 25 M-class flares, with 2 Earth-directed CMEs - Jan 18

Lharmen - Much more to come ahead of the 3rd WW. God's anger will rise in his face ahead of Russia coming against the land of Israel.


Biden administration calls Jewish prayer at holy site in Jerusalem 'unacceptable' - Jan 18


US quietly shipping ammo to Ukraine from massive stockpile in Israel - Jan 18

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom. When we see the Major War with Iran and Syria start we will see the 3rd WW happen soon after as they are saying Peace and safety then sudden destruction happens as Russia and China attack the land of Israel. This brings on the Global Nuclear exchange that causes the Whole World top be tried by Fire as scripture tells us we will be tried by Fire.


Netherlands says it will send Patriot assistance to Ukraine - Jan 18




Over 90 countries urge Israel to lift sanctions put on Palestinians after UN vote - Jan 18

Lharmen - note the Illuminati 9 in the number 90 as always .


Russia to expand overall army to 1.5 million as it boosts troops in West and Ukraine - Jan 18


Turkey Demands Sweden and Finland Hand Over 130 Alleged Terrorists in Return for NATO Membership - Jan 18

Lharmen - 130 has the 13 front and center in the number = Illuminati/Masons.


Senior British lawmaker urges CofE to back same-sex marriage at General Synod - Jan 18

One of the most powerful voices in the British government is urging the Church of England to change its doctrinal teaching on same-sex marriage.

Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the British House of Commons, tweeted an image of a letter Monday in which she called on her local bishop to “back reform” and permit parishes and clergy to “conduct weddings for same-sex couples or, at a minimum, enable authorized blessings.”
Lharmen - we struggle not with flesh and blood but with Spiritual wickedness in high places = Senior British Law maker = high places.


FAA Quietly Indicates that US Pilots' Hearts Are Damaged After Taking Vaccines - Jan 18


"Covid 3 Times After the Vaccine - I Should Be Happy, Haven't Had a Stroke Yet" - Pro Golfer Hank Haney Discusses the Covid Vaccine and His Continued Illness - Jan 18


"BBC is the Virus"- At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine - Jan 18

Lharmen - I said for years not to take the coming vaccines or you will not live to regret it.


They Promised "Safe And Effective"; We Got "Sudden And Unexpected" - Jan 18


2-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After Receiving Both the COVID Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine - Jan 18


Jan 14 / 15 / 16 - Sun is beginning to rage daily. "X" class dead ahead as I warned God said it would ahead of the 3rd WW. Deaths across the UK go through the roof now room for the dead.


Sun Spots are every where X class dead ahead = Jan 16

M3.5 M4.6 M6.0 M4.9
3182 3184 3186 3188 3190 3191 3192 3193 3194


What in the World is THIS??? - Beast Johns saw bible - Jan 16


Temporary Morgues are Being Built Across UK Due to Unprecedented Increase in Excess Deaths - Jan 16

Lharmen - People are dying World wide from the Vaccines from Blood clots.
Now, temporary morgues are being used as overflow space by hospitals in the UK with full morgues.


Kohavi: Israel has three plans for neutralizing Iran’s nuclear program - Jan 16

In a farewell interview, outgoing IDF chief Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi spoke Friday of three plans for neutralizing Iran’s nuclear program: a retaliatory strike unrelated to the nuclear issue; taking out Iran’s nuclear installations and auxiliary sites, and a possible escalation to a full-blown offensive against Iran’s military sites and other assets.
Lharmen - this will be the Daniel 8 war and it is set for when the Eager Lion Jordan war games happen. Watch for it to pop around the Red Heifer Sacrifices in Sept 2023.


'If Israel is abandoned, Netanyahu will bomb Iran's nuclear facilities' - Jan 16
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to use military force to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, the head of Israel’s National Security Council said Monday.

Speaking with Channel 12 during the ceremony Monday marking the transfer of control of the IDF from outgoing chief of staff Aviv Kochavi to his successor, Herzi Halevi, National Security Council chief Tzachi Hanegbi said that should Israel find itself isolated and without alternatives vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclear program, Netanyahu would undoubtedly use force to prevent Tehran from realizing its atomic ambitions.

“If we are abandoned, Prime Minister Netanyahu will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.”


US think tank calls for 'Plan B' on Iran - Jan 16


Turks Say They Will Likely Block Sweden, Finland from Joining NATO Until at Least June - Jan 16

The Nordic states applied to join the Western military alliance in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but their membership must be approved by all 30 NATO states. Only Turkey and Hungary have yet to approve the deal, with Ankara linking accession to stricter counterterrorism measures.


Canucks legend Gino Odjick dies at 52 - Jan 16

The former enforcer was beloved in Vancouver, where he spent eight of his 12 NHL seasons.
Lharmen - I had warned for years that if you take these coming vaccines you will not live to regret it.
Clip: In 2014, Odjick was diagnosed with Al amyloidosis, a rare blood disease that caused abnormal protein deposits to coat and harden his heart. He was given weeks to months to live, but after receiving an experimental treatment in Ottawa he continued to beat the odds and by 2017, announced that he was in remission.

The rugged winger was a fan favourite in Vancouver, where he played eight of his 12 NHL seasons and served as the team's enforcer. Odjick also had stints with the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens. In 605 regular-season games, Odjick compiled 64 goals, 173 points and 2,567 penalty minutes.


Jan 11 / 12 / 13 - Ebola has ended the 16th out break . Watch for the 17th or the 19th out break to go World Wide as it is planned.


New Israeli military road slices across SW Syria to seal Golan against Iran/Hizballah incursion - Jan 13


Uganda declares end of Ebola disease outbreak - Jan 11


UK and Japan Sign Major Defence Deal Amid Rising Concern About Communist China - Jan 13


US Flight Delays, Cancellations Top 10,000 After FAA Outage - Jan 13

South Carolina's largest UMC church may leave denomination over homosexuality debate - Jan 13

The largest United Methodist Church congregation in South Carolina is seriously considering a departure from the mainline Protestant denomination over ongoing debates on homosexuality.

Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church of Lexington, which has more than 5,000 members, began a discernment period earlier this week to consider possibly leaving the denomination, reported the Post and Courier.

“We are thankful a plan, path and price has been provided for traditional churches to consider separation from the denomination,” said the Rev. Jeff Kersey, senior pastor of Mt. Horeb, as quoted by the Post and Courier.

Mt. Horeb UMC falls under the jurisdiction of the UMC South Carolina Conference, a regional body of the denomination that covers all the congregations in the state.


Sun spot count is gaining ahead of the 3rd WW - Jan 13

3181 3182 3184 3185 3186 3188 3190 3191 3192


Jan 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 - Ebola is till planned to be the major second Virus = Mark of the Beast Tatoo is still to come.


Slammed at home, Netanyahu forges ahead on Iran and cementing US, Mid East ties - Jan 10


Netanyahu says joint Israeli-US stand needed on Iran as Dermer visits DC - Jan 10

Lharmen - this is the Daniel 8 war that brings on the 3rd WW.


A week in, Netanyahu government already at odds with Biden administration - Jan 7


UK: Alleged Satanic Child Sex Ring Accused of Rape, Attempted Murder, Blood Sacrifices - Jan 10

Lharmen - the closer they get to Lucifer their God the more the lie. They are the Freemasons and are also called the Illuminati =Illuminated and naughty. They balance their good with their Evil. God said to be Good only.
I am being attacked daily by My Masons family.
On Friday, 11 people appeared before the High Court in Glasgow, accused of operating a Satanic cult which abused two young girls and a boy, who were allegedly forced to engage in witchcraft rituals and subjected to sexual and violent abuse by members of the group.
The defendants, Iain Owens, 44, Elaine Lannery, 38, Lesley Williams, 41, Paul Brannan, 40, Marianne Gallagher, 38, Scott Forbes, 49, Barry Watson, 46, Mark Carr, 49, Richard Gachagan, 45, Leona Laing, 50, and John Clark, 46, have all denied the charges levied against them, The National newspaper reports.

A 14-page indictment was brought before the court, accusing the group of crimes ranging from attempted murder and rape between January 2010 and March 2020.
The court heard that the two young girls and the young boy had been forced to kill animals and use a ouija board, or something similar, “to call on spirits and demons” in witchcraft ceremonies. The children were also allegedly forced into performing Satanic “seances” including the
drinking of blood and the eating of a heart.

One of the alleged girl victims of the group was reported to have been locked in a fridge, freezer, microwave, and an oven in an attempt to kill her.

The indictment also claimed that the group filmed the children being sexually abused while the adults “did clap, cheer and verbally encourage” the rapes.

The court documents also alleged the involvement of Douglas Gachagan, James McLean, Maureen Goudie, Robert Brown, and Steven McHendrie in the alleged Satanic ring, but the court noted that they have all since died.

On Friday, Lord Beckett at the Glasgow High Court said that he believed that a seven-week trial will be needed for the case, but warned “there are so many people in the case there could be an unusual level of disruption.”

A full trial hearing will be conducted in September.


Tsunami warning after 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Pacific island nation - Jan 10

Lharmen - Luke 21 says waves and he seas roaring ahead of the Lords return at the 3rd WW.


Weekly Data from New South Wales Proves that Vaccine is Ineffective Against COVID - 86% of Deaths and 80% of Hospitalizations were Vaccinated - Jan 10


Critics claim Covid jabs are causing heart problems - do they have any proof? While there have always been anti-vaxxers, this new concern is drawing in people from outside usual conspiracy theory circles - Jan 10
According to New South Wales‘ epidemiological weeks 51 and 52, ending December 31, 2022, 86% of the deaths and 80% of hospitalizations were vaccinated.

Only 6% of the death rate is unvaccinated, and zero hospitalization.


Netanyahu to AIPAC: Time for US and Israel to 'close ranks' on Iran - Jan 10

Lharmen - when they make the fake one week peace deal we will not see it through the week before the 3rd WW.
Clip: Sullivan said the US is well aware of Netanyahu’s opposition to the nuclear agreement, recalling the prime minister’s 2015 speech to a joint session of Congress, which was organized behind the back of then-president Barak Obama and is thought to have severely damaged Israel’s ties with the Democratic party.

Sullivan said he would be discussing these issues with Netanyahu and others in his government when he visits Israel. An official familiar with the matter said those meetings will take place next week.


Uganda set to declare end of Ebola outbreak - Jan 10

If no new case is reported by Tuesday, the health ministry said it would formally announce the end of the outbreak on Wednesday.

According to the World Health Organization, an outbreak of the disease ends when there are no new cases for 42 consecutive days -- twice the incubation period of Ebola.
Lharmen - they are still planning for Ebola to spread World wide and it would be the 17th out break or the 19th out break as they always do things around their numbers and 17 and 19 are two they use often
Clip: Human transmission is through body fluids, with the main symptoms being fever, vomiting, bleeding and diarrhoea.
People who are infected do not become contagious until symptoms appear, which is after an incubation period of between two and 21 days.


Solar flare strikes Earth, causes blackout in Australia and New Zealand - Jan 10

Lharmen - "X" class flares have started and will continue to strengthen until Russia comes down against the land of Israel.


God's anger will rise in his face when Russia is about to attack the land of Israel - Jan 10

3180 3181 3182 3183 3184 3185 3186 3187
M2.1 X1.9 M5.1 M2.6


Tsunami Warning Issued After Powerful 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Indonesia - Jan 10


Young Canadian Reporter Suffers Medical Emergency Live on Air - Jan 10

Lharmen - This is happening to people who are all chipped. They are pointing the frequencies at your brain and making people everywhere light headed to literally dropping dead.
Clip:  I can, however, confirm that the situation was in no way related to the COVID-19 vaccine."
Lharmen - no it is your Chip when you went in to get vaccinated - it is called Neurolink. They have the flash technologies that make your brain stop writing memory. One flash and they can chip your whole body and you will not remember it.


Jan 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 - Dividing the Land of God happens ahead of the 3rd WW. X class flares happen ahead of the World war.


X class flares coming ahead of our Lords return - Jan 6



US to send Ukraine dozens of Bradleys in $2.85B aid package - Jan 6

Lharmen - Luke 21 Kingdom will rise against Kingdom. It is happening in Ukraine today.


First 'gender-queer' priest in Church of England expresses desire for 'normalizing' identity among children - Dec 6

Lharmen - that exact church of England is a Synagogue of Satan.



Blinken tells Israel’s new Foreign Minister: US will oppose steps that undermine 2-state solution - Jan 6

Lharmen - This deal has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday stressed US opposition to policies that undermine efforts to reach a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, during his first call with new Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.
The coalition’s policy plans for the West Bank have been a cause for concern in Washington, an official told The Times of Israel, adding that the Biden administration is particularly focused on maintaining prospects for a two-state solution by preventing further Israeli expansion in the West Bank, but that there is also unease regarding the impact the next government might have on Israel’s Arab and LGBTQ communities.
Lharmen - LGBTQ is Absolutely Antichrist.


Uganda’s Ebola outbreak nearly under control, says Africa CDC - Jan 6

Africa’s top public health body has said the Ebola outbreak in Uganda was coming under control, as it had been 39 days since the last confirmed case of the virus was reported in the country.

The Africa CDC’s acting director, Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, told a news briefing on Thursday that if no new cases were reported in Uganda by January 10, then the outbreak would be over.
Africa’s top public health body has said the Ebola outbreak in Uganda was coming under control, as it had been 39 days since the last confirmed case of the virus was reported in the country.

The Africa CDC’s acting director, Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, told a news briefing on Thursday that if no new cases were reported in Uganda by January 10, then the outbreak would be over.
Ouma praised Uganda’s excellent coordination of Ebola-containment measures, saying it had taken about 70 days to bring the outbreak under control with 142 confirmed cases and 55 deaths.


Another Embarrassment onthe World Stage: Catholic Joe Biden Told Not to Attend Pope Benedict XVI's Funeral - Lashes Out at Reporter - Jan 6

Karine Jean-Pierre told White House reporters on Tuesday that America’s Ambassador to the Holy See will attend the funeral.

KJP said Biden won’t be attending the funeral “in line with the wishes of the late Pope and the Vatican.”
Biden was visibly irritated with the reporter asking why he won’t be attending the Pope’s funeral.

“You’re not attending [Pope Benedict XVI’s] funeral tomorrow, though. Why?” a reporter asked.

“Well, why do you think?” Biden retorted.

The reporter shot back: “You tell me.”

“You know why,” Biden said.
The reporter replied, “You can tell me, sir.”

Biden said he isn’t attending because it would take an entourage of 1,000 people in order to go.


Abortion is leading cause of death worldwide for fourth year in a row - Jan 6


Safe and Effective: Canada Pays Almost $2.8 Million in Damages Caused by COVID-19 Jabs - Jan 6

Report: At Least 769 Recently Vaxxed Athletes Collapsed Last Year During Competition - Jan 6
Nearly 800 athletes — young, fit people in the prime of life — falling down on the field. In fact, 500% more soccer players in the EU are dropping dead from heart attacks than just one year ago.


Dec 31 - Jan 1 / 2 2023- Daniel 8 war preparations are all around us. Pray for God's Delay.


Iran’s massive war drill targets replica of Eilat naval base - Dec 2

Iran’s Ababil 5 suicide drones simulated a strike on the Israeli Red Sea naval port in Eilat on Friday, Dec. 30 as part of its massive Zolfaqar 1401 military exercise. Iranian war planners designed for the drill a replica of the targeted base and and also a simulation of an Israeli Sa’ar 6-class corvette.
The Ababil 5 UAV is the latest version of Iran’s kamikaze drone series which went into service last May. Not much is known about its features except its capacity to carry a load of 6 small rockets and its range of 480km.
Lharmen - this will be the Daniel 8 war and it is continually unfolding.



Egypt's Sisi congratulates Netanyahu as he pushes for Israeli-Palestinian talks - Dec 2


UN approves motion seeking ICJ opinion on Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Dec 2

The UN General Assembly on Friday asked the International Court of Justice — a tribunal whose authority Israel doesn't accept — to consider consequences for Israel over its presence in the West Bank. The move effectively defers to the Court to recommend the steps that the UN and countries around the world should take against Israel, whose policies, according to the proposal, amount to an "annexation" of the West Bank territories.

The General Assembly voted 87-26 with 53 abstentions on the resolution, with Western nations split but virtually unanimous support in the Islamic world — including Arab states that have normalized relations with Israel — and backing from Russia and China. The United States, Britain and Germany opposed the resolution, while France abstained.

Speaking ahead of the vote, the Israeli ambassador, Gilad Erdan, called the resolution "a moral stain on the UN." "No international body can decide that the Jewish people are occupiers in their own homeland."


Netanyahu pans 'despicable' UN vote, says Jews cannot be occupiers in their own land - Dec 2

Lharmen - No they can not. They will divide God's land when he comes. This 2 state solution under the Abraham accord could be the deal they make that starts with the Fake one week phase. World war happens during the one week.


Israeli missile strikes put Damascus airport out of service - Dec 2

Lharmen - Isaiah 17:1-7 says when Damascus ceases to be a city we see our maker with our eyes.


Putin's Constant Coughing in NYE Address Spurs More Rumors About His Health - Dec 2


Dec 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 - Watch for Ebola begin to span the World starting tomorrow so they can have 3 exact years since 2019 Dec for Covid19. That would allow them to title it with a 22 = 3 years to the day. Jesus said when he comes back the Nations are weakened By Lucifer and the Nations are mad.



Gantz: an Israeli attack on Iran will prompt a war - Dec 28

Outgoing defense minister Benny Gantz warns that an Israel military action against Iran will not go by without regional repercussions. However, Israel is the strongest country in the Middle East and will know how to contend with those consequences in the best possible way, he said.


Joe Biden Signs $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill - Gives Ukraine Another $45 Billion - Dec 30

Lharmen - See the 17 number in 1.7 trillion and the 4+5 = 9 in the 45 billion = Masons live by numbers like these. Watch for Ebola to span the World starting tomorrow.


Esper: Taiwan Not Prepared for Chinese Invasion, 'Seem to Be on That Path' - Dec 30

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Nations shall rise against Nation then Kingdom against Kingdom . When these begin our Catching away into New Bodies will happen.
This war is being set up and will likely happen March 2023 end or Sept around the Red Heifer sacrifice week.



UN expected to hold vote asking international court to weigh in on Mideast conflict - Dec 30

The United Nations General Assembly was expected to approve on Friday a resolution demanding the International Court of Justice weigh in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israeli “annexation.”

The UNGA in New York was scheduled to vote on the anti-Israel resolution after it passed a UN committee in November by a wide margin.

The resolution is titled “Israeli practices and settlement activities affecting the rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories” and calls on the Hague-based ICJ to “render urgently an advisory opinion” on Israel’s “prolonged occupation, settlement and annexation of Palestinian territory.”

Biden repeats U.S. commitment to 2-state solution in message to Netanyahu - Dec 30

Lharmen - Obama's puppet leader Biden is pushing the part God's land ahead of the 3rd WW. This will happen = 2 state with a fake one week peace deal. Watch for Obama to sign it.


Lapid: Israel will use force to prevent Iran from going nuclear - Dec 28

Lharmen - This will be the Daniel 8 war . This will happen when they make the fake one week peace deal while sacrificing the Red Heifers this coming September.
Clip: Outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid reiterated on Wednesday Israel’s “wall-to-wall” commitment to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, issuing a threat that Jerusalem would use military power if necessary.

“Two weeks ago, we held a large-scale joint exercise with the U.S. Air Force. The exercise, which simulated an attack thousands of kilometers beyond Israel’s borders, was the first in a series of planned exercises in the near future,” Lapid said at an Israel Air Force pilots’ course graduation ceremony at the Hatzerim Air Base near Beersheva.

“Our enemies need to know that we will not sit idly by in the face of threats that we deem to be existential. I discussed this with incoming Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu and this is one of the few topics on which there is wall-to-wall consensus among the Israeli public. No Israeli government will allow a nuclear Iran. If it is necessary to act, we will act,” Lapid added.


Turkey, Syria Defense Ministers Meet in Moscow - Dec 28

Lharmen - The Bible tells us Turkey will betray the Land of Israel when the 3rd WW happens. Turkey is aligned with the land of Russia when the World war happens.



Elon Musk: Dr. Anthony Fauci "Cannot Be Regarded as a Scientist" - Dec 30

Lharmen - They tell on each other = 2 arms of the Same Devil. Greek Hells Angel's against the Catholic Hells Angels.


Vaccine Salesman of the Year: WHO Chief Says COVID Boosters "Are Used by Countries to Kill Children" - Fake Fact-Checkers Freak Out - Dec 30


'Largest Satanic Gathering in History' to Take Place in Boston - Dec 30

Lharmen - Leave Boston God's wrath will come upon Sodom and Gomorrah.


Every planet in the solar system visible in rare "planet parade" Wednesday - Dec 30

Lharmen - Luke 21 signs in the Heavens happen ahead of the World war.



Dec  24 / 25 / 26 - Daniel 8 war is being prepared daily right before the World .


EU document proves ‘what we’ve been seeing on the ground’; drive to help the Palestinian Authority take over Area C - Dec 24

Lharmen - God told us they will have parted God's land when he comes back = 2 state solution is exactly that and it has to happen ahead of the 3rd WW.
Clip: A recently leaked European Union document outlining E.U. strategy to help extend Palestinian control over Area C of Judea and Samaria reveals “a gross violation of Israel’s sovereignty and jurisdiction by purported allies,” Naomi Kahn, director of the International Division for Regavim, an Israeli NGO that deals with land issues, told JNS.

Under the Oslo Accords, Area C, covering 60% of Judea and Samaria, commonly known as the West Bank, falls fully under Israeli authority.

The document, which came to light last week, for the first time reveals that official E.U. policy is to help the Palestinian Authority take over Area C, Kahn said. The document declares the ultimate objective is to integrate Area C with Areas A and B, which fall under Palestinian control.


Israel elevated in US military planning for potential war with Iran - Dec 24


Netanyahu pushing for Saudi-Israel Peace deal with annexation pledge — Dec 25

Incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's pledge to advance annexation policies in the West Bank is part of his push for a normalization deal with Saudi Arabia the Israeli media reported over the weekend.

The Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot reported talks were underway between Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia with respect to a normalization deal between the Jewish state and that Gulf country.

Such a deal would make Saudi Arabia the fifth Arab country to normalize ties with Israel under the auspices of the 2020 Abraham Accords.

The first four countries normalized ties with Israel in exchange for its suspension of plans to annex West Bank settlements. Netanyahu would similarly suspend plans for annexation in exchange for a Saudi deal as well, Yediot Aharonot said.


China sends 71 warplanes, 7 ships toward Taiwan in 24 hours - Dec 26


Turkey in Talks with Russia about Using Syrian Airspace in Potential Operation - Dec 26

Lharmen - Turkey will betray the land of Israel in the 3rd WW so this is positioning Turkey for the war to come = Fake fighting with Syria as they are allies.


Iranian protests reach 100 days: Official warns situation 'dangerous' - Dec 26

Lharmen - moderns wars with the West have started off with massive Protests.


Dec 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 -


Uganda is now Ebola free ending the 16th outbreak - Dec 22

LHarmen - it ends on a 22 date and it could start on a 29 date World wide as they do things on their Jewish numerology numbers and 22 and 29 are among numbers.
WHO finalized the official names COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 on 11 February 2020. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explained: CO for corona, VI for virus, D for disease and 19 for when the outbreak was first identified (31 December 2019).
Lharmen - We could again see it happen exactly 3 years on Dec 31 again as all things happen 2 times . Same date ????? Watch and see.
Clip: According to WHO guidelines, 42 days have to elapse without any person contracting Ebola in an area for it to be declared free of the disease.
President Museveni has announced that Uganda is free of Ebola three months after the deadly virus hit the country.
The Ebola outbreak, which killed 56 people and infected 142 others, prompted the government to lock down two districts of Mubende and Kassanda, the epicentres of the virus.


Pilot Whistleblowers Expose Dangers Of Vaccine Injuries To U.S. Airline System - Dec 23

This comes as news is now breaking that the FDA is now officially linking the Pfizer shot to blood clotting issues, as reported by The Epoch Times. That article can be found HERE.


ABC News Journalist Breaks Her Silence, Reveals She Developed Heart Condition Due to Covid Vaccine - Dec 23


Netanyahu says new government in the bag. Dickering goes on over posts, laws - Dec 22


7 weeks after election win, Putin calls to congratulate Netanyahu - Dec 23

Benjamin Netanyahu informed President Isaac Herzog late on Wednesday that he has come to agreements with his coalition partners to form Israel’s 37th government, delivering a promise of right-wing and religious-led political stability seven weeks after the country’s fifth election since 2019 and minutes before the expiration of his mandate to form the next government. The Likud leader has yet to finalize coalition agreements with any of his party’s intended partners, however.

Joe Biden Inches Toward War with Iran, Makes Israel Full Military Partner - Dec 23

Lharmen - this will be the Daniel 8 war when it happens . It will happen when they are sacrificing the Heifers = 2023 they will be doing this . Watch for it .


Putin says intercontinental ballistic missiles will be deployed soon - Putin has claimed the missile can strike anywhere on Earth - Dec 23

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced plans to soon deploy the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles in combat as part of the Kremlin's efforts to modernize the country's nuclear forces.
Russia has been developing the Sarmat ICBM, known to Western analysts as Satan II, since 2009. Designed to elude tracking systems and carry multiple warheads, Putin has claimed the missile can strike anywhere on Earth.

"In the near future, Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles will be put on combat duty for the first time," Putin said at a Ministry of Defense Board meeting, according to translated remarks.

He also said that 91% of weapons in Russia's strategic nuclear forces have been modernized, and the military is still in the process of reequipping the Strategic Missile Forces with hypersonic warheads.

Russia has been accused of using hypersonic weapons, which travel at least five times faster than the speed of sound, during its invasion of Ukraine.



Dec 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 - Ebola is coming When ??? Early next year to a few days ???


'A major problem': The US surpasses $31 trillion in debt, made worse by rising interest rates - and this is who holds the IOUs - Dec 19

Lharmen - 50 percent of the dead are found today with Blood Clots. This is only after the experimental vaccines were forced on the World.
Lucifer gets cast from Heaven for weakening the World.
What Does the Study Claim?

The study was jointly conducted by the researchers from US Food and Drug Administration, Acumen LLC, Department of Economics, Stanford University, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The Epoch Times reported that the from a database of elderly persons in the United States found that pulmonary embolism, blood clotting in the lungs, met the initial threshold for a statistical signal and continued meeting the criteria after a more in-depth evaluation.
Explosion of blood clots in my clinical practice over the past two years since their market launch. From the early trials to the published literature, the signal is very clear. Strong rationale to pull products from market. @DrAseemMalhotra @EpochTimes


Ukraine wields US-supplied offensive arms against Russia – for the first time - Dec 19


CIA head: Russia looking to support Iran, posing threat to US allies in Middle East - Dec 19

Lharmen - This is pre war with Russia hate speech. Sell in the public on hating Russia ahead of the World war.



Dec 13 / 14 / 15 - They will make the Abraham accord/peace deal with Saudi Arabia and the Arab World for one week then the World war will happen all while the Eager Lion Jordan war games is happening.


God's anger wil rise in his face when Russia is about to attack the land of Israel - Dec 15

M2.4 M4.1 M6.3 M3.2 M2.2 M2.2 M4.5 M2.4 M2.0
Lharmen - This is a massive uptick and we today can see Russia loading Nuclear weapons . The World war will happen when the Face of the Sun starts raging.


Russia Primes Nuclear Bomb 12 Times More Powerful Than Dropped on Hiroshima - Dec 15


German Data Analyst Reveals Data from Health Insurance Shows 4 Times Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts - Dec 15

German data analyst Tom Lausen held a conference on Monday in the Bundestag to discuss the massive rise in people who died “suddenly and unexpectedly” after the Covid vaccine rollout.

Only one mainstream journalist was present during the press conference.

The National Association for Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (NASHIP) provided the data covering over 72 million insured Germans.
Using coded data covering 72 million Germans available from the health insurers, the number of people who died “suddenly and unexpectedly” skyrocketed compared to previous years.


Experts Sound Alarms as Canada Expands Euthanasia to Cover Mental Illness - Dec 15



Netanyahu dangles peace with Saudis as key to resolving conflict with Palestinians - Dec 15

Speaking to the Al Arabiya channel in an extensive interview, Netanyahu urges Saudi Arabia to join the Abraham Accords.

Netanyahu dangles peace with Saudis as key to resolving conflict with Palestinians
Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to reporters at Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem on November 23, 2022. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)
Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to reporters at Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem on November 23, 2022. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)
Prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu says he intends to pursue peace with Saudi Arabia and posits that it could be the key to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Speaking to the Al Arabiya channel in an extensive interview, Netanyahu urges Saudi Arabia to join the Abraham Accords.

“I think we face a possibility of not merely an expansion of the peace, I think we can have a new peace initiative that will form a quantum leap for the achievement of the resolution for both the Arab-Israeli conflict and ultimately the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” he says.

“And of course, I’m referring to what could be a truly remarkable historic peace with Saudi Arabia,” he says.

“I think peace with Saudi Arabia will serve two purposes. It will be a quantum leap for overall peace between Israel and the Arab world. It will change our region in ways that are unimaginable and I think it will facilitate ultimately Israeli-Palestinian peace,” Netanyahu says.

“I believe in that and I intend to pursue it. Of course, it’s up to the leadership of Saudi Arabia if they want to partake in this effort.”

Saud Arabia proposed a peace plan two decades ago under which Israel would resolves its conflict with the Palestinians and withdraw to the 1967 borders in exchange for full peace with the Arab World.
Lharmen - This will happen and they will part God's land ahead of the 3rd WW. When they make the fake one week peace deal then the World War happens. Watch for Eager Lion Jordan war games to happen at the time of this agreement around Sept 11th/23 = 22 years since Sept 11th 2001.


Putin 'readies nuke capable of hitting UK and US' in new threat to West - Dec 15

Video footage shows the huge Yars rocket being installed into a silo at a military compound just outside Moscow.

Putin was seen in late October overseeing the launch of a similar missile in a mock response to a potential nuclear attack by the West amid high tension in the war with Ukraine.

Russia is building up to more nuclear showboating as it prepares to mark the annual Strategic Missile Forces Day on December 17.

The Yars intercontinental ballistic missile, which has a range of 7,500 miles, was installed in a silo launch pad using a special transport and loading unit.


As in the days of Noah and Lot: Biden signs ‘gay marriage’ law, calls it ‘a blow against hate’ - Dec 15

Biden’s television interview from a decade ago, when he caused a political furor by unexpectedly disclosing his support for gay marriage. Biden was vice president at the time, and President Barack Obama had not yet endorsed the idea.

Three days later, Obama himself publicly endorsed gay marriage.

“Racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, they’re all connected,” Biden said.


IDF chief confirms Israel behind strike on Iran arms convoy near Syria-Iraq border - Dec 15


US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine - Dec 15

The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine that could be announced as soon as this week, according to two US officials and a senior administration official.
Lharmen - Luke 21 says Kingdom will rise against Kingdom before the end comes and the 3rd WW happens.


The Soros Files Brazil: Barack Obama, PetroBras and the Biggest Corruption Scandal in Brazil's History - Dec 15

By a lucky coincidence, the Obama administration soon thereafter began funding offshore drilling in Brazil. In August 2009, the U.S. Export-Import Bank announced it was loaning PetroBras $2 billion “to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil’s Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro”, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Soon after, President Barack Obama announced a ban on offshore drilling in the USA in December of 2010 and ended oil tax breaks for US companies in January 2011. Obama “was declared in contempt of court for defying a federal judge who ordered the moratoriums reversed. Some wondered if the president wasn’t intentionally acting against U.S. interests,” Business Daily wrote.


Bali's governor says Indonesia's ban on sex outside marriage poses no risk to tourists - Dec 15

Lharmen - Great Idea Pray it happens in more places as it brings us closer to Jesus words.


People who skipped their COVID vaccine are at higher risk of traffic accidents, according to a new study - Dec 15

Lharmen - These people are chipped and they run/crash into rebels who will not get weakened by vaccination..

Dec 10 / 11 / 12 - Ebola is next. Pray for me to make it to uncover this wicked Microchip World wide disaster Catholic Masons have enslaved us all with. Esau's family to be exact. Red haired people and their relatives have chipped the entire World. Nothing hidden that will not be revealed says the Lord. 19th or the 22nd for Ebola to go World wide = 17th outbreak. Watch for it.


Putin says one missile will trigger 'hundreds' of warheads - Dec 12


God's anger will rise in his face when Russia is about to attack the land of Israel - Dec 12
Sun spot = 3153 3156 3157 3160 3162 3163 3164 3165 3166

Herzog grants Netanyahu 10 more days to form coalition, adds a warning: It 'must work for the entire public,' maintain bond with Diaspora, says president - Dec 12

Lharmen - that was done on the 9th and that will make it the 19th when it is formed by = Illuminati number.


More Than 18,000 World Cup Fans Embrace Jesus After Pro-Soccer Player-Turned-Pastor Ignites Gospel Campaign - Dec 12


Satanic Temple Installs 'Serpent of Genesis' Statue Inside the Illinois State Capitol - Dec 12


Outrageous! Heartbreaking Video Shows Moment New Zealand Authorities "Medically Kidnapped" a Baby After Parents Refuse Vaccinated Blood for Heart Surgery - Dec 12


US confident Sweden, Finland will soon join NATO despite Turkey's holdup - Dec 12

Lharmen - Russia said they will attack them if they do????


Dec 7 / 8 / 9 - the Lord told us we will see his rage in his face ahead of the 3rd WW and the Sun spot count today is large and getting larger. This would happen ahead of the Solar flare that will release us from the microchips ahead of the 3rd WW.


Visible Sunspot Regions Dec 9/23 -
3153 3155 3156 3157 3158 3159 3160 3161 3162


Uganda receives 1,200 trial Ebola vaccines - Dec 9

Lharmen - watch for Ebola to pop on the 19th or the 22nd and go World wide fast = Nations in distress with perplexity = getting worse and worse when the Lord comes back.



UN says Israel must give up nuclear weapons in lopsided vote - Dec 9

Lharmen - Lopsided is propaganda.
Those who opposed the resolution were: Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Palau and the United States. Liberia, which had been absent from the vote in October, changed its position and opposed the text.

Another 26 countries, including India and many European states, abstained from the resolution which is part of an annual package of over 15 anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian texts the UNGA approves.


2 in 5 Americans Say We Are 'Living in the End Times,' Pew Research Study Says - Dec 9



Dec 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 - God will drag Russia into the Global Nuclear war that happens when Iran and Syria are attacked and destroyed.


First Ukrainian attack inside Russia hit two nuclear bombers - Dec 6

Lharmen - God will put hooks in Putin's Jaws and drag him into a Global nuclear war.


IDF strikes Hamas rocket factory in Gaza in response to rocket fire - Dec 3



Dec 1 / 2 - Great Earthquakes happen at the

time of the End and here in Alberta we just felt a massive 5.8 = the largest ever recorded here.


Islamic State says leader killed 'in combat with enemies of God' - Dec 2

Lharmen - ISIS is the Islamic state of Syria = 300 thousand of them moved into Canada many years ago. Preparing for the Time of the Gentiles wars where they will cut the Heads of of Christians World wide for 3 1/2 years after the 3rd WW.


Elon Musk expects Neuralink's brain chip to begin human trials in 6 months - Dec 2

Lharmen - the entire World has already received these chips in various forms from Microchip Dental Implants to Verichips


US poised to back billions in military aid for Taiwan - Dec 2

South Korea scrambles fighter jets after Chinese and Russian warplanes enter air defence zone - Dec 2


Two volcanoes erupt simultaneously in Hawaii for first time in decades: "A very sacred event that we are watching" - Dec 2


New Zealand government tries to seize guardianship of baby after parents demand unvaccinated blood for surgery - Dec 1


New 'Died Suddenly' Film Pushes Unfounded Depopulation Claims About Covid-19 Vaccine - Dec 1


Turkey calls for U.S. understanding ahead of possible Syria operation - Dec 2



Nov 28 / 29 / 30 - Ebola outbreak set for Dec 2022 = As Ebola outbreak grows in Uganda, US ramps up preparedness plans


IDF holds joint air drills with US, simulating strikes on Iran and proxies - Nov 30

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday published footage and details of a series of joint aerial exercises it held with the US military this week, simulating strikes against Iran and its regional terror proxies.

In a statement, the IDF said that during drills, which took place over Israel and the Mediterranean Sea, four IAF F-35i fighter jets, accompanied four American F-15 aircraft and an American KC-135 aerial refueling aircraft, refueled several IAF F-16i fighter jets.

The IDF said the drills also “simulated an operational scenario and long-distance flights.”



As Ebola outbreak grows in Uganda, US ramps up preparedness plans - Nov 30

Lharmen - it is planned to spread World wide and it will be the 17th outbreak that does it. It is coming it has been planned way before Covid ever showed up.
Clip:" Uganda has been struggling with an Ebola outbreak for months, and although there have been no suspected or probable Ebola cases identified in the United States, federal and local health officials are working together to prepare for the possibility that the virus will spread across the Atlantic.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response have conducted tabletop exercises with officials from five jurisdictions where airline passengers arriving in the US from Uganda are being funnelled, the CDC confirmed Monday.

The agency said the exercises involved plans for managing a suspected case in each jurisdiction under three scenarios: when the potential patient is identified at a funnelling airport, is identified during state monitoring of returned travelers from Uganda or seeks care at a hospital.


U.S. and NATO Scramble to Arm Ukraine and Refill Their Own Arsenals - Nov 30


Russia's Medvedev warns NATO over supplying Ukraine with Patriot systems - Nov 30


Iran publishes list of 'sensitive' sites in Israel to strike in future war - Nov 28

Lharmen - this will be the Daniel 8 war and it is likely scheduled for Sept 11th 2023 = 322 since 2001 Sept 11th.
The World war happens during the Eager Lion Jordan war games. Watch for it to happen around Sept 11 next year while Ebola is spanning the World.


Studies reveal there are now 1 million followers of Jesus worldwide of Jewish descent - Nov 30


New Disney Christmas Series Shows Children Holding Signs "We Love You Satan" - Nov 30

Lharmen - we have to see Wickedness come to it's fullest ahead of the fall of Lucifer and his Angels after he weakens the Nations = Ebola vaccine is next.


Executive Ed Dowd: Actuaries Continue to See Elevated Millennial Deaths this Year Since Introduction of Forced Vaccines - Up 36% in August - Nov 29


Renowned Oncologist Sends Urgent Letter Calling to End COVID Vaccine Program Immediately as Cancers and other Diseases Are Rapidly Progressing in 'Boosted' People - Nov 29


Nov 26 / 27 - When Damascus ceases to be a city we see our maker with our eyes - Isaiah 17:1-7.


Uganda confirms 141 Ebola cases, 55 deaths - Nov 27

Lharmen - watch for the Ebola epidemic World wide to start in Dec = Next month
Watch for them to title it with a 22 at the end .
Next year is the year of the Red Heifer sacrifice and God told us when they are holding the daily sacrifice the World war happens.

Lharmen - Luke 21

Syria, Iran deploy increased air defenses near Damascus - Nov 27

Air defense supplied by and through Iran were reportedly brought to the area to deter Israel from conducting airstrikes in Damascus.


As Turkey gears up for Syria, Iraq invasion, can the US stop them - Nov 27

Lharmen - Luke 21

US passes 600 mass shootings for third straight year - Nov 26


Top Australian Cardiologist Calls for Ban on mRNA Shots After Rise in Jab-Related Heart Conditions - Nov 27


Nov 24 / 25 -  Finland and Sweden enter the Ukraine war?? If that be true the  Luke 21 Kingdoms against Kingdom has begun.


Finland and Sweden step up military aid to Ukraine ahead of winter - Nov 25


Teenager dies and 22 injured in twin rush-hour blasts in Jerusalem - Nov 24



United States Enters a New Era of Direct Confrontation With Iran - Nov 25

Over the past few days, Iran has told international inspectors that it plans to begin making near bomb-grade nuclear fuel deep inside a mountain that is hard to bomb, and dramatically expand its nuclear fuel production at a plant that Israel and the United States have repeatedly sabotaged.

Iranian forces have shot or locked up antigovernment protesters, provided Russia with drones for its war in Ukraine and, some Western intelligence agencies suspect, may be negotiating to produce missiles as well for Russia’s depleted arsenal. The United States accused Iran on Tuesday of once again violating Iraqi territory to conduct attacks in the Kurdistan region.



Nov 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 - Daniel 8 war unfolds when Iran and Syria get, very much, destroyed. When Damascus ceases to be a city we see our Maker with our eyes - Isaiah 17:1-7


Israel, U.S. to simulate attacks against Iran and its proxies - Nov 23

Lharmen - this will be the Daniel 8 war and the 3rd WW.





Caroline Glick: The Biden administration weaponizes the FBI against Israel - Nov 23


World Bank Mobilizes Additional $4.5 billion for Ongoing Assistance to Ukraine - Nov 23

'FakeCatcher' can detect deepfakes in real-time with 96% accuracy - Nov 23



Nov 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 - Ebola is set to expand World wide as they have planned As I have warned in Dec so they can title it 22.


Possible Ebola case investigated in UK - Nov 19

Ebola – which spreads through bodily fluids – was first detected in Uganda in late September. Since then 163 confirmed and suspected cases have been identified across nine regions, including 77 fatalities – including six healthcare workers.


As Ebola outbreak grows in Uganda, US ramps up preparedness plans - Nov 19

Lharmen - Ebola is planned to explained World wide very soon probably Dec so they can designate a 22 number to Ebola = Masons numerology. 3 years since 2019 = Illuminati.
Major US cities get Ebola plans in place
The CDC estimates that 20% of travelers from Uganda will arrive without a cell phone or US-based phone number. As of Monday morning, the CDC has distributed 163 cell phones to people arriving from Uganda who otherwise did not have ways to remain in contact with health officials.





5 Aircraft Carriers Set to Operate Together in Europe for NATO Exercise - Nov 19


North Korea test launches ballistic missile capable of striking anywhere in US - Nov 19


Israel's 25th Knesset sworn in - Nov 16


New Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan: 14 Whistleblowers Tell Us FBI Is "Rotted To The Core" - Nov 19

Lharmen - they run the Drug war in Canada and they are the ones behind microchip Dental Implants = M K Ultra.


End Times being fulfilled? Federal Reserve, major banks launch 'digital dollar' - 'The stage is being set,' pastor says - Nov 19


WHO: 1st Ebola vaccines to arrive in Uganda next week - Nov 19

GENEVA (AP) — The head of the World Health Organization said Wednesday that he expects the first doses of Ebola vaccine targeting the strain behind an outbreak in Uganda to arrive in the country next week.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said an expert committee convened by the agency had evaluated three experimental Ebola vaccines and decided they should all be tested in Uganda as part of the necessary research before being licensed.

“We expect the first doses of vaccine to be shipped to Uganda next week,” Tedros said, adding that officials have now confirmed 141 cases, including 55 deaths, in the current outbreak, which is the first of the Sudan strain of Ebola in Uganda in more than 10 years.




Nov 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 - Luke 21 Kingdom will rise against Kingdom and we are watching that right now. When these begin we lift our heads as our redemption draws near = March end 2023.


Russian missiles cross into NATO member Poland, kill 2: senior US intelligence official - Nov 15


The Pentagon says the US would 'defend every inch of NATO territory' after reports that Russian missiles killed 2 people in Poland - Nov 15

Ryder's remarks about Article 5 — the clause of NATO's alliance that compels its members to defend one another — mirror those that President Joe Biden has made repeatedly throughout Russia's unprovoked war in Ukraine as the US and its allies have warned Moscow for months that an attack on NATO territory would draw a harsh response.

"We have a sacred obligation under Article 5 to defend each and every inch of NATO territory with the full force of our collective power," Biden said on March 26, just one month after the conflict began.


Poland Considering NATO Article 5 Activation, Says Spokesman - Nov 15


NATO to meet on Wednesday at request of Poland for consultations - diplomats - Nov 15


Israeli air firce attacks Hezbollah and Iranian forces in Syria - Nov 13

Sunday’s airstrikes are the 29th attack ascribed to Israel against targets in Syria in 2022.


There are now 8 billion people on Earth, according to a new U.N. report - Nov 15


Abbas: No option other than to deal with Netanyahu - Nov 15

The Palestinian Authority chief claims the prospective Israeli prime minister does not believe in peace, despite Netanyahu having helped usher in the Abraham Accords.


White House asks Congress for $37.7B in new Ukraine aid - Nov 15


White House to seek more than $9 billion in COVID funding during lame-duck session - Nov 15


George W. Bush and Barack Obama to Hold Back-to-Back Conferences This Week on "Democracy" and "Disinformation" - Nov 15

Bush, 76, will host his The Struggle for Freedom conference in Dallas on November 16, while Obama's democracy conference will be held in New York City on the 17th.


Schwab's WEF is now pushing to implant Tracking Microchips in Humans as part of The Great Reset agenda - Nov 15


Retired detective and Kansas City drug kingpin charged with conspiring to run an underage sex-trafficking operation - Nov 15



Nov 9 / 10 / 11  - Again taking about the coming Daniel 8 war = Iran and Syria strikes done by the West. Look for it during Eager Lion 23 And the fake one week peace deal also during the Daily Sacrifice of the Red Heifers on or near Sept 11th = 22 nd year since 2001.


Israel blamed for deadly strike on Iranian convoy at Syria-Iraq border - Nov 10


Outgoing defense minister Gantz: I expect Netanyahu to be ‘levelheaded’ about Iran strike - Nov 9


Netanyahu clinches support of 64 MKs; Herzog to Ben Gvir: Your image raises concerns - Nov 11

Likud chair Benjamin Netanyahu reached the required majority of recommendations from lawmakers to form the next government on Thursday, as President Isaac Herzog continued consultations with parties elected to the Knesset.

With all parties making up Netanyahu’s bloc recommending him following last week’s election, the opposition leader had officially clinched 64 votes in the 120-seat parliament for his return to the premiership, and was expected to be tasked by Herzog with forming a government on Sunday.

Meeting MK Itamar Ben Gvir of the Otzma Yehudit faction on Thursday afternoon, Herzog repeated his concerns caught on a hot mic a day earlier over the far-right lawmaker’s positions.


Israeli F-35 jets escort US B-52 bombers in show of force to Iran - Nov 10

Israeli F-35i fighter jets escort two American B-52 bombers through Israeli airspace on their way back from the Persian Gulf, in an apparent show of force to Iran amid tensions in the region.

“The flight took place as part of the increasing cooperation with the US military, which is a significant component of the national security of the State of Israel, maintaining regional stability and thwarting regional threats,” the Israel Defense Forces says in a statement.


Ontario School Board Rules to Allow Male Teacher to Wear Giant Prosthetic Breasts to School - Nov 11



Nov 5 /6 / 7 / 8 - The Sun will turn to darkness and the moon into blood ahead of the World war.


Reddish 'Blood Moon' Will Appear During 2022 Midterms for First Time Ever - Nov 8


Biden congratulates Netanyahu on election win: ‘We’ll make history together’ Nov 8

With far right ascendant in Israel, Blinken tells Abbas US committed to 2 states - Nov 8

Lharmen - they will have parted God's land ahead of the 3rd WW


Netanyahu ally: I believe he’ll strike in Iran if nuclear talks fail, US doesn’t act - Nov 4

Lharmen - When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them = 3rd WW after the strike on Both Iran and Syria that destroys Damascus permanently = Isaiah 17:1-7


Evangelicals 'grieved' as Bishop of Oxford says Church of England should back same-sex marriage - Nov 4

Lharmen - Wickedness has to come to it's fullest ahead of our Lords return.


Nov 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - I have long though Netanyahu would be the one who Parts God's land when the 3rd WW happens.

Red Heifer sacrifice , if it happens next year, It will be the the week the 3rd WW happens = during the 3rd WW and during the Eager Lion Jordan war games as the day they come across the swelling of Jordan God is back fighting them. When these things begin in Luke 21 we lift our heads as our redemption draws near.

Oct 29 / 30 / 31-


US envoy congratulates Netanyahu on win, says he will enjoy ‘working together’ - Nov 4


Russia 'Strongly' Warns Britain Over Alleged Role In Drone Attack On Fleet In Crimea - Nov 4


Tonga volcanic eruption produced the highest plume on record - Nov 4


Uganda says Ebola outbreak death toll rises to 48 - Nov 4

Nov 3 (Reuters) - The death toll from an Ebola outbreak in Uganda has risen to 48, with 131 confirmed cases, a health official involved in managing the outbreak said on Thursday.

Last week Uganda's health minister put the death toll at 30, with 109 confirmed cases.

Lharmen - Watch for the 17th outbreak of Ebola in Dec to spread World Wide.


North Korea fires possible ICBM; residents in Japan told to shelter - Nov 4

North Korea fired multiple ballistic missiles on Thursday, including a possible intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that triggered an alert for residents in parts of central and northern Japan to seek shelter.
North Korea also launched at least two short-range missiles.

The launches came a day after North Korea fired at least 23 missiles, the most in a single day, including one that landed off South Korea's coast for the first time.


IDF Combat Aircraft Take to the Skies After Gaza Rockets Fired at Southern Israel - Nov 4

Lharmen - the least of Israel's enemies = Hamas will draw her out onto all her borders the Day of the World war and she knows not that her day of trouble is here when that happens.


Mass brawl erupts at packed Tel Aviv mall on Election Day - Nov 4


Elon Musk Wears Costume With Baphomet And

Inverted Cross for Halloween - Nov 4

Lharmen - Elon Musk is An Antichrist he wore this because he said he is not religious at all. They are with us or they are against us. How hardly can a rich man enter the kingdom of God. They chose Lucifer the Pope over Jesus.




Oct 27 / 28 - Blood red Moon Nov 8th . Nuclear weapons for Finland on Russia's borders .


Russia declares mobilisation for Ukraine complete - Oct 28

Russia announced on Friday it had finished calling up reservists to fight in Ukraine, having drafted hundreds of thousands of people in a month, with more than a quarter of them already sent to the battlefield.
5 minute read October 28, 202210:34 AM MDT Last Updated 2 hours ago
Russia declares mobilisation for Ukraine complete
By Jonathan Landay

FRONTLINES NORTH OF KHERSON, Ukraine, Oct 28 (Reuters) - Russia announced on Friday it had finished calling up reservists to fight in Ukraine, having drafted hundreds of thousands of people in a month, with more than a quarter of them already sent to the battlefield.

The announcement appears to bring to a close a divisive mobilisation drive - Russia's first since World War Two - which had seen tens of thousands of men flee the country and gave rise to the first sustained public protests against the war.

"The task set by you of (mobilising) 300,000 people has been completed. No further measures are planned," Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin at a televised meeting in the Kremlin. He said 82,000 had already been sent to the combat zone and the rest were training.


Moderna Close to US Deal for Ebola, Biological Vaccines - Oct 28

Lharmen - Because Ebola is next and is already here = the 16th outbreak . Watch for the 17th in Dec so they can title it with the freemasons 22 number. 22nd years since 2001.


Rand Paul slams CDC for 'conflicts of interest' over agency's cozy relationship with Pfizer, Moderna - Oct 28


Airport put on Alert for Ebola - Oct 28


Labor chief Michaeli: Rabin was assassinated with Netanyahu's cooperation - Oct 28


Russia Advances Bill Banning 'Gay Propaganda' and Content Promoting Transgenderism to Children - Oct 28



Israel warns Syria it will step up attacks over Iranian weapons transfers - Oct 28

The report came after Israel was blamed for a third strike in Syria in three days. The Israeli Air Force struck multiple targets in the Damascus area early on Thursday, according to Syrian state media.


A monstrously large, 'potentially hazardous' asteroid will zip through Earth's orbit on Halloween - Oct 28

A newly discovered, "potentially hazardous" asteroid almost the size of the world's tallest skyscraper is set to tumble past Earth just in time for Halloween, according to NASA.

Lharmen - Nasa is behind the Project Blue Beam that will fake a Holographic World wide deception that the Devil is Jesus returning. Lucifer has a coming And it come ahead of the 3rd WW.


Alleged Israeli airstrikes target Damascus for 3rd time in a week - Oct 28


Finland Will Allow NATO to Place Nuclear Weapons on Border With Russia - Oct 28

In a move that could risk infuriating Russia, nuclear weapons could possibly be positioned in Finland if the country's application to join NATO is approved, according to a report from a Finnish newspaper.

Both Finland and Sweden submitted applications to join NATO in May, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the Helsinki-based newspaper Iltalehti, the bill regarding potential NATO membership the Finnish government will put before parliament doesn't include any opt-outs for nuclear weapons.

Speaking to the paper, defense sources said Finland's foreign and defense ministers, Pekka Haavisto and Antti Kaikkonen, gave a "commitment" to NATO in July that they wouldn't seek "restrictions or national reservations" if Helsinki's application is accepted.


A total lunar eclipse is coming Nov. 8. - a rare Election Day eclipse - Oct 28

The 'blood' moon'
When the Earth's shadow covers the moon, it often produces a red color, which is why lunar eclipses often get the nickname "blood" moon.

The coloration happens because a bit of reddish sunlight still reaches the moon's surface, even though it's in Earth's shadow.
Lharmen - The Moon will turn to blood and the Sun to Darkness ahead of the World war.


Pope Francis says priests and nuns watch 'vice of porn,' warns 'the devil enters from there' - Oct 28

Pope Francis admitted during a Monday speech that priests and nuns watch the "vice of porn," and said that "the devil enters from there and weakens the soul."
Lharmen - The Pope is the Devil = the Dragon and he has become the Angel of Light God warned us he would become.



Lharmen - Sept 11 2023 is the date they have chosen for the War. Watch for the Fake Daniel 9:27 One week peace deal that week.
27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.


Oct 25 / 26 - Next year we will see the Nuclear World war written in Scripture - The Bear will rise up and devour much flesh = Russia = the Bear in scripture.


Putin uses military drill to practise 'massive nuclear strike', says Moscow - Oct 26

Russia says it used a military exercise to simulate "delivering a massive nuclear strike” in response to an enemy attack.

The annual exercise on Wednesday used test launches to put Moscow's nuclear forces through their paces in a show of force designed to deter and intimidate foes.

It involved nuclear submarines, strategic bombers and ballistic missiles at a time when tensions are high over a "dirty bomb" allegation the Kremlin has made against Ukraine which Western leaders fear Moscow plans to manipulate to escalate the Ukraine crisis.

Putin later told a meeting of intelligence officials from ex-Soviet countries that the potential for conflict in the world remained high.
"There are new risks and challenges for our collective security," he said.

Providing an update on the drills on Russia television, defence minister Sergei Shoigu told Putin – who observed the exercises remotely – that forces were preparing in the event it was necessary to deliver "a massive nuclear strike by strategic offensive forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike".

Chief of staff Valery Gerasimov added that the exercise involved Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines and Tupolev strategic bomber planes.


Netanyahu: ‘Won’t bow my head’ to US lawmakers’ warning against Ben Gvir partnership - Oct 26


Netanyahu poised for possible return to power, dividing Israel again - Oct 26


Syria says soldier injured in a rare daytime Israeli strike near Damascus - Oct 26

Lharmen - We see our maker when Damascus ceases to be a city = Isaiah 17:1-7
Clip: State media claims missiles shot down but damage still caused in alleged attack, the second within days near the capital.
The strike came just days after Israeli missiles allegedly targeted areas near Damascus late Friday, the first reported Israeli airstrike on the country in over a month.
The alleged strike comes as Israel’s military holds a weeklong drill across the country’s north.


Elon Musk to demo Neuralink 'brain chip' that lets you control computers with your mind next month - Oct 26


Solar Eclipse October 25 to See Sun's Light Blocked Out Over Russia - Oct 26


"A Globalist If I Ever Saw One - I Believe Conservatives Are Doomed" - Nigel Farage Blasts New UK PM Rishi Sunak - Oct 26


'Deepfakes' of Celebrities Have Begun Appearing in Ads, With or Without Their Permission - Oct 26

Lharmen - Deepfakes are what are being used against me a devoted Christian = they frame me endlessly to fulfill God's words = They hunt our every footstep and encompass us with Lies.


Judge Delivers Massive Blow to New York's Covid Vaccine Mandates for City Workers - Oct 26


Oct 22 / 23 / 24 - Ebola is next get yours right with Jesus as we are almost there.

...Embalmers and funeral home workers say they are noticing an increase in unusual blood clots among the deceased.


Uganda reports worrisome increase in Ebola cases in capital - Oct 24

Ebola is a virus that causes problems with how your blood clots. It is known as a hemorrhagic fever virus, because the clotting problems lead to internal bleeding, as blood leaks from small blood vessels in your body. The virus also causes inflammation and tissue damage.
Lharmen - the U.S. Coast Guard found Ebola in the covid19 Vaccines and today 50 percent of all people who coroner examine have been found to have blood clots = Ebola is everywhere and it happened to come through the vaccines.
Nine more people in the Kampala metropolitan area tested positive for Ebola on Sunday, in addition to two others on Friday, Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng said Monday. A top World Health Organization official in Africa said last week that Uganda’s Ebola outbreak was “rapidly evolving,” describing a challenging situation for health workers.

Ugandan health authorities have confirmed 75 cases of Ebola since Sept. 20, including 28 deaths. There are 19 active cases. The official numbers don’t include those who probably died of Ebola before the outbreak was confirmed in a farming community about 150 kilometers (93 miles) west of Kampala.


US military forces 'fully prepared' to cross into Ukraine - Oct 24


Japan Undertakes Biggest Military Buildup Since WWII; 'Landmark' Moment in Pacific History Underway - Oct 24



No clear evidence that COVID vaccines are working - PolitiFact - Feb 09/22

Embalmers and funeral home workers say they are noticing an increase in unusual blood clots among the deceased.


Canada Euthanized 10,000 People in 2021. Has Death Lost Its Sting? by Ewan C Goligher - Oct 24

When the hospital staff called me to my patient’s bedside, I could see her distress was severe. She was agitated and breathless, her face etched with discomfort and frustration. “I can’t take this anymore,” she cried.

She had suffered for years with chronic illness and had been admitted to my intensive care unit with acute complications. She was debilitated and exhausted, and her grief and frustration had come to a head. “I just want to die,” she wept.

Her friend was standing next to me at the bedside, and he was clearly upset by her distress. “Just ask for MAID,” he told her, using the popular acronym for medical assistance in dying, often referred to as physician-assisted death. “Then you can end it all now.”
Lharmen - the microchips are causing me and many others chronic pains and I know what these people who want to die are going through . When the Lord smacks Witchcraft from the Devil hands it will end with this pain ending.


Israel said to tell US it can ink maritime deal with Lebanon as soon as Thursday - Oct 24

Lharmen - These deals look like they are bring everyone to the table for the fake one week peace deal that brings in the 3rd WW.

On Heels of Deal With Israel, Lebanon, Syria Discuss Maritime Border - Oct 24

Lharmen - 2023 is the year the Red Heifer gets sacrificed then it will be the year of the fake one week peace deal as well and the 3rd WW. It could be delayed if God's Sons pray enough for it.
Clip: Report in pro-Hezbollah newspaper says American envoy expected in Lebanon next week ahead of potential signing ceremony; delegations expected to ratify agreement in separate rooms.


Netanyahu: I hope Putin's having second thoughts about his vision for Russian empire - Oct 24


The U.S. Army's 101st Airborne is practicing for war with Russia just miles from Ukraine's border - Oct 24


Elon Musk Says This Is The 'Closest We Have Been To' World War 3 Since 1962 As He Warns Of A Global Recession Lasting Until Spring 2024 - Oct 24


Data Expert Predicts 'Homeschool Boom' After CDC Committee Votes to Add COVID Shot to Children's Routine Immunizations - Oct 24


Lawyers Prepare to Sue Any State That Requires COVID-19 Vaccination to Attend School - Oct 24


One in Every 500 Small Children Who Get Vaccine are Hospitalized By It, Study Finds - Oct 24


Renowned cardiologist says mRNA COVID shots have 'unprecedented harms' and must be suspended - Oct 24

A COVID-jabbed cardiologist is now calling for the suspension of the mRNA-based COVID-19 shots due to the “significant harm” they have caused, calling the situation a “global scandal.”

United Kingdom-based Dr. Aseem Malhotra spoke this week to Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham about his recent declaration that, “having been double-jabbed, being one of the first to take the Pfizer vaccine, I have, after several months critically appraising the data […] reluctantly concluded that this vaccine is not completely safe and has unprecedented harms, which leads me to conclude that it needs to be suspended until all the raw data has been released.”


US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply - Shortage Could Cripple Economy - Oct 24


Joe Biden Says It's Wrong for States to Ban Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery For Children - Oct 24

Lharmen - he serves Obama one of the 3 Antichrists = Obama beast / Putin the False Prophet and the Pope the Dragon. These three are one Angel of Death.


Newly Sworn Alberta Premier Plans to Make it Illegal to Discriminate Based on COVID-19 Vaccination Status - Oct 24

Lharmen - Here's hoping they fully protect us as Ebola is next to sweep the Globe = By the Masons Design.

Oct 20 / 21 - Ebola is now airborne as they have no contact with each other spells trouble ahead. Israeli Rabbis sees Jesus return and the GOG and Magog war about to happen during 2023. It is about to happen and Sept 11th/23 is the date they are targeting. We could see the date forwarded or delayed . Pray for the Delay.


WHO: 'Concerned' about Ebola spread as latest eight cases not contacts of others infected - Oct 21

The eight most recent Ebola cases reported during the outbreak in Uganda have no known links with current patients, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, raising concerns over the spread of the deadly disease.
Lharmen - This is the beginning of the Fake Ebola Pandemic And mass murder of Christians who take these coming vaccines for Ebola. Watch out for Ebola to spread World wide as the 17th out break could go World wide in Dec. So they can title it with a 22 number = Jewish Mason numerology.


Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Messiah - Oct 21

A snapshot of Israel’s spiritual hunger as biggest rabbis are afraid to leave the country lest they miss Messiah’s coming.
A recent interview on Israeli radio featured prominent rabbis explaining that the Messiah is just about to reveal himself.

Rabbi Yaakov Zisholtz told religious broadcaster Radio 2000 that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky (who passed away earlier this year) had told him that he (Kanievsky) was already in direct contact with the Messiah.
“Getting the word out now that the Messiah is closer than ever is a matter of life and death. Haven’t you heard of Gog and Magog? That is what is going to happen very soon. Right now, the situation is explosive more than you can possibly imagine. Everyone needs to know whether they are on the inside or if they are going to be left out.”

“Rabbi Dov Kook, as everyone knows, is a very righteous man. He is one of the greatest men of our generation…[and] ten years ago, when Israel was suffering from a horrible drought, someone asked Rabbi Kook when the Sea of Galilee will again be full.

“Rabbi Kook responded that when the Messiah arrives, the Sea of Galilee will be full. In a few weeks, the Sea of Galilee will be full for the first time since Rabbi Kook made this statement.”
As Israel’s latest round of elections near (Nov. 1, 2022), Netanyahu again looks poised for victory.
Lharmen - I believe Netanyahu will be the ruler when the World war happens. He will have to part God's land in a fake one week peace deal.


White House says Iranian troops on the ground in Crimea aiding Russian drone strikes - Oct 21


'Denial of History': Netanyahu Slams Australia for Dropping Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital - Oct 21


Justin Trudeau: Ukraine War 'Absolutely Accelerating' End of Fossil Fuels - Oct 21


The Food Crisis Of 2023 Is Going To Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine - Oct 21


Indonesia bans sale of all cough syrups after 99 child deaths - Oct 21



Next Week A Risky Solar Eclipse Will Set-Up A 'Fireball Blood Moon' For North America - Oct 21



Oct 18 / 19 - Kingdom will rise against Kingdom then the Nuclear World war during a fake one week peace deal. Except it is stopped by God's delay the World war will happen next year during Sept 11th and Eager Lion 2023. Ebola will go Global soon . Watch for it it is planned.


NATO kicks off nuclear drills amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine war - Oct 19

Nearly half of alliance’s members taking part in annual exercises, which come as Putin threatens to use any means to defend Russian territory.
Lharmen - we know that next year is the Nuclear World war except the World can pray for an open delay in God's Judgement. Sept 11 next year will be the 22nd and the War.
NATO on Monday began its long-planned annual nuclear exercises in north-western Europe as tensions simmer over the war in Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to use any means to defend Russian territory.

Fourteen of NATO’s 30 member countries were due to take part in the exercises, which the military alliance said would involve around 60 aircraft including fighter jets and surveillance and refuelling planes.

The bulk of the war games will be held at least 1,000 kilometres (625 miles) from Russia’s borders.


Uganda Ebola epidemic death toll climbs to 44: WHO - Oct 19

Lharmen Ebola is the chosen Virus to make every one take more Vaccines and to force the coming Ecommerce Bar code tattoo on the right hand and the forehead.


Biden Tells DNC He’ll Sign Legislation Legalizing Abortion All The Way Up To Birth - Oct 19

Lharmen - thou shalt not kill.


Iran inks deal to supply Russia with ballistic missiles, more drones - Oct 18


IDF lifts closure on West Bank and Gaza; Shuafat and Nablus remain under lockdown - Oct 19


Economist Nouriel Roubini: 'In some sense, World War III has already started' - Oct 19


Canadian, US Warplanes Land In Haiti With Military Equipment; Locals Warn Of 'Foreign Invasion' - Oct 19


Oct 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 /16 / 17 -


Latest US National Security Strategy pushes regional peace, 2-state solution - Oct 13


Iran reportedly set to ship ballistic missiles to Russia for use in Ukraine - Oct 17


White House ‘deeply disappointed’ after Abbas tells Putin he doesn’t trust US - Oct 17

The White House issued a rare public rebuke of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday, after the latter publicly dismissed US efforts to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and indicated that Ramallah prefers that Russia play a more central role as a mediator while sitting alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The statement from a National Security Council spokesperson appeared to be the first time the Biden administration has responded to escalating criticism from Ramallah, which has accused Washington of failing to pressure Israel to cease military operations in the West Bank while also only focusing on economic antidotes to the conflict, rather than political ones.

In remarks in front of reporters ahead of a private Thursday meeting with Putin at a conference in Kazakhstan, Abbas said, “We don’t trust America and you know our position. We don’t trust it, we don’t rely on it, and under no circumstances can we accept that America is the sole party in resolving a problem.”


US presses allies, including Israel, to assemble patchwork air defenses for Ukraine - Oct 17

Washington has promised to provide Ukraine with the short- to medium-range, medium-altitude NASAMS air defense system, with the first two arriving soon.


Israel Police Reports Slowdown in Violent Riots in East Jerusalem as West Bank Clashes Continue - Oct 17


Xi Jinping's Endgame: A China Prepared for Conflict With the U.S. He has unleashed an array of military, economic and political campaigns to brace the country for the possibility of confrontation. Xi Jinping and other officials pledged their vows to the Communist Party during an event last year - Oct 17


Guardians of World Economy Told to 'Buckle Up' as Outlook Dims - Oct 17



Oct 10 / 11 - Ebola 19th dead. 17 out break to go World wide. Watch for December role out. It is planned.


Uganda Ebola outbreak: First death recorded in capital Kampala - Oct 11

He was the 19th victim in the current outbreak of the deadly virus but the first to die in Kampala.

There have been 54 confirmed cases in Uganda but no others have been recorded in the city.



Oct 8 / 9 - 3rd WW next year Sept 11th anniversary = 22 years since 2001 = by Devil worshipping Catholic Masons design.


Zelenskyy interview: Russia has begun to 'prepare their society' for possible use of nuclear weapons - Oct 9


Putin 'in a corner' with options narrowing - Oct 9

Lharmen - God said he will put hooks in Putin's Jaws and drag him onto a Nuclear Armageddon battle .




Joe Biden Literally Runs Away From Reporters Asking About His Warning US on Brink of Nuclear "Armageddon" with Russia - Oct 9


Putin wants new 'grand bargain' with the West, says Turkish official - Oct 9

Lharmen - Peace deal coming that will start with the Prophesied Fake one week phase near Sept 11th next year or a soon as March 29th/30th next year.


Russians Terrified by Putin's Bunker Mentality as He Turns 70 With His Finger on the Nuclear Button - Oct 9

Vladimir Putin of people know the exact location where President Vladimir Putin is celebrating his 70th birthday in St. Petersburg on Friday, but critics say he spends more and more of his time isolated deep inside nuclear bunkers.


NASA: Total lunar eclipse to happen on Election Day November 8th visible in most parts of the United States - Oct 9


FL Surgeon General Finds 84% Increase in Cardiac-Related DEATH in Males 18-39 Following mRNA Vaccine - Recommends Young Males Refrain from Receiving COVID Vaccine - Oct 9


Fauci Tells Americans To Get Boosted Before Holidays; Claims There is "No Doubt It's Safe" Despite VAERS Data Showing The Experimental Jab is the Most Dangerous Vaccine in History - Oct 9


Doctors speak out as children's hospitals fill up due to early surge of respiratory illnesses - Oct 9

Lharmen - On time, every time, in our days . We here in Canada are getting flu like symptoms at the same time.
Across the U.S., children's hospitals are full due to an early uptick in respiratory illnesses like RSV and enterovirus. Here's what parents need to know.
Children’s hospitals in major U.S. cities around the country are reaching capacity due to an unprecedented spike in respiratory illnesses, and COVID-19 is not the main culprit. Common respiratory viruses that typically cause mild, cold-like symptoms in children — such as RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), rhinovirus and enterovirus — are hitting harder and earlier than expected, multiple experts told TODAY, prompting concern ahead of the winter season.


Government reports confirm 1 in every 110 COVID Vaccinated people had died by January 2022, compared to just 1 in every 187 Unvaccinated people - Oct 9
Lharmen - Lucifer gets cast down for weakening the Nations and here it is = Total poison these vaccines are and they never saved anyone ever.



Oct 6 / 7 - Watch for Ebola the 17th in Dec to spread World wide. Another experimental vaccine. People are dying World wide from Blood clots and Ebola and Blood clots go hand and hand. 


U.S. to begin screening travellers coming from Uganda for Ebola - Oct 7

Lharmen - watch for the Ebola outbreak to start across the World in Dec = 17th so they can label it with a 22 = exactly 3 years from 2019.

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda is growing quickly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 63 cases, probable or confirmed, were recorded in about two weeks, which has resulted in 29 likely deaths (the Ugandan ministry of health has confirmed 10 deaths and is reviewing the rest). In only a few days, the case count has already made it among the biggest Ebola outbreaks in history.


US officials say they conveyed commitment to 2 states in DC meetings with Abbas aide - Oct 7

Lharmen - I know that this deal has to be made As they have parted God's land ahead of the 3rd WW.




Biden: Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ risk highest since ’62 crisis (Is he trying to provoke?) - Oct 7

President Joe Biden said Thursday that the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as Russian officials speak of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons after suffering massive setbacks in the eight-month invasion of Ukraine.
Speaking at a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin was “a guy I know fairly well” and the Russian leader was “not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons.”


Israel preparing for potential escalation in north as Lebanon talks derail - Oct 7

Israeli forces are preparing for a potential escalation of tensions along its border with Lebanon as U.S.-mediated indirect negotiations over the maritime border between the countries hit a snag.

During the weekly situation assessment, Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday instructed the military to increase operational readiness both offensive and defensive in the country's north.

IDF Chief of the General Staff Aviv Kochavi, Defense Ministry Director-General Amir Eshel, and Head of the IDF Operations Directorate Major General Aharon Haliva also participated in the meeting.


Netanyahu hospitalized after feeling unwell during Yom Kippur synagogue service - Oct 7

Lharmen - Same day I fell ill flu symptoms = I do not see this as an accident = we are all chipped = New York Mafia = Obama.


Poland suggests hosting US nuclear weapons amid growing fears of Putin’s threats - Oct 5


Energean announces new Israel gas discovery, estimated at 7-15 billion cubic meters - Oct 7


NASA catches Sun releasing an 'X level' solar flare - Oct 7

NASA has snapped the most powerful category of solar flare on camera while it was on it’s way to Earth.

The flare – which was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory – is classed as an X1. X-class denotes that it’s one of the most intense flares, while the number provides more information about its strength.

X-flares are the top classification, and these are 10 times stronger than the next level down – M flares.

Major solar flares can knock out certain radio frequencies and can make GPS positioning less accurate.

We’re currently heading towards the Solar Maximum – a time when solar flares are at their most frequent, strong, and potentially catastrophic if they hit Earth.


Doctor Surprised as Patient Refuses to Receive Blood Transfusion if Donor had been Vaccinated Against COVID-19 - Oct 7

Oct 3 / 4 / 5 - Ebola should be declared over or a new out break will emerge they number 17th outbreak and it could and should spread World wide = By Illuminati Masons design. Massive "X" class flares will get greater and greater until The lord frees us from the chips.


Pope pleads with Putin for ceasefire in Ukraine, warns of nuclear risk - Oct 5

Lharmen - When Lucifer the pope does this there will be a fulfilment of the fake one week peace deal = coming next year around Sept 11th. This is a stepping stone to it.





God's anger will rise in his face when Russia's Putin is about to come against the land of Israel - Oct 5

X1.0 M2.6 M4.2


Another health worker succumbs to Ebola - Oct 5

Since the outbreak was announced last month, the confirmed cases had increased from 1 to 43 and the deaths have also increased from 1 to 9 as of Tuesday.


What is Russia's Poseidon nuclear torpedo drone, and can it cause a nuclear tsunami? - Oct 5


NATO warns Russia may have deployed its 'weapon of the Apocalypse' Poseidon - Oct 5


Lebanon receives written US-brokered proposal for maritime border deal with Israel - Oct 2
On Sunday, Israel’s Channel 13 news said security officials believe a deal will be reached in the next two weeks.


United Nations Warns of Looming Global Recession Sparked by ‘Excessive’ Monetary Tightening - Oct 5

The warning comes as the U.S. central bank has continued raising interest rates in an effort to curtail inflation, currently at 40-year highs, by implementing yet another aggressive 75 basis-point rate hike last month.

More hikes look likely in the future, Fed officials have suggested, while similar hikes are also on the horizon in England and Europe.
UNCTAD projects that world economic growth will slow to 2.5 percent in 2022 and drop to 2.2 percent in 2023, resulting in a global descent that would leave real gross domestic product still below its pre-pandemic trend, and cost the world more than $17 trillion in lost productivity.


Iran says waiting for US to unfreeze $7 billion after releasing American detainees - Oct 5

“With the finalization of negotiations between Iran and the United States to release the prisoners of both countries, $7 billion of Iran’s blocked resources will be released,” the state news agency IRNA said.

Billions of dollars in Iranian funds have been frozen in a number of countries — notably China, South Korea, and Japan — since the US reimposed biting sanctions on the Islamic Republic in 2018 after unilaterally withdrawing from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

Tehran has accused Seoul of holding $7 billion of its funds “hostage,” repeatedly calling on South Korean authorities to release it.
Lharmen - Masons and their numerology = 7 and even in the last article 17 ends in 7 = not an accident but by their design.


Sept 29 / 30 / Oct 1 / 2 - Look for the 16th Ebola outbreak to end and the 17th to Go World wide in Dec exactly 3 years since covid19. It is all planned to Push the World wide Crash and the Ecommerce Bar Code Tattoo onto all people World wide.


Ebola kills 7 - Oct 2

More than 50 cases have been identified so far in an outbreak linked to the Sudan variant of Ebola virus, which has no approved treatment or vaccine.



God's anger will rise up in his face when Russia is about to come against the land of Israel - Oct 2

M2.9 M5.8 M8.7


Putin annexes Ukrainian regions, vows to use 'all means' to protect territories - Oct 2


Putin invokes Satan, slavery, Goebbels, nukes to denounce West in annexation speech - Oct 2


Vladimir Putin Vows Destruction of 'Satanic' West in Ukraine Annexation Rant - Oct 2

Lharmen - He is pointing at Obama = Satan.


US Pledges $810 Million to Pacific Islands as 'Enduring Commitment' to Counter Beijing's Influence - Oct 2

U.S. President Joe Biden on Sept. 29 announced US$810 million in new funding to Pacific Island nations over the next decade as the U.S. seeks to counter Beijing’s growing influence in the region.
Lharmen - a 29 date . Wow ... not wow = ends in 9.


China tells state banks to prepare for a massive dollar dump and yuan buying spree as Beijing's prior interventions have failed to stem its currency's worst year since 1994 - Oct 2


Dow Closes Worst September In 20 Years, Stocks Plunge As Bear Market Roars - Oct 2

Lharmen - Market Plunge then war coverage.


BIBLICAL DESTRUCTION Flying After Hurricane Ian - Oct 2


At Least 42 Dead in Florida From Hurricane Ian - Oct 2


Sept 27 / 28 - The first Pandemic they declared, that turned out to be a scare only, was Ebola Not Covid19 it was Ebola. It was in Many places but no deaths.
It will be Ebola it is planned and it will happen. Watch for Dec for this 17th outbreak = 3 years since covid19 Dec.


16th Ebola outbreak = infections grow in Uganda as death toll rises to 23 - Sept 26


End of 15th Ebola outbreak 27 September 2022 - Sept 28

Lharmen - today there is a new Ebola outbreak one there is no Vaccine for.
This one will end then the 17th will spread World wide.
As I warned they will use a specific Illuminati Jewish Numerology number like 17 or 19 to spread it world wide by design.



New $1.1 bln U.S. arms package for Ukraine in process -U.S. officials - Sept 28


Congress Negotiators Set $12 Billion for New Ukraine Aid - Sept 28

Lharmen - no one knows exactly how much they are giving or who it is going to = billions are going to Ukraine for a war with Russia.


On Eve of Rosh Hashanah, Israel Sees Largest Wave of New Immigrants in 20 Years, Jewish Population Reaches 7 Million - Sept 28


New Italian Leader Giorgia Meloni's Speech Against New World Order: "They attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity" - Sept 28


Iranians take part in 12th night of protests; daughter of ex-president arrested - Sept 28


Russia Prepares to Formally Annex 15% of Ukraine - Sept 28


Dramatic Images of Erupting Sea Emerge from Europe-Russia Nord Stream Pipeline 'Leaks' - Sept 28

Lharmen - 2 on the Richter scale spells attack.
The Kremlin said on Tuesday that it cannot rule out “sabotage” as the cause of significant damage to the Nord Stream pipeline network that carries gas from Russia to Germany.


Mother Blames "Vaccinated Blood" for the Death of Her One-Month-Old Baby Who Died from Blood Clot Following Blood Transfusion - Sept 28

“He died after getting a blood transfusion of vaccinated blood,” Hertzler claimed. “He got a blood clot instantly after receiving his transfusion. A blood clot that no blood thinner could resolve.”
“He had an operation to fix an issue in his throat he was born with. He did not need a blood transfusion during the operation. Most babies do not.”

“Later on, after our authorization had expired (we only authorized a blood transfusion in case of an emergency during an operation). The doctor gave him a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin levels were a little low. We had not given permission for this and the doctor knew we did not want vaccinated blood because we were worried about blood clots. The next day after the transfusion, they discovered a blood clot,” Hertzler said.
Lharmen - so many World wide that are dying from Blood clots and these people told them they did not want a transfusion from a vaccinated donor and they did it anyways = Murder.
Ebola is next when it hits the 17th outbreak this year probably in Dec it will be the 17th. It will then Spread World wide as the first Pandemic they declared that turned out to be a scare only was Ebola No Covid19 it was Ebola and it was in Many places but no deaths.
It will be Ebola it is planned and it will happen. Watch for Dec for this 17th put break.



Sept 24 / 25 / 26 - Ebola is starting to rage . It probably will spread World wide in this 22 year EVD22. = before the end of this year they will spread this World wide = 3 years since covid19 Do not take the coming Ebola Vaccine or you will not live to regret it. Our Lord will free us ahead of the World war as he promised us. We flee into the wilderness for the full 3 1/2 years of the Time of the Gentiles except one Nation in the up direction that is alone and dwells with out care.


Ebola infections grow in Uganda as death toll rises to 23 - Sept 26


Uganda says Ebola caseload rises to 16 as outbreak grows - Sept 26

Four people have already died from the virus, raising fears of a spreading outbreak that involves a strain for which a vaccine has not yet been found.


Tropical Storm Ian Forecast To Rapidly Intensify To Category 4 In Gulf Of Mexico - Sept 26


U.S. Warns Russia of ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if It Uses Nuclear Weapons - Sept 26

Russian state TV tells viewers nuclear war is likely - 'Everyone dies' - Sept 26

There was palpable frustration in the Russian media that many in the West misunderstood what Putin said⁠—he was threatening the West, not Ukraine, with nuclear strikes. And so, droves of propagandists have been sent out to tell the West: push us into a corner and everybody dies.
Lharmen - God told us he will put hocks into the Russian leaders Jaws = GOG and pull him into Battle = 3rd WW. 2023 Word war during the one week peace deal and while Ebola is raging World wide. During the Sun also Raging massive "X" class flares.


Lapid says majority of Israelis support two-state solution, but poll finds otherwise - Sept 26

Survey says only 31% of Jewish Israelis think next gov’t should push for such a peace deal with the Palestinians, with nearly 60% opposed; support far higher among Arab Israeli.


Russia's Lavrov Accuses US of 'Playing With Fire' Around Taiwan - Sept 26


Woman Dies Suddenly Inside the Pharmacy 15 Minutes After Getting a Booster Shot - Sept 26


Brother of Police Officer Who Died Suddenly at Home Believes his Death was Due to COVID Vaccine - Sept 26


Leaked: Bombshell Video of Israeli Researchers Discussing Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects, Warning of 'Medical-Legal' Consequences - Sept 26


Sept 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 - next year Sept 11/23 will likely be the date under massive upheaval World wide . Ebola is coming next and is possibly set for the end of this year so they can title it with a 22 year like covid 19 was 3 years ago and how it was named.
The Global nuclear war will happen next year during the daily sacrifice when they sacrifice the Red Hiefer and during the Eager Lion Jordan war games as they are cross into Syria.


11 dead in suspected and confirmed Ebola cases in Uganda - Sept 23

Lharmen - they will likely find a way to get to the 17th outbreak and it will spread World wide = It is all planned and it is happening as planned. The Tattoo on the right hand and the forehead will come on the back of the Banking cyber attack and Ebola. Both planned for this coming year.


Biden, Trudeau, welcome Lapid’s statement on the two-state solution - Sept 23

Lharmen - We watch for the Sept time period but certainly while they are sacrificing the Red Heifers next year for the parting of God's land deal for peace.
US President Joe Biden and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s statement that the two-state solution “is the right thing” for Israel.

In a tweet, Biden wrote: “I welcome Israeli Prime Minister Lapid's courageous statement at the UN General Assembly: ‘An agreement with the Palestinians, based on two states for two peoples, is the right thing for Israel’s security, for Israel’s economy, and for the future of our children.’”

“I could not agree more,” Biden added.

Trudeau tweeted that a two-state solution “with Israelis and Palestinians living in peace, security, and dignity – is in everyone’s best interest.”





Putin warns West: Threat to resort to nuclear weapons ‘not a bluff’ - Sept 23


Putin mobilizes 300,000 troops, touts 'means of destruction' - Sept 23

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a partial mobilization in Russia as the war in Ukraine reaches nearly seven months and Moscow loses ground on the battlefield. Putin also warned the West that "it's not a bluff" that Russia would use all the means at its disposal to protect its territory. The total number of reservists drafted in the partial mobilization is 300,000, officials said.
Lharmen - 7 months + 12 puts us at Sept 11/23 = 19 months = Illuminati . Luke 21 says when Kingdom rises against Kingdom begins at some point our Redemption draws near.


Hurricane Fiona could be ‘most intense storm on record’ to slam into Atlantic Canada - Sept 23


Hurricane Fiona intensifies to Category 4 as Puerto Rico contends with aftermath - Sept 23


Stocks plunges 700 points as recession fears mount - Sept 23

Lharmen - Market plunge then war coverage.


Sen. Schumer: 'At Least' $12B in Ukrainian Aid Needed to 'Win the War' - Sept 23

At UN, Erdogan calls to end 'illegal settlements,' says 2 states the 'only solution' - Sept 23


Hamas 'plotting to repeat Gaza takeover in Judea and Samaria' - Sept 23


Trump Warns That Conflict in Ukraine Could Start WWIII, Says It Wouldn't Have Happened if He Was Still President - Sept 23

Lharmen - Putin is Greek and so is Trump, Netanyahu as was the Queen of England and the King Charles is also a Greek descendant.
Clip: “Russia will use all the instruments at its disposal to counter a threat against its territorial integrity—this is not a bluff,” Putin said in a national address on Wednesday.


Putin Announces Partial Mobilization In Ukraine War Escalation, Says West Wants To "Destroy Russia" - Sept 23

Calling the moves “urgent, necessary steps to defend the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Russia,” Putin said that Russia is fighting the full might of NATO. The US and its allies, he said, are seeking to “destroy” Russia.

The partial mobilization means that reservists will be drafted into military service, Putin said, starting immediately. The Armed Forces will draw on military reservists only, and those who have completed national service, the president said promising that they will be provided with additional training along with all the benefits due to people involved in active duty.


Serbian President Warns of Global Conflict Not Seen since WWII - Sept 23


Putin in 'Life-and-Death' Struggle in Ukraine, China Warns - Sept 23

China said that the invasion of Ukraine has become a matter of "life and death" for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has no option to retreat from the war because of escalating tensions between Russia and NATO.

On Wednesday, the former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, Hu Xijin, penned an opinion piece for the Chinese Communist Party newspaper, writing that because "The determination of the US and the West to defeat Russia is very firm," there is "no turning back other than winning" for Putin.


Fed raises rates by another three-quarters of a percentage point, pledges more hikes to fight inflation - Sept 23

Lharmen - Market Plunge then war coverage.


Rising homelessness is tearing California cities apart - Sept 23

Lharmen - same here in Edmonton.


Scientists find high levels of 'forever chemicals' in school uniforms - Sept 2

Millions of students in the U.S. and Canada are being exposed to toxic “forever chemicals” through the uniforms they wear every day, a new study finds.

The exposure to these compounds — also called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) — lies in the “stain-resistant” technology often marketed as an advantage in the fabrics.
The scientists behind Wednesday’s study, published in Environmental Science & Technology, said they detected PFAS in uniforms from all the popular brands that they tested.

“PFAS don’t belong in any clothing, but their use in school uniforms is particularly concerning,” senior author Marta Venier, a professor of environmental chemistry at Indiana University, said in a statement.
“School uniforms are worn directly on the skin for up to eight hours per day by children, who are particularly vulnerable to harm.” Venier added.

Known for their ability to persist in the human body and the environment, PFAS are notorious for their presence in firefighting foams and industrial discharge. These cancer-linked compounds are also key ingredients in many household items, such as nonstick pans, cosmetics and waterproof hiking clothes.


Sept 17 / 18 / 19 - Queen is laid to rest today.  3rd WW next year as they prepare for a Red Heifer to be sacrificed.

fits perfectly with the 3rd WW Next year as well. They take the daily sacrifice away during the World war. Final deal for the 2 state as well. Iran deal could easily be lumped together as I have been warning for years. Esau is a hairy red Head that gave up his Birthright = can't go to Heaven. All Red Heads are related to him. So then The Royal Named Harry, that has red Hair, is related to him and he also can not go to Heaven. Neither can he rule over the British Nations he is not allowed. Nor His Brother William. Only King David's Bloodline and no one else is allowed.


Red Heifers arrive in Israel - Sept 19

The Temple Institute and Boneh Israel made a huge step towards reinstating the Temple service on Thursday when five red heifers landed at Ben Gurion International Airport.
The red heifer was the main component in the Biblically mandated process of ritual purification for impurity that results from proximity or contact with a dead body. Because the elements needed for this ceremony have been lacking since the destruction of the Second Temple, all Jews today are considered ritually impure, thereby preventing the return of the Temple service. The Temple Institute launched its Red Heifer program about a decade ago, led by Rabbi Azariah Ariel. But even in Temple times, an animal that fulfilled the Biblical requirements was exceedingly rare. Failing to produce a suitable candidate from ranchers in Israel, The Temple Institute began investigating alternative sources for a red heifer.

Boneh Israel, an organization that connects Christian lovers of Israel to the Holy Land, stepped in to help. Led by Byron Stinson, a native Texan, Boneh Israel understood ranchers.
“I didn’t set out to do this, but right now, I am probably the best red heifer hunter in Texas,” Byron quipped. “The Bible says to bring a red cow to purify Israel, and I may not understand it, but I am just doing what the Bible said.”

“The prophecies came true, and the Jews are back in Israel,” Byron said. “Now they need to build a Temple. But it’s like buying a really nice car. If you don’t have the key, you aren’t going anywhere. The red heifer is the key to making the Temple work like it’s supposed to.”

Boneh Israel took out full-page ads in ranching magazines, explaining the situation to ranchers. They requested that any red calves be set aside.
One of the major difficulties was that the government requires tagging calves right after birth. The ear tag creates a hole in the calve’s ear, a blemish that disqualifies the calf for the Mitzvah.

The farmer explained that because of COVID, the employee who normally puts in the tags did not come to the farm when these five calves were born.

A team of rabbis from the Temple Institute flew out to inspect the calves last year. The requirements are incredibly demanding, requiring that there be no more than two non-red hairs on the entire calf. It must also never have been used for any labor or have been impregnated. The heifer must be two years and one day old to be suitable for the ceremony. Sometimes, a calf that is perfectly red when it is young develops black or white hairs as it grows older or may develop a blemish. Sometimes, the colored hairs fall out or disappear. Certifying the calf requires a complete and intensive inspection in which a rabbi knowledgeable in the laws goes over the entire calf with a magnifying glass.

The cows were between 5-8 months old. To be suitable for the red heifer ceremony, the cow must be two years and one day old so these heifers will be raised in Israel until they reach the proper age.
Chanan pointed out that last year was 5781 in the Hebrew calendar.

“In Hebrew numerology, this is תשפא. That is an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה אדומה (it will be the year of the red heifer). The cows we are looking at now were conceived last year,” Kupietzy said. “This year is תשפ,ב 5782, an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה בישראל (It will be a year for the heifer in Israel). In two weeks we will begin תשפג, 5783, the year in which the ceremony of the Red Heifer will be performed. This is an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה גאולה (It will be a year of the Red Heifer of redemption).”
Lharmen - fits perfectly with the 3rd WW Next year as well. They take the daily sacrifice away during the World war. Sept 23 = 22 years from 2001 and 2023 ends in a 3 = illuminati.
From the time of Moses, who personally prepared the first heifer, until the destruction of the Temple, only nine red heifers were prepared. Nonetheless, this was sufficient to maintain the ritual purity of the entire nation for almost 2,000 years. According to Jewish tradition, there will only be ten red heifers in human history with the tenth heifer ushering in the Messianic era. Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides), the most renowned medieval Jewish scholar known by the acronym Rambam, wrote in his explanation of the mitzvah that “the tenth red heifer will be accomplished by the king, the Messiah; may he be revealed speedily, Amen, May it be God’s will.”


The Jewish Planner 5783 begins in Elul 5782 and goes through Elul 5783, which lines up with August 28th, 2022September 15th 2023.
Eid al-Adha in the Gregorian calendar - 1443 28 June 2023 (calculated)

Lharmen This crosses both the Passover in April and Sept 11 = 22 years since 2001. Ebola is about to pop = likely in Dec because it will be 3 years and they always do thing around the Jewish Numerology.


Latest Polls Show Lapid & Netanyahu Tied 60-60, Outcome Depends on Arab Turnout - Sept 19

The Royal family are Greek's today = Prince Philip was born into the Greek and Danish royal families and gained greater fame when he married his distant cousin Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom) in 1947.


Abbas poised for final effort to save the two-state solution at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly - Sept 19

The issue of Palestine will once again be front and center at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who last year gave the world community 12 months to help realize a Palestinian state, will push for the UN Security Council to recognize Palestine as a full member state under occupation. He said last year: “The Israeli authorities have one year to withdraw from the Palestinian territory it occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem.”

The first day of the high-level general debate in New York will be Tuesday, Sept. 20, and many will be repeating without any genuine seriousness the term “two-state solution.”
Most members of the UNSC have previously voted in favor of the state of Palestine at the level of the General Assembly. A total of 13 European states did so, three of which — Albania, Norway and Ireland — are currently members of the UNSC. India, Brazil and the UAE are also on record as supporting the state of Palestine.
Lharmen - 13 British bloodlines rule the World = 12 are Jacob and 1 is Esau.


Jordanian Foreign Minister: 'Unilateral Measures' by Israel Undermine Two-state Solution - Sept 19
Lharmen - So many nations want Israel to part God's land and God said it will happen ahead of his return.


Syria says Israeli strikes hit Damascus airport area, five soldiers killed - Sept 19

Lharmen - When Damascus ceases to be a city we see our maker with our eyes = Isaiah 17:1-7
On Thursday a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told reporters that the military has identified that Hezbollah and other Iran-backed militias in Syria are beginning to withdraw from the region following a series of airstrikes attributed to Israel in recent weeks.

The officer said the apparent withdrawal of these forces from the area is “a result of the IDF strikes.”


China Pushes for 'Early' Nuclear Deal with Iran as Europe, U.S. Lament Unreasonable Demands - Sept 19


Biden Administration Announces $600 Million in Military Aid for Ukraine - Sept 19

Lharmen - they are Cleary gutting the U.S. economy ahead of the Massive crash set for Next year.


UN Food Chief: 345 million people at risk of starvation in 2023 - Sept 19

Lharmen - Luke 21 says Famine has to begin before the World war can happen.


Argentina to Hike Interest Rates to 75% as Inflation Nears 100% - Sept 19


A sunspot 4 times the size of Earth let out a 10-million-degree-solar flare - Sept 19


A massive solar flare knocked out radio in Africa and the Middle East Friday - Sept 19


A sunspot 4 times the size of Earth let out a 10-million-degree-solar flare - Sept 19

Solar scientists had been observing a sunspot that grew to four times the size of our planet and then let out a solar flare estimated to be 18 million degrees Fahrenheit (10 million degrees Celsius) earlier this week, Newsweek reported.

Solar flares occur when regions on the sun's surface become highly magnetized, preventing the normal convection process. This cools down the surface temperature in comparison to other regions and is visible from the Earth as a darker patch called a sunspot.





Sept 14 / 15 / 16 - Funeral for our Queen is Sept 19th. More proof the Vaccines are killing 98 times the people that the disease. Take the coming Ebola vaccines and you will not live to regret it again. Lucifer falls from Heaven for weakening the entire World.


Iran supreme leader ‘gravely ill,’ too weak to even sit up in bed - Sept 16

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is gravely ill after undergoing surgery last week for a bowel obstruction and canceled all public meetings, being too weak to even sit up, The New York Timesreported on Friday.

Khamenei’s health deteriorated early last week when he began experiencing severe stomach pains, the report said, citing four people familiar with the matter. The supreme leader had surgery at a makeshift clinic set up in his home, and his office cancelled all public appearances for the rest of the week.

The 83-year-old’s condition was considered critical but has since seen an improvement in his condition. However, he is still being monitored closely by doctors, according to The Times.
Lharmen - The chips do the same thing to me! Putin just had the same thing done to him.


New Study: COVID Vaccines for Young Adults Up to 98 Times Worse than the Disease - Sept 16

A new pre-print study by nine health experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other top universities found that COVID-19 boosters administered to young adults cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events for each COVID hospitalization prevented.

The study—posted Monday on The Social Science Research Network (SSRN)—concluded that mandatory booster vaccination in college is “ethically unjustifiable.” The paper is titled, “COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities.”


Iranian president says Tehran will pursue membership in Russia-China bloc - Sept 14

Iran intends to pursue membership of a Chinese and Russian-led bloc that is meeting in Uzbekistan this week, President Ebrahim Raisi said Wednesday as he prepared to head to the summit.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) — made up of China, Russia, India, Pakistan and four ex-Soviet Central Asian countries — was set up in 2001 as a political, economic and security organization to rival Western institutions.

The summit set for Thursday and Friday in the Uzbek city of Samarkand is the first entirely face-to-face leaders’ meeting since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
Lharmen - these are the Nations Putin controls and will go to World war against the rest of us.


Belarus Proposes Legislation to Stop Christians From Appealing to the UN - Sept 14

Pentecostals targeted for Bible studies, baptisms, and outdoor worship amid increasing efforts to “repress civil society.”
“This case exemplifies the difficulties faced by Christians in Belarus,” Mervyn Thomas, founder of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, said at the time. “The Belarusian government must be pushed to respect its own laws and international commitments and to allow Belarusians to meet together and practice their faith freely.”

In 2021, Borovik pushed again. He took his case to the UN Human Rights Committee, and the committee forced the government to answer questions about religious liberty in Belarus and the laws behind the charges against the Pentecostal pastor. In March, the UN committee handed down its ruling: Borovik finally won.
Lharmen - He won the 3rd time = Illuminati have taken the World over = Esau's family rule through the Catholic Church today through Freemasonry the Catholics created..


King Charles to host world leaders ahead of Queen's funeral -= Sept 16

Lharmen - Sept 19th


Gods fury will rise up in his faced ahead of the 3rd WW - Sept 16

M7.9 M6.2


Qatar's Ruler: Can't Normalize Ties With Israel Until Palestinian Issue Resolved - Sept 16


The 'State of Palestine' Is Just a Stepping Stone to the Destruction of Israel - Sept 16

Lharmen - the Lord will Judge the land of Israel on her borders when the 3rd WW happens. When it does they will have made the 2 state deal a reality. They have parted God's land ahead of his return says so!
Clip: For Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the creation of a “State of Palestine”