JULY 26 2006



The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world." said Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, just 6 days after becoming Iran’s President 1,500 Islamic terrorist fighters from Iraqi Shi'ite militia in Baghdad recruited to fight Israel in Lebanon – Sunni’s also calling for volunteers


As attacks on Israel and on Israeli troops continued, Israeli news media is reporting that about 18,000 Israeli soldiers have now been mobilized for operations in Lebanon and Gaza.


Hezbollah's rocket attacks on northern Israeli cities and towns have been relentless despite the ongoing Israeli operations; more than 90 rockets landed in Israel yesterday, killing two people in Haifa, one when rocket shrapnel hit a man’s car and another when a man’s carpentry shop was struck by a missile.


Meanwhile, Iran is using Lebanese territory as a frontline zone for an assault on northern Israel. According to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Shiite regime in Tehran has created a mini-state in southern Lebanon, using the build-up of Hezbollah’s forces since Israel voluntarily vacated southern Lebanon in 2000.


The Iranians have been preparing for this war since Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon 6 years ago, sending Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to provide Hezbollah with tens of thousands of rockets, missiles, and other weaponry.


Make no mistake about it: Hezbollah's attack on Israel nearly two weeks ago was directed by the highest levels of the Iranian government due to Iran's official ideology that is based on a fundamentalist Shiite theology.


Iran’s Islamic theocratic doctrine calls for the complete annihilation of Israel and additional wave of attacks to establish global dominance of Shiite Islam. “Israel is merely a stepping stone to the West.”


 In order to win the “global war on terror,” which is more accurately described as a global war against fundamentalist Islam, the West must understand the enemy and their objectives.


It is the stated belief of Iranian President Ahmadinejad that it is his earthly role usher in a period of apocalyptic warfare to annihilate non-Shiite Muslims, and facilitate the "return" of the twelfth imam, signaling the end of time and supreme global rule of Shiite Islam.


 In a statement made by Ahmadinejad after being elected the president of Iran, he stated, "Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 (2005) will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world, The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world."


To accomplish the objectives of this self-appointed Islamic savior, southern Lebanon, controlled by Iranian proxy Hezbollah, is being armed, funded, manned and controlled by Tehran.


The fact that Iran is directly involved in the war against Israel was confirmed yesterday as some of the dead soldiers fighting with Hezbollah were identified as Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers.


They were killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon and were transported back to Tehran through Syria, Iran’s close ally in this war.


It should be noted that Iran and Syria are the largest financial sponsors of Hezbollah; numerous rockets used by Hezbollah were made by or maintained by Iran.


Additionally, two weeks ago Iranian guards assisted Hezbollah fighters in firing a radar-guided C–802 missile that hit an Israeli navy vessel off the coast of Lebanon, killing four soldiers. Israel says Iran acquired the missile from China.


Sunnis, Shi’ites table their differences to fight Israel From Iraq, a senior member of Muqtada al-Sadr's Iraqi Shi'ite militia, the Mahdi Army, says the group is forming a squadron of up to 1,500 elite fighters to go to Lebanon and assist Hezbollah in fighting Israel.


"We are choosing the men right now," said Abu Mujtaba, who works in the loosely organized following of radical Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. "We are preparing the right men for the job."


According to military intelligence reports, Sheik al-Sadr's black-clad armed militia numbers in the thousands, operates throughout central and southern Iraq and is thought to be responsible for numerous killings of Sunnis.


In an interview with a western reporter, a rival Sunni cleric, Abdul Rahman al-Duleimi, stated that he knew of the Shi’ite’s militia's recruiting effort and that he had appealed to his own followers to fight Israel. "We know that the Mahdi militia is on this issue since the Lebanon-Israeli crisis started," said Sheik al-Duleimi (unrelated to Adnan al-Dulaimi, a Sunni cleric and leader of a major faction in Iraq’s parliament).


During Muslim prayers on Friday, Sheik al-Duleimi "called the people to volunteer, and if they cannot, they should donate anything. I called on people to donate even one bullet, because maybe this one bullet will kill one Israeli."


Many “duped” by Iran and claims of Israel’s “disproportionate use of force” Iran is also duping the world court in two specific ways.


First, while the eyes of the world are on the Middle East war, Ahmadinejad’s regime continues to push forward their nuclear agenda.


More insidiously, Hezbollah, again under Iran’s direction, are hiding their weapons among civilians in Lebanon, including homes, schools and mosques. Doing so slows down Israel’s forces, and if by chance a mosque, house or school is destroyed by Israel’s determination to avoid their own death, the media is effectively used to influence world opinion against Israel and the United States.


World opinion is already strongly footed against Israel. "My country has been 'torn to shreds,'" said Fouad Siniora, prime minister of Lebanon, as the death toll among his people passed 300 civilian dead, 1,000 wounded, with half a million homeless.


Israel must pay for the "barbaric destruction," said Siniora. The prime minister, however, fails to address his administrations inability to control a terrorist organization operating within the borders of his won country – one that uses the citizens of his country as human shields.


And world opinion especially the opinion of Muslims worldwide, is equally against the U.S. Because Israel is, in part, using U.S. built F-16s, with precision-guided bombs, the U.S. is as much responsible for the death and destruction in Lebanon as Israel. Accordingly, the U.S. can certainly expect retaliation just as the Israelis can expect a bitter fight that has no end in sight.





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