JAN 16 2007


Huge Military deployment in Gulf is ominous, neocon propaganda is mounting

Steve Watson
Monday, January 15, 2007

The Defense Secretary Robert Gates today announced that the massive increase in military power in the Persian Gulf is directly aimed at Iran. Gates' comments follow a weekend of intense and heavy loaded rhetoric on the part of many neocon figureheads, signaling that the faintest spark could ignite a huge escalation of conflict in the middle east.


Speaking in Brussels after meeting Nato officials, Mr Gates said: "We are simply reaffirming that statement of the importance of the Gulf region to the United States and our determination to be an ongoing strong presence in that area for a long time into the future."


Gates said that Patriot anti-missile missiles, aircraft carriers, and cruise-missile-firing ships have been deployed in order to show Iran that the US means business and will not be distracted by the turmoil in Iraq.


 The build up has now been going on for weeks and shows no sign of being purely a warning.

The Patriot missiles are intended to shoot down Iranian missiles. The naval forces are there to pre-empt Iranian interference with oil shipments, which would be immediate retaliations to any strike.


A former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Eduard Baltin, has today revealed that he believes a missile attack on the Iranians is imminent, while Republican Congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul fears a staged Gulf of Tonkin style incident may be used to provoke air strikes on Iran.


Indeed, the Fars news agency reported yesterday that there have already been rumours of nonexistent clashes between Iranian and American battleships in the Persian Gulf waters. A senior Iranian official viewed the rumor as "a part of the enemies' psychological war on Iran".


Last week US-led forces in northern Iraq arrested five Iranians who the US military says were connected to an Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction that funds and arms insurgents in Iraq - a claim Iran has also rejected.


This sudden assertion is comical.Why would Iranian Shi’ites want to arm Iraqi Sunnis, who want to kill Iraqi Shi’ites allied with Iran? A few appearances on the US propaganda outlets by the neocons are supposed to convince us that this is now the case however.


Dick Cheney appeared on Fox news and, between denouncing critics of the Iraq war, accused Iran of "fishing in troubled waters inside Iraq".

 Meanwhile the national security adviser, arch neocon Stephen Hadley, said the US was "going to need to deal with what Iran is doing inside Iraq", at the same time not ruling out a skirmish inside Iran.


In reality what the neocons have dubbed as 'evidence' of Iranian meddling, including the presence of Iranian officials, in Iraq, is not troubling to Iraq's Shia political parties, many of whose senior figures fled Saddam and lived for over twenty years in exile in Iran.


Such figures see a powerful Shia neighbour in Iran, a friend and a religious and political exemplar in the midst of crisis.


And while the Iraqi government is actually talking to Iran, comfortably resolving security issues and praising Iranian cooperation, the neocons in the White House are running around foaming at the mouth, refusing to engage in talks and deploying war ships.


As the London Guardian has reported, Donald Rumsfeld and the AEI have developed a strategy for regime change in Iran that does not involve a ground invasion.


Weapons of mass destruction will provide the rationale for military action, though it won't be limited to attacks on a few weapons factories. It will include limiting Iranian retaliatory capability, using bombers to destroy up to 10,000 targets in the first day of any war, and special forces flying in to destroy anything that's left.


The neocons would then be able to install another puppet regime and further control the region, plundering it's wealth and resources, while provoking the Muslim and Arab world to fight amongst themselves and hopefully, in the words of Henry Kissinger, kill each other off.

In other developments, Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich stated:


"if Bush attacks Iran, all bets[regarding impeachment] are off." Later he added, "We need to safeguard our Constitution." If the President takes steps towards another war, Kucinich warned, Congress could make "an active effort" toward impeachment.


"The President is clearly trying to provoke Iran," he said, adding that the Bush administration is "treading on the thinnest ice it has ever been on."

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts has asserted that the only way to stop the impending attack on Iran is to press for immediate impeachment:


"Americans don’t have much time to realize this and to act before it is too late. Bush’s “surge” speech last Wednesday night makes it completely clear that his real purpose is to start wars with Iran and Syria before failure in Iraq brings an end to the neoconservative/Israeli plan to establish hegemony over the Middle East."



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