SEPT 6 2007


China repeats denial of military hacking - Sept 6

China may be confronted over US cyber attacks -Sept 6


The Pentagon computer shut down in June was apparently a cyber attack from the People’s Republic of China, according to a story in the London Financial Times.


Current and former Pentagon officials have told the Financial Times an internal investigation has revealed that the incursion came from the People’s Liberation Army.


The Times reports, “One senior U.S. official said the Pentagon had pinpointed the exact origins of the attack. Another person familiar with the event said there was a “very high level of confidence...trending towards total certainty” that the PLA was responsible.”


The American officials said the attack is of great concern because it demonstrates a Chinese capability of disrupting and even shutting down Pentagon computers “at critical times.” The June cyber attack shut down the Pentagon computers for an entire week.


The Chinese military has been building at a record pace, and one of the main strategy areas is the disruption of computer-controlled defenses.


In January, China conducted successful missile tests that destroyed a low orbit satellite the type that the United States uses to direct sophisticated combat communications and operations.


This is part of the new Chinese military doctrine as the Pentagon reported in its “Military Power of the People’s Republic of China 2007.”


The annual report to Congress concluded that “China’s acquisition of power projection assets, including long-distance military communication systems, airborne command, control, and communications aircraft, long-endurance submarines, unmanned combat aerial vehicles, and additional precision-guided air-to-ground missiles indicate that the PLA is generating a greater capacity for military preemption.


PLA training that focuses on “no-notice,” long range strike training or coordinated air/naval strikes against groups of enemy naval vessels could also indicate planning for preemptive military options in advance of regional crises.”


The report says, “Russia remains China’s primary weapons and materiel provider, selling it advanced fighter aircraft, missile systems, submarines, and destroyers.”


The U.S., through its unbridled trade with China, is enabling this military buildup as China is using the trade surplus with the U.S. to fund military expansion.


Revelation 16:12 speaks of the river Euphrates being dried up “that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” It appears the kings of the east are also preparing.


It appears Americans have forgotten the dark lesson that should have been learned in the 1930’s by helping build up the Japanese economy, which was also used to construct a powerful military complex.





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